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A small Rogue Trader fleet (due to warp fuckery) appears in Turian space in Mass Effect. What happens?

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The Rogue Traders con their way into buying a planet, and when the Turien come to kick their asses, they run into the Human fleet that the Rogue Traders also conned into supporting them. They bullshit everybody until they die.

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shenanigans of the highest order

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"We have an unidentified craft in the system - WTF is that? It is HUGE!"

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Commerce. Sweet, sweet, deadly commerce.

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"When did humans start building such huge craft?"

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Hot, alien, dicking.
Followed by getting all the credits.

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Bioware makes them check their privilege

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Are Imperial ships big enough to tow a relay?

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How about some trigger warnings on your rape porn?

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It's not rape if the alien begs for it.

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GW then proceeds to beat the shit out of Bioware in court.

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'small' is relative.
Although the ships are of unknown build, the turians probably won't open fire right away, because nobody wants to repeat that relay incident.

Also, the biggest Turian ships are dreadnoughts, who are ~2km long. Even a small rogue trader fleet will some ships bigger than that. Not sure the turians are even willing to risk conflict with that. They'll probably just cry to the Alliance that the humans need to remove their brethren from their space. Not sure what will happen when the RT refuses.

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40k falls victim to BioWare's magical realm shit.

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Probably depends on the ship and how they intend to pull it. The smaller raider and frigates are about 1-2km long, whereas the larger cruisers are 7.5ish. Given a relay's arms are 15km and the revolving gyroscope bit is 5km, the smaller ones might have more trouble doing it than the larger ones but could probably do it if the Trader put their mind to it. All the element zero might do peculiar things to the void shields and any psykers on the ship though, so they may not be able to come too close.

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Never, but plot wise she asked for it. She takes him into a toilet.

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She wasn't in the right state of mind and couldn't technically give him consent.

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go back to tumblr before i trigger rape you

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So are you going to give a source or I have to look it my self?

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Really? If someone fucks me while I'm horny, it's rape? Well, I guess all premarital sex is rape then.

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It's pretty good. Should be easy to find if you know where to look.
By InCase.

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If you can't control yourself you can't give consent. Sex without consent is rape. Easy, isn't it?

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So if I'm an alcoholic, the problem is with the bartender?

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So to clarify, nymphomaniacs love rape?

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This thread needs some quality comic.

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Mass Relays are really awesome methods of FTL travel, but only work with a Relay on both sides.

You can only go to destinations with a Relay already set up.

Destroying a systems Relay would completely isolate and fuck said system.

The Rogue Trader would own all of Citadel Space in a few months.

Fly in, wreck their Relay, fly out. They can submit or stay bottled up forever. Or until he comes back in force to make them submit.

If the Trader ever figured out how to make it back home with reliable FTL tech that doesn't rely on the Warp.... The fucking Ecclesiarchy would change to polytheism!

If he can't / doesn't want to get back, he could set himself up as the Emperor of his own Empire.

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She doesn't seem to consider herself raped.

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I am really not sure if this is some really weird story or satire.

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How overdramatic.
Typical of a spoiled tumblrette.

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This is a joke right? like those "Quality" anime pics?

Please help me cling to what little faith in humanity I have.

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Crime is a crime even if victim doesn't see it.

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>look at my smirk
I lost it at that face.

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Wait... does this mean some rapists rape themselves by raping others?

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I hope this taught you something.

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But she did see it. She is well aware of it she is a professor in biology. She wanted in on sex number 5 just from hearing it.She is just promiscuous dude deal with it.

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Again, I ask you: if I'm an alcoholic, is the problem with the bartender or with me?

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Ok, but what if the guy doesn't know? He has no reason to believe that she is in an altered state or can't control herself. Is there a thing as accidental rape?

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This is different isn't it?

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So the moral of the story is that she had no problem with toast and bacon. So toast and bacon is good enough to override triggers?

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Nope. It's exactly the same. I can't help but try to get alcohol into my body, and if the bartender doesn't help me do that, then I'm going to find someone else who will.

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Geeze, all uppity about aliens being chemically altered to find humans attracted and all sex is rape. But get elves that we hunted down to have sex with is considered sport and keeping the population down.

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How would they fly in exactly?

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I refuse to believe that someone would be dumb enough to trivialize rape to such extent.

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>thread ruined by people taking the most obvious bait to ever grace a hook

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So basically you don't need to make the fact that you were once raped significantly affect your life.

Good morals for any SJW looking to be an attention-whoring professional victim.

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You would be surprised how much can be trivialised. It is all a matter of perspective.

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And I can't believe you're dumb enough to scream rape at clearly consensual sex.

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Back on topic now...

So would the Council blame the alliance for the RTs actions?

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The only reason people consider being raped so bad is because they're TOLD it's worse than death. Not because it is.

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Not that guy, but I refuse to believe that someone would trivialize alcoholism to such an extent.

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I can't speak for the others here, but personally I just find it really funny to watch. Even if the shitposting is deliberate I think there's a certain comedic value to the situation as a whole.

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When animals are in heat they get horny and have sex. It doesn't happen to humans but if it happens to aliens and they have sex its not rape its a function of their biology.

