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BYOND Download link: http://www.byond.com/download/

To connect: Open BYOND, click the gear in the upper right. Click "Open Location" and paste in the IP above. Click "Ok".

Welcome to d20Station, a rule light, low moderation server filled with custom content.

>What the fuck is Space Station 13
A top down atmospherics simulator with a "whodunit" on top. Survive in the station and do your department's job, while fixing the problems that the antagonists cause.

>How the fuck do I play this game? I keep hitting myself with things.
Use OOC and ask someone for help on how to play. People will almost always help you get a grip of the game if you're polite about it, just don't reveal too much in-round information in OOC.

>Hey /tg/ station I...
We are a separate entity from /tg/ station, we just host our threads on /tg/ as the server was made by fa/tg/uys for elegan/tg/entlemen.

>How is this station different from [station]?
Join the server and read the rules and changelog (located at the top right of the game window). The changelog has been cleaned up to show changes starting from the base code of the /nt/ branch.

Do know what SS13 is? Dislike hate how other servers have gone? You'll (probably) like it here.

Custom mapfag has been AWOL and nobody knows what's even going on with the map.

Code branch from NT (also named d20Station) is updated a few times every week with fixes and new content.

Based codefags providing content.

Email [email protected] for code requests (Please make the subject "Map Suggestion" or "Code Suggestion" or "Feature Suggestion" for easy sorting), and bug reports (I was doing X when something fucked up/the server crashed, I think I may have caused it).

Note: This is NOT SS13 general

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reminder that nernums is nernums and your nernums is nernums by nernums

>Custom mapfag has been AWOL and nobody knows what's even going on with the map.
speaking of, i might try my hand at making a station layout at some point
if only because i need to learn more about actually laying out a station, because i'm pretty sure i've got the functions down.
i know some specifics and intended quirks like how to arrange r-walls and walls, that sec should ideally be set up for firefights, and weakpoints in the station, etc, but i have difficulty with room size, layout and where they actually go

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I don't think any of us really pays attention to the op anymore

in fact I forgot the information for the code email months ago

when I got it the only person who ever sent emails was navry who is the one who wanted me to have the info, so I didn't really care

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About cyanide thing in the last thread;
>Doctor on nuke ops round steals dead nuke op's pills
>Grinds them up, puts them in a beaker
>Puts beaker in medibot
>Put medibot in a populated area
There is a recipe for it, that had to be admin enabled, but I forgot it.

>> No.37220920

Is there a way to change the default chem on a medibot, the one that it has infinite amounts of?

>> No.37221068

>a bunch of whiteagle posts scruffed last thread

>> No.37221225


For the infinite chem, the only way I know that you can change it is to emag the bot and make it dispense poison instead. Related note, what's the reagent that emagged medibots use?

>> No.37221347

fairly sure it's just toxin.

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Well now...

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go fuck off already please if your gonna spray rage, asspain, and general whinny faggotry about how you hate freeman, no one treats you fair and what ever bitch reason you come up with to shit up the threads.

>> No.37222578

I had suspected as much.
Should just remove the email then.

>> No.37223322

I am a bit curious if there is anything else in there by now

>> No.37223736

Reminder that nermums is shit and your server is shit by association.

>being this assflustered

>> No.37223856

>implying any level of assblast
i think you've found yourself in a gross misunderstanding
you're no more than a meme these days

>> No.37224306

Rooms should be big enough to to serve their intended purpose, and not much larger than that. We're a low pop server, so vast lobbies and sprawling floor spaces are just wasteful.
That being said, there being some extra space on the peripheries and room to expand around the station *is* a good thing. There's an art to knowing when unused space is a bane or boon.
>hint: extraneous bubbles of space inside of a department are usually bad

As for the overarching layout of the station... try and think like a civil planner. Who needs to go where most? What departments are going to want direct access to each other, and what are sane ways to provide this? By what scheme are your utilities being run? Can a person navigate [X] area intuitively?

>> No.37224342

this is exactly why I asked someone else to make a somewhat decent basic layout for me so I wouldn't have to be sweating with thoughts like "B-BUT WHAT IF I PUT CARGO OVER HERE AND SWAP MEDBAY WITH THE BAR???"

>> No.37224524

Multiple people submitting designs for a client to review and select from is a big thing that happens.
Problem being there's so much spaghetti in drafting up an actual map.
>every individual item needs to be manually placed
>except for when something is hardcoded to spawn something else
Reminder that SMES place their own terminal, like niggers.

>> No.37224824

IIRC SMESes don't place their terminals, but APCs DO, and APCs spawn the terminal on the tile they're placed at, sharing the same dir (but not the pixel shifting information) as their parent.

i don't recall which other objects spawn their own little things, though, besides landmarks (which are pretty easy to understand)

>> No.37225286

>playing security general


>> No.37225827

Molotovs fixed when?

Jetpacks actually emitting their gas when?

>> No.37226397

also never since it would be such a trace amount of gas it wouldn't really matter

>> No.37226437

I'm literally looking at one of these two things right now
its not molotovs

>> No.37226771

Molotovs work great for strategies like "Scorched earth".
Notice that we're not exactly on earth, or any other large body of soil and rock with it's own atmosphere.

>> No.37228600

That is an incredibly poor argument, I don't even.

Never because astv code, or never because the idea is unsound?

>> No.37228908

The conveyor for the mining shuttle doesn't quite work. Ore tends to accumulate at corners.

>> No.37229084

Also, is something besides the girder being deleted supposed to happen yet if I try and add bricks to it?
(I may not have all my .dm's activated)

>> No.37229126

>can't warm hands over a fire
>only burn them
Such is life in spess.

>> No.37229244

Plasma Glass (but not Plasma R-Glass) cannot be pried into its frame, only fastened.

>> No.37229377

there are ways to do it well, but that would require me reworking the fire system a decent little bit

there are also ways to do it 'ok' but those are pretty shitty and dumb

burning is a side effect of warming

>> No.37229460

i'm pretty sure this is how ordinary glass operates, too, it's probably intentional.
there's basically no reason not to use the reinforced versions of glass, between normal glass types being vastly weaker and easily disassembled.

>> No.37229742

I might use normal glass from time to time if it didn't look like garbage. Rglass just looks better.

>> No.37229833

> Dude sets medbay a flame and welder bombs
> "WEll okay, he's just a shitter"
> Clone him to perma him
> Gets out butt fucking naked and runs into maintenence because the door was open
> trips a dude, grabs a crowbar and wails on him
> Steals the dude's stuff
> Leaves and finds a captain's ID
> Comes back and flashes and null rods 3 people to death, murdered the chaplain earlier as well
> Orders some weapon crates
> Dude comes back from mining asteroid
> They get into a shootout
> Mining dude dies
> Dude goes into halls with two guys
> Gets chased by borg
> Shoots borg
> It splodes
> He catches fire and finally dies
Holy shit that guy was robust as fuck.
He said in deadchat he always wanted to do an in game massacre/rampage like that.

>> No.37229866

After some experimentation I discovered that melee attacks by hulks are just a proc of some kind instead of a real melee attack (more spagoots) dealing 10% of the mech's integrity each time (affected by deflection chance and armor) which means a halk will do MORE damage against a durand but take more hits to kill it. They will also not be hit in the face with their own punches if deflected.

Human default punches do nothing to mech, even augged.

Armor appears to do nothing against an arm-augged hulk except reduce damage by a varying amount. Even with a fully upgraded RIG/Riot suit they put people on the floor with a weaken in two or three strikes. Kicking is just as bad.

tl;dr hulks always win in melee, aug melee hulks is like wielding an esaber with less damage but greater weaken chance

>> No.37229875

It was less robust and more surprise attack

>> No.37229948

>clone him
You're a damn fool.

>easy surprise stuns followed by beating
>leaving the perma door open
Others' incompetence does not necessitate his competence.

