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Describe your current campaign without using words.

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This is my kind of game.

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plus this.

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Not fat and hairy enough to be a true bearforce.

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That was easy.

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God tier filename

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The Necrons have a pre-set kill limit before they shut down, so I threw wave after wave of my men at them until they deactivated having believed there couldn't possibly be any more sentient life life in the galaxy.

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What makes a man turn to the greater good ... Lust for Throne Gelt? Power? Or were you just born with a heart full of goodness?

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...so are the PCs adorable puppies or something?

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Despite the PCs tripping over and becoming trapped in terrible situations, the water bottle survives unscathed.

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Okay, going to need to ask for an explanation here. The fuck is that, the fuck is your game?

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I want to join your campaign.

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Can confirm, have industry spreadsheet.

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Is eve as chart happy and spreadsheet intensive as rollmaster?

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now I'm having flashbacks to that piece-of-shit site admin who made this thing for that game prototype.
"Interacting with a girl in a relationship is like training a pokemon that will never evolve."
>The guy who made this thing, whenever-the-fuck

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I'm pretty sure that's a Kamen Rider, going by the other gifs I've seen.

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Honestly I've been playing Eve since '04 and the only paperwork I ever used was a googledoc to track the assets when our entire corporation moved to the other side of the cluster.

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Good to know I'm not the only one aware of Psudolonewolf's... stuff

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Apparently not, because I see words in your post.

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I guessed as much. Explains nothing though.

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Can't get closer without words, but to be accurate, I'd also have to say "but with orcs instead of slavs."

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Urban fantasy period piece set in New York City in the 1990s, Half-demons working to stop a gang war that will tear the underworld apart. It's not fun.

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my DM did hate my kobold character for this reason.

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My character can turn into an illusionary fire horse that looks like a Holy version of a Nightmare...

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Anyone with a bit more time and skill than me should feel free to replace the people in the people in the hallway with some very exasperated guardsmen.

Oh and give archer an Inquisitor hat.

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In a culturally & ethnically diverse world, white guys are always the best.

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So your DM makes dungeons designed with "help the PCs" buttons?

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Did he post a gif of the whole movie start to finish, or are you just retarded?

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what do the dark grey squares mean, if not x0?

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Normal damage I'd assume.

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Most succinct way I can put it.

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oh, derp, x0 damage means no damage, not no modifier.

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filename unrelated

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Anon I'm scared

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this is exactly what we are doing

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>That filename


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You can't just use the same fucking move over and over

God damn it, Richter


Fucking Belmont

Fucking stop it.

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Haha faggot

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I am now sad.

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You beat me to it, but at least this>>37237608
cheers me up a bit again.

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I'm sure a more talented soul has done this hack job before ...

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movie Cabin in the woods

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what's the story here?

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You're the DM aren't you?

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Cub has a broken spine, the mother is attempting to leave it behind, but cant quite do it. the cub will die in a few hours, but the mother still waits for it.

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What broke the spine?

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wthh blurg hsahl nevenat tsunavum.

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being a wild animal? but if i remember correct it was either a Hyena or honey badger.

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So, Mummy: the Curse?

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Oh hey that was our last session, Fucking unnamed ravnos jumped in just because the dm thought that a gargoyl with 5 celerity, 5 fortitude, and marginal potance wasn't climatic enough. Note the three fighting was me a supped up Gangrel (Admittedly op since i also got potence and celerity), our own gargoyel who has no weapons, and our own ravnos who is multiple generations higher than me and the gargoyle so is at a huge power disadvantage and thought that trying to summon crows and blind it with a pain can rather than illusions would help.

>was the only one who did damage while our gargoyle ended up tanking

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Inquisitor's Log, Stardate... uh... April 13th. Point 2. We have failed to uphold the Emperor's Law. However, I did make it with a hot Eldar babe. And in the end, is that not what Man has dreamt of since he first looked up at the stars?


Commisar, I was asking you a question!

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What's your offer?

