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Just a General thread.

But as a question to start out, what does everyone think of their codex so far or ,for that matter, this edition ?

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Guy new to 40k here.

I`m cutting apart a Chimera spruce and wondering if I should prime the parts now that I`ve sanded off the edges or assemble it first. It`s also below freezing here so that may also be a problem.

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>below freezing
Yeah I would hold off on that m8. I've never found priming or painting pieces of things before assembling to be necessary. But if you're OCD and absolutely HAVE to have every millimeter of the thing covered in paint then go ahead. But don't do it in below freezing conditions.

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I love my man creed. Any unit flanking is pretty fucking good

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I dont like it, Black Templars have no way to get in CC reliably without using LRCs which makes your lists with a crippling ammount of bodies.

I want my Vows back.

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I've thought about getting some of the tonks from Forge world, how do the Imperial Armour books work with normal 40k? Could you use them in a normal game if you so wished?

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Run your primer can under really hot water for a few minutes before priming in cold weather. Should work fine.

What are LRC's?

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Yeah man. Especially at an official GW store you can use it in normal games. Be sure to ask or tell before you decide to play though. Rule of thumb when using sorta 3rd party rules is to NOT make a dick-ass list with them.

Just don't be a prick and things SHOULD be fine.

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>ow do the Imperial Armour books work with normal 40k?

They are supplements, just tell your opponent beforehand and its fine.

Land Raider Crusaders

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What about drop pods ?

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Could be nice, I just dont have enough, Im just going to play 30k and play with terminators and awesome predators.

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with permission


this is horseshit, as they MAY let you use them for casual games, but its a big no no for any kind of scheduled event.

its fine if they agree. Most forgeworld players are looking for power units, undercosted that their army may not be able to do. Its usually strictly better versions. Oh sure, forgefriends will have you believe they are a brotherhood of fluff and fun, only out for the casual fun to be had. But dont buy it, they are the most WAAC faggots in the game.

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Do you really have that much trouble? Rhinos aren't enough? I feel like Rhinos can get you to the enemy just fine...

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I only want to get muh griffon: I've been told that it was removed in the new codex?

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Requesting that one image of a little boy wearing a space marine helmet saying "I don't want to go to bed. I wanna purge xenos for the emperor. Yeah like that."

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Ha I think the Kuk plebs are just affected by the demiurge nigger faggots....jews

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So this popped up in my Twitter feed

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I want to make up my own chapter and call it the SOS Brigade.

Their primary colour would be white, with blue highlights. The shoulder emblem would be red, like pic related. Helmets would be a gold colour.

Instead of praising the Emperor, we'd praise Haruhi.

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If that person is successful, then they should adopt the nurgle symbol and hire a plague bearer as a secretary (in the lore they are called "tallymen" for a reason).

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They like bananas?

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I think this replaced that.

In the wake of the Chapter House debacle, GW decided to remove any units from their codices that did not have a model. The Griffon did not have one (correct me if I am mistaken).

Its the same reason the old Tyranid spores were removed from the codex and replaced with the Mucolid and Tyrannocite Spores.

But the Griffon might still be supported by Forgeworld rules.

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What chapter is that?

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They are tasked with keeping track of Nurgle's many afflictions.


That must have been the face Coteaz used to banish a million daemonhosts.

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Chapter House Stuidios is a company that creates warhammer accessories (alternate doors to go on rhinos and things like that).

They unfortunately push the envelope because they are doing this without GW's permission and being too literal with their naming of their products.

As a result they (and their owner) have been sued several times, and recently had their assets (and the owner's private assets) frozen till a resolution was reached.

The image here is one example of their less than brilliant labeling of their products. This was referred to as "Pre-Heresy Terminator" on their website.

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Real subtle. Geez, what did they think would happen?

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Consequently the struggle with Chapter House is the same legal saga where GW tried to copyright over-sized shoulder pads and the word "Space Marine"...,.

I find it hard to support either party when they both go ass-backwards at full speed in the court room.

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Consequently the struggle with Chapter House is the same legal saga where GW tried to copyright over-sized shoulder pads and the word "Space Marine"...,.

I find it hard to support either party when they both go ass-backwards at full speed in the court room.

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Where's the love for the cursed founding? All I ever see brought up is the Legion of the Damned - Flame Falcons are where it's at.

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Is it me or is Forge World putting out a lot of heresy products, walkers and walking constructs lately ?

I know 30k is their thing and they're proud to devote their time to it, but it seems like the other lines aren't getting much attention.

What do you think ?

Also, is it true there is a Land Raider variant that is immune to Melta ?

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>Also, is it true there is a Land Raider variant that is immune to Melta ?

Yes, also in 30k all vehicles can be immune to melta

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Left my Codex out in the car, but I noticed I have a spare Space Marine lying about. Not quite sure what the rules are for apothecaries are off the top of my head, but could I ideally convert him into one and field him as an independent character?

Let it be given my FLGS is liberal with allowing modified models, as long as they represent the right thing.

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>but could I ideally convert him into one and field him as an independent character?

No, only command squads can have apothecaries, red scorpion sgts can be apothecaries.

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Are there any non-HQ ind. characters that could ideally be done?

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>non-HQ ind.

These exist? I know Salamanders can have an apothecary as HQ but not sure if the character's special rules are any good.

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>The Griffon did not have one (correct me if I am mistaken).

Forge world.

Armoured Crew Compartment basilisks, vendettas, conversion beamers, shotgun vets, etc. don't exist outside of Forge World.

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How do you guys feel about proxy/stand in models? I'm not talking a whole army, just one or two units. Here's my example:

Imperial Knights are fuck off expensive. I'd like to get a Scopedog (pic related) at a comparable size for a fourth of the price. I'd repaint it, throw on some Imperium badges and bits, make up some Knight House lore, maybe greenstuff the weapons some. What do you guys think? How do you feel about a proxy like that?

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>Yes, also in 30k all vehicles can be immune to melta

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>chaos deamon codex

while i do miss the options from the last book, it does do an alright job of trying to balance it. turning powers into psychic powers hurts and helps. while i love chariots they're not the best. i wish greater deamons had kept their 4+ invuls and eternal warrior

>chaos marines
well, it's slightly better but i miss the deamon weapons from the last book and cheap unlimited spawn would've been broken. wish it had more cues from the warriors of chaos book. ya know like bloodcrushers or hellstriders or guys on discs. needs more crazy, but the dinobots were a nice touch

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Also all Predators and Vindicator can have Power of the Machine Spirit.

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Blood Angels are terrible.

That's all that can be said.

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"Immune" as in you get only 1D6 of penetration instead of 2.

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They had that option in 40k too at one point. Nothing new.

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To be honest, I don't mind proxies as long as some time into the conversion.

Since this is 40k, in some ways there is no standard for what you're going to see on the battlefield. Some times its nice to see something different on the table than the GW model.

Shows people in the hobby are enthusiastic and creative.

Also is that an Armored Trooper Votom in that image ?

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i want to get into 40k and Dark eldar is what im looking at, im not looking for super competitive builds im just wondering what are some units i should be looking to pick up besides Warriors, also do i have to spam Raiders?

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I know but its awesome.

Another cool tidbit, all marine tanks can have a pintle mounted heavy weapon.

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posting 1p40k because its awesome

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here's the complete version with army lists and advanced rules

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30k sells, nothing else does, really.

They've given up on WHFB and just released all the rules for the models for free, since nobody was buying them.

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Only do it if you can paint it up very well. Nothing like a beautifully donejokearmy to really shove that spike up people's assholes.

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I love Lamentors, and the new Blood Angels book is tempting me to make a 1000 pt army. Just need to get comfortable painting checker paterns and yellow first.

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Looking in the profiles, I see Khorne's units are the only ones that get saves. And a lot of those are 6+ (3+ for any blood thirster characters).

Also was GW trying to make Daemons a glass-cannon factions or something ? They seem fragile.

Looking at the Skull Cannon, I notice its the strongest chariot in the book. It can dish out a lot of attacks (D6 Hammer of Wraths and Rampage in close combat for its blood-letter crew).

But the armor is kind of thin (same as a Bane Wolfs) for something of Khorne.

Also since no daemons have grenades, do they get an initiative penalty for going into assault ?

And is there any reason blood-letters have such a high BS outside of the Skull-Cannon ?

(Also the Skull Cannon is my favorite Daemon units. The idea of a cannon that fires laughing skulls on fire made for a humorous mental image).

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Yeah, I just started to watch the series last night and I love the design. I was thinking about picking up a kit and strapping some bits and weapons on it to make it look plainly Imperium along with a good knight paintjob.

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SM bike squads can take jetpacks?

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Sure, go ahead. If you want to field an army that somehow manages to make you look like more of a faggot than fielding an Eldar army would, feel free.

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Record yourself saying something, anything, in your best Space Marine voice.

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Whats wrong in particular ?

Is it problems getting into assault, chapter relics or something else ?

