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Previous Thread:

Don't wanna be an Imperial, don't care for beakies? Not to worry!
We welcome all here,
Xenos Empires, Great Crusade Era Factions, Knight Houses, Titan Legions, Chapter Successors, Imperial Army Regiments, Eldar, Dark Eldar, anything and everything just come in and pitch it to be a part of the setting itself.

With that out of the way, here is our main wiki page.

We never really did this last thread, so:
-Chalking in the final framework for the Siege of Terra
-Going back to the beginning to start pushing the Heresy onwards from its opening salvo (Istvaan/Diamat/Ostium)
-Cleaning up the legion pages and continuing to add to them

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I just realised I forgot the "r" in Hektor. Oops indeed.

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I call yee forth, Uriel Starikov!
I doth require thine presence upon the channel.

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As requested, it is up.

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Sorry I kinda disappeared last night, let's just say some shitty things happened, and I was in no shape to talk with people. I'll be around more tonight. For now, I'm gonna go ahead and claim as mine the 413th Expedition (that's the one Brennus and his 1st Company take) , and I'll come up with others later.

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Hey, it happens.

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>pic related
damn man, you didn't upload the original first. Save.
Then upload the most recent version.
I wanted to see the difference between the versions clearly.
As trawling through 4k words each time is tiring.

Its great work and enthusiasm mind, prolific writers with drive are what we want here, so you have impressed me with that. But I do have other stuff to do, including irl stuff. Being able to cut to the quick is more than ideal, its kind of necessary.

Regardless. Do all further changes to the wiki page, and save them so we can compare revisions.

I'll try read it again tomorrow. What parts did you change?

>let's just say some shitty things happened
I'm sorry to hear that man.
If you do need to talk, I'm around a lot, as is Merrill and others.
But otherwise, don't sweat it. You take the time you need to do what you gotta do man.
No pressure here.

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Oh... Sorry... I didn't understand what you meant. When you say The Original, which Original did you mean? Do you mean the very first one I did? Or do you mean the one that I posted before Brennus pointed out the errors?

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the original unedited/fixed up proposal. Not necessarily THE first one. Just one before the one you posted to Brennus in the last thread.

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Alrighty, done.


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ahh my wiki isn't updating, its only showing the old post.
Just a cache problem.
Should be caught up by tomorrow hopefully.

But i'm giving it a quick read over now

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The newest version is much much better.

I'll run through and edit bits tomorrow or day after, correct spelling and reword some sentences to be clearer/more consistent etc, if thats ok?

I didn't read through *everything* but the gist of it looks a lot better, so consider it on the wiki, and we'll keep working on it.

The Tech Sorcerers stuff still needs a lot of work though.
But we can sort that out over time.


Hey guys

we need to get back on track with the heresy discussion.

We have an outline of who ends up at Terra and in roughly how much strength.
Although the Marshals should be taken off that list as they would be out of the system.

Anyway - we need to go back to the post-Istvaan stage of the heresy.


What does your legion do after Istvaan/Diamat/Ostium?

What major battles come after Istavaan?

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Sorry, m8, I was watching Blue Blood with my mom.
>Warp Drive
I would imagine it was transplanted as a last resort?
Keep in mind that Sebastion planned to lose, essentially.
And who says it /doesn't/ swallow the planet/all the people and marines on it?

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>I forgot the "r" in Hektor.

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There's the follow-up battle with the SB a few days later, and then the aid mission to the DMech on Mars.

Linking up with Hektor and crew

Tag-teaming through spacial defenses with the Lions


Did I miss anything?

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>What major battles come after Istvaan?

As we currently have listed, Zhuko V, Rosskar, The Burning Crusade and probably others I've missed. We do need more though.

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Hi, welcome to the Hekto Hereseh, I am Aubreh

Lets go fuck some snakes.

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To try and further this, here is my shitty map of the general course of the Heresy. This should at least be able to help plan potential battles and confrontations on the Red Road to Terra.

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Hoi, wilkum tu tha Hektah Hairesay; Oi'm Awbreh.

Less goe fahk sum sneykz.


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Hoiz, Kum t'da Hetah Haresay, Iz Awbrae.

Lessso fek sum el-da

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'Oi, git ovah ta da Hekduh wuzzakallit; 'Oi be Awbee.

Lezko krump summa dem poncy 'umie gitz, baws.

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Could you maybe label what those millions of different arrows are? I mean, I have no idea what most of those arrows mean. Those black ones can't all be Hektor. And, what are those two red ones coming from Earth?

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Dey iz laybuhled, ya grot.

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Greetings Gue'La, Welcome to the Shas'O Hek'Tor Mont'Au, I am Shas'O Aun'Brais.

Let us go spread the word of the Greater Good.

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Can I add my own loyalist legion?

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We do have some room.
What is your concept?

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Not likely at this point, m8, sorry.
How about a Chapter?

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Well, some of them are, but the ones that I specifically mentioned are not... Unless Hektor managed to use some Chaos trickery to clone himself 7 times.

The only things that are clearly labeled exactly what they are are the Void Angels, Silver Cataphracts and Steel Marshalls

There are 2 Red arrows that are unlabeled, that I am guessing are Loyalists, but which loyalists is purely guesswork. And the Black arrows are only labeled "Hektors forces"

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You can adopt a Loyalist Legion and modify it if necessary. There's a few that need some love.

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The Traitor Legions aren't labelled because they wouldn't be either unified, or always in the same sector. Each arrow represents a general path of conquest by Hektor's traitor forcves. Who does that conquest doesn't matter as much.
The Red Arrows in Sol are the Scions of Europa Forces counterattacking the traitors as they enter the Sol Segmentum.

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The Entombed still need some more fleshing out re: what they do after the schism on Sepulchra. They sure aren't occupied for 13 years anymore. I won't be sticking around tonight because I just started classes and I have shit to do, but I leave you with a questionnaire that will help me come to some conclusions tomorrow.

>How long should it take Golgothos to assault the Catacomb and root out Obitus from its deepest dankest depths?
>How do we reconcile the fact that Obitus is a Chaplain but also a Sorceror? Are Psyker detection methods absolute? Could Nurgle GRANT him sorcerous powers? Could he have simply pretended to set aside his powers after his speech at Nikaea? Should he even still have a speech at Nikaea? What am I even doing with Obitus?
>Given the assault on Sepulchra is drastically shorter than the siege of Sepulchra, should the Entombed arrive at Terra or other major battles?
>What other major battles? I haven't been following work that doesn't follow the Entombed very closely because I'm a vain asshole. Given >>37207271 It looks like Sepulchra is right in the path of two major offensives of the Red Road to Terra.

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A few things that I was thinking of doing to expand on the Horde during the Heresy. Essentially, this is how I see the Horde acting.

>After Aubreys duel with Braman, the Horde dedicated its entire forces to destroying the Eternal Zealots, chasing them across the galaxy. At first, helped by the Knights of Justice. But, due to a lack of direction due to their devistating losses at Istavaan, including their Primarch, the Knights quickly splintered, with many commanders taking their forces to differefnt locations. During the commotion, Aubrey followed Hektor to Terra.
>Upon receiving word that the Forces of Chaos were converging on Terra, the Lord Castellan had a kneejerk reaction. Pulling every available trooper and vessel from their duties to converge on Terra. Half way to Earth, they received word that the Prasran systems were under Chaos invasion. a quarter of the fleet had to turn back to assist.
>Upon reaching Sol, the Horde found themselves in a bad situation. The entire Chaos fleet stood between them and Earth. The fleets they bought deployed on the many solar bodies of the mother system. Warfleet Delphinius suffered extreme losses, almost 95% of the fleet, attempting to break the blockade around Earth and provide much needed assistance. Thanks to the highly defensive prowess of the Auriga, the one ship managed to break through to Terra herself. Unfortunately, 1 vessel wasn't enough to turn the tide of the war, but, the Lord Castellan and his elite forces were able to deploy to the planet. The Hordes morale couldn't be higher, for the first and only time, being allowed to walk upon the Cradle of the Imperium.
>The Horde was almost immediately bogged down in heavy fighting, but, thanks to Maa, were able to turn the skies against the Chaos forces. Her vast power fluctuating the weather sporadically, forcing their opponets to constantly switch their assault tactics.


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Been away because horribly sick with this new strain of flu that's been spreading across the States lately.

Including normal flu symptoms like nausea, fever, and cough, I'm also dealing with cramps and sensitivity to both light and sound. Fever broke though, other symptoms remain.

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>During the closing weeks of the battle, the Horde managed to fight their way towards the Palace, trying desperately to get inside to help with the defense of the Emperor himself. However, they were too late. Just as the great golden structure loomed into view, a great shock was sent out. All of the daemons disappearing... The War was over. Hektor lay dead at the feet of the Emperor.
>As the Golden Throne was ignited, to preserve the life of His Majesty, the Techpriests knew that more Psyker energy would be required to run the throne for however long it would take for the Emperor to recover.
>Maa, being a powerful psyker, and a loyal servant, had always known that the day would come that she would lay down her life for him... She had never, not in her wildest dreams, thought it would be in the literal sense.
>Maa's soul was absorbed by the machine and used to power it. She made only the one request before her consummation. A vision befell her, that the blood of her people would be spilled by those she was loyal to. She merely asked that her people be allowed to survive this, so that they may continue to serve the Emperor in her stead.
>Maa became a religious figure on Gorlalla V. She became known as "The Emperors Lamb" Over the millenia, the stories changed her species to Human. Eventually, the people of the Imperium would know her as a young woman that had wandered into the Imperial Palace one day, when she was a child, being found by the Immortal God Emperor, gave her a single kiss on the forehead and told her to be on her way. When she was consumed by the Golden Throne, it was this act of the Emperors infinite love for humanity, that allowed the Golden Throne to work forever.

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Thanks guys, I appreciate it. Fortunately before the night turned to crap, Sebastion was able to help me work out some ideas for my traitors, so they're going to get some good development. Most of the fluff that's already written for me has both traitor and loyalist TKs heading to Sol, so I assume they're battling each other in running battles across the galaxy. I'm not really sure how that would work exactly though. Also, I've included here an image of the atlas where I've circled a planet that could be replaced by Alessia. Does anybody have a problem with that location? if not, can whoever altered the map alter this planet?

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Looks like pics won't upload, so here's this: http://postimg.org/image/4crmgc6k7/

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How many men does Obitus have exactly?

Psyker detection methods aren't absolute. But I am pretty sure Nurgle could grant sorcerous ability, which I think is a better. I think having him give a speech still makes sense, maybe he knows change is coming and wants to put the Imperium in a weaker position, so that's the real reason he speaks.

I had that recently too, hope you feel better soon.

This is pretty good. Probably best to make sure most of the fighting they do is with Traitor Army regiments. Marines would likely annihilate them.

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>Upon reaching Sol, the Horde found themselves in a bad situation. The entire Chaos fleet stood between them and Earth. The fleets they bought deployed on the many solar bodies of the mother system. Warfleet Delphinius suffered extreme losses, almost 95% of the fleet, attempting to break the blockade around Earth and provide much needed assistance. Thanks to the highly defensive prowess of the Auriga, the one ship managed to break through to Terra herself. Unfortunately, 1 vessel wasn't enough to turn the tide of the war, but, the Lord Castellan and his elite forces were able to deploy to the planet. The Hordes morale couldn't be higher, for the first and only time, being allowed to walk upon the Cradle of the Imperium.

Ok, I have to call bullshit. They could never get through the blockade. There's tens of thousands of ships, including at least four and quite possibly more Gloriana Class vessels blocking Terra, and there's probably even a few Abyss Class vessels or similar as well. Nothing could get through that without Necron Tech or the Webway. They would be utterly annihilated.

Plus when they land, they'd get nommed by Daemons or stomped by Astartes. Terra is a deathtrap, Stalingrad on a planetary scale but without even the merest hint of sanity, and a thousand space marines charging into every breach.

>> No.37216671

>How many men does Obitus have exactly?
I had in mind something vaguely analagous in proportion to the Fallen Angels, but I haven't found any good figures for that. There;s 20 Cardinals and 50,000 Entombed, so Obitus commands 2500 directly, but he's able to rally a few of the other cardinals to his cause. Now that I think about it, that could be a chief motivator in instituting the regular marine reshuffles: Obitus' marines were more loyal to him than they were to the Entombed, because they had fought alongside him so long.

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1) The only ship to make it through was the Auriga, which, as mentioned on their page, is essentially a flying, solid block of metal with engines and guns attached to it. It's a ramming ship, built to plow straight through vessels, whilst suffering minimal damage.

2) Well, it's obvious that it can't be as bad as that, otherwise earth would have fallen in seconds, rather than years. As for the Stalingrad comparison... Stalingrad, to my knowledge, endured heavy fighting at first, but quickly settled into a guerrilla war, neither side brave or stupid enough to try launching a full scale assault. The Germans unable to, due to not being kitted for winter warfare, and there were snipers everywhere. Anybody stupid enough to pop their head out of cover, lost it seconds later. After the Soviet blockade of the town settled in and the German forces forced to take up defensive positions, the fighting settled into minor skirmishes, whilst each side waited for reinforcements.

