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Did we have two versions up?

What the fuck is that.

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As a player? Wakfu. It really feels like one of those settings that would be genuinely wondrous and engaging to explore in. It's got a great balance of wonder, adventure, feels and curvy hips so-there's that.

As a Jumper? Lord of Light because that's when we first became a god.

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Disregard duplication, acquire jump discussion.

Jumpers, how do you go about stealth missions? Do you prefer illusions, holograms or good old fashioned covert ops? Do you even bother with stealth at all? What memorable disguises have you crafted on your journey?

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I tend to just kinda move silently until I get ahold of my first holograms/invisibility.

Then again, my build never really gets very good at stealth. If I need to get into a place without kicking down the door, I usually try to talk my way in.

As for disguises? No really detailed ones yet. I'd probably just switch to a drastically different altform, or pull a Face Dancer once I get ahold of that.

I am not a clever Jumper.

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I think there was. It seems to be gone now though. Thankfully.

I think it really depends. Each one has had its own flavor and journey, along with different cultures, different foods, different sights... it's all nice! I've been one for enjoying the journey, so plenty of jumps have a place in my heart.

...however? Ravenloft, Dark Sun, and Bleach can go fuck themselves as settings. Bloody nightmares from the lot of those.

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Right anons. I need help coming up with 77 unique names.


I'm doing 77 little short stories for my 77 Rings challenge, because I'm JUST THAT AUTISTIC. I have worked out Stands and abilities for most, but now I just need the names.


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Just use a name generator.
Here's my favorite:

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That works.

Thanks much anon.

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.... I think you see what I'm getting at.

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Clairvoyance, x-ray vision, Loki's blessing, ghost form.

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>Jumpers, how do you go about stealth missions?
Shapeshifting, charisma, and telepathy. I straight shift and con my way in.

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Probably MGS Jump, since I think my skills at making jump graphics improved since MGR.

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Well, I can turn invisible, fly, and shapeshift, so stealth just sortof happens for me. I've even got a few perks stacked for it, even though I don't have them. It's pretty hard to find me if I don't want to be found.
I mean, InFamous was a pretty early jump, so even back then I could stealth for short stints pretty effectively.
And before that, I just didn't stealth a whole lot. I guess I could have, in the same way a normal person does, but I didn't have any talent at it, so it's not something I did a whole lot.
I didn't do a whole lot of anything back then.

Aw, Red, Bleach was eaaaasy! I got to hang out with Mister Tsukishima and the other Fullbringers for most of the jump! Granted Tsukishima and Ginjo are assholes, but the others are really quite nice once you get past their hard shells.
We stayed in touch after the group disbanded. Well, the ones that were still alive.
I kindof stayed out of that whole fight and it pretty much went according to canon. Shame about Giriko. I thought he was okay.

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Fuck Aizen, fuck the Quincy shit, fuck Ichigo, and fuck the ass-backwards world. It read like a fanfic. It was a pain just to try and keep under the radar while managing to be away from the main battles at the coincidentally right time. I mean you have any idea how hard it is to run from someone who's power is "I say what happens"? It's fucking bullshit.

Depends! I have sneaking perks, I have danger sense perks, all kinds of training for moving around... and smoke powers to let me go through places. So it really depends on how important sneaking through REALLY is for me.

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umm... hey Rising, I looked at the image for that and didn't notice something until now
>where's the page on weapons?

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Which one?

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OH SHIT, I completely forgot all of the weapons for MGS Jump. I'll fix this ASAP.

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Covert ops with a hint of magitech (cloaking/false projection is so cash). When I disguise myself (which isn't often usually), it's usually through some form of reversible clothing, or clothing that's easily discardable. Something that draws your eyes to every feature but your face and build.

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I am in such pain right now. I hope you're all happy.

First draft. Still tinkering. Version 0.2 will show up eventually.

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hang on, I actually fixed some spelling errors on that section

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ok, fixed version

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Can you teach FMA alchemy to people in other universes?

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Red as usual caught one of my common errors

methodologies give you the first 100cp perk free, and the rest are discounted 50% off.

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WHELP. Time to lead the mighty American empire to glory worldwide, and have dozens of troops with no terrain movement limitations.

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Nah, it requires the user to have a gate, which is some kind of physiospiritual thing that actually exists in all alchemists. When Ed loses his at the end of the series, he loses the ability to perform alchemy.

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Up to date!

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Will the graphical version be updated to match this one?

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> You're here until 2300AD!
> If you die of old age, you just...
> mfw I'm already immortal

And that's how I mastered EVERYTHING in a single jump.

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as RisingAnon said >>37325115
he's working on making the corrections right now

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You know, I think I've ruled on this before. It was tricky. I believe I ruled that you could teach people, as the Gate was connected through the soul. It'd just be very difficult to teach (think five years for the basics with the best student). I'd refer to actually having been in FMA as a Catalyst, allowing your mind to more easily grasp the right concepts.

Thank you again for making the image version. I'm rubbish at image editing software.

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So I could teach my companions while we're all in FMA, but they'd only get basic knowledge at best. And trying to teach people in other worlds would be even more difficult, if not impossible.

No problem, I was happy to help.

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Seems like the easier trick would be to use your alchemic knowledge to create pre-made transmutation circles and then just give those to people on gloves, gauntlets, etc.
Or teach them the rote method to create Red Stones, if you have one of those.

Scar tattoos for everyone!

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>Jump allows for upwards of 3000 years in a single jump
>mfw I Kitsune build

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I think that's Miku from the video for that Rakasha song.

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Oh god Anon went insane.

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It's still possible, it just takes a while to do it. They wouldn't just be limited to the basics either, it all depends on how long they're willing to study and work at it.

That's actually one aspect I considered. Give them enough knowledge to activate circles (but not really to construct their own) and you've still got some good things happening. Just remember that the circle is as much a mathematical formula imposing its will on the universe as it is a focus for your own mind to enact the changes you desire. The more complex the circle, the more they'll need to understand to activate it properly.

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Scar has been at it for years though, even if he was just using it to destroy things he still has years of practice and a rather good understanding of what he is doing. Even when he added the Tattoo to his other arm he was actually kind of lackluster as an alchemist.

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A shame I don't have Kitsune. OH WELL, TIME FOR A BUILD.

-Background: God-King (Free) -Well this is... new. We'll see how this lasts.
-Methodology: Culture (900CP) -This is gonna be neat to see what they do!
-Methodology: Science (800CP) -The smart folks win the race!
-Time Traveler's Temper (700CP) -Oh you have no idea how monumental this is.
-Accepting the Divine (Free) -This might come in handy later. Maybe.
-Primitive Screwheads (550CP) (Discount) -Do not fuck with my people.
-Realm of Myths (250CP) (Discount) -Oh my word YES THIS IS AWESOME.
-Patron (Free) -I like the nice things in life. Like how imagination can work.
-A Thousand Ships (-50CP) (Discount) -NOW WE'RE TALKING.
-Martial Culture (-150CP) -Dedication and professionalism is needed to ensure this world survives.
-Tabula Rasa (Free) -Less mistakes! This is good. This is very good.
-The Enlightenment (-300CP) (Discount) -SCIENCE! We shall make sure people are awesome!
-Tech Tree (-600CP) (Discount) -From point A goes point B.
-The Hanging Gardens (Free) -Plant this! We're making sure crops are AMAZING.
-The Colosseum (Free) -Come, one and all! Be enlightened with these shows! Plant it!
-University of Toronto (Free) -You're all going to LEARN how to do things! Also plant this!
-Full Tablex4 (-200CP)
-Raging Barbarians (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Free Pick (Ancient Era)
-End Choice: Next Adventure

So I arrive to a village with an army of robots. They ensure my people are safe until they can develop the means to create their own weapons and defend themselves. Walls will be build, crops and food will be plentiful (thanks to Tropico and Light of Terra perks), and overall I will make a global superpower.

I won't lie... this is a test for me. I want to see if I can put my money where my mouth is. If I can go twelve thousand years without feeling I'm a god. My priority will be my people, and they will know I am with them to help them along. I will give them the tools to make something of themselves.

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Bonus points if you teach people how to use alchemy for shits and giggles.

>> No.37326085

Alright, thanks for the quick answer.

And I'll consider using this too.

>See pic

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Since our nation can be a race other than humans, can our rival's nations be of a different race as well?

>> No.37326124

Yep. But it's random, you don't get to pick it. Better to say 'you' get to pick it, but your jumper doesn't know what they'll be facing.

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Okay thanks.

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I need your help anons, I'm at Raildex now and I can't decide between Electromaster or Meltdowner. I've seen the vids of them fighting, but that doesn't really give me a good idea of what they can do, so, for those more knowledgeable of the series I ask you this: what are the pros and cons of each? Is there one that is objectively better?

>> No.37326254

Electromaster is more versatile, in the end.

>> No.37326325

Electromaster is more versatile, but teleporter is even more handy.

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So. I've seen these threads out-count the PACYOA now. I've browsed them, seeing the concept. Umm...

What stops this from turning into a massive 'I AM GOD OF FUCK YOU' argument every thread? Like seriously.

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single player only, this rule is sacrosant to /jc/

>> No.37326351

Has anyone else been having issues with coming up with ideas for what'll happen in the course of the Jump? I can sort of guess what happens with the Macross Jump, since that plot is something I'm familiar with, but 10 years in something like...say...One Piece? The world's big enough that you could really just wander about. I was thinking of maybe using the GM Emulator to spark ideas, but otherwise I have no clue.
I am more of player then a GM, so that may be the case.

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It's single player. You can wave your dick all you want, but its a solypsistic sausage party.

>> No.37326371

Though the multiplayer supplement is the best thing since baked potatos.

>> No.37326397

I used multiplayer at my last table top night. It was amazing.

>> No.37326405


>Single player

That'll do it.

Also, solipsistic sausage party is a chain of words I'd never expect to read, and I want to use them more often now.

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Common sense really. There are indeed some people who do the whole I AM GOD schtick, but most people ignore or dislike them.

