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Post about FFG, d6, Saga/d20, X-wing, the cream of the crop, Lego and anything else Star Wars Related

Rulebooks (D6, Saga, EoTE)


Shipfag's updated hangar


Daily reminder that On some worlds Impersonating an Ewok is a felony

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Red squadron, report in!

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Those furry bastards got what they deserve

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>On some worlds Impersonating an Ewok is a felony
Makes me wonder- what other ridiculous laws would be on the books? I imagine there's a lot of laws relating to unusual misuses of droids, but what else would there be?

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Why exactly is it against Threepio's programming to impersonate a deity?

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Maybe some people really fucking hate deus ex machina.

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It is a hate crime to tease species with weird eye placement about their depth perception or blind spots

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What sourcebooks would you like to see from FFG for the RPG? Besides the remaining career books, of course.

I'd love something like WotC's Ultimate Alien Anthology or Starships of the Galaxy, but I don't get the feeling FFG is interested in selling such comprehensive books over such tight topics.

Otherwise, a Corporate Sector book would be cool. A Coruscant book, or maybe ones taking a closer look at certain Imperial organizations. Say, one covering Imperial Intelligence, the ISB, and Inquisitorius and another covering the Army, Navy, and Stormtrooper Corps.

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Wouldn't the greater gravity of the place Endor is orbiting attract more debris, enough so say the huge ass rebel fleet can manage it? I mean, those fighter jets probably weren't flying around for the sake of fireworks. They were blasting apart wreckage.

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"Preforming disreputable acts of a lewd nature with non-designated pleasure droids is a class 2 misdemeanor."

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Probably something to do with a hardcoded desire to be subservient to sapient creatures, which a deity is not. Your robotic assistant isn't going to be much use if it decides you should worship it and are inferior to it.

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Red Forman standing by.


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"BUT P3-N1 and I LOVE each-other!"
"That's not what the innocent little bugger's telling us"

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The Death Star was in low orbit of Endor, thus it attracted the majority of the debris. It would not have been vaporized in the core explosion, so Endor would be a volcanic hellscape.

Orbiting a Gas Giant? changes nothing.

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Are you going to let scum like this threaten the peace and stability of the Empire?

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>It would not have been vaporized in the core explosion
except that is what happened

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as I understand it, there were two shield generators on endor; one protecting the moon, one projecting a shield over the DS II; the reb commandos blew up the one covering the DS, but not the other one. there's a reason that they had to use a stolen shuttle instead of long-range turbolasering the bunker in the opening seconds of the fight. since the second shield was up, death star debris ain't shit

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Cortez and the Aztecs.

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In other news, I've almost got chapter one of the misadventures of my party typed up. That leads me to a question for shipfag:
Assuming a competent and somewhat talented set of pilots, how well would a republic Arc-170 face off against a TIE Fighter/Interceptor?

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it depends. if it can shoot a lot from long range, it might win, but a TIE/LN or especially an Interceptor would probably fuck it pretty badly unless a super-pilot is flying it. so wedge or salm or any of the rogues or skywalkers might win, but the average mook is in BIG trouble

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Well, that's terrible. Since they're no-name NPC pilots, and if they do engage, it'll be dogfighting. Problem is, we just don't have anything in the range of modern ships. We've got ARCs, V-wings, and LAATs. Looks like we're going to have to stick to the shoot and scoot strategy.

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A fully crewed ARC with both rear guns? Would definitely trash an LN (Assuming it's not a +3 LN which is BS)
Good luck i guess.

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TIEs don't want to dogfight ARCs. They have rear-facing laser cannons that make getting on their tail a bad idea. On the flip side, an ARC will have a hell of a time getting a shot on a TIE that is taking evasive maneuvers.

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V-wings have a decent chance in a dogfight against TIEs, especially if you upgrade the engines. think of the ARCs as Y-wings, in terms of how to deploy them

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To clarify, we're playing EotE/AoR, we own a re-purposed Venator SD, and use it as a mobile home base for independent shipping, smuggling, as well as supporting the rebel cause.
Good to know. I wasn't sure how the ships compared. The LAATs have proved their weight in credits already. Those things pack a lot of firepower.

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God- god DAMMIT carlos.

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Well, they like putting the equivalent of three or four books into one, a comprehensive player race/enemy list/monster manual/ships book would be neat. All expanded from the core of course. As well as extended weapon and equipment lists.

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Said, droids are programmed to be subservient. They have no rights, nor a desire for rights. They exist solely for sapient life to use as they see fit, no more. So for a droid to act as ruler over life, even premative life, it's against their code. Luke wisely gets around this by commanding 3P0 to say something then using the force to imply that the droid is a deity.

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Not sure I like the idea of more "gear"

Originally they made holdout, light, and heavy blaster pistols then said they can be used for any variation and you fluff the name and design yourself. Now they have a ton of variation and no one thinks up their own stuff, just requesting more pre made books.

I'd love a fluff book on the "Law" and Empire. From small planetary scale pdf to Inquisitors, Moffs, and everything between. Focus on a few major planets and their governments, sectors and likely defense forces, etc

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Because he's not a Ghostbuster

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>I'd love a fluff book on the "Law" and Empire
More on the Sector Rangers, CorSec, Espos, etc. Yes, please.

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>I'd love a fluff book on the "Law" and Empire.
Most GM's would love it as a resource because most of us are still rolling on the old Imperial Handbook and other stuff from the WEG era, though the Hutt Space book looks like it'll be interesting as well.

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"Sir, I can assure you that's NOT what the scomp link is for."

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Dantooine has a law that prohibits using a Planetary-scale Superlaser within the system limits.

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you must understand that the law in question is 99% about section 9.60.040; it's not really for any reason other than preventing city funds and property from being used in nuclear defense planning, presumably because the city council at the time did not wish to spend money on such a thing, for whatever reasons

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>No guns or nuclear weapons allowed inside

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Yes, of course, and relatively good reasons are given for it, but its funnier to tell people "Chico has a law against detonating nuclear weapons in the city."

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Judging by the text in 9.60.010, moral reasons.

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If you guys are really curious.

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Dantooine also has an old, rarely referenced law that states should any two families enter into continuous altercation, outside intermediaries must be consulted to resolve the problem lest both families have all assets seized by the planetary governor.

Tatooine has a law that says any Jawa found pillaging owned property inside city limits well be shot on sight. Granted this law serves little purpose because people would already do that and Jawas don't listen to laws in basic.

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of course. it's always funnier that way. but having once studied laws in preparation for a law school application that I thankfully never made, I always see laws in a nofunallowed.jpeg sort of way

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Well given how much of a worthless and oft-corrupted moneysink nuclear defense has proven to be over the last few decades, it was a damn good move on their part.

Almost makes you wonder if there was some kind of politician with actual integrity behind that.

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I understood that reference.png

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>Missile defense
>Not one of the most effective things in breaking the cold war

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He's talking about at a municipal or even state level.

Basically the law says "we (the city of Chico) are not gonna bother wasting time/money with Nuclear disaster preparedness programs because The Nukes will kill us dead anyways one way or another and such programs will make people thing Total Nuclear war CAN be survived and thats bad because they might be more willing to want to engage in it."

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Well, it never got used, so...

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Yup, just used to make the Soviets spend even more money.

>"we (the city of Chico) are not gonna bother wasting time/money with Nuclear disaster preparedness programs because The Nukes will kill us dead anyways one way or another and such programs will make people thing Total Nuclear war CAN be survived and thats bad because they might be more willing to want to engage in it."
I can actually sorta respect that.

If the nukes ever reached the city it would be fucking over.

The only way to survive would be if they lucked out and all the missiles failed.

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>the Hutt Space book looks like it'll be interesting as well.
Oh god has a release date been set yet?

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Actually russia's floundering economy was what broke the cold war.

The missile defense programs themselves were horrifying pork-barrel projects almost from the beginning. By no means "F-35's Crisco on the Mount" but pretty fucking bad.

Having some missiles for MAD did allow a measure of deterrence for each side, but the rampant growth of each program (and its staunch defenders to this day) had more to do with securing contracts for one's state/county than any form of security save "job security" of legislators.

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Yes, and that's proven to be the case for most towns, cities and bases, regardless of whether extensive systems like the old 'Patriot' launchers are present or not.

It's a very, very expensive illusion of safety, which is bad for anyone not selling said launchers.

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I was just talking about dumb shit like designated shelters in school basements and shit.

>> No.37214208

Those are slightly less bad actually!
At least they make people think "we might survive even if we lose everything else", rather than "haha we'll be able to launch but not suffer return-fire!"

Still bad though.

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It's old laws just like those strange laws about no hitching your horse in the city limits on Wednesday, or you can beat your wife with a switch no longer then your smallest finger.

Law on Corellia that states any Selonians seen near any of the majestic fountains or tourist centers will have animal control called on them and put down. Unfortunately several Bothans and a few Cathar have been mistaken for Selonian as the common middle class citizen on Corellia doesn't know what a Selonian looks like beyond the horror stories told as a child about a race of hairy vermin living beneath them. (It's a good thing Selonians are matriarichal and avoid leaving their nests)

It's also illegal to burn fossil fuels on the surface. After spending billions of credits putting all major industry into orbit and restarting the destroyed ecosystem, Corellia takes it very serious about preserving it.

>> No.37214295

That's reasonable.

Russia's economy was a factor because it had to either dump more money to stay competitive with the west, or drop out and reform internal. Without that dickwaving competition that forced it to dump resources it would have likely stayed afloat. While most spending was largely frivolous in Reagan's defense surge, Missile defense is one of the few technologies that has continued to become relevant and successful. In fact, I'd say it's success is key in a drawdown of nuclear weapons in the west.