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The Rogue Traders are enlightened about transgenderqueer politics and spread the knowledge against the giant den of white male patriarchal bigotry that is the 40k Universe.

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There all done. Let's discuss how the rogue trader's psyker interacts with biotics people.

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But the rapist was clearly human and should had known better.

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I am with >>37222076.

This is the most amusing Tumblrism thread I have ever seen.

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I enjoy it in the same way I enjoy watching youtube videos of monkeys flinging their own shit at each other - Inexplicably.

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that's heresy

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Alcoholism, bartender. Also this

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So if someone offers me delicious icecream for free, then I should refuse because to take it from them would be theft?

>> No.37222142

Probably either horribly or not at all.

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When will the topic of transgender space marines ever be discussed? When will we learn to bury the hatred?

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OP here, the fuck happened to this tread?

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That's not the same thing! Alcoholism is a disorder, she is unable to give consent at the moment not for her fault. Is this really that hard to understand? If she was drugged would you say the same thing?

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>When will the topic of transgender space marines ever be discussed?
Whenever you feel like talking about space marines other than those found in 40k.

>> No.37222169


what if he honestly didn't know?

>> No.37222175

Aren't all spacemarines transgender? They sure as hell are transspecies.

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If they both were drunk/drugged, then technically they raped each other.

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Mass effect ships can be about the same size as 40k escorts, if the RT has even a single cruiser he will have the largest ship.

Mass effect weaponry, at least in the fluff and not demonstrated in cinematics, tries to remain close to the realm of possibility with high energy rail guns and such. Their shields obviously only work against projectiles.

Imperial weapons have much longer canon ranges and can/have slagged continents even when they are not doing Exterminatus. They also have a plethora of energy weapons that would go straight through kinetic barriers and probably slag the Turian ship in just a few hits.

Don't even get me started on not having to rely on mass relays. This would be yet another brick in the wall of human domination of mass effect

>> No.37222183

Glory, that's what. Enjoy the ride, my friend.

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Well the psyker might be a god. Most of the time people say the warp in ME Universe is calm thanks to Reaper wipes.

>> No.37222189

But she does give consent. her mind is not effected she knows exactly what is going on she just really wants to have sex.

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There's nothing that can be done, better take it round the back of the barn with a shotgun.

It's the humane thing to do.

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Tumbler says he should be kill for being male and having sex with a female, he might only get life in prision due to him being a xenophile though...

>> No.37222203

If you have sex with a minor you go to the prison even if you didn't know she was underage.

>> No.37222210

ME tech seems far more advanced than 40k tech. I don't think the RT will last very long.

>> No.37222214

I never got mass effect weapons. My gun has a tiny drive that shoots off flakes of metal that are also increased in mass? It's weird science.

>> No.37222215

He wouldn't be godlike, probably the same strength as he was just with way less chance of blowing himself up.

>> No.37222227

Tiny problem, can the RT Ship still go FTL?

>> No.37222228

You'll have a lot of egg on your face when the lore gets updated and the Emperor was a fluidsexual the entire time.

>> No.37222231

>psyker with a much smaller chance of blowing himself up
Sounds pretty godly to me.

>> No.37222242

Thing is, unless the RT is carting around a DYI Ammo Manufactorum then eventually he'll run out of stuff to shoot at people.

Not to mention stuff like fuel concerns, parts for repairs, etc.

>> No.37222248

So I'll never have egg on my face? Good to know.

>> No.37222249

>Emperor was a fluidsexual
Isn't this canon? They can change appearance afterall...

>> No.37222251

Fuck off, heretic.

>> No.37222257

But it's not even their tech, they got it from super old aliens who learned it from other super old aliens.

>> No.37222258

So, this species finds humans very attractive because our biochemistry arouses them, and because of that any sexual relationship between humans and them is automatically immoral.

Well, I for one am opposed to the stigma on xenosexual relationships. If two sapient beings want to be together, then society shouldn't stand in their way. Putting a blanket ban on human/nonhuman miscegenation is a backwards and ignorant, and I plan to stand on the right side of history.

>> No.37222266

If there are thinking feeling beings then the warp exists.

>> No.37222267


She wasn't drugged or passed out in the comic. What are you going on about?

>> No.37222269

If you shoot anything fast enough it hits hard. If you accelerate a fleck of paint fast enough you could shoot through a house with it. Their guns have a thing that carves off a little bit of a block of metal and accelerates it amazingly fast, didn't you listen to that guys Isaac newton speech?

>> No.37222271

They actually understand the technology they're using, though.
Plus, they have biotics.

>> No.37222273

> Life in prison for consorting with filthy xenos

not good enough.

>> No.37222274

He didn't 'had sex with a female' but raped someone who was unable to give consent. That's the difference.

>> No.37222276

If he got there via warp fuckery, then obviously the warp somehow exists in the ME universe.
Which would suggest that all warp tech will still function.

>> No.37222291

Take the Relay in, or fly in via the Warp. What ever they want I guess.

>> No.37222293

Wanting it is not the same thing as being unable to give consent, tumblrina.

>> No.37222295

Xenos aren't people, so it doesn't count.

>> No.37222298

I never played the first game, I am uneducated.

>> No.37222301

No Astronomican, wat do?