>> No.37326436

Meltdowner doesn't have quite the range of applications that Electromaster has, but is incredibly potent at what it does. For downsides, Meltdowner transform the body in part into the matter that they shoot out, but doing so might come with a loss of those body parts that you transform, character that has it lost some body parts this way by over exerting herself. Electromaster's downside is that animals don't like you much when you have a potent electromagnetic field around your body, it doesn't harm tech though.

However for destructive ability, not much beats Meltdowner, the beams, and general form of energy they produce basically hit everything else as though they have infinite mass(the description of how it works is absurd and stupid though), so few things can resist the beams, or can't be blocked by a barrier.

For Electromaster your versatility is incredible, such as realtime editing of security footage, and hacking most computers with ease. If an electromaster of sufficient level electrifies someone the right way, they can actually read their mind and see their memories.

Personally I favor Electromaster, but if you absolutely have to have beams that destroy basically anything, it's hard to beat Meltdowner.

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/jc/ come for the adventure, stay for the dirty alliteration.

>> No.37326462

I don't say much about my chain for much this reason, I go for the full power maddness builds but limit myself unless I really want someone dead or something just needs to go differently.

>> No.37326479

Nah that's just you projecting your opinion.

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>We Ninetails Now
Oh my yes

>> No.37326507

Please don't start something over this. It really, honestly isn't worth it.

>> No.37326531

> For Electromaster your versatility is incredible, such as realtime editing of security footage, and hacking most computers with ease. If an electromaster of sufficient level electrifies someone the right way, they can actually read their mind and see their memories.
Woah what
Did I somehow roll the best power or something
I thought I just shot lightning and rail gun bullets what is this
Where am I

>> No.37326559

>Where am I
Where do you think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVSRm80WzZk

>> No.37326592

Whenever I'm stuck for ideas, I use my complications to make a story for what'll happen during that jump.

It usually won't end up in a story for the whole ten years, but it's a good starting place for if you have no idea about plot/world, or you just don't want to involve yourself in the main story.

>> No.37326623

Whelp, I'm taking this right before my end jump, and I'll use the resulting world as my base world for my post-spark interdimensional confederation. Thousands of years and billions of followers means my Brush God form will be crazy powerful! Not to mention all the research into SCIENCE! and magic I'll be able to get done.

>> No.37326626

Railgun powers get really crazy if you're creative with them. Electromaster is the best power though, yeah, going down from there until you hit Clairvoyant and the jump's version of Telepathy (the canon character's version is amazing unlike the one you can get) right at the bottom of usefulness.

>> No.37326636

The reading mind bit was completely by accident, but apparently Misaka did do that. As for the hacking, she was defeated by Uiharu at one point, because apparently Uiharu is a super hacker.

There is however also a passive barrier for electrical interference, not that that applies much, but it does give an immunity to the the power known as Mental Out, which is a specialized form of telepathy.

As for some other skills, tossing shit with electromagnetic forces with ease and precision, taking iron particles to create a cloud of iron that is vibrating at incredibly high frequencies such that it can cut through most things, sticking to and walking on walls with static forces, and pulling your body around with magnetism(provided you have something to pull yourself too), or taking water from the atmosphere and forming hydrogen jets to fly around with by way of electrolysis.

Meltdowner though can shoot themselves around like a rocket, and thus have a higher top speed, but less maneuverability.

>> No.37326648

Well, usefullness depends on the jumper. In terms of variety electromaster is probably the best but all the powers have their use, Clairvoyant can certainly be extremely useful.

>> No.37326660

Pff, no point in me getting into this argument for the fiftieth time, but clairvoyant is really useless in battle on its own compared to anything else.

>> No.37326670

Key words, on its own. You need to have your mind work fast enough, and have other perks (whether from that jump or from others) to buff it appropriately.

>> No.37326680

I only ever make arguments based on jumps in isolation is my thing.

>> No.37326684

Yeah, not like being able to see the future would have any use at all. I mean, combat precognition? Pfft, who ever thought that would be useful.

You know how fucking dumb it is to assume everything needs to have a combat application?

>> No.37326696

I know how dead a clairvoyant is in a fight with an electromaster.

>> No.37326702

I know how that electromaster just walked into a trap set up years in advance by the clairvoyant.

>> No.37326704

Thanks to prior jumps I can generate electricity, bend lightning, and am immune/heal from it. Hypothetically speaking, how much of a boost will this give me in advancing my Esper Level?

>> No.37326705

while there's a perk for that, and getting both explicitly boosts prediction to crazy levels.

>> No.37326706

Too bad it's a dicecheck and you only saw one random possible future.

>> No.37326714

Level isn't really dependant on stuff like that. It would make your powers stronger when used together, but your level wouldn't go up from that.

>> No.37326719

that's not how it works, you might be able to fake a higher level to some people, but it won't boost esper abilities

>> No.37326721

Meaning they escaped because something was slightly different from your vision.

>> No.37326735

There are so many things to choose from I'm not sure what I'd go for, some of the trinkets are great.
Maybe I'm missing something but the Great Man Theory doesn't seem that great, at least compared to Realm of Myths.

Which jumps have some good aura based powers which would work well with Spirit of the Nation?

Any suggested historical leaders to go up against?
Also any race you plan on ruling over? I think I'd take something from Mass Effect.

>> No.37326741

Except it isnt? The perk explicitly says you can get future sight, it even describes being able to see what one person will be like in years. Nothing is said about it being a random future.

>> No.37326750

It's what the jump maker has said. You only see possibilities you have to sort through one at a time.

>> No.37326762

that's fine if you're the jump maker trying to handle balance, but for an actual build that's completely missing the point

>> No.37326763

Really? Cause all I see is you pulling shit out of your arse. I'd rather trust the actual pdf, rather than trust you are telling the truth.

>> No.37326766

Alright then, back to good ol' training then, huh? Good thing I have a whole bunch of learning perks, would those help?

>> No.37326775

Well okay, you can search the archive for 'Reploid' and 'clairvoyant' and read everything but if you don't want to it doesn't matter.

>> No.37326779

I don't see why not

>> No.37326788

There IS a perk that augments it in-jump.

>> No.37326796

There's a perk that augments your precog not your future sight...

>> No.37326809

>There's a perk that augments your precog not your future sight...

I... what?

>> No.37326810

You realise precognition and future sight are the same thing right?

>> No.37326811

I've done all 200-something jumps, I can't sort through this build or keep track of it. This is more pragmatic.

>> No.37326829

I agree with you. At the point where people have 200+ jumps to get powers from, it is impractical to take into account every possible combination.

>> No.37326833

Not by the power's definition. Precog is seeing perfectly a few seconds/a minute ahead in battle situations. You get it at Level 3. Future sight is gazing through random possibilities in the farther future you get at Level 5.

>> No.37326845

Dude. Clairoyant is one of the best powers at high level.

>> No.37326848

You mean that example of shit you could do with it that Reploid admired was actually a terrible example and not at all representative of the power.

>> No.37326862

I rolled Meltdowner. I didn't have many direct-damage options so it seemed solid, but since I have no familiarity with the series, uh... Can someone elaborate on that 'lose a body part' thing?

>> No.37326865

I see what you mean, though the future sight seems to be just the one future.

>> No.37326882

My point was that was how the power works. You're looking through possibilities, you're not getting an exact snapshot of how the future will be, you're getting different views of the future if x was x or if x was y or if b was u and on and on. You have to sort through those and unless you track every single event and possibility down perfectly you're not guaranteed anything. It's how he's said it works.

>> No.37326891

it's one thing to not consider every possible usage of your powers, but acting like you're entering each and every jump with only what you bought there is missing the point of jumpchain
and that's where malleable reality comes in

>> No.37326901

Perhaps that should be noted in the down in the jump then, because until then people are just going to ignore it because it is unnecessarily stupid and annoying.

>> No.37326903

If you let loose with all your power your body starts to turn into the particles that you beam out. Without enough willpower and control you can't turn them back again. You do have to be level 5, and really pushing yourself for it to happen, if you hold back from your maximum and act cool it won't be an issue.

>> No.37326910

What do you think Malleable Reality can do with Clairvoyant? You and anyone elses answer to this is actually extremely interesting to me.

>> No.37326919

Manipulating probablity perhaps?

>> No.37326942

well >>37326919 is one possibility,
I've also seen references to "shatterpoints", conceptual sight (ala desdenverse sight), and tracking convoluted chains of events

>> No.37326953

Shatterpoints just seems like the same thing you're already doing, frankly.

I don't know anything about Dresden sight.

Tracking seems more of a processing speed thing.

>> No.37326958

I am guessing it would likely bend reality until you got the future you wanted. Instead of seeing the future you would actually be creating it.

>> No.37326962

Ignore it if you want. My vision of what it was was primarily to fit in with how ridiculously complicated esper powers were. Again, just don't go overboard with the fanwank and all shall be well.

>> No.37326989

It's mainly cause it's much simpler that way. It just seems way too overcomplicated, even compared to the other esper powers.

>> No.37326992

The main issue is that Clairvoyant is a sering power, not a manipulating power. It goes against the spirit of the thing. I don't really like it, but I can't stop you.

>> No.37326999

I imagine something like seeing and causing multiple results from a single action, or looking into alternate realities for information. Like peaking into a more advanced world to find out how the tech there works.

>> No.37327004

Which very much contributes to the image that it's inferior.

>> No.37327018

Heard of the expression "A butterfly flaps its wings and a tornado forms halfway 'round the world"? Well you are now that butterfly- you can see how to touch off a chain of events in a rue-goldberg like chain in order to do crazy stuff.

Kick a can, a dude slips and falls, he gets to work late and angry, he bitches at the mechanics, the mechanics are too busy bad mouthing him behind his back and half-ass their inspection, this causes a failure on the plane mid flight, the plane crashes into the house of your target.

>> No.37327025

You can already do that with future sight. You don't need anything extra to follow a chain of events looking into the future.

>> No.37327079

Goddammit dude shut up already. Seriously. You're a bloody broken recorder when it comes to anything near Raildex.

>> No.37327087

well that seems like what Malleable Reality would provide, given how that perk works

>> No.37327098

Honestly, this is part of my point. People can't think of using malleable reality to do anything with the power it can't already do BECAUSE of how the creator has limited it, making it incapable of doing or acting in any way itself and vetoing anything that expands its power range. He's limited it to the point where it can't GROW or increase it's variety of usage like the other powers can.

