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>That moment one of my players rage over the fact that none of the races have religions. As in worshipping deities. Says in a fantasy setting everyone should worship a God. I tell him the humans are mostly apatheists and the dwarves are misotheists with lots of ritualism. He throws his dice at me. Other tell him to calm down. He accuses me of trying to convert them. I didn't mention my beliefs once. He rips my picture of Bill Maher off my wall and rips it up.

WTF. Did I break a rule? I was just trying to make a fun game...

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>Bill Maher

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>Bill Maher

A liberal and an Israeli shill

Literally the worst of both worlds

Shit taste OP he isn't even that funny, it's like if you told an edgy redditor to write John Stewart's script

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We had this thread like 2 days ago. You've modified the text and changed the image.

1/10 see me after class.

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Ahah, lame. See >>37556159.

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>Bill Maher

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You have a shit player, and you have shit politics.

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OP, I gigged at your post! Just know that your shitpost thread did not go to total waste!

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>anon with no argument


But liberalism is the correct path. It's just better. Doesn't matter what you think though, you dinosaurs are on the way out anyway.



Shit player, correct politics.

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Oh, are non-liberals crotchety dinosaurs again? I thought the meme now was that they were edgy teenagers.

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what do you mean

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I know you're baiting but the fact that you think that everyone who isn't a liberal is a Fox News watching conservitard is telling

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I know you're baiting but the fact that you think that everyone who isn't a liberal is a Fox News watching conservitard is telling

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I goofed

Time for Sudoku

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Sure, you keep telling yourself that Clouseau.

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>Bill Maher
Who the fuck is this guy. Googling.
>supports the legalization of marijuana and same-sex marriage
Cool, sort of expected from a liberal.
>favors ending corporate welfare and federal funding of non-profits as well as the legalization of gambling and prostitution
>owns guns for personal home protection
>PETA board member

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Wow I don't know if your post is extra gay with that "12yo on deviantart" tier guardsman but its not helping

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Take it easy on the b8, b0ss.

Like, for a second there I thought this was realistic, but you laid it on too thick. Next time you try and make an epic meme troll, try and make it a little bit subtle. Don't mention Bill Maher, barely reference any sort of beliefs and also look into Maltheism, because that's pretty funny too.
Good luck with your future trolling.

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Fun fact: If Mind uploading is a thing, what ever politics that exist at the time will NEVER EVER disappear. Enjoy your Republican vs Democrat debates in the year 4684>>37556795

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It's not necessarily Bill Maher's politics that bother most people, although he can be pretty extreme at times (dude has flat-out said that guns are the worst thing in America before, idk where you're getting the "home defense" bit), it's the way he acts about it.

You can't have a discussion with the guy if you disagree with him in the slightest; he just turns you into a soap box to preach his own beliefs, overriding everything you say.

He speaks in a patronizing voice no matter what he's saying, even when he's agreeing with you.

He'll intentionally pick out weak targets to destroy (like the Westboro Baptist Church, which nobody takes seriously) and use them to paint all of his opponents in the same light, even though the two often have virtually nothing in common.

According to Bill Maher, Bill Maher is never wrong; every single issue in this country is caused by white, male, gun-owning, Republican Christians, and everything good is from Atheists and Liberals. You can't debate the guy because he never acknowledges when he loses.

He's just as racist as the rest of them, but he likes to pretend that he's a friend to "minorities and the oppressed," and has openly said that liberals need to "lift up" minorities into a better society (which is pretty damn White Man's Burden-y).

Basically, he's the Liberal version of Rush Limbaugh.

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Oh, you're so genius, you stole the OP from another thread but changed it around to have the player and GM be opposites.

1/10: You posted a shit.

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>Having a picture of Bill Maher on your wall.
Surely this is bait.

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>idk where you're getting the "home defense" bit
He said that in Conan. He compared owning guns to owning remote controls.

But yeah he sounds like a huge dick.

Fuck liberals. Fuck conservatives. Fuck political parties.

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>pasta with a change of seasoning
1/10, don't try again

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Fuck it all
President armstrong 2016!

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Enjoy having 90% of the US population devoured by nanomachines, son.

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