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/tg/ what's the best system to run a game where you get to mete out JUSTICE?
Fantasy, modern, space, future?
I just need to deal some justice.
Are there any good games for some cop shit besides Dark Heresy?

Pic semi related.

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Justice is more of a attitude, and I think you can take it into any game. Its more about your party members than the system I would think.

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Well, I guess maybe a system that would be more conducive to investigation and laying the divine smack on the unjust.

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Agreed. You should be able to play righteous cops in most games. You just need a party that wants it enough.

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Play Iron Kingdoms, be priest of Menoth, punish all those that violate the true law.

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If you've already got a foot in the 40krpg door, I dare you to play Rogue Trader justice edition, imposing the Emperor's righteous law on new worlds in your awesome wake.

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This would be fun. I'll see if I can get my Deathwatch GM to run it when this game wraps

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She isn't Justice.

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Where's she from? I love me some JUSTICE

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Akame ga KILL!

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Oh, you mean the one with the head on a pike that was posted almost daily for months/years?

Is it worth a try? I swear to god if I watch another show for the plot and end up with more harem crap taking 80% of the screentime...

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It is kinda like "hunterXhunter meets higurashi". Classic shonen but with more gore than it is reasonably needed. I like it but it is not exceptionally good.
And on a sidenote, she is not cute, she is a bitch. Seriously, fuck her with Incursio's spear.

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It's quite good to be honest. The harem shit isn't /really/ there the one chick that does stand out is really funny with the amounts of spilled spaghetti she spills.

Other than that, it's got a fun tone despite the death count. Good animation (I think at least) and it's the show I wanted Kill La Kill to be but don't know if that's a good thing.

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Guess I'll give it a shot, thanks.

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Seryuu was the best girl.

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mah negro

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>she is not cute, she is a bitch

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>haiting JUSTICE

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justice is ME

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No, you are worst meguca

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>not Dindu Nuffin Homu

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But she literallly did nothing wrong

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To be honest pathfinder is pretty good for dealing justice.
I've seen fighter, paladin, and even a ninja deal it out quite effectively. You just need players and a GM that want it enough.

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2 episodes 3 party deaths is what happens when you kill Justice.

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>Jedi only
>not Marshal only
It's like you don't even space Western

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She's in a better place. Kicking the devil's ass for JUSTICE.

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>"Quick, assemble the league!"
>"Damnit Aquaman, stop taking showers all the time!"

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Jesus Christ, there's a lot of admiration for this chick. She killed her dog!

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my fellow justicebro

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She loved her dog. Her life and the dog's were tied together- when she died, so did it.

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I want to protect that smile.

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She is the incarnation of lawful stupid!!

<If you want Justice talk to this gal right here

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Justice and JUSTICE are different.

Not that there's anything wrong with Akane. I can't wait for her to go full Judge Dredd.

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isn't her show over?
She was a pretty good cop

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Don't we all?

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I'm banking on the movie putting her over the edge. Which apparently has actually come out this month. I need to find it.

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Only a heartless terrorist wouldn't.

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Best Justice right here.

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aw fuck, there's a movie.

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Oh, and on that note, I was kinda hoping that Seryu would end up dying like Javert.
>Someone who once stole a loaf of bread can be a good person? MY LIFE IS A LIE!

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Glad i'm not the only person who appreciates JUSTICE more than filthy terrorists

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The second season ended couple of week ago
and yes apparently there is a movie

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I liked the Jaegers more than the main characters

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Same here.
They seemed like -debatable- good people who just got stuck working for shitheads

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I hate waiting for Saturdays

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Exactly and that makes them intresting characters

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Play Pathfinder as an Investigator
>Grizzled Cop
>Quit the force because of all the corruption and back room politics
>Chaotic Good
>Take down the big bad by yourself
>You even start with handbow proficiency

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Wave's whole point in existing is this is what the main character would be if the horrible shit never happened.

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dude... that chick went from sweet naive girl to murderous psychopathic chaotic evil bitch in mater of months because see couldn't handle the reality as it is...

she is close to the concept of justice as is the motherfucking Joker!!