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>illegal to burn fossil fuels on the surface
Which is exactly why all the factories are underground. Because that's how legal loopholes are.

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Anakin: "I miss my mom."
Jedi Council: "Well don't."

Anakin: "I killed a bunch of tusken raiders because I wasn't taught to deal with my emotions properly."

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Nup, just that it will be 'soon'
Couple of interesting new species in there too, Hutts of course if you want to play one and another species called the Ganks, which are a bit like the Star-Trek borg with cybernetics, but otherwise a fairly hostile critter.

>> No.37214491

you know that those would actually be reasonably effective in keeping people alive, right? if they had more than maybe 10 days of food per person, they could conceivably allow you to weather an airburst just fine

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I know the Ganks from Dark Empire.
Nikto are my biggest interest.

>> No.37214572

Aren't ganks like the elite units in the species of hutt cannon fodder goons?

>> No.37214635

They are not exactly one of the Hutt slave species like Nikto, klatooinians, Vodran, or saykains

But they do work for them a lot and they are terrifying.

>> No.37214663

From memory they had a caste-type of system based on what colour you where born as, I've had them in my games as a npc's on some of the tougher, outer rim desert planets.

They're basically a species of murderhobo's, 'who or what' they work for is sort of a secondary thing... as if PC's need more reasons to play fucked up, psycho's and lunatics 'because its muh culture'!

>> No.37214696

They were more distinct subspecies adapted to regions rather than castes.

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>> No.37214717

Is it a caste system, or just subspecies?

>> No.37214818

My bad, was thinking of something else
The red ones founded the Morgukai warrior cult thing and where VERY tough bastards that would rival the Jedi in terms of melee prowess. Not sure if it was open to the other subspecies, but they nearly cloned a few million of them on Salaecumi as a counter to the Republics clone production

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>you can beat your wife with a switch no longer then your smallest finger.
Fun fact, there is no historical record of any such law has ever actually existing.
It's a myth that people like to trot out to support a political agenda.

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The Jedi Order during the period of the Clone Wars had gotten stupid and dogmatic, news at 6.
But seriously, blame this faggot and his "no fun allowed" rewording of the Code.
Seriously, look at his smug faggot face.

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Also I thought it was no WIDER, not no LONGER.

>> No.37215144

Well yes, but the point is that it's bullshit.

>> No.37215194

Yes it IS bullshit! A man should be able to beat on he pleases with a blunt object, no matter how wide or thick! Thin and long, short and fat, if he has his hands on it, he should be able to smack anyone in the face with it! Repeatedly!

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I'd like to see art for all the different ranks and designations in the imperial groups. Just neat fluff stuff. There was some alright art in the books, I'd just like it to be more comprehensive.

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Whatever it was, we need more silly space laws!

Mon Cala or Dac or whatever the new name is has laws against the consumption, importation, or possession of any 6 packs of liquid contained together with a plastic ring. For obvious reasons after the death of a city elder in the Mon Calamari city due to choking and the near war with the Quarrens from the assumption it was political rather than negligence on the part of a random spacer who littered.

Side note. Lando is currently trying to appeal this law due to the sale of his Colt40 malted liquor also coming in six packs. Quarrens love his liquor and for some reason they also buy Oldport and Republic Senate cigarettes. Many young Quarren are helping the known galactic swindler in support of change.

>> No.37215229

That's just me, I like huge lists with names and drawings even if it's mostly useless. Not really ffg's style though.

>> No.37215248

I think you mean DL-44 Malt Liquor. and it comes in 40 ounce bottles, not cans. don't you know anything?

>> No.37215268

>I like huge lists with names and drawings even if it's mostly useless.
my gungan

>> No.37215287

>40 oz
>not 44 oz
Come on, at least go all the way with the metaphor

You can't just stick dongles on the gun and call it a blaster

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Best blaster pistol?

>> No.37215310

>colt 45
>colt 45 is not 45 oz
do you understand beer

>> No.37215334

I always did love it.

I hated that FFG called it a light blaster, it's the standard "Normal blaster pistol"

>> No.37215343

I do love that lever.

>> No.37215350

I think it's actually been considered a light blaster for a bit longer than that, but I'm not sure.

>> No.37215356

They are six packs of bottles tied together with plastic rings. For a night of hard drinking
DE-10 is the superior big iron

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File: 65 KB, 1500x1079, umarex_specs.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Its not bad.

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Getting into the X-Wing minis game again after playing it a little bit when it first came out, looking for some Rebel advice.

What's your favourite way to generate stress for Keyan? I like Opportunist, maybe with a Gunner, seems like a pretty reliable heavy damage source. Push the Limit and Engine Upgrade would really amp up the mobility, but then I'd want a cannon or something.

Any experience with Biggs? Seems like a good way to split fire a bit. Worth throwing R2 in there? I'm concerned about keeping him alive long enough to get good value.

How about Jake Farrell? I want to zoom around and take a million actions a turn, but what kind of offensive output am I aiming for? Suggestions for upgrades to support arc dodging into range one?

>> No.37215458

the B-wign has plenty of red on the dial for creating stress

Advanced sensors and you are good to go

>> No.37215459

Become a walking war-crime waiting to happen

>> No.37215534

just get him in close and use those hard 1s and the 2 k-turn to dodge those arcs

>> No.37215589

I do understand beer, and Colt 45 is not beer.
It is horse piss.

>> No.37215636

that is true, but it's technically in the category of beer
of course, what do I know, I only drink whiskey

>> No.37215693

That's because beer and horse piss are the same thing.

>> No.37215719

can't argue with that. only thing below 30% that I even remotely like is sake, and I'm not even very fond of that
besides, I'd go broke if I was a beer drinker; I'm a BIG GUY for you, and I'd need to drink about 12, at CANADIAN PRICES (that is about ~$30) to get drunk, while I can buy enough whiskey for 14$

>> No.37215769

The really funny part is that the stuff's whole selling point is "high ABV", but 6.1% is fucking pathetic. There are actual GOOD beers out there with much higher alcohol content.
You've clearly never had a good beer.
Well there's your problem, your thinking of beer as "way to get drunk", when it's not. A good beer, and I mean a really GOOD beer, can be drank for flavor.

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File: 385 KB, 707x506, DOUBLE_K___Bad_cop___bad_cop_by_captainosaka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I acknowledge the fact that other people drink nice beer for flavour, I just happen not to like any of those flavours. I've tried a bunch of craft beers, and I genuinely don't like any of them, though of course I don't doubt other people do.
and when I drink, I DRINK. hence the whiskey

>> No.37215818

>disappeared off the face of the earth just as things were starting to really get going
Dammit man, I didn't need these feels.

>> No.37215898

Shitballs, I missed the webrip link for the new Rebels episode

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File: 70 KB, 849x467, Lets bet chopper I can't lose.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


If you mean Idiot's Array it comes out next week.

>> No.37215926


And I do mean the "comes out one week early" Disney XD airing.

>> No.37215940

Nope, I'm looking for Path of the Jedi

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>> No.37216071

Where is that image and your filename from or did you come up with the filename on your own?

>> No.37216099


Latest Rebels Recon


Also, guess who that guy in the foreground probably is?

>> No.37216111

We already know.

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File: 31 KB, 594x433, hansolo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Dude asked where the image came from, and the filename paraphrases the dialogue.

>> No.37216143

No I mean the spoiler sorry.

I liked the rest though.

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>you will never have a campaign in a post-ep III setting where Mon Mothma is your main contact

>you will never have her forced to become a slutty serving wench or dancing girl as a cover identity

>> No.37216182


I recently learned that according to the EU, Mon Motha had a son who served at Hoth. In the time honored EU tradition of "even the smallest bit part is actually someone important", her son was the "Imperial troops have entered the base, imperial troops have [STATIC]" guy.

And he was murdered by Darth Vader via force choke.

Fucking EU.

>> No.37216247

>Mon Mothma sat on the transport ship, sobbing. Her son had died during the evacuation of Hoth, and she wouldn't even be able to recover a body to bury.
>Her mourning was interrupted by a knock on the door, before a young soldier would enter.
>He looked remarkably like her husband, when he was young. He was gone too, now.
>Maybe... She would have another son.

>> No.37216259


this is an alliance list i want to play later tonight any help apprictated

>> No.37216304

I prefer Outmaneuver on Wedge, I don't think PTL does much for him especially with Cracken around

>> No.37216385

outmaneuver would not trigger as often for wedge as it is hard for him to move outside of the firing ark of other ships

>> No.37216397
File: 45 KB, 504x480, Wedge-RebelDream.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel like Predator is better than Outmaneuver for Wedge. If the enemy fields really maneuverable craft, flanking won't be easy enough to get much mileage out of Outmaneuver.

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File: 691 KB, 2048x2040, Red Green.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Red Green standing by.

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File: 50 KB, 378x480, 1347775695524.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It can be tricky to pull off, but absolutely devastating when you do.

>mfw Wedge almost kills a cloaked Echo in one shot

>> No.37216624

i killed a cloaked whisper in one pass with advanced proton torpedoes by out maneuvering him with Keyan Farlander. my friend only rolled 1 success and 2 focuses against my 5 hits. He had fired previously against my Corran Horn and scored no hits so had no focus.

>> No.37216667

that's pretty funny and I'm surprised the Adv Torps paid off, I usually avoid them due to their price.