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Fucking centaurs

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I'm the only one of my party to come back alive, still waiting for the others to come out of the dungeon as we got seperated.

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Whats this from, I've seen this gif a million times but never been able to find any info on it.

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what the fuck is this?

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From the guy who made Gundam, its a dark super robot show.

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>what the fuck is this?
My new favorite jif.

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I don't have an image but this post describes my campaign.

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My other game

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My last game

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Get inside the gargantuan demon they said, kill it from the inside, they said

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I did a bunch of ARG stuff for my current campaign

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Pretty much this.

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Boxcar Joe?

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what the fuck

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basest of niggas

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That's exactly what happened in an AdEva I'm playing. Crit impact damage to the body, green eva is launched to hell and beyond. crit energy to the head of blue eva, boom, there goes your head. silver eva shoots right before the fear check. Not that it helped anything.

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That little girl had it coming, I tell you.

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>tfw DM abandons you

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Well, I guess that if I didn't post this for my campaign, someone else would.

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And this instead is of my last campaign where I played as player.

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Swat team arrested innocent elderly women and her daughter for making online threats to the local police department, turn out it was another guy just using their unsecure wifi on his phone. They pressed charges but they found that the officers were not liable.
I hope they at least replaced the door.

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Acolyte: The jackass wants to see you in his quarters.
Eldar Ranger: Good. This will be my chance to reason with him, captain to captain.
Acolyte: He also requests that you wear this.
[holds up a skimpy costume. Ranger ignores it and knocks on captains door]
Captain: [sexily] Come and purge it!

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No I'm not crying, I'm making onion soup.

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>Food vs Architecture

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Throwing pasta against a wall to test its doneness?

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if you wan to do the kind of things that involve spreadsheets (industry and station trading) yes

Otherwise no

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Actually they'll zip tie anyone in the house and bring them out, suspect or no.

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Dude I had him for a lab prof

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This is an easy one

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I don't get it, nothing showed up on the motion sensor, there's nothing across the roo-
Oh fuck.

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>That feel the first time you don't see it

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The motion tracker should've detected it up in the vent anyway. In the movies they were able to detect things above and below them as well.

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depends if it's moving, or just lying in wait.

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>high level monk uses flurry of blows

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that is accurate as fuck

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Honestly, you just had to be there to get it.

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sadly, not made out of what it says on the label.

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what the fuck is even there

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Calling BS here. Magic is all about poking Nature in the eye and then kicking it in the balls.

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Yeah, it's Kamen Rider Gaim. Good shit, worth watching. Written by the same guy who did Madoka Magica. This isn't from any of the episodes, though, so I'm as stumped as anyone else.

Totally in-character for Baron-da, though.

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What game is this please?

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Dorf Fortress
where the fuck have you been?

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Needs Delve/10

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a xenomorph

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What sorcery is this?

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it just has a texture pack, safe to say he didn't make it

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This shit right here. Blows my fucking mind
>Been meeting at the same FLGS for 4 years every sunday
>Would get out of work at 4, we would get there at 4:30
>Rest of the group has day off. they sit and play magic, eat food, dick around till about 6:30/7
>Decide after 4 year, since I rarely eat at work, I'd start showing up at 6. Get some food, unwind for a bit, shower before I go.
>Entire group sits down after a couple weeks of this
>"anon, what time are we gaming sundays? You have been coming pretty late?"
>Tell them didnt think we actually started till 6:30, ill start coming for 4:30 again if we really are playing then
>The next four weeks are rushing from work, watching them play magic, eat, and dick around

Some bullshit.

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i was in a three galaxies campaign playing a character who had just entered the three galaxies from the heroes unlimited universe. the character was actually designed with help from /tg/. I was doing a good job of turning the other players from ruthless mercenaries into respectable heroes. i've not been there to play with them for about 5 months. i am deeply concerned that they regressed.

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Average Rifts party.
Also, fun movie.