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something like that. the 6+ save is a whfb tie in. in whfb it kinda helps since you can roll armor then invuls/ward saves.

i guess deamons lost a lot of their saves to show how weak they get in the material world. it's a weird point since they fall to bolters but also scoff at lascannons unless they have multiple wounds. there's also a few ways to get 4++/3++ across the board. this also balances out how pretty much everyone across the team went up in skills. goddamn keeper of secrets is i10 from i5. in the time it takes a guard to swing his fist he's already been swordraped 3 times.

there's a few ways to get around initiative penalties, but most of the time i'm going last as deamons.

bloodletters have high BS because khorne can make better footmen then pansy aspect warriors

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Looking to start a Dark Eldar army, any recommendations? Also Is spamming raiders/venoms mandatory?

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I think the Skull Cannon has a rule that if you fire it at a unit and the blast hits it, you can charge said unit without the initiative penalty.

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I can't wait for the new CSM Codex.
We are like loyalist but more boring and with second-hand choices.

Why can't we have Chapter Tactics too?

Why can't our Chosens do something interesting?
They make a cool Chosen mini with melee weapons as each one cost like a freaking terminator, the most logical thing to me seems to give them some "melee style" to choose like stenguard choose ammunition.
But no. Here's you melee chosens mini, now deploy ranged chosens. Derp.

And why our marines don't have a distorted version of ISKNF?
"If CSM fail morale test, they do not flee but instead can act as normal but they are threat as having BS and WS 1 until they regroup".
Fucking done, wasn't so hard.

And goddamit give us something unique with weapons. CSM with Shotguns or double pistol seems like a thing CSM would do. I want to sculpt some marine but it is so damn useless.

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I play Tyranids.

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C'mon, with their new Mycetic spores, vast quantity of monstrous creatures, and the threat provided by Neurothropes now, 'nids aren't doing too bad. At least mine aren't, I win about as often as I lose now that I can throw Carnifexes or worse in people's back fields first turn. Extra funny if you spice it up with some bug bunkers and hose everything down with s2 flamers. Poor little Tau.

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>mfw reading the rules of the Hades breaching drill

poison grenades at shotgun shells it is.

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Where to download the newest version of Chapter Master? My current version says the client is out of date.

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The page on 1d4chan is always update, but i warn you, there are A LOT of bugs.

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Im quite curious as of how GW will manage to make them even more boring.

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GW got better and better.
I trust them now.

>> No.37259187

>quite curious as to how GW will make them even worse then SM in every way


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Damn for a second i was thinking this was blood ravens like literally the best 40K chapter there is.. that and TS.

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You can summon Daemons that's neat, also you look better except for your vehicles

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File: 1.08 MB, 600x800, 2014-02-21 09.21.55.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those aren't Legion of the Damned, but BR's are pretty cool

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So I'm starting up a Tyranid army, but since the units I plan on running suck with the normal codex, I've talked my friends into letting me use the homebrew one one 1d4chan.

It's certainly much better and there's lot's of options and stuff, but I'm still a bit worried it might be too much. I did the math and I can potentially dump around 500 extra points onto a hive tyrant in wargear, biomorphs, and stat upgrades. While that's really awesome, I can't help but feel it might be a bit too far.

Has anyone tried it out? Here's a link to what I'm talking about: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Codex_-_Tyranids:_/tg/_edition

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Does anybody know a good china 40k seller?

>> No.37259233

>But as a question to start out, what does everyone think of their codex so far or ,for that matter, this edition ?

I'm amazed people think tempestus scions are good.

I don't know why marine players get tacticals for any reason when they can have marine bikers for 21p each as troops. Bikers are crazy good.

The AM wyvern and the SM thunderfire cannon are currently competing for "best artillery in the game".

>> No.37259257

Get an allied detachment with some other chapter tactics, or an inquisitor/grey knights and roll sanctic demonology so you can gate your crusaders right into your opponent.

>> No.37259285

Yupp, but his site is down at the moment

>> No.37259294

Are you talking about "thebitskingdom"?

>> No.37259310

Jetbikes and skimmers (venoms, ravagers and what ever they're called) are both some of your most effective and fluffy units. "normal" dark eldar lists and super competitive ones arent' really that different AFAIK, the latter are just much more optimised (or use webway portal with allied elder for ultra cheese).

>> No.37259335

I want to scratch build some admech "bikers" soon. Should I go with normal marine bikes, hoverbikes, hovering chairs/disks/other object, techpriests with wheeled mechadendrites, or something else?

>> No.37259337

But Space Marines can summon daemons too, and i have no advantages over them other than be fluffy-er.

>> No.37259427

oh god no, im talking about one of the two genuine chinamen.
But his site has been removed because laws, it takes 1-4 weeks before he is back with another site

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Curious, between the Trygon, Mawloc, Tervigon, Tyrranofex, Exocrine and Haruspex, which of these beasts are the most useful ?

Also out of curiosity, is a MC tyranid army list viable to run or something that would probably fall apart ?

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>black templars
>using psykers

You are just asking to get stabbed, aren't you.

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I'm sorry, do you have time to talk about our green saviors Gork and Mork?

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I really like 7th edition's core rules with the exception of Unbound fuckery, but then again, nobody I play really uses it.

As far as codexes go, I am very disappointed with Grey Knights losing Psybolts and getting slapped with salvo on our psycannons. It really hurt our already pretty shoddy mobility.
I never used Psyflemen dreads, but losing psybolts is sad. I really do miss being able to tango with bike lists.
Deep striking a fuck ton of stuff against Eldar is fun. I also like how the army does play incredibly well defensively, but not well enough.

Blood Angels, I think I like it. Cheaper Sternguard, grav-bikes + bike priest. Death company points reduction. Mcfuckin Dante, I think I like it bretty gud.

My old roommate is a Dark Eldar guy, and I think I like his dex quite alot.

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I find it strange non chaos factions can draw from daemonology.

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I'm listening.

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File: 202 KB, 560x800, Get on wit it ya stikkin Grot !.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm listening.

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well shit, now I don't have an excuse for procrastinating on building this army anymore

wait, yes I do, no PPF Thallax yet... for now...

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It would certainly be one of the more unique armies on the table. Its nice to see some parody armies on the table.

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File: 50 KB, 800x479, 800px-Mini_Escuadra_de_mando_AM_Wikihammer_40K.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It would certainly be one of the more unique armies on the table. Its nice to see some parody armies on the table.

>> No.37259941

All the above. Shit sucks man.

Anyone have any news about Wrath of Kings? Looking for a better TT minis game now.

>> No.37259948

I feel like boyz took way too many nerfs this edition to the point where I'm having a rough time finding a use for them. I feel like our codex went the CSM way, where your core troop choice is ignored in order to take the better elite choices, then filling up troop slots with cultists/grots.

>> No.37259978

remove zerkers, plague marines etc.
they are now just marines with the consequential mark.

I don't even know which one is the worst codex between the two. well, at least this one put veterans of the long war and the mutations table, too bad I play iron warriors and don't get anything cool like a basilisk or more heavy support choices

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>adore the 40K setting (overlooking some of the sillier fluff)
>really like most of the 40K model range
>want to enjoy 40K and use my minis


>Australian prices are massive, even with discounts a large vehicle is more expensive than a decent starter army for almost any non-GW game
>unbelievably expensive rulebooks, $84 for a codex
>clunky rules that try to shoehorn company level combat and forces into a skirmish style system
>fuckhuge superheavy miniatures and aircraft that are expensive in $ and often very effective on the table
>fucked balance within books and between books
>eternal GW bastardry

I haven't played a game since before the 5th edition Grey Knights release, and I've played lots of other great stuff like Dystopian Wars and Kings of War, but it still pains me /tg/. I have a Space Marine army, 2 Chaos Space Marine Armies and a small Imperial Guard force.

>> No.37260002

they changed the name but don't care, still call them IG. pretty good codex because they didn't make major changes. too bad they still haven't put back the doctrines so I have to play catachans with 5+ armor given from their big muscles. also, no chenkov and marbo.
>dark eldar
stopped playing them when the new codex dropped. I personally dislike it since it removed my build (goodbye duke)
same as dark eldar, I am selling them now
>chaos marines
boring but still better than the last one

>> No.37260027

Has there been any Eldar that got cut from its kin and joined the greater good?

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Rumors are that they will do that in the next Codex, but then release a supplement for every God with the Cult Marines we know and love and some others too, like Berserker Terminator and similar.

Just rumors, but they seems very in line with the new GW politics.

>> No.37260041

hheeeeeeehh I guess I'll pirate them. not gonna stand the dlc policy.
I just hope they'll make zerkers better because I have 40 of them (khorne detachment for my iron warriors)

>> No.37260057

Has anyone ever made a fat Slaneeshi army? Chaos muhreens in american-style mobility scooters bursting out of their armour?

I really wanna see that shit.

>> No.37260090

I've heard Forge World's products are actually the same price or cheaper in Oz... maybe look into 30k? If you can find people to play normal 30k vs 30k games it has much better balance than 40k.

>> No.37260106

Have you tried the new Kharn formation?
Seems sweet, but require a lot of models.