Terra had to have certain safe zones, otherwise, there is no conceivable way that the Loyalists could have held out for more than a day or 2... Or that there would have been, literally, ANY civilian survivors.

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be back on later

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I agree with Anon here. It's a blockade, and its sole purpose is to keep things from getting in or out. I'm not sure the size of the horde, but it's going up against pretty much every single traitor Legion's navy, plus their regular human navies, plus their DMech ally navies.

Once they get down, it's pretty much trench warfare all the way to the goddamn palace, with a whole shitton of air support on either side. And another shitton of ground to air batteries.

I'm not sure how many landing craft they would have, but unless you're dumping the entire remaining horde in one shot, that ship is going to have to stay in orbit (and vulnerable to said blockade) for multiple trips. And if they ARE going to drop in one shot, they're taking massive losses, because there's no way in hell Hektor's going to just let them land. Hell, he might mobilize just about every craft he commands to take them down once they break atmo.

Having Lady Luck and Admiral Awesome on your side wouldn't help you here, you'd be needing to be in a goddamn orgy with them, Fate, The Emperor, and every other single personification of fortune you can come up with.

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This is a flagship during the Heresy era. Chances are, they have enough Teleportariums aboard to beam their people down to the planet. Yes, the Auriga is destroyed. EXACTLY how is a mystery, because the Loyalists weren't tracking her, but with her mission complete, she headed straight for the fleet and was, presumably blasted to pieces. Her hulk was never found.

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hey /tg/ can i get a rundown/link to where all the rules/character sheets are?
i wanna get into darkheresy
cheers guys

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A flagship for an Imperial Army regiment/division. Specifically a unit of abhumans that nobody else wants. Not Astartes. Would they even have those? Hell, they discuss in various books in the HH human IA commanders having to take shuttles and landing craft in between vessels and planetside and such. Specifically, in Legion, where it's dealing with some of the most honored Army units from Terra itself. If their generals aren't able to teleport around, why would a bunch of abhumans have the ability to do so?

I'm not saying abandon what you're doing entirely, but having them show up in the middle of the siege is just about impossible.If you want them on Terra, have them make a run for it and get there before the Traitors show up. That's pretty much the only way they're getting there solidly.

In reference to what that ship is capable of, there are numerous examples of a single Battle Barge taking down an entire IA/IN fleet before they can escape while the crew on board is running around screaming "Our weapons are useless!" Let alone tangoing with a Gloriana. Let alone several fleet's worth of all of the above. This is like if 300 was about how they charged the entire Persian Army (rather than adopt a favorable defensive position), were surrounded, and still managed to get to Xerxes' throne.

Should be a Dark Heresy thread about, they might know better than this thread.

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Really? I thought Teleportariums were a dime-a-dozen back in Empies time, like with all the big important shit that they can't make anymore in the 41st millenium.

>> No.37219431

They might have been, but that doesn't mean that everyone gets one. They're going to make sure that all of Empy's personal fleet gets them first. Then Hektor. Then the AdMech/Legions. Then it's trickle-down for the regulars. With the most important/liked/trusted getting them first. The Horde might be in line to get them, but they would have to wait behind everybody else on the list. And the list would keep getting bumped every time a new ship is built for the top-tier names.

>We were building this for some IN ship, but Kranios just lost another Battle Barge in a ramming maneuver, so all these parts and pieces need to be taken to be assembled in this new Battle Barge

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the horde are supposedly the dregs - thats the angle you have been shooting with. In other words, they are the guys who everyone hates, but get the job done through grit and determination, not through being well equipped and supplied.

You have to stay consistent - you wanted to do an IA regiment. They can hurt Astartes, its not like marines are invincible. But they aren't going to be doing a '300'. They aren't spartans. The Astartes are the spartans (in more ways than one).

To be clear - you're taking the Horde and their abilities/fluff past a point that is believable and understandable.
Thats a problem, especially for this AU, as we're trying to keep the setting consistent with its own believable and relatively-realistic logic.

Merrill's suggestion of getting to Terra before the Traitors reach Sol is about as good as you are likely to get.

>> No.37219622

I didn't mean it like that. I just meant as in I thought that, at this point, the amount of ships that DONT have Teleportariums outnumber those that do. Its not making an exception, because, at this point, they are just normal thing to include.

I now realize that that is not the case, so I will take this idea back to the drawing board for now, and come back when this has been compensated for. Thank you.

>> No.37219625

>More ways than one
Are you referring to the gay sex?

>> No.37219631



other way around "Those that DO have teleportariums outnumber those that don't"

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>pic related
Haha maybe.

But also in the fact they're ridiculously over-hyped and fetishised, and their effectiveness blown out of all proportion by many.

That and the trained from a young age/birth, and living a literally 'Spartan' or austere lifestyle...

it doesn't change the fact they would have to get through a blockade of tens of thousands of ships strong.

>> No.37219684

>didn't mean it like that
I figured you didn't, and apologize if that came off harshly. Part of it was drawing comparisons so you'd know the level of how bad that would have actually gone. For the record, having them fight for terra isn't being knocked out, it's just the method of getting them there.

>Your words, not mine
Just kidding. Anyways, Even if the numbers were that way, the Horde would be pretty much the last ships out of everything to get them. And in all likelihood, considering both their title and how they are viewed, every other fleet would have all of their ships outfitted with them before the Horde got any.

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Hey guys I think I came up with sufficient justification for Emps to seize control of my world.
>What if my primarch's legion begins to unwittingly worship a c'tan?
>The ritual sacrifice is actually an elaborate means of feeding the damn thing, but the legion - and primarch - are unaware of this.
> The only reason the Emperor didn't know it was "c'tan-c'tan" and not just barbaric ritual is because the C'tan had not appeared yet. But still the ritual sacrifice was definitely feeding it.
> So, the C'tan appears shortly after that - or has already planted ideas in Yolotli's mind - which causes him to begin to worship it as the 'true' sun god
> Eventually emps finds out. Gets pissed. But doesn't purge the legion for obvious reasons, particularly that they were unwitting dupes.
> So instead he siezes control of their homeworld with no explanation in order to avoid a potential revolt: he is going to kill the c'tan.
> He kills the shard then leaves the legion to 'consider it's transgressions' for awhile.
> By the time the world is ceded back to them by Hektor they are already on the cusp of revolt. Hektor's offer is simply a suitable excuse.

This helps justify my legions betrayal. Further supports Yolotli's suicidal depression, and gives the Emperor a good reason for taking their homeworld away even without explanation. Which would be just cause for the legion to be extremely pissed.

>> No.37220398

It will also take an interesting angle on "Sun God" where most readers would expect the legion to mean the Emperor they actually mean the Deceiver.

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God save the Queen for a good cup of tea.

My throat is obliterated. Only a good cup of English breakfest gives me relief and we're running out.

Anyways, what's been holding me up for so long, a different project apart from this, is nearly complete. I haven't wanted to talk about it because it is slightly embarrassing nature and would still like to not discuss it. But take it as good news, I've been ultra lazy with it and now that I'm nearly done, I can be ultra lazy with Ross- I mean finally get back to finishing Rosskar!

You know, if I can survive these hacking fits which leave me crying out to Lord Jesus to end it.

I was about to point out how your name is misspelled with Ragnars then notice oh wait I'm the idiot.

>> No.37220573

It's alright, I did pretty much the same with Uriel.

Have you tried chamomile tea? Normally it's pretty good at soothing the throat.

Get better, man, we've been missing your input.

>> No.37220852

God save chicken soup friend.

>> No.37221241

Nope nope nope I take back everything I said fever and cramps just came back.

>> No.37221663

>It's alright, I did pretty much the same with Uriel.
Hah you noticed?
Last time I did it one letter changing per post. No-one said a thing, or seemed to notice at all.

Last time i even started changing consonants to 'a' before giving up...

>unwittingly worship a c'tan
Emps is the greatest psyker mankind has, and the Eldar are part of the milennia spanning war with the Crons/C'tan.
If Emps didn't notice, the Eldar would have and attacked.

Sorry to be captain killjoy, but humans worshipping a C'Tan is a no go.

If Horus can rebel and nearly kill Empy and his name is still listed on the Legiones Astartes, we can only presume that the lost legions did something like what you are suggesting to get utterly -redacted- from the records.

>He kills the shard
We haven't got to it yet, but when we do, the c'tan will not be reduced to shards. This isn't Crash goddamn Bandicoot... (the purple crystals)

Get better soon man.

>> No.37221739

Okay going to work on the Heralds page for a bit.

Is Seb around?
I need some help with wikification and the widget things

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File: 104 KB, 912x631, Yes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then I shall cheer you up brother.

The Scions are now known as this.

The Scions are a cultural diverse Legion, known for accepting and nurturing the various cultures of the men who are introduced into the Legion.

Out of all three are the most prevalent; The Byzantine-like culture of their home world, forming a sort of miniature empire within their legion, managing the cultures which are introduced into the legion.
These men are known to focus on shooting, allowing them to work in harmony with their Varangian and Wallachian brethren.

Varangians are gun-ho, heavy armour loving barbarians turned Astartes.
Their love for tanks has produced many tech marines known as Iron Fathers.
Their tactics mix between defensive warfare and shock assaults, often using deep strike tactics.
Varangians burn their dead, thus the companies of them produce no dreadnoughts, to counter-act this the Jotun walker was born, allowing an honoured brethren to step into this bipedal monster and do combat.
The Varangians are assigned terminator armour most frequently of all cultures, as their loyalty to guard their captains is legendary.

The Wallachian are beast riders by nature, thus bikes were the best choice for these men.
Specialising in fast attack raids and terror tactics, many should fear the sound of jump-packs and engines.
The Bikers of the Wallachian use the Outrider model of bike, along with Jetbikes where available.
These bikers carry pikes on them spear their enemies and parade their enemies corpse, spilling blood over their armour in a display of pure brutality.
There is rumours surrounding the Wallachian, that they drink the blood of their downed foes, that their battle fury is intensified by their lust for the enemies life fluid, but these rumours have never been investigated.
Of most interesting to note however, is that their dreadnoughts have been engineered to keep up with their cultures demands of assaulting their enemies with great speed.

>> No.37221868

That really sucks :( Feel better soon, Alex.

>No C'tan shards
THANK you. I hated that shit. I much prefer Oldcrons.

>> No.37221957

yeah me too.
I think most of us here agree with that sentiment too.
Plus physical gods (those not warp based/from outside this physical plane) are a really interesting concept.
I mean it's potentially like another Empy, but minus the psyker abilities...

Although I have just made a character up in my head for the current ed OU. An inquisitor called Qrash Ban Deecoute
He seeks to collect all the Ctan Shards, which are now purple and thin.
He goes to various worlds using the warp and his shield servo skull Ooga Booga, and does epic shit like surf on water with a jet powered surfboard, and do indiana jones escapes from boulder traps...

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File: 66 KB, 1680x1050, shadows-creatures_704029.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Channeling my inner Lovecraft

>the Vashet Nierat

The Vashet Nierat are a warp beast specifically found on the Daemon Planet Yr Helfa Annherfynol. They are both predator and prey for the various members of the Iron Rangers and visitors that find themselves there. They are often titled as amorphous, however that definition is misleading. They are living shadows, the fear of darkness and the unknown given life. They have been observed to take the forms of many things in realspace, however their true form shows itself when they strike. An indescribably mass of claws, teeth, and tentacles, they emerge as shadows to bind, strangle, and devour their prey, helpless and alive. They are rarely seen in realspace, however Iron Rangers Sorcerers have been known to summon them from the warp in times of need.


Can that go with the Inquisitorial Cult I suggested?

>> No.37222145

>the Vashet Nierat

I'm down.

They are from the planet Yr Helfa Annherfnol?
The Endless Hunt?
Is that the same planet they do the initiation stuff on?

And I'm okay with this.

The Serpents have a bit of lot of lovecraft too
So our chaos isn't chaoticdumb like the OU, but rather creepy and sinister it seems.

>> No.37222245

That's the planet they reside on in the Warp.

>> No.37222376

>Endless Hunt.
I typed Eternal into the translator... Oh, well.

>creepy and sinister
As it should be. GW seems to like to set it up where it could be like that conceptually, but is rather retarded in practice.

>> No.37222604
File: 51 KB, 480x360, Scions.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Scion Stuff!

>> No.37223551

I am here!
It is mine birthday, yet I am here.

>> No.37223575

Happy birthday, man.

>> No.37223640

Jeez, m8.
Hope yah feel better soon.

I noticed, for whatever that's worth.

>Qrash Ban Deecoute
It took me a bit to get this one.
I wouldn't mind actually putting him in as an Inquisitor.
I mean, what was that old Inquisitor from RT? Obi-wana Jones or something like that?

This is not okay.
Not okay at all.
Did I mention I have an irrational fear of the dark and shapeless?