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She's Javert with tits. Not that I'm complaining mind you.
On a related note, who thinks she'd make a good mercykiller?

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Did you play the variant that swaps Alchemist infusions with Swashbuckler panache?

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>It is kinda like "hunterXhunter meets higurashi"
Picked up.
Please tell me there's Hisoka expy.

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What show plox?

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Psycho Pass. The wacky adventures of a bunch of misfits exploding people with the help of a freakish giant.

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Because she couldn't HANDLE THE TRUTH!

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>Judge Dredd
>Chinese moon runes
>mfw it's on my queue already
Fuck yeah

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Leave her alone you bully! After everything that's happened to her...How could you be so cruel?

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Its a little slow at first while everything gets set up, like many animu with a very different setting. But after that it has nice pacing. Very enjoyable.

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I still think a better death would be suicide after realizing she was on the side of injustice all along.

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I agree her send off could be improved but oh well. What's done is done.

I would rather have seen her kicking the shit out of the Wild Hunt myself. After that, she could have a BSOD and off herself, but I just wanted to see more of her kicking ass.

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She dies an ignoble death in the end. Her justice was weak.

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>Justice is not blind for I am her eyes
If only she was alive to deliver some JUSTICE to wild hunt it would've been beautiful

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This isn't relevant at all, I just wanted to post my last picture of Seryu I have I'm done I'll be going now.

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Later fellow justicebro

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Considering I'm having an Interrogator based on JUSTICE herself, I'd say Dark Heresy. Plenty of justice to bring to heretics and what-not.

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Are you the same of https://archive.moe/tg/thread/37238267/#q37238267

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This is a JUSTICE smile we must protect.

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I don't mind slow as long as it's got a good payoff.

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The Jaegers are several orders of magnitude more interesting than Night Raid. I hope when the manga finishes when get a Jaeger SOL spin-off about them having adventures together before they all die horribly.

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>there are fellow Justicebros on /tg/

Finally I'm not alone. The threads in /a/ are always Esdeath circlejerks.

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>Yet another JUSTICE thread on /tg/
How beautiful

>/tg/ what's the best system to run a game where you get to mete out JUSTICE?
JUSTICE is wherever you seek it. It's in the roleplay, not in the system.

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of course you are not alone

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>Everyone posting worst Jaeger
>not posting BEST JAEGER!
He is the only one who regrets what he's done and isn't a complete psycho or fool, aside from Run.


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>/a/ hates justice
I suspect the necromancer guild has gotten to them.

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what about reluctant justice?

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Best girl

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So I marathoned this show last night. It was cool. Also Justice chick was cool, but she killed purple gurl then went nuclear. Also ebbrybody I cared about is kill. What the fuck Japan?

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Worst Jaeger is Exdeath

>> No.37393200

Can you blame em?
I can. Although Esdeath didn't kill her dag.

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hating Lawful Evil is only natural.

If Ozzmar, Joshua Graham, Jake Dagger, Cecil Harvey, Alex Rex, O-Chul, Kenshiro, Johnathan Joestar, or Ky Kiske ever met her and saw her definition of "Justice", they'd smack her around a bit, followed by massive rehabilitation and teaching her why she's wrong and having her follow the ways of True Justice!

never saw Blade of the Phantom Master. I only know thats where he's from by googling the image. Care to teach me about him?

The Bestest! though Susanoo and Leone are close runner-ups.

I see her as less of an Actual Jaeger, and more as the literal ice-hearted cur that commands them

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File: 1.56 MB, 1772x1240, Tsunemori Akane.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


All praise Akane based Paladin and true Lawful Good!!!

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>Everybody I liked is kill


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Literally Dogs in the Vineyard

>Ctrl F
>I'm the only person who has mentioned it

/tg/ being plebber than usual today it seems

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It's ok though. Casshern Sins is my favorite animu. I cried on three occasions during my watching and then once more two days later while reflecting.

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Munsu, is the last of a group of traveling warriors that fought to bring down corruption across the world. His homeland was destoryed, and thus he's bitter and doesn't really feel like helping people, but winds up doing it anyway because he simply can't ignore the problems.