>> No.37216749

Keyan Cheese, if you roll 5 dice probably get at least two eyes or two hits of any combination or a hit and and eye. First ask opponent if your dice will be modified, then apply adv proton torpedo special ability to get three more eyes. Finally remove stress from Keyan to turn all eyes to hits. if you have 5 spare dice you can try it yourself every time i managed to attack I have always gotten 5 hits.

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File: 14 KB, 480x360, Red_Symons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Red Symons witty trolling, standing by

>> No.37216901

"Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I remember... my wife... my children. The things I've lost... the comrades I've lost... won't stop hurting... It's like they're all still there. You feel it, too, don't you? I'm gonna make them give back our past."

-Bel Iblis

>> No.37216977 [SPOILER] 
File: 110 KB, 359x549, 1420621463618.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"He mentioned something interesting. The Empire is pursuing new research. He claims that what they're doing on Endor is the missing piece. A weapon...to surpass the Death Star.

>> No.37217318

Shouldn't it be "He claims that what they're doing on Byss is the missing piece. A weapon...to surpass the Death Star." ?

>> No.37217560

>no nuclear weapons
Yeah okay, pretty reasonable so far...

>no civil defense

>> No.37217571

No civil defense against a nuclear war, not "no civil defense".

Given it's functionally worthless security theater, it's not a bad place to be cutting on for savings.

>> No.37218510

FYI, the Bounty Hunter Code just got ripped.

>> No.37218548

You know, if the Rebellion had more Canadian Rednecks, the Empire never would have taken Echo base.

>> No.37218611

R8 my list
Biggs with R2f2
Bandito squadron
Ten numb with autoblaster, marksmanship and free target lock thingy

>> No.37218762

I can't wait for the Mangler cannon to drop.


>> No.37219706

I see what you're trying to do, but it's an awful lot of effort to dump into a range one weapon.

>> No.37219779

I got an idea for a Rexler Brath list last night.

Shuttle stays on Rexlers tail and pumps our focus, which Rexlers uses to flip up the Ion damage. Pimped out Lorrir is there mostly to make the enemy think about something else than playing laser tag with Rexler

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Anon pls...

>> No.37219824

"Why are we still here, just to suffer? every night, I feel my arms, my legs...even my fingers.the body I've lost, the wife I've lost....Won't stop hurting....It's like they're all still there. You feel it, too, don't you? I'm gonna make them give back our past"
-Anakin Skywalker

>> No.37219986

Hm, that is pretty sweet. Do you find PtL or Advanced Sensors gives you better mobility?

>> No.37220097

I bid you all Dark Greetings!

>> No.37220595


How do you feel about this?

Now your shuttle can follow up your Ion Token with a stress, or spread out the control a bit more.

>> No.37220604

So. It's treason then!

>> No.37220949

Dark Greetings! Come! Join us in the Mofference!

>> No.37220983

>mfw Palpatine is big boss, betrayed by his apprentice, who has to rebuild his base/pmc/schemes from a new base in byss
Naked Sidious? Yuck

>> No.37221318

Well this worked well for me today


Admittedly his list was terrible and my dice we shit hot, but it still performed really impressively.

>> No.37221782

Does the new republic have any more super star destroyers besides Lusankya? Or similar really big ships?

>> No.37221822

they've got the Guardian, another Executor, plus they have a couple (maybe 4-6?) smaller SSDs, like bellators and mandators. later on, they build the Viscounts, which are an absolute horrorshow

>> No.37221918

So, after rereading the wraith stories, a question came to mind. What does Myn Donos call Lara Nostil in bed?

>> No.37221950

That's more than I would expect. Do you think most were put in deep storage and were slowly brought back online during the vong wars?

>> No.37221975

They were on active duty even before then. The Lusaknya died over Borleaias killing a Vong worldship.

>> No.37221988

The lusankya and guardian are pretty much the only ones i recall being named during the entire series. I was thinking of the others in regards to being in deep storage. Lusankya really is spoken of as being a unique resource in that whole borelias duology.

>> No.37222024

I'm reasonably sure that they kept them all on active duty, on account of the continuing existence of rogue imperials, and to prevent folks in the Imperial Remnant from getting any funny ideas

>> No.37222038

Well, even other smaller SSDs weren't full Executor Class Star Dreadnoughts.

I also rather liked the Nebula-Class Star Destroyer as an idea. Use advancing technology to pack more punch than an ISD into a slightly smaller ship and eliminate the 'kick me here' sign of the huge command tower and shield generators.

>> No.37222138

I assume we're having our Mofference on the Moffship?

>> No.37223630

the nebula was actually not even as good as an ISD; it was pretty much a updated Victory

>> No.37223773

9.60.050 Remedy for violations.
At the direction of the city council, the city attorney shall file an action in a court of
appropriate jurisdiction to enjoin any violations of this chapter. Such action for injunctive
relief shall be exclusive of any other remedies whether civil or criminal, provided for by
this code.


>> No.37224070


They had the Lusty L, plus the Guardian who's story is told in an adventure journal (basically some murderhobos hijack it's navcomp controls and jump it directly into the middle of a full Republic fleet group, forcing the crew to surrender.) Probably some smaller star dreadnoughts given the crazy proliferation of designs in the last few years, plus the Meditator Battlecruisers (8.5km long). And then we get to the Viscount class, which is the Mon Cal take on an Executor class, so basically better in every way except carrying troops. Mon Calamari style redundant shielding, updated computers and electronics, smaller crew requirement, more starfighters, and a class one hyperdrive.

>> No.37224154


>Although it was only 1,040 meters long (65% of the length of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer), the Nebula-class was built to be a match for an Imperial II.[1]

>It was designed to be able to defeat any one enemy Star Destroyer, two heavy cruisers, or an entire line of smaller Imperial support ships.[1] It mounted defenses strong enough to resist even some of the smaller Super Star Destroyers or analog warships.[2]

Sure sounds like a updated Victory to me.

>> No.37224368

>And then we get to the Viscount class, which is the Mon Cal take on an Executor class, so basically better in every way except carrying troops
It's a dedicated Executor killer whose earliest example is completed when there are no more Executors to fight. I wonder, why did it take so long for them to come into production? I mean out of universe it's not hard to see why, but in universe

>> No.37224380

That's actually scarier to not-civilians than something like arrest or a fine.

Any police or three-letter-agency can basically do anything they fucking want so long as they aren't caught raping and executing people on enough cameras. If some chunk of the military, or NSA asshole decides to carry nukes around, who's going to stop him? The justice department that works for/with him? oh oh I know, his SUPERIORS, who handed him the thing and told him where to bring it. No wait better yet, the police.

Please. They're people not lowly peonic citizens.

Nay, the threat of all that shit getting handed to the media, blown into the open and their very operating procedures brought to light by a massive public debacle is the only thing that they (sorta a little) still fear, because that can cost some of them their jobs.

>> No.37224470

The Guardian was permanently on-station defending Mon Cala.

The Lusankya was the roving ship that went out like a champ. (Even if it was a silly waste of an SSD just to kill ONE more worldship, Wedge going "GIVE ME RAMMING SPEED" is badass as fuck.

>> No.37224488

Odd I thought it was armed somewhere just short of an ISD-1 with shields around that of a Mon Cal cruiser.

>> No.37224506
File: 320 KB, 1046x362, Upgunned Centurion.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So it's a Star Wars version of pic related?
(this was designed to kill IS-4s/IS-7s. when the prototype was finished the sovvies had switched over to mass T-54/55 medium/MBT production instead of heavy-as-balls tanks)

>> No.37224722

Even with modern armour a 183mm HESH shell does not sound fun.

>> No.37224741

>And then we get to the Viscount class, which is the Mon Cal take on an Executor class, so basically better in every way except carrying troops. Mon Calamari style redundant shielding, updated computers and electronics, smaller crew requirement, more starfighters, and a class one hyperdrive.

Also nobody can quite agree how long it is.

So Exactly like an Executor!
Seems not so good at hitting smaller faster MBTs.

>> No.37224754

Tek Janson of Alpha Squad Seven?

>> No.37224795


IIRC it was due to the on again off again imperial threat. Some jackass Warlord calling himself Supreme Admiral of the Outer Rim would show up with an Executor, start wrecking shit, and the Senate would approve funds for construction, then the Warlord would get killed three months later in a decisive battle, and money would dry up eventually. It didn't help that the Mon Cal shipyards had never built anything larger then a MC-80 Home One variant, which slowed construction.


Even if it seems to have a lighter armament then an Imp II, its' got the benefits of about 15 years worth of technical advancements. Plus it's star fighters aren't total shit, which is always handy.

>> No.37224801

>Even with modern armour a 183mm HESH shell does not sound fun.
Eh. HESH does a lot of its work through spalling, and modern tanks have all kinds of protection against it. The Brits just refuse to abandon it because "muh traditions", kinda like how the US stuck with a 105 on the Abrams for so long.

>> No.37224848


The bit about the 3.5km long "prototype" is so stupid. Thats not a prototype, thats a one off class that you're pretending is the same type of ship.

>> No.37224853

Getta load of dis guy

>> No.37224870

It's a tribute to the 8km/12km/17km/19km bit for the Executor class.

>> No.37224964

The British don't use it for killing other tanks though. That is for bunkers, light vehicles and old crappy Soviet tanks.

>> No.37225161

A range one weapon that can't be cancelled unless you roll 2 crits, though.

>> No.37225660
File: 81 KB, 698x454, aristocrats.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have no words, no face, no sides

>> No.37226542

There was at least one Executor-owning warlord running around the way out there parts of the rim, plus a couple smaller SSDs in warlord hands, mostly in the deep core

>> No.37226596
File: 651 KB, 993x772, UGJrk6G_zps06f1d0a8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Red October standing by

>> No.37226671
File: 257 KB, 400x318, 9_ak8709.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37226686

>kinda like how the US stuck with a 105 on the Abrams for so long.