>> No.37222305

She was drugged. By her own biochemistry but the point still stands.

>> No.37222308


The Emperor only seemed to take male forms so I don't think he ever did. I'd believe he was once Hitler doing some of his eugenics research before he took female form.

>> No.37222313

Biotics aren't exactly devastating though.

>> No.37222320

No chaos do to reapers, the warp is calm.

>> No.37222325

What did this poor dead horse ever do to you?

>> No.37222327


actualy, if you don't know and the underage decieved you convincig he\she was of legal age you don't go to jail.

>> No.37222333

Then why are they allowed to mingle with humans, or why aren't the leaders of the race trying to prevent anything like a special suit or killing all humans?

>> No.37222341

You forget. All xenos automatically give consent to glorious homo sapien superiority.

>> No.37222342

>She was drugged. By her own biochemistry but the point still stands.
No it doesn't. If it did, fucking anyone who was horny and wanted it from you for any reason would be rape because they were also "drugged by their own biochemistry". Or do you not realize that our entire thought process is really just biochemistry?

>> No.37222344

She 'wanted it' because of altered state of her mind. That doesn't count as consent.

>> No.37222350

Well some random marine in the first game gives a speech to some recruits on how the guns work roughly.
They clearly enjoy having sex a lot.

>> No.37222357

So "horny" is an altered state of mind now? See

>> No.37222367

True, need like sixteen of them to be considered artillery. Though they do have personal shields.

>> No.37222368

The Astronomican is only needed in the first place because of how super fucked up with daemons and shit the warp is in the normal 40k universe.

Not having psykers and shit the ME 'verse would, by necessity, have a very placid and calm warp. Which would be simple to navigate.

>> No.37222375


That's why you carry tech priests around who know how to make factories. You enslave some Krogan or whatever and have them build your skyscraper sized munitions back at your non relay accessible base. Easy.

What kind of Rogue Trader wouldn't be able to set up a few alien sweat shops here and there?


Sure, the ME universe has dramatically less conflict and no real space incursions of chaos so the warp should be much calmer. Chaos existed in the Golden Age but people didn't need the astronomicon there either.


It does make sense, they're purely kinetic weaponry that use mass effect fields to accelerate tiny particles to near light speed before they leave the mass effect field, gaining their mass and energy back, increasing the KE (magically) exponentially. It's a trick to get relavistic weaponry without just having absurdly powerful rail guns.

>> No.37222379

Well, first you want to get a count on how many Navigators and Astropaths you have left. How many just had complete fucking breakdowns without the Astronimicon.

After that, continue as normal with what you have left.

Would have to travel slower then normal in the Warp without the big light-house, but the Warp would also be much calmer without all the Chaos fuckery.

>> No.37222407

Not amazingly strong ones though.

>> No.37222411


Here y'all go


>> No.37222413

But her biochemistry was altered by outside source. Are you really this dense?

>> No.37222418

Guys it is obvious. He goes to trial for having sex with someone when they can't give consent, and she goes to trial for drugging someone when they can't give consent. Both parties are guilty and deserve the full weight of the law to come down on them.

>> No.37222419

I put forth that this act is worse than the fictional "rape" in question.

>> No.37222434

So is mine when I drink. Damn you bartender!

>> No.37222439

And if I see a hot babe and get a boner, that's my biochemistry being altered by an outside source, but I won't cry rape if she jumps onto my dick.

>> No.37222442

Being horny because you say a fine ass isn't having your biochemistry altered by an outside source.

>> No.37222460

Okay, I'm confused about terms here.
Does 'outside source' refer to all stimuli?
Does it refer to chemical?
Does it refer to visual?
Does it refer to auditory?
Organisms react according to their environment, including arousal. Are all instances of arousal caused by your partner's appearance 'outside sources'?

>> No.37222474

Thanks man. Now I know.

>> No.37222492

If i understand correctly her biochemistry works in such way that human pheromones alter her behavior and make unable to sound decisions. She can't give consent in such situation.

>> No.37222508

You didn't answer the question?

>> No.37222519

So what if tau got into the ME universe? They have smaller and more agile craft than the imperials. Plus plasma does more damage and can probably eat away at any shields.

>> No.37222520

And yet see jumps onto human cock after hearing them doing it and not getting any pheromones at all.

>> No.37222525

And the sound of trains passing by gives me a raging stiffy. Dunno why that is, but facts is facts. Yet I am perfectly capable of saying whether or not I'll stick it in some xeno cloaca or not.,

>> No.37222532

We had a thread with calculations the other day. Halo humans vs ME Turians and we realized that ME universe was fucked to the eleventh.

RT would have no problems. Except maybe their FTL. It's freeish, not attached to those relays aaaand it distorts time.

>> No.37222538

She said human pheromones were intensely arousing. Intense arousal is distracting and affects decision-making, yes, but you're saying people can't have sex with each other if they're too aroused

>> No.37222540

>not only tapping pseudo-mammalian xeno ass
To each their own and all, but damn son.

>> No.37222546

Energy weapons actually bypass shields entirely. Tau could probably make waves.

>> No.37222554

So what? You want a cookie or something? Not being a rapist is not something you need to brag about, it should be a norm.