>> No.37231437

The problem is that using fire on a space station is not a smart idea.
The atmos, which is artificial, is extremely heated, the floor melts, and it makes everything shit.
On a planet, it's bad, but it doesn't turn a metal space station into a death trap.
This is why you make fun of anyone who dies trying to use a flame thrower.

>> No.37231604

Hell, he got me because he was wearing the ID of someone I had been talking with earlier and then just flashed and beat me

>> No.37231863

astv tried making them just a flash-fry that didn't heat atmos up like a plasma fire does, but there were two problems
>he made alternate fuels that were persistent fires, rendering that measure irrelevant
>the fire system doesn't work that way in the first place

>> No.37233084

Guy who created ninjas here. How are ninjas? Are they still horribly broken because no one wants to touch my labyrinthine keystrokes?

>> No.37233144

They're nonfunctional because they're spagooti and their abilities don't work properly half the time, and when they do, you realize that the interface for ninja is such a titanic piece of shit it makes the default ss13 interface look intuitive.

You should feel bad.

>> No.37233199

you're gross and it's all designed terribly

but still more balanced than wizard

>> No.37233265

Oh anon, how little you truly know. I actually redesigned the PDA interface after the spiderOS interface. Otherwise you would still wait ten seconds to turn on your flash light. It was state of the fucking art!

Most of the ninja code was optimized as shit compared to the endless if chains everywhere else. Back then, anyway.

>> No.37233308

I actually left it sort of unfinished for someone else to pick up. Nobody ever did, so what the fuck ever. I don't even know why; I commented just about everything I could.

>> No.37233464

but balanced unless you count homing tasers

>> No.37233467

there is a lot of old spaghetti and honestly the ninja code at the time was better than a lot of the other stuff but it's decayed over changes of course but it's still more or less viable, but still not a mode even though it was clearly geared towards being a regular antag

>> No.37233637

It wasn't really geared toward being a regular antag. I had a lot of ideas since on how to work ninjas into a regular round type, fixing broken abilities, or making some abilities work as they should in the first place; I even did a projectile overhaul for that purpose. Manual reloading, realistic magazines, better case ejection, better loading, etc, everything to make ninja stars work as actual projectiles with a gun prop.

But the weird revision control / coder hierarchy / general drama bullshit / me not really playing anymore killed that pretty quick. I imagine the old code is outdated as shit now.

>> No.37233776

when did you quit exactly? I could probably fill you in a bit.

I avoided all the /tg/ coderbabby non-sense
no way I'm sucking someones cock to do work for them

pic related, it's the average pasta tangler from #coderbus trying to make a meat ball

>> No.37233953

I spent about two months coding, watched my work in action, decided I had enough, then left. There was some drama-like stuff going on the server at the time I didn't exactly care for--keep in mind, this was a few years ago--and I was just generally burned out.

I know a lot of stuff was rewritten in the interim, and I went back a few times to check out the code since, but I've pretty much stopped paying attention a year or two back.

>> No.37234168

>Admins randomly make me a ninja during a xeno round where xenos have won
>I've seen a ninja round in person once
>On a different code, on a different server
>I have no idea what I'm doing
>Quickly get raped by the aliums who have all played as aliums a million times and know how it works
>Get made fun of in dead chat
Experience is everything.
That, and knowing what and how to use all the shiny buttons.

>> No.37234206

ah, well they've never gotten better, worse really.

You might have a vague recollection of d2station if you're from quite a ways back. I was involved in that group

the only people good at ninja are faggot badmins who make themselves a ninja routinely.

>> No.37234452

Aliens are actually a hard counter to ninja. I made sure that ninjas would actually need to SNEAK around aliums. Back in the day their vision would see cloaked ninjas and their claws would rape everything. I know that because I also reworked them from TLE's original code. Telegibbing was bout the only way to kill them successfully.

I liked d2station. Especially the Even Horizon. I used to love exploring that thing. Too bad admins were either running around doing other stuff or never paying attention, so nothing cool ever happened. But then you had stuff like dido powered segways. I know that error had a huge mental breakdown on /tg/. Didn't read what happened after that.

>> No.37234639

But why would you do that?
Almost all their tools were for head on assaults.

>> No.37234811

we had some of the most advanced code at the time but we all took everything so much less seriously
we were by far the most experimental group and still likely are

sections of the d2 code are still miles ahead of the typical branches

eventually the main server owner went literally insane and just started to shut everything down for no real reason

if you're interested in doing stuff again just ask me about it and we'll see if we can accommodate you

>> No.37235003

>d20 attracting this many people willing to contribute
I don't have a "this is getting out of hand" face extreme enough.

>> No.37235011

So what are some jobs that we need on dorf?
Not like offical jobs, but things people will need to do.
I just thought of some:
>Quartermaster: Not the normal one, but one that keeps track of what the station has, and makes sure the right people get the right shit (So kinda like cargo but less ordering more record keeping
>Scavengers: People who go out into space/the asteroid to find needed shit and bring it back

>> No.37235025


>> No.37235049

Perhaps without the enthusiasm.

>> No.37235068

Ninjas were elite assassins, they just ended up being really strong murderhobos. I made aliens first, then much later made ninjas with the intent of assassinating individuals targets. I got sort of carried away with abilities and such, so ninjas ended being really robust, but I never really wanted them to be op. At the time I thought that because aliens were generally killable by the crew, having them be strong against ninjas worked. Wizards were so so, since they could shut ninjas down with blind (try it), and their powers worked differently. I even had a changeling kill me when I was playing as ninja; but he used telekinesis before it got nerfed. In all, I thought it was all fairly balanced at the time. I have no idea what changed since then, so you could be looking at something completely different.

I actually wanted to look at d2station code for a while. I believe someone leaked the code at one point, but I couldn't use it for whatever reason. I do remember wanting to steal various shit from D2station though. I remember asking Erika (headmin?), or maybe someone else asked her, about code sharing but she blew me off.

>> No.37235144

what's your username? I might remember it or something
Also I was the one who released it public, it was 2 years after they banned everyone who had put work into it and claimed to never do ss13 again

there were slight incompatibility problems with modern byond, but I do have a perfectly functional copy short of the missing .php files which were part of the massive amount of embedding on the d2k5.com website itself.

>> No.37235172

So, do we shun content production now? Or are we afraid of getting "contaminated"

>> No.37235188

It's astv freaking out about how much stuff is happening that he never asked for.
One night nostalgia trip, all this was ever meant to be.

>> No.37235201

What, no, I'm just eternally surprised that a >>37235188
has turned into, well, d20.

>> No.37235211

Alright, I was just worried that we were turning into a sekrit club

>> No.37235228

>sekrit club
>omnipresent thread on a public website

>> No.37235233

contamination can be a problem but you should let me be the one to worry about that for the most part
and by contamination I mean of the code itself

bad sauce is hard to fix

>> No.37235251

Noize. //N in the comments. I'm credited as Noise, but I never bothered changing it. I went by a few different names back then, not even sure what I was known as in irc.

Speaking of other stations, there was this one time Freedom Station tried recruiting me. It was kind of weird, considering I was still coding for /tg/. But in terms of cool shit I saw, and I played a lot of different servers, Bay12 and Goon had the most interesting features. Everything on Goon I already knew how to do, or knew how to do better. Like their holodeck.

Bay12 had that fucking crazy ass decompression. Shit would literally throw you into walls and into crit. It was hilarious, I loved it. Now that they pull from tg, I think they removed it.

>> No.37235519

fucking Cael forcing bs12 to merge with /tg/ code was the stupidest thing I've ever seen in all of my years of ss13

it took them months of brute force attempting to compile and lost like half of the features when surprisesurprise the two very different bases didn't mix for shit.

one of their big things was about fixing problems in the atmos, which was funny as fuck because ZAS =/= FEA

the d2 atmos was basically a hacked up older version of ZAS dating back to the original baystation leak when they still had something to do with dorf fortress, cranked up two notches with increased processing speed capabilities

on d20 I try to keep a real focus on the expansion of player-capabilities opposed to just simple pulp, and am lucky to have a good amount of like-minded people involved.

