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I've been going board to board searching for the funniest greentexts, pictures, and pieces of history they have to offer.

I come here to you guys today.

/tg/ humor thread?

My appoligies for the unrelated picture, I lack any /tg/ humor in my files

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is nobody interested? I guess I'll drop a few things to start this off

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This is also partially /ck/.

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An oldie.

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I was about to post that one

I don't know if this happened on /tg/ (probably not) but stuff like this still happens all the time here

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Here's one.

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I dun geddit.

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>"Is it because I am so big that you think I am so stupid?"

Read that in Heavy Weapon's Guy voice. Can never unhear it now.

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was the recipe ever posted? Is it likely they just drank a whole load of laxative?

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Goddamnit anon, I'm already depressed enough from trying to muscle through dishonored.
I don't need more children put in bags and killed because they're sick.

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One I haven't seen around in a while.

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Nobody's posted this yet

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It's about Lord of the Rings I think. Fourth age = age of man

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I've been waiting for this day. Commencing dump.

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I think i've got some good /tg/ screencaps OP lemme dig a few up for you

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Moving as quickly as I can. This wait time between posts is a motherfucker.

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holy shit my sides

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Here's a nice long one.

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Not sure if this one was /tg/, but it sure felt like it.

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Thats all I got for directly related /tg/ humor. I will now delve into the more /tg/-related humor.

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looks like your average /co/ thread, m8

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This does not surprise me in the least. Still funny.

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I'm still impressed this guy managed to suplex a dragon.

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Based Rider is always related.

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A classic if there ever was one, and a nice way to finish my dump. Will return and post more if I can be assed to organize my /tg/ folder more thoroughly.

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You know, someone should totally do a campaign like that.

An evil, sentient rollercoast who lives beneath the city and who has discovered its new master. Who uses it for evil.

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Jesus christ that's diabolical.

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Mr.Bones is not tied down by ideals such as "good" or "evil". Mr.Bones, my dear anon, is a force of nature. As old as creation itself, possibly even older. Mr.Bones is a universal constant. I like to imagine sometimes that upon the heat death of the universe, all who were alive in the end will be transported to Mr.Bone's wild ride. For if he cannot have us in life, then he will take us in death.

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Every damn time

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I love it.

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Something about having someone's first name as their rank just sounds hilarious to me.

>But Lieutenant...
>"No need to be so formal, call me Sergeant."

That's it, next character I make even vaguely with some kind of ranking system is going to be Major Sergeant.

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>Double Ninja

Thank you sir, may I have another?

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so many.

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this is the thread that brought me to /tg/.

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part 2

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Now back to your usual program...

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Here's the version I have saved.

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thanks man.

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Why not Major Major Major Major?

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That poor paladin.

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Reminds me of one character my group had before I joined.

A man by the name of Dunken D. Dunkenson III
The D stood for Dunken

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Major Major Major Major?

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Damn that's harsh

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That shit's fucking great. I love it.

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i'm back by popular demand then I guess.

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I feel their pain. I used to love those things, but for some reason they cause me stomach problems.

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I can help!

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thanks! I stopped posting because I got bored of being the only one.

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Oh hey, someone screen capped my potted plant gag. Neato.

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How did it turn out?

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Ok, isn't this the precursor to "AND WE SPENT THE WHOLE GAME COCKBLOCKING AN ELF!" post?

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Hey can someone post the 'Dear Emper' story as well as the Dreadnought bedtime story plox and ty? I may've missed them though.

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This one?

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Unfortunately, they all wound up being not able to come for some reason or another. I'd like to think it was the potted plant threat looming over them, but I knew them all in real life, and they had valid reasons.

My new groups are kinda meh. One is straight up murderhobo (Party ignored my advice of taking a safe path literally so they could stab some sleeping soldiers who would have never bothered us otherwise), and the other party is the push-n-prod type. The type that doesn't do anything unless you tell them that's what they did. Seriously, I spent a good 10 minutes just basically talking to myself in a part I expected them to explore or ask questions about.

I miss that old group.

I DID put in the potted plant gag into a microlite d20 fungeon of mine, but I only have about half of it written out. I have most of the solid ideas, it just needs finishing touches and whatnot.

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Yeah! Thanks!

If you have the Dear Emper one that would be fantastic

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That's grade a movie material.

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... I would have used Speak With Plants on the potted plants.

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I don't think they ever tried that, but the plant wouldn't have really said anything to reveal the trap. I mean, c'mon.

"Hi! I'm a potted plant!"
>Trap springs

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>not having the potted plant just start cackling like a madman, or possibly giving bloodcurdling screams

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Little too on the nose.

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>The spell fails.
"Wait, what? It's a plant, I can cast Speak with Plants on it."
>It fails. Roll perception.

>...You notice that one of the stalks seems to have suckers on it. It moves. Roll initiative.

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Just heavy breathing.

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One of the classics.

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And my personal favourite.

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>"Is it because I am so big that you think I am so stupid?"

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Those tricksy flies

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This is how I <10 INT

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One of my personal favorites.

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>Shoggy the Seldom Dog

Oh hey, that pet!

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Ferk, wrong image. Still done by the same author though.

What I wanted to post was this
>Shane the Shy

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I remember there being a whole set of stories, either of you hot the rest?

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Shane the Shy's already posted above, here's the Potato of Faithâ„¢.