>> No.37222561

Except she knows about this effect. Knowing How human effect her she chooses to live among them.

The effect humans have on her is like a person taking drugs to enhance sex they have already agreed to while sober.

Presumably she could protect herself from the effects if she wanted to, say a prescription to negate the effects of humans, and chooses not to.

>> No.37222564

My, my, look at that damage control.

>> No.37222570

And instantly turned around to turn me into a bad guy because you think I'm a man.

You need to check your privlidge, fucking white knight. I'm a genderqueer pansexual who happens to be stuck in a mans body. Common sense is my headmate. You're so triggering my right now.

>> No.37222571

Or if it is loud and they are distracted by the noise, if they have recently been in any form of altered emotional state, if they are hungry or full, or under any other unnamed conditions during which their decision making is unaffected in comparison to a (somehow measurable?) baseline. Correct.

>> No.37222590

>Knowing How human effect her she chooses to live among them.
For fucks sake. Are you going to talk about what she was wearing or something? Living somewhere is not "asking for it".

>> No.37222598

Affected* rather, not unaffacted. The point is, if you are making decisions that are influenced by any kind of outer or inner alteration, you cannot give consent, which is presumably always, unless someone can explain exactly what the baseline should be and why.

>> No.37222601

This is a case of an alcoholic going to bar with a hundred bucks burning a hole in his pocket. It's a deliberate choice.

>> No.37222603

Have them use their battle suits to kill off the reapers. Like how the quarians and geth used ship broadside guns to hammer one down.

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File: 992 KB, 893x1250, 11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't blame me, you drank the drink.

>> No.37222618

Guess all sex is rape.

>> No.37222623

Selling said alcoholic booze is still immoral. But it's not a crime unlike rape.

>> No.37222631

Only if cisgendered white males do it.

Everyone else is a victim. Always.

>> No.37222635

Yes and she took the d

>> No.37222636

But that's the only good one...

>> No.37222640

You are jumping to conclusions. It is possible a baseline exists, and that there are logical and scientifically sound proofs that it is a good baseline, in which case there can still exist consensual sex. I just can't think of any myself, you?

>> No.37222646

>Selling said alcoholic booze is still immoral.
No it isn't, because he's going to get his booze one way or another, so you might as well make some money off it.

>> No.37222652

Damn, did not see that one comming. I chuckled.


>> No.37222655

Baseline is completely sober missionary position with lights on and the man has to be extremely attractive and skilled so there can be no post coitus regret.

>> No.37222658

Actually, now I'm curious. Is there any possible sexual relationship between humans and members of this species that wouldn't qualify as rape in your evaluation?

Say they met online on a dating website, had some good conversations, and it wasn't until a video call or something that they found out each other's species. Is the Puazi unable to consummate his relationship with his human gf because he would be too attracted to her?

>> No.37222677

>If not me than someone else.
That is not a justification. You could try to explain basicly everything by that.

>> No.37222684

Welcome to being a human.

>> No.37222685

> Damn, did not see that one comming.


>> No.37222686

What if a black person rapes another black person?

>> No.37222696

People who willingly expose themselves to mind-altering substances are typically responsible for the decisions they make while under the influence of those substances.
They don't get a free pass.

That's why society arrests and prosecutes drunk drivers instead of sympathizing with them and giving them a pat on the head.

>> No.37222700

Yes, really. Never read this comic before and I found the comment funny.

>> No.37222702

Hmm, but anon, just because she doesn't regret it doesn't make it rape, right? What if she was deep in thought during the sex and simply wasn't able to focus her full attention on deciding whether to fuck or not? Can it truly be said she gave consent under such muddied circumstances? I say no.

>> No.37222708

Yeah, that's called pheromones, and they're integral to the social and sexual relationships of most non-human species on this planet. By your logic, a species that uses pheromone signals to encourage mating would be incapable of having consensual sex.

>> No.37222714

The male is guilty. Then the cis person. If they are both the same gender then the christian, atheist or lighter skinned.

>> No.37222721

But anon, that's every species with a sense of smell!

>> No.37222729

One is a victim of rape by a male person of colour.

The other is a victim of the white mans patriarchy forcing him to resort to such means.

>> No.37222749

Animals don't have intellectual capacity to make such decisions. With people this is called being drugged.

>> No.37222753

Let's talk about more mass effect stuff. Why do fire rounds work better against armor?

>> No.37222761

Because they don't ask for permission.

>> No.37222771

My god. Last time the phone rang mid-boning distractiing both parties...making both rapists and victims.

>> No.37222781

Because fire disrupts the structure of the armour, making it melt and unstable.


>> No.37222782

Humans do have pheromones AND they influence our behaviour. Are you really going to tell me that no human sex is consensual?

>> No.37222783

In which case, basically everything we can feel is "being drugged." In which case, your outrage is the result of you being drugged by your own biochemistry, and thus is not real.

>> No.37222790
File: 16 KB, 367x388, 400350000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Being drugged reduces your mental capacity to that of an animal.

>> No.37222792

This is why the public needs to be brought to attention on such matters. Until there is pressure on law enforcement to find such criminals, people like these sick fucks will continue to walk our streets alongside our children and innocent citizens daily.

>> No.37222808

Probably an incendiary like thermite, rather than just "fire."