>> No.37235613

>Only defense against decompression is magboots
>If you get caught in it though, you can't get up to turn your magboots on, and will die as if you didn't have them
>If you do have them on, shit will still get thrown around, and you'll get hit
>There is no real defense against it

>> No.37235670

I actually whined about the merge back when they were doing it just to get on git. I couldn't understand why /tg/ was moving the code base when 95% of the coders didn't even know how to use git.

I played on Bay later on too. It was actually way more fun before they fully merged (also got bitched out for quickchoking an ert guy, best round ever). I don't remember when, but they did another huge merge (after the initial one that got rid of Luna) and lost like all the cool stuff they had and took ages to work it back in. And now I don't see anyone even playing, might have to check back.

I'll probably check out d20 some time tomorrow. Nice trip down memory lane, I'll get some sleep now.

>> No.37235700

It was AWESOME. I also remember randomly wandering around the mining site and getting hit by the mining laser. Surviving. Then slowly making my way to the next room. To open the door and have a chair fly in my face, killing me. Hilarious.

>> No.37235749

Honestly it needs people to look over what is being made and plan shit.
If you could use a blank sheet of blueprints to plan rooms in a basic buildmode image kind of thing it would be fantastic.

Unfortunately not a lot of people will listen to this planning. I was hoping someone competent would step up as CE and tell the engineers what needs to be built.

>> No.37235750

>Mining laser
Either there's something I have not seen, you mean an emmiter, or you're talking about xenobiology.
But it's just those little things that fly around and kill you. Sometimes it's a room full of glass shards, other times it's a super matter in a small room.

>> No.37235767

I know this is off topic, but...
What is that image from? The art style intrigues me.

>> No.37235784

There really needs to be a leader.
Unfortunately, everyone here hates any kind of authority.
>Hey guys, we need metal to build a hall from here to there

>> No.37235816

original zas was badly designed yeah

the d2 magboots would allow you to be knocked down if on, but they'd keep you from flying around, but the great thing about d2 was that because our master controller was split into multiple processes instead of a single one, you would actually have your players processed faster than the atmos so you could get up during brief points and try to struggle away from the danger while crying for help

I kind of miss that loosely random player-synced element

>> No.37235895


Jesus christ, walls are just as bad as floors.dm.

I'll fix it soon. In the meantime, don't add bricks to girders.

I could have it check for help intent. I originally wasn't sure if I wanted to have it "warms hands" or burn.

Punches weaken if they're above 9 damage, and I think a hulk by default always deals more than 9 damage. I'll have to look at the code.

>> No.37235994


The code is a nightmare to try and sort through, especially since it's spread out around so many different files. There are worse examples, but still.

Also, ninja star + teleport gib makes it E Z mode, especially if research has hyper cells for you to steal.

Ava's Demon, it's a webcomic

>> No.37236097 [DELETED] 

And yet froman complains I'm here...

>There really needs to be a leader.
>Unfortunately, everyone here hates any kind of authority.
YEAH, I WONDER how THAT could have happened...

>> No.37236138

Eagle, every post you make causes Freeman to be held in higher regard both by staff and other players for getting rid of you.

Just be aware that what you're doing is having the opposite effect you'd like it to have - I still agree with you that your ban was bullshit.

>> No.37236165

No, I dealt 5 when hitting a monkey. With a single aug it was either 5 or 6 again. So obviously you can get lower. It's just not that common.

>> No.37236195 [DELETED] 

Eh, if they want to keep vaunting Frothmans shittery over my annoyingness so be it.

His autism fort is going to crash and burn around him at this rate.

>> No.37236227

You. Are. Proving. Him. Right.

>> No.37236276 [DELETED] 

Banning me from the server doesn't make my posting on 4chan any less annoying.
In fact it is the opposite, since this is now the ONLY outlet you interact with me through is lines of frustration induced text.

>> No.37236342

Holographic wall builder.
Builds transparent walls and floor tiles that don't act like real tiles. People with meson scanners can see them, and the CE makes them with some advanced technology dealio, like a long-ranged RCD.

>> No.37236352

Freeman bans you for shit reason
Admin shittery happens
You complain for longer than you should
Your ban becomes due to shitposts, for right or wrong

What you do at that point is stop shitposting and all the admins go 'well shit, that might not have been warranted' and possibly give freeman some stick.

The last thing you do is shitpost to prove to them that infact you ARE a rabid shitposter and the ban was probably a good call. Beyond that you've managed to loose whatever support you would have had in the community over it.

Holy fuck just think about what you're doing before you do it. Now the userbase and the admins see freeman as 'the guy who got rid of that shitposter, good thing too because he's such a bad shitposter he's STILL shitposting, good job gordon!'

>> No.37236442 [DELETED] 

And what is the measure of a "shitpost"?
Me complaining that Froman fucked me over is apparently shitposting, pointing out his failures as an administrator is apparently shitposting...
Basically, the fact that I am by nature annoying apparently equates EVERY one of post as shitposting.

>> No.37236486

Harassing Gordon is your shitposting. Everyone is aware of the situation, you're not spreading awareness of anything but exactly the kind of shit he banned you for.

This is like trying to teach a paraplegic to ride a bike, I give up. I fucking tried.

>> No.37236569

Everyone who has played enough to both
>have acquired competence in the relevant areas
>played tours as the relevant heads
knows that it's a thankless job with few additional perks you couldn't acquire independently with no censure (being rules light as we are). "Authority" is meaningless if it is never exercised, or ignored/murdered as soon as it tries.

The only captains I really see anymore are people with too high an opinion of their own abilities, blind to the failures they are wreaking, or nernums being an intentional asshole.

>> No.37236596 [DELETED] 

Of course I'm going to harass Frethman, again he fucked me over, yet apparently me being outraged about this makes him the god damned HERO!

You realize the reason I'm not this annoying IN game is because I don't have the luxury of time to plan and write all this shit down, right?

>> No.37236635

I know you're going to do it. I am now aware that there is no way to convince you otherwise.

I am simply saying that you're boosting freeman's reputation and screwing your own.

This will be my final post.

>> No.37236653

>yet apparently me being outraged about this makes him the god damned HERO!
That's wrong, because that casts you in the light of being a villain. It's more that you being an annoying fucker makes you the annoying pathetic worm. Freeman's just the boot that stomped you.

>> No.37236657

Your inability to conjure even an iota of maturity in this situation - let alone the sheer levels of either denial or pure asinine stubborn stupidity necessary to keep misunderstanding the situation to this degree - really mean that it's time to stop posting.

So stop.

>> No.37236669

Freeman became the hero when you became a whiny bitch. What a out that don't you get

We don't see you acting like this in game because you're banned

>> No.37236717

crayons have the ability to draw arrows right now, I could give them other construction related things probably with a little effort

some stick figures of typical jobs would be nice to put in too, so the clown can draw the bartender

I might work on this simple stuff tomorrow while I have some downtime between stuff in my new business, but for now I'm going to sleep.

get a job or something holy shit

>> No.37236727 [DELETED] 

>"Authority" is meaningless if it is never exercised, or ignored/murdered as soon as it tries.
And that's the very situation Froman has brought us to.
It use to be that, because the population was so low, no one went out of their way to fuck each other over.
In fact, Comfy Station had this small town charm to it where everyone was more than willing to HELP one another with whatever projects they were screwing around it, because the Clown didn't want Rubber Gloves to break into the Armory to murder everyone, he was just building a fort of Vending Machines/Airlocks and didn't want to be shocked to death wiring it up.