Huzzah for stuff!

Thanks, m8.

>> No.37223676

>This is not okay
So, therefore, successful in what I was attempting?

>> No.37223714

Unfortunately, yes.

>> No.37223785

Alright. I strongly recommend you don't read Lovecraft, then.

Or the Doctor Who episodes 'Silence in the Library'

>> No.37223952

"Hey, who turned out the lights?"
Hated that episode.
And I actually rather enjoy Lovecraft.

>> No.37224331

Happy birthday!

I'm surprised you haven't used "Merle" yet.

>> No.37224511

Too lazy to change it. Plus, too Walking Dead.

Not that there's anything wrong with it. I just don't want to draw comparisons.

>> No.37224601

>Humans worshiping c'tan is no go
I was going to argue that it is possible the Eldar attack the world after the Legion has fortified it which is what exposes the c'tan. But since NOSHARD is a thing, are we fluffing the results of the War in Heaven in the AU as the same as the OU?

>> No.37224621

Ahh, i forgot that was the name of a guy from Walking Dead. I just thought of Merle Haggard. Gave me an amusing mental image of daemon Merrill sitting on the porch of a tar paper shack, drinking from a jug with like 15 Xs on it, wearing overalls, saying "You Astartes boys done come to the wrong planet, I reckon."

>> No.37224897

Oddly enough, that's pretty much parody Merrill on the nose.

>> No.37225615





>> No.37225762

Not much, debating some stuff on IRC.

>> No.37225772

Sounds fun. Anything big happen while I was gone?

>> No.37225784

Not'in much homeslice, I am making the Scions epic.

>> No.37225886

Get on irc mang.

>> No.37225928

Seems the IR are going to be more popular with the IA now.

>> No.37225954

Nah, I was never a fan of IRC and such for these communal projects. Always felt like it excluded newer people.
Oh yeah?

>> No.37225994

Yup. Short version: he hooks them up with goodies and helps them and doesn't hog the credit/limelight. From their perspective, anyways.

>> No.37226367

Long version:
Merrill and the IR are largely a supportive force. They're much more suited to supporting another Legion or Expeditionary Force than performing tasks completely on their own.

That being said, when the IR answer a call for aid from IA forces, a few things happen:
1>The IR send a liaison of high rank to whomever is running the IA forces, to both communicate important information both ways and offer strategic and tactical advice to the commander.
2>The IA units get boosted by having IR forces divided up amongst them. These marines work to help train them, give them some equipment, and provide battle and morale support by fighting alongside them.
3>The main body of the IR force deploys to assassinate key leaders, destroy strategic assets, and fuck up supply and troop lines.

Said IA governers now have a greatly boosted force of their own, and their enemy is now demoralized, confused, and less coordinated.

Once the fighting is all over, the IA get the credit. If any of them would meet Merrill, it's for about 2 minutes in some kind of official ceremony after everything's over, so they don't get the same creep vibes the other Primarchs do.

>Personal thought: Merrill does harbor resentment about not getting enough appreciation. He's not the kind to seek glory, honor, or medals, he just wants people to actually, honestly appreciate what it is that he does.

Anyways, part of why the main IR force is rarely dealt with is because they really don't care, can't be bothered, or just aren't interested in dealing with all the politics and bullshit that's going on with the IA. They're there to do a job, get it done quickly, quietly, and efficiently, and move on. That being said, the IA who are benefitting from the help are seeing it as being sincere, genuine, humble, and otherwise looking out for them. As time goes by and they provide more assistance, word between the IA higher staff and lower ranking spreads from soldier to soldier.


>> No.37226484

>cont from last:

By the time the Heresy breaks out, a lot of units actually look forward to serving with the IR, and they're greatly respected by the lowly IA. When Hektor makes his voice heard, a lot of IA swings for him. Some are staunch opponents. A lot are sitting on the fence. When Merrill is publicly with Hektor, that causes a lot of the fence-sitters to side with Hektor, falsely thinking that he's this awesome dude.

>> No.37226550

Thoughts from the group?

>> No.37227450

I like this; it makes Merrill's job easier and gets him appreciation, it fits with his character. He doesn't want the limelight, but the IA looking up to him must make up for the closeness he doesn't really have with the other primarchs.

>> No.37227468
File: 55 KB, 400x500, Scions I.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Standard Scions.

>> No.37227496
File: 58 KB, 400x500, Scions II.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Varangian Scions

>> No.37227525
File: 51 KB, 400x500, Scions III.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wallachian Scions

>> No.37227533
File: 37 KB, 450x355, 1413141405730.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fever broke again and I'm on a cocktail of meds. Working hard on writing, because yay sickdays. Have fun my brothers. Love the new Scions feel, even if it might not be what their creator envisioned, he should have stuck around and made them distinct enough not to be revised.

Also someone explain to my semi-delirious mind what the fuck a Yolotil is.

>> No.37227621

Hmm, I'd say if the main armor color for the Varangians is gonna be red, there probably shouldn't be red shoulder pads on the other two. Maybe they should all have the same color shoulders, with of course the Wallachians and Varangians retaining their purple accessories.

Nathanog's new name, now that they are becoming more Aztec-y.

>> No.37227708
File: 1017 KB, 665x663, 1377676847273.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37227845

It's better than the name that was always some thinly veiled self insert.

>> No.37227883

Actually, they are all reflective of the various colours of the actual forces.

Though the Wallachians are more going for a Vlad Tepes colour scheme.

>> No.37227911
File: 6 KB, 200x275, 1416171095896.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yolotli is Nahuatl for heart. Nahuatl was the national language of the Aztecs.

>> No.37228006
File: 367 KB, 1130x900, 1394274141884.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No sir I don't like it.

Firstly because while Nathanog was a pretty shitty excuse for a name if you took my and others way of pronouncing it, it had some power. I'm not opposed to it being changed but you could still bring out some force with NAATH-AHN-OHG.

Yolotil has no force, no presence, no aura of power. You can't emphasize certain parts of the pronunciation and it carries over no strength when saying it. It invokes nothing. It sounds...feminine. It is pretty underwhelming for someone who is named the MOUTH.

>> No.37228051

Just before going to sleep

Glad to see your name back in the threads again!

I think there needs to be some more white or something in there, to tone down the huge amount of purple as it does clash with the red.

But the unifying shoulder pads is kind of cool. It would get so confusing with the Scions on the battlefield though what with the variety of colours...

I like the varangians scheme though.

>> No.37228056

Nathanog was still a very shitty name.

>> No.37228088

Yeah, I'll be honest. My 2 cents feels that "Yolotli" sounds more like a race than a person.

And it sounds kinda... lyrical, like an Eldar name or something.

>> No.37228145

That is unsurprising given it's an entirely different dialect.

For example their death god is named: MICTLANTECUHTLI and their creation god is named QUETZALCOATL. Neither of those sound particularly masculine from a germanic perspective.

>> No.37228168

Oh! I was unaware, interesting. Hmm, I wouldn't have made that choice, but if it is based off a real thing I guess it makes sense.

That was how I pronounced it too, but it DID seem like kind of a self insert. Maybe we can find another Nahuatl name that would fit better?

How about "Cipactli"? It means Crocodile, near as I can tell, and the monster they named that was supposed to be always hungry. Or does that have the same problem?

>> No.37228290


Oh shit ninja.

>> No.37228293

The soft "C" sound makes it a little lispy.


herp a derp.

Hmm. This one's a tough one.

One question though, given that /tg/ already made the relatively successful/popular Blood Jaguars (http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Blood_Jaguars), do we want to make another Aztec type thing?

It's almost a trope to reach for the New World influences when seeking "uniqueness".

>> No.37228363

No I think that's just your imagination. Mictlantecuhtli and Quetzalcoatl both sound perfectly fine. Threatening, powerful. When you say them, they bring this presence. You invoke certain feelings when speaking it.

>> No.37228422

That's simply conjecture. I can say the same thing about Yolotli.

However Cipactli is... interesting.

>> No.37228431

I like the version with the X best, I think. But I think it will be different enough to avoid comparisons. After all, we're doing a whole legion here, and unlike the Jaguars they are traitors.

>> No.37228487

Yolotil feels like something you'd say to a lover.

>> No.37228528

Oh cool, cause the name means 'heart' which is a basic implication for his passionate nature.

>> No.37228830

I took Uriel's suggestion's onboard and updated this. As always, I'd like people to chime in on it. Especially on several things. Mainkly this.

>you should update it to factor in the fact the loyalists actually *have* forces in the sector, and an actual leadership/game plan.

Because I have no idea what the forces and leadership/game plan should be. I have the offensive side sort of planned out, but not the rest.


>> No.37228865
File: 491 KB, 1058x500, Void Scions.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37230507


>> No.37230636

Music bump (it should be obvious why I picked this): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emVMZc5yMZo

>> No.37230684


>> No.37232161

Voice clips!


Lord Haldor of the Varangian Guard

>> No.37232237

Can we please not literally name them the Varangian Guard.

>> No.37232296

Working title.

At least until I find something better.

>> No.37232313

It's just a placeholder to give an idea of what they are.

>> No.37234613

>Religious background of the legion
> The Aztecs believed in "Sun cylces" Which would herald the apocalypse and recreation of the world.
> Given that the wordbearers were given significant leeway in their 'worship' because it was towards the Emperor, it is likely the newgorgers would be treated much the same.
> However they are likely to believe that, in order for a new world to be made and there-by further improve the galaxy the Emperor must die and be reborn.
> Basically a new cycle.
>They come to this conclusion soon after Nikaea where they discover the war effort is beign superceded by civilian government
> Initially they are 'seeking the new cycle' then come to the conclusion that the Emperor IS the cycle and must die in order to continue it.
>Basically a Thorian approach without the knowledge of the warp.
>This is an especially big deal for the legion because their entire identity is founded on expansionism and the economics of sacrifice/slavery
>The council of Nikaea gives very clear implication that the Emperor was beginning to settle down and consolidate.
>Yolotli's stance during Nikaea remains the same as Nathanogs: he thinks psykers are unnatural and disgusting.
>Later on during the heresy Yolotli realizes he made a mistake and tried to play god.

>> No.37234765

Bump nigga.

>> No.37237081

10/10 legion would paint

>> No.37238471

Been thinking some things over, having some brainstorms.

Had an idea for an Imperial Army formation. An air bomber regiment using canvas-winged aircraft. Low tech, but hilariously effective. Besides their normal payload, they also happen to drop psychic spells at their foes.

Probably a bad/terrible idea.

>> No.37238508

>I took Uriel's suggestion's onboard and updated this.
A good start
If you put it up onto the Wiki, not only is viewing edits/new content simpler, but i can help edit/reword stuff occasionally.

I like it

literally don't know how to respond to this one man.

Your legion believes a religion, Empy allows it somehow.
And it involves the Emps dying.

This is so many shades of problematic I don't know how to react objectively.

You're trying to find a single answer, a single reason the legion falls.
Thats not how people come to join civil wars.
One reason might be more important than another, but people have *many* SEPARATE reasons they commit treason/join a civil war.

Don't try and explain the entire thing with one single thing.
It's harder and less realistic/captivating for the audience.

Also how would someone who believes in god even come to the realisation that they tried to play god?
They are just following the religion, he didn't try to play god at all.

>An air bomber regiment using canvas-winged aircraft.
expand on the canvas winged aircraft part.
What are we talking here, gliders?

>> No.37238518

PO-2 and the like, WW1 type aircraft.

>> No.37238553

Oh yeah, are the Knights of Justice still a thing?

>> No.37239012

>PO-2 and the like, WW1 type aircraft.
That actually sounds awesome and has historical merit.

The Brits used a ww1 era biplane in ww2 to drop torpedo's at German ships, the Fairey Swordfish.
It was unusually effective because technology had basically bypassed it - they were basically so slow that AA flak shells exploded way ahead of them harmlessly as the AA guns shells were programmed to deal with faster moving planes and thus had to fire ahead of them to hit them.
Same with german fighters - they were too fast for the Swordfish, and so only had a second or 2 to fire at them before they over took and had to turn around for another pass.
And thats before the pilots did any tricks such as flying low etc.

The Swordfish was thus able to get past AA defences and enemy fighters and drop its torpedos. They crippled the *Bismarck*, and prevented it escaping France...

They did take a lot of casualties though when situations weren't in their favour, and their lack of speed meant they were vulnerable to enemy fighter squadrons.

And ww1 aircraft have a certain charm...

>Knights of Justice
Well, last we heard, Onyx had taken them on, much along the sort of lines you have in mind, but more ww2 inspired iirc.

But Onyx seems to be AWOL at the moment.
He was doing some really cool work with them too...

>> No.37239146

Actually I my inspiration were the Night Witches but why not both.

Unrelated note, I've got some timeline stuff written down. Not everything will be kept (the 5 Legions just sounded cool) but it's a start.

