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Thread for art, official or not, and lovely looking minis.

Does anyone have the one of a couple deathwatch marines taking cover by a wall, one holding up his fist in a 'take cover' gesture?

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Here is my first contribution.

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Couldn't find the picture of that black guy with a super slim face, but goddamn.

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Great work, isn't it?

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It's fine, except his face looks like someone squeezed Marilyn Manson's face really tight.

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i know close to nothing about warhammer, but why does it seem like almost every faction's armor is the same?

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same reason most caped heroes have the same body type

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Well, there are only so many space marine marks. I believe the one they use right now is Mark VII or some shit, and they all share the same basic design with small variations. If that's what you mean.

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love that pic

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By 'faction' what do you mean? Different units of space marines?

They're all composed of the 7 major designs with different decoration and fiddly bits tacked onto them.

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Oh. That never really bothered me before, and now that you mention it, it does. Huh.

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like i said, i really know close to nothing regarding the universe. by faction, i mean like grey knights, etc., all of the space marine armor looks practically the same to me aside from colors and embellishments. why isn't there more variety? such as no shoulder armor on one side, and a large piece on the other, or drastically different helmets, etc.

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Partly because in the grimdarkness of 40k, tons and tons and tons of technology has been lost, and innovation is heresy which is a big fucking no-no. The armor design they use now has been in use for literally thousands of years (I believe mark 7 was invented shortly after the horus heresy 10,000 years ago).

Furthermore, it works exceedingly well. There's little reason to improve something that's so tried and true. Removing one pauldron just for looks means you're vulnerable on that side, for example. Your helmet can't be -that- weird because it has to work. This being said, there are certain helmet designs that are rather unusual - I recall some ultramarines with a sort of eagle-design there. Think of ours soldier's helmet design. The one the US marines wear today are actually quite similar in design to the ones the germans wore many decades ago in WW2

Lastly, if you want variation, look to Chaos. They have a bit more variation, because Chaos is, well, chaotic and it literally fuses the armour with the warrior within, warping them both in the process. This usually means spikes. Lots and lots and lots of spikes.

Hope that answers it.

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cool. thanks

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I'll try to post some more pics of the different models, they are more different.

Modern space marine armor is mostly Marks 6 and 7, while 8 is a prototype that's just an improved version of 7.

Here we have Mark 2 'Crusade' armor, the original model of power armor used by the Space Marines ten thousand years ago.

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Here's the Mark 5, 'Heresy' armor, a rushed design made to be very modular and able to be built and repaired with almost any parts.

Used during the Horus Heresy when supply lines broke down, usually built my Space Marines own production facilities rather than the actual forge worlds because they couldn't get reliable supplies.

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Mark 4 is considered to be among the best still around, built at the height of the Imperium just before the Horus Heresy, and has many advanced systems that have since fallen into disuse, it is the most common of the pre-heresy armors still in use today, despite the fact that only a very few groups still know how to make them.

While still very effective, it has mostly been supplanted by the new designs by weight of numbers.

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Mk 6 is the much beloved 'Beakie' armor, its real name is the 'Corvus' pattern.

Prototyped during the Heresy and deployed in limited numbers, it was standard issue for some time after the Heresy, but is now only a limited run production.

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I thought the Corvus pattern was in production before the heresy.

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Mk 7 is the modern day standard issue, and is the most common production. When a new production facility for space marine armor is set up it's almost always going to be tooled for mk 7, though the older patterns are still produced to different degrees, mostly 6.

6 and 7 have many similar parts and the helmets are interchangeable without modification. Marks 6 and 7 are the most common of all power armor suits.

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Just before I think the Raven Guard got a limited run of prototypes, during the heresy it was being deployed by the major forge worlds while the ones more distant had to make do with 5.

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Here's what the next pattern was going to look like until GW decide nah.
I think after the Raven Guard tested it, it was sent to legions in limited numbers. I remember that Garo fellow wearing it.

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MK 8 is the latest suit, just newly designed. It's basically a simple upgrade of Mk 7 intended to solve some of the problems that suit possessed. However despite being nicer in many ways it is still only built in very limited numbers and usually relegated to squad commanders.

To clarify, 6 was being designed during the Heresy, prototyped before, and deployed during. The Heresy went on for a long time, it wasn't a short war.

I hope this was useful anon! There are several other smaller designs, limited run, and designs specific to a single world, especially helmets.

