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so, the old thread is dead I'm posting this in hopes I'll be getting the storytime that was promised

Nechronica, a game of undead things, awakened and trying to find meaning in the world well past the end...


lolis are, despite the rumors, 100% optional

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>designed by Ryo Kamiya, previously the designer of Golden Sky Stories, Maid RPG and Zettai Reido.

Somehow, I'm not surprised.

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the rules aren't that bad

they're almost TOO simple...

pretty solid no-skill narrative system; flat pass fail d10 system with the Necromancer(GM) assigning modifiers based on stuff...

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What's this about?

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Toothy best girl!

More from the guy drawing those, some of it NSFW.

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the combat is the most in-depth thing about it...and there are some pretty cool extras and bits there...even if the combat map is a sort of 5 zone proximity based thing no grids, just zones

it's an RPG, set so far past the apocalypse that the only life left are the warped and twisted constructs of the necromancers, and the necromancers themselves. it's a pretty good combat system if you actually look at it.

it got heat in the last thread for>>37558014 reasons...

game starts and parties assemble when a roving pack of creatures become self-aware, not remembering more than a bare fragment or two of the time before the end

sanity checks, and sanity loss figure highly in the game and setting

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Undead lolis at the end of time trying to defeat other zombies and retain their humanity.

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So, was there enough interest to throw together a game last thread? Two or three people had said they would be interested if I recall, but it looked like we had no volunteers for Necromancer.

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>trying to defeat other zombies and retain their humanity.

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But it explicitly says necromancers make the dolls cute girls. Even the dolls meant to be male.

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I think since the "Necromancer" is the GM it totally depends on the table?

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What's this from?

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you know...

...I didn't make the connection...

age range, also under augments...and it seems to be a houserule amongst actual players that they ignore the gender thing

and after more than a couple of combats I don't think anything could stay porcelain-skinned and perfect...

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Especially the dolls meant to be male!

But really, even girl in her 20's can be cute. I mean, unless you are pedo.

Are you a pedo?

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>Rule 0
C'mon anon, it's not even important to the mechanics

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>Ellipses in every line

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Oi, just because you're a pansy that houserules that doesn't mean we all are. Being male is tied to a mechanic in this game.

>implying the 150 year old zombie loli is any less a loli
>implying it doesn't mention how ages don't often align with appearance of dolls.

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sorry, it's a bad habit of mine I put them in when I stop to consider or want to break a thought with longer pauses than a comma.

>even girl in her 20's can be cute.
and so can horrifying mutant monsters.
this little scene for example is adorable, likely to happen in game; and not in any way sexual

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Some InCase's doujin, don't remember name, just that there were dicks and no vagoos.

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>Being male is tied to a mechanic in this game.
and by changing one word in the entire rulebook(at least all of it that I've read) it stops being tied to that mechanic.

>implying it doesn't mention how ages don't often align with appearance of dolls.
so a 50 year old consciousness in a 17 year old body is a loli?

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Easily solved by refluffing "Mutation: Boy" to "Mutation: Fluffy Tail" (not to be confused with regular Tail)

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Sorry about disappearing after promising storytime, had to go do college stuff. I'm better at making things up on the fly than recounting them properly, so sorry for any terribleness. You might say this story is the lewdest things have ever gone in my group.

Alcohol and Mistakes:

After a particularly harrowing series of events, our heroes find themselves reunited and in possession of alcohol. There's some debate over whether alcohol would even affect them before one of the lunatics the party has picked up in their travels chimes in. "Try knocking holes in your heads and pouring the booze in," she says. Right after this, she recounts a story of how she and the other nigh invulnerable abomination wound up destroying a liquor store in the process of trying to knock holes in each others' heads.

If you guessed that the PCs decided to do it, you'd be right. It even seems to work, crazy as the act is is. Almost everyone there partakes (not all PCs were present for this) and there is much bad singing and uncoordinated dancing and similar merriment. The resident pyromaniac player, Alleah, even gets the idea to boil alcohol and inhale the fumes through a rigged up gas mask.

(1/2 Post limit why?)