Legiones Astartes (Steel Marshals) Historia

Unification of Terra
Formation: The 26th Squad of Hektor's Sacred Band (The Original Legionnares)
Notable Battles: Burning of the Brasilia Hive, Battle of the Boliva Spire

The Conquest of Sol
Formation: The Tempest Knights (The Beginning of the Legion)
Notable Battles: The Sieges of Saturn

The Great Crusade - Before Roman (798.M30 to 831.M30)
Formation: The Tempest Knights (Roughly 100,000 Marines before Roman's discovery)
Notable Battles: The Siege of the Iron Ring, Purge of the Xathite Khanate, The Decimation of Falrak

The Great Crusade - Discovery of Roman (831.M30 to 005.M31)
Formation: The Steel Marshals (Roughly 180,000 Marines by the end of M30)
Notable Battles: Liberation of the Eral System, Destruction of the Dark Citadel, Battle of the Five Legions, Salvation of Reichmar IV, the Hathor Campaign

The Hektor Heresy (005.M31 to 014.M31)
Formation: The Steel Marshals (Conservative estimate of 150,000 Marines by the end of 014.M31)
Notable Battles: The Hathor Truce, the Lion's Corridor, the Liberation of Rosskar, the Forgotten Crusade, Liberation of Sol

The Scouring
Formation: The Steel Marshals (Roughly 100,000 Marines after the Crucible)
Notable Battles: The Great Chase, The Lion's Den, The Cruicible

>> No.37239456

>If you put it up onto the Wiki, not only is viewing edits/new content simpler, but i can help edit/reword stuff occasionally.

I don't like putting incomplete work up on display like that, especially when I re-write things as often as I do. I'd rather have at least the first draft complete before it goes on the Wiki.

There's a few things there I added to address your concerns, but there's also a few things I wanted to bring up as well.

>the Lions: liability or asset? bit
>this is silly. Hektor is the commander anointed by the gods themselves.
Horus was anointed by the Gods as well, but he couldn't reign in the Emperor's Children after they went full Slaanesh. He'd know that the way the Lions are going, they could well end up doing things counter to his own interests in the name of their patron god. So he's keeping them 'under his thumb' so to speak by having them operate directly alongside him for a short time.

>The rest of the lions bit is fine/good, but you should update it to factor in the fact the loyalists actually *have* forces in the sector, and an actual leadership/game plan.

I have absolutely zero ideas for this. I'm still stuck on working out who the Governor of the Sector is, and what the name of the Titan Legion from Chakaris is as well. The Loyalists are very much a blank slate at the moment.

>> No.37239466


That's damn impressive. You've actually got a list of notable campaigns. Most Legions are missing that. Kudos.

>> No.37239474

So why are you guys doing this? Seems like you'd be better creating a new setting from scratch probably.

>> No.37239948

just realized the KoJ aren't "in" the heresy yet
gonna have to write them in
how about;
>they defend more cut-off areas of the Imperium from chaos raiders during the intermittent period when they can't contact Terra. Not girlyman's second imperium, more like temporary martial law
>a few major bases encounter parts of the traitor legions
>when the traitors all go for Terra they take advantage of it and mobilize to prevent Hektor from having any chance of einning if he lost at Terra
so mostly behind-the-scenes stuff

>> No.37239981


The KoJ/Storm Bringers/Whatever their name is today are in the Heresy, long enough to lose their Primarch and have their Legion shattered into a thousand fragments on Isstvan.

The 113th Company ends up on Raugharr during the Elume Elish Campaign, where they are finally butchered by the Bloodbound.

>> No.37240039

Bohemond is kind of a jobber in comparison to the rest of the KoJ.
He takes his personal Terran-based Honour Guard to wherever he gets killed merely to inflate his ego, and vastly underestimates his abilities. The rest of the Base Commanders and HQs see this and go into "Oh Shit" mode, as they specialize in decentralized warfare (ie being everywhere at once and a command structure that allows each smaller unit to act independently if need be)
so they remain out of the Heresy mostly because they don't want to fight Hektor head-on like Bohemond

>> No.37240053

-also the SM get curb-stomped along with them

>> No.37240088

For fun.

>> No.37240096 [DELETED] 

Okay I have a question:

Are Oxen a thing in 40k, or is it just Grox?
Are should I just skip both and refer to an Auroch? (Giant prehistoric wild cows/bulls)

>> No.37240139

Okay ignore the now deleted question, I have a different question

Was Terminator armour around when the Great Crusade started?

Ie when the Emps set out from Terra, were Terminators or whatever similar armour exists, a thing?
Or did it come a bit later?

>> No.37240160

I think it was developed during the crusade.

Also, by the Omnissiah's will, my computer is whole once more!

So I should be about a bit more regularly now, since all thats keeping me away is work.

>> No.37240179

I will say that sources conflict on this one. Some say yes, but Horus Rising says they didn't have it till after Ullanar. Although they did have at least two different terminator armors by the time the heresy rolled around. And I don't just mean they were made by separate forges.

>> No.37240204


Nope, Terminator Armour came around about 50 years into the Great Crusade, give or take, during the campaign in the Galactic Core when there was a lot of close in battles in fortifications/hulks/cities/etc and Mk III wasn't cutting it.


Actually there was four. Cataphractii, Saturnine, Indomitus and Tartaros.

>> No.37240209

>I think it was developed during the crusade.

>Also, by the Omnissiah's will, my computer is whole once more!
>So I should be about a bit more regularly now, since all thats keeping me away is work.
Awesome to hear man!

The threads have been missing you.

>I will say that sources conflict on this one.
oh dear

>Some say yes, but Horus Rising says they didn't have it till after Ullanar.
Actually that's fine - it would mean what I'm writing would still be accurate either way.

>And I don't just mean they were made by separate forges.
This would be the Cataphractoi armour correct?
That was also made after leaving Sol correct?

Ok I have 2 good sources supporting what I believed.
Is Mastadon anon present to give me some final verification?

It relates to Hektor and the Heralds

>> No.37240235

To my knowledge, the first pattern of Terminator Armor was the Saturnite stuff. I think it was developed as soon as the Adeptus Mechanicus got their shit together on Mars. When that was, however, I have no idea.

>> No.37240242

>50 years into the Great Crusade, give or take

4 different armours to choose from too!

Were they all fielded in the same companies as they were all functionally the same, or did each armour type have a specific speciality it was designed for?


Basically - because Hektor is on Terra and sets out with Empy, he wouldn't have termies from the beginning.
THUS, his first company/chapter might not be the terminator wearing guys that most chapters have.
Although it does still need an explanation as to why the 1st chapter/company weren't just given it.
That explanation is thus: the veterans of the 1st Phalanx (chapter) methods do not work well with the slow Terminator armour.
So the termies are found in the 2nd Phalanx instead.

Also - the Heralds are huge, and versatile, they'll have veterans from all sorts of areas of war. They can't all fit into the 1st Phalanx...

>> No.37240270

Another question - the average primarch is what, 9-10ft, that about right?

I mean, how tall is Hektor?
How tall is Horus?

I know it was answered before that marines can vary in size, and that variance continues into the legions, with some legion marines being shorter-taller than their gene-brothers.

>> No.37240310


Cataphractii had slightly better protection then the other three patterns thanks to additional shield generators within the slab-like ceramite pauldrons, but other then that they were largely identical in protection.

It's long been set out that the Primarch's Heliotaroi guard deliberately model themselves on the Emperor's Custodian Guards, so when the Custodians received Terminator Armour, they'd also try to use it to match the Custodians.

As for the Chapters, each would probably have either Terminator Squads within the line companies, or else a Terminator reserve. Pre-Heresy organization is a lot more fluid then the post-Heresy Codex.

>> No.37240382

Reading up on FW, Cataphractii also had some of the best maneuverability. Tartaros had some of the worst.

Knew Tartaros and Cataphractii were officially canon. Wasn't sure about the other two/when they came about.

If I remember correctly, yes. SM's are about 7-8 ft, although some of them were up to Primarch height, Primarchs 9-10, Empy was about 12.

>> No.37240415

>Herald organisation
I am changing things a lot, not going to lie, but versatility is the catchword, so it will be along those lines mostly.

>Heliotaroi and the Homotimos
Are being changed/edited, maybe only a bit in the Helios case, but the Homos are in for a big change.
I'll probably keep the Heliotaroi name as its good and fits the termies, and I don't have an alternative besides the greek Hetairoi (companion) which is literally derived from the same word as whores...

Also, Hektor isn't going to have a specific bodyguard any more.
It'll make sense though, and be quite characterful, and also give the legion itself more chance to shine, rather than just one group.

Which i'm sure will be a popular move on my part.

Thanks for the info on the termies and phractoi armour though, was very helpful

>> No.37240431

Mural can you get on irc at all? Want to pick your brain about the Heralds philosophy based stuff we talked about a while back, won't take long.


Also - I posted it last time and I think people said don't just rip the name directly.



How to make his name different without losing the reference?

>> No.37241535

bump before bed.

>> No.37242250

Yeah I can see how it would appear that this is the only reason the legion rebels. I'll work on that.

In response to your points:

>Religion allowed by Emps
You yourself mentioned the Wordbearers as being given significant leeway to 'worship' the Emperor.

>Involves Emperor's death
Not immediately, definitely a conclusion they make much later in the crusade, specifically after Nikaea.

>Also how would someone who believes in god even come to the realisation that they tried to play god?
>They are just following the religion, he didn't try to play god at all.
Because you are not supposed to 'force' the cycle to happen. It happens on it's own. By attempting to force the change they contribute to making things worse.

>> No.37242475

>I'll work on that.
okay but so my point is really getting across:
Don't make each reason this detailed. It makes what should be a simple answer way to complex by introducing so many new things that have no reason to be there except because you wrote them there - they have no link to the actual settings internal mechanics/logic.

>Religion allowed by Emps
religion *isn't* allowed by Emps.
When i said the WB got leeway, i was referring to the fact they only really got censured, and that was only because it was the Emps they were worshipping.
You are proposing a religion that not only does Emps see and continue to allow, but its core concept is literally that Emps has to die.

The whole concept makes no sense man.

Emps might arrive on the world and find them engaged in religious practice.
BUT it would stop right then. And the Imperial Truth would take its place, and they'd be made to understand why.
The Word Bearers are similar - their world is religious, then they get the Truth, then they go back to being religious, then they get slapped down.

The problem here has many issues, but the one i'll address is that the Gorgers are not a religious legion in the way the WB were.
That was literally their only identity, the Gorgers have all this other shit going on too.

Teh Gorgers can have religion, to start with, before Emps shows up. But once he arrives its over.
And they'd have to understand/agree to it, or be culled for heresy.

Having their world stamped on a lot (but not entirely) is fine. That gives a small bit of justification for their betrayal.
That should be it, then you add in a bunch of other reasons.

Like i've said a few times, people never do things like treason for a single reason.
Its a whole bunch of ever increasing grievances.
Or greed.

>> No.37242502

sorry missed a bit

>Because you are not supposed to 'force' the cycle to happen.
See now you've had to go so deep into something that should be clear cut and simple.
Theres a saying about problems and ever increasing levels of effort you have to go to, and that being a bad thing.

but okay, they shouldn't have forced the cycle, but you originally claimed it was a time based renewal - meaning whether they force it or not, it has to be at a certain time.

ALSO, the bigger issue, is Emps would have discovered this, seen the issue of what they believe in and straightened it out with them.
Emps doesn't tolerate religion, he stamps it out.
So when he find the legion, religion is gone.
Willingly or not.

>> No.37244084
File: 790 KB, 500x234, IHaveMyTricks.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay still updating the Heralds page, taking longer than expected.

Otherwise - bump.

>> No.37247297
File: 184 KB, 900x1202, Saturnine Terminator.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Actually it's the opposite. Cataphractii was slower due to severe straining of the suit's exoskeleton because of the extras armour and shields it carried. Whereas Tartaros had advanced fibro-bundles to allow greater movement without sacrificing protection.

Also there was Saturnine, which we know nothing of save this picture.

>> No.37248063

Heya man.

Been doing some work. Called our scuffle the 'Lion's Corridor'

>> No.37248103

In all likelihood, that is an option, indeed.
However, the purpose of this project is not so much to create new things as fix old ones.
We're redeveloping the setting from the ground up instead of adding things on as we go, as GW have done.

We're taking an established setting and fixing the parts that don't make sense, the bits that conflict in canon. and the parts that are too Sue-ish.

In essence, we are developing the 40k universe as Tolkien developed Middle-Earth; as a setting that goes beyond the established canon and writing. Slices of a world unseen.

>> No.37248157

Alright, I was just going with what it said on the FW site.

To expand on what I said earlier, Merrill's bitter over the lack of recognition he would receive. He doesn't want praise or medals or anything like that. That stuff is given. But trophies, respect, gratitude and acknowledgement are earned.

>> No.37248194


And he thinks he earned it, but isn't receiving. At least from the people that matter (his brothers and Empy).

>> No.37248262

From what I've established in my head, Arelese/Arelonian culture focuses on acknowledging deeds.
Perhaps MuralI'd write Muriel, but then you'd also be Ariel might appreciate that?