>> No.37236761

>I'm going to make wrong statements about d20 like I play here all the time
>I, however, have rarely played on the station at all
>Regardless, I'll put on nostalgia goggles and pine about some mythical time pre-Freeman and then blame everything I think is bad currently on him
Freeman kicked everyone's asses into/out-of shape when he first showed up, sure, but don't try and pretend there weren't murders before he existed. Shitters gonna shit.

>> No.37236815


It's still that way. You don't even play on the server, dude. I've seen you on all of like 10 times in the 7 months we've been up.

>> No.37236832 [DELETED] 

>It's still that way
I don't even NEED to play to know this isn't true, because otherwise THIS"
>There really needs to be a leader.
>Unfortunately, everyone here hates any kind of authority.
...Wouldn't be an issue.

>> No.37236893

dorf mode which is currently being worked on by the evil freeman is literally a game mode about cooperating with each other to build autism forts

>> No.37236909

Don't forget that it's been run several nights already, with promising results.

>> No.37236921

its already planned for every friday and saturday

>> No.37237039


1 person using hyperbole isn't proof. This is a small server, population per round ranges from 5-15 usually. People don't "hate authority", when there are only so few people, they don't automatically respect assumed authority, because nobody likes people who throw their weight around, especially in small groups.

When you have 5 people chilling out and helping each other with stuff, and a sixth person comes around demanding the crew listens to them, of course they're not going to take well to that. That's just a fact of human nature. In real life, you still have to listen to the asshole in question because of social constructs, but in a vidya game, there's no such restriction.

People respect authority from competence and mutual respect on this server.

They don't respect comdoms.

>> No.37237291

Shitcurrity. Fatective. These terms have all predated you, freeman, and d20. People just don't like authority, mostly because it interferes in their fun, be it someone working and having to how to shitcurrity, or someone's murderboner being stopped by security. Here, if I were to say, "Hey guys, I have an idea for 'blank', wana help me out?" Most people would either say yes, or politely decline.
This excludes shitters who say yes just so that they can fuck it up, or people who say they'll help you, but then bitch and complain that your way is wrong ugly and dumb, that you have no idea what you're doing, and that their way is perfect, and "just move aside and let me do this, OK?"
looking at you, Amanda.

>> No.37237893

Tell me aboot the clown

>> No.37238049

A job meant to entertain people and take their mind off of the hell hole they live in.
In reality, the clown is usually the exact opposite of all that times ten, depending on the player.

>> No.37239751

balancing wizard:
not allowing the wizard to choose their own spells, having semi-random packages or the like

allowing nuke ops in lower pop rounds:
scale number of ops to number of people, reducing telecrystals accordingly (for example, 1 nuke op would get 0 telecrystals because he has the whole fucking shuttle); replace syndicate gas masks with voice changers.

>> No.37241251 [DELETED] 

[spoilers]>whiteagle banned for one day for garbage
MODS=GODS [/spoilers]
anyways could we have some sort of prize room with cloning boards and parts on dorf, in case science doesn't get set up because no one but a certain person actually knows how to do research on dorf

>> No.37241299

>whiteagle banned for one day for posting garbage
anyways could we have some sort of prize room in the asteroids on dorf, containing cloning boards and parts in case science never gets set up because nobody knows how to do research on dorf except for a certain person

>> No.37241908

There's a vendor that dispenses machines parts.
Bad news is that I have no idea of it's current location.
And I think there's boards for cryotubes and a pod somewhere.

>> No.37242301

at last my time at baystation is over i know why everyone hates it
>old players=the only rp you get is them being dicks over the radio(they know there is no fun allowed)
>new players=sit in there department and do nothing(they fear what they what the oldfags know)
>middle players=m-maybe i can roleplay and have f-fun without gett- (little_timmy_999 was banned for:permanent by vee for reason (there is no fun here)

my time went ok
constantly told by people they like me and my characters (pfft)
admins compliment my roleplaying but (roleplay in the way we like regardless of how good your rp is)

4/10 self killing server and concept,over active admins,vg and tg where right. gordon is right roleplay is for nerds it dose limit a game rather than expand it.

>nb4 how long was your ban lee?
it was a day
admins ban a player they like

>> No.37242345

>they fear what they what
god damn every time

>> No.37242449

Freeman, what time is dorf starting tomorrow again?

>> No.37242513

Did they give you a reason for being banned?

>> No.37242603

i was banned because the the admin didn't like my rp it wasn't even the head admin that usually bwoinks me and says to watch it
it was some little nerd who i have never seen before
the reason said something like
>you have former history with the admins
that would be the head admin giving me advice to rpevent the fun police from banning me
>you cant make the bar your temple just because meteors are hitting the station
>cant throw a monkey on a table with candles
it was a day ban to read the rules but i wont be coming back
d20 station 4 life

>> No.37242633

the best RP is turning the bar into a temple and assorted escapades.

>> No.37242700

>the best RP is turning the bar into a temple and assorted escapades.

posted on the baystation forums
enjoy your permaban

their language system and multiple races is fun because you can be a human and speak gutter which the aliums cant understand so you can call them scum to their face and get away with it

>> No.37242715

It was back on Luna. It looked kind of like an emitter, I think, but I didn't get too much time to look around on the account of bleeding out and being attacked by furniture.

Luna was cool shit.

Most of the ninja stuff is consolidated into its own files. But I admit, I did a lot of hacking to make stuff work, along with a fair bit of rewriting old code in the process, like silicones and AIs, but I blame the spaghetti code in general.

>> No.37242769

Wait, seriously? I'm the ONLY one who does research?
You fuckers are lazy.
Here's what you do:
>Order research crate (Go mine plasma and bitch and moan for cargo not to waste points on shotgun shells when there's no shotguns)
>Go to the gravity generator room, then mine to the west of it, you'll come across a small medical room
>Deal with carp
>Disassemble chem dispenser, bring parts back
>Build machines
>Research two bars of plasma and a micro-manipulator
>Make a nano-manipulator
>Build chem dispenser with new manipulator (This allows it to make suphuric acid for the circuit imprinter
>Research analyzer from toolbox
>Make basic power cell, research
>Make high power cell, research
>Make drill, research
>Make exosuit fabricator board
>Build exosuit fabricator
>Proceed as normal with research
Do NOT sync the robotics fabricator. Do not even PRESS the sync button. At best, you'll cause some lag, and it will not have synced. At worst, you'll crash the server. Some mech teleporters were added, don't research those, use them for mechs, you can not make mech teleporters. Instead, research the telepad board from the same area to get blue space 4 (BoHs, teleportation, etc.)
Things you'll need to upgrade:
>PACKMAN generator
Things you'll need to build:
>Telecoms (WAAAY easier than it looks)
>RIPLEY (If someone wants one)
>Telescience (To appease the Freeman)

>> No.37242841

dont forget
>give a bag of holding to everyone except

>> No.37242859

Change that to
>Don't give a bag of holding to anyone but the miners who mine for you and the people who do shit for you And the assholes who tell you to make them one at gun-point.
Do you seriously want to run the risk of a singularity on dorf?

>> No.37242866

Six letters ______ confirmed Gunner, Gunner Wells.

Don't ever give that piece of robust anything more dangerous than a crayon.

>> No.37242899

nice dubs but you lave fallen for my clever ruse
would you give a bag of holding to the clown if he asked you for one while holding you at funpoint?

>> No.37242921

Clowns only ever ask for two bags, they'll never get in trouble for making a singulo.

>> No.37243066

Ummm... Server's borked.

>> No.37243373

Sometime around 3-4 PM, Eastern standard time (I live in florida for reference, I might do it earlier or later if things happen).
>using bags of holding
shiggy diggy

>> No.37243397

>everyone gets one but me
i-its not f-fair!

>> No.37243418

Then do shit.
I keep saying -in game and on the thread- that basically the one thing I will not hand out on request is a bag. If you want one, break in and steal one, and deal with the consequences, or go mine, and earn one.
This is only for me though, others may have different policies.