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After a while, most people have collapsed or gone off to do their own thing. This is when things get awkward. Valentine, resident sniper, medic, and more often than not the voice of reason, gets completely plastered. She hits the point where she no longer has the coordination to get any more inhibited than she already is, then gets the idea of kissing Priscilla. Priscilla's story is long and depressing, but Valentine has pulled her back from the brink through some ethically questionable methods. But what matters right now is that Valentine is drunk and Priscilla is not. Valentine fails to really do anything she can't take back, owing to Priscilla being about a meter taller than her and her inability to struggle out of her own shirt.

Then you have Shalott, another PC who is basically a cross between a puppy and a xenomorph. Imitating Valentine, she actually manages to kiss her target Fallen Leaves, another sniper character who happens to be drunk. A "Was it good for you?" from Shalott just seals the embarrassment.

Naturally, when they recover some uncertain time later, the girls are mortified. They swear off of alcohol and trepanning much the same as any other first time drinkers.

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>"Try knocking holes in your heads and pouring the booze in,"
Fuck, man. That's brutal.

>Some drunks trying to kiss people
>lewdest things have ever gone in my group
Wow. I honestly don't think I've ever been in a game that was less lewd than that.

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Hella Trap, I believe.

That's the sticking point, innit. I was one of the three who'd be down for something, but I don't think I'm quite willing to do Necromancer. Can't commit to a schedule just yet, have no ideas, and every previous attempt at GM-ing was a clusterfuck of quite frankly astonishing proportions.

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>Some drunks trying to kiss people
>lewdest things have ever gone in my group

Valentine also took her shirt off after she got the idea that it needs to be cleaned right that second. After getting it off, getting handed soap, and forgetting why either of these things happened; she poured the soap into her head because she thought it was more alcohol.

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I guess you can say that she got brainwashed?

But really, what happened after that?

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So, favorite class? Mine would have to be Baroque. Second being Stacy and Gothic.

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>"Was it good for you?"
She's adorable, please promise to keep her!

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>cute girls
>automatically lolis
You know girl is just a term to describe the opposite gender, as amazing as that might sound to you.
And cute is just a word for "Pretty but not exactly hot" which basically covers Nechronica...unless you have some kind of weird boner for zombies with metal shit coming out of them that kind of over rules things anyways.

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I've never managed to get to be a character but have been the Necromancer for several games.

After stumbling through half a dozen party wipes, my players managed to get the hang of the rules then gamed the hell out of them.

Best game so far is they all showed up with characters made and linked back stories to save time. Game started with everyone waking up in a coastal town and then the players sprung their trap on me.

They were all playing soldiers from the same Platoon who woke up in the bodies of little girls.

"This shit just ain't right, Sarge."

"Shut your pie hole, Private and get into that watch tower!"

Four of them were Automatons and the party leader was a Sorority. The Platoon all when straight Requiem with Magic Bullet and the Sarge went Romanesque/Requiem as support.

Sarge maxed out on Action Points and spammed Order when possible while the rest all used a mixture of Ranged weapons to just smash through all opposition. Anti Tank Rifle, Flame Thrower, MG and Grenades for everyone.

It was a wild ride but at least it was amusing.

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>that moment you actually know this nechronica character's actual name by their player/artist because you like their work
>it is none of those names

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>And cute is just a word for "Pretty but not exactly hot"
The way I see it, "cute" and "hot" are two independant qualities. One is suitability of dressing up and cuddling, the other for undressing and lewding. Girls can possess one of these, both or neither.

>year of our lord 2015
>not having some kind of weird boner for zombies with metal shit coming out of them that kind of over rules things anyways.

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>But really, what happened after that?

She drank another bottle of alcohol. That was immediately before Shalott got the idea to kiss Fallen Leaves. Valentine, seeing this, decides she should try to kiss Priscilla. A combination of Valentine being so drunk that she confused being on her back with everyone being tall, and Priscilla actually being tall leads to Valentine failing and smacking Priscilla with her forehead.

If you mean what happened after everyone decided that alcohol and trepanning is a bad idea, gonna leave that to someone else.

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artist reference?

>It was a wild ride but at least it was amusing.
yeah...sounds like it...

adorable, now the question...was this a sanity loss or a sanity gain event?

also can I have
>The Lab on the Border
the name makes it sound like it might be good, especially considering the tale told already...

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Yeah, they decided to derail my plot and I went with it.

First plan of action was to go Inna Woods but then they found there were no woods in the immediate area. Plan B was find some mountains and dig deep.

