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> What are you playing?

> What are you building?

> What is your ideal number of players in a Commander game?

> What is the average CMC in your best deck?

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> What are you playing?
Bosh, Iron golem, soon to be Kozilek or Karn.
Grenzo Goblin Tribal and Phenax Mill
> What are you building?
Also Vish Kal.
> What is your ideal number of players in a Commander game?
Any. I played an awesome 7 player game 3 days ago.
> What is the average CMC in your best deck?
Bosh, and 6 or 7.

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Toshiro, Nahiri, Daretti, Lazav, Bruna, Hazezon, Narset, Sidisi, Oros, Surrak.

Gahiji Enchantress, pretty much going to share with Hazezon's staples/land base since I got extra sleeves.

Ghave Counter/Sacrifice

And possibly going to look into Yasova.

>Ideal Game
3 to 4. I'm okay with 1v1, but 3 to 4 opens up room for politics at a tolerable level.

>Average CMC in best deck
3 to 5 in Lazav

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> What are you playing?
Oloro, Narset, Daretti
> What are you building?
> What is your ideal number of players in a Commander game?
> What is the average CMC in your best deck?

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Playing Muzzio

Building Omnath

Ideal number is 4, anymore and you lose track of the other people

Average cmc for muzzio is between 1 and 12, so maybe 4 or 5

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> What are you playing?
Toshiro Control
Kemba cats with swords
Seton dorky tribal/big green
Jenara Enchantress/ Aura Voltron
> What are you building?
Im half-heartedly building a Titania deck, and I've started work on Stitcher Geralf because I want a unimposing general for my blue deck.
Tiny Leaders Shu Yun
> What is your ideal number of players in a Commander game?
4-5, anymore and it just takes too long to get around the table after T3 or so.
> What is the average CMC in your best deck?
3.62 in Toshiro.
Can I build a U/G deck that doesn't make me a douche? I figure Edric? As opposed to Zegana or something.

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> What are you playing?

> What are you building?
Nothing. Considering making French with Wydwen.

> What is your ideal number of players in a Commander game?
4. I'll give this same answer every time. 5+ causes 1) the triggers to become a clusterfuck, and 2) players can't actually see what other players are doing anymore because they're too far away.

> What is the average CMC in your best deck?

Respective to the links above.

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>Hey guys I want an UG commander that won't make me an asshole, should I make the first ever commander to be banned in French because the list is stupidly easy and degenerate?

Fuck off. Make Kraj or something.

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Momir Vig imo is the only UG commander that is straight up no fun.

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Edric is easily the most degenerate UG, followed by Momir. Zegana isn't too far behind because she guarantees that Prophet of Kruphix will win you the game because drawing cards is a pretty good thing.

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The problem that I have with Momir is that he makes every game feel the same because he just tutors for the same damn creatures all the time.

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10 different decks!

Shu Yun Tiny Leaders

>Ideal # of players

>Average CMC in my decks
Best deck: 3.74
Second best: 3.80
Third best: 4.59
Others: 4.25, 3.54, 4.25, 1.42 (Tiny Leaders), 3.2, 3.75, 4.6 and 3.74

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Games with good decks in tend to look the same anyway. Consistently is a sign of good deckbuilding.

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Consistency is nice, but a deck that is based around tutoring for the same creatures every time is simply not fun to play against.

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Well shit on him in the game then. I Buried Alive for the same shit most of the time, which is why I get shit on lots of games.

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He actually got bored of the deck pretty quickly and turned it into Vorel; it's not as good but it's a lot more fun and he doesn't get hated on anymore.

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I hope he uses Prophet to go off with Helix Pinnacle.

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> Playing

Saffi, Xiahou Dun, Marchesa, Prossh (French)

> Building


> Ideal # of players?


> CMC in best deck?


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Helix Pinnacle has Shroud.

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You think I give a FUCK?

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>> What are you playing?
Damia, Horde, Cromat, Daretti, Tomorrow
>> What are you building?
nothing definitely
>> What is your ideal number of players in a Commander game?
four or five
>> What is the average CMC in your best deck?
I have no idea which of my decks is "best" because they're all different

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What if I play nothing but maximum hand size and Maro cards?

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Vorel of the Hull Clade does
Gyre Sage doesn't though, and Vorel likes her

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>implying Fathom Mage isn't Vorel's Waifu

>> No.37439286

>implying Vorel wouldn't have two waifus

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He doubles the number on one card, he's a monogamous sort of fellow.

>what is arcane lighthouse

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> What are you playing?
Political Zedruu, Horde of Notions ramp/aggro
> What are you building?
trying to build a Tymaret burn deck for tiny commander
> What is your ideal number of players in a Commander game?
It honestly depends on how quickly the other players play. If they sacrifice fetch lands while other people are taking their turns and don't spend too long making decisions then 5-6 is fine. Typically I play in groups of 4 though.
It also depends on whether or not somebody is playing a control deck with no or very few win conditions other than lockout.
> What is the average CMC in your best deck?
probably 4 in political zedruu, I've been trying to lower it. Horde of Notions is probably 5 or 6

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since when is Helix Pinnacle a creature?

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> What are you playing?
Mostly Aurelia and Grenzo nowadays.

> What are you building?
Anafenza or Doran

> What is your ideal number of players in a Commander game?
3 or 4, never more than that. Games get tedious beyond that point.

> What is the average CMC in your best deck?
My favorite is Aurelia and she's at 3.62. I feel like that's way too high for a deck that's running a lot of MLD, but lowering my curve never works out.

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Since Lattice/March animated it

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OK, now why do you want to add counters to it while your opponent controls it?

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> What are you playing?
> What are you building?
Nothing at the moment. Still working on my three decks.
> What is your ideal number of players in a Commander game?
Three to four.
> What is the average CMC in your best deck?
My XDOE deck is 3.45.

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Might be easier to just use Guilder Bairn/Paradise Mantle/Training Grounds to ramp a storage land to infinite and blow that mana on Helix. Or anything that does Infinite mana better.

>> No.37440273

Training gilder mantle on gyre sage!

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Because we're also running Brand!

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>working on Alesha WarriorsTricks, Shu/Yun Boltron, retooling my scion of Ur-Dragon deck with the new legends.
>4-6 anything more is too much anything else it too few.
>If I had to guess I'd say 2.5

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My friends and I got into an argument last night about cascade.

If you cascade into a spell with an x in the mana cost does the non-x get paid and it goes off with x=0 or can you pay the x with mana immediately available to you?

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Whenever a spell is cast without paying its mana cost, X will always be 0. You are also unable to pay alternate costs such as Suspend or Overload. You can however pay additional costs like kicker, buyback, replicate, if I remember correctly.

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>mfw my friend exiles all his tokens and no one else gets affected

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You are right with your examples, however the reason effects like kicker, buyback and replicate work is because they aren't part of the cost itself, but an additional effect. They work because they are NOT part of the cost of the card itself (like overload and suspend)

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Sorry, that's what I meant.