>> No.37243581

just put it back up

seems someone managed to crash it with ..holocarp?

oh god i just realized something extremely potentially dangerous i need to make sure I didnt make it so holocarp can make real special carp

>> No.37243696

>Go to holocourt
>Press a button
>Suddenly everything is a raging inferno and I'm locked in

>> No.37243862

ai traitoring intensifies

>> No.37243941

>Working on saving you
>Connection Closed

I will be a hero one of these day.

>> No.37243967

Saw that. I was actually alive by the point it crashed!

Funny thing is, I joined when no one else was around.

>> No.37243978

I think now we can easily say that the holodecks fire burning through the floor of the holodeck then switching to another holo is what causes the crashes

that time it was the basketball court.

>> No.37244008

>the holodeck the source of a bunch of crashings
holodeck replaced with a tabletop area when
fuck that shitty pile of code anyways

>> No.37244093

I think it might be specifically the interaction with mezzos newer floortile code

I'm just going to apply a bandaid fix for until we can look into it more thoroughly

>> No.37244340

Also while badmintons are in the thread,
can we more the Bar's AI holopad up a space or anything? Just to make it easier to access.

>> No.37244402

How hard would it be to add a tabletop gameplay holodeck option?

>> No.37244485

easy as finding a whore at a truck stop

>> No.37244619

You could even do holoplay with holograms, Yu Gi Oh style. That shit would be nuts.

>> No.37244693

that would be a lot less easy and require a shit tonne of sprites

take a look at the modifications I've made to tables for a bit of a better idea of how table top works here

>> No.37244976

Remove holodeck. Replace holodeck. Expand dorms, add real chapel. Fuck that spaghoots, acquire dice.

>> No.37245628

Roleplay isn't bad, it's overzealous admins who demand you play in a certain way. It doesn't matter what that way is, but "proper roleplay" servers take themselves too seriously me often than others.

>> No.37245815

what map is that???

>> No.37245855

Is it too much to asks ghosts to learn morse code if they want to speak to me?

>> No.37245922

I would be impressed if someone could make a morse code out of chair spinning.

>> No.37245945


>save our souls

doesnt sound useful to me

>> No.37245949


Have them open a closet or spin a chair to answer yes no questions.

Get a crayon and draw a letter in each cardinal direction around a chair, do this for all chairs.

Also, I was thinking of letting ghosts place a spooky ectoplasmic letter, once per 10 minutes or so. What do you think?

>> No.37245970

Sounds fun

>> No.37245985

sounds meta
>grifflord mc assistant is a traitor and has an emag he's in the armory right now

>> No.37245994

that would take like 9 hours

>> No.37245997

ya know...that just might be doable, use something like the binary system to make a series of chair rotations to represent words

>> No.37245998

>Making an Ouija board in a large open area using chairs and crayons

>> No.37246036

I'm talking about ghosts being able to leave and write letters and such not morse code.

>> No.37246087


I figured he meant a letter as in from the alphabet. Was I mistaken?

>> No.37246097

>spooky ectoplasmic letter, once per 10 minutes or so.
>once per 10 minutes or so.
>10 minutes

>> No.37246121

>grifflord mc assistant is a traitor and has an emag he's in the armory right now

64 characters, 63 not including the apostrophe. 10 minutes per letter, as I said. Even 5 minutes per letter, that'd take 5 1/4 hours.

If somebody is going to dedicate 5-10 hours to outing a traitor, they've earned the right.

>> No.37246140

I was thinking letter as like
a letter that you mail to someone


>> No.37246165

>He's in the armory right now
>Five hours
Did he set up camp in there or some shit

>> No.37246219

even better then my idea!

>> No.37246270

Lone Lee, I am seriously concerned if you a comedian or highly autistic
Etiher way it's !!!FUN!!!

>> No.37246407

> I am seriously concerned if you a comedian or highly autistic
here is another gem of a server i am fucking around on
after i made a shitton of herb salad space liberty duff and muffins i killed myself
then i watched the round and holy shit
just before i died i said "its time for William van funk to shuffle off this mortal coil"
ten minutes after i die
>oh no William is dead

>> No.37246514

I'm assuming that that's one of the bay servers with different races, guessing tajaran.
I learned a lot about research from a tajaran. Too bad half of the rounds we worked together on he was hunted in "ethnic cleansings", or "I have an excuse to murder-bone these people and anyone around them because they helped those people."

>> No.37246591

sitting around waiting for that guy to finish his EPIC vore monologue so i can post an EPIC greentext
some bitch whines to the admins because i said "nigga"
jesus christ

>> No.37246623

I thought that was some kind of kissing.
Holy fuck what the hell.
Where in that screen shot are they even?

>> No.37246675

they aren't that's my dead body
>furry gets told by admin
>other furry fucks up
kek its like a circus train crashing into a fucking firework factory

>> No.37246700

shit here is the picture

>> No.37246727

Is this live?
If so, go fucking find them and take a screen shot, holy shit.

>> No.37246781

here he is from the front i couldn't find him when he was fucking around but
>super special german shepard Spinx thing
>roman shield
>ran to the medbay to let some other furry know that he and the person they ate where "togther"
>the other furry makes fun of him

>> No.37246903

I'm doing my research
From Reddit:
>I found it a few months ago and was really weirded out. As the title implies, it's a server dedicated to Vore fetishism. You can change your size into a giant or a very tiny person so you can eat people or be eaten. What's funny is despite explicitly being a fetish server and a heavy RP server I had actually enjoyed playing there, something that usually doesn't happen with high RP servers.
>I play there, not regularly, but when I'd prefer to be in a low-pop server. To be honest, most people there are pretty understanding and cooperative. While it's not really allowed to opt out of vore entirely (That's sort of the point of the server), most people will understand if you'd rather avoid it, or avoid certain types of it. The only people I can't stand are the power-hungry (and other types of hungry) Mary Sues. What I do hate, is when someone eats you, and attempts to digest you, even without your consent, which is against the rules unless you're an antag, then complains when you fight back with force. People just don't seem to get that unless you got scanned before this event, you're put out of the round for good with absolutely no way of getting back, unless it's a special round, this annoyance is worse when it was for no good reason.
>There's actually at least three vore servers.
>I went there like once when I saw it linked and partially described. It sounded too hilarious to not at least check out.
Oh boy do I regret that decision still. The idea is astounding, but the sexual fetish RP that everyone on seemed to get into... not really my cup of tea. You haven't lived until you see some shark-morph-thing enjoying people squirming around inside of their stomach / tail-mouths.

>> No.37246909

captain named jarl balgruff joins
>hey captain ho-
"listen well slut"
>builds this in his office
no one gets the reference
some furry that whined about me saying nigga is complaining in deadchat about him

dont forget you are lucky to play on our server and not this shit.

>> No.37246964

playing on these shitty servers is like being a journalist in Kurdistan
but i do it to humble us all

>> No.37247011

This server is the reason that it says in the OP that this is not ss13 general.
Please stop, before I loose my lunch that is not another sentient being christ

>> No.37247050


Unless you're a vegetarian, it probably was a sentient being, but I think you meant sapient.

>> No.37247069

At least it's fucking dead, man.
I'm not going to eat a fucking live rat.

>> No.37247376

I remember my first holoplasma. Good times. Managed to take the entire dorms down with me, all by accident.

>> No.37247444

>Log in, notice that I'm downloading an update
>Check changelog
>"Appendicitis and Space Vine(Biomass) events removed from random events."

Thank you nernums.

>> No.37247515


When we download a new version of the code is the old one deleted or just left wherever it was?

>> No.37247534

you're welcome

this will by proxy make being a spaceman more dangerous

>> No.37247574


this is the reason you can sometimes corrupt your cache on byond

>> No.37248894

Good to know, the main reason I wanted to know was because I was suspicious that it may have been taking up space on the hard drive and I'd have to search for the old versions and delete them manually.