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Yup, thats me. In class though so replies may be intermittent for the next few hours if that matters.

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10/10 would play the naive wide-eyed hero who keeps bugging him to teach me how to fight

I know that feel. strong men cry too sometimes.
I watched The Wind Rises for the firs time a few nights ago. When it ended my living room was filled to the brim with tears

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It was kind of the point that many people died.
Can't change something for the better without sacrifice. That's the message.

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>tfw Hayao Miyazaki will die in our Lifetime

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I've always wanted to play a character like him too, a bitter world-wise warrior with an obligation to do justice. But I'm in too many games as it is

>> No.37393508

>But I'm in too many games as it is
I hate you. I hate you so much. What I wouldn't give to take our place and play at least ONE GAME!

>> No.37393515

Sure, I'm not dense. Just sad.

>> No.37393571

I realize I'm a lucky bastard for having an active group but. I'm DMing 2/4 games

>> No.37393647

R u NEET or what?

>> No.37393664

fuck you mate
I didn't play a game in 2 years...

>> No.37393797

Not him, but get some friends or try going outside

>> No.37393827

that was pretty rude man, but no, I just have a very very booked weekend. Shit gets exhausting.
The two I'm running one is a solo quest, so we sometimes skip it if we're too busy with other games since we're in those together too.
I have a pretty laid back boss, so I make notes for my next session whenever its not busy.

>> No.37393840

>It's quite good to be honest
No it's fucking not. It's your standard shounen with tons of gore porn added.

>> No.37393865

As I said, she's Javert with tits. LN at worst.

>> No.37393876

Now I want to build her for Shadowrun. Bring JUSTICE to the Barrens.

>> No.37393885

>not LN at best
The Seryu Internet Defense Forceis really active today!

>> No.37393936

Sorry to offend. I just can't fathom the amount of time involved there.
I have low standards for chinese cartoons.

>> No.37393986

It opens with a family of psycho nobles operating a torture dungeon for personal amusement. With all the medieval implements that implies and bodies, some living some dead, chained to the cieling with hooks.

It's fucking gore porn.

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>I have low standards for chinese cartoons.

>> No.37394113

No guts, no gore. Hell even doc stylish scenes didn't even show gore
Nah m8 I just watch em for the swords and shit. If those criteria are met I'll probably really like it.

>> No.37394158

Can you blame him? He lives in the ocean. Dude had to have salty butthole, like, all the time.

>> No.37394173

She's trying to do lg things, but goes over the top and doesn't realize she's working for a corrupt regime. That's Javert.

>> No.37394178

Its a lot, but not actually as much as you think, the bulk of the work is starting up a quest in the first place, establishing a setting and basic plot, and whatever maps/npcs you need.
All that's done in the first month or so, after that its pretty much just a matter of making up more BS to keep people entertained, add in some mood music, and occasionally a new npc sheet must be made. Relatively light maintenance to keep going.And playing in a game is pretty easy, you just show up and know your class.

>> No.37394229

I'm running one and playing in another game. I usually obsess over encounters to fine tune them just so. I like to make the party work when we do get engaged in combat sessions.

>> No.37394386

My group is so optimized that even a team of drakes fails to challenge them, so I just throw whatever at them and fluff it as if they are just barely hitting or getting missed unless they crit.

>> No.37394416

>Brutal murder, Torture, Impaling, not taking prisoners, sadism, mutilation, and Allahu Akbar
The murderhobo is strong with this one

>> No.37394590

Akane, stop using your holo clothes to make your boobs bigger, we all know you don't really have that much cleavage.

>> No.37394596

She'd make a great Mercykiller, and they're LN.
And as I said, she thinks the regeme and her goals are LG. She's wrong, just like Javert, which is why she and he are LN.

>> No.37394697

I concede to your point

>> No.37394842

Would you torture a prisoner?

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File: 3.44 MB, 3000x4000, cambodiaskulls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I also mistrust the revolution because that word conjures up images of red banners. Combine that with how they plan to leave the monarch alive, which only one communist state irl did...
Things can only get worse from here.
Nah, torture won't get you any useful information, and there's easier ways to go about it if you want a false confession.