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This one could also fit with /pol/

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Does anyone have a screenshot of that guy playing a wizard and there's a ranger in his party called dick dickenson who never hits anything and always start masturbating, and ends up defeating the BBEG and ruining his plan by masturbating at the end.

The story's really well written and sounded like a fun time even with That Guy

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captcha: falus

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Looks like the same campaign, but this one was posted slightly earlier.

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That DM was an ass, but I love this anyways.

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I'm still impressed by the amount of truth sounding things woven into this tapestry of bullshit.

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You're fucking killing me anon.

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Shh it will all be over soon.

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it got posted earlier

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This is a continuation of the one about the monk supplying the dragon, by the way.

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he wasn't talking about the lord of the rings one.

and i seem to miss the reference. if its about star trek kirk, its not that funny?

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oh wow thats gold

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he asked for stuff that was funny

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>tfw laxatives taste good

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I am fucking crying my eyes out in laughter over this

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'ey! Those pinchers gone and done made of with me sides!

>pic related for the entire thread.

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>the baby rock has a vagina

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I like this explanation for why human mages are rare.

Most people have a sense of self-preservation. The rest are likely to die learning magic because their teacher is insane.

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Apparently, everyone everywhere has to have seen the same television. Even though the original was shit and references won't mention where it's from.

Star Trek (in fact, any aspect of old popular culture you're attached to) are not relevant any more. They aren't something "everybody" has to know about.

You might be able to make a case for knowing Shakespeare (possibly), but Star Trek isn't an important aspect of culture. Also, ease off of the western anglocentrism.

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Anyone posted the horse anus one (you know the one I mean, no, THE GOOD one about horse anuses)


Yeah, I'd know that heart fondling fetish anywhere.


I have A screencap of that, but I swear everytime I see someone else post it, it somehow has more drawfaggotry with it than the last time.

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Oh God, I miss those threads. What brought me to /tg/ in the first place.

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No one's Catan'd yet?

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Theres more to Krod than that.

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/int/ is a fucking screenshot goldmine

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You learn something everyday on /tg/

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>Lawful good

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Dere's the horse anus one I was expecting, praise duh tsun.

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>/tg/ will never get you a gf
feels batman

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>> No.37487019 [DELETED] 

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Goddammit, didnt' realise that was lewd, thought it was some bug-girl thread.

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This was beautiful

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That ones from /tg/.

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I was kind of with you until the last sentence, now I know it's a troll post.

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That takes me back.

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>> No.37487905

anyone got the "moot created /tg/" pic? It's our history.

>> No.37488066

A personal favorite.

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>Potted plants
Pic related

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>> No.37488256

>Potted plants + Gor
Potted Plor?

>> No.37488271


That reminds me, does anyone have anything from a thread involving dryads being turned on by salads?

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>> No.37488398

What is the Mr.Bones picture that guy posted in this one?

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>> No.37488834

Got the original thread for that?

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>> No.37488950

Nah sorry, anybody else is fair game to post it if it exists.

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This is now my mantra.

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My thought exactly. Heavy best stereotypical Russian.

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I'm like 90% sure that this is an example plot from the 4e DMG.

>> No.37489450

Here's one from early /tg/, note the low post numbers.

>> No.37489849

i think that OP was a dick and plouton a pretty nice guy.

>> No.37490233

Wait, you don't know Mr. Bones wild ride? By god get some education dude.

>> No.37491216

>mfw you don't bathe in impluviums
Art history has ruined me

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bump want to read

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>> No.37492921

Bump while I prepare my file dump. Been saving up stories for years

PS This is my favorite thread in a long time. It's pretty much a big gathering of all the reasons I even visit /tg/

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Image limit reached...

>> No.37493454

Shit. Should we make a new one then?

>> No.37493541

Working on it, see yall on the other side. I'll try not to repost but I may just do it for anybody who missed out on this thread

>> No.37493572

Go for it. Just post links in each one so that people go to the new thread and can find this thread. It will be archived for a while.

>> No.37493758

New thread is up here: >>37493749

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>> No.37494512

Actually it did for me.

>> No.37494515

NVM on

Go to

>> No.37494735

Anyone have the OP picture for this?

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>> No.37496083

I never asked for this feel.

>> No.37496745

Have him be Staff Sergeant Major Gunny.

"Your coffee, Staff Sergeant."

"Look, you're just a civilian secretary. Call me Major. Or Gunny, if you prefer."


>> No.37497047

>Montezuma's Revenge

>> No.37497093

Look one of these days I'm gonna be in the pigeon dungeon.

And then you'll be glad I thought of it.

>> No.37498040

Discworld References are the best references.

>> No.37498816

Is there a beastiary for fourth edition or a site with user-created creatures? Having to make literally everything is a massive pain in the ass.

>> No.37498909

4th edition dungeons and dragons?
Several. At least three monster manuals and a "Monster Vault". Plus probably other stuff i'm missing.
Apparently on the last few the math is skewed away from "Lets spend the afternoon wading through hitpoints" fwiw.

>> No.37498929

Fuck, meant to post in the GURPS general

>> No.37498958

if a sword cost 30 gp and a real sword costs 3000$ then each coin is 100 dollars. so each prostitute is 1000$.
does his character live in vegas?

>> No.37499063

That's /v/

>> No.37499869

Here Lies
Dearly Departed
19xx - 2015 Jan 19
Lain Low By The Departure of His Sides

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>> No.37501592

What the ever living fuck?

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What's with all this edgeshit recently?

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>> No.37505267

agreedo. he had a kewl setup

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