I gave 'em a warning is the thing. I said there was no point in doing it for the fiftieth time. They wanted to keep engaging me, and you can't blame me for speaking when spoken to.

>> No.37327102

How I imagine it works at high levels is that you can run "simulations" of how events will play out by extrapolating out different variables as they come into play. How these variables act can vary, so there are a huge number of possible scenarios in your head depending on what you do. This effectively let's you prototype out future courses of events, though like anything its never perfect. The farther out you look, the more unknown variables come into play and the more possible scenarios there are that could come to pass. In the short term, like seeing where that bullet will go, there's probably only a few scenarios and they all lead to the same conclusion

Probably makes you REALLY good at cards though.

>> No.37327114

That's what both Precog and Future Sight already so. Hell Precog would let you see what that bullet is doing perfectly, Future Sight is the one that deals with random futures based on variables. That's not an expansion of usage.

>> No.37327127

There have been clairvoyant powers that were manipulation powers. It's not from that universe but there was a guy in anime who had clairvoyance that let him manipulate the future because his eye let him limit the amount of possible futures down to one... until he ran in to someone with an even more Hax power.

>> No.37327132

>Random dice chances
See? This is honestly a really limited power. And very videogamey if using that interpretation. 20% chance not to trip on my own feet and die so useless.

>> No.37327138

It isn't a warning, you're just bitching on and on about the most pedantic shit. Why did you bring it up if you thought it wasn't worth it?

>> No.37327145

It was though. If people want to keep talking about it, you can't stop them. If they don't want to they won't and they won't reply to me. That's how it is. If it's bothersome, ignore it.

>> No.37327153

Ah yes, Type moon, Kara no Kyoukai, always bet on Shiki.

>> No.37327177

Got it. Fortunately, unless something goes wrong, I should be able to replace or regrow whatever I can't reform by the time I actually need to/am able to go all-out.

>> No.37327181

Doesn't change the fact that you brought it up, as usual.

>> No.37327184

No, this>>37326660 isn't a warning, its someone starting shit.

>> No.37327193

>No point in me getting into this argument for the fiftieth time.
Word of advice? Click on the arrow beside that post, and hit hide, and make sure hide replies is checked.

>> No.37327224

>Clairvoyance isn't the best
You hear that, and you pounce on it. Rep already gave you that free reroll that none of us have to get you to stop bitching, and you're still at it.

As proof, there are others that have PAID for it.

>> No.37327248

Yeah but this time there are actually people disagreeing with how aspects of the power are laid out, like people saying the random futures are too complicated, or that malleable reality should let you use clairvoyant to effect things.

Apparently I'm not as alone as you think. And I'm not sure what you think I pounced on. You mean >>37326626 ? Because that's me.

Use the hide post and replies button if I annoy you so much, because it will make all of this disappear.

>> No.37327257

Mum, dad, please stop fighting! You'll make me cry and smear my makeup.

>> No.37327266

It always happens because someone attacks someone for complaining making them an even annoying complainer than the first guy. It's dumb.

>> No.37327268

I don't know why, but that hair just doesn't quite seem to work on him.

>> No.37327296

I have a ridiculous amount of stealth, including an easy dozen perks specifically relating to stealth and misdirection. Notable examples are Pokemon's Blend In, Metal Gear's Phantom, Marvel's Shapeshifting, and Girl Genius' Smoke Knight Training.

If I want to infiltrate a place (for instance, Starfleet Headquarters), I can form an appropriately-shaped body with Shapeshifting, forge up an airtight backstory with Universal Exports, walk in the front door and get hired immediately with Always Hiring (presumably as a janitor or something), and then walk into the server room and start grabbing what I came for with You Have Clearance (the floor needs to be swept, after all, and I'm totally not installing any suspicious devices to the consoled while your backs are turned). This is, incidentally, how I got my technical database from the Star Trek jump; I just ripped off an existing one wholesale.

On the other hand, I can be less blatant than this, if desirable; with Shapeshifting and Fairy Disguise, I can put up a pretty good chameleon act, and between Smoke Knight Training and Phantom, I can pretty much sneak past any guards who happen to exist. And that's before I start abusing stuff like Potions of Invisibility.

For all my stealth capability, though, I don't use it all that often; I tend to act on a logistical/strategic level instead of anything requiring a personal infiltration. My time is, alas, generally too valuable to bother with such tricks.

>> No.37327319

I've seen uglier trannies in the past.

>> No.37327327

That's because that one has a lot of makeup, and the benefit of Photoshop.

>> No.37327400

Personally, what I've been maintaining a 'character sheet' with stats listed on it, updating it every 10 jumps or so. Basically, I note down increases to strength and such every time I take a relevant perk, and I have separate sections for tech and magic and such.

It helps keep things clear-ish, so that I know exactly what I have on hand when it comes to stealth or blasting or enhanced senses or whatever. I don't need to guess how much of 'X' I have, I can just conveniently look up the relevant section.

>> No.37327416

I've been thinking about doing that, but it's a big undertaking at this point.

>> No.37327420

So seems right now would be a good time for a question. Here goes was there any Jumps that you power gamed so much that you actually felt bad about. What world was it that you munchkined so bad you were actually a bit ashamed of it. Mine was was PS238. I may be a drop in who has detention for their home room but I am a FISS (Flying invulnerable super strength) of legend, at least for a 5 year old.

>> No.37327439

It is. However, I feel it's necessary. If you can't even remember what you took someplace or why, and you don't use any of the stuff you got from there at all ever, you may as well not have gone there in the first place.

>> No.37327447

I go places for fun and adventures, not just the powers honestly.

>> No.37327487

So how does Second-tier mundane from Infinicon actually work? I'm a bit confused by how it is written. It says that your abilities are unaffected, but then later states that your abilities are suppressed.

>> No.37327568

Don't worry, almost everyone did that. You're not alone

>> No.37327594

Toriko, if only for what I got from killing Bambina.

>> No.37327775

Metal Gear Solid. It did not include ordinary drawback limits. I didn't go really quite super overboard, but I did take six purchases of The Phantom Pain (and War Has Changed)... and then essentially completely disregarded them, since I'd been habitually using artificial replacement eyes for four jumps at that point, and had the tech to make better prosthesis than the drawback supplies at the same time.

Basically, I entered a jump as a blind quadruple amputee and then completely wrote that drawback off. I feel like it was justified, given my tech, but I normally like my drawbacks to be somewhat more inconvenient than that, especially for 900 points.

>> No.37327806

Generally, don't drawbacks override perks and easy answers like that? And I'm pretty sure that jumps that don't state the drawback limit just default to the normal.

>> No.37327823

That's not perks. That's building something outside of it. No, a drawback does not prevent you from MAKING unless it specifies so.

Jumps that don't state the drawback limit HAVE none, because there is no 'normal'.

>> No.37327865

in this case, it means that the drawback overrides regeneration and replacement limbs purchased with cp, as well as any mental perks that help deal with the experience of losing said limbs.

>> No.37327959

Depends on the wording. In the case of MGS, it explicitly says that you can take The Phantom Pain up to six times, and I wanted to take War Has Changed anyways, because linked jumps. It's powergamey to exceed the normal limits, but I did so anyways in this case because it seemed to fit.

As for 'easy solutions', a lot of drawbacks that deprive you of bits specify that you can't get them back (see: One Hander in Fallout). Not only does MGS not do this, but it explicitly provides prosthetic replacements. So I felt justified, although it stands as my most blatant example of munchkinism nonetheless.

Second place would probably be the time when I took 'Lone Wolf' and 'Direct Attack' in Alien, and immediately proceeded to solo the Aliens in melee, effectively getting 600 free points. That could have backfired horribly, but given that the downside of power use in that world is just 'you get hungry fast', I felt confident in my ability to win the fight quickly enough for it not to matter... and to acquire replacement swords later. The dice concurred with my reasoning.

Pretty much, yeah. My prosthetics are a matter of 'tech I have access to' more than 'stuff I've bought with CP and previously installed'. The latter would've mysteriously vanished, but there's nothing in the drawbacks that'd stop me from grabbing a replacement set of eyes off the shelf in my warehouse and plugging them in (although I had a companion do the actual surgery, of course).

>> No.37327979

That's fine. The only thing you should be ashamed of is passing off the opportunity to wear those sick eyepatches.

>> No.37327991

obviously he needs to install cybereyes that can see through eyepatches

>> No.37327996

>Wear two eyepatches
>Have a pair of super eyes that have X-ray
>Laugh as everyone freaks out when the 'blind' guy is kicking ass.

>> No.37328010

Index jump. Killed Accelerator by abusing the only hole to his absolute defense, and took his power with Data Drain, even though Prototype by itself would've sufficed since Esper powers are manifested by mental training though a scientific method. By consuming him, I would have gained his training and experience on how to properly use his power, as well as his genetic data to emulate a biological platform to better develop his vector abilities the same rate he does. Plan on doing the same to a couple of other Espers too like Kakine.

Accelerator could not have been more than 17 or 18 years old at most, and by a year or so since the events of the Index canon started, Accelerator had already gained the ability to awaken.

Imagine how a jumper would fare by the end of 10 years. Then, down the road in the future, 10 jumps later, how about a century of developing your powers? Level 6 shouldn't be that far off, and if you are taking jumps like Iji or Black Bullet where you'd be doing not a whole lot except for killing, that would not be too out of the question, I think.

For once I actually feel bad for that this may be just a little bit too much. I mean, the guy cleans up his act later on.

>> No.37328024

And I accidentally forgot to quote the post I was replying to. My bad.

>> No.37328030

Hello there

>> No.37328034

Like that's not worse.
"Y-yeah, I can actually see just fine, but I liek them be-e-cause they make me look cool, r-r-ight?"
Pic related.

Possible exception. Possible.

>> No.37328042

>MoeAnon regrets eating someone

Hooooooly shit what.

>> No.37328045

what I meant was basically this >>37327996

>> No.37328049

Heh, who says I didn't?

Technically, my visual sensor design is based on Transmetropolitan tech; the important part is the interface bit on the optic nerve. Everything else is a decision about which sensors you want displaying to them.