>> No.37394972

No. Interrogate? yes. Imprison and attempt to bring over to my side? yes. But never Torture. To succumb to such sadistic base ways would make me no better than the men I fight.

>> No.37395048

Are you sure? Maybe you can crack them to revealing something useful.

I see.
Have you ever brought anyone over to your side that way in a game?

>> No.37395088

I would if I can find a game

I have, however used similar methods to make former militant atheists give up their fedoras and become neutral agnostic

>> No.37395133

>Are you sure?
Scientifically proven. What happens is they say whatever the hell it seems like you want.
For example, go look at the confessions made by people in Soviet trials. They were tortured, so even when they were innocent they just confessed to a bunch of stupid shit.

>> No.37395148

Imprisonment? I'm fairly certain that's illegal.

>> No.37395214

Not the imprisonment part, obviously, but rather thegilling them about the foundations of thier irrational hatred towards everything reliious, introducing them to religions that aren't abrahamic, as well as giving them discourses about the philisophical theories of the "Prime Mover" by Aristotle along with some Descartes. Further it helps when you can get them to blame individual people rather than large groups of people and help restore thier hope in human decency.

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does anyone know a good place where I can play pen&paper online?

>> No.37395334

I've never understood agnostics.
>there might be a god
and there might be a purple cow on a unicycle hiding just outside the observable universe, but I don't act as though worshiping it is a valid course of belief.
Also, what religions did you introduce them to? Hinduism? Buddhism? Scientology?

>> No.37395374


>> No.37395553

I just gave them a basic introduction to some of the ethics involved with Hinduism, Shinto, buddhism, and the like as well as gave them some pointers about existensialism from Kirkegaard. However I also told them to re-review theological information about abrahamic religions from outside thier personal experience and told them that choosing to have any belief in a particular theology is ultimately a choice they must personally deliberate through.

Also you are functioning under a slightly skewed definition of Agnostics. Agnostics is really the state where you are certain there is "something", but you don't feel either ready or obligated yet to choose a particular theological preference. While I agree it is a silly stance to take, it is understandable given the feelings of unsurity people can have towards such topics as religion. I myself consider myself a devout member of my chosen religious preference, which i would rather not divulge at this time, however I understand the need and freedom of others to seek purpose and divinity in their own way, provided its not a completely self-destructive manner that causes one to lash out violently at the world.

tl,dr: I give them a digest version of a Intro to Theology course sprinkled with Socratic discussion, some basic epistemology and ethics, and large amounts of emotional support, understanding, and hugs.

its surprisingly efficient provided you can crack through and weather the crusty outer layer of vitrol and inarticulate hatred they'll put up first. Really the rate depends on the person, taking any time between a month to a few years.

still, the hugs are worth it.

>> No.37395651

Agnostic can also be called "open to sensible suggestions"

>> No.37395674

This. In reverse order of priority.

>> No.37395915

>ethics of Hinduism
What, you mean the caste system? Abolishing that shit was quite possibly the only good thing the British Enpire ever did.
If I was going to be religious, I'd probably go for the old Greek religion. Always loved reading their myths, and it explains why bad things happen to good people a lot better than the abrahamic religions do. (Bad things happen to good people because the gods are apathetic and/or drunk.)

>> No.37396078

I'm talking aboutthe cosmological stuff involving the multiplicity of Brahma as well as the thier idea of depicting Hindu gods in multiple ways due to the ideology that such beings, being beyond human comprehension, need not be depicted in a singular way or thier accepted idea of it being okay to not have All the answers in the universe. Futher tier ideas about the dualistic nature of each of thier deities also works for getting them to think about Platonic dualism.

Most of the Caste system stuff was enforced onto them by the Vedic traditions of the Aryans which they adopted and mixed with thier own tribal belief systems and gods.

>> No.37396253

>caste system came from somewhere else
Doesn't change how it had a huge influence on society and still influences prejudices today.

>> No.37396342

That is true, but the point of the lectures is about learning to not have a massive rage everytime they hear the word Religion, but rather to teach them to notice good ideas and to cultivate some level of theological respect.

