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This is how I Paladin

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ironically, he'd almost definitely end up ascending to godhood if that was a thing in his setting.

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OP here
Given that there's already a "This is how I thread" and I don't want to shit post, let's pretend the point of this thread was over Atheist Paladins, or Paladins of an Ideal.

Beta Ray Bill is pretty much the perfect example of how that'd work in DnD though since there are objectively gods in both settings.
>And if not empty, I find the idea of worshiping whatever dwells there obscene

Do Belves count since they drain Holy magic instead of praising the light's Ideals or the Sun or some such?

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What's with the donkey face? Is the comic trying to say Thor is an ass?

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He's his bloodbrother, Beta Ray Bill.

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what is that monster hunter lookin' ass sword doing equipped on a paladin?

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Including that time he fell because Galactus.
That's Beta Ray Bill. He's a genetically engineered alien who has a hammer made by the same people who made Mjolnir.

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Beta Ray Bill is an Alien Species that can see Magical Auras. He got into a scrap with Thor because he mistook him for the Asgardian Demons that were fucking with him and his kind.

He's basically of the few guys virtuous enough to actually wield Thor's Hammer so he basically started fucking up Thor with his own Hammer.

Long story short the misunderstanding was handled and the Asgardians forged some gear for him because Thor was getting tired of how Beta Ray Bill was trying to take his hammer, because Thor wasn't worthy of it or something.

He's basically an example of an Anti-Hero that's more morally sound than the actual Heros. Only example I can think of actually.

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Posting Bill: 1/2

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I've always wanted to ask, but never bottered going to /co/.
What's the comic (and which edition, number, etc) that image from?

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This is how I retire a character.

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BEvles got the blessing of the Naaru a little while back IIRC, so they're legit paladins now.
Guess there could still be some old school "fuck you, I'm stealing this shit" 'paladins' out there. I guess they're like, Light Warlocks?
They were kind of neat now I think about them.

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Damn that's sad and uplifting as fuck

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I never really looked up on the Lore for the Sunwell, but it seemed to me that the Belves were basically going BDSM on a Naaru to steal it's blessing.

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In one big picture if you want it.

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