Sadly, there is a lack of good images involving two eyepatches. Mostly, you get either a blindfold (which looks submissive rather than badass) or a particularly stupid-looking pirate.

>> No.37328084

I suppose the best option would be using outright supernatural senses such as the force, or alternatives to eyesight like Daredevil

>> No.37328108


>> No.37328127


>> No.37328136 [SPOILER] 

Well you've got it now.

>> No.37328173 [SPOILER] 

complete with a special surprise inside...

>> No.37328177

I've got a lot of enhanced senses and such, but no outright replacement for sight. Yet.

Yeah, that's basically what I have going on. A winrar is you.

>> No.37328313 [SPOILER] 

>100cp race import
well, now I have to do this...

>> No.37328338

>Race of roach-people who experience complete and utter disgust for all humans.


>> No.37328365

best part is I wiped these fuckers off the map in Terraformars, and my origin means I'm inside their collective subconscious

>> No.37328380

That's a terrible choice for a race import, Kanons.

>> No.37328407

Welp time to import Youkai for shits and giggles
Since almost anything with Japanese shit treats them as one race with a million and a half specific variants

>> No.37328456

>all these kids not importing Shoggoths

>> No.37328459

Personally I am thinking about going Protoss, in part because of,
>granting yourself a suitable form to lead them
And in part because leading a nation of people that have a communal psychic connection seems pretty great. Also Protoss absorb all water and minerals they need through their skin, and all energy through photosynthesis, and they are each individually quite powerful.

>> No.37328481

Also, reading this now.

SO much stuff I want here. Like, holy shit, so much want.

>> No.37328531

Oh my god, I need moe anon to finish touhou so I can import the faeries.

>> No.37328766

Other things on hold while packing.

Bashed this thing out.

Continue this thing? Any interest? Am I doing it wrong?

>> No.37328795

All I need to know is- Will we be able to become SCPs?

>> No.37328803

>SCP jump

>SCP-682 Containment Duty



>> No.37328822

I've got something that can destabilize molecules and simply erase something from existence entirely. This Mary Sue monster isn't going to get a chance to get stronger.

>> No.37328842

>I've got something that can destabilize molecules and simply erase something from existence entirely
Pretty sure they tried something like that. The thing is that 682 has all the plot armor, you just can't kill it, because it exists to not be killable.

>> No.37328852

That was in the original draft.

Lifting the folio, a loose sheet of unseen paper falls out. You pick it up quickly, she does not notice.

>Anomaly (200CP): You have chosen not to accept your benefactors offer of a 'blank slate'. Groups have been made aware of your existence and react accordingly. Oddly enough, you are still being affected by this world, but in what ways?

I'll put it in as a bonus I guess, but then I'll have to remove the 600CP Drawback for something else.

>Condition 1: It cannot be permanently killed, and adapts and incorporates countermeasures to previous attempts.

Wouldn't be much of a drawback otherwise.

>> No.37328861

Can it survive the Room With a Moose?

>> No.37328868

I mean, it can be sedated easily enough. I'd probably just knock it out and then drop it off on the other side of the galaxy.

>> No.37328870

Or into a black hole.

>> No.37328874

> Only things of this world can be used to prevent said end.

You're... going to need to elaborate on that one. It sounds rather like 'your powers don't work here, chummer', and that's always a bad sign.

>> No.37328883

Oh boy, wasn't Clover the one who tried that bullshit before and started a shitstorm?

>> No.37328890

It can survive the room where matter cannot exist, so I'm going to go with yes.

>> No.37328898

They'll let anyone make SCPs huh.

>> No.37328925

Your powers, items, companions all work, but as they are 'anomalous', using JUST them to try and prevent an apocalypse won't really work.

HOWEVER, using them in tandem WITH the people, objects, resources of this world is the way to go.

What I'm trying to say is you can't just lone wolf it out of a warehouse portal in the middle of nowhere and hope to stop the world ending that way.

The definition of 'of this world' is ... flexible. Make technology with your accumulated knowledge there, with the matter from there.

Pass around some actual scientificised magic around, if you feel so inclined. Recruit followers or boots on ground.

Buy out companies to finance yourself.

Rally the skips.

Get involved.

>> No.37328933

Ha, I'd rather permanently chop of one of my own arms than give any of these jerkwads access to more advanced technology.

>> No.37328962

See, that's a better way of putting it, and less likely to piss people off.

In particular, it'd help if you put it in terms of "what you don't know CAN hurt you" instead of "you are doomed to fail when acting alone". Less "your powers can't stop the apocalypse" and more "there are dozens of apocalypses kept barely in check, and if you just start poking things with random extraplanar powers, you are likely to break something" with the resulting suggestion of "you should cooperate with the locals to get access to information that will help you not die".

>> No.37328987

Actually it's 12,300 years.

>> No.37329003

>Tech Tree
>I have been making Powered Armor using the best of every world I go to along with Guns to match for my Companions, and the armies that may or may not be at my disposal in any given jump
>This gives me a clear cut way to upgrade them even further
Oh my yes.

>> No.37329030

I was specifically referring to SCP-536. "Room where matter cannot exist" isn't quite accurate, but weakening the Strong Force is the kind of disintegration that makes other sorts of disintegration look wimpy. When you're able to basically rule out the existence of even subatomic particles, to say nothing of anything quite so complex as an atom, that's a good approximation to 'matter cannot exist'.

Somehow, SCP-682 not only survived that, but seemed to 'enjoy' it, so that pretty much rules out just about anything you want to kill it with that isn't explicitly bullshit magic.

>> No.37329036

It's a good thing jumpers specialise in bullshit magic. And bullshit in general with some of them.

>> No.37329049

Avada Kedavra

>> No.37329053

Worth a shot, but I wouldn't expect it to work. 682 has demonstrated immunity to instant death effects before.

Fortunately, it's an EASY test to do, since you can shoot it through walls and such with no trouble.

>> No.37329056

you seem to be forgetting are we cool yet?
I'd love the chance to play is one of those guys.

>> No.37329062

'What is that? That felt like a nice massage. Shoot me again, will you?'

>> No.37329085

>Stasis Pod 682
>take him to Lovecraft
>throw him at Azathoth
>Azathoth's bullshit is stronger than 682s
>Azathoth eats it

>> No.37329086

>We can purchase 914

I'm saving this until I have enough Tech and Magical knowledge to tear that thing apart to find out how it works, so I can use it on my stuff

>> No.37329093

>Getting near Azathoth without dying/going mad
Jumpers really are the most optimistic creatures aren't they?

>> No.37329113

I wasn't planning to get within a dozen light years of Azathoth but honestly it would be worth it just to kill that smug piece of shit.

>> No.37329132

I vote to keep it as a drawback
I like the idea of us showing up on the papers of 001, with a run down of the most basic info about us.
One thing's for sure, a Late-Jumper is going to, arguably, be the hardest thing to Contain they've had to deal with.
Considering there are like 10+ different methods of outright Teleportation along with other things that could aid Escape.
Most important being the Warehouse

>> No.37329158

So, I looked it up when I saw the drawback
Why are there 10 001s? Can't the guys who run the site agree on a single one?

>> No.37329163

Much as I generally disagree with Jedi philosophy in general, they have it right here, I think. You might think it's a trivial matter, just another frustration that you'd like to smear with the whole of your incarnate power, but that kind of anger isn't healthy. If you decide that you hate something badly enough to take a significant risk to yourself just to make it die, you've just given that thing the power to end you, which it wouldn't have had otherwise.

The suffering at the end isn't inevitable, but it is probable, and it could've been avoided.

>> No.37329307

> You can try to seduce the wind or tickle a mountain.

>> No.37329364

Holy fucking shit. So many things I want. SO MANY.

Whelp, here's another jump to add to the pile of 'must haves'.

>> No.37329390

My stealth build revolves around mask of shadows from ravenloft, and portable perception filter and psychic paper from dr. who. Between those 3 things, i'm already flat-out ignored by anyone not explicitly looking for me, and anyone who IS can't determine who I am, and even if they ask for ID, what I show them tells them that I am someone who has the power to make their life a bureaucratic hell if they don't let me go. Add on to the fact that I plan to take shapeshifting down the line, and nobody's gonna be able to pinpoint me in a crowd. In the meantime before then, though, I took the background in KOTOR that gave me force invisibility, so that's whats getting used in a pinch.

My personal interpretation of malleable reality clairvoyance involves being able to see EVERY divergent timeline probability from a point onward, and at extreme levels of proficiency, enforce a preferred timeline as the one you exist in, either via simply transferring yourself (mentally or physically) to that timeline or enforcing the timeline on local spacetime. Probably fanwanky as all hell and doesn't work in the context of raildex, but this is more personal interpretation/meta-knowledge of the physics behind probability-based precognition working on my expectations in this case, as well as what it is implied that malleable reality SHOULD be able to let you do with this power.

>> No.37329836

Good Jump

Civilization Jump

- Ancient (Oh boy, dawn of civilization) (900)

- God King (Oh baby!)

>>The People
- Eldar (800)

- Full Table x 4 (1200)
- To the last man (1400)

- Warfare (1300)
- Science (1200)

- Accepting the Divine
- Primitive Screwheads (1000)
- Realm of Myth (700)
- Martial Culture (650)
- Tabula Rasta (600)
- Art of War (300)
- Tech Tree (0)

- Hanging Garden
- Brandenburg Gate
- University of Toronto

So here we go, oh my looks like I'll be dealing with primitives. No matter I really don't need to explain scientific method, because screw that nonsense. It may work for others, but not us. We have access to pre fall technology and understanding of it. It won't be wraithbone but it'll work. Seeing we don't have worry about KAYOSS, our races emotional extremes aren't going be a problem.

To draw this out, because it's fun, we'll go the full length of time. Even if we could conquer the others easily. The reason for this madness? Think of it as an extended vacation and way to hone my skills.

>> No.37330092

Could we get an Alpha Centauri "drawback"? I want to be able to play the best civ game, also learning to mass produce mind worms would be quite useful on occasion. It would be even better combined with the God Emperor drawback.