>> No.37222809

So anon, can you tell us why you are A), so buthurt about this, B), why you try to whiteknight a nonexisting fictional drawing and C), why you don't make sense anymore?

>> No.37222815

But, I yell at my kinek to make garrus use it.

>> No.37222827

[citation needed]

>> No.37222840
File: 77 KB, 720x960, 184323_164657130350188_1871404704_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't like rape and i like attempts at justification of it even less. I don't believe i need to explain that.

>> No.37222851


>> No.37222866

While humans are highly dependent upon visual cues, when in close proximity smells also play a role in sociosexual behaviors. An inherent difficulty in studying human pheromones is the need for cleanliness and odorlessness in human participants.[32] Experiments have focused on three classes of putative human pheromones: axillary steroids, vaginal aliphatic acids, and stimulators of the vomeronasal organ.

Karl Grammer; Fink, Bernhard; Neave, Nick (2005). "Human pheromones and sexual attraction". European Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Biology 118 (2): 135–142.

>> No.37222867
File: 23 KB, 408x306, Kwits3Q39AGph-gCzFJSbjl72eJkfbmt4t8yenImKBVaiQDB_Rd1H6kmuBWtceBJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.37222873

> inb4 hurdur wikipeida not reliable.

>> No.37222874


Equating all dubiously-positive consent as rape is rather insulting to anyone who has suffered an explicitly non-consensual rape.

>> No.37222886
File: 56 KB, 500x444, gfN8k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.37222888

All males should have nano machines injected into their schlongs at birth so all interactions can be monitored and rapes stopped via remote detonation.

>> No.37222891

Then why are you seeing rape in everything man.

I don't mean to offend, but maybe you need to talk to someone, it really sound like you have an issue beyond simple desire to inform people of your opinion.

>> No.37222895

I'm pretty convinced that's shopped.

>> No.37222897

>society teaches us "don't let your car get stolen" rather than "don't steal cars"

actually it's both

>> No.37222901
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>> No.37222904

The fact that it's a crime is enough. That's like saying society doesn't teach "Don't murder" or "Don't steal." The illegality of the act implies the fact that it's socially unacceptable. That doesn't mean I won't avoid bad neighborhoods and keep my doors locked.

>> No.37222928

What's going to stop some random girl just telling people I raped them, then they blow up my dick? A man won't ctontrol all this a woman will.

>> No.37222936





>> No.37222948

Aw lawdy, I wouldn't rape that with Satan's dick! Mother Mary of mercy I need new eyeballs, I scooped mine out with a spoon by reflex!

>> No.37222949
File: 526 KB, 680x612, its happening morty rick.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well this thread whent to shit.

>> No.37222964

Nice to see you again, /pol/.

>> No.37222968

W-what's the name of the comic?

>> No.37222979


>> No.37222983

Nevermind, read another two posts and found it.

>> No.37222990

Google Xenobiology Prismgirls

>> No.37222997
File: 178 KB, 271x351, dowhatyoumust.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Xenobiology by Incase.

>> No.37223007

Thank you.

>> No.37223009
File: 10 KB, 236x176, 0e16a80e95880fcf5eec058b8ab7e337.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.37223013

Yup. Yup it did.

I thought /tg/ was less easy to troll then other boards.

Then again, we did turn it into a conversation with someone who won't answer questions unless he can twist them to his purpose.

>> No.37223026
File: 91 KB, 470x427, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Think it's time to bail.

>> No.37223038

Sounds like she got #shrekt

>> No.37223042
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>> No.37223069
File: 144 KB, 663x1600, termie reaction.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thread about a rogue trader in Mass Effect
>completely derailed into arguing about 'raping' a fictional alien by a master baiter
God damn it you guys.

On topic, I reckon a rogue trader's fleet probably wouldn't survive a concerted effort to bring it down from the Council races. They fight at pretty much the same range as the ships in BFG and are much smaller and probably a lot nimbler and faster, giving them a decent shot at avoiding return fire. The Normandy SR-1 is also shown to be packing something that hulls Sovereign, so they're not wanting for firepower.

Of course, if the Normandy manages to stealth up to the rogue trader's vessel and drop off Shepard then the rogue trader is double fucked. After all, everyone knows that they'll never be better than Commander Shepard.

>> No.37223071

Don't worry, you're safe.

>> No.37223102

Well it's hard to stealth when the navigator can sense your psychic presence.

>> No.37223119

But a rogue trader vessel has windows. They can just look outside and see them coming.

>> No.37223160

>using windows
Nigga that's a structural weakness! Joking aside, the Normandy could easily slip in from underneath, especially if they're in combat. Given that these are 40k dudes they probably wouldn't be all that bothered about a teeny little ship coming alongside, dropping three guys then buggering off.

>> No.37223182

>dropping three guys then buggering off
With void shields? That would end really bad.

>> No.37223189

Aww shit, if Shepard manages to get on board with his husbando Garrus, the rogue trader is fucked.

>> No.37223198
File: 82 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mt8ps9j3pd1rtcur5o1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.37223201

>master baiter
The bait was shit.

>> No.37223215

Garrus has a sniper rifle. That's the worst weapon to have during ship battles. Bring Grunt or Wrex.

