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A home for the most funny and/or awesome of the greentext /tg/ has spawned.

Previous thread: >>37465629

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This one is always a laugh.

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One of my other favorites

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I posted the other thread too late so I'll just re-dump here

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I can't help but imagine those two as these two

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Surprised that nobody remembered this classic

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always good
I would have posted it, but my laptop is away for repairs

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Which came first?
I'm assuming this was just a rewrite?

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Allendo's dates are 13 months later than Edgardo, so there's that.
Also, the first post kind of says without saying that it is a rewrite and why it was rewritten.

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Wow, I lack some reading comprehension. Shoulda picked up on that

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Well, you don't know what it is when you start reading the first part.
It's not obvious on the first read.

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I remember that some anon made a fake "sequel" to it where the DM fudged the rogue's roll so that the attack wasn't fatal, and then the other players worked together to kill the rogue and make the young girl their official daughteru.

Then the rest of the thread got buttblasted and shouted him down because /tg/ hates happy endings.

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>not cropping the picture
>using windows XP

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Is >>37496876 just >>37493749 but told differently?

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Yeah, what's going on here?
And is this thread just for funny shit or any good greentext?

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Not OP, but Dump it all. The more the merrier.

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Completely lost it at bearatron

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Here is a typical rouge trader

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And here is a /tg/ nugget

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Same here .

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It would have been awesome if the show ended that way. This just goes to show /tg/ are better writers than professionals

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/tg/ is better than most anyone at most things. We're just too busy with our things to take over every board, creative industry and social media site out there.
Just like good old Sotha Sil, sure we could be omnipotent gods, but we have fantasy realms to debate, old conquests to joke about, xenophilia to enjoy, and shockingly complex metaphysical concepts to unravel.

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Don't forget shoving marbles up our collective asses... FOR SCIENCE

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good shit. brief, effective, to the point. all /tg/ stories should be like thsi

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his name is alucard idiot not fucking "Arucard"

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Actually it's because that's very dumb and ruins the point of the story

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>making a 'sequel'
>fudging the roll
>defeating the purpose of the story for 'muh feels'
He played an evil character, in an evil campaign, that did something evil. fudging the roll would be retarded, and assuming they had leveled up it would be really hard for him not to kill her
Happy endings are a-okay when they fit. that one had the perfect ending for it

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Something new

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Holy shit, I was in that thread.

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Does anyone have that 40k story where an inquisitor turns a female of one of those long lived alien races into a human and keeps her as a secretary?

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you'll probably want to read the thread where Hawk posts on /tg/ and they meet up again


i'm still waiting for them to tell us what happened after they left.

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It's like... it's like an unholy trifecta of shit.

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Well, Does anyone have this? I'm looking for it too

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Does anyone have the one with the GM that had his Naruto self-insert as the final boss?

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God damn, I wont let this thread die.

Also, does anyone have this fucking story, I remember it was posted in a thread that was about
"You have captured a female (what ever the race was) and after a bunch of posts, someone starts posting the story I'm talking about, because it was related.

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I'm debating whether to post that story about a dragongirl that keeps trying to get the main character to admit that he's trying to expose her secret but I'm not entirely sure how much it is /tg/ related. If anyone wants it I'll post it but I want to keep the thread somewhat on topic.

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dude, go for it

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Btw, there is a follow up thread to the Captain Drake post


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I am... intrigued. I do hope Drake and Hawk live happily ever after though :3

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Is there more to this?

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Anon demands more.

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I wish I knew. I had done some searching before but I was never quite able to find the original thread or if there were any sequels.

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Huzzah! All shall rejoice for I have found more but I am unsure of the continuity and it is difficult to track. Here is the link

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The link in >>37516737 is the 4th canon installment. It also includes other authors attempting their hand at the craft.

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People bring this up every time, so here.

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So... does anybody have any more submissions?

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The ellipses ruin an otherwise fine story.

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How is it that I am only now finding these comedic gems?

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Holy shit, that's glorious. And that was only a few days ago?

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The two part classic of Old Man Henderson

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Part two

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Another one in only a few days. Huh.

Heres the library, you know how it works.

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Shawdowrun plz

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Please dump the ones whose index is both a prime number and has digits which sum to a prime number.

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Seconded. Golems.

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Can you upload all that so we can download, I want your HFY

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It's probably shit, but I wrote a thing for /dg/
>Come closer, Guardian, and I shall tell you a story. A tale of proud Guardians much like yourself. I will tell you of we, who went to Venus searching for the remains of our once proud race, and found the tomb of something far darker. There were six of us when we first found the door, cut into the side of the mountain. Much of that journey remains lost to my mind but that fact remains. There were six of us when we first landed. There were six… We held the rings from the enemy, constructed the tower that was key to opening that which never should have been opened.
>We strode in, heads high like the heroes we thought we were. We went foolhardily into that crevice. Down and down we tread, into the very heart of Venus. Our steps winded into an inky blackness, along paths that no other foot had stepped before. Into places deep, where dark things sleep. Sealed from the Traveler’s Light. Sealed from hope. It was not long until we came to the first arena. This was an arena we were familiar with. We had all faced the Vex before. We knew their machinations and though the construct before us was far larger than we had ever seen, and its servants wreathed in a sickly aura we had never encountered, it was an enemy that could be beaten.
>The fight was hard, and without the strength of our Titan brethren, the adaptability of us Hunters, and the ingenuity of the Warlocks, we might not have prevailed. But the beast was not the master of this lair, merely a sentinel created to guard the path that lay deeper into the bowels of that foul planet.