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So after playing a lot of Grixis reanimator I decided to make a BUG reanimator deck because I love doing stuff with my graveyard and like looting too much to go Junk. I'm finding it rather boring though because although it feels more powerful there aren't really any interesting cards I can think of like Spellbound Dragon, Flayer of the Hatebound or Cauldron Dance. Does anyone have any suggestions for interesting green reanimation cards that aren't automatic includes like Woodfall Primus or Survival of the Fittest?

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Birthing Pod isn't an auto–include, but if the way you build supports it, it's amazing. Pattern of Rebirth can also be really powerful in the right reanimation build. Greater Good is a fantastic sac outlet. Hornet Queen gives you five creatures to sac every time it enters play.

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Which is more fun viable /tg/? Merfolk or vampires?

>> No.37442686

I stick Greater Good in every green deck I make, love that card so much. Pattern of Rebirth looks interesting and I'll probably try to get one but it seems like something for a sacrifice based deck rather than a reanimation one, same with Hornet Queen and Birthing Pod. I had a Savra deck that I'm thinking of rebuilding and the pod was an all-star in it, along with GG.

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You should be running sac effects in your reanimation build. Besides Greater Good, I'd find room for Phyrexian Altar at least and then some of the strong one–off effects like High Market.

Trading Post is really good in reanimation builds.

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>What are you playing?
Memnarch steal your grill.
>What are you building?
Nothing right now, all my funds are going into 40k atm.
>What is your ideal number of players in a Commander game?
Four. 5 or 6 is tolerable, but any more than that and it becomes impossible to manage the game as everyone gets distracted when it's not their turn. 1v1 is fun, but 3 players is really boring.
>What is the average CMC in your best deck?

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I'm thinking of building a Kruphix deck but I really don't want to put in Prophet of Kruphix since it's so stupid. Am I an idiot for not playing her? I'd probably play the less powerful Seedborn Muse.

>> No.37443117

Prophet makes Kruphix waaaay stronger

>> No.37443118

Kruphix is probably the most boring, uninteresting and bland commander you can possibly use, so using Prophet of Kruphix can hardly make it worse.

>> No.37443246


It's also an enchantment.

Darksteel Reactor, whoever...

>> No.37443262


*however, rather.

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> What are you playing?
Teysa, Orzhov Scion, Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero, Thada Adel, Acquisitor

> What are you building?

I really don't know what to build, the decks above all preform at the top of my meta, to the point where people fucking hate playing them, I can only pull Teysa out like once a month without hearing the whole table sigh. But whenever I try to build something with less of a powerlevel, I get steamrolled. I'm kinda giving up.

> What is your ideal number of players in a Commander game?

> What is the average CMC in your best deck?

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How do I build a fun Izzet deck? I especially want some combos.

>> No.37443548

Greater Good didn't look too awesome until I realized it's an enchantment.

>> No.37443598

If you want the most efficient combo engine, go with Niv-Mizzle. Pretend you're skilled as you dig to or tutor up Curiosity or Ophidian Eye and cast it with counterspell backup.

If you want fun, go with Melek. Annoy your friends by taking ten minutes long turns racking up an insane storm count with pretty much no payoff.

Of the two, I much prefer Melek. Tons of cantrips, time spiral, turnabout, cryptic command, mind's desire. Doesn't really matter what you use to win, it could be Brain Freeze for what it's worth, the important part is casting tons of spells.

>> No.37443656

Or play Niv-Mizzet without curiosity (and similar effects!)

>> No.37443709

Then he's just a mediocre draw engine. You'd have more fun with Melek.

>> No.37443751

>mediocre draw engine

You mean hillarious win condition?

>play Niv-Mizzet
>draw lots of cards
>wheel hand until everyone is dead

>> No.37443757

>Annoy your friends by taking ten minutes long turns racking up an insane storm count with pretty much no payoff

I love when my friend does this. Melek is so much damn fun to play and play against.

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It's funny the first time, after that it's like you showed up to edh night to watch someone play solitaire.

>> No.37443907

ten minute long turns are exciting for you?
please explain me why

>> No.37443925

Because it's funny to watch someone cast a billion spells for nothing to happen

>> No.37444093

To me, it's just funny to give them shit for it. Watch them cantrip into cantrips to set up some kind of god hand that still ends up never amounting to nothing. And ask them when their ten minutes long turn is over "So, do you actually have wincons in this?"

It is very easy to build a durdly Melek deck that doesn't know how to win. It is also very easy to play a good Melek deck poorly and thus end up accomplishing nothing. I'd say he isn't a commander for beginners, but for some reason, a lot of casuals are drawn to him: so he has a reputation as leading a deck that just masturbates on its own turns but never climaxes.

>> No.37444202

>a lot of casuals are drawn to him

He's easy to acquire and it's easy to comprehended that free spells are good.

>> No.37444233


How is playing Lin Sivvi? She looks like she could be fun in a low–tier game, but then again she could just tutor for a bunch of boring cards and be boring. :\

>> No.37444372


>but then again she could just tutor for a bunch of boring cards and be boring

This is the problem I guess? When you first start playing it's literally just wee whatever, but after you learn every rebel in the deck, you learn the best toolbox ways out of shit. Which normally amounts too, tutoring infinite life, tutoring bound in silence to the biggest general threat, then mirror entity people to death or playing test of endurance and MLD. But even saying that, other people's unpredictably is what makes playing the deck fun, the deck is really good at adapting/bouncing back and you don't give a single fuck about tucks as half your creatures tutor your general back out. That said, she became a quick hit for me, and a quick deck everyone else hates.

>> No.37444400

Sadly, most casuals' thought processes when building Melek is "Wow that means Brainstorm can draw me two cards! How many one-mana cantrips can I find on Gatherer?" I've looked through some Melek decks without ever being able to find a reliable wincon but they sure do draw a lot of cards.

>> No.37444419

How much do you like shuffling?

>> No.37444461


Yeah, this is another downside I guess, if you're doing well, you're shuffling at least once a turn.

>> No.37444626


In tutors.format, we better all like it

>> No.37445006

Serial monogamist at the very best. And only if you don't untap him all day every day.

>> No.37445096

>not continually untapping so you can double the doubled doubled doubles

>> No.37445102

most fun UW commander?

>> No.37445417


Fun for you, or fun for everyone? Bargo for example can pretty easily stasis lock the entire board.

>> No.37445468

None. UW is boring as fuck to play against and no one will like you.

>> No.37445823

What a load of shit. Any color combination can have unfun decks. Sure, UWx will get you hated if you're playing Grand Arbiter or something like that. But you could just as well be playing something like Daxos or Merieke that's more interactive and generally perceived as fun.