>> No.37223225

Boku no pico

>> No.37223234

Do we judge bait on its 'artistic' quality on on its effectiveness? It was not captain Kirk but people did caught it.

>> No.37223253

Actually, that begs the question.

Which Shepard would be the worst to encounter for the rogue trader?

Soldier, Engineer, Adept, Infiltrator, Sentinel, or Vanguard.

>> No.37223276

Guess it depends on what the trader has on his arsenal.

>> No.37223292

>sniper rifle
>bad weapon
>ship is between 1.5 and 8 kilometers long


>> No.37223298
File: 87 KB, 620x582, Dextro Force.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not if the shields are down from repeated salvos from Dreadnoughts and the ridiculous torpedo spam that goes on in the Mass Effect universe.

>Team Dextro
Shepard tanking everything and using his Matrix powers, Garrus scoping and dropping men left and right while Tali hacks everything and lets Chakita get stuck in. They don't know what's about to hit them.

>> No.37223325

What about when they start going through the small hallways that you can barely get through? Shot guns are best weapon don't deny it.

>> No.37223331

>'artistic' quality
Definitely this, those who were caught just had really low standards..

>> No.37223334

1.5 - 8 kilometers of labyrinthine hallways.

The team to bring is Tali and Wrex. Tali has the tech no how to abuse the ships systems. Wrex has the body, skills and space magic to abuse the ships occupants.

Tali over Legion or EDI because I don't know how these AI will deal with a Machine Spirit

>> No.37223363

Probably try and have sex with it. Mmmmm sweet computer love.

>> No.37223365

Okay, now I want to know how sniper rifles and shot guns behave in both respective universes. This will allow me to determine which is better to use in in-ship combat.

>> No.37223368

Well, EDI was designed to smash everything in AI-vs-AI hack fighting. Actually she doesn't even need to leave the ship to do that, does she?

>> No.37223444

No, she does not. But we don't know how different the itnerfacing is between ships from different canons. Maybe she will go mad with all the machine spirits that are in there. Maybe the machine spirits will sit up and bark for her.

Maybe she's creeped out because there is nothing to fight.

>> No.37223452

AI of rogue trader ships are cyclopean monstrosities, frankenstein like creations made of bearly functioning tech from year 10.000 and stuff that would look primitive in the 1960. EDI is a cybernetic masterpiece but i'm afraid that hacking Imperial ships would be like swimming in raw sewage for her.

>> No.37223474

Unless you get a team of Mechanicus priests to counter attack, they have the same abilities as an AI and superior numbers.

>> No.37223544

>they have the same abilities as an AI
We really can't tell. Those computers can be basically anything. Probably they even use some kind of vat grown brains as wetware.

>> No.37223566

During any ship combat you'll want a shot gun. The ship hands use them to make sure they don't do deep lasting damage to anything. Also takes no real training or careful aiming for you to point a brick down a hall and cover it in a blast. The sniper rifle Garrus uses is fairly large and cumbersome, takes time to aim. All them ship hands laying down suppressing fire and moving closer will take longer to aim.

>> No.37223625

True. But Garrus ALSO carries an assault rifle. Which might be anything from a space-AK47 to a laserbeam to a death-blaster-5000.

Plus, Shepard and co. never need to reload, just wait for their weapons to cool down. Which takes like 5 seconds max.

>> No.37223629

>The sniper rifle Garrus uses is fairly large and cumbersome, takes time to aim.
He's also perfectly capable of plugging somebody between the eyes with it while running sideways. Being close to the target isn't an issue for him, neither is being in enclosed spaces. Hell I think he's practised with it so much he can basically hip fire with it and get a good hit in at close range.

>> No.37223637

Do you need to reload lasguns?

>> No.37223642

You realise that he also carries an assault rifle, right?

>captcha: fugit doetArt

>> No.37223664

They do have power packs

>> No.37223666

Yeah, each charge pack only has so many shots.

Unless we're at ME2-3 timeline, in which case thermal clips are an issue.

>> No.37223667

Not really. Mass effect weapons require a heat dampener on at all times. When they eventually run out you'll run the risk of having the gun blow up in your hand. Without any proper way to get more ammo the boarding team of three will eventually get mowed down or performe an emergency extraction.

>> No.37223684

From the 40k wiki on lasguns

> It is powered by a small rechargeable power pack located beneath the weapon and in front of the trigger guard which can be recharged in a number of ways, including by sunlight.

>> No.37223692


>> No.37223717

You shake that little bitch as hard as you can while and Ork ischarging you.

>> No.37223735

ITT: ME fan-wankery and tumblr

>> No.37223738

> primitive in the 1960
>keep the ships of the Imperium running

I agree with the monstrosities but not with them being primitive. If anything, EDI might see them like how we see a creature from the Cthulhu mythos.

>> No.37223753

Strange that the techonolgy is the same as in ME1, but they simply added displosable heat sinks to insta-cool your weapon. In game it's just ammo.

But fluffwise, I think you can still let your weapon cool down...

>> No.37223809

I said that they are basicly put toghether from tech of various eras made by people of varing skill. Some parts might be super-advanced archeotech quantum computers, some trash put toghether from spit, rat brains and Omnissiah's will.