>> No.37330098

Makes sense for one of those 0-point "flavor" drawbacks

>> No.37330130

It seems rather significantly different.

>> No.37330166

Eh... Alpha Centauri probably deserves its own jump. There's certainly enough material for it, at least.

>> No.37330175

>Roll for faction you start as
>Free Pick is replaced by your own faction

>> No.37330351

> replaced

Really? As opposed to 'pick your own faction from any of the factions, including the silly expansion factions?'

>> No.37330927

Would something like that work with a perk like "If It Bleeds..." was used? Or something similar like an anti-plot armour perk? (if it exists)

>> No.37330959

It should, that is bascially what the perk was designed for.

>> No.37331072

Yeah, but then the Foundation gives you instant Keter status. Yes, I know that as a sentient being that's shown no malice to the world you would technically be Euclid, but come on. You just managed to kill 682. You really think they'll treat you as anything less than a world-ending threat?

>> No.37331090

Is the Worm jump in the drive actually considered finished? I know it's been worked on for some time, and it still needs some work in my opinion. So I'm hoping it's not actually considered finished.

>> No.37331099

Not him, but I'm taking the drawback that has 001(Stack of papers) report my existance

>> No.37331136

Is there any real threat from the humans? Not the first time I've been an world-ending threat

>> No.37331230

>guy in a thread <#100 says he'll make a worm jump
>30+ threads go by without any evidence he's even started it
>SomeFaggit starts work on a jump around thread 140. He posts WIP (which is the stuff on the drive)
>Suddenly the guy comes back and raises a ruckus about doing a jump while someone else is working on it
>SomeFaggit apologizes and lets the guy continue his, even letting the guy use SomeFaggit's work
>Not a single post from the guy since, and he has never posted any evidence he's done any work on it

It'll never be finished.

>> No.37331237

That really happened? What a cunt.

>> No.37331261

>"If It Bleeds..." was used
Might work, but keep in mind that IIB requires the fight to be fair, which rules out this suggestion:

>you can shoot it through walls and such with no trouble.

>> No.37331284

What? That's not what keter means, you idiot. Keter means both an active threat that wants to harm humanity and the ability to do so. They'd still see you as a anomalous scp, but they wouldn't auto keter you.
They are containing a lot of shit that could fuck up all but the highest power jumpers, but it's against foundation policy to mix scp's like that. So not really a threat, the most they'll send at you is dudes with guns. Granted, they're are other groups out there who are more flexible about that sort of thing, so it's not the kind of world you should aim to conquer.

>> No.37331285

10 bucks says it's someone who doesn't want a Worm jump done, and is using this as an excuse

>> No.37331297

They're collaborating from what I hear, also Worm Anon's been on IRC at least once since then. It's less him raising a ruckus and more the two deciding to consolidate and taking forever doing so.

>> No.37331335

You ever see a drawback and know its going to be a pain in the ass, but you can't see it as anything but a glowing sign that says: FUN!

Yeah, that 600CP drawback? I wants it. Actually, I want to stack the 0 point drawback and the 600 point drawback. That just sounds like piles of fun.

>> No.37331373

>SCPs are cute girls
How does that make the 001 that reported your existence look?
Or the infamous 914?
Or that one in the 300s who may or may not be God?

>> No.37331379

That was the joke, man. That they'd be so scared of you that they'd just assume you were willing and able to kill everything. Because you killed 682, and that means you must be even more hostile and dangerous than it. I admit it wasn't a very good joke, but there's no need to call me an idiot. I'll work on my material for next time.

>> No.37331390

Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you or anything.

>> No.37331395

>914 is now a cute robot girl
... I didn't know I wanted this

>> No.37331396

>IIB requires the fight to be fair
Like fun it does. You've just got to use a handgun, a knife, or your bare fists. I'm just wondering if Alucard's hand cannon still technically counts as a handgun... it is a pistol, if a big one. And has its own plot armor negation.

>> No.37331417

Well, it says "most", not "all". So presumably it would only apply to creatures, not objects. Then again, it says it applies to anomalies, and that in doing so they're only capable of interacting with the jumper, so...I don't know. Probably pretty worrying in manifestation, I'd assume.

That's the old version of the perk that never got updated, we really need to put the new version on the drive. The "handgun, knife or fists" rule isn't supposed to be there anymore. It's now meant to apply to any fight in which it's an actual fight, not just a killing. If you can conceptually classify something as a battle you won, even an unfair one, it works.

>> No.37331429

It's fine, I didn't take too much offense. Glad we're all friends here.

>> No.37331431

>ou've just got to use a handgun, a knife, or your bare fists.
Jump-maker clarified it actually
Doesn't need to be fair, doesn't need to be a handgun, knife, or fists
Your enemy just needs "a chance" to fight back, to make the fight dramatic enough.
You can ridiculously, insanely, over power them
But if they get a chance to fight back it's fair game.

>> No.37331441

>How does that make the 001 that reported your existence look?
I was under the impression that the 600 point drawback made you 001. But as for how it'd work? Time to dust off my magical girl outfit again.

Adorable clockwork girl. Alternately, 914 looks the same but 914 develops an at-will persona that is an adorable little girl. She dresses like the TF2 Engineer.

Chibi Washu?

>> No.37331448

But I'm like >>37331395
I want 914 to be a cute robot girl
Maybe 001 is the bookish librarian type

>> No.37331453

A cute robot girl with a vore/unbirthing fetish, specifically. Because I can't see any other way for 914's "put matter into hoppers, process, spit out changed result" to manifest in a personality.

>> No.37331463

B-but she's just trying to help make things better!

>> No.37331474

>I was under the impression that the 600 point drawback made you 001
Nah, one of the "possible" 001s is a stack of papers
They change every time they are observed
They have reported EVERY SCP, in the order they were discovered, before they were discovered.
The foundation is unsure if the papers are Making the SCPs, or if it is just reporting them. Because of just how dangerous the first is, and how invaluable the second is they have no fucking idea what to do with them.

The way it's worded sounds like they had someone look through the papers, and you were the newest report

>> No.37331477

Wouldn't necessarily have to be that literal. She could just work on it, tinker and the like, and have that result in the upgrade.

I'd say leave that to fanwank.

>> No.37331500

Ah, okay. I know that 001 is different things, or rather people assume its different SCPs, but I didn't go to the paper one. I just assumed that they thought you were on par with the angel.

That drawback needs rewording, I think, so make it clear that you're an SCP but not necessarily SCP-001.

>> No.37331504

Of course she is, deary. She just wants you to do better. Now, come to Hate Mother. COOOME TOOOOOO HAAAAAAATE MOOOOTHER.

>> No.37331518

>Make 914 a cute girl via the moe perk
>Shove her in a Stasis Pod
>Work together to improve ALL THE THINGS

>> No.37331527

I don't think you need to do that. You can purchase 914, so if it was made into a person it would probably count as a companion. She can come with you anyway.

>> No.37331543

>Go meet SCP-343(God?)
>Ask about the multiverse

>> No.37331569

>he asks for your starship

>> No.37331581

Drawbacks: Full Table, Raging Barbarians, Hand That Rocks The Cradle (1600). All our rivals are offshoots of Atlantis.

Race mod: Shoggoths (1500).

Ancient Era (1450).
Advisor. A true god transcends rulership itself

Spirit of the Nation (Free)
Muse (1400)
Methodologies: Economic and Scientific (1200)
Tabula Rosa (1150)
The Enlightenment (1000)
Tech Tree (700)
Silk Roads (650)
East Indies (500)
Great Man Theory (200)
The Oracle (Free)
The Colossus (Free)
University of Toronto (Free)
Brandenburg Gate (100)
Martial Culture (0)

The plan is simple: Upon arrival we shall rendezvous with our cyberman empire, arranging for them to protect our nascent civilisation. From then on we shall fastrack the shoggoths through not only industry and economics, but also governance, philosophy and linguistics.

Once we're established as a captain of industry and scientific progress, we shall open trade relations with both the Imperium (primarily ironmongery and munitions) as well as our Atlantean rivals (shipping arrangements). We shall make them dependant on our trading arrangements, and extract diplomatic concessions to expand the breadth of our knowledge. Likewise, as the Imperium gradually becomes more dependant on our trade arrangements we shall offer to enhance the Emperor's greatness as soon as he makes a contract with us, enabling us to influence ancient humanity's foreign policies. In the short term, the threat of barbarianism will be used to encourage cosmopolitan unity between our allies, and raise public support for a milennial international community.

With diplomatic ties binding the Atlantean states, the future Imperium, the Cyber Empire and our very own shoggoth civ we shall usher in an Age of Enlightenment wherein the flow of technomagical progress is used to maintain a healthy standard of living while preventing conflict from arising-and thus, preventing the possibility of spiral nemesis ever occuring.

>> No.37331632

>Going up against a jumper in civ

>> No.37331656

Which one?

>> No.37331673

The pimped out, swanky gold one.

>> No.37331703

What does God need with a starship? I don't know, my brother Sybok warned me about things like this.

>> No.37331714

Fair enough, I don't use it anyway

Maybe I'll hang out with 73 or 76
Not cute girls, but they are implied to be Cain and Able.

Though for some reason Able is the murderous one.

>> No.37331739

>jumper rests in their throne room
>barbarian rule barges in
>demands you surrender
>demands your women and children
>balks that you don't have what it takes to rule
>pic related

>> No.37331741

Look, it was a traumatic event, kind of screwed him up emotionally. Poor guy.

>> No.37331749

>Go meet 343
>It's Jumpchan
>She tells you to stop looking so surprised

>> No.37331769

I'd laugh. And thank her for the adventures, then continue on my way.

>> No.37331798

>Jumpchan, what are you doing here?

>"As shocking of a thought as it may be to your self-absorbed mind, I do have a life outside of you."


>No you don't

>"...No I don't..."

>> No.37332110

>I'm gonna eat all kinds of super powerful espers
>then use their abilities at once despite the jump maker saying it's impossible
>i'm just that special guys
Holy shit dude, you're as bad as the Antispiral dude. Have you tried NOT eating someone?

>> No.37332129

One of my goals is collecting people to watch my adventures with her
Tet, Odin, Several different versions of Death(I want them all)

>> No.37332131

It's barely a jump but it's pretty great.