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>> No.37445914

>That feel when you traveler's cloak player 2's xbox hueg general with a land type only player 3 & 4 has

>> No.37446001

>what you playin
nothing as of now, broke my decks down

>what you buildin
anafenza and krenko

>what is your ideal nummbah of playas
4, i've played bigger ones and shit gets boring + the last fucker almost never get targeted by spells

5 i think

>> No.37446002


As a guy who has Melek as one of their favorite decks, I can say it took me awhile to figure out an effective build. The first thing I tried was lots of big burn spells, but the deck was far too mana-hungry for the payout I was getting. Next I tried the cantrip idea, reasoning that I just needed more efficient instants/sorceries to be more effective, but then I fell into the trap mentioned above of not having enough win-cons. Eventually I settled on my current build, which features a lot of the 5-6 mana draw spells combined with a few more expensive burn spells and a variety of cheaper burn spells that either care about CMC or hand size. The end result is being able to draw through my deck fairly efficiently while being able to turn superfluous draw spells into extra damage and various ways to shuffle the deck back up and repeat the process. Not to mention a smattering of instant/sorcery copy effects because c'mon. It's Melek. It's actually a ton of fun and allows for a lot of interesting inter-deck interactions, and you usually end up with so many options that you can still manage unique games and maintain a decent level of consistency.

>> No.37446063

is she fun to play? isnt it always the same tutoring for the 3 strongest auras to insta kill your opponent?

>> No.37446186


All up to you bro, if you want to do that, sure. Nothing is stopping you from building her differently.

>> No.37446291


>Not Waifuing Jaya Ballard

Filthy casuals.

>> No.37446301

Selfmill bruna is also fun

>> No.37446737

Azami and Mimeo.

My buddy gave me a foil Slobad so I might build one.

>Ideal Game
Dunno, we always play with 4-6 players.

>Average CMC
Azami, 3.59.

>> No.37446862

Someone give me two colors!

>> No.37446916

Green and Black

>> No.37446931

I just wish I knew how to build her

>> No.37446960

Purple and yellow

>> No.37447072


Ok now two more that aren't green or black please.

>> No.37447086


Teal and brown.

>> No.37447137

blue and white

>> No.37447198

Thanks again.

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>> No.37447321

Quick give me 2 colors, an adjective and a verb.

>> No.37447347

Red Green

>> No.37447349

Red and green, Faggy, fisting

>> No.37447387

>legendary indestructible enchantment spellbook + colorless upwelling
Why would anyone think he's exciting ever

>> No.37447404

Oops. Had modern thread open.

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>> No.37447963


>> No.37448099


>> No.37448204

I want to build a Bruna deck in japanese and foil

>> No.37448365

My friend is making an EDH entirely out of anime proxies; he says that he's doing it "ironically".

>> No.37448414


>> No.37448682

What's the commander? Damia? Narset?

>> No.37449453


What's to know? You play Jaya, you light things on fire.

>> No.37449773

>I just went off guys, any counters?
>Good game...

>> No.37449912

i hate animar

>> No.37450596

He's one of the commander I hate the most. Him, Scion and Gahiji

>> No.37451935

Care to elaborate? A coworker just built Gahiji and I'm finding it a lot of fun. People suddenly start caring about the combat steps. Trinket mages are attacking. My Increasing Devotion is suddenly incredibly powerful.

What's the issue with Gahiji?

>> No.37452066


>> No.37452074

He's very hard to beat. I win maybe 10% of the time against my friend's Gahiji

>> No.37452188

In duels or in multiplayer? If duels, it's possible you're just not running enough board wipes. Letting Gahiji amass more than a small handful of tokens is asking to get wrecked. Things like Pernicious Deed, Gaze of Granite, mass -1/-1 counters are great for keeping him under control while not damaging your own board too much.

If multiplayer, just make sure the other players understand that attacking each others is exactly what the Gahiji player wants. Treat him like Edric: don't fall for the temptation of that bonus on attacks, go after him directly.

>> No.37452981


All qt angels, demons, and dragon lolis

>> No.37453080

>tfw survival of the fittest is now $60

>> No.37453200

If I had the supplies to do it, I would have a 100 proxy unironic anime "monstergirl tribal" Damia deck
no humans, no males, no English
I already have the deck but it's real cards not anime alters

>> No.37453968


What did you think it was? I'd take that effect on a creature or artifact, too, it's amazing.

>> No.37454382


Thank goodness I've had my copy since middle school when Exodus first came out.

>> No.37454966

>dragon lolis


>> No.37455168


>no board wipes, LD, counterspells, or playing non ramp cards before turn 5 guys okay?
>fucking anti fun scum spirit of EDH wow gonna go post on mtgsalvation about you scum why wont you just let me have fun with my Damia deck?

>> No.37455197


>tfw just bought a judge foil

>> No.37455272

The LGS by my house has a rule that you draw an extra card and play an extra land during your first 3 turns; they say that it "speeds up" the game, in my opinion it just helps fags that can't play the early game.

>> No.37455343


I think I just threw up a little in my mouth

Those are like the rules ten year olds who suck at the game play by.


>> No.37455347


I have found that trying to play EDH at stores is just a lost cause. I have a group I play with every couple weeks, I would like to play more but it's not worth dealing with the people who play pick up games.

>playing silly elf deck
>not doing great, can make tons of mana but Ezuri was tucked and im at very low life
>Brion player chooses not to fling something large at me for 4 turns in a row
>finally taps general to murder a proshhh
>play Genesis Wave for lots
>win game
>Brion player whines about losing to "stupid combo decks"


>> No.37455395


I played a game this week where a Prossh player lucked into his infinite combo off of Genesis Wave X = 7 on his last turn (I would have killed him next, after killing three other players already) and you know what? That's OK because I could have won earlier.

Or I could have fucking tutored for Gaddock fucking Teeg like I knew I should have because fuck g–wave.

>> No.37455472


I like you Anon, lets be friends. I don't play Prossh and I wont get mad when you spank me at EDH

>> No.37455647


You can play Prossh if you want, anon!

You can play anything at my table. Except Deadeye. Kidding. Kind of.

>> No.37455785


>tfw Deadeye Senpai will never soulbond with me

That stupid Palinchron is always in the way of our love.

>> No.37455823


The torments of love.

Maybe that's why I hate DEN.

>> No.37455860

>Thinking of building a Purphoros deck
>browing through collection
>stumbles onto 2 Blood Moon cards, one from the Dark and one Chronicles edition

I love surprises like these.

>> No.37455879

There should be a bingo card for store EDH. I used to go to a place that hit a lot of the bad stereotypes.

>> No.37455961


You know? As long as everyone bathes regularly, I can tolerate a lot.

>> No.37455983

What the hell? Why did it suddenly climb like that? Wasn't it 25$ or so last year?

>> No.37456021


People should expect good hygiene, not put up with other terrible shit just to hang out with people who have it.

I wouldn't let some dude kick me in the junk just because he took a shower everyday, and I won't let some sperglord shit up my EDH games just because he knows what soap is.

>> No.37456037


Yeah it was $25-30 last year. Pretty much all the good cards on the reserve list have been skyrocketing over the past year. Either EDH and Legacy are getting a lot more popular or we're undergoing a bubble.