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Here are a few samples.

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These lovely chaps have a full chapter full of MK 8 nearly.
And refer to this >>37285663

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Where is the MK1?

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Mk 1 'Thunder' armor isn't actually space marine armor.

It's a totally outdated design used on ancient earth, isn't environmentally sealed and was used by the thunder warriors, the emperor's original gene-engineered warriors. They were basically proto-marines.

It was later renamed mk 1 to remember their actions, but was utterly inferior to everything that followed.

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I know that. It was said that the MK1 was different from individual to individual.

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i like the guy in the bottom right.


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>Welcome to DIE

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Although the model is clearly GW, so you could easily stick it in a Marine Army (particularly as a Veteran/retinue member of an officer/CM and be golden.) They are rarely used as ceremonial armor or heirlooms for a chapter, or at least as prized components of composite suits of armor that are actually more effective.

One might also say "Oh, yeah, well, he got sucked into the Warp, and came out now. So yeah.".

While one would think that ceremonial armor might not be used on the battlefield, stupider things are done by Marines and Non-Marines in terms of well, everything.

You could also say "Oh well, it LOOKS like Thunder Armor, but that's a conceit. It's Artificer Armor with an archaic theme, for Reasons." Or it could be Thunder Armor with Artificer stats because of gradual upgrades and repairs, or because it was the bestest suit if Thunder Armor ever, worn by the highest ranking Thunder Warriors.

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Tau Sniper team I won the comp at the local LGS with em

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those heresy era autocannon support marines look so cool

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That would work, thunder armor is basically semi-powered carapace armor that doesn't even have proper support for the legs, the pic I posted is probably a top-tier suit honestly, they're noted as being maybe better than scout armor but not much, those who still have them either venerate them as ancient relics, or only wear them in non-combat ceremonial situations.

Better than shirtsleves if you absolutely must use it, but nothing you would want to use if compared to any of the other marks.

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dem thighs on that marine

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Technically this is cosplay with Photoshop editing but I think it counts as art.

The girl is for real lithe like a Eldar .

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>studded power armor

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Where can I buy 6-8, 11 and 12?
Thanks in advance

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I like this concept of PA

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That pic got me into BT, or at least started my interest

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6 and 8 look like the helmets used by some of Severin Loths honour guard.

7 is the World Eater helmet with the bunny ears cut off.

11 and 12 are similar to heads from the BT upgrade sprue or ones from the IF Templar Brethren upgrade set.

Nothing I've mentioned is and exact match but it's the closest you'll get.

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>BL commissions this illustration
>instead of saving it for a book in the Siege of Terra, uses it as cover of some shitty short-story compilation

BL-tier retardation.

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Cool, thanks. Have some Templars

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I'm glad, it's shit.

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Let's dump some "unique" Muhrinees

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What? No they didn't. It's the cover of Visions of Heresy, the updated version of Collected Visions, which in turn was what people ranted about for years as, "The official Horus Heresy story"

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I just realized thats metal as fuck; The Devil vs. a nigga on fire; his sword is also on fire

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THose dudes waaay to fucking chill bro ... especially that middle dude and that dude in the back, the nids look hungry as Fuck

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That's a pretty casual picture you've got therre

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this picture now with 100x MOAR PILLARS.

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But they have the Emperor on their side. Why wouldn't they be chill as fuck?

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Your spotter looks like a nigger that just spotted some watermelon

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It's pretty nice but I'm very dubious that you'll be able to suppress the sound of a hypersonic kinetic kill device.

Half the sound of a gunshot is the sonic boom it creates.

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I don't know if this counts as art since it has alot of text but I really like the designs.

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I laffed

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Fucking midgets.

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wait a minute. are they pre-heresy death guards?

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The term 'Blackshield' first popped up during the Horus Heresy as units of marines from traitor legions painted their armor black and renounced their former legion names, calling themselves Blackshields and fighting alongside loyalists.

Therefore it's highly likely that the Deatwatch began as an amalgamation of loyalist marines who's legions had turned traitor, giving them a new purpose. This is a larger scale of what Malcador did with his Knights Errant, and considering the Knights became the Grey Knights over time, it's also likely he created the Deathwatch for a similar purpose.

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I think he was commenting on their right shoulder pad.

And I'm pretty sure that's the Sons of Medusa emblem, not the Death Guard.