>> No.37248968

reminder that dorfmode happens in about 22 hours from now

>> No.37249134

the cache will increase in size if you visit multiple servers as you'd have cache info from each one
you can clear your cache from inside byond with the push of a button though

>> No.37249201


>> No.37249331 [DELETED] 

Ok Freeman I'm sorry for being a faggot I'm going to stop posting after this -.- goodbye guys

>> No.37249354

Speaking of hype

>> No.37249445

>ban evading when you're only banned for a fucking day
good job


>> No.37249525

I've been rewriting certain sections of atmospherics to be much more responsive as well as expanding other effects while cackling maniacally

>> No.37249912

The turret placement isn't ideal, but I commend him for his efforts.

>tfw reinforcing the brig is against the rules on /tg/station

>> No.37249977

>more responsive

>> No.37250076

there was a previous safeguard that essentially made it 'seem' like it used less processing when it was really attempting to do a ridiculous amount of bullshit for free without actually moving anything around short of the rare occasion
that has been fixed among other things being expanded while increasing the efficiency

>> No.37250163

If he shows up on the banlist again, screencap it too please?

>> No.37250202

mods are gods

although the newer mods specifically on /a/ have been known to be a bit problematic since they can't into board culture

>> No.37250344

>banevading a day ban
>even though you were probably ip banned
>implying this isn't a ruse
apology not accepted in any case, this amount of bullshit is unforgivable.

>> No.37250349

huh ND got banned was he a alt of whiteagle?

>> No.37250376



>> No.37250435

how weird it just shows banned guy and cool guy/chick I don't know

>> No.37250473

It shows mine I was adding the salt chemical equation

>> No.37250522

the posts are almost exactly the same in style, especially when you can see posts that are in all caps with multiple exclamation points on both names.

the point being they're both fags

>> No.37250571

Ahh never would have thought and it catch mine it had a salt equation but I thought Nice was a different guy/gal who was into /d/ stuff

>> No.37250655 [DELETED] 

Uh I'm being true and honest ok goodbye Freeman just know I am the bigger man by walking away

>> No.37250742

irvan pls

>> No.37250798

nobody cares
just leave/stop impersonating the faggot we hate
we get it

>> No.37250819

nigga I'm playing war thunder

>> No.37251131 [DELETED] 

Hi I'm whiteagle and I'm ban evading again lol but memes are funny xD

>> No.37251208

How do you counter disarms and hand-to-hand combat?

I know I'm unrobust, but it seems silly that me with a welding torch can be disabled, disarmed and murdered by an unarmed traitor assistant.

Looking for tips.

>> No.37251382


>> No.37251412

hi where is the mene :^)^)^))^^

>> No.37251517

I was in Marines huge fight broke out and I got banned for shooting at someone thought the broadcast wasn't serous but yea un robust

>> No.37251686

>has to say "I am the bigger man"
Confirmed for little faggot

>> No.37251709


>> No.37251754

Move those feet. Standing still and click spamming will only get you so far (the morgue).
Keep in motion to make it more difficult for enemy spessman to click on you.
If you see them trying to disarm you, switch to your open hand and disengage if your weapon could turn the tide that severely. Otherwise, just slap it out of their hands once they slap it out of yours.

>> No.37251988

disarms are a random chance based thing.
It has a
>chance to fail, which does nothing
>chance to succeed, which makes the target drop the item in their active hand
>chance to critically succeed, which stuns them for a short time and makes the target drop anything in their hands, active or otherwise.
You can't really "counter" disarms except by staying away from the person or making yourself hard to click (I.E moving)

>> No.37252169 [DELETED] 

Woah hey guys welcome to space station 13 (:

>> No.37252202

there is something me and mezzo were talking about earlier which will affect disarms and other basic combat in a positive way, I'll fill you in

>> No.37252245

So, is it me, or is the clown's flower useless at everything forever? I can't even wear it on my suit.

>> No.37252262

>not filling it with silane

>> No.37252263

riot shields will raise the chance of failure to disarm, hulks cannot be shoved over (but can be disarmed)

>> No.37252277 [DELETED] 

So do we have a set plan on our autism fort tomorrow?

>> No.37252289

>riot shields
they have a chance of blocking an attempt to disarm (a 50% chance) but don't directly lower the chance.
please don't make me start having to filter all different kinds of whiteagle for stupid shit

>> No.37252311

For the one tile it sprays?

>> No.37252354 [DELETED] 

Copy that (:

>> No.37252594 [DELETED] 

Heh you can ban me but I will evade it anyway xD

>> No.37252722 [DELETED] 

>lazy mod used ban!

> whiteagle evaded it

>> No.37252775

yeah me too, but it kinda makes sense for ND to have some angsty other name since he often does get booed out of a thread when he shows up. Sans for the WST ofc

>> No.37252813

I'm pretty sure that the WST hates him too.

>> No.37252819

it uses 1 unit to spray which causes an onturf effect

it is by far the most efficient use of turf effects chemicals

you can get 20 plasma per bar of plasma and spray it 20 times, this is a lot of area of denial for a very small amount of effort

>this post doesnt exist anymore

mods are gods

>> No.37252858

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I only played on low pop /tg/ servers where it was more of a "build your own fort/creative way to murder" kind of deal then anything, I didnt know you couldnt reinforce stuff in official tg servers.

>> No.37252879

mammothgrinder/liam treeby temp banned for two days for:
>using all four of his characters the previous round to lolrandom griff people
>setting off a bunch of incendiary grenades in the halls for no rasins
>grabbing the hop's smg as murdering anyone he saw for no rasins
things that contributed to this
>using ahelp and asking to be blob
>when told to fuck off he asked to be deathsquid
>I.E please give me a ticket to murder as many people as I want
for "pimpmasters roommate who just wants to play honest" you are not helping yourself in the slightest.

>> No.37253360

The rules as the main server has them states that "reinforcing or otherwise securing the armory" is against daRules unless a "clear and present" threat has been made known.

It being against daRules to stuff it all into a locker/bag and hiding it, sure, but any construction or bolting was also prohibited.

>> No.37253494


Wait, what. The incendiary-using respawn shitter was the pimpmaster roommate guy? Huh.

>> No.37253953

So was he banned when I shot him?

>> No.37254317

>sharla brindle makes a speech or something to that effect about how we need to stop the menace
>sharla peeks out from the darkness
>guy is just standing there in front of the brig
>and has been for the last few minutes
>sharla shoots once
>takes compratively an age to bolt nugget
>shoots again
>doesn't even move or act like he was dangerous
>shouts "I GOT HIM!" over the radio
>doesn't inspect corpse and starts whacking him with the nugget

I was going to say something but I didn't want to spoil the moment that detective sharla brindle doesn't get very often :^)

>> No.37254534

Do I have to go to the HoP to get my ID altered?

>> No.37254590

ID machine alters IDs. Only ID machine by default in in the HoP's office, yes.
Greyshirts can be swiped into and adopted by a department.

>> No.37254674

>>sharla brindle makes a speech or something to that effect about how we need to stop the menace
I said I was looking for Liam to the CE and told her I'd look for an injured crewmate.
>sharla peeks out from the darkness
Didn't leave it until he was on the ground.
>guy is just standing there in front of the brig
>and has been for the last few minutes
Had absolutely, positively no way of knowing that, given I spent the last few minutes grabbing the nugget from the armory.
>sharla shoots once
>takes compratively an age to bolt nugget
What can I say, I'm used to semi automatics.

>shoots again
>doesn't even move or act like he was dangerous
Bolting another round, though I probably should've moved after the first shot, didn't know about the sexy tracer effect.

>shouts "I GOT HIM!" over the radio
Well. As far as I knew, I did.
>doesn't inspect corpse and starts whacking him with the nugget
I examined him to see if he was sleeping. Then I let loose with the nugget smacking.

Shouldn't have even brought it up, I knew you'd find some way to give me grief for not shooting a man in the face with sufficient robustness. Ass.