>> No.37456072

what do I do with anafenza? fertilid over and over?

>> No.37456094


I guess I don't have to endure a whole lot at the places I play because my biggest complaint is one guy who stinks.

There was a guy who wanted to play a dick deck with 80 proxies where I used to live, but we banned proxies just to get rid of him, so that worked out.

>> No.37456365

So, mulligans.

A guy in my playgroup recently floated "first mulligan's free". We've used the "Partial Paris" mulligan from the official rules up until this point, but he's saying that a free mulligan at first (that is to say, you draw back up to 7 on your first mulligan, instead of up to 6) is pretty standard.

We just kind of went along with it because why not, but I'm interested--is this true? I'd never heard of it, and it's nowhere on the official rules that I can find. How does /tg/ mulligan, anyway?

>> No.37456471


Most non–French players play with the first mulligan as free with the latter ones at x-1.

>> No.37456485

Our group does the same as how he suggested. First mulligan is free, then each subsequent mulligan nets -1 card.

>> No.37456533


Weird. I guess I was just living in a vacuum then, thanks guys. That was bugging me.

>> No.37456655


I'm not fond of the tradition. It's not an official rule, but it's how most groups play. I think it was to encourage people to mull at all (because you should), the problem is that you should almost always mull when it's free.

>> No.37456656

Is it wrong that more than half the games I play with Karador as my commander, I never bother playing him? I feel like a lot of the time playing him just isn't the best play, yet my playgroup constantly calls me out for never playing Karador, and says I just pick another BWG commander to use. Are they right, or are they just mad they can't chaos warp him?

>> No.37456785


If you aren't casting your Commander most games, you should probably change your Commander. It means you aren't getting full advantage out of what is essentially a free tutor.

If you aren't getting advantage out of Karador, maybe run Ghave? He's insane if built around, but he's still very strong even if you don't build around him, and is often more useful in a vacuum than Karador is. Anafenza is an option if you're more aggro–oriented.

>> No.37456904

I mostly don't cast him just because I know as soon as I do, he'll get blown up. So, unless I've been milled a bit or have a couple of my dredge spells, I rarely touch Karador until I know my opponents are lacking in removal; either that or there's a creature that I want to abuse the fuck out of in my graveyard.

But then again, maybe I'm just playing him wrong.

>> No.37456992


If your other plays aren't baiting removal or it isn't worth baiting the removal with Karador, you're playing wrong, your opponents are, or both.

>> No.37457237

Happy days are here at last, my foil swagger finally arrived for my Niv EDH.
My husbando looks good in foil. <3

>> No.37457271


Never noticed the isopod on Enter the Infinite before. That's kind of awesome. I love Terese Nielsen, one of my favorite MtG artists.

>> No.37457327

The camera doesn't it do the work justice.
I own a playset of non-foil Enter the Infinites because I love the art, but it's a whole other thing seeing it in the light with a foil to it. I find that most all of Terese Nielsen's art has that effect.

>> No.37457345

>doesn't do the work justice.

Fixed it.

>> No.37457746

Pulled her at the prerelease as my promo.

>Fuckin' Sweet

Threw together a deck with what I had on me plus a few things I bought for cheap. She is pretty fucking amazing and fun as hell. I built the deck with every creature being power 2 or less just to see how it played out, and while I could include others, I think it's more fun to beat people up with what is essentially RWB hate bears.

Seige-Gang, Ponyback Brigade, and Beetleback Chief are all completely nuts with Cathar's Crusade.
It needs tuning and a few cards worth more than what I can put into it, like Mind Censor and Serra Ascendant, and I die a little on the inside knowing I'll never have an Imperial Recruiter. I need a few more kill cards cause I only have Nekrataal.

What are some good P2 or less creatures that like to ETB?

>> No.37457894

Ib halfheart, Goblin tactician
Olivia Vampires
Yeva Elves
I want to make a fun BUG deck, but I'm trying to narrow down the details. The cards I have so far are Doomgape, Kiora's Follower, and Reliquary Tower, so right now its still really fluid as to where to go. I'm thinking a mash-up of Golgari and Simic stuff, but Idk.
That and I'm trying to get the monocolor Gods of Theros, but it seems like no one has any. -.-
>Ideal number of players?
The more the merrier. I played in a 8 player free for all once where I was the near-literal nexus of alignments. Seriously, it seemed like a LOT of diplomacy decisions were mine to make.
>Average CMC?
Somewhere around three or four, I'm running Goblins but have a few foodstuff cards like Hamlet back Goliath and pricey burn cards.

Now what Artifacts should I be adding to a Goblin deck? So far I have a Ruby Medallion and a Jar of Eyeballs, and I want more artifacts that work off of things dying to power them up.

Also are there any fun BUG mechanics that would be fun? I'm thinking reanimation/ Undying and Evolve could be neat, but I barely use black or blue period and want to get some advice before I grab useless cards.

>> No.37457899

Nice man.

The 14 MPS Izzet League lands I ordered ended up at $260

>> No.37457906

What's your deck list? I was thinking of playing Lin Sivvi but I didn't think there was enough to build a good deck around.

>> No.37458005

Including shipping?

>> No.37458019

>Flavour text
>Not "(Z–>)90º – (E–N2W)90ºt = 1"

>> No.37458047


>> No.37458051

dude nice. I hope you enjoy them when you get them

>> No.37458056


The text is funny, but it always struck me as a silly easter-egg more than actual flavor. I think the one in the pic you're quoting suits him better.

>> No.37458065

>flavor text
>not full art champs promo

>> No.37458082


There isn't. You have an infinite life combo in Rebels and Arrest on tap, but that's it. So you end up making a deck that has a hard time actually closing, even by mono–white standards. :|

>> No.37458097

agreed. ftv dragons text suits the kind of ego-stroking narcissistism he's described as having.

nigga I'm not made of money

>> No.37458107

>it always struck me as a silly easter-egg more than actual flavor

Then you're missing the point of Niv-Mizzet. He's an egotistical dragon who thinks he's fucking amazing. He would want you to look at that flavour text and think, "My god it's some complex mathematical formula I could never understand.", when in reality it's just him trying to impress you. The flavour text is so Niv it hurts.

>> No.37458172

So is the other. He's the most intelligent being in his world and so vain to the point of being a sociopath. He's my favorite character, don't get me wrong, but he's also cruel person.

>"I think Mizzium might buckle under heat."
>"Huh? You want to burn to death? I'd be more than happy to oblige you. Enjoy agony."

>> No.37458181

But is it Mizzet enough?


Thought so.

>> No.37458198

Why would he be cruel? He just seems like the epitome of a mad scientist in the body of a dragon with an ego you could bump into to me. He's UR, not URB.

>> No.37458203

Stumbled upon this card in my jank rare box and thought it could be potential Purphoros tech.

>> No.37458210

what exactly is commander?