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>We rejoiced in our victory as the path before us opened. We six walked through the thresholds that lead to an abyss. The inky blackness lay before us like a dark ocean. Our Ghosts, who could see what we could not, informed us of a path that lay far below. So hand over hand, we scaled the cliff down into the chasm. Although we were certainly far below the ground already, I remember that this was the moment we band of brothers and sisters fell quiet, the feeling creeping over us that we were truly leaving the world above behind. No longer did we banter, for our bond as Guardians was suddenly the last one we had in this oppressive dimension. And it was soon to be shattered in the Gorgon’s path. These creatures, veiled in a shimmering embrace, patrolled the creeks and valleys below. We soon discovered that their very gaze could shatter the life of a Guardian, but our fear was assuaged when we learned our Ghosts could still revive us… That was until one of our Titans slipped and fell from a perch where we hid directly into their baleful gaze. When his Ghost flew low to retrieve him, another of the monstrosities descended upon it. When the flittering advisor turned as stone and fell to the ground, that was the moment we knew his light was lost forever. We continued on, silent as the grave, not only to hide from the other beasts, but to hide our horror. Guardians are supposed to know no fear. Guardians… what were we there but children lost in the dark corners of a nightmare?

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>After much stalking and searching we had found the path that lead us away from the Gorgons’ Gaze. What lay before us was another abyss. Unlike the one before, this one had no definitive bottom and our Ghosts could foresee no easy path across, save a long jump to a flimsy platform far below. Here we rested and gathered out bearings, though no respite could be found in that heart of darkness. Five times a Guardian, Five times a Guardian nearly fell as our feet found the far side. What lay before us was a massive obsidian delta –a jutting obelisk from another plane- The Vault.
>About what we first encountered beyond that doorway, I remember little. In the deepest realms of my nightmares I see lances of ancient Vex weapons, blinding portals, and plateaus of familiar worlds eons ago… I know that it was the greatest test of our Light any of us had ever faced. But when it was finished, something without comprehension happened. Our souls and bodies were wrenched to another place beyond time and space. We stood on that same platform, but it was changed. What I saw was the most beautiful and horrific sight mortal eyes have ever seen. The Obsidian Delta had changed to a formation of finest diamond –some sort of aetheric glass- and before it stood the Conflux of Time. Its name was Atheon, and we were but ants before a crystalline god.

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>I knew that cyclopean being was Atheon without anyone having said so. It was neither a title nor moniker any had given it. It had always been Atheon. It would always be Atheon.
>I wish to say we had been brave, that we had come close to defeating it. Guardians were made to know no fear… but we knew fear. In that final conflict two of our party were departed. Not killed. No, that would have been a mercy. The lord of time had shunted them to some forgotten corner of time. The Worlock told me when we reached the surface after days retracing our steps to the light above. It was a Light I thought I would never see. When we stood there rejoicing in our return she did not smile. I asked what still haunted her so and she asked me a peculiar question. “How many had we lost?” I was confused. “One” I said, suddenly wracked with grief. “No… we lost three.” She saw my face, touched my mind, and reminded me how many ships had first set down on that wretched planet. Six. There had been six. But two of us had been erased. Torn from the pages of time. There was no record of their existence when the three of us returned to the Tower.

>Remember our story, Guardian, if you ever seek to uncover which lies in the Vault of Glass.

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Got a specific one?


Imgur hates quality, mediafire deleted the last one. No I dont know why. Might try Mega in the future, lots to sort still.

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More Golems.

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Even more Golems.

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Roulette it

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I gotta agree, my god... why would anybody do that? Entirely ruins the point. Though I do wish there was a post about how the party actually reacted to it and WHY he decided to do it at that point and not earlier. Would have been anticlimactic to put it in though, so I can understand why it's left out of the story.

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I have only one question.

Why has no one posted the collected Bardfather stories?

That and Drake's story are both god tier true blue /tg/ stories.

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They were posted in the last thread.

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I actually just found my old harddrives... I think I've got something like 3-5 years worth of screen caps on there, dispersed over a couple of different periods, including back before the first janitor MAYBE. It'll take some digging, there is literally no organization. But it has HFY, storytimes, crazy idea threads. If I can salvage something and upload it tomorrow I will.

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Theres only 4 sorted so whatever.

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The babies one is already posted.

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post the CoC stuff please

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Sure. Keep in mind Henderson is already posted. And honestly the directors cut on 1d4chan is better.

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I don't know the name of the story, but does anyone have the Call of Cthulhu one where one of the PCs is a detective, and he solves the "case" perfectly, explaining all the supernatural murders with non-supernatural means, and solving the problem so well that nobody even realizes supernatural stuff was involved? It was something about corpses coming to life and murdering people at a university.

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No need to greentext this. It actually detracts from ease of reading.

Other than that, not bad, keep writing

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I want to believe the second person really is Seraph and the two are having webcam sex right this second. I got some serious fuzzies reading that.

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I agree, green texting is meant for stories with short sentences.

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