From there they had to find some mountains. Then THAT led to journey to find the tallest object they could which was a skyscraper in the distance.

After a journey through some sewers and the group making an in-game discovery that they could replace their parts with those of their enemies, they also made sub-plans to start standardizing themselves which lead to wondering if they could make more soldiers.

Yeah, wild.

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>artist reference?
Read the fucking thread.

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Could someone help me understand how the thanatos' special skill works? I think it's supposed to mean that when you take damage you can immediately use all your attack maneuvers but the wording isn't at all clear.

>> No.37561103


That sounds right, the other interpretation would be that any subsequent damage you take during that count would let you use your attacks.

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Golden Sky Stories is as family friendly as possible it's designed to create heartfelt and semi-nostalgic stories. Zettai Reido is Zettai Reido, and Maid seems dialed in for lewdness out of the box (though it's actually pretty fun when everyone just flat ignores those elements).

Gotta give it to the designer, he's got some breadth.

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I'm not going to pretend to have insight over the original Japanese rules or phrasing, or whatever, but if I had to guess I would say that it would be better described as the nechromancer(s) making their creations be 'moe', rather than cute.

Basically, making living things be their saccharine-cute, pure, possibly-too-young figurines, also knowing they'll get torn to shreds in the husk of the world.
To me, it always struck me as the nechromancer being a sadistic otaku.
The sperg lord to literally end all sperg lords.

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Not arguing or anything. Copy pasta from the wiki

"The dolls of old were made to resemble either girls or animals. Necromancers, too, make them in the shape of cute girls.

Some of them may have been intended to be boys, but the difference in appearance between those and girls is a subtle one.

In this world inhabited by only the dead, the Necromancers too wish to remember the comforts of childhood."

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>undead abomination
unlikely but not impossible

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Does anyone have a translated pdf of Dance of Distortion?

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Sorry, this one took ages to type up in full before posting. Maybe I'll just post as I go next time.

Lab on the Border:

After miraculously surviving Operation Wormageddon with minimal injuries, the group needed to move. One or two sessions prior, some were considering killing Fallen Leaves, but they took pity on her and so got tied up in some things a bit above their level of experience. Leaves owed a Necromancer a hell of a lot for all those explosives she borrowed and didn't really have the means to pay the lady back. The Necromancer's name was Morrigan and she just about controlled two thirds of Europe. Not really having anywhere else to flee to, the group followed Leaves' recommendation to hide out in an old base on the French/Spanish border. And so, they left the cratered ruins of Barcelona behind them.

They get to the area the entrance is supposed to be and sneak by some of the horde of birds Morrigan has plastered everywhere as scouts and sentries. Inside, after hot-wiring a security door, most of the group takes a bit to catch their not technically necessary breaths. Meanwhile, Shalott goes scouting. She passes some collapsed portions that lead into older sections and finds a weird hole bored into the ground at an angle. When everyone catches up, they decide it's too weird not to investigate.


>> No.37562377

Next thing they know, the group is in a cave full of these weird boreholes. There's the faint sound of dripping water, but nothing moving about. The girls who decide to

scout one of the safer angled ones come out of another hole in the same chamber. They still see the rest of the party and are seen in turn, but the ones who went through can

hear more water. Then they find out the tunnel they entered the room through doesn't lead back out. A couple more tests happen and they realize the upper half of the

chamber has mirrored tunnels to the floor. The test subjects quickly wind up in pain, their ears now deafened by the sound of rushing water.

Some start to freak out and others do their best to stop the agonizing noise without destroying their ears. At this point, Ghee, the increasingly mad scientist with far more

eyes than sense, decides to overcharge and fire her chest laser down one of the tunnels. Everyone takes cover during the momentary deathtrap. About halfway up and in the

center, the beam strikes something intangible and it starts to boil. Ghee all but bursts into flame in the process, but the something gives out before she does. Reality

reasserts itself and the party finds themselves in a room that seems to be the interior of a machine that is now leaking steaming water. Before them is a sliding electronic



>> No.37562435

Ghee harvests as much of the strange tech as she can carry before they proceed. Beyond a server room they look down to see a facility still lit and powered. They take the elevator down to the Weapons Tech floor, briefly considering the ones marked as Silo Access and E.S.P. Here, they find the scrapped remains of a powered armor project, ripped apart for scrap and tossed into a corner while someone worked on attaching as big a gun as possible to a flier. Then it's on to the firing range, where the party runs into something else.