>> No.37458231

100 card deck, singletons only except basic land, one card must be a legendary creature that you use as your "commander". Every other card in the deck can only be the colours of your commander. Your commander starts the game in a special zone called the command zone and can be cast as if he was in your hand. If he dies or gets exiled, you can choose to put him back into the command zone instead. Every successive time you cast your commander from the command zone he costs an additional 2 colourless mana to cast.

>> No.37458238

>Why would he be cruel

You answered your own question. His titanic ego males him a total cock. He thinks he is better than everyone, and if you call him on some shit he got wrong (mizzium isn't the super metal it was meant to be, and when a whole world is built with the stuff that can be a global problem waiting to happen) he doesn't even try to defend himself. He just kills you, his ego won't allow him to be judged.

>> No.37458249

Thinking you're better than others doesn't mean you want to hurt others.

>> No.37458343

Not always, but in this particular case, yes. His ego/vanity let's him do it and think nothing of it. He's very quick to upset, and in both the flavor text of other izzet carda and just lore in general, they say he'll ignite just about anyone if the challenge his pride.

>> No.37458362

he's a smart as wizard, but he's also aneed arrogant dragon, he has elements of both

>> No.37458374

all those errors, god I need to stop posting and learn to proofread.

>> No.37458426

do you guys like playing as/against control decks?
whats your favorite and least favorite?

>> No.37458454

In edh? No and no.

>> No.37458530

Well every multiplayer deck is forced to either be combo/control, or shit. You can't beat 3 players to death at the same time so why try? I'd sooner draw my library, ditch it all to Mind Over Matter and Gilded Lotus to make mana, then Comet Storm the entire table.

>> No.37459843

i prefer demon girls :3

>> No.37460010

There's some irritating rebels you can fetch up. With anything that changes colors you can change Lawbringer/Lightbringer into easy constant removal. Defiant Vanguard can be cheated in at instant speed for an irritating block. Rappeling Scouts is an annoying blocker and can gain a lot of protection when he carries a Sword. You can also tutor in Changeling Hero in response to a board wipe, champion Lin-Sivvi, and save her from the wipe.

Still, as much as I love Rebels, there's not good finishers for them and you're still just tutoring up subpar cards because you can't fetch anything else.

>> No.37460073

I want something with hilarity potential but that can also win games.

Thinking Narset with
Strionic Resonator
Omniscience and Enter the Infinite
and Brainstorm/Jace. Mind Sculptor
odds are every narset player has this idea

>> No.37460244

First mulligan free partial Paris cards to the bottom unless you're running grenzo then you get to shuffle you faggot

>> No.37460323

ehm where is the difference to other narset decks?

you basically cast fat stuff for free

>> No.37460685

> What are you playing?
Intet Planeswalkers: A deck that is quite capable of acquiring Tamiyo's emblem on turn three among other things.
> What are you building?
Alesha weenies
> What is your ideal number of players in a Commander game?
> What is the average CMC in your best deck?
5-6 w/Mikaeus

>> No.37460807

>tammy emblem turn 3
how hard are you proliferating and ramping Jesus Christ

>> No.37460866

Definitely a bubble. People are buying out all the RL cards they can, since it's more or less free money

>> No.37460889

> What are you playing?
Marath combo, Kurkesh combo, Toshiro Umezawa

>What are you building?
I'm pretty much done with "Roon flickers all the things" and Shu Yun voltron/storm. After that I'm going to turn my Toshiro deck into a Jarad deck which I've already started gathering some cards for. And then after that I want one last deck but I've no idea what that's going to be. Suggestions?

>What is your ideal number of players in a Commander game?
4-5. 3 is just too few, it's little different from two players and 6 player is doable but can really start to drag out.

>What is the average CMC in your best deck?
Marath, probably around 5 or 6.

>> No.37461121

Still working on this guy, deck is getting good but the lack of card draw is killing me. I wish he had another color, any other color would be fine

>> No.37461153

I've never played commander before but I love Kolaghan so much I want to make a deck for her, is that a bad idea?

>> No.37461196

>the lack of card draw is killing me
Yeah, it's pretty much the only reason why white is the worst mono color in EDH.

You already have Mind's Eye, Infiltration Lens, Coercive Portal, Staff of Nin and Inheritence I hope?

>> No.37461204

CAPABLE of it; hardly a sure thing though.

It relies on a turn one Sol Ring ramping into a Signet (Simic, Izzet, Gruul; pick one). Turn two, drop a second land. Tap the Sol Ring for 2, use 1 of that to activate the Signet.

You now have 1 off the Sol Ring, two colored off the Signet, and two lands. Drop a Doubling Season.

Turn three drop Tamiyo and the DS automatically ramps her to 8 loyalty; the exact amount required for the emblem.

So capable; but it's not a guarantee. The deck's mostly proliferate/ramp/draw to get walkers out and proliferate the fuck out of them. It's got numerous infinite loyalty/mana hijinks (fuck yeah Chain Veil) and a good number of tutor type cards to get them.

>> No.37461213

It would pretty much automatically be a very casual deck beause Kolaghan doesn't do anything that matters.

>> No.37461227

Better run lots of goblins along with tutor spells to get Conspiracy out.

>> No.37461237

Yeah got all of those escept the lens and the portal. Lens is garbage in a deck with 7 creature (Including the commander) and portal feels like it will always be used against me

>> No.37461275

I go to tournaments a lot for the regular formats so Commander would probably just be my 'cool down' game anyway, so I guess that's okay. Guess I'd just have to tell people not to play some extremely consistent combo deck against it, please.

Or I could try this

>> No.37461295


Bone Shredder, Ghitu Slinger, Banisher Priest, Fiend Hunter

Not an ETB, but Alesha would probably appreciate Kami of False Hope.

>> No.37461302

Care to show me the Kurkesh list?

>> No.37461311

Merfolk has the potential to out tempo very rapidly in one on one, but I'd recommend vampire tribal for a multi player game, as captivating vampire and Olivia require more time investment, and you also get access to hexmage/dark depthsalong with phyrexian arena as an awesome draw source.

>> No.37461333

Hold on, I'll have to update my list. Also note that one key card is missing: Goblin Charbelcher.

It might look like a joke card but the deck is set up in a way where it's far from inconceivable for the deck to dish out 40 damage with it in one turn alone.

>> No.37461344

Yeah I doubt merfolk gets any good card advantage

>> No.37461399

Hadn't thought about Belcher at all honestly.
EDH doesn't seem like the format for it, but I can imagine the potential for copying shenanigans.

I still prefer Daretti as commander for utility even though Kurkesh is an allstar in the deck.

>> No.37461422

Are you kidding me? Merfolk are blue. BLUE

>> No.37461436



>> No.37461450


>What is Lullmage Mentor
>What is Merrow Commerce

Captcha: Intet
Huh. I wonder if I should go back and do that thing.

>> No.37461458

It's only dangerous turn 3 and before. If I get my Marit T2 I'm in a good position but T5? Not so confident.