I'm making Rubricae, Berzeker and Plague Marines in Slaaneshi version.

The Plague Marines will be fat and pale, of course.

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You can still get the basilisk in 30k.

I never understood why they don't have access to that. In the lore it mentions they still have those and steal them from defeated imperial guard regiments.

Heck anything the guard received after their transition from the Imperial Army the Iron Warriors probably had first except for the Russ and a few other things.

I think their Primarch even had a Shadow Sword for a command vehicle.

>> No.37260122

>Have you tried the new Kharn formation?
>Seems sweet, but require a lot of models.
I have enough models but it's a shit formation. it doesn't do anything good (what are the chances of getting 8 on a charge?) and cost at least 1500-2000 points, also consider you must give a good transport to all of them, and the only assault transport csm have is a land raider. you could footslog them but it doesn't work, trust me.
in the current situation it is not even convenient to play zerkers, I just use chaos marines with mark of khorne. my current list provides 2 units of 10 khorne marines on 2 land raiders. expensive but fun.
because then gw would have to actually write something new, which is apparently too much work for them considering they keep copypasting the same lore removing stuff from codex to codex

>> No.37260145

I can't help you with the rest, but only buy minis from murrica. I get all mine from https://www.vendio.com/stores/Docs_Games_Store
Don't wanna shill but buy lots at once to save on shipping.

>> No.37260167
File: 156 KB, 960x685, 10846410_815346591854986_791006708321746601_n_zpsdc293571.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You are either really bad at 40k, or you are REALLY bad at 40k. If you fail to win games with our current codex you are really doing something wrong. I've been playing BA since 3rd and this is the best codex so far.

>> No.37260172
File: 134 KB, 1024x640, Disorder !.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


As far as Orks and Chaos Space Marine codices go, what are the major difficulties you run into using either army ?

Also I thought Boyz and Cultists were good for their cost and number of attacks.

>> No.37260182

>But as a question to start out, what does everyone think of their codex so far or ,for that matter, this edition ?
Tau player here, I went from having a boring, static army that was somewhere on the lower end of the power scale to one of the top codexes out there. Almost everything in my book is viable and fun to play. I don't even need to go "three riptides lol" to cheese my way to victory. I can easily pick a few other units that still give me a damn good shot at winning most games I play (and are often more fun to play for both my and my opponent to boot).

>> No.37260213

I didn't play 7th edition orks because I disliked the new codex; the army is still playable with the good combinations (warboss with mega armor and lucky stikk for example) but for the rest it didn't meet my expectations (plus I hate the new mob rule but that's just my opinion)
chaos is better than 4th ed chaos, but not quite as good as the loyalists. zerkers aren't strong enough and too expensive, thousand sons are a joke and the tzeentch discipline is useless, the chosen are poor sternguards etc.
you just have to find good combinations and you can still be a threath (for example nurgle spawns or the super khorne lord on juggy with axe of blind fury), but it's not as fun as I expected it to be
boyz are very good for their cost, cultists are meh

>> No.37260221
File: 27 KB, 620x350, F Bombs Imminent.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>>Australian prices are massive, even with discounts a large vehicle is more expensive than a decent starter army for almost any non-GW game

>>unbelievably expensive rulebooks, $84 for a codex

>> No.37260224
File: 621 KB, 806x850, 1354976760157.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For a the next CSM codex I'd like something that allowed for the variety and theming that the 3.5 codex allowed, but with a few caveats.

>All the new toys
>greater focus on renegades and warbands descended from the legions rather than the legions themselves.
>remove god-specific mark restrictions for units (like no nurgle havocs)
>restore Thousand Sons to ancient glory with 2 wounds each

But even more than a new codex, I'd love to see these models updated:

1st: Obliterators. Horrifically ugly minis, and damn expensive. Begging for a plastic kit.
2nd: Khorne Berzerkers: their age is showing now. A very basic plastic kit.
3rd: Abaddon. He really does look pissy these days next to the big stuff on the table. Not good enough for the warmaster.
4th: Plastic kits for Noise Marines and Thousand Sons, just to cut costs on buying CSMs and an expensive upgrade kit.

>> No.37260295

Anyone got an opinion of The Outpost as far as buying miniatures go ?


>> No.37260313


Oh dang, some of that stuff is under half price. Lovely. Just like the good ol' days when I got everything from Britain before the embargo.

Still, doesn't help much if you want to make a CSM force with cult troops.

>> No.37260337

Don't you guys also have double the minimum wage compared to the US?

>> No.37260342

>n-no Marbo?
Why would they do such a thing??

>> No.37260429

Another Tau player here. Is it worth getting the barracuda from FW, and if I get it would I become "that guy" for buying FW stuff?

>> No.37260452

is there any way to defeat guard as a SM player. Leman russ 14 frontal armor is horse shit.

>> No.37260469

Try hitting the rear.

>> No.37260470 [DELETED] 


I was surprised Blood Angels didn't get Assault Centurions or Storm Talons. They seem like things an assault oriented chapter would possess in their armories

>> No.37260482

Good luck finding a guard player who doesn't park his shit at the very edge of the board.

>> No.37260498
File: 219 KB, 1600x814, P1050614.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I was surprised Blood Angels didn't get Assault Centurions or Storm Talons. They seem like things an assault oriented chapter would possess in their armories

>> No.37260507
File: 56 KB, 668x283, Ultramarine Devistator.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I thought with Grav weapons, meltas, plasma-guns and what not, the space marines had plenty of ways of dealing with tanks.

>> No.37260536

Our minimum wage isn't that much higher than America's and we don't get tips either. Not to mention that not only are we paying double for warhammer, we are paying double for electronics, alcohol, cars, etc. Our dollar is almost on par with the US dollar as well which just ends up as Australians paying a shit ton more.

>> No.37260576


We Australians get equivalent to US$17.39 an hour minimum wage, in the U.S. they get $7.25.


>> No.37260589

They get tips and we don't and we are paying double for pretty much anything worthwhile as well. Its all relative

>> No.37260606

So where's the pasta with the links to the books?

>> No.37260655

And the average house price in my neighbourhood is around 1mil for an on average 3 bedroom with an ok yard. And I spend around 150 a week on food shopping for 2 people and all the other bills are through the roof because every multinational company in the world gets away with gouging.
Moral of the story is that living in aus is fucking expensive and i cri evry time.

>> No.37260670

It's not riptide levels of awesome, but it's certainly the best flyer we have. Its Burst Cannons are auto-targetting (meaning they ignore cover saves) but compensate for that by being S5. You can overcharge the Ion Cannon for another S8 AP3 pieplate, but remember that comes with Gets Hot, and you only have 2HP. Which at AV11/11/10 can drain faster than you hope.

All weapons combined you're shooting 13 shots a round, 5 of which at S7 and 8 of which ignore cover at S5. AV10 flyers will hate you because you can pretty easily knock them out of the sky. Once you're done with them, go infantry hunting with your 13 shots a round. All of this at BS4 and the cheap price tag of 130 points.

Oh, and remember, it's still a vehicle and thus can take upgrades from the codex. If you really want to be a dick to your opponent, give it decoy launchers for a 4+ invul save against interceptor shots and disruption pods for an extra +1 to you cover saves. Because the Baracuda has the Agile rule, it gets another +1 for a 2+ Jink save.

>> No.37260702

>They get tips and we don't
Tips are hardly a stable source of income. Nor a reliable one, depending on where you work. A chef in the kitchen isn't exactly going to get as much tips as the waiter, and if the restaurant he works for doesn't have a tip splitting policy, his minimum wage is all he has.

>> No.37260711

Do Dreadnoughts poop and if so where does it go?

>> No.37260930

My grandfather found one on ebay and got me a sicaran for $80. I feel dirty. The sellers name is "heisha" with a bunch of numbers. Only sells fw stuff.

>> No.37260980

Poor people don't deserve to play 40k

Go kick a ball around a dirt field

>> No.37261020

Black Templars only care about Heretic psykers now.

>> No.37261193


The vast majority of people working for minimum wage do not get tips. That's basically only waiters and delivery persons.

>> No.37261311

Great. I've never had any problems.

Store itself is fantastic too. Clean, loads of tables. I've overheard staff resolving online problems on the phone and they couldn't be more understanding.

>> No.37261342
File: 145 KB, 753x1061, tau_battle_suit_color_by_bastarsoul-d3zfuyl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>and if I get it would I become "that guy" for buying FW stuff?

Never understood this. Most FW stuff is better balanced than vanilla stuff.

>> No.37261375

>Also, is it true there is a Land Raider variant that is immune to Melta ?
Pffft Land Raiders. It's all about the Spartan these days.

>> No.37261491
File: 99 KB, 615x437, Feel_good_Tau.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for the help, I will probably buy one in the near future

>> No.37261558
File: 321 KB, 673x640, 5dbe49beaa245cc6-MikePlane2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have fun. For me it's still the bets looking Tau flyer we have. That its rules are good, but not at the level that'll make people ragequit is icing on the cake.