Also you're changing the subject.

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A Classic "Javert"-ing is always a astisfying way to kill a good Lawful char

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This is how i justice.

From the hate-scorched sky
With righteous anger in our hearts
We draw forth the sword that smites Evil
Thou art the innocent blade

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File: 45 KB, 538x717, 1417851872208.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Screw justice!

>> No.37396563

I have a wierd relationship with this song. it's stupid shit, with terrible lyrics, but I love it for some reason. Just something about the immature devil may care attitude and the promise of violence.

Shame that the actual GAME was garbage compared to the original.

>> No.37396570

>notice good ideas
What good ideas?
>inb4 moral teachings
Thankfully, you can be an atheist without being an objectivist.

>> No.37396704

I had fun with both

>> No.37396731

I want to hug JUSTICE

>> No.37396762

Fuck this Justice noise I want to join BIG BOSS!

>> No.37396821

You missed the point. The point is not to make them into religious people, its to get them to abandon thier fedoras and learn to not spend thier whole life screaming about "Religion is evul!". They can stay atheist if they want, its just that most of them tend to turn agnostic by the end of it, but its still thier own choice. Atheism isn't in-and-of-itself bad as long as you aren't a dickard about it, and neither is Religion. I just prefer when people from both sides of the fence can see and understand the reasoning behind the two sides and accept eachother.

And before you ask, yes I also tell off extremist "Fire and Brimstone" religious people and try to convince them to not be dicks either. It doesn't always work, but it still does sometimes and it is far better to try and fail than to stand idly by and watch people destroy themselves.

further when I said good ideas I was talking about religion in General. Many of Hinduism's good ideas come from interesting veiwpoints from which to start metaphysical and epistemological discussion as well as a conversation starter of the conflicting ideologies concerning the nature of human purpose and questioning of how people sought purpose through their respective beliefs.

>> No.37396992

I've never actually met any militant atheists. (I operate from a religion is silly perspective myself.) I assumed it was a hate of atheism in general because atheists are outnumbered by Jews, whereas you can't cast a stone without hitting a couple of fire and brimstone preachers.

>> No.37397169

>They can stay atheist if they want
As log as they shut up about, same with all the other extremist nutters.

>> No.37397174

I've met a few militant athiests. And yes, the fedora rumors and stereotypes actually hold pretty true, save for the fact that most of the ones I've met are as skinny as a broom. They're basically people who never outgrew thier edgy 8th grade years. They desperately yearn for a hugbox, but end up lashing our since they think that acting smug and vitriolic makes them "cool" and "Alpha"

The reason why fire and brimstone preachers rarely get what they deserve is becasue they know how to rile up emotions and manipulate mob-mentality and also tend to have better social skils as well which they tend to useto thier benefit. Afterall, itshard to stone someone when he's surrounded himself with a bunch of meatshields.

One religion I regret not having much chance to study, though, is Zoroastrianism. Anyone here have experience or info on it?

>> No.37397265

Not really, personally I'm reading up a lot on Sikh, they seem pretty cool.

>> No.37397284

What the hell is this JUSTICE! (as opposed to justice the legal concept) that people keep going on about? The general tone sounds really edgy, like 90s Judge Dredd edgy.

>> No.37397317

its pure edge stay away from it

>> No.37397546

Yeah, I like the Sikh to. They are pretty sick

Is murderhoboism used by a government saction sociopath who believes killing anyone who fights against the law is justice. just imagine Judge Death from the Dredd comics.

>> No.37397591

>just imagine Judge Death from the Dredd comics.

To be fair, at least in the older comics, Dredd tended only to shoot when the perp brought lethal force to the table.

>> No.37397670

He's blow out plenty of kneecaps on runners.

>> No.37397690

thats why I said Death and not Dredd. Dredd at least prefers to capture and perform actual arrests, While Death has been a psychotic murderhobo since the day he was born.

>> No.37397713


Also re: JUSTICE
She's a grill with a dag who dispenses the will of the Emperor on evil doers. Also is into self mutilation.

>> No.37397729

Sorry, I misread your post.