>> No.37461467

Future Sight, Magus of the Future, and Consecrated Sphinx. Pretty good merfolk.

>> No.37461486

I was being sarcastic, you think blue gives a shit about phyrexian arena?

>> No.37461489


Here you go

It's the other way around for me. Kurkesh just makes the deck. He's by far the the biggest cog in the engine and having reliable access to him is critical.

Daretti is really nice but doesn't do anything that other card's doesn't also do. Also I just don't really like planeswalkers as commanders. It just feel sub-par by default to me.

>> No.37461516

Blue doesn't actually get anything nearly as powerful as phyrexian arena as cheaply.

Blue does get better effects, but has to pay a lot more mana for it. I know I'd play Arena in every single blue deck I had if I could.

>> No.37461579

>Combat damage
Am I missing something?

>> No.37461598

swing with purphoros

>> No.37461631

I'm pretty sure the anon who posted the card missed that it said combat damage.

>> No.37461649


Not a fan of Contagion Engine as you're not too committed to charge counters, which is of course a fine direction to take the deck to.

I highly suggest Prototype Portal, Mirrorworks and Rings of Brighthearth for maximum copying and value grinding.

>> No.37461668

My point was, you're most likely playing boatload of dudes to rack up the counters.

>> No.37461728

Yeah because personally the reason why I play fuck tons of tokens in my Purphoros is so that I can run Five Alarm Fire in the deck.

>> No.37461758

Are you retarded? Do you build your decks as 100% buildaround for your commander with no further synergies for your gameplan? Enjoy getting cuck-tucked.

>> No.37461762

Contagion Engine still interacts with a few cards meaningfully, most importantly Daretti, Ring of Three Wishes and Astral Cornucopia. The removal part of it has saved me more than once, as well. You might still be right about it, I just want to test it out a bit more first.

Portal and Rings are already on my wishlist but I totally missed Mirrorworks, thank you!

>> No.37461796

Not that guy but Five Alarm Fire is absolute fucking trash.

And Purphoros is better built as a combo deck anyway.

>> No.37461831

Use a fucking damage doubler then you utter, utter shitter. With a damage doubler, by the time you've hit your opponent 5 times you've done at least 5 extra damage. And how much does Five Alarm Fire deal? Why, it's 5 extra damage! It's almost as if it's done absolutely nothing that other cards don't do better!

>> No.37461899

Never just put them on the bottom. Always shuffle. Why on earth would you think it's ok to begin the game with knowledge of how your deck is arranged?

>> No.37461967


I'm trying to build Jund Control. Tried Shattergang commander for a while. Might change back.

Any other advice?

>> No.37461998

Bordeland ranger is pure garbage. You should play farhaven elf or wood elves instead

>> No.37462028

The idea behind control is you generate as many advantages as you can over the course of the game until these advantages are too much for your opponents to deal with, letting you win out in the end.


>> No.37462036

What's some good cards for a Yasova Tiny Leaders? Wanting to abuse the ability

>> No.37462067

Already got Farhaven in there. Got wood elves too.

I can't find what happened to my old ones. I'll have to proxy it up I guess.

>> No.37462073

Generic goodstuff is all you really need, especially with an ability like hers because you can't be guaranteed to have shit worth stealing in the first place. Savage Knuckleblade should be your first card, followed by Rattleclaw Mystic. Fuck just put efficient face beaters and card advantage in there man.

>> No.37462074

It's an expensive card. He might be unable to afford it

>> No.37462091

>$6 card
>Will always be $6 so can be sold later

>> No.37462131

Colorless regrowth, why don't I see this card being played more?

>> No.37462132

Nah m8. I've got a damnation. I just bought a few years ago, quit playing and can't find them now. I'll just proxy it for the time being.

>> No.37462173

Too much mana.

>> No.37462198

Yeah thanks. Was setting up something along the lines of taking control of creature and then doing something like Fling but I guess in Tiny leaders you're not gonna really have big creatures

>> No.37462252

Because Ethernal Witness and Yawgmoth's Will are so much better.

>> No.37462268


>> No.37462349

Because shuffle effects are quite common in my meta
fetches, land tutoring, etc
It's also extra time that no one really wants to bother with, so that's why only grenzo is made to shuffle because they benefit directly from the bottom of the library

>> No.37462369

Oh right doubling season

>> No.37462399

If I had a fetchland in my opening hand, and I had every intention of activating it on my first turn, I would still shuffle my library after mulliganing. It's just the rules of the game. I could not start the game knowing the bottom cards.

>> No.37462461

>EDH is REL - Competitive
I play pretty casually, but I do understand why people would want to shuffle and if I'm playing with people I don't know I ask their mulligan policy
but as for me and the 3-4 people I usually play with, we don't care

>> No.37462514

Because some decks benefit from certain cards being on the bottom of the library.

>> No.37462549

What you do with your playgroup, as with anything in edh really, is fine.

I was just mentioning it because it's in the rules, not even necessarily about advantages. But sure, some decks might, like that anon even mentioned Grenzo. But for me it's just a rules thing. But every playgroup makes their own rules in edh, that's part of the format.

>> No.37462573

Either way, it makes part of the deck known at the beginning of the game and that's just weird; a quick shuffling takes 5 seconds, just do that.

>> No.37463319

>Bosh to Kozilek or Karn
Why would you change a red deck to a colorless deck? At that point, why not just build a new deck?

>> No.37463366

Not him, but Bosh decks tend to have very little red in them. My friend's has like maybe 12 red cards.

>> No.37463953

Red has always had some interesting artifact toys, and the new red commander deck just added significantly to that. I'd think Bosh would take full advantage of his redness.

>> No.37464015

>You can't beat 3 players to death at the same time so why try?
I have close to an 80% win ratio at my LGS playing aggro at 4-players table. My deck is worth about 10% of theirs.

Everyone is so completely convinced aggro is not viable, they forget how to build and play against aggro. They get mad when I crush their faces with low cost threats and blow up the lands and blame their losses on how lucky I get or how unfun my cards are, but the results are the same: their retarded combo decks die to my mediocre threats and cheap disruption.

>> No.37464142

What is the most fun commander in your guy's playgroup. The deck that is both fun to play, and fun to play against?

>> No.37464278


Marchesa would like to have a word with you.

>> No.37464392

So after my midnight prerelease I was counting through my deck and realized that I had 98 cards. Did I lose one at the prerelease place? Have I been playing with an illegal deck the entire time? I sorted my deck and I don't know what card I lost. Also I don't have any extra sleeves so I have to go down to my LGS and hope they have more in my color. I worry that I've lost one of the staples of the deck and just can't remember which one, and it pisses me off to no end. I guess I should have a decklist.

>> No.37464448

Anybody have ideas for Selvala? I'm really interested in building her but I don't quite know where to take things besides non-group hug.

>> No.37464528



If you're still around.