I'd request that you'd make the end results of moving on optional (i.e. the option to not have your embassy or ruins turning up everywhere you go). I'm not a big fan of the settings of other jumps being affected by jumps, otherwise every setting becomes a fucking mess. Had the same issue with KotOR at one point but he sorted it.

>> No.37332171

I know some people hate them, but I love the JumperxJump-chan shorts and the associated headcanons.

>> No.37332219

I don't hate them, but I don't want to romance Jump-chan

Which is odd because I'm collecting a massive Harem. But I just don't want to do that with Jump-chan.

Friends? Most certainly.
But Romantic stuff? Nah, not for my Jumper.

I want us to be close friends, and for my adventures to be like a favorite T.V. show.

>> No.37332290


This. Ain't nothing romantic about it, Jump-Chan's a bro for letting us get this far and she'd definately our homie for life.

Don't you see, /jc/ gives her an excuse to stop being a passive observor and go interact with other beings of phenomenal power, making friends 'n stuff


Diplomantic/economic victory a best

>> No.37332303

I'm going for a Cultural/Diplomatic Victory myself
Get people to follow JUSTICE, in so much as people can.
Though, would that could as a religious victory?

>> No.37332310

I have one that's, basically, she set you on the chain because she was bored, but over time watching you and interacting with you between jumps causes her to care about you and consider you a friend, and once you get your spark she admits that she had a lot of fun watching your adventures. Afterwards, the two of you keep in touch, and you're even able to occasionally shanghai her into coming along on your adventures.

That sounds a little more pathetic than I intended

>> No.37332319

>Diplomantic/economic victory a best
Damn straight it is. That's why I went for Advisor. I don't want to conquer the world, I just want to help it become a better place. Also, being in metaphysical contact with everyone who's loyal to me is unbelievably powerful for some abilities. For example, say goodbye to range restrictions on Mantra collection. Everyone praying to me is in my presence. Or, just using in-jump abilities, combine it with Realm of Myths to make every one of your citizens capable of legendary feats. How cool is that?

>> No.37332393

"Either by forming a worldwide religion, a unified philosophical college, or similar institution"

By that wording, we guess a) getting a majority of people in the world to accept your interpretation of justice and b) setting up something like an international body representating/enforcing your justice would count. We think the implication is that while it doesn't necessarily have to involve organized institutions, the belief itself has to be codified and have a common set of principles among all adherants, sort of like how Christianity has many offshoots but a (mostly) singular belief in Jesus, God etc.

So yeah, that could work as long as it's not just a vague sense of making everyone happy, but actually getting people to internalise and put into practice the principles and ideals that make up your belief in justice

But hey, what do we know? We just want to gridlock everyone in trade agreements and politics.

>> No.37332424

Fair enough Anti-Spiral. I guess I'm going for a Religious/Cultural Victory.

>> No.37332434

>not taking the twelve thousand years to train yourself
>not wanting to see how far your civilization can go
>wanting to end the jump early

It's like you don't want to take the opportunity to experience how cultures and countries start while turning it into a vacation jump.

>> No.37332482

Oh, I'm still going to do the full twelve thousand. You don't have to leave after you get a victory condition. I just want to accomplish it. Just to prove to myself I can make something lasting. Very few jumps let me see the results of my accomplishments, it would be nice to have confirmation that I can make lasting change for the better. Then I'll spend the remaining however many thousand years I have left watching over my society and enjoying it.

>> No.37332524

I never said I'm going to end it early Red
I'm going to spend my full 12,000 years even if I have to spend the CP to start in the earliest Era.
I just said that I want to aim for Cultural/Diplomatic victory.

>> No.37332548

stupid having to choose between the magic jump and the science jump... I want the Index power, I want to grab an esper ability and I want to get a Railgun clone as a companion... is everything so much to ask?

>> No.37332549

I just realized something: Between the "import a previous race" thing and the Inuyasha jump, Quicksilver can have an entire world full of fluffy tails. That's got to be nice for him.

>> No.37332564

>implying we're weaselling out that early
>implying we won't go ahead and try to achieve ALL the victories at some point with our accumulated know-how,
>implying we aren't frantically developing mantra forms

Believe us, there's a damn good reason we paid CP to start in the ancient era. This is a time for consolidating all our resources...and making them into something truly unstoppable.

Besides, we get to hang out with empy. No way we're leaving early without making sure his shit's sorted out.

>> No.37332567

Just ignore it, then. Jumpchain is single player, there's no one to tell you you're wrong to do houserules.

>> No.37332594

Like I said earlier
In a LOT of things with Youkai they are treated as one Race, with a million specific variants
So you could go to Inuyasha or Rosario Vampire and just make a Civ of Youkai.
Including Kitsune

>> No.37332633

Yes, but that would mean having members of your civilization who don't have fluffy tails. Best to specify kitsune just to make sure.

>> No.37332646

*sighs* that would feel like a cheat... and not a fun cheat like taking an easily negated drawback either

>> No.37332675

True. But I'd like most Youkai in my civ
Even with the "Drawback" of having Emps leading one of my rival civs
I actually GET a point for being able to meet him

>> No.37332689

You do know that Reploid said you could take the other side IF you kept it to the end, right? Like your 2nd or 3rd last jump, so things weren't too borked.

BAH. You can hang out with Emps if you want. I'm gonna be seeing how well people can do with only simple nudges and the tools to expand.

>> No.37332701

Alright, I can understand that. How about you do a workaround, then? Combine a perfect memory perk with an immunity to madness/corruption perk and you have the effects of Index. Then you can just take the Science side and get the Esper power and Mikasa clone you want.

>> No.37332702

I used to hate the idea of it, but if there's one thing I can't resist it's cute things, and those little anecdotes are cute.

>> No.37332755

what? must have been on one of the threads that passed while I was without internet... so if I took magic early on or well, next(jump 110) I could take science somewhere near the end(assuming it ever manages to end)? If you took the esper ability in the magic jump would you be able to get a second esper ability from the science jump that way? seems a real cheatyface thing to do, but it sounds a lot more legit if thats the case... fun cheating rather than depressing cheating

>> No.37332777

oh, I have bunches of perfect memory and immunity/resisting madness and corruption perks by this point in my build... but Index just sounds like a good addition to that... maybe I'm crazy *shrugs*

>> No.37332817

So, reading up on 914
Apparently it hates Taxes

>> No.37332826

Who doesn't?

>> No.37332834

Name: Professor "Q"
Date: ██/██/20██
Total Items: One (1) chessboard, initial setup

Setting: 1:1
Output: One (1) chessboard, white king's pawn moved up 2 spaces.

Input: board as above, with black pawn moved to legal position
Setting: 1:1
Output: One (1) chessboard, as above with white queen moved diagonally to legal position.

Professor "Q": Yes, I've been playing chess with 914. Yes, I'm aware it's probably non-sentient, but that hardly explains why it's winning.

Also this gem

>> No.37332854

I'm not sure if you could take two Esper powers, but that's what he said. So as long as you make sure the 2nd one is near the very end it's plausible.

>> No.37332901

of course one could digitally pun pun all of the esper powers :p but that again gets into the unfun cheating style...(though recording them for future possibilities is still fun)

>> No.37332982

yeah, I can definitely get behind this

>> No.37333035

Nooohohoohohoho. No, here's the issue. Esper powers are a result of a functional brain damage. It requires a strictly biological function in order to work, and the jump-maker has gone on record MULTIPLE times saying if you try to give yourself multiple esper powers your brain explodes. Prototype won't work, growing a second brain won't work, and attempting to cheat by hacking the 'coding' for it won't work.

The closest I could even get would be to make clones, give them esper powers, and slave them to a custom Level Upper network like that one doctor did to essentially use their powers for my own. And by then there's way too many issues with that for me to be comfortable with it.

>> No.37333050

What if I don't have a brain? I can have altered my makeup to the point where I have no centralized mind and the whole of my being is a sort of neural net. In that case I'd simply have to alter my structure.

>> No.37333058

That brings up a good question
If you make clones of yourself, and keep them around, will they count as Companions in future jumps?

>> No.37333075

Reploid gets unreasonably touchy about his jumps. Hell, if I remember right, there is an esper stated in series to have the potential for more than one power.

>> No.37333096

hmm, I see... but you likely could keep the powers on record and have them active one at a time... sort of a schrodingers esper... possibly make cards of them to use with the digivise or something... you could always hook up your companions with one ability each though

>> No.37333110

thanks for pointing that out,I will rewrite it to make it more clear. it suppresses your abilities as well for the duration of the jump, but afterwards You gain control over it

>> No.37333126

Do any jumps give me control over which emotions I feel? I wouldn't mind getting a big hope boost before I land in DC.

>> No.37333132

Can someone clear up how Kitsune works in Inukami? It seems oddly worded

>> No.37333140

There are a few that help with supressing emotions, but I don't think there are any that can boost them.

>> No.37333143

I believe that was this character. http://toarumajutsunoindex.wikia.com/wiki/Takitsubo_Rikou

Even then, it's only a theory for IF she hits level 5. So as it stands we still have no grounds for anyone ever having multiple esper skills besides the Level Upper network being hijacked by Harumi.

...fucked if I know, man. Fanwank something.

I think the same issue applies, trying to have more than one esper power means kaboosh.

>> No.37333147

Blue and Yellow rings are more about spreading that emotion than feeling it.

>> No.37333148

Actually I've seen a mostly finished worm jump itself, we are working mainly on the powers now cause wormanon has issues coming up with powers.

>> No.37333153

you could take Hope as your aspect in Lords of Light

>> No.37333164

Cool, Thanks for clarifying.

>> No.37333167

I didn't say I wanted more than one esper power, at a time. It's swapping one out. Not the same thing.

>> No.37333315

Anyone else read that in Naga's voice?

>> No.37333333

Yes. It was established pretty early on that any life you create counts as a companion. It was intended for making sure you wouldn't leave your children behind all alone in an alien reality if you started a family with one of your companions. But it's been extended to things like clones, biotech monsters, even entirely artificial life like AI.

>> No.37333361

Take Blessing of Innos in Gothic. Fills you with unbreakable hope, it's impossible for you to feel despair.