>> No.37248410

I had the feeling that Rex and Merrill would have decent respect for each other for doing the shit that nobody really acknowledged. But also think they would probably hate each other's guts in any actual face-to-face meeting. Basically, respecting their abilities, deeds, and will, all the while having a complete clash of personality.

>> No.37248651

Sounds about right.
One leads from behind enemy lines, one leads from a comfy armchair.

>> No.37248877

At least from Merrill's perspective.
I can see Sebastian viewing Merrill as an arrogant, self-righteous ass that puts himself in a position of unnecessary risk and limited strategic oversight.

>> No.37249001

Glad to see we both understand our characters well.

>> No.37249300
File: 97 KB, 725x375, like-a-sir-084.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Indeed, good sir

>> No.37250263


Prior to their Primarchs discovery, just after the conquest of Sol and the bolstering of the Legion, the Tempest Knights were more or less informally organized into the ten "Demi-Chapters". Each Demi-Chapter was led by one of the members of the 26th Squad, the first led by Dietmar Hohn himself. Roughly operating as war bands, their numerous victories were darkened by the acts of barbarism by certain members of the former 26th Squad.

Unless otherwise organized by their Captains, the Tempest Knights were not specialized and in some cases could be called a horde of Astartes that would descend on their foes.

Upon their Primarchs discovery, Roman reorganized the Legion with great detail. Reformed into the Grand Orders, each of these consisted of ten Orders. Each Order then consisted of roughly two hundred Astartes and twice that many Aspirants. It was Roman who thought that the aspirants should be tested in the heat of battle, for that is where they would truly become an Astartes.

Each Order was then further split along battlefield duties, including line infantry, breacher squads, assault squads and heavy support squads.

>> No.37250285

The following example is a rough outline of a Steel Marshal Order.

304th Order of the Steel Marshals:
-Commander: Centurion Avard Kalos (Legion Champion), Hand of the Marshals, Breaker of Dark Citadel, Lord of the Rheldian Steppes (Accompanied by a Legion Command Squad)
-Terminator Squad ‘Knecht’ (Five Marines, Cataphractii Pattern Armor)
-Attached Apothecarion Detachment and Techmarine Covenant
-Contemptor Dreadnought Valahad (Interred during the Dark Citadel Campaign)
-One Veteran Tactical Squad (Ten Marines)
-Three Tactical Squads (Ten Marines each)
-Two Assault Squads (Ten Marines each)
-Four Siege Breaker Squads (Twenty Marines each)
-Two Tactical Support Squads (Five Marines each)
-Two Legion Outrider Squads (Five Marines each)
-Two Legion Heavy Support Squads (Five Marines each)
The 304th also possessed a number of transports and support vehicles depending on the mission type, terrain, and necessity.

>> No.37250432

In addition to the Orders, the Steel Marshals also had an extra-Legion organization known as the Couro Priori. Astartes who proved themselves not just capable combatants but excellent commanders and men of honor were inducted into the Couro Priori. There, they would attain a formal societal rank and, in exceptional cases, obtain land on conquered worlds.

>> No.37251371

So I've laid a lot of the groundwork for my Legion on my page
I'll slowly start filling this in. A few things
Mind if I involve the Horns of Ruin for the Salvation of Reichmar IV basically both Legions start from the same side of the planet and meet up on the other side of the planet, the Horns of Ruin killing dudes and breaking everything while the Marshals take prisoners. The final battle of Reichmar IV involves the mass retreat to the Marshal occupied territories by the planets populace/army because at least they'll accept surrender and not work them to death
For the Lions Rampart, do they leave their homeworld to the mercy of the Loyalists?

>> No.37251634

This looks like good work. I added some wiki links as a courtesy to other readers and gave it an infobox.

Interesting roadmap.

>> No.37252175

>Actually there was four. Cataphractii, Saturnine, Indomitus and Tartaros.
Are there pictures of these different terminator patterns anywhere?

>> No.37252253
File: 57 KB, 800x680, Cataphractii.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seems like Indomitus is the pattern they use in 40k

>> No.37252280
File: 56 KB, 800x686, saturnine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37252288

One point on this: at the start of the Heresy the IA probably has billions, possibly even as many as trillions, of men in arms. No generalisations can be made. Every one of the Primarchs count for "a lot" of the IA. And yet, there is a vast magnitude who really have no idea of the identity of any of the Legions, who sit tight not because they're on the fence but because they have no idea what's going on.

>> No.37252298
File: 63 KB, 800x680, tartaros.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37253933

Pretty sure both of these are Cataphractii, actually.

>> No.37253943

True. I'm just making assumptions based on how they were designed. From a commander's and soldier's perspective, these guys would have been great to work with, and a stand-up force by rumor and experience. was planning on doing a bit on how astartes kinda hated working with Merrill, just to show a polar opposite.

>> No.37254030

>Sitting on the fence
Sounds perfect.
"Come, all ye homeless and lost of the Imperium! The Arelese Empire accepts all who enter her borders seeking asylum from the senseless squabbling."

>> No.37254085

You're right, they're identical. I took a second look through google and couldn't find any saturnine.

>> No.37254165

Hardly anyone would hear about this, either. The Heresy is more a time of total confusion and anarchy than anything else.

>> No.37254181

Please tell me that variant isn't some 30k thing that isn't really around by 40k.

>> No.37254194

Nevermind, I just checked the discussion, seems it is.

Why does all the cool shit only seem to exist in 30k?

>> No.37254199

Saturnine is the oldest one.
Real odd lookin.
This guy did a whole writeup on making them.

You speak the truth.
Yet the Bulwark has garrisons across the galaxy.
They provide a safe haven in a time of chaos and strife.

>> No.37254244

>Why does all the cool shit only seem to exist in 30k?
Forge World are marketing to an older audience.

>> No.37254308

Wait a tic.
Wasn't Strategos a name Lumey used?

>> No.37254346



>> No.37254422

Wait, Lumey?

>> No.37254577
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>> No.37254757

Get back here.

>> No.37254790

That looks fucking godawful

>> No.37254881


>> No.37255712


Hang on, is this our Spiritual Liege? Has he finally returned unto us?

>> No.37255801


Holy shit he's making up for lost time on the Wiki.

I am so glad to see him around, even if he isn't posting here yet. So much has happened since he left that we need to inform him of. The Bloodbound, the new look Gorgers, multiple legion anon swaps, the Elume Elish campaign, Uriel keeping us going in Lumey's absence...

>> No.37256028

Reporting in.

What's happening on the things-that-aren't-space-marine front?

>> No.37256029

I too am keen on his take on the new Gorgers...mostly because I don't like them and want to have his super critical voice to tell me whether I should speak up louder or default to another man's vision.

>> No.37256870


>I liked it so much, I did my own.

The following example is a snapshot of a single Mechanized Company of the Mastodontii Legion which both took part in the Battle of the Five Legions.

154th Company (Kautauyarvik Uyarak: The Anvil of Rock) of the Mastodontii:

-Commander: Centurion Aglukkaq, Pijausuittuq (Hero) of the Aviacii Compliance (Note: Centurion Aglukkaq would later rise to the rank of Praetor before being killed in action on Rosskar)
-Commander’s Transport, Land Raider Proteus (Explorator Version) ‘ajjaaraaluk’ (Rough Translation: The joy of seeing a grand sight)

-Terminator Squad ‘Talugaq’ (Ten Cataphractii Terminators)
-Spartan Transport ‘Siksik’ (Native animal of Tisenjoch, medium sized rodent)

-Breacher Siege Squad ‘Talluak’ (15 Breachers)
-Spartan Transport ‘Ulirnaisigutiit’ (Rough Translation: Safe Transport)

-Contemptor Dreadnought Talon: Three Dreadnoughts, Brother Angilirq, Brother Qulitalik and Venerable Kumaglak

-Destroyer Squad ‘Isuinniq’ (Ten Destroyers)
-Land Raider Armoured Proteus ‘kanajuq’ (Sea Scorpion)

-One Veteran Tactical Squad ‘Atanarjuat’ (Ten Marines)
Land Raider Phobos ‘angmaak’ (Lighter, Fire-Starter)

-Six Tactical Squads (Ten Marines each)
-Land Raider Phobos patterns ‘tursukataaq’ (Iron Container), ‘iqigagiarjuk’ (A type of Tisenjoch Gull), ‘pijauttailijuq’ (Rough Translation: It keeps us safe form the embrace of the cold), ‘siaktut’ (Rough Translation: A gathering of sea-rats), ‘qisik’ (Sea-Tiger Skin), ‘angmartirut’ (Punch or hit)

-Two Tactical Support Squads (Eight Marines each)
-Land Raider Achilles patterns ‘ivujuq’ (Icebreaker) and ‘kikittuq’ (Rough Translation: Chipped Stone)

-Two Legion Heavy Support Squads (Ten Marines each)
-Land Raider Armoured Proteus Patterns ‘amirlak’ (Grazer native to Tisenjoch) and ‘pangniq’ (Bull Tisenjoch King Elk)

>> No.37257078


I'll admit that I'm of a similar mind when someone (hopefully) takes on the Mastodontii and remakes them, though I’d hope they at least keep the spirit of what I did before. I'm not so fussed though, if they changed radically so long as it was interesting I'd gladly support it, though the Mastodons do fill several voids in our Primarch List that should stay filled if possible. (The Bro, the good-hearted one, the humanist etc)

I only do work on them to fill in time between other projects like the Elish, the Rosskar Historians Version (Which you need to do a thorough edit of sometime) and whatever else anyone needs of me, as well as keeping them a presence in discussions ect. It'll be good when I can focus freely on my main-line stuff.

Though I really want Lumey's opinion on almost everything that has happened since he was gone. He is after all one of our final arbiters and along with Uriel the heart and soul of this.

>> No.37257163
File: 405 KB, 1644x1738, rough draft.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My significantly lazier version of a company layout

>> No.37257188

Dang, y'all wen't into a lot of good detail. I might have to do one of these soon.

Yeah, I would like to hear Lumey's opinion on my TK stuff.

>> No.37257965
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holy shit its good to have you back man.


its seriously fucking early here. Going to continue with the Heralds today.
If I can get them more or less fleshed out and edited, I'll either take a break, or get to work on the Kids/Uriel

>> No.37258017
File: 13 KB, 94x597, falcata.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gonna go ahead and bump the thread to make sure it lives. Lumey, I hear you are a harsh critic, but I still want to hear what you have to say about the changes I have made to the Thunder Kings. There will most certainly be more. Also, an Irish folk song, since I am putting a lot of Gaelic influence in the Kings.


Hey Ventris, I remember from when I first started posting as MaybeBrennus that you thought Brennus should wield a falx. Well, how about a falcata? According to my research Wikipedia it was a Celtic weapon, and it has a curve like the falx does. I'll be up for at least another half hour, so if you have a response post it! Or get on IRC, I will gladly get back on.

>> No.37258613
File: 42 KB, 700x466, 1412037114443.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The Bloodbound,
Clearly a lot of writing has been done, but the research was neither thorough nor sensitive to the source material.

> the new look Gorgers,
I checked the page, it's still as I remember it.

>the Elume Elish campaign

>I still want to hear what you have to say about the changes I have made to the Thunder Kings. There will most certainly be more. Also, an Irish folk song, since I am putting a lot of Gaelic influence in the Kings.
I think ramming more Gaelic into the Thunder Kings creates an unbalanced and weaker theme. The Celts were a much bigger, more diverse, and more interesting people on the continent. I did some brief research between Brennus's and found the material very interesting. Use Ireland for one or perhaps two of the tribes, otherwise you're wasting potential.

>get to work on the Kids/Uriel
The enduring lack of a history for the Children of Armok is a stumbling block for the entire project. They're the instigators and we still have only a sketch of what why when how. That Uriel's section for "The Heresy" still has no text in it makes my head spin!

>> No.37258678
File: 336 KB, 1600x1019, Elume Elish Sector.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You'll find the bulk of the new stuff hasn't been written down outside of my meticulous notes (I've taken up the task of keeper of the fluff, so to speak. It's a better role for me then anything else).

Essentially there's a new Anon from Bolter and Chainsword, Lord Captain Kitten who is making the Gorgers into a more Aztec themed legion, though it is early days for them. Indeed, you've come at the right time to try and set their new direction out.

>The Bloodbound

They need work, but the concept is a good one and they are certainly a far better traitor Legion then the Iron Assemble ever could have been.

>the Elume Elish campaign

It's my big project at the moment. Basically a massive campaign in the last fortified sector before Terra to demonstrate the battle tactics and campaign strategies of the big players and give them a chance to shine. It's very early days, and constantly being re-written as new ideas and suggestions flow in. Here's the current draft. And the map. I'd be very happy if you'd chime in as well, I need it.


In addition there was major arguments on the origins of the Imperial Church and how different it would be from canon (I argued it would be very different from the mainline 40k Ecclesiarchy, while Golgothos believes it would be exactly the same despite the vastly changed origins and rise) and general stuff as well.