>> No.37261683

What is the exchange rate from american dollars to australian dollary doo's

>> No.37261720

1 AU to 0.81 US

So an $84 codex would be about $68.

>> No.37261724
File: 206 KB, 666x862, battle prayer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Overall, what do the different Battle Sister Orders think of the different Space Marine Chapters and vice versa?

I would imagine they don't ALL hate eachother.

>> No.37261735

Found it, 1 us dollar is equal to 1.24 aus dollar.

>> No.37261750

Generally they have a good relationship. Both are fighting in the name of the Emperor against His enemies. Of course, the Sisters tend to be suspicious of Marines that either practice extreme cults/use extreme methods (like the Mortifactors or Soul Drinkers) and those that are callous towards humanity (like the Marines Malevolent), and likewise, there are chapters that are fairly wary of the Ecclesiarchy for various reasons (like the Wolves due to their troubles with the Inquisition) but by and large they recognize that they are working towards a common goal and are generally on good terms.

>> No.37261792

the space marine codex is $58 usd.So thats 10 more us dollars for a codex in australia. Why?

>> No.37261827

Aren´t theyy more on a distrust level? SoB ar full "EMPRAH IS GOD" and most SM tend to go "EMPRAH IS BEST HUMAN" i think i have read something about the Church beeing Vary of the SM because they tend to not answer to them and the whole "not on our planets" thing

>> No.37261836

Asshole tax.

>> No.37261848
File: 181 KB, 1050x526, i-hqVnV7p-1050x10000[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37261874

Space marines dont usually worship the emperor as a god. Mortals do.

>> No.37261875

Australians can afford more.

>> No.37261880

The matter of Space Marine cults is not a matter for open discussion. They don't exactly advertise. Moreover, you have to consider that the Space Marines are more or less direct descendants of the Emperor. They are his ANGELS OF DEATH. Of course they're going to have a different perspective on him as compared to the average man.

To be certain, if the Ecclesiarchs spent a lot of time digging into the Space Marines' beliefs, they might find them distasteful, but the Space Marines don't spend a whole lot of time sitting around proselytizing.

>> No.37261893
File: 46 KB, 500x389, SoB&GreyKnight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So does this mean my glorious dream where the Order of Our Martyred Lady and Black Templars purging fuckers together could actually happen?

>> No.37261897

Well we need to keep the internet's series of tubes working. That costs money

>> No.37261905
File: 107 KB, 450x360, 1359937283304.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They all have their uses. Trygons are nice to drop something big and scary in enemy's backline, but if you wanna do that it's better off to upgrade him to a prime imo, provides synapse and can have relics. Mawlocs are fun and and can dish out nice amount of damage to TEQ. if they come from reserves, don't scatter, and don't die on mishaps. Tervigons are there if youre running a swarm army with their spawning. Tyrannofexes are tough to kill and good against anything that doesn't wear power armor. Exocrines are awesome, especially in living artillery formation (large blast s7 ap2, with reroll of scatter die and pinning). I haven't used the haruspex myself, and with the new toxicrene I dont see why I would use haruspex instead of the toxicrene.

>> No.37261972
File: 506 KB, 242x1110, index astartes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i think i have read something
I'm certain Black Library will find a way to muck this up eventually.

>> No.37262017
File: 352 KB, 779x1091, Gregor-M-F-Eisenhorn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't see a problem.

>> No.37262034

If anything, the Templars have an approach to the Imperial cult most compatible with the Ecclesiarchy.

>> No.37262041

As a guard player, drop pod melta squads are my main fear.
Thankfully my local GW has a city board we normally play on, so when I'm up ahainst marines my parking lot can sit on the board edge inside ruins, with buard blobs covering any openings. Camo Netting too.

>> No.37262042


>> No.37262078

I think your asking for a lot in these times. I play necrons, my butts not ready

>> No.37262318

considering a space wolf army (I know ill get shit for it) but I like the Viking theme, wish they would tone down on wolf shit a bit but whatever, only ever played nids so unsure of whats good and whats not

>> No.37262331

dangerous fauna tax, i hear that spiders hijack stuff all the time and take over towns

>eh they're alright for fighting, but i thought there would be more then a mere 1 mil like the marines

probably because the guard besides cadians are old, outdated or unloved by the studio. they *should* have gotten a few supplements but instead they got new rebranded spec ops

mark my words, next codex will be bland. they're gonna remove the arrows or something

beasts of slaanesh and a psychic power can also make things i1. it helps to level the field

>> No.37262480

for the purpose of rpgs how common are warp capable ships? or how easy are they to get? how large do they need to be?Does every ship need a navigator to even go to a nearby system?

>> No.37262567

Australian minimum wage is $16.87.

>> No.37262611

Do followers of Nurgle actually suffer and feel pain from their diseases?

>> No.37262622

Deamons tend not to give a fuck who calls them into the materium.

>> No.37262628

they do not suffer, they love it

>> No.37262646

No mention of necrons ;-;

>> No.37262658

not sure, it's either they do feel pain but just get desensitized to it, or nurgle's blessing makes them immune to pain

>> No.37262665

guys, i need good builds for a librarian
any marine codex except CSM
take as much points as you want

>> No.37262950

It would be helpful if we knew what you wanted them to be good at.

>> No.37262965

The amount of shit you can do with DE is staggering, I have been spending the last few days just going through the codex and... holy fucking balls.

>> No.37262982

Wait what? Can anyone confirm this?

>> No.37263035

have you seen forgeworld release anything but space marines or 30k within the past few years? it's pretty much confirmed

>> No.37263738
File: 381 KB, 935x1360, 1374785337967.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are the top 16 close combat characters in the current game? (named or generic)

What are the best per army?

I am going to run a 4 round cage match tournament where I will see who wins the title of best close combat character in the end.

>> No.37263770

Does anybody have a copy/scan of the current cities of death rules? The ones that are in Leviathan seem to be missing a lot of stuff.

>> No.37263931

>30k sells, nothing else does, really.

There were a few non-30k things hanging on the top 10 most sold items lists.

What do you expect, that people keep buying old shit in droves the same way they buy new things?

>> No.37263966
File: 5 KB, 147x166, Da Kaptin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

With Fantasy looking to be destroyed beyond recognition, anyone mind giving me a summary on the new Orks? I have the codex but have yet to play a 6th edition game.

Mob Rule seems to be pretty detrimental but is using Ork boyz as a core part of your force still remotely viable or is it akin to suicide? Apparently adding a nob with a boss pole alleviates it a bit?

>> No.37264015

special characters, any wargear allowed, points limit? 30k or 40k?

i'd have to say swarmlord and skarbrand are pretty up there, but it's probably some character with 2+/3++

i know an ork player that likes the new book, but i'm deamons/chaos so i couldn't tell ya for sure

>> No.37264019

Fluff question.
The assault marine jump pack is only an attachment to the standard back pack, right?

>> No.37264088

No, it doesn't hurt them once they accept nurgle, it actually becomes something they enjoy and are quite jovial about, wishing to spread it to everyone else

>> No.37264101

mostly melee
biomancy preferrable

>> No.37264130

No help with SW list?

>> No.37264145

Any character, any points limit, 40k.

I will add swarmlord and skarbrand.

I'm adding Ghazghul, Clan raukan chapter master, and kitted mephrit overlord.

>> No.37264185

might wanna limit the points then since you can also include the deamon lords Zarakynel, An’ggrath, Scabeiathrax and Aetaos'rau'keres

>> No.37264198

If he can reach CC without being shot to fuck, swarmlord is a strong contender

>> No.37264229

Aren't those apocalypse?

>> No.37264253

No gargantuan creatures then?

>> No.37264302

Wrong. This is how it used to be.
ALL forgeworld rules as well as any other 40k models are legal as long as an official rule set can be provided.

>> No.37264316

How are devastator centurions? I like the idea, but since I play vs bid horse and orks, would they even be worth the points?

>> No.37264345

lords of war now, can't be more then 25% of the list

gargantuans are way too much for what you have in mind, stomps end combat on a lucky 6

grav cannons or bust. shortranged but they'll put down some monsters and vehicles for sure

>> No.37264369

You've provided nothing to help with.

>> No.37264513

Literally I have no units, have no idea what to get first, all I know is I want some cool/ semi effective shit, just wanna know what units are best avoided and which ones are a must have, gonna get thunderwolf cavalry either way since they look cool and some terminators (although I know they suck) aiming for end result of 3000pt army

>> No.37264847

Add Armless the chaos lord and draigo

>> No.37265003

Is it legal to use the DC dreadnought from deathstorm without fielding the whole formation ? Asking as its a troop chpice not elite in it.

Also, new codex seems cool, only just started Blood Angels but last game my tactical squad killed a carnifex in assault, so that was neat. Drop podding 5 man assault squads with twin meltafuns and dual inferno pistols on the sergeant looks pretty fun as well.

>> No.37265782


A link to a warhammer folder that might have some items of interest.


