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Sup /tg/, greetings from /a/.

I really like this board because it hast the most interesting stories and settings. After reading a lot of them, I got interested in getting into roleplaying myself but where or how do I start?

Please don't kill me, but is roleplaying and pen and paper stuff the same thing or does one not necessarily imply the other?

Also, I am looking for online sessions as I don't have local oppurtunities. Games in English would even help me boost my language skills a little. Does /tg/ have organized events outside 4chan?

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Become another shitter and post your own epic Pantsu Quest #1372375235, here on /tg/.

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Roleplaying can be anything that involves creating a character and acting in a way that character would act. Pen and paper games are one of the best mediums for this and as such often called Roleplaying Games.
Roll20.net has online games that let you fill in a whole bunch of different parameters for when and what you play. Find a game, download the core book and read it end to end before you jump in. Even if you don't understand it on the first runthrough it'll give you a better base understanding of what's happening in the game.

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Nah I like anime, but I do not care for settings you usually see in anime. At the moment I am looking for sci fi with fanatic paladins. Sorta like 40k, but it doesn't have to be Warhammer.

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Ok, thanks for the clarification. How important is the actual ability to roleplay by the way or is it more about number crunching?

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It depends on what you're doing, Anon. Things run the gamut from straight-board games or wargames where it's all mechanics to Playing Pretend with recurring characters, and everything in between.

Are you more interested in stories, or crunching numbers, Anon? That'll determine what you look into doing, I'd imagine.

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More important than rules or setting: the right people.

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I cannot stress how important it is that you have the right people like another anon said.

If I didn't get into /tg/ and role playing along with my friends, I probably would've dropped it all way beforehand. I recommend getting some friends together willing to try it, find someone to be a competent GM (First timers and being GM don't mix very well), and just enjoy yourself.

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>being a faggot
OP wants to learn, don't be a scum piece of shit

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Everyone has their own style of play, youll hear it called "roleplayers" (the ones focused on narrative and storytelling aspects) and "rollplayers," who enjoy the crunchy aspect and love optimization and action over narrative. Either play style is acceptable really as long as the rest of the group functions the same way, ie don't be a rollplayer in a group of roleplayers and vice versa. It's more fun for everyone involved that way.

As to the original post, lots of people talk about roll20 for online play but be wary, it attracts a lot of weirdos for obvious reasons. You'll have to plow through a lot of shit to find a group worth playing with. /tg/ usually has a game finder thread you can browse to play with other fa/tg/uys but the same rule of caution applies. If you think there's a chance that people in your area might be interested in IRL roleplaying even if there's no LGS in your area, you can try meetup to ins other people to play with.

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Also different systems do rollplay and roleplay better than others, some games are very crunch intensive and others are near-free form, so systems that suit your play style are also encouraged.

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the funnest part of D&D is the ability to enjoy it with your friends. joining a random online group is therefore much less fun. i really encourage you to try to get 2-3 other friends involved. failing that go to a hobby store and look for listings. and finally failing that look for random people online to play with. who knows, maybe you'll get lucky and find a group that you'll get to know well and play for years but most often the group falls apart after a few sessions

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It's easier to start than you'd initially think, the biggest problem you'll run into is having the people with you to play it, but if you're a complete loner I've seen people play whole campaigns alone, just depends on how deep the rabbit hole called imagination you want to get.

That being said, if you are like me and don't have people around you that play or asking random strangers to let you in scares the shit out of you, then I would recommend online forums, such ad rollD20 that was suggested earlier, another awesome site that I frequent is Unseenservent.us

They mostly delve into 1e games but you'll also see a lot of other games, except pathfinder... won't find any of those games. And if DnD games isn't your thing you could also try out Tangledweb.com they have a ton of different related RPG threads

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I have also never actually participated in an actual role-playing game OP. I would be delighted to, though.

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/tg/ should have a Roll20 room purely for beginners, I feel

Because I wanna play too

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>guy wants to earnestly learn and fit in to a hobby which has a fairly stiff barrier to entry
>act like That Guy

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>And then there's this faggot!

I bet that's what the Emphrah said when he found out about Horus being a dick

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I will assume you mean pen and paper RPGs and not free-form crap, since you mentioned number crunching.
There are hundreds of systems for RPGs each with varying degrees of crunch. Now excuse me if I assume that you want a system with low crunch if so I would recommend fate. Which is a pretty open ended RPG that can handle most settings. I have never played it but I have now it is both fantastic for begginers and not very crunchy.
for online games the most well know platform is roll20
there are also game finder threads on /tg/ but those are occasionally filled with faggots and has too many players and no GMs. There also play by post games and IRC games spread across the internet although I have personally never participated in either,
While fate is pretty good for beginners it is not the worlds most popular system by far that I will begrudgingly admit is pathfinder and DND 3.5 edition it would probably be easier for you to find a game by learning these systems(they are for the most part identical) although in my personal opinion they are not that great.
Otherwise there are also other systems. If you are interested in 40k try rogue trader as an RPG as it is one of the more amusing 40k games in my opinion at least lore wise. Other 40K table tops include Dark heresy and space hulk, I assume you have some passing familiarity with the setting.
A good idea for finding a game on /tg/ is going into the general threads of the system you are interested in (if there are any) and asking if anybody needs a new player or asking if there are people currently not in a game that may be interested in starting a game with you.
A list of systems that I personally find good(please realize these are biased recommendations and are only listed to help you find your footing )
DND 5e
would post more but character limit reached. feel free to ask more questions.

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*but I know it is both fantastic
also midnight is 3,5 derivative which I know is somewhat hypocritical but it fixes alot of the problems with the system

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>OP comes in looking for help getting into roleplaying
>Immediately shot down but this shithead
You are the problem here.

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Haven't seen anyone mention it yet, so I will: Periodically we have PDF Sharing Threads where a lot of rulebooks get posted. Typically someone will post a list of mediafire links to a lot of the popular systems, like Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun, etc. It's a good way to get a shitload of the rules to the most commonly played systems in one place.

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Huh. I've been idly considering advertising in the gamefinder threads, looking to run introductory games for newbs. I'm a bit rusty, and it seems like a good way to ease my way back into the hobby.

Can't commit to anything right now, I've got a shitload of reading to catch up on. But I am glad to know there's a demand.

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>no mention of Savage Worlds, the easiest tactical middling-crunch game ever
u wot m80

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Get bent.
You are the shitter.

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Congratulations, I hereby grant you the award for being the Worst Person on /tg/ Right Now!

Go play in traffic.

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>reply to a guy saying he's from /a/ as if you were one of the cunts on /a/

Well at least OP is used to that shit.

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Go fuck yourself

Here is a thread I found useful OP. Its filled with a shitton of PDFs and more let's you download them.

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