They're kinda similar though.

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Yeah, that looks like their heraldry. Odd to see two deathwatch marines from the same parent chapter.

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>A custodes being defeated by a shitty brainwashed chaos marine

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Custodes aren't unkillable - they were present during the Siege of Prospero and several were killed by the Thousand Sons - and those are the Ghal Vorbok (or however it's spelled), the first and most powerful Possessed the Word Bearer's produced. So, quite a way from a "shitty brainwashed chaos marine."

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No, Captcha, I'm posting Tyranids not Orks.

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Gotta love that 2nd edition charm.

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Anyone have some good Mechanicus images? Preferably with Heretekial leaning. Dumping what I have.

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Will post what Dark Mechanicus stuff I have, then regular Techpriests for a bit.

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The Black Shields predate the Deathwatch by thousands of years and were integrated into the Deathwatch after its founding. However the Heresy era Black Shields are not proto-Deathwatch.

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And this is sadly the extent of my collection.

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Would anyone happen to have this picture not spliced together? I've looked for it everywhere and browsed the artist's works for over half an hour and this is still the best I've found-- from torrenting the codex and mashing it together.

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Not exactly "good" wink wink.

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le nice.

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Those guardians are fucked.

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That's all the Darkmech stuff I've got, I'm afraid. Chaos Servitor to finish.

Gonna check through my folders to see if I have the full version of this >>37308056 (don't think I do, but it can't hurt to look) then switch to regular Mechanicus stuff.

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Sorry Nurgleguy, looks like you're out of luck. I thought I had the chopped up picture, but apparently I don't even have that.

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Nice file name, however you missed the 2nd most 40K character in 40K in favor of his Chapter Master.

Seriously, Lemartes is the patron saint of always been angry ALWAYS.

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No worries, thanks for looking.

For the record, Eversors are as 40K as 40K gets.
A skull faced berserk assassin fueled by space cocaine, rage, and zealotry who fucking explodes when he dies.
It doesn't get any more grimdark/there is only war than that.

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>who fucking explodes when he dies.

Kinda gutted that they took the Bio-Meltdown rule away. I mean it never really did anything that troubling, but it was pretty cool to see them dragging one or two more models down with them as they went.

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>> No.37308389

You're kidding, they got rid of that rule?
I think they might have just moved it under "frenzon" or whatever their drug is.

>> No.37308397

Gonna do some general Nurgle stuff now, since I couldn't find that other picture.

>> No.37308419

Pretty sure, yea. Frenzon just gives them the extra D6 attacks on the charge.

>> No.37308444

I better start posting all my best Nurgle stuff before someone beats me to it.

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I can't quite remember the name of this artist, but pretty much everything by him is solid gold in my book.
Also how he portrayed Daemon and Marine working side by side, as it should be.

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>> No.37308542

Yea, he did most of the artwork in the 3.5ed CSM book and it really set the tone wonderfully. I don't think he draws for GW any more though, sadly.

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oh nice, I've been looking for this pic too.
And I got to agree with you, not only was the art as good as it ever was but (atleast in my mind) every chaos codex since has been worse.
Nothing trumped that book.

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I'm in two minds about the 3.5 edition codex. It was one of the most flexible and customizable books GW has ever done, with loads and loads of very flavourful units and options, but it was easy to abuse and pigeonholed the Legions into stereotypes which they're still trying to escape to this day - just look at how many people think Night Lords are "the Legion with all the Raptors" and not "the Legion that focuses on terror tactics".

The current book certainly has it's flaws, but I don't think it's nearly as bad as a lot of people think, especially when it's combined with the Daemon codex.

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More IG please?

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Space marines? You got it.

>> No.37308689

Got a few.

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And we hit max, gg no re.

>> No.37308742

Oh, damn, image limit. Hope everyone got some useful stuff!

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Anyone know the name of the artist behind the I CAST FIST picture?

>> No.37308881


It's a shit pic though. There's so much needless effect thrown in I can't even make out Horus.

>> No.37308958


Bottom left dude is posing for a photo. They know they've got this. It'll be fiiiiiiiiine.

>> No.37309496

The picture isn't shit, Horus a shit. You see all that you need to see. Namely the God Emperor in his glorious prime, his brave Custodes, and Sanguinius' noble sacrifice.

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>That Hydra on the Ultra's Knee

>> No.37309622

It's a gorgon.

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