>> No.37265812

>Competent melee
Pick one and only one.
The only even semi decent options I can think of are
1)Sevrin Loth because he can simply choose his 3 powers from biomancy. But his fancy invul save power no longer works until FW FAQ it.
2)Clan Raukaan librrarian. Termie armour, mindforge stave(essentially a force power fist) and the Gorgon's chain. Gives you 2+/3++/ FNP and IWND. Still only 2wounds though

>> No.37266129
File: 302 KB, 1920x1200, Stims ain't even kicked in yet..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


What about a relic called the "Teeth of Terra" ?

Can Librarians use that ?

>> No.37266217


>> No.37266280

You can but the teeth of Terra isn't particularly good.

>> No.37266295
File: 189 KB, 1241x644, tumblr_nhnu45uRLl1spwux8o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What does a noise marines doom siren sound like? I've heard people say it sounds like 80's hair metal, dubstep, screams, that sound of an old computer starting up, but...I don't know, i'm actually really curious about this.

>> No.37266431

anything you want it to.

>> No.37266470

It's likely to be whatever the Noise Marine finds most stimulating at the moment. Might be the screams of Eldar souls being tortured in Slaanesh's gardens, bizarre music played at earth-shaking volumes, subsonic wailing that can't actually be 'heard' by unaugmented ears, anything.

>> No.37266471

Pick a frequency, They blast that at the highest volume possible in one unending note

>> No.37266612
File: 55 KB, 590x308, Weaponized Dubstep.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Well its a weapon in Dawn of War 2. In that game its constant, throbbing bass of discordant noise.

Other times in the novels its described as anything between ear splitting daemonic wailing and a constant torrent of maddening sonic screeches.

The novel "Sons of Dorn" features an attack by Noise Marines if you are curious.

>> No.37266615

it sounds like crazy bus soundtrack in loop

>> No.37266767
File: 801 KB, 1920x1080, Undying Ones Clash.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So what are everyone's thoughts on the Necrons and their upcoming release ?

Also how is the Transcendent C'tan ? I hear complaints its over-powered even in a world of Lords of War.

>> No.37266769


>> No.37266954

Yarrick and Straken are the only contenders in IG, and I'm pretty sure Yarrick wins that fight

>> No.37268281

so question /tg/, what is considered the most balanced, fun, solidly playable but not broken codex in the current edition? like if you could have GW perfectly balance all other codexes to be on the exact same power level as this one, which would it be?

>> No.37268316

It has a D-weapon which is a Hellstorm template. That's kind of all you need to know to understand why it's broken as hell.

>> No.37268370


I thought being the thing was a piece of a stargod it was supposed to be powerful.

>> No.37268489

From what I hear it's Tau, barring the Riptide. That's kind of the problem with the Riptide is that everything else in the Codex is still totally playable, and then that thing just pushes them over the edge.

>> No.37268763

You play tau. You should be used to being 'that guy'.

>> No.37268831

Never been a "40-k fan" so to speak, but any Sons of Malice news?

>> No.37268978

It has the firepower equivalent to any other superheavy while being a fraction of their size and incredibly easy to LoS behind terrain.

>> No.37269774
File: 3.59 MB, 3968x2232, Who invited this guy..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I see.

>> No.37270731

prices are bs over here.

>> No.37271563


They still have markerlights, Skyrays, Farsight bombs, free plasma and jetpacks on everything, 100+ pulse shots, Kroot infiltrator snipers with hound rerolls, and 100+ missile shots.

Tau are not balanced whatsoever unless the only units you use are FW and Stealth suits.

>> No.37271681

>Tau are not balanced whatsoever unless the only units you use are FW and Stealth suits.
Yeah, see, we had that in the last codex. Turns out Tau are kind of bottom tier with just that. So unless your idea of 'balanced' is "I can beat it with two hands behind my back", you just need to get better. Prioritize taking out the markerlight units, hit the Farsight bombs with some S8 for instagibbing, and for pete's sake stop trying to outgun us!

Unless you're Guard. Guard can still outgun us.

>> No.37271781

>my codex isn't overpowered, you just need to get better

Tau were the best codex for the majority of 6th edition for a reason. And it wasn't because they were balanced.

>> No.37271807


No balanced armies can spam S8, you fucking retard. Look at the MEQ pricing for S8 to see how fucking retarded you are. You get 1, 2 shots max per unit and they cost like 20 points each.

And IG is worse than Tau. Get fucking good, they don't even blip on the radar. No top 32's in any GT since their update.

Why are Tau players so fucking stupid? Oh right, they play a broken book so they think it automatically makes them hot shit when all they do is pick plasma on everything or netlist.

>> No.37271822

>Yeah, see, we had that in the last codex. Turns out Tau are kind of bottom tier with just that.

Fish of Fury.

>> No.37271862

>Prioritize taking out the markerlight units

Oh good, you're FORCED to waste your time while their important units remain unscathed. See, other armies don't exactly have the ability to do this, whereas Tau get to dictate your target priority as a matter of fact. Because they're balanced.

>hit the Farsight bombs with some S8 for instagibbing

What S8? Name an army that's not Eldar or IG that can spam S8. Tell me how marines are supposed to get enough S8 to wipe out a Farsight bomb? Especially after they've already been alpha striked. If the Farsight bomb were so incompetent that even after alpha striking, the opponent has enough firepower leftover to wipe it off the table, nobody would even bother using it.

> and for pete's sake stop trying to outgun us!

Are you stupid? You sure as hell can't assault something with jetpacks. Or anything in this game. Do you even play 40k? Assault is shit. I guess we should all start spamming Wraiths and Thunderwolves to beat Tau. Because they're balanced.

>> No.37271877

>and for pete's sake stop trying to outgun us!

If you're balanced, you should be able to be outgunned.

>> No.37272231

Tau players are saying Tau are balanced? That's pretty rich. You won't find anyone playing worse books than them saying so, which is pretty much everyone except Eldar and Necrons. But we all know what kinds of people play those armies.

If you've truly played Tau or Eldar during their dark days in 5th then you should damn well know what it's like having to put up with broken bullshit and losing every game, so how can you even say Tau and Eldar are currently balanced?

>> No.37272341

I love the Eldar Codex and I like the Blood Angels Codex.

We'll see about the Necron Codex. I'm not holding on to my hopes. I have only one request. That they do turn my 30 Immortals back into Elites.

>> No.37272377

Hi. I was curious, would Lamenters use Blood Angels rules?

>> No.37272393


Yes. Forge World released rules for all the Badab War chapters and Lamenters are told to use C:BA.

>> No.37272477

I don't quite get this one, why should an army that sacrificed literally the entire assault phase for more shooty be outgunnable? Doesn't that same logic mean they should also be able to beat stuff in melee?

>> No.37272479
File: 19 KB, 324x539, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Instead of perpetuating ignorance, how about you scrubs do some research.

Tau are not anywhere near most balanced army. They are still one of the most broken overpowered factions in the game.

It doesn't matter who GW chooses to use as their example to balance around. If all the books are balanced, the power level will be the same regardless. Most people will want Eldar or Necrons to be the target because they have the most diversity and good units.

>> No.37272513


Because shooting is superior to assault. Because Tau are nearly unassaultable. Because you don't have to beat things in melee, they will never reach you to melee to begin with.

Melee already has a slew of disadvantages. The units cost more. They need transports. They need to get through and around terrain. They need to weather overwatch. They need to traverse the entire board. They need to swing in initiatives. They need to deal with a harder to hit chart. They get hit back in their own phase. If they are too good and sweep, they get shot at the next turn because they aren't locked in combat.

>> No.37272550


Are you implying melee armies can beat Tau?

>> No.37272555

Thank you anon.

>> No.37272613
File: 499 KB, 753x536, The DMV On Friday !.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So in the world of 3+ wound Walkers and MCs how do they stack up balance wise with one another.


- Harusprex
- Exocrine
- Tyrrannofex
- Hive Tyrant

-Deff Dread

Grey Knights

-Nemesis Dreadknight



Space Marines



-Triarch Stalker
-Tomb Stalker
-Tomb Sentinel
-Canoptek Spyder

Chaos Space Marines

-Chaos Contemptor

Chaos Daemons

-Blood Thirster
-Great Unclean One
-Keeper of Secrets
-Lords of Change
-Soul Grinder
-Blood Slaughterer
-Daemon Princes
-Giant Chaos Spawn
-Spined Chaos Beast

I know everything has its use, but are there any units listed here that seem too useful or totally worthless compared to others ?

>> No.37272629

>Imperial Knights not in the top 5 played armies.
>Still tops the winning charts.

>> No.37272641


First, we have to establish the fact that melee is inferior to shooting. The average assault army will lose to a shooting army, or most balanced armies, because assault is inferior. There are a couple exceptions, like Space Wolf TWC spam, but in general, if you're playing Khorne or something, you're going to lose.

You can disagree with this, but it's generally the case, especially at high level play. If you refuse to believe this, there's nothing to talk about. We can't hold a discussion since we refuse to agree on the same reality.

Now if you accept this corollary, then it becomes obvious you cannot beat Tau by melee. But he says not to try to outgun him. You can't win by melee. You can't win by shooting. What's left, for most armies? How is that balanced?