We didn't actually stick with the 105 on the Abrams for all that long. It was dumped for the Rheinmetall 120mm with the debut of the M1A1 in 1985.

>> No.37227302
File: 83 KB, 353x500, 16035143950_0ffb460f12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Better look at the alt fel art for x-wing

>> No.37227476

Ugh, they messed up his jaw shape.

>> No.37227764
File: 36 KB, 400x542, Jayne.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He looks a bit like Adam Baldwin.

>> No.37227775

I guess they are just trying to avoid even more jokes about him looking like the rock

>> No.37227806

B-but, those are a GOOD thing?

>> No.37229356
File: 162 KB, 624x352, Overlords.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So. I just saw this.
And all I can really say is: What the hell were they thinking.
This made no sense at all. Not even as a metaphor.

And the way the story arc ended basically made the whole thing pointless anyway like it never happened.

>> No.37229414

It's like a really big Dagobah cave.

>> No.37229714

Fair point I guess.
But since Anakin doesn't remember the fears he faced there isn't really much to take away for him there.
And the whole idea of the Overlords themselves? After watching the first episode I thought it was just metaphorical and not actually real. Though it might have basically been a force vision, the personifications and characterization of the three overlords were a little confusing to me as well.
The way I always understood the prophecy and the way it unfolds in the movies basically would mean that the daughter's allegiance with the 'light side' wouldn't really make sense since strictly speaking there is just the Force. The Dark Side is just a name given to the phenomenon of bending that universal life force to your will instead of living in harmony with it. So 'Light Side' just means in tune with the Force.
However the episode presented Light and Dark as opposing ends of a moral spectrum, with the Father as mediator keeping the balance.
So that kind of makes me question a few fundamental concepts concerning the Force itself. Since that is a huge departure from the way I understood it in basically everything else.

Either way, while watching this I had a giant neon 'WTF' sign blinking on my forehead the entire time.

>> No.37229754

Our GM tried that. Our droid has successfully derailed it.

>> No.37229831

Why are droid players always the most heroic that way?

>> No.37229959

Our droid's name is CK-8LK. It's his job.

>> No.37230000

Watched it yesterday. Was awfully tempted myself to come on here and ask just what the hell they were snorting and got a tad frustrated that it meant I absolutely HAD to do some retcons in preparation for running my EotE game (I've had to cleave so much canon that I'm basically running a fucking fanfic rather than a SW game). It really pissed me off that the season had such high points like the Rookies episodes and even that noise with Savage Oppress, but overall I think I actually found season 2 to be better simply because it didn't have a 3 episode arc about Benevolent Forcethulu and his Yin-Yan imbalance.

>> No.37230053

It was INTENDED as a simple vision where they were not *Exactly* real personified identities.

Then some asshat took it literally and told Allston, Golden, and some other fucker to write about the "Mother" as some evil dark side Cthullu that was imprisoned in the Maw and freed when Centerpoint blew up.

>> No.37230110

I don't feel anything about this because that would require that I understand it.

>> No.37230171
File: 230 KB, 1475x1500, Mon Mothma.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Truly, tis a bad feel.
>Not wanting that high-class ass
What is wrong with you?

>> No.37230213

I never said I didn't want it. I just said that our droid stopped it.

>> No.37230624
File: 149 KB, 640x480, Wes Janson and Hobbie Klivian.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>We gotta go to the crappy planet where I'm a hero.
>Cheap shot, Wes.

>> No.37231125

And now you realise that the best Star Wars cast would basically be mostly made up of the Firefly cast.

>> No.37231175

And now you realize that it'd be better to just watch Firefly.

>> No.37231200

Why do you think EotE is Star Wars: Firefly Edition?

I love it.

>> No.37232557
File: 8 KB, 204x273, Tiin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Star Wars actor Khan Bonfils, 42, dies on stage in rehearsal for theater production of Dante's Inferno


>> No.37233449
File: 281 KB, 1153x691, dark and light symbols.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It honestly looks like they're walking away from that, and just making the Sith the imbalance in themselves.

>> No.37233480

fucking gay droids

>> No.37233603


>However the episode presented Light and Dark as opposing ends of a moral spectrum, with the Father as mediator keeping the balance.

Actually, that's the thing: it was showing the FOLLY of that view.

It's in the nature of the dark side to scratch and claw to destroy the balance. The Father tried to keep the Son (the dark side) and the Daughter (the light) in equally opposed balance, and it fell apart. The Son destroyed the balance, killed the Daughter, all that horrible shit.

See, the thing is that on the surface, the whole light-and-dark-are-equal-opposites thing makes sense, but then when you actually look at how they work, that idea falls apart. On the surface, the Mortis arc seems to promote the equality view, but when you actually think about what happens in the arc, it shows the dark side for what it is: death and destruction waiting for an opportunity.

>> No.37233755

One of the final books of the old EU had a lot to do with the Force Family from that damn episode.

What possessed the EU writers to use that mind-fuck of a Clone Wars episode as the basis for their Star-Goddess villain, I'll never know...

>> No.37234429

Just a quick question regarding the FFG systems.

I have a party of about 4 regulars that have made every session (we've had 5) and I have a new player coming next session.

What should you do, xp wise, with new players?

On one hand you don't want to give them unearned xp and start them on the same level as the guys who've survived for many sessions etc but if he's going to be level 1 he's going to be a bit of a wet noodle because they're behind the curve.


>> No.37234470

captcha cut me off

What would you guys do in a situation like this?

>> No.37234505

The whole "space chtulu" thing was already present, it was just some desperate author's attempt to tie the events together

Ask the party if they would have a problem first

>> No.37234512
File: 220 KB, 1680x945, 1276240431216.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>On one hand you don't want to give them unearned xp and start them on the same level as the guys who've survived for many sessions etc

Fuck that D&D Mentality. Give him the same XP the rest of the players have.

>> No.37234571

I don't think they'd mind.

Fair enough, although another problem would be he would have to spend a deal of xp without knowing how he wants to play, if you know what I mean. Like a have a player who intitally put points into lore but quickly worked out he didnt really want to use it much so he put the rest of his xp elsewhere.

>> No.37234575

Renegade squadron is perfect AoR campaign material

Basically an excuse to port wraith squadron antics without fucking the timeline

>> No.37234583

Damn, he seems like he was a cool dude.

>> No.37234692

Hey guys.

What do when 5/6 party members want to play the game like Star Wars firefly but one player is bent on trying to basically become a Jedi?

I've tried to explain how problematic it becomes by making one PC a higher value target than the rest and sort of steals focus and how EotE really isn't built for it (ie. no lightsaber skill, very rare force sensitives and pretty weak ones).

He's saying now he just wants his character to start with a broken lightsaber hilt as a heirloom and lucky charm but I know for a fact he's probably going to immediately try and use his knowledge of Star Wars (rather than his pc's) to beeline to Illum and try and repair it.

I don't want to just say absolutely not but I'm worried compromise might just lead him on.

>> No.37234727

as I side point does Force and Destiny have rules for building a lightsaber and how involved a process is it?

>> No.37234732


Knight level play, from Force & Destiny, means starting characters at a significantly higher power level than the typical starting player, but all Knight level play means is that everyone gets an extra 150 XP and someone might have a lightsaber. So if the party is "knight level", have the player enter as a new knight level character. Anything less, go ahead and match XP amounts.

>> No.37234767


No. Lightsabers are portrayed as something that needs to be found or are otherwise very hard to gain. Lightsaber creation is either a lost art or needs to be done as a whole adventure all its own.

>> No.37234782

Sounds like a good plan! Might not let him start with a lightsabre as it's eote haha

>> No.37234837

So what should I do with this guy? Tell him no or just 'you can start with a broken hilt but that's all it'll ever be'?

Also how do you convince these people that are stacking points in melee so that if they find lightsabers they can use them that it wont work? One of them said soemthing to the effect of "you could just use it like a vibroblade" and cite that Mandolorian guy from the Clone Wars as proof it doesn't need special jedi training

>> No.37234849
File: 73 KB, 699x403, Elaiza.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


If he's a bit new to making characters in systems as detailed as EotE/AoRm coach him a bit, ask what kind of character he'd like to play and make suggestions. And after a session or two, if he decides he wants to make some changes, let him "retcon" his character all he wants, even if that involves significant changes (race, gender, etc). The goal of the game is to have fun, afterall.


If you're unwilling to allow a force user in the game, then that is the kind of stuff that needs to be handled in an up-front out of game conversation. Don't be tempted to be a dick GM in game, that'll just poison the table.

That said, is it really a problem? From what I understand Force users aren't really any more powerful than normal characters in EotE/AoR. Are the other players ok with it?

I sense this is more an issue of you feel the player doesn't have the maturity (I don't feel this is the right word for it, but I'm not coming up with anything better) to handle such a character without turning it into him stealing all the spotlight and being a borderline "That Guy".

Personally if I had a player I trusted and the group was cool with it, I'd love to have a force sensitive PC in my group. I'd throw them at Jewel of Yavin, which has potential to not only be an awesome adventure, but pick up something of a mentor for the character (Though much like Obi-Wan, it'd probably be best to remove the mentor after a short while).

>> No.37234853

>The whole "space chtulu" thing was already present, it was just some desperate author's attempt to tie the events together

I don't mind the "bizarre Force-being that drives people insane and wants to ascend into godhood" aspect of the character. Sure. Fine. I'll accept just about anything in the Space Fantasy universe of Star Wars.