A powered armor husk packed with cancerous growths attacks as Morrigan the Necromancer comes on over its speakers. Apparently, she uses the lab as one of her bases. Her friendly demeanor doesn't really mesh with her toy knight attacking the girls. What was meant to be a difficult fight ended almost immediately in a one-sided stompfest. Aides, the tough samurai girl who later disappeared, cleaved the machine's arms off in one blow. I guess her sword really was folded a million times considering she beat a laser blade with it.

After the mech has been reduced to scrap, Aides takes the laser arm as a trophy and the girls load up on some (limited use) exotic weaponry. They take note of an enormous artillery cannon plastered with warning signs and then make for the elevators. They get out there and every elevator dings in succession. And then the air becomes a hurricane of birds. Commence running like hell.

(3/4 Goddammit copy paste, what are you doing)

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Back to the testing room they go, sealing the security door behind them. The inky, dead birds are hammering against the door and Morrigan can't be too far behind. There's no other exit from the room, so they decide to make one.

The artillery cannon is loaded, any targets are moved aside, and it gets fired into the wall. Half a dozen shots later, they can almost see daylight through the smoke. The door buckles inward as they sabotage the cannon and make a run for it. Halfway down the tunnel, Morrigan starts yelling after them. She fires the cannon and the resulting explosion collapses most of the escape tunnel. Someone takes a crack at Morrigan's intelligence as the girls leave for greener pastures.


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You say that like it's a bad thing.

>> No.37565351

To some complete weirdos it actually is. It's tough to believe, I know.

>> No.37565904

To be fair, we don't realy want to do anything lewd. Counting in the alcohol, there where only 2 other moments where things got a little lewd. One beeing valentine running around without a shirt because she lost her brain and didn't remember to put it back on and a hot-spring episode where everyone was nude.

Another time, one of the npc's said ''Just be direct if you want something. Just go 'Hey kid, wanna ss?''' Noone knew what that actually means.

Y-y-you too

>> No.37566270

Running around naked is as tame as most games I've been in went. I once had a Barbarian who did not need clothing to RIP AND TEAR YOUR GUTS.

She was about a 5-foot-nothin' half-elf.

>> No.37566325

Man, as long as you don't start yammering on about the Hero's Path, it's all good. Have as many ellipses as you want.

>> No.37566394

That fucking guy. He never did answer me how a Kirin was supposed to be a doctor.

>> No.37566432

Is this a reference to the "Whatever happened to classic fantasy" pasta?

I'm pretty dense today and the doubt is killing me.

>> No.37566514

The entire thread. But essentially, yes, that is what anon is talking about.

>> No.37566656

I may run this over skype or something with a few friends new to role playing

>> No.37566826

That's the guy who does the crazy shotgun bitch! I like him!

>> No.37567200

>"Just go, 'hey kid, wanna /ss/?'"
It was Leng, wasn't it.
I still want to know why she's so The Internet.

>> No.37567280

I love Gia

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>One beeing valentine running around without a shirt because she lost her brain and didn't remember to put it back on

And during those events, asked the only biologically male NPC if his dick worked, and then wondered aloud if drugs would work on him.

>> No.37567585

I think you mean anatomically male, because I'm not sure you can be biologically anything of you're a zombie...

>> No.37567611



Also got the order wrong, she started asking questions related to whether or not drugs would work on him, and then wondered aloud if his dick worked.

>> No.37567648

...did this devolve into something like the trepanning and alcohol story?...cause if it did I'm kind of curious...

um, what?

>> No.37567674

>lolis are optiinal

If you're houseruling, yeah.

Why the hell would a normalfag be attracted to this game, though? I just can't wrap my head around it. This is some niche moonshit. And even if they just happened acroos it, all the horribly maimed undead lolis should scare them off. Hell, the replay concludes with two necrololis knocking each other up.

You'd have to be in denial or something. It doesn't make sense.

>> No.37567678


At that point it had already devolved, it'd be necessary to explain what happened before.

>> No.37567723

>um, what?

It's a reference to a certain thread, later copypasta. A guy started asking what happened to classic fantasy, which was, in his opinion, the best fantasy, and the only one true roleplayers played.