>> No.37272661


You could say that smaller sample size = better results since you get less randoms and bad players dragging your faction's win rate down.

And also the people who play all knights tend to be more competitive to drop hundreds on a new FotM army. And lastly, Knights are just fucking good. I bet you 99% of them are Adamantine Lance.

>> No.37272683


AV13 and up makes walkers decent.

>> No.37272719

Theorycrafting here: What if assaulting after deep-striking becomes possible?

>> No.37272790
File: 26 KB, 380x241, Griffon2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The griffon also had a fuckold model, no longer made, but when it comes to IP-laws putting one on the table would be fine.

It was probably taken out of the dex, because they do not plan to make a new one and it is in a forgeworld book
(2 actually if you include IA13 for 35pts ChaosGriffons with BS2 and reroll to scatter die)

>> No.37272991 [DELETED] 


Not all of them.

>> No.37273147

If it was given to the units it makes sense to have, at an appropriate price, and wasn't so spam able that the whole army would be locked in as soon as they arrived, then I can see it working fine. The argument that the unit being assaulted can't do anything is poinless now that overwatch is a thing. And scatter is still a factor.

>> No.37273156

Anyone else having a problem with their Nuln Oil wash drying white? Some areas I wash look like they dried like Elmer's glue and I gotta go over them with the wash a second time.

>> No.37273289

I'm away from my core rulebook. Can Invisibility be cast on occupied buildings? That is, can I hide a devastator squad in a building, Invisible it, and be relatively safe?

>> No.37273343


>> No.37273502

Guys I was wondering: I want to give my friends a single marine, just to put on their desks at work or home or something. I planned on getting a pack of them.

One of my friends is a huge Warhammer 40k fan, he used to play when he was younger but eventually got rid of his stuff. He did a lot of modifying, I don't know if that's relevant sorry.

If I get a kit, should I make each marine? Should I paint them? I've never painted before so I'm worried they'll come out like shit. Should I get them used off of eBay and repaint them?

As for my more experienced friend, I want to get him Luscious the Eternal. Should I paint it? Assemble it? Give it to him boxed? Buy him a tube of glue to go with it? He made a modified Luscious before the model existed but I don't think he has it; would getting him an official one maybe bother him?

I'm not very well off, I just want to show them they're my bros you know? I'd love to ask them, but I kinda want it to be a surprise. I was thinking of painting all of them a chapter's colors even so they'd match and shit.

Sorry for all the questions and I hope I'm not a bother.

>> No.37273639

haha what a faggot

>> No.37273672

Okay. Why not? Does it specify what can be affected by it, or is that a function of all spells?

>> No.37273847
File: 821 KB, 476x620, War of Krumpin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Outside of the obvious riptide spam, what problems are people having with Tau ?

I thought most of the Tau's strategy relied on eliminating Marker Lights.Outside of Tetra's I thought Marker Lights were on fragile units most of the time.

Is there something I'm missing ?

>> No.37273886


>> No.37273983

So /tg/, how do we fix Blood Angels?

My ideas:

1. Give Death Company +1WS but have to do a Ld test to resist charging in combat

2. Make Lib Force Halberd Specialist Weapon. Allow Powers that increase Toughness to increase Armour Value instead. Where it's D3, 1 = 1 Front AV 2 = 1 Front AV + 1 Side AV 3 = 1 Front, 1 Side, 1 Back AV.

3. Make Sanguinary Guard's weapons +1S AP3 Master-Crafted 2H (sword) and +2S AP2 Master-Crafted Unwieldy 2H (axe). Give them a special rule which means they gain +1A if they have a pistol + weapon. Or make them WS5 A3 by default.

4. Allow Furiso Dreads to have two Frag Cannons equipped (they technically might be able to as RAW but I doubt it)

5. Give Death Company Dreads "It Will Not Die!"

6. Allow all units that can equip Heavy Bolters to be able to buy Hellfire Shells for them. Why Scouts only can get them, fuck knows. Then again, you can spam loads of groups of 5.....

7. Reduce Corbulo's point cost.

8. Give Mephiston special rules for his Force Sword (which is a relic iirc). Perhaps "After Mephiston has killed somebody in close combat, his entire squad gains Fleet". Give him a default ++ save. Give him a Master-Crafted Plasma Pistol. Give him +1WS +1T back. Or just reduce his cost.

9. Give The Sanguinour a better fucking weapon. +2S AP2 would be perfect. He's 200 points and is only useful for his buff. He used to be able to give +1WS +1BS +1A +1I to a Termy Sarge.

10. Lemartes made a squad-upgrade. Not a fucking Elite choice. Make his weapon useful. Make it AP3.

11. Remove Tycho from the game. He's dead in fluff, he takes up two slots. Space Wolves got Murderfang as a new dude.

12. Make the Relics better. S9 on the pistol. +2S on the sword. Compared to Vanilla/Space Wolves, their Relics suck anus. The entire Shield of Baal Relics are also shit. Yes, I get they're "campaign centric" but the Space Wolves got shit like "+D3 Attacks instead of +1A for having two Spec Wep" Thunderclaw. "Termy Armour with IWND usable by riders"

>> No.37274073

Mate. Compared to other "special" Marines. They suck.

Nerfs across the board, I don't need to go into details on those.

Poor Relics.

No new unit additions.

Supplement Campaign added Relics not worth wasting the ink on.

Etc etc. Just cause you think it's better than it used to be, doesn't mean it's good. If somebody gave me a shit on a plate one time, then the next gave me shit on a plate with some vegetables, it's an improvement, but it's still shit. Except we don't even get vegetables, we get nothing new. Just nerfs.

>> No.37274118

Fuck that's a lot of questions.

>> No.37274164

Different person but I routinely rip tau a new one with my melee necrons.

>> No.37274175

Actually, Tau were balanced. Internally. The problem was, the Riptide was spammable, 6th (and now 7th) favours the gunline over assault and the other armies are just not as good.

Blood Angels ain't ever going to do well against a competent Tau player, simply because Assault sucks in the first place AND because you're going to try and assault Jetpacks.

In the fluff, Riptides only come in 1's for super rare missions. Problem is, it's not limited like that in the rules.

Everything else is good, don't get me wrong, if everything was written like Tau, it wouldn't be a problem, but some people like making stuff super good or super bad. Look at Space Wolves, why were they buffed so much? I don't get it, personally.

Also, I dunno if you can do double-FOC's still, but if you can, I think 25 is the max Riptides you can fit in and still be Battleforged.

>> No.37274181

>Different person but I routinely rip tau a new one with my melee necrons.
Necron player. Explain how.

>> No.37274226

Well, what list does your Tau player use, what list do you use, how good is that player, etc etc.

These all make the difference, but in an assumed equal skill level, you're not going to win very often as a Assault based army, simply because you can't get into combat before dying.

Exceptions exist, Space Wolves can use their insane Thunderwolf mount buffs and shit. But armies like Blood Angels, Assault Based Chapters and such can't do it regularly to make it worthwhile.

>> No.37274239

Monokhorne is a shit army and poor thing to judge melee units with. They aren't even all that good at melee.

>> No.37274253
File: 160 KB, 1200x810, Fair to warn you my initiative is high.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Sorry for all the questions and I hope I'm not a bother.

Purpose of this general is to discuss and ask questions so feel free to ask any you want. Just be weary of the answer you may receive.

But anyway you could always just give him the kit as a gift and let him worry about the painting it and what not.

He may have a specific painting style in mind for the mini.

>> No.37274296

They aren't broken. They are actually probably better now.

Don't play them as they were, they are perfectly functional now. They have heavily shifted to a mechanized play style. Use lots of vehicles with support of a few infantry rather than the other way around and you will be golden.

>> No.37274370

Blood angels under the current edition are more of a mech army than assault. Use them as such and see victory over the tau.

Also, post codex releases have shown the riptides in ever greater production. When the codex was released they were just 14. When farsight was released they were on almost every battlefield. When damocles was released they were being fielded in 3-5 on battlefields. With the new forgeworld stuff they are fairly common.

Riptides cost too much for that and two of the variants aren't all that good.

>> No.37274412

So, essentially, don't play them in the style that they actually use?

I've seen this argument before.

My point is, Death Company, a thing special for BA's, are over-priced and are worse than they were. Sanguinary Guard have terrible weapons for Elite units, they're 2H power weapons.

So, all we've got left is loading up in Rhino's/Land Raiders and hoping to survive long enough to get into melee?

>> No.37274448

Tau player uses three riptides, and suit spam. Grand tournament level player.

I use wraiths with D lord, command barges, scarabs, a mix of annihilation barges and scythes, warriors blobs/immortals, and some courts, most recently I use mephrit dynasty stuff. Tau players have serious difficulty when faced with a solar thermosite barge lord.

>> No.37274456

I think the R'varna Riptide is pretty good. With Stimulant Injectors.

I dunno. Maybe just spam Scout Squads with Sniper Rifles + Heavy Bolter with Hellfire Rounds. Hope to take out things that way.

