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>I'm a threeaboo.
>I'm still trying 5e but treating it as different game
>Enjoying it, but still prefer 3.5
>All friends talking about how awesome 5e is and how 3.5 is shit in comparison
>Get sad and defensive
>Probably going to lose friends over edition war.

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Where do you people find these other people who shit-talk editions somewhere other than the internet?

Even when I'm talking to a tabletop gamer who plays different stuff than me, the conversation is all joyous, gleeful nerdery.

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Guess what? I don't like your favorite band or you're waifu.

You got to learn to deal with shit.

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Good, keep playing 3.5 so I never have to play with you.

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Its one thing if they just didn't like it. But they spent years in campaigns with me and I had a major one planned for this upcoming summer.

> Also an issue if they start actually attacking and berating your for preference.

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>I like a particular game despite other's complaints
>I don't have justification for why I like a particular game
>Other people like different game
>Other people have justification for why they like it over my particular game
>Guess I'll get mopey about and not play with those friends anymore

Good. You are probably just a tagalong with your group. I bet you're the guy who's absences they don't notice. I bet you say a lot of spineless stupid shit and they smile and nod at you.

I bet you're the guy who always makes the rest of his group watch obtuse youtube videos you think are funny, or recommending music to people who didn't ask for your opinion.

You're not That Guy. You're the That Other Guy.

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Others had no complaints in past, enjoyed game, numerous campaigns.
I prefer customization options and complexity.
I know other people like 5e, I am trying it and like it to.
I had campaigns planned and am sad, some of some friends are very vitriolic about it.

I'm not a tagalong, I'm in a lot of them and was involved in a lot of planning. STFU. I'm the one who is usually getting That Guy and That Other Guy back on track.

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>I prefer customization options and complexity.
God I hate people like you.

No, character building should not be 75% of the game. This is the main reason 3.5 is the largest deviation from AD&D.

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You can still plan those campaigns. Take a look through your notes and make modifications, it can't ALL require scrapping because someone changed the edition on you.

If campaigns are the problem, just put a little effort into making an edition conversion.

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Keep at it, you'll get over your mental sickness.

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You're friends are right, you should listen to them.

Also I don't see why you can't run the same planned campaigns in 5e - unless they required some SPECIFIC obsolete 3.5 mechanic, which would be autismal as fuck.

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Like everyone else I am afraid I'll have to say that 5e is better, but there's nothing wrong with having your own opinions.

If you like more customization, I encourage you to play a human wizard -- you'll still get a pretty big spell list to sift through, and you get to read all the feats immediately for human bonus. Talk to your DM about a possible custom background.

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>there's nothing wrong with having your own opinions.

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Why are you being so fucking hostile.

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The problem here is that your opinion is entirely subjective. And by sheer virtue of not being hideously broken 5e is much better objectively than 3.5

Therefore, just accept it, play 5e with them and enjoy it. If you still really, really want to play 3.5 then find another group and play with them as well, there's not really a shortage of 3.5 groups out there

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Custodes pls.

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Are you new?

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listen to this anon, op

You don't want to be that guy, do you?

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You're going to lose friends over that? Then either they're bad friends or you are, or both.

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Why are you letting these arguments escalate to the point where they're threatening friendships?

I mean, I'd expect this if you all are under-20 nerds or something, and you don't grasp what's important enough to seriously beef over; then you and your friends just need to grow up and be less angry about shit.
But if you're NOT? Holy shit, fix your life.

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>>I'm a threeaboo.
Found your problem.

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If you are going to shit on your friend because of what they like, then the "odd man out" theory of That Guy goes out the window, and you're just That Guy in life.

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Be polite when discussing edition differences among your friends IRL. Don't get bitter. Don't try too hard to convince people, it backfires.

Try 5E for a while and if you still hate it, find another group to play with.

End of story.

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>If you're going to shit on what your friend likes
You've taken things too personally. Are they calling you a useless shitstain waste of space because you're into 3.x or are they saying 3.x is shit?

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What's wrong with 5e?

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>be 4rry
>have your edition shit talked by everyone on the face of the earth
>Play with one group who like it
>DM converts game to 5e
>everyone else okay with it
>you hate playing it but stay because friends
>DM never willing to go back to 4e
>nobody else plays 4e aka worst edition
life is pain

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It is objectively true that 3.5 has far more material and options available than 5e, but how much you value this compared to it's broken aspects is subjective. Nothing can really objectively be better than something else because of subjective value

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>3.5 has far more material and options available
So homebrew what you want for 5e. No matter how ham-fisted your stuff is, it's probably more balanced than actually playing 3.5.

What specific things from 3.5 do you want in your games?
>I prefer customization options and complexity.
That's pretty fucking vague. Are there specific character concepts you're having trouble working out in 5e? Shit like psionics and summoners that aren't really supported in core? That you can homebrew. Your only problem is if you actually enjoy counting out skill points and trying to comb through 100 prestige classes to make effective combos.

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This. Especially, especially when it's over 5E versus 3E, because there's so little difference between them. 5E is basically 3E without the flaws. Even if the flaws of 3E didn't bother you, I really fail to see how you'd think 5e was that much worse. And losing friends over it? You're pathetic. Grow up.

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Exactly. Just socialize with humans and enjoy your hobby in real life, where people are largely decent.

All of this spergish outrage only occurs online. In real life, people are afraid to get smacked in the face. That's why we invented manners. And violence.

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