>> No.37223812

That's probably going to take a few minutes. Just bring a shit ton of guns like soldier Shep.

>> No.37223851

And for ork ships they're not even turned on. Being fueled by pure waaagh.

>> No.37223862

So, what is going to be the best team to storm this Rogue Trader vessel then? Remember, someone is going to say that they wanted to go. And someone will complain about never being picked. So choose carefully.

>> No.37223916

Soldier Shepard with Team Dextro. Doesn't matter if they're not the 'best' choices, the banter is first rate and Shepard can pick up any slack.

>> No.37223941

You're the one who started drinking in the first place knowing full well that one of the possible outcomes is alcoholism. It's the same legal principle that allows drunk drivers to be convicted without mens rea nor clear concious thought.

>> No.37223999
File: 31 KB, 409x189, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please don't.

>> No.37224025


tau weapons are a mix of kinetic and energy, so im not sure

>> No.37224133

>rogue trader's fleet probably wouldn't survive a concerted effort to bring it down from the Council races.

There would be no concerted effort. At all.

The Rogue Trader wins by virtue of superior FTL. All other advantages or disadvantages are secondary.

Mass Effect FTL travel relies on the Mass Relays. The Trader doesn't.

Take out a systems Relay, then leave. Done. The system is now completely isolated. Cut off from outside support and trade. The Trader can now deal with them at his leisure.

>> No.37224159

Isn't a relay explosion big enough to decimate the nearby planets?

>> No.37224182

Fuckin laughed out loud. Nice

>> No.37224233

>warp travel
What. Sure it's generally nowhere near as bad as people make it out to be, but large delays and simply ending up in the wrong place aren't exactly uncommon.

>take out a Relay
Yeah, I don't think you realise how difficult that is, or how spectacularly they blow up. Anything in the system - which includes the Rogue Trader's ship - is going to have a very, very bad time. And because he doesn't know that the Relay will do that he will almost certainly not be able to get into Warp before his ship gets annihilated.

>> No.37224251

The one in the Sol system was out past Pluto. I guess that's why.

Them expoding like that would only make it easier fot the Trader. Most systems would have a large percentage of their military forces relatively close to the Relays because that's exactly any potential invasion would come from.

Not to mention the Citadel, seat of their galactic government is a massive hub for Relay routes and built into a Relay station.

Taking that one target out would utterly cripple... everyone.

>> No.37224335

Considering the Warp there wouldn't be a boiling cesspool of daemonic evil, it would probably be far more safe and reliable than normal.

>The Trader doesn't know the Relays will explode.

Well, for him to even bother attacking them in the at all, demands he learn about them in the first place.

Most likely grabbed some unlucky mooks and 'questioned' them.

If he knows it'll go up like that, he'll resort directly to extreme range bombardment.

>> No.37224408

Except nobody knows that relays do that in Mass Effect, either. The best he'll get from them are 'relays are basically indestructible'. The heaviest ordnance that the Council can put in space (probably equal to the infamous Marco Cannon when all's said and done) can't even dent the thing.

And if he's at the point in time when what it takes to blow one up is fairly common knowledge he's going to have a slightly bigger problem on his hands than the resident aliens.

>> No.37224582

>Damn near impossible to blow up
Oh, right. I forgot how tough they were. Fuck it, just tow the thing into the Warp. Done.

>bigger problem on his hands
You mean the Reapers? Fuck the Reapers. They have the exact same weakness as everything else in the setting. Take away the Relays and they become irrelevant.

>> No.37224640

ME3 pretty much reconned this. They can FTL without relays.

>> No.37224825
File: 290 KB, 582x336, Charon_Relay_and_Pluto.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Relays are 15km long, and I'd guesstimate 7-8km tall at the thickest point. That is a shit-ton of mass to move around, and there's one of these in every single explored cluster.

Everyone can FTL without relays, it's just that it takes a stupidly long time across the same kind of distances. The Reapers slow-boated it it from their spot outside the galaxy after their two 'backdoors' into the relay system were closed. Bear in mind that the Reapers planned to arrive at the end of ME1 at the latest (using the Citadel relay), but ended up taking the best part of three years to get there.

>> No.37224898

Then what was the point of keeping them out of the Citadel?

>> No.37224931

Because warping to the citadel would be instant, they would be there with their entire fleet and the head of the resistance would be crushed in one fel swoop.

>> No.37225067

Thanks to warp dickery, get thrown into a universe where demons, necrons, traitors, blue communists, orks, and space elves aren't trying to kill everyone and the standard of living isn't shit almost everywhere, and realize you're one of the most heavily armed contingencies in the galaxy.
>Go back

>> No.37225151
File: 81 KB, 350x350, HeresyStamp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37225212
File: 22 KB, 356x450, 1355722490943.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When can we just talk about OP's hypothetical instead of being bombarded with psuedosociology?

>> No.37225262

>a shit-ton of mass to move around
Not that hard in zero-G. Considering 40k ships tend to be fuckhuge, probably well within the Rogue Traders capabilities.

>Everyone can FTL without relays, it's just that it takes a stupidly long time across the same kind of distances.

The RT would still have a massive speed advantage, but it would be impossible to predict the outcome of a conflict without more info. OP was vague as fuck.