I just hate the fact that they made her the missing "Mother" from the complete mind-fuck Force Family trilogy of episodes from the Clone Wars.

It's one of those things I wanted to write off as a bizarre Force vision/dream thing and a dumbass idea on the part of the writers of the Clone Wars series. Much like Yoda and those other Force-beings he meets.

But nope. That complete mind-fuck of a storyline was taken completely literally and became the backstory for our deranged wanna-be space goddess.

Fuck, I hated those episodes.

>> No.37234873

and now you see why Disney had to get rid of the bathwater

>> No.37234884


There is a lightsaber skill. It's its own thing. It's introduced in Force & Destiny.

There ARE blank lines on the EotE sheet. If appropriate, someone could level Lightsaber as a write-in non-career skill.

Give him his broken hilt. See what he does as a roleplayer. If he seems like he could actually handle this shit well, let him go into Force-Sensitive Exile, and then when he's nearing about 150 XP earned from adventuring, give him a sidequest to fix that shit.

If he seems like a shitty roleplayer, punish him for it appropriately. It's a broken hilt, and that's all it will ever be.

By the way: the Empire is not about to let anyone access Ilum without a fight.

>> No.37234895

>I don't mind the "bizarre Force-being that drives people insane and wants to ascend into godhood" aspect of the character. Sure. Fine. I'll accept just about anything in the Space Fantasy universe of Star Wars.

I hated even that part of it. Antagonists are best as either mortals or undead going back no farther than the Hyperspace War.

It was Bathwater Waaaaaay at the end of the universe though, and other books Like Mercy Kill were already basically ignoring the whole "Force Cthulu" part of the era

>> No.37234901

That one guy who got his ass completely kicked

>> No.37234937

It was also a very strangely shaped saber which may have contributed to its ease of use, whatever it is doesn't torque as randomly as a round saber.

>> No.37234978

>With the EU gone, the X-wing novels are now not canon
>Allston is also dead

Abandon all hope

>> No.37235021

>and now you see why Disney had to get rid of the bathwater

Eh... I still say that I enjoyed at least 90% of all the EU stuff I ever read.

Abeloth was a bit oddball, but I was willing to go with it right up until they tacked on the Mother of the Force Family bullshit.

But hey, it's not the stupidest thing the EU has ever done.

According to The Force Unleashed the Rebellion was secretly set up as a plot by the Empire to expose traitors to the Emperor's new order, and the Rebel symbol was the Starkiller family crest... Ugh.

And don't get me started on the Zombies in Star Wars books they did right around the same time that Walking Dead became super-popular...

>> No.37235029


The darksaber was originally going to be a vibroblade, but Lucas nixed on the grounds that he wanted lightsabers to retain their "cut anything" status and was not a huge fan of cortosis and the like. So Pre Vizsla's vibroblade became an ancient lightsaber.

Anyone can learn to wield a lightsaber. It's just a LOT easier for a Force-sensitive, because someone without the Force is going to have a lot of trouble predicting and deflecting blaster bolts and knowing where a weightless blade is when it's not in their field of vision.

>> No.37235086

>the Empire is not about to let anyone access Ilum without a fight.

Technically other crystals can be used to build lightsabers. They just have to be super-high quality crystals. Some random ruby stolen from a jewelry store isn't gonna cut it.

You'd need a military grade turbo-laser focusing crystal or something similar that could handle the energy output of a lightsaber.

>> No.37235092

Not so much that he wanted them to cut anything.

He wanted them to be the top of all swords just from a vidial standpoint he wanted lightsaber on lightsaber to be the top of swordplay.

>> No.37235138


Yeah it's not a maturity thing it's more an issue of how Star Wars is different things to different people. A tonal thing. Most of the party wants the down and dirty scum Star Wars. This guy is more into the Clone Wars tv show and stuff like Legend of Korra, so I just worry it'd be going in two different directions.

I suppose that could make for interesting party tension

I'd forgotten about Jewel of Yavin. That could make for a very interesting moment where most of the party will want to cash in the gem where as this one guy will want a mentor. Could have her being a mentor as a source of lightsaber skill training if he hasn't being morally terrible.

If his character doesnt seem like the sort that wouldn't be a total That Guy could do the whole "I sense much turmoil in you, turn it around and come back if you want to train" to basically ensure the party doesn't end up with a huge Jedi shaped problem.

I'll make it clear upfront outside of the game there are no force power or lightsaber guarantees but it is in the realm of possiblity. Then basically see how he is as a roleplayer and see if giving him the force would cause total party disaster.

If anyone thinks I'm bordering on That GM here please call me out now.

>> No.37235156


>So, guys... We have this lightsaber weapon, but with a black blade. What should we call it?

>How about a darksaber?

>That's just cliche enough that we might be able to get away with it!

>> No.37235161


>hating on Death Troopers

Fuck you, Death Troopers was the kind of pulpy fun we need in the EU. Its prequel, Red Harvest, was absolutely terrible, but Death Troopers was just that perfect Star Wars zombie B-movie.

Incidentally, the Sickness and the Death Troopers are canon again, courtesy of the halloween 2014 event of Star Wars: Commander. Yes, that little mobile game is canon, as are all the creatures and tech in it.

It brought back the E-9 Explorer (a neat little ship from the RPG), the T2-B Repulsor Tank (from Empire at War), the HWK-290 (Moldy Crow!), the VT-49 Decimator (Star Wars Galaxies and X-Wing are both grateful), and the TIE Defender (which needs no introduction) too.

>> No.37235181


It's never referred to as the darksaber on the show. That's just what fans call it. As well as the writing staff of The Clone Wars.

>> No.37235184

>Star Wars: Commander. Yes, that little mobile game is canon, as are all the creatures and tech in it.


Although that games trailer had something that looks like the E-9 Explorer so that's good at least

>> No.37235186

Fun fact: the darksaber's humming sound effects and odd blade shape are a holdover from it's vibroblade days.

>> No.37235210


It's a fun little Clash of Clans clone. Story's thin but it's not actively bad.

Like I said in my post: it brought back the E-9 Explorer along with a ton of other fan favorite tech.

>> No.37235230

Yup I know.

>> No.37235250
File: 120 KB, 1920x1080, Star.Wars.Rebels.S01E09.Path.of.the.Jedi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Also the part where you have to attune to your crystal via the Force, because the Force is space magic. (This is a good thing IMO)

But yeah, getting a crystal that has Lightsaber potential should be no easy task. I mean look at the crazy lengths Elaiza has to attempt to go to in order to get one in JoY.


At least its not the OTHER darksaber...


Its definitely the sort of thing that needs a group discussion. Ask them exactly what they want out of the game. They want to play Star Wars Firefly, cool, that means they're scum. But do they want to be "Scruffy scum with a heart of gold" like Han Solo, or legitimate murderous bastards who will do a lot of dark things for credits?

>> No.37235259
File: 881 KB, 1176x500, lightsaber vs swords.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This is what happens now when lightsaber meets vibrosword.

>> No.37235296


' But do they want to be "Scruffy scum with a heart of gold" like Han Solo, or legitimate murderous bastards who will do a lot of dark things for credits? A wannabe Jedi will fit into the former a lot better than the latter '

stupid me hitting enter early.

>> No.37235297

I have to admit I judged it solely on it's trailer and haven't actually played it. Maybe I should actually give it a go but my phone is on it's last legs as it is

>> No.37235303

>Fuck you, Death Troopers was the kind of pulpy fun we need in the EU.

Eh... Zombies in Star Wars just seem completely unnecessary to me.

Next you'll tell me you liked the blatant Godzilla/King Kong/giant monster movie rip-off from Clone Wars.

>> No.37235308

Good thing I ignore the cartoons and most anything made after Revenge of the Sith, then.

>> No.37235312
File: 223 KB, 1920x816, cad bane.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Most of the party wants the down and dirty scum Star Wars. This guy is more into the Clone Wars tv show

These are not particularly exclusive

>> No.37235313

Leave the Zillo Beast out of this!

>> No.37235323


Depends on whether you're using Legends canon or new canon. New canon demands the energy focusing and enhancing properties of Kyber crystals from Ilum. The crystals have no color until they attune to the person making the saber, at which point the color is determined.

Old canon, yeah, any number of things can be used as crystals.

>> No.37235335

>New canon demands the energy focusing and enhancing properties of Kyber crystals from Ilum. The crystals have no color until they attune to the person making the saber, at which point the color is determined.

Where did it say that was the only place to get crystals?

>> No.37235340


Actually, I did. To the point that I want Palpatine's cloning project to succeed and for the team from Rebels to face the resulting Zillo clone.

Mainly so that Chopper has a chance to bloop out "WHAT THE FUCK GOJIRA"

>> No.37235353


The Clone Wars is actually really good. Or it got really good, at least. It started out kinda blah.

>> No.37235369
File: 214 KB, 2160x1080, 1411683749035.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Star wars is a series that has it's roots in ripping off everything ever

Godzilla is a perfectly fine fit

And it's nice they took time to homage the feel of a godzilla story with the whole super weapon thing that unleashed it

Ezra got a kyber crystal from nowhere near illum

And those arms dealers from the unfinished clone wars episodes probably were not going to illum to get their fuckhuge crystal

>> No.37235371

>At least its not the OTHER darksaber...

The Hutt-controlled Death Star Super-laser without the rest of the Death Star built around it?

I almost miss the "Superweapon of the week" era of the EU.


>> No.37235376



>> No.37235401

As I've heard. Nothing against it, I just couldn't get into it. I never cared for the concept of the Clone Wars as it were and the only bit I watched at all really was Maul coming back.