>> No.37333380

Jesus, did I get hexes? Wow. Okay, hexes confirm for proper interpretation of that rule.

>> No.37333381

Why didn't you just ask the thread? I mean, we are here and all.

>> No.37333386

>dat laugh
>gloriously curvy, yet /fit/
>enjoys trolling
So... Red IS Naga?

>> No.37333397

Don't be ridiculous. Can you see Red having black hair? That's just stupid.

>> No.37333414


>> No.37333415

Melancholy best mantra.

>> No.37333423

Well, she does have an imperfect clone meandering about in Naruto, so why not a few more?

>> No.37333432

Pfft. Wrath is, the game proved it. THe longer you fight, the angrier you get. The saddest you can get is suicide though, which Yasha showed.

>> No.37333435

Good idea, hadn't thought of that. How hard is it to survive Lords of Light very early on as a god? Is it possible to get the powers and stay out of everyones way?

Really I'd just want to use a ring that isn't green or against what I'd like personally which rules out green, red, yellow and orange.

If I could be an exception to their usual rules like certain characters in Blackest Night I'd really like to be an Indigo Lantern the most or maybe Violet. (not sure about those though)

I feel like those could still effect how well a ring could be used since suppressing fear would effect will and suppressing hate would effect love etc.

Thanks, that's pretty much exactly what I'd want and the settings itself sounds pretty decent too.

>> No.37333436


So first I'm Kaguya, now I'm Naga? What is this.

>> No.37333445

Not if you have infinite hope to temper it.

>> No.37333466

If you don't piss off Sam's side and you don't piss off Brahma's side you should be able to survive, since outside of other gods there's no threats to you.

>> No.37333468

we actually did, got a few answers, then moved on because the tread was really slow about it and not that interested.

>> No.37333471

Red, I think you've done the thing where you've mantled an ideal. Walk like them until they must walk like you, and all that.

>> No.37333473

That's impressive.

Oh, saw people were arguing about this earlier, so here ya go. Don't know how I forgot to PDF it, but here's the proper completion to the If It Bleeds... Perk.

Oh, and I'm back. Working on Discworld now. Worth noting my favorite books are the Ankh-Morpork ones (The Watch books, the Moist books, The Truth) and Thief of Time, so if you have things that you feel need to be included that I'm likely to forget, let me know.

>> No.37333481

The absence of one emotion does not necessarily mean the other gets stronger, if anything, it would make it weaker or nullify it entirely.

That would just make it ineffective. AW operates on the whole, the more emotion you feel, the stronger you get.

>> No.37333488

>Of course, you can’t just wish them dead; you’ve got to do the deed
with a handgun, a knife, or your bare fists.
It's ill advised to keep this line, isn't it?

>> No.37333499

Maybe she's in disguise?

Either that or Naga is her intermediary form en route to her final evolution as Kayuga

>> No.37333504

Oh hell yes. Discworld at last!

>> No.37333505

You can feel multiple emotions.

>> No.37333516

In Negima, how hard would it be to get Takamichi to teach me Kanka?

Also, which setting is more dangerous as a whole: Negima or Raildex

>> No.37333521

Your point?

>> No.37333528

Raildex, I think you can avoid all the drama and trouble in Negima at once.

>> No.37333542

Raildex, they've got a big number of really powerful mages, and any significant interference with the plot will get their attention.

>> No.37333545

So you can feel extremely deep melancholy while still maintaining hope and thus not committing suicide. A being like the Vala Nienna comes to mind.

>> No.37333552

No, that's the primary bit, the rest are exceptions (i.e., when that's not enough, or when that rule would make it impossible).

Relatively hard, but not impossible; he seems relatively willing to teach. The question is if you have both the magic and chi reserves to pull it off period. As far as difficulty; I dunno much about Raildex, but as you can RELATIVELY easily dodge most of the dangerous bits of Negima by just staying far away (and basically avoiding all drawbacks) Raildex is probably tougher.

>> No.37333558

>discworld jump

aw yiss

Looking forward to how wizard/witch stuff will work. There's obscure mentions of men doing witch-like magic and women doing wizard stuff (i.e. annagramma) so-will that be a thing?

>> No.37333559

Except AW relies on the emotions being extreme and out of control. If Asura was calm as well as angry, he just wouldn't be as strong.

>> No.37333571

Yup. Current plan is for Wizard and Witch to be discounted for the correct gender, but still purchaseable otherwise.

>> No.37333573

Because Wrath by its very nature is not a logical emotion.

>> No.37333590

Neither are any emotions really, especially the ones in AW.

>> No.37333606

>is if you have both the magic and chi reserves to pull it off period
Not him
I took that other expensive perk, the one that gave me fuck-huge magic reserves

>> No.37333641

Okay, Romulan.

>> No.37333647

But do you have excessive Chi reserves as well?

>> No.37333671


>> No.37333685

I went to Wuxia and picked up all the chi enhancing techniques, so I think I can handle learning Kanka, especially thanks to my familiarity with Arcane Warrior- it does the same thing except only with magic.

>> No.37333690

After Wuxia? I would hope so

>> No.37333711

Good. Just checking.

>> No.37333745

>Arcane Warrior
We think alike anon, wanting to use our magic to boost our physical abilities to utterly insane levels

>> No.37333762

How horrible can combining with getting Crawling with Love be?
Doesn't seem that bad seeing as I am getting weirdness magnet as well.

>> No.37333772

You poor, damned soul

>> No.37333783

Your are screwed in more ways than one.

>> No.37333786

>and basically avoiding all drawbacks
>locked my powers and memories in that jump
about that

>> No.37333798

Because now cute Shoggoth girls are following you around and sleeping under your bed and murdering your next door neighbor for looking at her senpai wrong.

>> No.37333814

That sounds more adorable than terrifying.
But that might just be me loosing a lot of my sanity in Soul Eater

>> No.37333833

It's adorable if you don't mind your life becoming Saya no Uta I guess, but that's on you.

>> No.37333847

But for me, it was a Tuesday.

>> No.37333849

Except Saya eats you in the end.

>> No.37333863

Yes, and?

>> No.37333913


> Era: Ancient Era [Rolled7/OBJECTION!] [-100CP]
> People: CATastrophe
> Origin: God-King
> Methodology: Science, Warfare [-200CP]
> Oral Tradition [-100CP]
> Time-Traveler's Temper [-100CP]
> Accepting The Divine [Get a Freebie!]
> Let There Be Light [-50CP]
> Primitive Screwheads [-150CP]
> Realm Of Myths [-300CP]
> Muse [-100CP]
> Patron [-100CP]
> Martial Culture [-50CP]
> Authority Equals Asskicking [-150CP]
> Tabula Rasa [-50CP]
> The Enlightenment [-150CP]
> The Hanging Gardens [Get a Freebie!]
> Brandenburg Gate [Get a Freebie!]
> University Of Toronto [Get a Freebie!]
> Full Table [+400CP]
> Raging Barbarians [+200CP]

Row row, fight the power.
Would standing alongside Emps also summon the Warp in this universe? Because I'd love to hang out, but that ain't a price I'm willing to pay.

Anyway, super advanced ancient civilization builds crazy elven styled bullshit, everyone has cat ears, no one is as fluffy as me.
Although in actuality I probably spend a lot of time in Spyro Dragon form, or at least until it gets too big to feed.
I'm pretty sure I can just straight up crush a couple civilizations at the start, if I feel like it.

I feel like I could walk these people through building working starships in, like, a hundred years tops. Two hundred if I'm feeling lazy. So other than that this is just an extended vacation.

Also, Tech Tree? Psh, fuck that. Crazy schizo tech is half the fun!

>> No.37333930

Its like this, but with shoggoths and Narly-tan. They want to touch you with their tentacles. From the inside.

>> No.37333936

I'll gladly take those murder presents.
Presents are never a bad thing.

>> No.37333961

That's not a downside

>> No.37333965

>Narly-tan and Shoggoth
>No Hastur trap.
Such disappointment.
Nah but seriously I can now see why it is unappealing. I'd still take it . It's not like any old ones or whatever are in love with me as far as I've read they are just in the forms of little boys and girls.

>> No.37333993

>mfw you almost went the exact same build save for war instead of culture

>> No.37334098

Welp, my raildex magic build

110 Raildex Magic
Drop In
Age 26 da 1560 ka 1150
Evocation -50, Index -300, Ritualist -100, Esper(Clairvoyance)-600, Channelling -100,
Media Collection, Symbolic Weapon(Sword)-50,
Glutton +100, Biter +100,
Assistant(Evocation -100, Ritualist -100)
Sneak in and read the entire Vatican library and every other book that I can find in this world. Combine the Symbolic Weapon(Sword) with the Sun Sword.

using magic there should hold no difficulty for me despite being an esper thanks to having more healing factors and regen than I could shake a stick at

>> No.37334113

Having looked it over, I actually think of it as some kind of bastardized cross between yours and AntiSpiral's... which is almost sortof halfway fitting, maybe. He also took the Brandenburg Gate, and is also a Muse.
On the flip side, you both also took Tech Tree, which I practically have no use or interest for. I also didn't WANT Primitive Screwheads, but the way my build was set up, if I didn't take it I'd have 50CP left over, because there's nothing that costs 50CP that isn't caused by a discount.

As an aside, being a Muse is the sortof thing I can actually see getting kindof annoying, eventually, if I truly have no control over it. People I'm talking to suddenly just going into a spontaneous manic phase of inspiration. It's a good thing I know how to make those moddable power blockers from Girl Genius Jump.
It does really help get a jumpstart on civ construction, though!

>> No.37334125

I just came all the way from b to congratulate you on the enormity of your success today.

May fortune favor you, may women fuck your brains, and may god favor you. Actually, looks like he already does.

>> No.37334193

I went Tech Tree mainly because that combined with Connections/Overcoming Sample Bias (Starcraft/Tenchi respectively) and Arcane essentially means it's ridiculously easy to do my research. Like, the information pops in my head immediately when I know what I want to make, how to get there, and how to connect it all.

Primitive Screwheads was a bit odd, but to me it'll be a good thing for any future jumps. Lowers the cost if I'm running something, and it helps people back the hell off.