Win condition is mirror entity + shit ton of rebels, test of endurance, Felidar Sovereign, Quietus Spike + Zealot il-Vec, inkmoth Nexus + mirror entity, Goblin Charbelcher + Endless Horizons, Zealot il-Vec + Cradle of Vitality during infinite life gain, Phyrexian Processor, off the top of my head. When I first built it, it for sure had a hard time closing, I haven't had that problem since. Saying that, my list does need a little work, I really need a hollowed burial, no reason not to have that and a few other cards in it. It just does so well in my meta as is, I haven't had the motivation to retool it. I have also never lost if I have a mirror entity and shrine to nyx on the field, you turn into elves that tutor more elves

>> No.37464563


Really it comes down to what the deck wants to do. Augustin grinding the game to a halt and only sticking a couple of slow-killing threats? Fuck that guy.

Tommy Takes-a-Million-Turns? I will literally punch you in the face.

Slowly shaping the game with utility creatures and countermagic and then blowing everyone the fuck out with Gen Wave or something similarly extravagant? As long as it's not literally the same play through every game, that is a match I don't usually mind losing as long as everyone got to do interesting things before they died

>> No.37464564

Lifegain trigger shenanigans? I don't know, she's very bland. Wouldn't mind building building her in Tiny Leaders even though GW are my least played colours.

>> No.37464792


Well I'm personally of the opinion that land destruction outside of slapping around utility lands is kind of a dick move no matter what you're playing outside of MAYBE Mono R since stuff like Apocalypse and Decree of Annihilation are the only ways it can deal with certain threats.

That said my decks used to be notoriously bad at dealing with Aggro until I learned to pack a couple of early-game answers.

That said, Aggro Marchessa is super fun and apparently surprisingly unexpected.

>> No.37464927

>opinion that land destruction outside of slapping around utility lands is kind of a dick move

If you're playing a really low curve deck against even one deck that isn't, MLD is a tactical move and in some situations retarded to not do.

>> No.37464966

What >>37464564 said; she's neat but she doesn't actually do a whole lot unless you really build towards her focus.
I'd also suggest permanents with activated abilities, in the hope that you could actually use that mana. I'm thinking specifically of Jade Mage or Selesnya Evangel, for multiplayer or 1v1 respectively, but there are probably better options.

>> No.37465050

Yeah sorry, when the UGx player goes t2 sakura tribe elder, t3 skyshroud claim into t4 boundless realms, then untaps with 14 lands, you crying "BUT THEY ARE BASIC" doesn't matter for shit.

The UGx players at my lgs get insanely butthurt if I try to deal with this.
If they are sitting with 14 lands and I reanimate a terrastodon and blow up 3 of their lands, I'm a fucking war criminal. Even if I am at 4 lands myself.

It's really fucking sad.

>> No.37465083

>If they are sitting with 14 lands and I reanimate a terrastodon and blow up 3 of their lands, I'm a fucking war criminal
God, I fucking hate these fags.

>> No.37465160

Agreed, MLD is bullying. We should all oppose blowing up lands as it's unfair and hurts my feelings.

>> No.37465225

>people saying aggro is not viable in EDH and you should never play it
>someone says they win a lot playing aggro with MLD
>"Well you shouldn't be doing that"
So the only reason people think aggro isn't viable is that they're not willing to use the proper tools to make it work?

>> No.37465362


>mfw it literally took me two months to convince everyone in my LGS that the ONLY land (with very few exceptions) that you should be getting from someone else's tempt with discovery is a stripmine to strip their best lands out with.

>> No.37465365

MLD is arguably poor sportsmanship. Nothing is wrong with destroying lands, it's part of the game, but completely crippling others and destroying all or most of their lands is not being very fun.

>> No.37465414

cry more

>> No.37465424

Fuck you, MLD is not only part of the game it's what gives White and Red an edge.

>> No.37465446


>MLD is arguably poor sportsmanship
>Admits it's part of the game
>Nothing wrong with it
>Often smart thing to do
>"Poor sportsmanship"

>> No.37465453


Terramorphic Expanse & Evolving Wilds are shit in mono color. All they do is slow you down; thinning a single card is irrelevant.

>> No.37465487

Id rather play against a player who has a few MLD cards than against a control player who counters every single spell of me.

>> No.37466017

> What are you playing?
> What are you building?
Alesha and Hanna, my Marath deck recently lost a lot of key pieces, so I have to rebuild that too.
> What is your ideal number of players in a Commander game?
4 is the magic number, but I've played up to 8 people before.
> What is the average CMC in your best deck?
Average CMC in decks I build is always around 4, though Hanna is sitting at a pretty 3.5 at the moment.

>> No.37466073

How do you build Kokusho? Do you just kill it and reanimate it over and over and laugh at attempts to exile it?

>> No.37466165

That's the idea. The deck is build very suicide black, sac outlets like Mind Slash and Attrition help me keep my life total in the green while controlling my opponent's board state, and shit like pic related makes sure the ride keeps going.

If you're interested and can wait for me to put the list on TappedOut I can post it. It's actually really budget.

>> No.37466224

>If you're interested and can wait for me to put the list on TappedOut I can post it. It's actually really budget.
Please do. I tried it a little back when the unbanning was announced, but I couldn't get it to work well.

>> No.37466257


Just be aware that Kokusho's ability doesn't trigger unless he hits the graveyard, so you can't use the replacement effect and have the ability trigger. (Like Skullclamp.)

>> No.37466338

MLD is a subtype of LD

>> No.37466436

I've actually got to go take care of something, but I'll make sure I get the list posted for you

>> No.37466759


Nice Strawmen, friends.

Tuckung General's, especially troublesome ones, is also a tactical move. I'm running Hinder and Spell Crumple in most of my blue decks. That doesn't mean it's not a dick move.

And there's a difference between pinpoint nuking a land here and there and repeatedly shuffling the guy in and out until no one but you has nice things. Remember Sundering Titan? There's a reason that fucker got banned, because that's pretty much all he does. I mean I can still tolerate a couple lands being blown up for tactical advantage, even though in that case nombasics are still better targets to pick off, but realize that I don't go into EDH games to not play Magic.

>> No.37466780



And where pray tell did I say such a thing? I was simply stating my dislike for the tactic. Nowhere did I say land destruction should be disallowed altogether. You can argue the legitimacy of the tactic all day. You won't convince me to think it's any less dickish. By a similar vein there are tactics that I use myself that I consider dickish. I'll still use them, because they fit my playstyle. I can still acknowledge that the guy on the receiving end probably doesn't appreciate it as much as I do.

Again, I never said it should be disallowed in its entirety. That being said, I've encountered about three Aggro decks. One was Gahiji which did pretty... Meh, but that's only because he got dicked over hard early game. The other two however... One was Marton Stromgald and the other was a friend of mine's Marchesa. Marton was just blazingly fast. It dumped Goblins and then dropped hasty Marton and alpha struck for fucktons. He blew me out in 1v1 and blew out the table in the following 4-man game because he just beat everyone's faces in before anyone had an answer for him.