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As the shithead who plays Slivers (why yes, I am fun at parties), this both arouses and terrifies me.


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Somebody actually greentexted a story about how they recursed a game inside a game because they were getting sick of the current dm's shit.

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I mean, we all have our pronunciation wars, BUT ON THIS YOU ARE OBJECTIVELY WRONG!

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Katawa Shoujo, but specifically the animations done by rtil.

>> No.37246032

Kinda dick move to off the moose.

>> No.37246062

And having it die slowly and painfully from it's injuries would be better?

>> No.37246147

Don't be silly anon you're supposed to let the animal kill you because nature.

>> No.37246211

He could've fucked it.

>> No.37246323

I have the weirdest boner right now

>> No.37246329


I think both parties involved were pretty unreasonable, but you have to admit that the moose started it.

>> No.37246338

I thought we agreed drow were the slavs now.

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except not really due to bump limit

>> No.37246654

That's creepy

>> No.37246692

This broke my cold, bitter heart.

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Where the fuck do you see a Xenomorph? I have been staring at that vent for five minutes, at best I can assume that liquid is drool. Is that it?

>> No.37246922

>at best I can assume that liquid is drool. Is that it?

>> No.37247019

So Only War with a single very lucky player?

>> No.37247338

This pretty much sums up all of my group's campaigns.

>> No.37248414

I need more information.
Sex crazed tree golems?
A race of sexy plant people?
Did the whole party have sex with trees?
were the tree sentient? is so was it tree rape?

>> No.37248468

The same thing happened with me, once. I tried to join a group, drove an hour to meet up and they sat around eating and shit until I had to go around when they started playing.

>> No.37249198

You're the one that gets eaten by the xenomorph because he doesn't see the drool till it's splattering on his jumpsuit.

>> No.37249347


Dammit. I was about to post that. L5R game, I'm playing a Sparrow.

>> No.37249543


Clearly you are unfamiliar with how dangerous and awful moose are. They can and will fucking kill you.

What annoyed me more was, how that guy was carrying on an empty chamber. Seriously, bro. Seriously.

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>> No.37249794

And that's when anon felt...Naaauuuuuuuuuughtyyy.

>> No.37249880

Well that right there is a leaky duct alright.
Wait a fucking minute

>> No.37250137

You mean the only fucking reasonable way to carry a live firearm? You fucking homicidal ultra-tool.

>> No.37250174

He was on a snowmobile. The fucking could have just drove away.

>> No.37250231

Not necessarily. Turning around from a dead stop on a snowmobile pretty much requires driving forward. Directly into the moose.
The moose would win a confrontation between itself and a snowmobile. These things walk away from direct impacts from cars and can easily crush skulls and fiberglass snowmobile frames alike.

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>> No.37250385

>You mean the only fucking reasonable way to carry a live firearm? You fucking homicidal ultra-tool.

I sincerely hope you are trolling, sir. The M1911A1, a pistol designed over a hundred years ago, had a manual and a grip safety that in tandem provided for a perfectly safe way to carry the firearm with a cocked hammer and loaded chamber - the manual safety in fact locked the hammer into place, so even if the sear was defeated, the hammer could not fall. Most modern handguns have safety systems that make the 1911 look like the antiquated turn-of-the-century design it is; they're even safer, incorporating such things as firing-pin blocks, and their safeties often function automatically, with no levers or controls that the user must operate.

Carrying a firearm meant for self-defense with an empty chamber is fucking retarded, and a practice only endorsed by fucking lily-livered retards with no understanding of the firearms they claim to be qualified to operate.

>> No.37250720

Are you one of those guys who think if a guy tried to mug you, time would freeze while you pullout and aim your gun?

Shotgun best defense weapon.

>> No.37251136

Adrenaline is a hell of a drug.

>> No.37251243

>not knowing that the only thing that matters in a gunfight is who decides to shoot first, regardless of where the guns are

>> No.37251277

>carrying a shotgun in your vehicle for defense purposes
>the average shotgun can take down a moose

>> No.37251325

If someone pulls a gun on you, they can shoot you before you can reach for your gun.