>> No.37235419

Alright that makes sense. Though many lightsabers can have more than one crystal to serve alongside the Kyber.

>> No.37235453

wow that kind of shits on all the building your lightsaber stuff in Force and Destiny then

>> No.37235479


FFG relies on Legends canon, not new canon.

Legends canon permits any number of different kinds of crystals in lightsabers.

>> No.37235502

>The basic lightsaber is, in essence, the baseline to
which all other lightsabers and their variants are compared.
Simple weapons, though still exceedingly elegant,
all lightsabers are equipped with some form of
Kyber crystal. Kyber crystals are actually a broad family
of different types of crystals. Though these can vary
in shape and coloration, and even certain properties,
Kyber crystals share certain unique attributes. These
attributes enable them to focus a lightsaber’s power
into the signature energy blade

from Force & Destiny beta

>> No.37235504

The databank says nothing about it coming exclusively from Ilum. Crystals can come from places like Lothal as well.

>> No.37235527
File: 359 KB, 1600x1200, 0EZtK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


While there is a bit of an implication there, it doesn't mean the Kyber crystal *only* comes from Illum.

Plus there've been a lot of Lightsabers over the millennia, who knows how many kyber crystals/ruined lightsabers might be out there, laying in some forgotten corner of the Galaxy from a Jedi who never came home?

A Jedi must attune to the crystal, yes, but that isn't necessarily a permanent bond, perhaps a second person can attune to it eventually.

Basically, even if you go with "Kyber Crystals only, from Illum only" there are always ways around such limitations.


The FFGs RPGs are firmly "Legends" canon territory.

>> No.37235537

Although that one could have been brought there by the will of the force or simply be a backup they keep just in case

>> No.37235540

I honestly wonder if the Kyber crystal bit isn't anything but Jedi tradition. Like, as in, practically, anything could work but wouldn't have "muh Force" connection that the Jedi praise and so it's shunned. I imagine, if you're an exile, you'd use what you can make. Luke used a synthetic in his saber, after all.

>> No.37235565

>only bit I watched at all really was Maul coming back.

I never understood that.

They bring in this replacement Darth Maul look alike, Savage Oppress(Really?...) and then just decide to bring Maul back from the dead anyway.

Or more accurately make it so that he didn't die from being chopped in half by young Obi-Wan and somehow survived the fall into a bottomless pit in a Naboo energy reactor core.

>> No.37235566

>The FFGs RPGs are firmly "Legends" canon territory.

I figure since the change they'd be under some sort of obligation to try seeing as Lucas Story Group now appears in the "credits" on the first page of splatbooks

>> No.37235570


Luke used a synthetic in Legends canon.

We have yet to see what they're going to do now that they've wiped away Shadows of the Empire. If you don't think they're going to put something in between ESB and ROTJ that at least TOUCHES on Luke's new lightsaber, I've got a bridge to sell you.

>> No.37235587

not the same guy but the first book they announced under the new canon is in that time period.

>> No.37235597


There was a Legends explanation for Maul's survival where he uses the dark side to keep himself alive and managed to snag a port a la Luke falling on Cloud City. Using the dark side to survive mortal injuries isn't exactly new (see also Darth Sion).

That's gone now, so it's not clear how he got away. But he did.

>> No.37235618

So..... you're saying that the Force is a dick and gives everyone either blue or green crystals?
Shit, if only there were a way to MAKE crystals.... some kind of PROCESS that would get you the color you want! I will always be mad about the blade color palette and the bullshit excuses for it

>> No.37235619

True enough. I don't doubt they will. I just liked that Obi-Wan had the equipment on Tatooine for Luke for when he intended to train him originally. It works thematically better for him, but Disney does as it will, ect. I will admit I'm generally biased because I dislike the nature of the force-user determining blade color. Partially because that means there's exactly four kinds of force-user given the colors established in new canon.

>> No.37235639


No, the first book was A New Dawn, which was set 6 years before Star Wars: Rebels. Then Tarkin, which is in between III and IV as well. Then Heir to the Jedi, which does focus on Luke...but between ANH and ESB. Then Lords of the Sith, again between III and IV. We're also getting Dark Disciple, a TCW novel.

Nothing between ESB and ROTJ yet.

>> No.37235656


The nice thing about being a PC is you get to be SPECIAL and get whatever rare saber color you want.

Because any GM that doesn't let their player pick their saber color OOC is a jerk. Except maybe red for a jedi, though that could be an interesting roleplaying thing.

>> No.37235661

>not the same guy but the first book they announced under the new canon is in that time period.

Nope. The first book in the New EU is A New Dawn, the Rebels prequel of how Hera and Kanan met.

It's the 3rd book, Heir to the Jedi that is about Luke during the Rebellion. But I'm not sure if it's set during ANH-ESB or ESB-RotJ.

>> No.37235677


Actually, TCW has yellow blades.

So five kinds.

Also the darksaber, maybe there are six.

>> No.37235681

Like how Adi Gallia had a red one before canon interceded. It's not uncommon. Not like I ran my entire team in KotOR 2 with red sabers or anything.

>> No.37235695

Ahh I was thinking of Heir to the Jedi but mixed up the time.

Does anything of interest happen between ANH and ESB? They go hide on Hoth I guess

>> No.37235703

So, possibly six kinds of force-user. For trillions of possible individuals with different backgrounds, personalities, and mentalities. Hrm. Still shit. Of course, what is canon for the universe at large and what I use at the table, ect.

>> No.37235707

Red sabers are probably totally doable for a jedi, but they just prefer not to because they don't want to bring up bad juju with the sith or something.

>> No.37235708


Well obviously the GM lets them pick. But they might limit the palette. I dunno.

I feel like if you have blue, green, purple, and red, a Jedi who gets a red crystal is kind of like a wizard who's been sorted into Slytherin in a Hogwarts where they finally wised up and sent the Slytherins back home on the train because fuck that.

>> No.37235727

>>Does anything of interest happen between ANH and ESB

Thats a period of roughly 3 years, a lot of shit can happen in that time. And from what I understood Echo Base had only just become fully operational when the Empire found it (I seem to recall someone mentioning the techs were having trouble adapting the Airspeeders to the weather, though I guess the speeds could've just been new).

>> No.37235756

I often think that if I ever introduce an Imperial Inquisitor into my game that I'll give him a blue lightsaber because it'd let him not immediately give himself away if he turns on his lightsaber

>> No.37235782

Eh, if he wanted to keep it a secret, he would just not carry it.

Usually inquisitors want their presence known, to strike fear and all that jazz.

>> No.37235789


It's a three-year period. Probably a lot of stuff. We know Han and Leia had an encounter with a bounty hunter on Ord Mantell ("Well, that bounty hunter we ran into on Ord Mantell changed my mind." -- Han Solo, ESB) during that time period. The snowspeeders had JUST been properly adapted to the cold when the Empire showed up, so Echo Base can't have been there too long. Any number of things could happen.

In fact, Marvel's starting up an ongoing Star Wars series this month dealing with exactly that. In addition to a Darth Vader ongoing series in February, a Princess Leia limited series in March, and a Kanan series in probably April.

ESB to ROTJ, on the other hand, is a single year.

>> No.37235790

wow it's 3 years? Is that ever really stated in the films? I'm sure you're right and it's in a book somewhere but I'm just surprised

>> No.37235813

I know somebody who'd like to touch on Luke's lightsaber....
>four kinds of Force users
Oh no.....
>My lightsaber is red
>Why is everybody running away
Except that's the attitude that gives them their reputation in the first place. Slytherin seriously needs like... a PR department and an Image Consultant stat.
An entire HOUSE of backstabbers? So... they'll all be plotting and scheming to be the best, just like everyone else around them, which drives them to plot and scheme more, which etc etc. And no one trusts you because you're plotting and scheming, which drives you to plot and scheme to get revenge, which enhances the bad rep...
Who even thought that was a good idea?

>> No.37235821


It's never stated in the films, but it's been the official timeline for a very long time now.

The Phantom Menace is 32 BBY (before the Battle of Yavin)

Attack of the Clones is 22 BBY

Revenge of the Sith is 19 BBY

A New Hope is 0 BBY

The Empire Strikes Back is 3 ABY (After the Battle of Yavin)

Return of the Jedi is 4 ABY

>> No.37235825

There's a single white blade also, the old padawan teacher uses it.

>> No.37235854
File: 601 KB, 437x515, mcquarrieSoloconcept.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


An Inquisitor who passes himself off as a Jedi Exile Jedi is a good concept. Good way to potentially lure in real Jedi or other undesirables.

Heck, the Inquisitor might even play the part of Hero Jedi for a while to flush out potential jedi. Like he hears rumors of a potential Exile somewhere, so he goes to that sector, pretends to be a Jedi and starts being a bit conspicuous to hopefully attract the exile's attention.

Mostly unrelated, but if I ever play a Jedi, would it be wrong to just recycle Proto-Han as a character portrait?

>> No.37235867


>> No.37235868

Hell no, if you don't, you're doing it wrong. It's a boss character design.

>> No.37235914
File: 826 KB, 660x948, starwars3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Star Wars is full of great designs

>> No.37235958


To be fair, in Sorcerer's Stone the Sorting Hat's explanation of Slytherin was that they're cunning and ambitious, not evil, and Hagrid's mention of Slytherin was that wizards who go bad come from Slytherin, but not all Slytherins go bad (sort of like how all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares).

Of course, then Chamber of Secrets happened and suddenly Salazar Slytherin was a Nazi.