Speaking of which, you never answered my question, was he banned when I shot him?

>> No.37254782

you literally shot him twice without a fight at all
you tell me

>> No.37254789

>tracer effect
do you mean muzzle flash

also what are peoples opinions on the muzzle flashes so far

>> No.37254870

Inconvenient for sniping people from the darkness, but very very sexy and atmospheric. Do energy weapons get something similar?

>> No.37254952

Fuck. Too bad. Would've been fun to fight him, really wanted to see how well the riot shield does against bullets.

>> No.37254982

currently all guns do

>> No.37255128

Do muzzleflashes actually hurt people, be it brute, burn or both? If not, I'm no coder, but making muzzleflashes generate a small explosion effect should be doable, right? Would be interesting if they did, especially in combination with blank rounds so we can perform mock executions

>> No.37255161

dorf fort tomorrow is going to be started not so early (aiming for 4PM earliest, 5PM eastern time at the very latest) so I can give some people on the west coast some time to get home from work and stuff. (Pacific time, dorf will start around 1PM-2PM).
im fairly sure muzzle flashes don't hurt people unless you go full retard and put a blank firing weapon up against someone's body

>> No.37255190

>explosion effect
Firing a gun does not blow up the floor you're standing on.
Muzzle flashes don't burn unless you're inches away.

>> No.37255244

if I wanted to I could make it check if the firer's in the same square as the victim and add on some bonus burn damage but for most calibre and guns barrels you would not actually get the hollywood style effect

although I can think of one that would

>> No.37255260

Would be a neat thing for the forensics scanner to pick up though, or does it already pick up powder burns?

>> No.37255265

server crash?

>> No.37255401

Server's not having a good time right now.

>> No.37255402

I made this for the clown that forcefully stole my heart last night. By that I mean he killed me, cloned me, handcuffed me, fed me a steak dinner while piano played, then sent me on the shuttle while he set himself on fire and died.

>> No.37255580

thats adorable
but that thumbnail looks terrifying

>> No.37255600

A truer love story has never been told. You could feel the romance in the air as he forcibly dressed her in sexy clown clothes and shoved steak in her face.

>> No.37255607

Didn't he shoot himself with a pistol?

>> No.37255619

yeah he set himself on fire then shot himself.

>> No.37255642

truly a romance for the ages

>> No.37255684

>yeah he set himself on fire then shot himself.

>> No.37255704

Purposely done that way.
He is now in Honkhalla with the Honkmother.

>> No.37255706

The SMES double-draw bug is still in effect. Two SMES set to 25000 draw, another with output set to 50000 feeding the first two.

>25000 available (red)
>25000 setting
>power charging

>0 available
>25000 setting
>power static

>> No.37255791

>You will never go to honkalhalla

>> No.37255799

Ignore, there was a small error with the wiring.

Now it's constantly oscillating between 50k available/charging and 0available/not_charging for both.

>> No.37255822

B-but Snooty-chan said we would meet there one day....

>> No.37255841

Correction Scooty-chan*

>> No.37255857

Testing confirms that power gain is halved while the oscillating report is in effect.

>> No.37255931


Captcha: Omegle

>> No.37256250

>tfw he knocked me out fed me screwdrivers until I was drunk then shot me in the head

I should of guessed it was him when he cut out the lights

>> No.37256352


Do you mean that it is only generating 25k each SMES, or that it is only generating 12.5k each?

>> No.37256391

When power does charge, it does so by the same increment regardless. However, it does so half as often.

>> No.37256592

why do welders cost 1 fuel to turn off?

>> No.37256818

it doesnt

>> No.37256831

Current round has been going on for five hours and no-one touched the antique laser pistol or the captain's locker.

It's a Christmas miracle.

>> No.37257070

"What did you do today?"
Well I played two work shifts of SS13.
From 9:30am to midnight.

Two rounds.

>> No.37257241

;_; rip CE

>> No.37257291

So, Climbing Over. Why only racks, and not tables?

>> No.37257359

Balance and such

>> No.37257673

Balancing what?
My no-knee legs on the bar?

>> No.37257760

try and climb on your kitchen table with your legs perfectly straight

I dare you

>> No.37257799

>muh immersion
Honestly, why not?

>> No.37257886

thats not muh immersion

Did you try it? it's really really hard

>> No.37257939

Nernums, this isn't cute.

>> No.37258026

neither is someone flailing around on a table top after they realize they can't get up

>> No.37259762

shit i just realized something
>4no raisins
i always read it four en oh raisins
its actuall supposed to say
>for no raisins
i realize this is a gun now

Its like a whole new game

>> No.37260348

how do i escape alone on a mini shuttle
reply fast

>> No.37260374



>> No.37260443

How many people are in the space station? If there's just a few of you, I'd join so I can learn the ropes.

>> No.37260448


but you'd better not use the esword ebow combo


Alternatively you can buy an emag to reduce the shuttle launch time to 10 seconds, while having obstructed the route to the shuttle in some manner. Last time I did it by emagging a borg to act as a distraction, along with a few emagged medibots and cleanerbots to distract the crew while I stole the shuttle.

>> No.37260456

>while having obstructed the route to the shuttle
what, how to?

>> No.37260459

dont forget your free appendix removal when you log in
just put on this mask and n2o tank :^)

>> No.37260479


>weld the doors shut
>blow up the corridor
>leave murderous robots in the corridor
>wall off the area
>create a holoplasma fire while wearing a firesuit
>kill everyone on the station
>create a clongularity to trap the crew in

The possibilities are endless

>> No.37260486

Funnily enough, that sort of thing happened last night. I wandered off after the serial killer was caught and put down. Died due to lack of oxygen.. One of the other players had to hunt my dumb corpse down and clone me.

Even after I was cloned, I fucked off without taking any of my stuff that they had so nicely put in front of me. Whilst I was trying to figure out how to get my jumpsuit on, they dragged me into the cryo.

>> No.37260493

fuck, had read "route of the shuttle"

>> No.37260586

One way to "obstruct" the exit is to emag borgs and NOT tell them to KILL EVERYTHING.
After weld+emag combo on the interior doors and all but one exteiror airlock (the one you will hide in), have them instruct the crew about how the escape airlocks are busted as fuck and tell them to exit through a pod. Some people will come investigate and most will just leave.

Use a chameleon projector and hide in the airlock, that way nobody realizes you're waiting right there.

If some random fucking assistant comes flying towards you from space with not even ten seconds left on the shuttle timer, remember to set your intent to not-help and keep that fucker away. Do not panic if he slips in. Do not panic if you fail to flash him because space helmets block that shit. Don't try to hack him apart when you yourself don't have anti-flash eyewear and he has a flash. Stop fucking up. Why do you keep fucking up? You had this shit in the bag but you let this one random fucking greyshit ruin it all because you weren't on harm. You could have had your buddies get you a stun baton, what the fuck man? I was so close. But instead of Emag'ing the only borg on crew I talked him into helping me perform a safe hijack of the shuttle, which is great because he wasn't Validhunter OS. Most of the panic came because my computer randomly shut down seconds after he shuttle was called with a 10-minute ETA, the rest because the botanist was crazy about getting a locker full of food to centcomm and smashed through the windows to get to the shuttle, for which I had no backup plan.

>> No.37260715

How do I change hotkeys on tab mode? My hand wents weird having to move on WASD and pressing Z to use the actual item.

>> No.37261648

M14 is just short for Mezzo14, which is itself short for Mezzo Catorce.

>> No.37262461

What time is everyone playing? I logged into the space station but I was the only person there

>> No.37262559

everything I've been doing the past couple days is working amazingly well

you're all going to hate me

>> No.37262607

can you fix the gas scanner module on the PDA for engineers?

made nonfunctional somehow

>> No.37262774

Players are either in the east, middle, or west of the U.S. of A.
So for me, for example, dorf mode will start at 12, so I will not be able to get on until 6 eastern time.
Usually try later in the day if you want more people.