If this was set years before ME1 and the Trader had time to build his own mini Empire. If he had his own conquest fleet to move on the Citadel races, then he'd be able to wreck the Reapers.

If he was dropped in the middle of the shit without warning?

Come to think of it, OP just said "A small Rogue Trader fleet"

By the ridiculousness of 40k standards, that could be a force capable of steam rolling ME in a direct frontal assault, or not?

Oi, OP. Stop being a vague fuck. What are the details of this premise?

>> No.37225328

OP here, Fleet has a 1 Battleship style flagship, 3 Luna class ships and a handful of Raider ships.
Time is Right after Sarens attack on Eden Prime.

>> No.37225342

Fucking hell, can rogue trader fleets even get that big? Isn't that more like an Imperial Navy battlefleet?

>> No.37225363

Hey, with the right connections you can have some mechanicus and space marines tagging along with you in search of glory.

>> No.37225369

A Imperial battle fleet is about 86 heavy ships at least so not really.

>> No.37225407

It should be the norm to keep this bullshit out of /tg/ and actually discuss the issue at hand: What if a Rogue Trader popped into Turian space.

>> No.37225464

Any Trader worth his salt has a fleet with at least 3 cruisers.

>> No.37225471

But wouldn't a battleship be absurdly expensive? They're ridiculously huge and probaby take decades and decades to build, are highly prized by the Navy and shit do they have a high upkeep cost. The fuel, munitions, rations and pay for the crew would be astronomical. Not to mention even getting a crew that big in the first place.

>> No.37225487

You fucking kidding me?

That shit would RAPE everything in Mass Effect.

The Luna class cruisers out mass everything in the setting by a retarded amount and could slag entire fleets.

And you gave him THREE of them? And a fucking BATTLESHIP!?

This entire thread was beyond pointless.

>> No.37225530

You're a fucking Rogue Trader, not some backwater pirate lord. You can afford it.

>> No.37225554

Calm down, the RT does not have any way to repair his stuff and no way to feed his crew without major help.

>> No.37225565
File: 1.93 MB, 235x240, 1368169016926.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37225668

Yes let the RAGE flow...

>> No.37225798

... How big is a Luna cruiser? How about the Battleship? Sure they can't be that big.

>> No.37225882

Luna class is about 5km.

Depending on the type, Battleships can range fro 8 - 20km.

The upper end are extremely rare capitol ships of very important people. Average would be 8-12km.

>> No.37225910

>How big is a Luna cruiser?
5km long with a crew of ~100k people.

>How about the Battleship? Sure they can't be that big.
Not quite sure how big they are exactly. But they're probably at least half again as large as the Lunar-class cruisers, if not much larger.

>> No.37225920

How big are ME ships?

>> No.37225958

Dreadnaught class ships range from 800 -1000m.

>> No.37226008

Surely they are mass produced right? Can't they just send large fleets to overwhelm them?

>> No.37226062

Depends on how much eezo they have on hand.

>> No.37226080

How hard is it to make eezo?

>> No.37226153

>Eezo is generated when solid matter, such as a planet, is affected by the energy of a star going supernova. The material is common in the asteroid debris that orbits neutron stars and pulsars. These are dangerous places to mine, requiring extensive use of robotics, telepresence, and shielding to survive the intense radiation from the dead star. Only a few major corporations can afford the set-up costs required to work these primary sources. Some planets have small eezo deposits or coalesced around a larger deposit during their formation. While these secondary sources are safer to mine, the yield from the ore is not as large.

>> No.37226156

They're very expensive and time consuming to make, and there are few shipyards that can handle such a massive project. This is what happens when a setting with at least some sense of proportion and 'realism' (propped up with a dose of magic science) is pitted against a setting that runs entirely on rule of cool and epic scale.

I don't know, but the Normandy's drive core cost the same amount of money as a heavy cruiser. Admittedly the Normandy's core is exceptionally large for the ship's size, but it shows that Eezo is hella expensive and thus probably fairly difficult to get your hands on.

>> No.37226203

Dreadnaught class ships are the rare super heavies of the ME setting.

>> No.37226234

OP here... fuck that is way outclassed.

>> No.37226359
File: 217 KB, 500x402, bosh'tet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>OP in charge of doing even the most cursory research before starting a discussion on /tg/

>> No.37226561

Guess it's time to keelah bitch

>> No.37226608

Guys ME guns operate at the mid to high Kilotons for their ship weaponry, maybe low megatons for Thanix beams. 40k ships use weaponry that deals damage in the low gigatons to low teratons depending again, on calculations.

A Tau navy ship, if not limited by ammo and fuel, could assfuck all of ME by itself, that's nothing compared to what a murder hobo RT with a decent IOM ship can do.

>> No.37226690

How would they have any want of resources in this universe?
The only technologically-inclined people in the 40k universe don't even know how the ship works, and can only repair them with the scant knowledge they DO have. The people in the ME universe could probably do a lot better.

Not sure how far thrones will take the RT since the currency is worthless in ME, but a few planetary conquests should fix that right up.

>> No.37226763

Don't forget that a Reaper would look pathetic in proportion to the flagship. A a few missiles would surely annihilate any one of them.

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