I can see where you'd go with your stuff, though! Nice job!

>> No.37334215

Damn son, you just got sexts. that's pretty impressive.

>> No.37334318

>you will never get those repeating digits

>> No.37334341

Shit son, that counts as gospel.

>> No.37334758

I wanna He-man jump

>> No.37334829

I was thinking more along the lines of fear weakening will so getting rid of it might benefit you somehow but then again I'm sure there's some bullshit in there about needing fear or true will is overcoming it or something.

Sounds good then if I went for hope as my aspect as I doubt that would piss many people off. I'm not sure what I'd actually have my attribute and aspect do though.

>> No.37334970

Attribute is harder than Aspect, in my opinion. It's not too hard to think of a concept so meaningful to you that you'd want to embody it. But Attributes can be anything. It's a blank check for a superpower, what do you do with that? In some ways too much choice can be more limiting than no choice at all.

>> No.37334995

And I pray

>> No.37335011

Oh my god how you pray.

>> No.37335013

Oh my god do I pray

>> No.37335022

True, but in my opinion the Attribute should in some way be related to the Aspect... the real trick is that if you can think of a way for your Attribute to do something it can pretty much do it

>> No.37335033

If you're like me, you just picked an un-taken Hindu god with a sphere you liked. As far as what matters to me personally, I got nothing.

>> No.37335037


>> No.37335041


>> No.37335054

That's a problem I often have. I can deal with limited choices fairly well but when I can choose almost anything I can never think of something decent.
As it mentions having the wind sicken foes I'd want something opposite like an aura of peace which I could extend outwards to stop unwanted violence.
As for my aspect it would probably have to do with filling people with hope, optimism and more energy or something, no idea really.

>> No.37335062

Speaking of that, does it have to be a hindu god?

>> No.37335114

Yep. They're all hindu.

>> No.37335133

And I say hey, hey, hey, heeyyaaa

>> No.37335144

>Not Mya
Catgirl Skeletor?

>> No.37335167

No, you can be whatever you want. Hindu is just in vogue, given the setting. You could be, say, Tezcatlipoca if you wanted to. The other gods would look at you funny, but there's nothing saying you have to be a Hindu god. Hell, you can be an entirely original god. Or one from fiction. Insist that the other gods have to refer to you as Armok the Blood God. They'll probably change it to sound more Hindu (like how Jan Oleg is referred to by the other gods as Jannaga), but they'll do it.

>> No.37335175

Damn. There goes my dream of being coyote.

>> No.37335189

The hell are you getting this from? All the gods are Hindu, so why wouldn't you be?

>> No.37335193

>Catgirl Skeletor


>> No.37335219

If I could get a pastebin to get an idea of how you're doing powers I'd be happy to float some suggestions and go over to SB to see if they've got any suggestions As it seems the sort of thing they might be useful for.

>> No.37335233

Because, they aren't really gods. They're just pretending. So, you can bring in your super-special-snowflake OC that breaks the rule of the gods and have it not actually break any rules of the setting.

>> No.37335236

Ugh, no. Don't go to that shithole and don't bring their garbage over here.

>> No.37335257

Thats pure fanwank. The whole theme is based around them being or pretending to be Hindu gods.

>> No.37335279

>tfw that one god who declares himself YHVH
>tfw every pantheon has That God

>> No.37335297

If you get in on the ground floor with the Star of India perk isn't all that moot? You're one of the start ups, so you could set whatever tone you wanted for yourself.

>> No.37335302

It's an option no one has taken for reasons that the Jumper doesn't have. If Sam can be Buddha, Coyote-Jumper can be Coyote.

>> No.37335327

Honestly it's not that bad of a place. I admit their CYOA general thread is one of the places largely frequented by some of the less readable users but Worm's kinda a big thing over there so I figure they might have worthwhile input.

And besides to them 4chan's the shithole, from my view of things it's a case of different tastes and mild hippocricy

>> No.37335336

What, you didn't like the jump they created and posted in thread for us?

>> No.37335337

It's a case of them being morons, starting shit there and here in the past. No, don't bring those fuckers here and don't involve them.

>> No.37335363

I'm Cthulhu!

>> No.37335376

Cthulhu isn't technically a god.

>> No.37335441

Neither are any of the people in that jump.

>> No.37335452

I think we retroactively became Vishnu. See, there's a canon Vishnu the Preserver but we started in Star of India so...yeah.

In between going nuts and turning into an energy monster, we kind of hijacked the hindu naming committee to become Vishnu.

>> No.37335471

I had never heard that.... well then I suppose that opens some entirely new options to me.

>> No.37335534

Yeah, it's my assumption that if you start in Star of India you've got more leeway in choosing what God you are. Might be bullshit, but I'd say that choice extends to hopping pantheons too.

>> No.37335587

Has anyone seen Mir in a while? I can't remember the last time I saw him.

>> No.37335608

He disappeared a couple days after posting the final version of Lord of Light.

>> No.37335610

You mean the one time they accidentally kicked off a shitstorm because one guy had been developing and posting his own Wheel of Time jump over there and had missed the other guy publishing his own full version out of nowhere. Because that and making a MLP jump solely for their use with no intention to publish it here, with a troll dredging it up anyways, explicitly counter to the creator's intent are the only major shitstorms I remember attributable to them.

This is pretty much the IRC bullshit all over again. Admittedly the complaints about community separation separation are a lot more valid here but it's still largely people starting shit over minor stuff.

Also the Traveler jump is proceeding apace over there. I'll double check with the creator over whether he wants it mirrored over here yet because it's still WIP and he got burned last time he tried putting one up (he was Wheel of Time guy).

>> No.37335632

Their members did it. Their members are retarded. You can suck their collective cock all you want, but we don't like them and we don't want to involve their shit-stirring, blatantly underage (slipstream is 17!), stupid community with us at all, and we don't want you dragging them here.

>> No.37335699

This is nothing like the irc shit. SB is its own animal with its own community rules, culture, and required registration. The irc crew are all /tg/ who post here.

If SB wants to jump: cool. If they want to make jumps: cool. But we shouldn't collaborate with them, unless they come here. /jc/ started here. They can come to us.

>> No.37335720

Stop being such a bitch about it, they haven't personally attacked you or anything. Merchant is being very reasonable in his opinions.

>> No.37335738

It really is not reasonable to try and drag underage morons into this thread or involve them with us.

>> No.37335755


>mentioning IRC


>> No.37335769

No, because fuck you.

>> No.37335792

He wasn't though. He was intending to go over there and ask for ideas. And there are plenty of underage people here, don't be so ridiculous.

>> No.37335813

>implying your opinion is the same as everyone else's

Making a lot of assumptions here. I personally enjoy Wheel of Time jump

>> No.37335842

He is. That's involving them with us. They should remain completely separate and away from us. They have no rights to enforce their will on jumps or drag their sorry asses here.

Sounds like you're breaking the rules to me, chief.
They didn't make WoT. One of our members did.

>> No.37335873

You the one trying to enforce your will on other people. Shut the fuck up and sit down will you?

>> No.37335916

No, Merchant is the one trying to drag that community into this. You fuck off.

>> No.37335952

>No brainstorming with idiot babies
Fair enough, but if he's not getting what he needs here he has the right to check elsewhere.

>> No.37335970

Consider that we're not talking about what Merchant is doing, but the way he's trying to drag someone else unrelated onto that website and that website into our affairs.

>> No.37335973

You might as well not bother trying any reason with him anon.

>> No.37335998

There are two WoT jumps: ours and theirs. We posted ours before they were done with theirs, which caused sand to manifest into SBs collective fun bits. Said sandiness and associated ocular leakage seeped over to /tg/ and shat things up for a bit.

>> No.37336020

Why don't you go back there if you're so in love with them? Honestly.

>> No.37336027

WoT was some anon here, there was another guy over on SB who was making a different version on his own time before the anon published his jump. Long story short the WIP from SB got posted a thread or two after the anon's because the guy posting it wasn't caught up on threads and it kicked off a massive god damned shitstorm. End result was that Sb's was scrapped along with a good deal of ill will developing from people assuming it was them trying to overwrite another jumpmaker's work.
I'm sorry for kicking off yet another flame war. On the other hand I'm not sorry for offering to bring a problem to a community that might've been helpful.
I was offering to go get a second opinion to help with a jump when the jump's the sort of thing SB would know and have a second opinion on. I try not to drag things in unnecessarily.

>> No.37336050

Merchant, the guy seems pretty set on shitting on you, no matter what reason you provide. Just ignore the idiot.

>> No.37336068

You're doing it unnecessarily. We do not need to be involved with that place. That place full of idiots, underage users, and shit stirrers. They do not collaborate with us, we do not need to go begging to them for help. If they want to be involved in this community they need to come here on their own, and preferably not bring up where they come from.

Yeah, anyone who isn't smiling happy hugs has no logic or thought, right?

>> No.37336069

OK so I briefly saw people talking about a generic zombie jump, is that actually going to be made?
I've been wanting a decent zombie jump to go into and wreck shop in for a while, something like Walking Dead or Left4Dead.

>> No.37336099


Why the fuck do you keep typing that? Haven't you noticed the MAJORITY of posts are, at best, indifferent to SB? And utterly sick of your ranting at SB without giving any decent justifications beyond THEY MIGHT BE UNDERAGE

>> No.37336102

>4chan isn't full of idiots, underage users and shit stirrers.
HAHAHA, what the fuck are you on man?

>> No.37336107

There was some discussion, but I don't remember anyone saying they were working it.

>> No.37336124

I'm seeing you freak the fuck out that people don't like your baby and favorite site. Seriously, go the fuck back.
Is that you admitting something?

>> No.37336135

You know they already know we exist, right? And he can talk to them without inviting them over here by going over there? If you ask nicely, he might not even bring up 4chan at all.

"Hey guys, I need help with designing a jump."
>15 terrible ideas
>One that could use a spitshine
And that can be the end of it. No need to pre-emptively panic.

>> No.37336145

Look, 4chan isn't this perfect site you seem to think it is. Hell, you seem to be weirdly obsessed with the idea of underage users anyway creep.

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