Look for it. Just google "Whatever happened to classic fantasy?" and you should get a bunch of threads. Or I could post it, but that would be confusing.

>> No.37567781


>Why the hell would a normalfag be attracted to this game, though? I just can't wrap my head around it.

We've been over this in the last thread, the reason you might want to play the game and not be a loli is because the game is GOOD. It has good mechanics and the damage system is probably the best for representing damage done to undead.

The only thing you lose is "Innocence lost" theme. It is a nice theme, but the game can be plenty enjoyable without it. There's also nothing stopping other people in the party from being lolis if one person wants to play an older character.

>> No.37568022

Considering how often people condemn people for playing games with bad rules on /tg/, why are you complaining about a game with good rules for any reason at all?

>> No.37568216

What are their names then?

>> No.37569492

If you do this, you'll *probably* want to make rerolls available for certain Fetters so as to avoid actual pedoshit. Seriously, two characters rolling Devotion and/or Possessive on each other is already creepy enough when they're in the same age bracket.
I'm rerolling those on my next character if they appear, because they would be obstructive to going Full Protoman.

>> No.37569531

Honestly, as fun as random rolling can be, I didn't figure most people would actually use it for Fetters. Seems like a good way to get stuck with something you don't enjoy.

>> No.37569534


>you'll *probably* want to make rerolls available for certain Fetters so as to avoid actual pedoshit.

"In addition to this, the Dolls possess various Fetters towards their sister Dolls. Please write down the name of each player's Doll and the Fetter you have towards them. To decide upon a Fetter, pick one from the Fetter Table. You can select one of your choice from among the ten listed, or roll a die for them."

Rules as written, you can choose which fetter you think would be appropriate, you're not forced to roll it.

>> No.37569620

But Anon, why the hell would I be playing P&P with normalfags in the first place?

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>> No.37570841

Glad another one of these threads popped up, still hoping for a roll20 game

>> No.37570892

a necromancer needs to be found...

>> No.37571364


Or... ya'll can stop being a bunch of faggots sitting around like a bunch of guppies hoping that something will just come along and fix your problem. Work something out so that all of you take a crack at GMing or something.

Speaking as someone who has done this, sometimes you need to step up to the plate and run a game you'd like to play. If you're lucky, it'll go great, someone else will want to take a crack at running it, or both. Unless you actively try to fuck it up, you've at least blown an afternoon giving something new a try.

>> No.37571597

I guess I'll give it a shot if we can't find anyone else
Word of warning, I've never gmed before, and about 99% of the campaign would be improv

>> No.37571778

As long as you figure out the encounter stuff beforehand or fast enough it's all good. You'll need to do Karma, though.

>> No.37571826

So far, I've only read the rules for combat, madness, and character creation, I'll get caught up asap

>> No.37571865


Fuck it. This sounds fun, or alternatively, kinky. I'm up for a game.

>> No.37571971

If you go full improv, have a few enemies ready for when you need them and a very basic plotline.

>> No.37572144


"even the dolls meant to be male."

So.. they're sexy traps? Cos I'd love to play one of those. "B-baka *cuts someone's head off cos they noticed their boner*"

>> No.37572160

Okay, someone clarify this for me, do dismemberment and explosive attacks deal double damage to legions, or cause them to take double damage from then on?

>> No.37572186

they deal double damage on that attack.

>> No.37572198

Which one are you reading? pdf from last thread or tlwiki? Cause the latter is not as great at explaining karma, IIRC.

>> No.37572233

The wiki, I kinda forgot to download the pdf
Thanks, the wording was kinda vague

>> No.37572437

It's right here.

Thanks to the anon who made it, by the by.

>> No.37572481

to be fair, the tlwiki has the rules for the psychedelic and a better structure. I prefere it over the pdf.

>> No.37572532

It's better for quickly referencing stuff, especially reinforced parts, yeah. But it's harder to find a few things, like karma.

>> No.37572539

Thanks, totally missed that

>> No.37572733

Nechronica GM who's been tossing up storytimes here. If you have room for one more or even just need some help with things, shoot me a message.

>> No.37572764

aand it deletes my email.

>> No.37572774

Question to anyone who's willing to DM.

"Some were designed to be boys, but their appearances only slightly different from the others".