>> No.37397840
File: 1.88 MB, 500x250, Seryu_10.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just felt like there hasn't been enough JUSTICE in this thread recently.

>> No.37397978

I see more pleasant AgK discussion on /tg/ than I ever do on /a/. It's nice

Leone is my girlfriend.

>> No.37398027

Every board is retarded and blindly opinionated on their main subject.

>> No.37398066

that looks more like the face of evil!

>> No.37398277


So what's everyone's deal with this cunt, anyway?
I admit, I only watched the clip in the Stat Me thread for her (when she killed purple McGlassesScissors and the loli watched), but that just kind of turned my sympathies towards the characters fighting her (who I gathered were in a group called the Wild Hunt, yes?).

>> No.37398452

Edgy yandere lawful retarded warrior that appeals to /tg/s amputee, cyborg and psycho bitch fetish.

>> No.37398466

The perfect storm.

>> No.37398546

Night Raid terrorist confirmed

I'll explain, I was the one who made that "stat me" thread. She's a member of a group of fighters called the Jaegers who follow General Esdeath (who's another whole can of worms but that's another conversation) and are tasked to fight this group called Night Raid that's a group of assassin's that're challenging the government and killing powerful individuals. The only problem is that the government is incredibly corrupt and while various members of the Jaegers realize this, the rest (including JUSTICE - her actual name is Seryu) ignore this fact or just haven't realized it. Night Raid btw is the protagonists of the show obviously.

Seryu is characterized as JUSTICE since she has a near-insane dedication to enacting the will of the law. This can lead her to both cheerfully helping lost individuals in the Capital, as well as executing thieves by the roadside after they've confessed since they're "irredeamable" and "a waste of time" to take to trial. She's only become so crazy though after going through various traumas. Her father was previously killed by criminals, so she joined the military. The general who tutored her and became her new father figure was then brutally killed by Night Raid (he was corrupt and she ignored it). Her then secondary father figure, the Doctor who gave her her implants, also dies, leaving her with most of the paternal figures she's looked up to dead at the hands of enemies of the state. Que her brutal enforcement of JUSTICE further intensifying and what-not.
I personally like her because of her character design and combat style, as well as despite her warped view of justice and the law, her standpoint could very easily be that of a protagonist. Someone's family getting killed by criminals/terrorists and them then going on to fight said terrorists is a very easy character motivation to get behind with a protagonist, but here it's used for an antagonist, which I like as a twist on things.

>> No.37398570

Same could be said for a liver, mint, coffee and tartar ice cream.

>> No.37398584

Try Brotherhood of NOD!

>> No.37398588

OP here.
JUST as planned; ICE cream is good

>> No.37398617


MINE IS NOT A LOLI, Kurome is the closest thing to a loli.
back me up guise, plz.

>> No.37398623

>kane using Night Raid as a cover

Why do I want this so fucking bad?

>> No.37398646

>Can of worms
Not can of Spaghetti-o's?!?!?!
Anon, plz

>> No.37398683 [SPOILER] 
File: 982 KB, 1456x1032, 1421362695026.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Being Munsu is suffering.
Best ending, though.

>> No.37398689

You have a bald fetish.

>> No.37398692
File: 1.28 MB, 1280x720, 1415968880956.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mine is not a loli but she's got the most deus ex machina bullshit I've seen in a long time.

Night Raid or not, all enemies of the state will receive judgement.

Clever OP, I like you.

>> No.37398708

W... Warmaster?

>> No.37398721
File: 280 KB, 452x710, 1351699314789.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that gif
And now I'm remembering the first episode of Ga-Rei Zero.

>> No.37398770

not to make them confess, but to give you specific information, that you're sure they should know.

>> No.37398795

10/10 would pally with

>> No.37398809

Unless the person you tortured for information about who knows stuff was lying.

>> No.37398866

I am more of a Anton Slavic kind of guy

>> No.37398915

It's always better to be the number two or three man.

>> No.37398937

they might lie.. that could be a problem.

>> No.37399023


You're the OP of that last thread?

I had more thoughts about AgK in 40K but the thread died before I could put them down.

>> No.37399034

An there's the issue with torture.