>> No.37262805


>> No.37262814

found the issue, back when I switched it around months and months ago I had done it slightly incorrectly (did it the oldschool way, didnt realize there was updates to make it easier and ended up shooting self in foot due to excessive checks)

>> No.37262854

Dorfmode starting timeframe has been shifted an hour later to give people on the pacific coast time to get home and play.

Eastern time, Dorfmode starts at 4-5 PM. Pacific time, it starts 1-2 PM. (if i'm correct that the time difference is three hours)

>> No.37263178

That's correct, I just won't get home to play until it's three here, which would make it six there, thanks for the time shift.

>> No.37263236

woo enough time to get my car fixed and grab a pizza pie for tonight

>> No.37263507

Servers back up

>> No.37263525

>you are knocked over by a gust of air!
>you are knocked over by a gust of air!
>you slam into the wall!
>you slam into the wall!
>you slam into the wall!
>you slam into the airlock!
>you slam into the rack!
>you slam into the wall!
>you slam into the wall!
>you stand up
>the banana peel slams into you!
>you slip on the banana peel!
>the wall slams into you!

>> No.37263562

it's not that obnoxious, baby steps.

remember this was working from the top, not just implementing old shit.

>> No.37263666

I've also got an update planned that should enact big changes to combat and strategies, hopefully adding a robust new layer to how 2 click spaceman.

>> No.37263694

Have you guys ever though about being able to disease rats ? I mean it gives a reason to always remove rats on sigh besides them being annoying

>> No.37263716


Endorsed by Satan, no less.

>> No.37263749

I like this idea. Right now it's just a lot of squeaking other than the rare slipmouse.

>> No.37263757

only a little bit of thought has gone into it, no effort yet, unsure if I'd have to rework how the rats work themselves or if they already have nearly enough support for it

>> No.37263769

Since when I'm a virolgist traitor I always want to put some bad disease in rats to throw them in the kitchen or something . Hope it becomes a reality

>> No.37263789

I once played a clown as a clown I did prat falls threw pies told horrible jokes until I was tripped and given a warning for laying down on the job. *HONK*

>> No.37263805

had to take it down quickly to re-update, I'd left my debug messages in.

>> No.37263840


>> No.37263846

>virologist traitor
virtually every other job is a more interesting traitor

>> No.37263859

listen here you gay nigger from outer space.
slipmice are scum.
they are evil.
they are the bane of all civilized humanity.
when judgement day comes and our souls are cast into heaven or hell,I want you to know that it will be the creator of the slipmouse that will accompany the devil in the final layer of hell because truly he is a traitor to his fellow man.
fucking slip mice

>> No.37263867

>not turning everyone blind while you walk around pushing people over and stealing their shoes

C'mon man stop this

>> No.37263880

>Simple mob virus: Turns mice into slip mice

>> No.37263882

>hull breach

>trying to run to grab a oxygen tank


>die while trying to get up


>> No.37263885

>not playing chemist and filling random bags and lockers with proximity triggered flash grenades, then stealing their shoes and making everyone afraid of opening anything
step it up

>> No.37263923


>not turning the captain into a monkey while you steal his identity and then steal his shoes

Small time

>> No.37263933

>implying the captain won't just ventcrawl to the armory and kick your ass with a riot shotgun
>implying there is a captain

>> No.37263969

>Not playing as scientist, getting PANCORS, making three of them and unlocking them, then putting a 300/300 silane grenade into one of them, then putting them in the bar
>Not geting a voice changer, making a fake ID that says Jigsaw, and playing games

>> No.37263980

>letting him out of the tube

Why contain it

>> No.37263997

>300/300 silane grenade

that is not how you use silane

what is that other 300 even holy shit nigger

>> No.37264011

585 silane, 15 smoke ingredients.
I mean, you could probably put like lube or other shit in there as well.

>> No.37264014

>tfw no disease that makes you memespout and shitpost like tourrets

>> No.37264059

We need noreact/cryo syringes.

If only so that we can inject the stuff for smoke into someone, and then they ooze smoke and blood out of every orifice.

>> No.37264066

>slipmice grenade

Please do this

>> No.37264096

Have them eat 2 pills in rapid succession. However, your normal blood isn't a reagent, so it would be smoke of whatever they have in them at the moment.

>> No.37264157

>normal blood isn't a reagent
It should be.

>> No.37264279

there's two types of blood, iirc, although how they act depends on the server's medical system

(in some systems) the amount of blood you have inside your body at any one time is usually kept in a variable instead of a reagent container or w/e.
when you extract blood with a syringe (or bleeding) it takes away from that variable and adds x amount of blood reagent to the syringe.

i'm not sure if d20 has blood as a variable at all, but like pretty much everywhere else it isn't kept in a reagent container, and is just generated when you bleed or syringe it out.

blood pretty much just metabolises like any other chemical/reagent when injected back inside.

>> No.37264289

what a fucking waste of silane

you're doing the exact same thing as 5 silane 5 sugar 5 phospherous 5 potassium

>high biological research allows people to make mouse grenades
>illegal research with high bio making slip mice instead

blood is weird and spaghetti as fuck

anything that touches viro is spaghetti diarrhea

>> No.37264324

So guys what your favorite antagonist role

>> No.37264355


Being stealthy as a traitor and talking my way past heads or security is much more fun than wizard or rev.
Since I'm not robust, I end up having to solve my problems in other ways than violence.

>> No.37264380

>high biological research allows people to make mouse grenades
>illegal research with high bio making slip mice instead
S-STOP :^(!

>> No.37264465

something I've wanted to do for some time now has been making there be a difference between stomach contents and the blood stream.
All in due time of course

regular traitor with escape alone

traitor is the only balanced game mode and usually has the most varied and interesting results, while still being relatively well balanced.

ie: all the items short of the e-bow have actual weaknesses or a niche factor like the toolbox

changling is boring and easy mode as fuck, nuke ops is just smash and grab, cultist is boring and full of issues

if I'm not a traitor, rev is probably my favourite since I still occasionally play head roles.

you're not my dad you can't tell me what to do

>> No.37264467

nook awp
I like it when I get put into a sydicate borg and they just tell me "kill"
or that time I got a dark gygax

>> No.37264510

new thread
get hype

>> No.37264511

What's wrong with cultist they seem fun

>> No.37264530

if you've ever played cult you know its a horrible game mode

>> No.37264731

Don't forget that the mice make great spider food.
And the Slipmice. Oh god the Slipmice.

>> No.37264825

astv made slipmice, originally

It all began in a two person round both he and I were spectating. There was some Australian, and a traitor doctor. The Aus was making it his personal mission to be obnoxious, and the doc wanted that greentext.
>G'day mate!
So doc kidnapped and killed Engineer Aus and went about his mission. Then Cargo Tech Aus showed up.
>G'day mate!
Doc panicked, and killed the clone. Not minute later, Aus -now barman- showed up, as friendly as ever.
>G'day mate!
It wasn't long after that when the station burned and the bridge, CPH, and bar were all blown to bits. But still
>G'day mate!
Halfway into the chaos, astv got an idea. See, he was fresh from tormenting a Dorf Station round with an animate bar of soap (felled in the end by Tyrone), and was still riding his jollies from that. So he spawned a bar of soap, changed its name to "slip mouse," and set about tormenting this doctor even more.
Then the Aus started pontificating.
>Ah, slipmice. Australian, you know? Nasty critters. Makes me feel at home.
>Haven't you ever met an Australian? 'Course we're immortal. Cursed. ... Yea, a curse. ... By Abo's? No, sheep, but they're about the same thing.

By the time someone got off the bus at Detroit, the doctor was 100% convinced he was insane.

>> No.37265339

*name to "slip mouse" and sprite to the common brown mouse
important to remember the sprite shift

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