Does this mean we're able to play traps? Cos that'd be fucking hilarious to play off of.

>> No.37573094

If you go for everything by the book, yeah. There's a part you can buy called Boy, not terribly surprisingly exactly what it says on the tin.

But, from what I've seen in these threads, people aren't terrible stuck on everyone having to be lolis.

>> No.37573186

We have room as far as I know, hell, feel free to take the reigns on this one if you want
I may have bitten off more than I can chew

>> No.37573208


Alright. thanks for the heads up.

>> No.37573235


Mate, we doing this via skype or via roll20? Or is there another online place that people RP on?

>> No.37573315

I don't know about anywhere else, but I plan on using roll20
I just need to figure out how to use it and download all the necessary stuff on my laptop
Again, be warned, I have no idea what I'm doing, so don't come in with high expectations

>> No.37573334

Depends, for voice, there's Teamspeak etc.
For text, IRC.

Is this voice or text?

>> No.37573355


Roll20 is pretty simple and doesn't actually require you to download anything.

>> No.37573382

I meant the images for the battlefield and tokens, along with the pdf

>> No.37573385


I grew up on forum RPs, I have seen a million palette swaps. If anyone is likely to come in with high expectations, it ain't me.

Captcha: Jobju. Job jew... kek.

>> No.37573429

Cool. So this happening tonight?

>> No.37573448


God I hope not. I'm a limey, it's already nigh midnight over here.

>> No.37573477

Can sympathize, I'm in Eastern Europe, so it's past it by now here. Just wanted to make sure.

>> No.37573503

I'll start a room after I finish reading the pdf
The game will start at 3pm, whatever timezone the american east coast is in(on?)

>> No.37573519


>> No.37573549


What time? I've pulled multiple +30 hour days recently due to uni, so I'm worried I might sleep in if its too early tomorrow.

>> No.37573562


East coast is EST. 3 PM EST tomorrow is 8 PM GMT.

>> No.37573607


I somehow missed that little post. Roger that.

Question: Pre-made characters or do we spend the first hour or so making our characters as they'll have come from the same background?

>> No.37573672

Not that anon but most of the time, there is no background. Part of the game is to figure out what happened to you when you where still alive.

>> No.37573701


fair point. But from what I've seen from my cursory glance (I'll check out more after I've had some food) there appears to be classes. Wouldn't it be better to make them together as to avoid everyone being the same thing? Or is this one of those systems where the rules are made up and the points don't matter.

That's right: the point is like your OTP.

>> No.37573728

thought so, wasn't sure
on second thought, maybe I should make the room now, I have a decent enough understanding of character creation

>> No.37573736

I'm saying that you often don't know your background. You just wake up. You can still all have different characters, classes ect.

>> No.37573766

Sounds cool.

I think his main worry is that three people roll Stacy tanks, or all Requiem snipers, etc. and there'd be issues with party balance, shafting over either the GM or the players.

>> No.37573768

anyone know what tags I should add?
also, any ideas for a campaign name?
I thought of "life beyond death", too corny?

>> No.37573783


How about "My decaying corpse can't nearly be this cute"?

>> No.37573798

Its rather hard to not have any party balance. You can have the same classes and still work with different parts and skills to be different.

>> No.37573800

i'll admit, I kekd

>> No.37573830

Oh, I know. Just trying to translate his point.

>> No.37573918

okay, going with the original name
need the battle field and enemy icons
any help?

>> No.37573937


I would, but I'm not very good about this kind of stuff. It took me five hours to fully make a town and every single area they could go into. I get too OCD "THIS ALSO HAS TO BE EXPANDED."

Also; when is it going to be accessible for help making characters?

>> No.37573951

Just use other tokens. You realy don't need the other tokens.

>> No.37574022

I think you'll need to post a link, don't see how I can find it on roll20.

>> No.37574396

any idea how to add images to your library, it won't let me add anything from my files
trying to get thing set up before I post the link
should I post it anyway?

>> No.37574428

Well, if we're just going to shoot the shit and talk about characters, posting a link should be fine, I imagine.

>> No.37574439


there should, somewhere, be an "Upload" button.

>> No.37574592

found a different way, didn't see an upload button, though
okay, here you go
i'll do what I can with classes, positions, and reinforcement points, but you're on your own for other stuff

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