>> No.37251423


>> No.37251454

Guess what, actual shootings disagree with you. If you're holstered and have a gun drawn and held on you, if you decide to shoot first you win. Period. No ifs, ands, or buts, you will shoot first if you're the first to decide to shoot.

It's because the reacting party is still in the "Observe" stage of the OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) loop and the shooter is two steps ahad at the "Decide" stage.

>> No.37251565

They have to be in the right mindset to do so, though.

If they don't plan on shooting you, they're going to hesitate.

I mean, it's still a stupid idea, because if they're made the decision to shoot you if you make a sudden movement you're dead, but not everyone makes that choice.

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>> No.37252348

>Are you one of those guys who think if a guy tried to mug you, time would freeze while you pullout and aim your gun?

Very much no. 9/10ths of winning a fight is situational awareness. Crooks will even check to see if you've got it; the whole "HEY MAN U GOT A LIGHT" as they amble towards you is called an "interview." They're checking to see if you're wise to what's happening. If you give them a stink-eye and have a hand under your jacket before they're within 15 feet and your answer is "fuck off," then they know you're wise to it.

A fight is won or lost before the weapon is even drawn.

>> No.37252411

But how does he drink it?

>> No.37252777

Yeah, the average person will not decide to shoot someone unless they're drunk or otherwise drugged. If you turn a robbery into a murder, more people want your head. But we're getting sidetracked from a previous tangent about reasonably shooting a clearly aggressive moose used to represent a campaign.

>> No.37252842

Assumptions like that get you killed, man.

You should never, ever assume you know exactly what the other guy is going to do. You might just be dealing with the dude who doesn't give a shit, or doesn't consider the consequences, or simply has poor impulse control.

>> No.37252846

A firearm without a chambered round is beyond useless if the situation should ever arise that you actually need it. Considering it takes two hands and a bit of space, not to mention time, to actually cock a weapon you better not actually have a guy in your face when you decide now is the time.

>> No.37252854

Very Carefully.

>> No.37253580

>tough gunslinger
>crazy-ass mage
>classy half-orc planner
>Face - no gimmick, just Face
Solid party

>> No.37253604

Anyone have the MIB chatlog gif?

>> No.37254107

Unfortunately we're at image cap here.

>> No.37254431

Screw you buddy, I'd just managed to repress this.

>> No.37254942

WELP! I know what I'm watching tonight.

>> No.37254992

I will give you the benefit of the doubt because you were clearly raised in a gated community by tree-hugging, bisexual, communist dicksucks.

>> No.37255193

White Power!

>> No.37255457


>this much autism

>> No.37255858

Particularly fun to watch while thinking of it as campaign and the 'team' as a party of PCs.
There are points that I swear I could picture the look on the DM's face..

>> No.37255866

Rape horse > Farnese

>> No.37256016

Some sort of alien.

>> No.37256019

annnd crying.

>> No.37256045


I bet Asia did this.

>> No.37256102

It's the ending to Cowboy Beebop

>> No.37256113

People that are wondering about this one, its a shitty thing edgy kids have been doing. Its called "SWATing" and you call the police and say you heard gunshots, etc etc and provide an address. A few people have gone to jail for SWATing already.

>> No.37256196

Such is life. Alas.

>> No.37256462


You know, this is just me, but if I was snowmobiling, with small but significant chance of crashing, I'd just leave it unchambered.

>> No.37256734


I remember that. Some guy had enough of their DM's shit so he and the others played the game inside of the game.

>> No.37257567

people don't rob people to kill them. They just want your money or things. If their plan was to kill you they'd have done it before even talking to you.
The gun the thug has isn't the real source of power he has. he's using it as a tool to get fear. Fear is the real weapon he is using, if he has that, or thinks he does, then using the actual gun isn't the first thing on his mind.

>> No.37259359

>if you decide to shoot first you win.

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