Generally, if they don't break fast, they are useless except to serve as example to the next to be interrogated.

A man broken by pain will do whatever it takes to make it stop.

Someone afraid of pain to come will make sure to be correct and avoid angering his interrogators.

>> No.37399143

Yup. And there were plenty of great AgK in 40k ideas in that thread, I'd certainly be interested in hearing any other ideas for sure. It's gonna be awhile till I run my campaign so I've got a lot of time to come up with ideas.

>> No.37399391

Just isnt something that can be captured in game mechanics. The essence of JUSTICE is in the role play and the setting

>> No.37399530

fine fine.

>> No.37400414

Ok, someone called her a loli and I sperged a bit inside.

I'm also OP. I think I've succeeded in making a cleverly-disguised-as-/tg/-related JUSTICE thread.

>> No.37400513

No, they often won't...pain will do that to you.

That's why armies propagate the meme "everyone breaks."

No. About 1 in 2000 people don't, ever.

But if you let that be known, everyone is going to try to resist because they don't want to be that guy who let's their team down,and then they'll incur damage, be it physical or psychological.

Better just to compartmentalize - it's not like anyone below mid-level officer level is likely to break operational confidence anyway, they don't know that much.

>> No.37400534

Underrated post
samefag ;^)

>> No.37400686

Tis fine anon.

As OP of the thread on stating justice for DH, I commend you on your success and hope this trend of cleverly-disguised-as-/tg/-related JUSTICE threads continues.

>> No.37400936

Seryuu was the best girl in AgK. I want to be by her side spreading the emperor's justice.

>> No.37401147
File: 210 KB, 854x738, 1416515510169.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

JUSTICE is the most supreme of the AgK girls, I want to vigorously hold her hand and cuddle constantly whilst not enforcing justices on criminal scum.

>> No.37401344

That's not Sheele
Thank you friendanon

>> No.37401416

I just want to share something.

The idea of Justice, in all forms, gets me hard as diamond.

Thanks for listening.

>> No.37401751

>Mine is not a loli but she's got the most deus ex machina bullshit I've seen in a long time.
Go watch "Irregular at Magic High" and learn the DEM that is Onii-sama.

>> No.37401832

>Not Schere
>Nice going translator, you ruined the joke

>> No.37401871
File: 644 KB, 640x360, Shock and disgust.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bols, Liver, Lubbock, Dolothea

>> No.37401922

You're welcome friendanon.

Oh boy, I just love lazy writing via DEM!

>> No.37401961

I don't know what Lubbock's supposed to be. I haven't read the manga for ages.

>> No.37401994


>> No.37402046

...I'm almost remembering something. Was he strings dude?

>> No.37402060


>> No.37402105

Forgib me.
Walter C. Dornez? El Angelo de muerto? By and away the superior string manipulator.

>> No.37402145

No, the guy in the rebels.

>> No.37402181

No I know, but I couldn't help but be disappointed he wasn't Walter.
Also is it me or did Lubbock's powerlevel/skill fluctuate wildly throughout the story?

>> No.37402332


>> No.37403795
File: 4.88 MB, 500x254, e2391bd3222974606e3e152c18e90031.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Esdeath a best.

>> No.37403848

She's really qt as well.

>> No.37405716
File: 60 KB, 640x360, Paladin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seryu a best.

>> No.37406424
File: 131 KB, 600x637, cain5 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I the only one who was hoping she'd come back as something akin to Pic Related?

>> No.37408685

Yeah. That's creepy

>> No.37408905

Ive played it, was not anything to write home about.

>> No.37410822

Please elaborate how JUSTICE makes you feel this way.

>> No.37411037

Why isn't it falling over?

>> No.37411078

Love TARS, it's Love!

>> No.37413157
File: 10 KB, 510x304, i-see-what-you-did-there[2].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

JUSTICE really is amazing. Her dying words weren't something along the lines of "I want to go home" or "I'll never see my friends again". Of course not, it was "I can't go! Not now! There's still SO MUCH EVIL"

>> No.37413552

get used to every charachter you liked dieing. it's like game of thrones that way.

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