I'm incredibly happy to see you back. Things have faffed about for a while, though Uriel has done a wonderful job of keeping this project on course. But with you back, maybe things will really start moving once again.

>> No.37258704
File: 995 KB, 500x270, tumblr_m6w9ltm0ur1rthy6ko1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The enduring lack of a history for the Children of Armok is a stumbling block for the entire project.
A slight exageration, and certainly not as big a stumbling block as having little to nothing on Hektor and the Heralds.
They take priority.

Suffice to say the Kids history section is a part of what i plan to get done next.
I know what I need to get done, although being chased up on it occasionally is welcome.

For your own part, there is very little about the Void Angels being a terror tactics legion.
They seem brutally effective, violent even, but not a lot about the terror tactics.
Lots of other legions are brutal and violent, I mean marines are in general no?

And while your history section is laid out very well, having the organisation and doctrine in the same style is problematic.
It's pretty well written, but a show don't tell policy for those sections is much clearer for the audience, who do need what the legion is about spelled out for them.

Maybe moving what you have to the history section is a good compromise as it preserves what you have written already, which would be a shame to waste.

>> No.37258756

>Aztec Gorgers
Right. I'm not crazy about the idea on the face of it, but it might come together.

Polynesian marines is fine, but the execution is "South Sea Savages" and I'm not comfortable with that.

>Elume Elish
OK, I'm not going to read that all now. From the first few paragraphs, it seems like a good idea. Especially so because you're giving Kleisthenes more spotlight.

I remember the general shape of that argument. It'll keep.

>I know what I need to get done
I'm not holding my breath. That you went into your usual defensive mode here is a bad sign. Still for the benefit of the others...

>there is very little about the Void Angels being a terror tactics legion.
That's true. The main reason for that is that "terror tactics" was a holdover from earlier drafts, pre Spiritual Liege. If the Void Angels are the template, they need to be more generic.

I don't think these should be split. Organisation reflects doctrine.

>> No.37258815


Aubrey's taken over the Scions and is making them Byzantine.

The Knights of Justice have been re-named the Storm Bringers, then turned back to Knights of Justice. Currently either Onyx or some other Anon has them, it's really confusing.

Also there's talk of dumping the Eyes because of their poor story and background. Which is true, a weak Primarch who gets pushed around just doesn't fit very well.

The Drawfag's done all the Primarchs now, and is doing a few Daemon Primarchs. Merill was the first, and he was pretty impressive.

>OK, I'm not going to read that all now. From the first few paragraphs, it seems like a good idea. Especially so because you're giving Kleisthenes more spotlight.

My thoughts exactly. Which is why I have the Bloodbound and Lions in there as well, those Legions with no great campaigns under their belts at the moment and no great events in the Heresy. So many legions need great battles and events in the Heresy.

>> No.37258856

>That you went into your usual defensive mode
It wasn't defensive, although you can interpret it that way if you rather.
But lets not start as soon as your back.
I know I have things to work on. I was merely pre-empting your comments.

Between work, keeping the threads going, and various other things, I haven't had as much time to write.
But I haven't stopped.
Now the threads are less quiet, and now you are back, I can focus a bit more on writing.

My point was that a fair point is fair: the Kids history section is indeed blank.
To which I said I would work on it.

you misunderstand me - I meant that the style of show don't tell that you have with your history section is more or less the same as your organisation/doctrine.

I was saying that the organisation/doctrine section should be more in line with the informative style of writing on other legion pages, not the history style writing it is.

Less for keeping in line with the other pages, although that is a factor, but more because the readers need a section that states in plain language what the organisation and doctrine are.

>Knights of Justice
>Onyx or some other Anon
Its Onyx who has them

>Dumping of the Eyes
the anon who was taking over I haven't seen in a little while now.
Azard or something

At any rate, it wasn't official until the anon had a proper concept and stuff to replace them with.

>The Drawfag's done all the Primarchs now
I think he missed someone, Octullus actually, but then again he also did Thoren Grim and Rook, who both got cut.
Last we saw of him he did a quick sketch of Daemon Prince Merrill, and said he'd be doing other corrupted primarchs, but haven't seen him since.
But he does do that, pop in and out when we least expect it...

>> No.37258874

>Aubrey's taken over the Scions and is making them Byzantine.
So many levels of why.

Feels bad.

>dumping the Eyes
Rook North syndrome, eh? If that does happen, I'll give him the full treatment and to adopt Octullus as some kind of crypto-Void Angel.

Saw those, agree.

>the organisation/doctrine section should be more in line with the informative style of writing on other legion pages, not the history style writing it is.
I think the other pages go the wrong way. If you look at the FW material, they don't present the Legions as a stamped piece of metal that endures through time, but an organism that develops. Although I don't want to crib their precise style, I think the orientation is correct.

>> No.37258999

>So many levels of why.
Because their original concept as greek predates the Heralds, who became greek.

Byzantine keeps them greek but makes them reflect European culture much more.

>Onyx with the KoJ
He's doing really good work with them, I don't know if its up on the wiki yet though.

>adopt Octullus as some kind of crypto-Void Angel.
As in make him a Void Angel marine?
Sounds fine to me

Well I agree with the developing over time part, but having it
a) be distinctly different from every other legion page
and b) having it laid out like the history section
makes it harder for the reader to actually ascertain what it is.

Each page is a lot of words for a reader to decide to read only to finally realise they have no interest in it or vice versa choose not to read because its such a big block of text, only to miss out on something they would have enjoyed.

And while the 40k wiki/forgeworld books do indeed show the development over time, they limit to pre-heresy and post-heresy (for organisation, doctrine is just current doctrine), and stay reasonably informative in tone.

Also the 40k wiki, and presumably therefore the forgeworld books which they parrot verbatim, separate organisation and doctrine.

Anyway, i'm going to get some long overdue breakfast and continue with the Heralds.

Welcome back

>> No.37259003

>Elume Elish
OK, reading a bit more deeply - I mostly like it. The strategic conception is blurred. You start off talking about the sector as being like an island chain in the Pacific War - a potential threat to supply lines. This is probably the right way to go, and I think you should stick to that against this kind of "Maginot Line" talk:

>Plans for a layered set of defences had been laid out long before, with the sector formed into several zones, with each acting as a shield that the Warmaster would have to pierce before he could assault the next one.

You should probably talk about "mutually supporting bases" or something like that, rather than shields. (Another conceptual aid might be the description of a medieval castle as a firebase with an effective range of a day's march. The fleet bases of the Elume Elish sector function similarly.)

>> No.37259025


I was trying to describe how the Japanese viewed their Empire's defense in WWII, as a series of defensive 'shields', each of which would have to be pierced to reach the next, so that the Americans would be bled white before they reached the Home Islands. Of course that didn't work, but that was my intention.

>> No.37259044
File: 25 KB, 640x458, 1676sga-81hgeg613.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, I see now. That will teach me to learn the lessons of history.

>> No.37259068


You actually got it more right then I did, you saw my analogy and saw how I totally missed it. Any idea how to actually get across the analogy of the Japanese defense of the pacific?

>> No.37259123
File: 1.14 MB, 320x480, ga87962_c8pz3be9.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think the initial problem is working out how these worlds pose a threat to the Traitors. There's no real equivalent of aircraft in space (just differing sizes of spacecraft), so they're operating as fleet bases. Perhaps discuss the use of commerce raiders (and conversion of merchantmen into the same) as part of the preparation for the defence? Then the issue for Hektor is neutralizing or capturing the fleet bases, which are protected by planetary batteries - hence landings in order to avoid a duel between warships and fixed guns.

(Not sure about this, just spitballing.)

>> No.37259150


The Forgeworld there, Chakaris, is the largest Shipyard in the Segmentum outside of Jupiter and Mars. So certainly that would be a priority target. Also given the way warp routes work, the delay in going around and bypassing the Sector could lead to major delays which given that they know the Steel Marshalls are on their way, could prove costly.

Plus killing a few planeatry populations in the name of the Dark Gods to get extra power/daemons/blessings/whatever wouldn't go amiss.

(Please keep on going, it's all gold here)

>> No.37259265
File: 20 KB, 470x376, 675627787.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OK, that sounds like a reasonable starting point. A few other things:
>Massed lasguns (31)
Maybe? I think the default weapon is still the autogun. Just want to be sure you're making a deliberate statement here.

Some more proper nouns - cities, officers, etc. - would help in adding colourful last stands/breaches/whatever. I think you recognise that with your use of the Lions Rampant. Easiest way to get more names for things is just to ask the thread.

No problem with the basic scenario, but I would expect the Loyalists to be more concerned about the fate of their heavy equipment than their soldiers.

>> No.37259293

Lumey-sempai, please critizice the Entombed and Golgothos ruthlessly, I could use help rooting me out of my rutt. The page isn't currently up to date, ideas regarding the Emperor decimating them for worshipping him have been scrapped, and ideas about a nurgle-worshipping schism during the heresy haven't been added, nor has the Entombed's involvement in the council of Nikaea.

Also input on the Ecclesiarchy would be good. I want the Entombed to be intimately involved in its creation, but I think it's important to satisfy both my desire to keep 40k vaguely similar to canon, as well as other people's desire to have changes come to natural conclusions.

>> No.37259308
File: 1.59 MB, 2618x3533, Page83.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Lasguns were the standard. See this page from FW's newest.

I don't have much for the Imperial Army forces present at the moment, though hopefully with input from everyone here that will change. With your permission, I want to have a regiment of Ciban Chasseurs present on Noah for the final battle alongside some Markian troops, a regiment of Rosskan Strelky and a couple of Solar Auxilia Cohorts.

>> No.37259365

The Ecclesiarchy stuff is the most controversial. Most of what's on your pages is fine and I only have comments on continuity.

>[Lumey] knew Golgothos well, and knew that absolutely nothing could turn the Fervent Primarch from the Emperor. Thus, it was Sepulchra that the Void Angels came to first, and the siege was lifted.

Sure. Leave that on your page, but I'm going to contradict it in the Vth Legion stuff.

>Coalition of Sepulchra,
Interesting. Leman Russ tried to do something similar in the OTL.

>close friend Gaspard Lumey
Is this meant to be a mutual friendship? Not saying that Lumey would hate Golgothos, but they're extremely different people.

>> No.37259413

>a regiment of Ciban Chasseurs
I'd rather leave it to the IA of the Segmentum Solar. Starguard should show up and don't forget that the (huge) Aeroguard and (equally huge) Carlisians are based in Solar.

>> No.37259434

>Sure. Leave that on your page, but I'm going to contradict it in the Vth Legion stuff.
The idea is that Lumey knows Golgothos is a batshit crazy borderline heretic, but he's a fanatically loyal batshit crazy borderline heretic.

However, hat part is being cut along with the Siege of Sepulchra. The idea arose from Sepulchra being along the path the VAs take when returning to Terra, but the more I learned about Lumey the less reasonable it seemed. I now have a better, more interesting idea than "the Entombed sit around for 13 years instead of being involved in the heresy."

>Is this meant to be a mutual friendship? Not saying that Lumey would hate Golgothos, but they're extremely different people.

The idea was that their blatant, extreme differences are eroded and/or ignored after spending so long fighting alongside each other during the scouring. Again, I'm considering scrapping the idea.

I think the Golgothos/Lumey relationship is going to be vital to figuring out the Ecclesiarchy, with both pushing quite hard in opposite directions. What that relationship is like, how it develops/ends, are all going to have a long-lasting impact on the Imperial Truth and the ecclesiarchy.

Also of note, but not on the page, I had it in mind that the coalition of Sepulchra and the independence of the Cardinals partly inspires Lumey's idea to split the legions into chapters. I think I might be shoehorning the Entombed as the origin of too many things, though.

>> No.37259472

Right. FWIW, I'd been thinking that Lumey would threaten to destroy the Entombed if they didn't come out and bleed in the Great Scouring. Perhaps this is one of those situations where both sides tell the story they like?

>> No.37259526
File: 106 KB, 800x600, 133303_md-28mm, Based, Chaos, Chaos Space Marines, Conversion, Death Guard, Dreadnought.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, the new model is that the elements of the Entombed left to defend Sepulcra during the assault on Ostium are brought to chaos by Cardinal Obitus. Obitus uses Nurgle sorcery to raise all the dead Entombed in the catacomb as plague zombies, and raises hell.

When Golgothos returns from Ostium, already pissed and hating Nurgle, he finds Nurglites infesting his domain. He gets right pissed, outmaneuvers Obitus because he knows the caverns and the catacombs like the back of his hand, and takes back his fortress monastery. Then he has every single traitor marine crucified and cast in gold, and uses them to decorate his ship, which he names Nurgle's Grave. Then he mobilizes his forces to fight Hektor.

The timing of this isn't really well thought out. I don't really know the timing of the war very well, so I don't know if things will line up right for them to arrive at Terra, or be too late like the Void Angels, or what. Presumably the former.

>> No.37259618


Ah. Well I don't know most of the Regiments of Sol outside of the Solar Auxilia, and for that matter have never specified what regiments are in the Elish because of that.