Similarly, my friend's Marchesa deck destroyed me in 1v1, though sadly I haven't gotten to see it in action in multiplayer. It did, however, inspire me to retool my own Marchesa deck from combo/control to aggro/control and I've had a lot more fun with it ever since. None of those three decks ran LD and they were still highly effective.

>> No.37466803



Fucking autocorrect

>> No.37466828

That's what you wanted to correct? Not the autism?

>> No.37467606

When we play a 4 man pod with all GAAIV decks

>> No.37467639


>> No.37467656

What does that even mean?

>> No.37467686

4 player game with everybody playing Grand Arbiter Augustin IV. The only thing that's ever topped this was a 6 man pod with 5 Oloro decks

>> No.37467689

Spacepope 4: The Counter Wars

>> No.37467805


So what's the lowest current life total?

>> No.37467843


Fun times.

>> No.37467869

Good luck trying to resolve this guy against 5 esper decks. Best case scenario you rob someone of their upkeep's lifegain

>> No.37467910


They wouldn't dare. They need to hold up their countermana for the other Esper Decks' counterspells. Otherwise who will resolve their Debt to the Deathless and almost win?

>> No.37467941

What is everybody's opinions and making all planeswalkers legal commanders?
I think it would be cool. A planeswalker screams "General" more to me than a legendary creature.
>inb4 colorless Karn Liberated keeping the game going forever.

>> No.37468020


It's a terrible, awful idea.

>> No.37468028

A bunch of them would make interesting commanders, but I'm not sure I want it to happen. Some colors have little ways of interacting with commanders, which is why I'm not a big fan. Plus a few of them would be broken as commanders

>> No.37468067

I can see your point.
Gideon EDH would be annoying.

>> No.37468259

>not Liliana of the Veil

>> No.37468298

It's too bad, a few rotten apples ruining it all. I'd love to build UB Tezzeret

>> No.37468412

Would annihilate balance. A few commanders are simply too good, even the mediocre allowable ones are just incredibly powerful. Most would be okay, but a few would break it.

>> No.37468453


There are enough answers in your average Commander game that Lilli wouldn't get nearly as degenerate as Gideon, Champion of "No one else has nice things anymore but I get to keep this indestructible guy"

But yeah. I wouldn't be opposed to allowing more 'Walker commanders, but there are a few that I think would just make the game miserable if they were allowed to be Commanders. Karn and Gideon #2 chief among them.

>> No.37468699

Koth + all the fast mana would be fun to play.

>> No.37468804

>missing land drops
>Grand Arbiter hits play
>next two players clone him
>original GAAIV copies him again with Sakashima
Fuck absolutely everything. One GAAIV at the table is annoying enough, getting four of them online at the same time is the closest I've ever come to picking up my cards and flipping the table.

>> No.37468846

So did anyone notice that Koth is actually really good in EDH? Because he is. Surprisingly so.

>> No.37468866

rate my playgroup:

Kaalia (me)

>> No.37468908

I threw up a little/10

>> No.37469012

hey our games are fun unless the animar player goes off on turn 5.

>> No.37469101

It's fine so long as no one is a bully.

>> No.37469132

Upvoted. :^)

>> No.37469258

Do you even win deck in that meta? Kaalia doesn't compare to these guys

>> No.37469266

Nah. His ult is fast as fuck, and his -2 kicks ass for ramping.
The +1 isn't removal or card advantage, and doesn't stick around (the two things that make for an amazing EDH walker), but it is very versatile, and brings you closer to the literally unbeatable ult.

>> No.37469309

I like EDH. I also like tokens.
I'm not sure which colors to run though.
I have 3 generals I think would make good token generals.
Kresh, Prossh(friend gave him too me) and Ulasht(he didn't fit in hydra tribal as well as I thought he would.
I am open to other suggestions.

>> No.37469319

yes I win from time to time. I dont care about winning as long as the games are fun, but obviously the games arent fun when someone plays animar.

Mimio is strong, but not overpowered since most of the time I can deal with him with removal, but animar is only beatable for us if the animar player has a really bad draw. If I dont have a red creature on board he just kills me with commander damage, but in most cases he just goes off and kills us all.

>> No.37469334

Prossh is broken as fuck if you build him right. Purphoros is an incredible token commander.

>> No.37469371

I am trying to get one for another deck though, Red Legend Tribal.
And my group hates him as general already.

>> No.37469376

Any playgroup that plays the exact same decks over and over will be boring as fuck. Mine;

Person 1

Person 2

Person 3
>Horde of Notions
>Scion of the Ur-Dragon

Person 4
>Sliver Queen

Person 5

Person 6
>Maelstrom Wanderer

Everyone has 2-4 decks, and we play with different people (usually only 4-5 of the 6 can make it) and we already feel the games feeling a bit samey samey.

>> No.37469408

I got your point but still you have so many different possible combinations. are you deck switiching? its fun to play a friends deck

>> No.37469452

noob here. Can you explain to me why prossh is so strong?

>> No.37469466

We never deck switch, could be fun though. If all six people can make it then we occasionally do a 2v2v2 which is really fun.

>> No.37469473

I try to bring out a new deck every month or so. Most people in my group play the same deck all the time but I try to spice things up every now and then

>> No.37469488

this sounds expensive anon :O

>> No.37469496

It's very easy to one shot people. Doubling Season down means double tokens which means double the power boost off his sacrifice. That and other things.

>> No.37469538

Not that really. I have a good collection with good cards for every color. All I pick up is the commander and a few cards unique to his deck

>> No.37469560

Here you go m8

>> No.37469570

Very easy to get him to hit for lethal damage every time.

>> No.37469655

New thread here:


>> No.37469725

>Swinging with Prossh
Man, that's not even close to why he's the best. That's just a tertiary plan.
All you gotta do is get a combination of Altars, Earthcraft (Squirrel Nest combo is free at this point, by the way), Mana Echoes, Purpheros, Pandemonium effects, Beastmaster's Ascension, and anything else I'm missing along with enough mana to cast Purph once.
In tutor and manaramp colors.
You do the math.

>> No.37469751

>cast Purph once
Meant Prossh, oops.

>> No.37470027

The +1 is ramp and aggro at the same time. Combined with Aurelia, it can actually generate a good bit of mana. Also, if you're playing a deck that plans to blow up lands on a regular basis, exposing your mountains to removal isn't a huge deal: and you're going to recover faster from MLD as the first mountain you drop already has the capacity to generate RR.

You wouldn't think Koth would play nice with Armageddon but he does. I threw him in the deck on a whim when I got rid of Tibalt, and he's been doing awesome work every time I cast him. I rarely bother to ult him, being mana efficient with his abilities is usually better.

Also, having Flagstones of Trokair in play, casting Armageddon, fetching Sacred Foundry off the trigger and dropping a second mountain already puts you at four mana. That's pretty damn good.

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