Slytherin and Hufflepuff both got fucked as the books went on: Slytherin went from ambitious to pureblood Nazis and Hufflepuff went from fairminded and hardworking to the "everyone else" House for people who weren't assholes and didn't get Gryffindor or Ravenclaw.

I attribute it to the fact that bravery and smarts are both really simple concepts, while Hufflepuff's defining attributes are a lot more subtle and Slytherin needed to be more EEEEEEEVIL MUAHAHAHAHAHA because otherwise people might start being sympathetic towards Malfoy.

>> No.37235965
File: 167 KB, 450x579, Review_ConceptHanSoloTAC_still.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You think he dyes his hair, or the beard? Then again a blonde with a dark bear is not impossible.


I should really read "The Star Wars" one day.

>> No.37235989


It starts off neat but gets really really REALLY hard to follow after a few issues.

>> No.37235996
File: 55 KB, 600x285, img.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's fun. It's pretty much unrelated to Star Wars as it's so totally different but it's fun. Very Flash Gordon

>> No.37236012

What even happened to Bel Iblis after NJO? Did he fall into a plothole or something?

>> No.37236032
File: 49 KB, 480x360, ProtoHan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also, I just realized this random background guy they use in Rebels is totally Proto-han.

>> No.37236124

he would have been pushing 90, so he'd probably retired

>> No.37236158

Garm and Pellaeon as crotchety neighbors would have been great.

>> No.37236219

yeah, I could see that; they're pretty much the last of their breed, so them associating seems pretty natural to me

>> No.37236289

>In a Facebook Q/A Zahn stated that he has a trilogy project to pitch to LFL/Disney, with one book heavily featuring Thrawn and the Chiss, the second involving Mara Jade preventing an assassination attempt on Vader, and where the third book would also be the third book in the Hand of Judgment series. The proposed series title is The Maestro Trilogy.

...We can only hope.

>> No.37236308

Dat new episode of Rebels.

Dave Filoni needs to direct more episodes and Charles Murray needs to write more. Henry Gilroy is great at writing TERRIFYING episodes (Rise of the Old Masters, Empire Day), but these two are great at episodes that give us a sense of WONDER.

It's the first Rebels ep that I finally felt was up to part with the later seasons of The Clone Wars.

>> No.37236313

ughhhhhh no more chiss

chiss are just space drow

>> No.37236325
File: 4.65 MB, 575x312, 1418760866499.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we can dream

>> No.37236334

wait is it out?

>> No.37236338

Perhaps, but Zahn can use them correctly. Just because it's reminiscent of an idea does not make that idea unusable in a setting.
Disney likes money and Zahn writing canon will be all the dosh. They aren't fools.

>> No.37236368



Also, Frank Oz as the voice of Yoda, not Tom Kane doing his best Frank Oz impression.


>> No.37236383


I meant Path of the Jedi. The one that went online last week.

I watch the show on Amazon Instant Video. Pre-ordered the season. Regretting it.

Although if the rest of the show is up to par with this episode, maybe it wasn't a mistake.

>> No.37236397

They aren't even interesting, they're humans with a paintjob.

>> No.37236423

You can literally say that about dozens of races in the Star Wars universe, if that's your complaint, then it seems you have larger issues than the Chiss.

>> No.37236436

>You can literally say that about dozens of races in the Star Wars universe
Exactly why they aren't interesting.

>> No.37236446
File: 269 KB, 1175x820, CEC VCX-100.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone had a go at statting the VCX-100 yet?

Do you think the sub shuttle is stock? (though possibly unarmed/underguned compared to the Phantom)

>> No.37236485

To each their own. I can hardly disprove an opinion. But, as I said, if that's your opinion, the easy solution is to just not pay attention to things featuring the races you don't like. Or is this a "you're having fun wrong" thing, as /tg/ is want to do?

>> No.37236499

I hate to be that person but do you know of a link? oldpiratebay doesnt seem to have it

>> No.37236508

Stock modular part, I expect it has many variant models (asteroid surveyor, drone variant, cargo loader, etc.)

>> No.37236541

He's Corellian, though. You'd think the Confederation would have at least tried to pull him back in. Instead he just vanishes entirely, and I think he gets a brief mention in Exile that vaguely implies he's retired. Given how he was a fairly big player in the EU, you'd think he deserves more than that.

Bel Iblis on the Confederation's side would have at least explained why people actually thought they were a credible threat.

>> No.37236565

Considering there's been a lot of lightsaber talk in here I have my own question:

Which are better for use in the FFG systems? The EotE/AoR Lightsaber (more expensive and powerful also not modiable) or the FaD lightsabers (cheaper, weaker but more moddable)?

>> No.37236570

Think the next ep is out on Monday

>> No.37236600

I would lean to the latter, really. The ability to mod them makes up for the weakness, and the cheapness shouldn't be an issue so long as you handle a lightsaber as a careful commodity.

>> No.37236613

I'd actually make it fairly close to a YT1300 and call it a day really, got some extra guns, vehicle bay+ Sil2 shuttle, ECM and probably some upgraded shields or the like.

>> No.37236641
File: 281 KB, 300x175, sorry so sorry.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm sorry to say that both of those posts you're replying to were made by the same man.

And like I said, I watch the show on Amazon Instant. I don't download episodes, I stream them; I've already paid to do so, I might as well do it rather than strictly waste the money.

>> No.37236649

EotE/AoR lightsabers are just standard lightsabers with a fully modded Ilum crystal by FaD rules

>> No.37236722

I suppose, but I highly doubt that he'd be willing to go up against the republic, though I could see his name being used for hype

>> No.37236772

Is a stupid code. YT series name much better.

>> No.37236848
File: 828 KB, 1500x1080, VCX-100 YT-1300.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Actually its a bit bigger than the Falcon, so it'd probably have more hull trauma (25-28 perhaps) and *maybe* extra system strain, but yeah, probably pretty close overall. Its a CEC ship too, so probably plenty of customization slots.

I'd say dual light laser guns for the nose and dorsal turret. Default child craft is a basic short-range shuttle with room for passengers or cargo, basically the Phantom but unarmed and lacking the jamming equipment.

>> No.37236863

I dunno. it looks different enough from the YT series that I think it's better off with a different name

>> No.37236895

It could be a YV.

Because no two YVs look alike other than the two that are more like YT ships they couldn't make a model number for.

>> No.37236904

I don't think it's 'bigger', per se, just that the interiors actually fit into the exterior.

>> No.37236934
File: 604 KB, 1920x1080, 11 - fMt5zGd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's notably larger than the canon falcon size

>> No.37236946

Yes, I know, I'm noting that the canon Falcon size is too small. It should be about the Ghost's size.

>> No.37236961



>> No.37237026

Yeah it is a fair bit bigger on your scale.
So maybe around the YT2400 level-

Sil 4, Speed 3, Handling +0, Shields 1/1, Armour 4
HT 25, SS 18
Pr Class 3, Bk Class 14
Crew 2, Passengers 6-8, Enc-Cap 150, Supplies 2 Months
Linked Light Turret (1) Fwd-Port-Star
Linked Light Turret (2) Aft-Port-Star
Starfighter- 1 x External

Hard Points I'd probably say 5.
ECM- 1pt
Engines 2pt
Twin Linked Heavy Lasers (fwd) 1pt

That's sort of roughly where it should be

>> No.37237043
File: 208 KB, 1280x720, Rebels-concept1_lg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


There is a whole VCX series in legends, actually.


True. And it actually seems to have a deckplan that makes sense (I hope they show us a concept art deck plan at some point).


Yeah, the falcon has always been problematically small by official dimensions.

but according to said official dimensions:

VCX-100 : 43.9m long
YT-1300 : 33.75m long

I think the Ghosts also has the advantage in that its clearly tall enough to fit the two decks its depicted as having. Though most of its "wings" aren't thick enough to have much space in them, so it probably roughly balances out with regards to cargo/crew space vs the YT-1300.

>> No.37237095


I mean, it seems to have an abnormally large amount of crew quarter space and a bizarrely small cargo hold, if I'm honest. Just from what I've seen in Rebels.

>> No.37237125

could be that it was designed for passengers as much as freight, or it's CEC's equivalent to traveller's Far Trader; a ship for the marginal zones where you spend a lot of time in space, and cargo pays more to ship, so you can get by with less of it

>> No.37237170
File: 135 KB, 1024x599, Star-Wars-Rebels-Ghost-designs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'd leave it at -1 handling like the Falcon, personally. Besides, that'd probably be one of the things the PCs upgrade anyways.

Also not sure about the 4 armor instead of 3, but eh.


I dunno, all the crew spaces seem to be in the "spine" of the ship. With the deck below being the cargo hold. Its harder to get a feel for the cargo bay as we've seen little of it other than the immediate front, by the door. It might be segmented into different bays.

As we saw in Spark of Rebellion, its also capable of grabbing cargo containers, and even seems to have a groove in the bottom hull specifically intended for it. So maybe its meant to haul external storage too.

The YT-1300 is frequently depicted as having surprisingly little cargo space in most deckplans itself, in addition. And that is with most of them leaving an unrealistically small amount of space in the back for the engines.

>> No.37237239


The external grabbers are a great point. That's probably the main way the ship hauls stuff, because it sure doesn't LOOK like the area by the door segments into different cargo bays, unless there are smugglers' compartments in the walls or something.

>> No.37237328

>'you can start with a broken hilt but that's all it'll ever be'
>not letting him (when the appropriate time comes) remake the blade that was broken
That's always been what happens when lightsaber meets vibroblade, unless the vibroblade is made of one of the handful of lightsaber-resistant materials out there.