>> No.37274477

Thanks man.
Any recommendations for glue? I don't know much but I don't think GW™ brand super glue is any different than most but I'd like to not accidentally melt his figure or something

>> No.37274508

Since I'm not a Necron player, what's your view on the Shield of Baal Necron Relics?

The +2S AP2 Precision Strikes Armourbane Warscythe for 20 points?

The +1S to all Melee and Ranged weapons on your Lord/Cryptek with re-rolls of 1(?) for 25 points?

+1S +1T to C'tan Shard?

That Formation with the 2 Crypteks + C'Tan Shard + the Relic above seemed nice.

>> No.37274573
File: 306 KB, 500x750, 40kmotivation5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is this a new meme? This pasta has been in the past 3 40k threads I've been in.

>> No.37274606

Thermosite is completely broken and god tier autotake for a barge lord. S8 scythe, S7 tesla, all shots, 2+/3++ with reroll 1's. Laugh as the opponent wastes entire turns of shooting and your shields remain up.

The scythe is interesting because it gives the model precision strike so all attacks can basically choose where to hit. It can be useful in killing a character as well if you either fly over his squad or he is hiding in the back of a melee.

The +1S/T relic probably still doesn't make c'tan shards worth fielding even with the FNP formation. (Which gives majority toughness to the crypteks which can then get better saves than the c'tan and possibly "we'll be back"

>> No.37274629

Oh, and the force organization for mephrit is 100% worth it. reroll 1's on reanimation protocols is just golden.

>> No.37274643

Yeah, I thought the Thermosite was OP.

Compare that to the BA's Relics and laugh. It's so fucking embarrassing. Guess they want people to quit playing BA's.

>> No.37274664

Do you run your army as Mephrit or do you just use the FOC and stuff?

>> No.37274670

>loading up in Rhino's/Land Raiders

Or pods, or stormravens, or razorbacks, just like any other Codex chapter, WHICH BLOOD ANGELS ARE. Why do people forget that shit?

>> No.37274676

Each edition they switch what is useful. It's just a fact of GW and money grabbing. Look at the poor ork codex.

>> No.37274688
File: 290 KB, 592x462, The Lore..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Also, post codex releases have shown the riptides in ever greater production. When the codex was released they were just 14. When farsight was released they were on almost every battlefield. When damocles was released they were being fielded in 3-5 on battlefields. With the new forgeworld stuff they are fairly common.

The lore also says their production is slow and that they are considered a commodity. Yet the tau lore-wise (and tau players on the table) seem to always have them on hand for a battle.

Though to be fair, the tau could just be concentrating the few they have where they will make the most difference like the Riptide Wing formation details.

>> No.37274712

>the style that they actually use?

You mean the style that players used, which involved loading up with assault marines in the troop slots? That was just Matt Ward fuckery. BA follow the codex astartes, albeit with a heavier reliance on assaulting, and the 7th edition codex brings them in line with this.

>> No.37274763

Nah, When I read about necrons siding with blood angels I started using the army to say "for the emporer" while playing a xenos side. The imperium players really tweaked out about it. It's just an added bonus that they get some love after all this time.

I actually really like some of the blood angel relics. The hood is great against nids, The sword is a cheap thing to toss points at if you have some left over that can scare something like a riptide shitless, and as a necron player I just love a 12" radius preferred enemy from that banner.

Blood angels are alive and well, just shifted to mech lists

>> No.37274795

Simple. Cause people want to play using the things that make the army unique. That being the DC and stuff.

It'd be like banning DogHeads or Thunder Wolves or Long Fangs or whatever from Space Wolves.

True enough.

True enough, but the things that make them stand out aren't worth taking unless you like fluffy armies.

>> No.37274820

Sorry, I forgot a dash. I meant to say post-codex. In the tau codex they were rare. Since then they have stepped up production. It's actually fairly fluffy to use them in that way now as the y'vahra suits description says they were rushed into mass deployment and the R'varna described riptide suits in mass production.

>> No.37274842

So you just run the FOC and formations as whatever Dynasty you're using? Cool.

As for BA's, their stuff is just nothing great. Compared to vanilla or Space Wolves. I dunno.

I like pretty much all of 40k's kits. I like Necrons, but I'd prob never get round to playing them just like every other army.

I liked how the video game XCOM: Enemy Unknown used Necron weapons as inspirations for the weapons you research. Lots of 40k references in that game, like the Mechsuit you can get, it's unit icon is basically the Mechanicus symbol.

>> No.37274905
File: 281 KB, 1106x1588, Wuts dis I hear bout some nerfz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I've seen quite a few people making Orks work. There are a lot of new options to consider.

But its been suggested a lot of the nerfs to the Ork codex were to make the new units (Mek Gunz and the Orkanauts) and some old kits (like the stompa which some implied didn't sell well originally) more viable.

As some one put it

>Orks lost a lot of fearless buffs

All orks in 12 of the Stompa are fearless. And its in the codex now.

>Cybork is not worth taking.

>Ramshackle got nerfed.

Morkanaut can provide a save for your boyz and your trukks as long as their within 6 in.

>Harder to get weapons that threaten AV14 outside of Power Klaws.

A few of the Mek Gunz (Kustom Mega Kannon Smasha, Zappa) can threaten AV14.

>Kanz melee got nerfed and the "cowardly grots" rule.

They can be taken in squads of 6 and having a dread around helps with that roll (any idea how much 6 kans and a dread would cost anyway ?).

> Bikes are better.

So now you can go buy more of them (or convert your own if you wish !).

Now granted this could just be a few disgruntled people, as its been suggested the newer codex releases since the 6th have all been money grabs.

>> No.37274907

Blood angels also have a lot of stuff vanilla and wolves don't have and it really makes them preform well comparatively. Preferred enemy in a 12" radius is pretty big. The other two are more situational. Rerolling 1's on hits and wounds on everything shooting/melee in a 12" radius while moving fast is pretty great. Mobile gunline with surprisingly good accuracy.

>> No.37274974

They got hurt pretty badly in almost every regard but now you can threaten vehicles at range, and you have the standard and awesome buggy/big gunz/stompa list which works really well.

6 kanz and a dread are 420 points without upgrades and definately not worthwhile though.
Bikes are also worse, they used to get free cover, now they have to jink.

My initial point was just that it isn't necessarily worse just unfluffy and shifted towards a different set of units if you want to be competitive.

>> No.37274993

see >>37268978

>> No.37275012
File: 29 KB, 316x351, Bitch I'm fabulous.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kids these days...

>> No.37275031


I know. >>37269774

>> No.37275108
File: 67 KB, 554x454, What It Says On The Tin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'd rather have weaponized Kenny Rodgers myself.

>> No.37275115

I've been through this before. You can easily make a Wolf Lord that does ten Strength 9 attacks, with re-rolls in Close Combat, if he's outnumbered and 7 when not.

Wearing Termy Armour with It Will Not Die! While on a +1S +1T +1W +1A Wolf mount that makes all your melee attacks Rending, whilst the mount does 3 Strength 5 attacks (Strength 6 if you're using the Wulfen Stone).

So on.

Marshall with Burning Blade is vanilla is pretty sick.

>> No.37275232

Why do you need to be in close combat with something like that? You have ranged and movement advantage now.

Plus against anything other than deathstars you still out melee them. Avoid the big stuff if you really must step into melee. Realistically just kill that stuff at range.

>> No.37275268
File: 21 KB, 400x530, Andy Chambers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

40k is brutal, man.

>> No.37275430

Yes, how dare they not worship music from 30 years ago.

>> No.37275452

>It'd be like banning
Except nothing is banned....

>> No.37275478

>Minimum Wage
Pick one. Seriously. If you have the unfortunate luck to work a job that pays tips your minimum wage in the US goes down from $7.something to like $3...

>> No.37275520

Question for you guys, since the wikis aren't helping me. I'm writing some Sisters fluff, and I can't find much about the organization of non-militant orders. Canoness seems to just apply to SoBs, but I'm wondering what the leaders of Orders Hospitaller and such are called? Should I just make her a canoness, too, or do they have their own rank?

>> No.37275619
File: 720 KB, 1520x2688, IMAG0157.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm am this OCD.

>> No.37275631
File: 215 KB, 1280x720, We've Been Expecting You..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

On the note of the Blood Angels, how are their vehicals ?

Being an assult oriented chapter, do their current rules reflect this in their vehicals ?

How well do their vehicles like the Predator, Vindicator and Razorback synergize with the rest of their army ?

>> No.37275799

Very good vehicles.
Fast as ever, lots of new toys.
Supplemental things like the banner in shield of baal exterminatus give huge advantages. (banner gives preferred enemy to everything in 12")
Dreadnaughts still pretty good and assaulty.
transports similar to other marines.
tank shooting works really well.

sadly the blood angel tactic has shifted to mechanized rather than assault infantry.

>> No.37275863


I thought the infantry ideally were supposed to follow up on the heels of the assault and hit the enemy while they were reeling from the first blow ?

Or do infantry serve a different role for the blood angels ?