Most of the Campaign is pretty much a general vague idea at the moment, and I can always do with some help in that regard from everyone here.

>> No.37260139
File: 5.25 MB, 5088x3516, tgHeresy Map.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The latest version of my slowly developing galactic map including all the new Legion Homeworlds (And several other worlds of note).

>> No.37260216

Nice work man
Do you know what legion homeworlds you are missing?

I see the world of the:
Scribes - well the atalantos worlds anyway
Stone Men
Sons of Fire
Zealots (Lazarus right?)
possibly Olmer too, but looks a bit like Olmec

I also spot
Paramar (not sure if on the original map)

Also far left, below Ciban. "Finding of the Lost Son" whats that?

>> No.37260251


I am missing

Hydegate (Storm Bringers/Knights of Justice)
Sommesgard (Lions Rampant)
Sturmundrang (Crusaders)
Rai (Life Bringers)
Thorond-ul (Gorgers, might be subject to change though)
Simurgh (Sand Keepers)
Tekikinga (Bloodbound)
Solnhofen (Scale Bearers)
Arelon (Bulwark, though I believe they're south of Grai and west of Prifi Tiroedd)
Satares (Horns of Ruin)

>Also far left, below Ciban. "Finding of the Lost Son" whats that?

It's deliberately left vague. Options are that a Lost Primarch came from there, or Alpharius came from there (In canon).

>> No.37260272
File: 598 KB, 500x213, 1376435328_Tyler-Durden-Fight-Club-I-Want-You-to-Hit-Me-as-Hard-As-You-Can.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For a second there, I thought someone had been posting as me.

Alright, looking for thoughts on what I've done.
>pic related

>> No.37260418

Damn you spotted it just before I could finish morphing the name fully into Merrill...


I'm having trouble working out how oral traditions would have started in the Heralds.

So i've left how it started unknown, but I don't know where to go with it now.
Its incredibly frustrating as I don't want to leave it unfinished.

Anyone have any ideas for inspiration?

>> No.37260434

Absofuckinglutely. I'll be on a real comp, and irc, in about 10-15.

>> No.37261189
File: 33 KB, 201x281, gorger assault marine1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Greetings Strategos.

I am currently researching the cultural background of the Aztecs. Thus far the only definite progress has been the color of the legion.

Also: the primarchs name is Mictlantecuhtli which is the Lord of Death in Aztec mythology.

>> No.37261937

Also they were based on the Roman Empire as well as Greek themes.

Obviously with the Heralds, that can't fly.
Plus they were getting abit too Ultramarine in flavour for my tastes.
The Smurfberries taste like smurfberries.

So I based them for the EASTERN Roman Empire instead, going for a Byzantine theme with some Varangian and Wallachian styled companies thrown in.

Their shtick is that they are more culturally diverse and willing to accept those cultures.

A sort of Dark Angels/Ultramarines mix with themes of Space Wolf [With no Wolf], Blood Angel and Night Lord thrown in.
Makes a lot more sense when you break them down though.

>> No.37261959

I see what you mean. That's one reason I'm giving Brennus a falcata, it is Celtic without being Gaelic. But i will definitely make the effort to work in more continental Celt themes.

>> No.37263359


>> No.37263493

Good afternoon, listeners in the Warp.
This is your daily news cast from the studios at-

Nah, screw that noise.
This is DJ TZ, bringin' y'all the beats yah need on a slow day like today.

Seems to me like the big man on campus is back; here's a little ditty to welcome him back.

Keep it here, same as yesterday, the day before, and the day after that; at Jet Tzet Radio!


>> No.37265348

Don't die on me yet, there's still work to be done.

>> No.37265827
File: 523 KB, 500x245, bedtime.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Right going to bed
I won't be around tomorrow

Can y'all think about the personalities of your primarchs?

We have to get battles for the middle of the heresy, and primarch interactions seems like a good place to find fuel and extra fluff for events, as well as get to understand eachothers primarchs.
In the process you develop your primarch and your legion.
Which helps, and might start some new ideas.

And Lumey you need to do this shit too. You may not want to play My Little Primarch, but your primarch is isolated so far, and his personality is non-existant in the fluff. Which is a shame as he could be quite an interesting character to read

So when I come back late saturday/sunday, can y'all have answered these please:
(discuss among yourselves if you need to)

>1) What sort of person are you, and what do you see as your skill set? (If they believe they are something they are not, please make it clear in spoilers)

>2a) What's the biggest setback you faced during your youth?
>2b) How did you react to this setback, and how did you overcome it?

>3)What are your pastimes/hobbies?

>4)What do you consider your greatest success?

>6)What do you consider your greatest failure?

>7)What is your first reaction to being insulted by another?

>8)What is your first reaction to being blamed for something you didn't do?

>9)Is there anything you absolutely refuse to do under any circumstances? Why do you refuse to do it?

>10)In general, how do you treat others? Does your treatment change depending on how well you know them, and if so, how?

>11)Who do you respect the most, and why?

>12)How do you hope people view you? How do you think they view you?

>13a)Who do you dislike the most, and why?
b)What about despise?

>14)What 3 words best describe your personality?

>15a)What 3 words would *others*, who know you well, use to describe you?
b)What about those who don't know you well?

>16)What is your greatest strength?

>17) What is your greatest weakness?

>> No.37266394

>Chaotic Stupid
I understand what you mean, but the Chaos Powers have such different interests that our views of efficacy don't really apply.

>Squads "trained and led by"
Same guy forever, from the founding of the Legion until 40k?

>Celdwad squads are more compartmentalised
I don't know what you mean by this.

>Sacred bands
As far as I know, there was one sacred band, led by Hektor. It was made up of many squads, one from each gene-line that would become a Legion. You're talking about the Iron Rangers as if they pre-date the Sacred Band and already have a command structure when Hektor shows up. (Perhaps they do, but if so you need to explain it!)

>Notable campaigns
Should be part of the Legion history

>Year M.XX.XX.XX
There's no need for this, use the timeline page (or failing that, the Void Angels history) to work out an appropriate year.

It would be quite a thing for a planet to become a Hive World before problems with the local wildlife became apparent.

>Under Lumey's watch the books get banned
Not really. "On Humanity" is within the boundaries of the Imperial Truth. "On Society" sounds almost like an official straw man - if Merril hadn't written it, someone would have had to make it up.

The Ecclesiarchy would not be so open-minded, of course.

This is busywork. I'm not doing it, and I recommend that others don't waste their time with it either. Most of the contributors have a clear notion of their characters (and shockingly, that often includes non-Primarchs!). As a positive proposal for what to do instead:

>Look at the pages you're responsible for.
>Add a paragraph to a section that is under-developed.

>> No.37266492


The only Legion that should have a command structure of any sort pre-Sacred Band would be the First Legion, because they are the first and pre-date all the others.

Have you seen the new fluff for the pre-Primarch First Legion?

>> No.37266659

>Astartes Prima
I'm OK with it.

>> No.37266740

Hello gents. Quick question, what kind of curses/defects are present in these marines? How severe do they get, if at all?

>> No.37266796

Out of the loop on most of them. I know that the Scions of Europa geneseed is incompatible with the psyker gene and that the Silver Cataphracts are the Imperial Fist style "our geneseed is pretty messed up but IT STILL DOES THE JOB" guys.

>> No.37266888


It's the same designation as the First Legion in Canon had before they became 'The First', and then the 'Dark Angels'.

And I do like the idea of 'Suddenly, Legion' from out of nowhere, saving Hektor and the Sacred Bands.

>> No.37266908

I am a world breaker and destroyer come to claim the right of conquest for my father and bring about the greatest age of enlightenment the galaxy has ever known.

Loneliness and isolationism
I became what my people loved

Sports, hunting, sculpting

Training my sons to be a legion worthy of my name.

>6) (where is 5?)
Tollund's ascendancy

laughter and an insult in return


Kill my brothers. Familial loyalty is what makes the man, without his family he is nothing.

Well. The honor of my people is shown by my actions, and only the strong can afford hospitality. Though only my brothers and sons know my love.

Tollund for his empathy in the face of misery. He is one of few who maintained his humanity despite his circumstances.

I wish to set the example of effective government, where those who prove themselves useful will find positions of power to better rule and manage this sprawling Empire. Only the brave and competent may truly command a cowards and sneaks bear no respect. How can a people truly be led when their leaders are less than animals?

13)a) Conformity. I breaks identity and propagates weakness
b) I despise cowardice

14)Passionate, enthusiastic, Proud

15)a) Protective, decisive, polarising
b) Rash, gluttonous, contemptuous

16) My loyalty

17) My lust

>> No.37266931

It's me.

>> No.37267010
File: 380 KB, 635x530, Deredeo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now how many of the Legions would have a few of these?

>> No.37267022

I agree with this latter statement.

The Sons of Fire suffer mild pyromania that can get progressively worse if you give into it.

The Silver Cataphracts, either due to their own fault or a fault in their genes, are missing quite a few of their special organs.

>> No.37267131


Both the Entombed and Stone Men have major gene-seed defects. The Stone Men are larger then normal Astartes but take far longer to create, while the Entombed's Gene-Seed is borderline doomed and they can only very slowly grow their numbers.

>> No.37267261

I had no idea these existed. I want one. Now.

No, not for my legion.

>> No.37267327

Added a quick sketch for one of the Tenth Legion's associated IA outfits:

(These guys exist so that you can have Alpini with your PanzerArmee, but half of them are free IA regiments suitable to show up doing whatever.)

>> No.37267563

Oops, missed that reply. I think the general framework is pretty good. The KoJ are the most suddenly Legion of them all, might as well start out that way.

Going back to Elume Elish, please add the Ardito Highwatch to the campaign where appropriate. I'd expect them to deploy in divisional strength, considering how close their homeworld is to the action and their suitability for a campaign that might involve supply difficulties.

Here's some officer names (Colonello would be the default rank for a regimental commander, Generale di Divisione for a divisional commander):
Tacito Nisi
Duško Murgia
Lamberto Orlando
Ervin Allegro
Dražen Nazario

Their regiments follow the easy numbered scheme, e.g. "67th Ardito Highwatch", while corps would be ad-hoc formations in the IA.

>> No.37267594

Zorg here to inform you that I live. Can't talk well, my PC is dead and I'm typing slowly from my ps4. I can still see your conversations from my laptop through archives and use 1d4chan, but I can only use this for 4chan proper, which is too clunky. I'm still interested in this, but I'll only contribute if people are fine talking to me through other means. Will you have me regardless ?

>> No.37267742

>Chaotic stupid
Are you calling Merrill CS? or what? Please explain.

>trained and led by
At the time of Heresy/during the great crusade/if they fall, maybe.

needs to be clarified. Designed to be used with different goals for different teams/members to carry out, even within a small organization.

For an example, look at the updated Blood in the Void (can't remember what I renamed it to). It goes into detail explaining how that works in the scene on the bridge of the SB ship.

>Sacred Band
Shit, everyone seemed fine with it. I had just showed up from my hiatus. Will edit.
>Dammit, the idea was awesome, now I have to go and redo

Can't figure out how years/dates work. Figured leaving it as such someone would see it and plug something in.

>Was written in my hiatus.
Could have been a planet that did have the issues, but managed to battle them. The settlement was abandoned due to lack of cost-efficiency.

>banning books
I figured the first one would be well within his taste, but the connection both to a fallen Primarch and the second book would taint his view of it.

It's not a matter of the material within, it's a matter that someone with a particular interest and inquisitive mind might decide to look deeper into the history of said publication, or find an original printing, etc., therefore looking more into the Heresy, Merrill, and the second book.

Yeah, pretty much. But I figured I'd need a connection as to what the cult itself is and does more than "they use cultists to do X." I.E., this is how they form and why they do what they do.

>> No.37267818


Can you use the IRC?

>> No.37267865

Sorry to hear about the PC, but I'm glad you're still around. We seemed to be OK working together on the wiki - just hit my talk page if there are things you want eyes on.

>Are you calling Merrill CS? or what? Please explain.
Take a look at the post-Heresy tactics.

>> No.37267910


Well, the hint is in the word 'Chaotic'. Chaos is stupid, otherwise it wouldn't be chaos. They don't fight for land, wealth or money, but to feed their sadistic deities.

>> No.37267922

>Banning books
Lumey is a liberal, so he'd view the publishing of false ideas as a grand opportunity to disprove them. Heck, he might commission new editions of Merrill's works - and write forewords for them.

>> No.37267980


There'd be a few books he'd definitely ban, like the ones used to summon daemons or that contain soul-destroying material within them.

>> No.37268032

No, unfortunately, but I did discover the trackpad over the course of typing this, so I might make it work on here.
Copy. While I'm here, I'd like to give my idea for a legion, because I found my ego.

>> No.37268060

I completely disagree.

He's not running about, causing chaos because "fuck it, I'm chaotic, bitches!" He is still methodical and a fucking bastard.He has reason behind his actions. Yes, his end objective is a destruction of order within a world, but CS implies someone running amok and killing everything in sight "because chaos."