>> No.37237350
File: 111 KB, 750x380, ghost ballpark estimation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You don't think that only that spot just before the groove is the bottom deck, do you? It seems to me it can go clear to wherever the engine area starts in the back.

This is extremely sloppy marking, and the perspective on the concept art isn't quite right, but it seems to have space in there, if only a long narrowish space.

>> No.37237361

So I was trawling the waters of fanfiction, trying to wrench myself back into motivation after Family Togetherness Season, when (after reaffirming that most fic out there is slash, even for Ghostbusters) I found that one of my favorite (tame) fics is actually written by a rather prolific smut writer. I am shocked and amazed.

That's because the engines are made of-


-and that's how it works. Any questions?

>> No.37237377
File: 802 KB, 3327x1647, Beowulf schematics.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Anyways, as much as I love nerding out about space ship interiors like this (I think its the Traveller player in me), I have to be up for work in far less hours than I'd like.

>> No.37237406
File: 236 KB, 297x418, 1141070115.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stupid pilot abilities GO

>> No.37237492

hey buddy, want something REALLY BAD? I'm off the wagon and it's making me find the worst fics

>> No.37237514

Fuck you.

>> No.37237535

get ready, cause it's jaina/leia incest, bitch
this shitfic brought to you in part by alberta premium whiskey

>> No.37237595

>>'you can start with a broken hilt but that's all it'll ever be'
>>not letting him (when the appropriate time comes) remake the blade that was broken

Read the entire reply chain. My concern would be with party balance in regards to their approaches but I've settled on

>> No.37237620



>> No.37237629
File: 2.96 MB, 290x188, 1356400962810.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're barking up the wrong tree here, friend.
Along with trying to find new goodfic for myself, I've been playing Final Fantasy 7 for the first time.
Aeris dies! Also Cloud is some kind of .... 'incomplete' clone? I guess we're using Hideo Kojima cloning rules then.

>> No.37237680
File: 4.90 MB, 300x226, LIQUOR'S CALLING THE SHOTS NOW QUESTANON.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh right, I forgot about that
right, I'm gonna need the rest of this

>> No.37237706

Christopher lee didn't make his CHristmas message this past year ;_;

I'm scared guys. 2014 was bad enough... 2015 may be even worse.

>> No.37237731
File: 54 KB, 465x550, Godot sketched.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


As a mentally ill fellow drinker, I hope you'll forgive my sudden leap into this matter.

Are you on anything? Within the last hour, I was thinking about how my Lexapro interacts with my drinking, and it just popped back up in my face. I hope you're being at least relatively safe about this.

I'm on Lexapro for depression and anxiety, and the funny thing is that with Lexapro A) alcohol hits me quite a bit harder quite a bit faster, so I don't need to drink as much to get drunk, and B) as long as I don't get blackout drunk, I don't get hangovers. Obviously, you want to consider whatever medication you might be on when choosing your poison, but if you're on what I'm on...you could do worse.

>> No.37237762

nope. I'd shoot it out with the police befor I let anybody put me on brain-altering shit, mark my words.
and I need a lot of this stuff anyhow, so more sensitivity doesn't sound good to me. I get more control this way

>> No.37237771


He put out a new heavy metal Christmas song this past December.

Also, he's fucking 92. It's going to be sad when he dies, but it's not exactly going to be a surprise.

>> No.37237787

Reminded me, have to track down the metal album he did

>> No.37237854

Per FaD rules, building a lightsaber hilt (a standard one) is basically just 300 credits in the parts needed to build it, no check required. The main difficulty is meant in finding a crystal for it. You could follow normal maitenance rules in making him have to spend credits and difficulty checks to make him repair it if you want to make it so he can't outright build a new one.

FaD's is generally better for force-user campaigns because they're less deadly and it takes time for the PC to build it up. The EotE/AoR lightsaber is fine if the players have no interest in trying to become a Jedi/full-on lightsaber wielder and you just want to toss something deadly at them.

>> No.37237863
File: 13 KB, 256x192, godotfun3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


If you're dealing with any kind of mental illness issues, I urge you to reconsider. The only psych meds I've been on are Zoloft and Lexapro, and from my experience Zoloft is optimistically a placebo and pessimistically makes matters worse but Lexapro is like having a trained sniper shooting your depression down at every opportunity, and otherwise leaves you just as you are. The interactions with alcohol are just a bonus. It is a laser-targeted selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, it does absolutely nothing other than regulate your serotonin levels and any effects it has on you are purely a result of that.

Granted, if you're dealing with anything OTHER than depression, I can't really make any kind of suggestion or really say anything helpful beyond what I've already said, other than please be safe about your drinking. My point is just that meds are not the enemy, and they're getting to the point where they're good enough to deal with the problem and leave you otherwise intact rather than blunting your senses or anything else awful like that.

>> No.37237888

nope, I'm 90% sane, I just have strong feelings about mind altering drugs ( I am aware of the irony, but I just finished the bottle an dontr eally care)

>> No.37237919
File: 12 KB, 256x192, Godot pissed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Was that a newly-opened bottle, or nearing its end anyhow?

And more importantly, WHAT BRAND WAS IT? If you're still getting middle-shelf stuff you're not desperate and you're probably perfectly saveable, no sense spoiling your fun until you're ready. On the other hand, if you're drinking Johnny Walker Red and Bacardi and the like, it's intervention time.

>> No.37237949

alberta premium. I am but a broke collage student. and it WAS new six hours ago. but I'm a big guy. I'd say I'm at about whay most people wuld call the six beer level. I don't have class tomorrow and my friends were around earlier, so it's not TAHT bad

>> No.37238052

The Ghost does have one problem. Its front cargo claw obscures its cockpit when in use.

Of course that's old Legends material. Maybe that's used for other things now.

>> No.37238090

would somebody who's sober and not masturbating please put up a new thread?

>> No.37238102


Perfectly fine. My first blackout was after three beers and two -- TWO -- thunderclaps (A thunderclap is a shot of whiskey, a shot of brandy, and a shot of gin, mixed together. I used the wrong kind of whiskey on the first one, so I used the right kind on the second one, and I woke up the next day with a pounding head and a Facebook messenger full of nonsense to one of my best friends at the time -- who dismissed it as drunk nonsense, conveniently enough). Besides, you're in college. Drinking is how you get through college, pretty much. It's only a problem if you're still drinking like a college student when you're no longer a college student.

Which, incidentally, I am. I was never big on whiskey; rum's my weakness, especially Kraken spiced Bermuda black rum. I am literally unable to resist a mix of Kraken rum and Dr Pepper unless someone else starts drinking it first.

Even the fact that someone else started drinking a Dr Kraken first wouldn't stop me, if not for the fact that my first girlfriend gave me herpes. I won't risk passing it on further.

>> No.37238120

I would, but I'm too drunk and busy masturbating to starships - ooh baby.

>> No.37238129

damn, only meet half the requirement.

>> No.37238136
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X-wing a slut

TIE pure waifu

>> No.37238155

jeez. so nine drinks worth puts you to blackout? I did a whole fifth once, and I didn't black out, though I was still reasonably drunk the next morning. guess it's different for everybody
i drink the whiskey nearly straight; usually I fill a mug half liquor and half warm water, chug it down adn chase it with iced tea. way i see it, it's always gonna suck tast-wis e so you may as well bite the bullet and take it stragit
> first girlfriend gave me herpes

>> No.37238164

>not masturbating
Wait, you mean you stop?

>> No.37238172

some of us have to go outside, sometimes

>> No.37238197

And that's why you always wrap it.
I have to go outside too, you know. I'm just glad I don't have a manual transmission.

>> No.37238205

it's minus twenty here, and some of us walk

>> No.37238217

that's what buttplugs are for

women get vibrators too, lucky whores

>> No.37238235

Walk? Outside? Like a peasant?

>> No.37238236

>mass produced, cheap as fuck, disposable

>> No.37238242

Ok ok... just finished the pic
Its pretty speshul... no gungans this time

>> No.37238272


Well, when I woke up after said blackout, I saw a nearly-empty snifter of brandy on my desk, and I VAGUELY remember pouring said snifter of brandy after the second thunderclap.

Also, still with first girlfriend. She's a damn good one, other than the herpes (we have empirically proven that she got it from her ex and didn't know she had it), and hell, if I stick with her (and get acyclovir as needed) the herpes doesn't matter.

>doesn't like the taste of straight whiskey

Either you're drinking the wrong whiskey or you should try different spirits until you find one you actually like.


Or I could stick with her, since the herpes is literally the only drawback so far after about a year with her, and I have health insurance that can deal with outbreaks as they come, and it's not like I can give her double herpes. Besides, other than the occasional outbreak, it's basically not a thing.

>> No.37238285

youll cowards dont even winter.
if you were from where i was from, you'd be fuckind dead the first winter (unless you are from the psudo-oklahoma part of texas, in which case I apoligise)

>> No.37238287

New Thread-

>> No.37238310

to be fair, alberta premium is rye. and known for being an especially harsh rye at that. i'ts enjoyable in a sucky sort of way. kind of like long walks in sub-freezing weather, which is another hobby of mine.

>> No.37238326

Born and raised some in the home of the Alamo, raised more in the stomping grounds of Thomas Paine, and now living too close to the country's Stupid Nexus for comfort.

>> No.37238344

ha. enjoying the outskirts of the DC hellhole?

>> No.37238390

I am close enough that the new stupid Parks & Rec-alike comes off as masturbatory, but far enough that we're not swamped in crime.
Lots of mexicans, though.

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