>> No.37275917

How do you deal with ork artillery? I play meq, but his shot ton of kannnons for super cheap, an indestructible artillery with a 7 T that I have to shoot through grot with a cover save and that toughness.

>> No.37276008

Infantry is more of a finisher for things that you think can't take it. Dangerous things get killed by the tanks, infantry mops up. Fliers also got buffed as well as a variety of other things. (like dante striking at initivtive with a S+2 AP2 weapon)

Lib and Sang for HQ
Lots of tanks
Stormravens with furiosos
Flavor to taste.

>> No.37276339

>with furiosos

SHould I be taking those over Death Co dreads? I've been making lists with 2-3 DC squads and a DC dread on a stormraven with one of em, but to be honest I haven't played em yet. Other than the front armor being 13, is there anything else a Furiosio has over a DC dread?

I'll also admit that I like including DC for fluff reasons as well as what they can do in battle.

>> No.37276546
File: 173 KB, 900x920, Grots Love Da Boom !!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Well its worth noting Grots don't get to use the guns 7 T in melee combat (someone correct me if I'm wrong).

Also can you tank shock artillery with a vehicle ?

>> No.37276563

I just personally like furiosos better

Death company have more attacks this codex but were moved to elite taking away the scoring potential they had before. They Has 1 more front armor which is all important in melee, better options, and WS 5.

>> No.37276641

well for nids the flying hive tyrant and trygons are in the lead, not sure how the others stack up but hey ya got monsters in every damn slot which is nice.

grey knight dreadknight is an odd one. with the recent point drop the thing is really good. better saves then most things with t5 or 6 with 2+/3++. stupid sexy deamon hunting monster

not sure about orks or necrons. tau goes riptide > r'varna > y'vahra but each is still good

space marine 'nauts are meh but the contemptor is very nice for shooting.

chaos goes from iffy to fuck yeah. helbrute/dread by itself is ugh but formations make up for this. contemptor is a contemptor, decimator is great. also sonic dreads are back, hide the kids and pray to the emperor.

>oh you killed me oh no; but wait i'm back from the dead and regrowing my weapons

forgefiend spits out a pretty number of s8 shots, maulerfiend is good for eating tanks. while i love the defiler it's better off as either a lesser brass scorpion or soul grinder

chaos daemons gets interesting. while the bloodthrister and blood slaughterer are good for punching this is deamons so ya need more tricks for it to be worth an hq slot. great unclean one is unkillable sure but slow. your best choice with him/her/it is to deepstrike near the enemy and dare them to put a boo boo on it. while i like the keeper she's fragile if tricky, get it some defense and it'll prove it's worth.

onto the fun stuff. deamon prince is your swiss army knife with fabulous abs and a prima donna price tag but worth it. don't sleep on the lord of change, with that whooping stick he can take a bloodthrister and has the psychic powers to back it up. you don't know it but your army already has a soul grinder.

so yeah, my opinions on the monsters in the game

>> No.37276674

only shooting at them gives them t7, in close combat they're chumps

>> No.37276849

New episode;

>> No.37277114
File: 228 KB, 448x675, tyrant vents.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mr. Chambers, so fucking based... we need you back, man, look what Crud did to your alien babies...

>> No.37277276
File: 8 KB, 320x158, What are you looking at.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I hear Robin Cruddance is better at writing for tank themed armies than armies that forego tanks altogether in favor of more unique methods of war.

>> No.37277295
File: 344 KB, 898x855, 1365318875280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Gorkz is Bestest: Oi? Guyz! Howz do you interwarp?
>Morkz is Strongest: You's already usin' da intrawarp ya grot
Best gods.

>> No.37277573

I have a question, in terms of fluff on the tabletop.

Is there any reason a space marine chapter would actually fight an Imperial Guard regiment?

Or any combination thereof? I know that space marine chapters will fight each other if one pisses off the other enough for whatever reason, but aside from that I'm not sure.

>> No.37277682
File: 53 KB, 400x578, These Guys..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


There are some times when the Space Marines are called on to engage guard regiments that have either gone renegade or are compromised by a dangerous element.

Also there is the Steel Confessors Chapter that destroyed a Tallarn guard regiment for "failure to complete objectives".

(Image is a Steel Confessor Battle-Brother).

There are also the Minotaurs, who had a dreadnought get enraged that it was shot at (a space marine from a different chapter and some guard mistook it for a renegade machine) and it subsequently went on a rampage, killed said space marine, a few dozen guardsmen and ripped the turret of a leman russ before the chapter master stayed his hand.

So there are many ways a Guard Regiment and the Space Marines could come to blows.

>> No.37277758
File: 70 KB, 600x450, KISS noise marines.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It depends on the era the player in question you are asking grew up in.

For me, I'm an 80's kid, got into 40k in the late 90's, so Noise Marines will always have that "Kiss Psycho Circus" and heavy hair metal thing to me.

Kids nowadays all thing dubstep.

Because they are dumb.

>> No.37277828

Realistically? A style of music that hasn't yet been invented, twisted by a vainglorious pursuit of perfection. Practically? Something based on the loudest contemporary music, currently dubstep.

>> No.37277830

To be fair dubstep is a lot more painful to listen to than kiss.

>> No.37277843

Any rumors of fluff nuggets or updates in the new edition?

>> No.37277853
File: 14 KB, 180x167, doomrider.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Point taken.

>> No.37277878
File: 295 KB, 1280x963, Crack is a powerful drug..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The fact that its decsribed as a horrific ear piercing discordant wail of gibbering daemons, I thought dub-step was appropriate.

It is supposed to be some eldritch, stygian dirge that mortal ears weren't meant to hear isn't it ?

>> No.37278047

>Outside of the obvious riptide spam, what problems are people having with Tau ?

Any 7E army or inferior 6E army (CSM, DA, etc) is inferior to Tau.

The best Tau lists are better than the best 7E lists. The average Tau list that's not built stupidly is better than an average generic list from other armies. The only times this is not true is if the army is better than Tau, for example, Eldar.

People even give you data to prove Tau are overwhelmingly better than other armies via seasonal ladder ELOs and win rates and representation.

Other than ACTUAL FUCKING DATA, what's your fucking problem with thinking Tau is balanced when it's obviously above average?

>> No.37278064


Necrons are better than Tau. That doesn't fucking mean Tau are balanced.

Wraiths, Lords, CCB, Anni Barges, Scythes are all OP as shit, you retard.


Skyrays and marker drones. Even without markerlights you have 100+ BS3 shots.

>> No.37278086
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>> No.37278291

Does anyone have any experience with with running a full fledged campaign?
I'm helping out a friend who works at a Store to keep overall track of W-L and any perks people win.

Does anyone have any ideas to make it more interesting for the players in-game reward wise or team wise?

Its a forge world on the fringes of yadda-yadaa with secret shenanigans so the Ork, Guard, Chaos, SM, Tau, and DE players all have reason to be there.

>> No.37278303

Eldar, Knights, daemons, and a variety of other things now routinely beat tau. Just because you can't beat them with whatever you play doesn't make them "OP".Why is something "OP" if you don't have a strategy developed yet to defeat it? Any army can kill riptides.

I field one doomscythe in a grey tide list by the way if you are thinking I field like 9 scythes of different types or something.

Nice name calling though.

>> No.37278320

Tau rank between 3rd and 5th as an overall army in tournament play.

>> No.37278366
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>Skyrays and marker drones. Even without markerlights you have 100+ BS3 shots.

>> No.37278384

In my local meta tau are routinely getting stomped by anything with psykers.

Three to five riptides can't seem to do anything to things like an invisible centurion star or superheavy. It seems like more and more things can just stomp them off the table and with the changes to jink and psychic phase they really just aren't doing so well.

>> No.37278507
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I've always wondered how Riptides fare against super-heavy units. I haven't seen the Tau in a lot of super-heavy games oddly enough.

I only saw one between a farsight enclaves list and a green tide supported by a Stompa, Gorkanaut, Morkanaut, Mega-dread and a deff kopta and the orks just walked all over them.

But ideally someone said if some one is fielding multiple riptides then its time for super-heavys to start stepping onto the table.

Kind of seems like much in either case (both the super-heavys and the multiple riptides).

>> No.37278653

You don't even need the superheavies sadly. Just field psykers and they start to crumble. Debuff the thing and instant death it. Make it take a characteristic test. Reduce its leadership or other stats, shriek at it, puppet master the thing, use a super power like jaws, Use a force weapon. Become invisible.

You can also assault the thing reasonably well, use anything with instant death, (Now available in many non psyker flavors), bombard it with grav, mass poison it, There are so many ways to deal with it right now it shouldn't be causing all this rage even if spammed.

>> No.37279257

Why do people consider the Dark Angels codex to be wanting at times ?

What are some of the major complaints about it ?

>> No.37279299

How are shooty dreads in 7th? I'm thinking of running a Mortis with lascannons to replace a las pred so I can fit something else into that HS slot (probably a rapier battery of some sort) I figure with cover and IH chapter tactics it should be fairly survivable.

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