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>tfw the custom mat you had commissioned turns out terribe

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It doesn't even have a half-naked anime character on it.

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You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

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I love how the question mark is an obvious "Oh fuck." moment while whoever made it was putting the text in

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You deserved it

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Stop stealing my name faggot

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I love how this was clearly colored with off-brand markers. I think I can still see some of the pencil marks, too.

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><3█CUTE=T0MAT0█<3 here
Please stop it guys

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Stop stealing my name faggot

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Are you going to pay for it or tell them that it's a piece of shit?

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Seriously, don't pay for this. It's not worth your money.

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> Terribe

The terrible doesn't have L. Lmao.

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I think it's pretty great OP.

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It seems like you'e met with a terribe fate, haven't you?

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Did he colour that in with marker pen

Holy fuck, don't pay him for that. Actually, he should be paying YOU. Restitutions for emotional trauma.

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You just need the right mask to see it.

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>the playmat is actually meta as fuck

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Pretty good middle school project, I'd give it a B.

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no way in hell im paying for this.

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>using meme mats
You deserved it

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is this traced

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You tell me.

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I hope you realize how fucking hilarious this is within context OP

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Of course it's traced. The tracing is only mediocre, though. That colouring, man. That typography.

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I don't think tracing is the issue here at all

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This is pretty fucking terribe.

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Looking at the quality of this... why didn't you just do it yourself? You'd only need to trace, and you could make sure the words are where you want them and have the right letters and everything.

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Send them this

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Is it just me or does the bottom mask on the backpack look like a dog face on that mat?

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Who did you commission? Your ten years old sister? Because it really does look like it.

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Now I'm curious: what is he charging you for this?

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What this colored in marker?

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I like my custom mat

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>owning a snowflake mat

You're probably the same faggots that sperg money on flashy dice as well.

Absolutely digusting. You posers need to kill yourself. Do it stylishly if you must, but just make sure you die.

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Why are you so mad?

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This is a poorfag defense mechanism. They trick themselves into thinking they don't want something and everyone that can afford it is stupid.

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What's the point of doing anything if you aren't going to do it with style?

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This is the best thing on /tg/ right now.

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That's now a reaction image

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That is awful.

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On the other hand, why would you want to pay for something like this?

You can get stuff printed and have it look better.

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What a terribe picture, OP.

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if Eastern Europe as taught me anything, it's that tackiness is a thing that makes not everything worth owning

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Yes, Phil. That's what it says.

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No it doesn't.

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>You've met with a
>fate haven't you

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>Sour grapes

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You've met with a
Haven't you?

That guy has no sense of sentence pacing

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That's terribe

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OP, I see nothing wrong here...

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>Do it stylishly if you must, but just make sure you die.

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Why not? If you commission somebody you should know their body of work, they aren't going to magically improve just because you were going to throw a fifty their way. You should have known pretty much what you were getting.

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>please stop making fun of my work I tried really hard, guys!

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Give us a link to their deviant art or some bullshit you got this person from. We demand laughs.

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I like the glitter glue and plastic tray with the googly eye stuck to it in the background. Really emphasizes that it was some kid's art project you found on the internet and not anything you actually "commissioned."

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Not saying it is any good. I thought it would be clear that I'm saying is OP was foolish to commission somebody without either looking at their work, or knowing how terrible they are and hoping they magically improve by a leap when it comes to what he wants.

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Google reverse image search is a thing.

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OP didn't even commission it.

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hahahaha, oh fuck you deserve everything you get for commissioning a person with those lackluster skills.

Jesus fuck what are you doing nigger.

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Again: >>37390730

Pretty sure it was the dude who commented in >>37390718

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My sides

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if all of those on her twitter are all her works, they're not all that bad
since this mat in the op was handpainted that probably explains the decline in quality

also its a girl

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What would this mat even be for? Like an awful place mat at a table or something?

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It's a card mat to play ?Magic? on. It keeps your cards nice, and that way there's no risk of putting a card onto spilled drink or food crumbs.

Also, not all of her stuff looks THAT terrible. The more minimalist designs are pretty good.

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I didnt even think of that, I havent played a card game in a long ass time. Sorry for being retarded.

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I don't understand magic. There's people who buy some cardboard they'll replace in a couple years, that they put in plastic, to put in plastic, to put onto plastic when they get it out of a bigger plastic. They must spend twice as much in card sleeves, mats and binders than on the cards themselves.

Jesus fuck guys, its not like you're handling hundred year old manuscripts here.

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You could say the same thing about many, many, many hobbies when you boil it down.

It keeps the cards nice, and some of them are actually worth something due to rarity and relative usefulness in the game. The TRADING card game, that encourages a second hand economy. It's in your best interest to make a small investment to keep your cards in good condition so that if/when you do sell them, you get full value back.

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To be fair it's not terrible.

It's terribe

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She's cute, but her art is terribe

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He said he ain't paying, and I don't blame him.

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How could anyone justify charging money for this?

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>That text
>That font
>that composition in general

Shoulda just had the mask on it and nothing else.

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>All dat white space

That's what really bothers me.

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You have terribe taste, haven't you ?

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>Hey guys, her other stuff isn't terrible!
Yes it is.

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OP, I hope you've learned that buying a shitty commission from a girl doesn't mean she'll sleep with you.

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If you think that the sleeves are expensive, then you've obviously never seen the money that some Magic players drop on the actual cards. It's fucking ridiculous. I have a roommate that has decks worth several months' rent and (since they're all of a year old) he can't even use most of them in competitive play.

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Would you really even want to?

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Top half's not a bad start for doing an alter, don't see why she felt it was prudent to ruin the bottom half.

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>making it expand past ththe borders
Haha thats pretty ne-
>that nest(?)
What the FUCK
Who even does this
Why would you do this
Please get better at art before plastering your shit over things that are fine without it

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Uh, I don't play Magic, but I've spent maybe $40 total on sleeves and a mat. I like sleeves because cards look like shit after a dozen shuffles or so, and I use a mat because unfortunately I don't live in a world where people can avoid spilling soda and chips on game tables. Shuffling sticky sleeves is pretty aggravating.

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The Codex Astartes finds it possible to do so.

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The rough equivalent of going to McDonald's and being surprised you got a shitty burger. You're a bad shopper who commissioned a work from a person without finding out their credentials and seeing their prior works. Too bad for you, pay up and learn a valuable lesson.

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I think allegedly female entity is a better descriptor.

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