Alright, thought we were completely covering up the fallen primarchs, as in the OU.

Do want to say, thanks for your insight.

>> No.37268148
File: 93 KB, 640x400, 4869wug489678gwna.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I suspect that those would be banned already.

>I'd like to give my idea for a legion, because I found my ego.
Go for it.

>I completely disagree.
You completely disagree that the post-Heresy tactics section uses the term "Chaotic Stupid"?

>thought we were completely covering up the fallen primarchs
They'll end up completely covered up, but not during Lumey's tenure. His version of what happened would be better-termed "The Treachery of Hektor" than "The Hektor Heresy", as Lumey refuses to consider the Chaos Powers as spiritual entities. They're just another brand of xenos in his book.

>> No.37268154

So I take it by lack of reply to

It's all good then?

>> No.37268219

>uses the term Chaotic Stupid
Well, fuck. That wasn't me. Or I don't remember writing that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

>> No.37268269

Disregard. Totally remember writing that now. waaaaaaaaaaaaay back. Needs to be overhauled.

>> No.37268337

I've mentioned them twice before, but now I have a more substantial concept.
Hekatonkires, led by Samson the Matador, loyalists. They're Greek, but they take cues from mythologh rather than ancient Greek culture, Except their primarch. Big on big things like tanks.

>> No.37268376


We have both Macedonians with the Heralds, and Byzantine Greeks with the Scions (apparently).

Do we need more Greeks?

>> No.37268402

Respectfully, I just don't expect you to do the work. It's not as though there's been a huge amount of development on the Zealots in my absence.

The ideas you're proposing aren't bad per se, but then the Scions aren't presented with a hard Greco-Roman theme at the moment. Rather than endlessly revising, just take some things you like from the Romanoi and drop them in.

(It's not like the Void Angels are strictly based on Revolutionary France, after all.)

Is this to replace the Eyes?

>> No.37268498

There is already a replacement for the Eyes.

Aubury came up with his idea not even a week ago. But he already has color schemes and organization being made.

>> No.37268585

Aside from fluff, there's not a lot I can do with the Zealots and I have kind of become tired of them.
Don't get me wrong, I love them and everything it's just I'd like to focus my attentions on something else instead of dragging my feet with them.

Scions seem like they needed a proper kick up the arse and a shift away from becoming Ultras.

I have a lot of concepts I'd love to throw out and it's still in the development stage, Alexandri was throwing suggestions at me.

If I was going to pick something strictly from the Romanoi, it would be the Varangians, but that ends up with Space Wolves without wolves [arguably better, but still space vikings in different colours.]
Or, not completely from the Romanoi but still close to them would be the Wallachian, going for a Vlad vibe.
Cross Night Lords and Ravenwing and you'll get the shtick.

If you like I could dump everything I have at the moment on you?

>> No.37268613

Not strictly so.
If there is a position open then I'll take it, but as Kitten says:

>> No.37268647
File: 1.99 MB, 254x265, 267578257465467891.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>There is already a replacement for the Eyes.
Do they have a name?

>Aubrey doing work
I believe that he'll make images. That's a thing that happens. But take a look at the EZ page. Look at all those empty headings. Look at the history page http://1d4chan.org/index.php?title=Eternal_Zealots&action=history.

>Aside from fluff, there's not a lot I can do with the Zealots
This whole thing is fluff!

>> No.37268704

They're called The Wardens.

This is not a joke. I've been trying to save the Eyes but people seem to dislike them.

>> No.37268753
File: 67 KB, 500x500, 386-m674kvdtGG1qbrnifwd431o1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The Wardens
>This is not a joke

>> No.37268754

Wardens. Though that name will likely change.

>> No.37268772

By which I mean stories!

I just can't find it in me to think of battles. epic tales and such things.
Images, concepts and culture, that is fine.

>Empty Headings.
Negligence, as said I don't want to just drag my feet with them and get nothing done.

I just don't have it in me to continue with the Zealots and these Scions speak to me.

And other than that, I am busy with college and work and such things.

I just want something new I can focus on, then come back the Zealots when I am ready to handle that beast again.

>> No.37268804
File: 55 KB, 608x960, 17df6fbb6ce911b3ccd477e98762640a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OK, I guess it's not a joke.

Who's proposing them? What are they about? Is there a design proposal anywhere that I can read?

Seriously, if you're saying that you're pretty much done with the Zealots, I'd like to hear who's finishing them. If that's nobody, then we should seriously consider cutting them.

>> No.37268820

What's wrong with the name?

>> No.37268828

Well I'll get the anon

I can guess. But overall I have no problem with it.

>> No.37268898

Now why are you saying such a thing?

The Zealots are integral to everything thus far, and you yourself have said constant revision will finish nothing.

>> No.37268946

I'm sorry for starting a shitstorm anew.

>> No.37268982
File: 1.46 MB, 2515x2225, Mapdc3025.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am only prepared to see "The Crusaders" and "The Wardens" together in one sci-fi dystopia. And it's not this one.

Resting everything on a broken beam is disastrous. Despite all the hate and accusations levelled at the Stone Men, the biggest problem in the project is that the Children of Armok, Eternal Zealots, and Heralds of Hektor are all dead ducks. That's why the main flow of the Heresy remains unfinished. Compare that to the central legions of the Reformation (Angels, Cataphracts, Scribes) - basically the only reason we can't charge ahead with that is the lack of the Heresy! If Aubrey is saying he doesn't want to do anything more with the EZ (and I believe him), then you can't make them the core of the TL.

>> No.37268986

Dude, don't worry, it's not you.

I don't know what the hell is going on in full either.

That being said, everybody, take a breath. pull back. Chill out for a moment.

>> No.37268989


To be fair, the Eternal Zealots page is missing a lot of things. There's nothing on the Pre-Primarch Legion, or the Pre-Betrayal Legion, or how the Legion organizes itself (either along or differing from the standard Legion Organization systems), or the command hierachy.

>> No.37268990

There is literally 0 chance that the War Scribes would not lunge for the construction manuals for such a device like a starving animal.

A heavy ranged Dreadnought is EXACTLY the kind of thing they'd be looking for. And I think I wrote such a thing into their fluff, but this looks more like a thing that will have *canon* stats, yes?

>> No.37269023


It's an official FW model. Of course it will have stats.

And it's very well gunned, Those are Accelerator Autocannons and a Whirlwind Launcher it has, along with a chest twin heavy bolter/flamer.

>> No.37269045

Mmmmmm, flamers. For when you need to show those filthy Slugga Boyz why they shouldn't get too close.

>> No.37269074

Which one ?

>> No.37269079

...I think I just came...

Okay, that sounds less like a series of concerns and more like a personal grudge list, man. Please, tone it back a bit.

>> No.37269105

You didn't. You were simply asking a question.

While I agree that the main players need some development, what is wrong with the zealots? Furthermore, by cutting them we will simply make more work for ourselves.

>> No.37269161

Heralds have been getting a ton of work from Uriel, and the Children of Armok are pretty fleshed out.

The problem with changing the Zealots now though is changing every entry and reference to them and their Primarch. That's far too much work for something that just needs to be given more fluff.

>All of the fluff I wrote for the pre-heresy Legion is nearly gone

How, exactly?

>> No.37269242

>Despite all the hate and accusations levelled at the Stone Men, the biggest problem in the project is that the Children of Armok, Eternal Zealots, and Heralds of Hektor are all dead ducks.
To me, when taken in the greater conext of postings tody, that doesn't exactly come across as constructive criticism. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.
Maybe it was misworded.
I'm just saying, maybe we should all relax for a minute?

>> No.37269442


Well Uriel is working over the Heralds and after that the Children, and if Aubrey wants help filing in the history for his Legion I'm more then wiling to help.
There's so much that can be done there. How the Emerald Doom react to their Primarch, how they are swayed from 'We hate all Xenos' to 'We Love Xenos', and how that attitude is reflected by other legions before the betrayal.

>> No.37269643

>Heralds have been getting a ton of work from Uriel,
It's rehashing rather than resolving the basic questions. The Heralds don't need a bunch of guys cribbed from greek myth. They need events, history, and substance.

>and the Children of Armok are pretty fleshed out.
Take a look at the "Heresy" section on Uriel Starikov's page. Then look here http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Children_of_Armok#Legion_History

>The problem with changing the Zealots now though is changing every entry and reference to them and their Primarch. That's far too much work for something that just needs to be given more fluff.
That didn't seem to be a problem when the pages for Hektor and his legion were renamed. The latter, perhaps with cause, but changing Hektor's name was spurious.

The problem with the Zealots is that their role in the Heresy is not adequately explained. (Contrast to, say, the Silver Cataphracts or Steel Marshals.) If nobody wants to write that explanation, then cutting them is the only solution.

>> No.37269739
File: 156 KB, 260x187, 1412121209660.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hektor's name was changed
How did I not know this.

Also you're using a bad example. That was just fixing Wolves of Dawn/Heralds of Hektor thing, which even then most links don't direct to immediately and take you to a redirect page. Additionally, they changed his last name, easier than changing his first.

>> No.37269746

It seems extremely premature to cut the Zealots. Particularly as thus far you are the only person calling for this move.

While I agree that at times certain pieces of the story must be cut to facilitate the overall work, this is drastic.

>> No.37269814

In terms of links, changing Hektor's name at all is a problem. There are now a great many links which go to a page with no content beyond a request for deletion.

There always has to be a first person to call for any change. Saying that I am wrong because I am presenting a novel idea would be a bad precedent.

>> No.37269838

Currently working on a Gaulish inspired tribe (or trying to); I was thinking of maybe taking elements from many different cultures and assembling them into unique tribes, rather than simply making them a near copy of an individual culture. For example, my research seems to show that the Gauls were very rich, and had lots of gold; so I was going to take that aspect for the tribe that falls to Slaanesh, have them fall out of greed (each tribe that betrays Brennus will fall to a different aspect of Chaos). Thoughts?

>> No.37269925

I think you're on the right track. A pastiche generally looks better than a straight rip.

>> No.37269931

This is what happens when I don't look at the wiki in months.

Holy god it's so messed up.

>> No.37269933

It was when you were on your hunting trip. I was against it, and about the only one. But, yeah, it pretty much changes almost nothing.

Yeah, I can see that being a problem.

>dropping the zealots
No, sorry, but you're almost definitely going to be alone on that issue.

>> No.37269945

>As in good

Oh Dark Gods.

>> No.37270000

>Holy god it's so messed up.
Annoying but not the worst thing going on.

So you're going to tidy them up? Great!

Novel meaning new. Does that make more sense?

>> No.37270016

Okay. Let the group decide.

>> No.37270102

>Novel meaning new
>inferring cutting legions is a new idea
>inferring you've never pushed it before
I'm just going to put it out there that you've been back a whole, what, 20-24 hours? Don't get me wrong, it's good to have you back, but damn, dude. Seriously. Relax.

>> No.37270231

You're making ad hominem attacks rather than addressing the substance of my argument. I do take it that you have no interest in cleaning up the Zealots, and that's fine, but that still leaves the question open: who is going to put their house in order? It's not going to be Aubrey, and that much was clear already last time I was here.

>> No.37270275

I am going to metaphorically stab the both of you if you don't stop.

>> No.37270288

No lumey. He's saying chill out for a sec until the entire group decides whether or not to cut the zealots.

>> No.37270337

And I'm not saying cut the Zealots. Go back and read my posts again: my position is that someone needs to tidy them up. If nobody will do that - and clearly, you and Merrill don't want to - then they should be cut so that there's a blank canvas for someone to work on.

>> No.37270376

We are in agreement. I for myself am simply saying we need to wait.

>> No.37270388

STOP. Inhale. Exhale.

>> No.37270405

Yeah, you're right. I did.
Look, you've done a lot for this project.
I'm not, nor is anyone, denying it.
But it's a group project.
Which means allowing the group to also make decisions. Following along with things diplomatically as well as bringing down the hammer when necessary. And yeah, there's a bunch that needs fixing, but that doesn't mean we need someone to swoop in and take charge of this mess. It's a group, still. So chill, and let people discuss things a bit more evenly.

imho, you've been good about pointing out where shit is not right. But I think you've been criticizing people/wording a bit too harshly.

I'm not working on them because they're not my project, and it's mostly similar stuff to what I'm horrible at that needs fixing with them. Aubrey has his own opinions, which I will let him present to you if you choose to actually let him in a universally civil manner. You seemed excessively harsh and underhanded.

>> No.37270432

underhanded was the wrong word. heavy-handed.

>> No.37270488

Guess you could say Lumey's on Nikaea right now

>> No.37270512

In fact, that whole last paragraph was worded wrong.

I'm sure he'd discuss them candidly with you if you discussed it in a universally civil manner.

>> No.37270580
File: 34 KB, 413x417, 1310576332886_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am in agreement. The Zealots require heaps of ironing out or have significant portions removed.

No offense to Aubrey-anon but the Zealots have always struck me as a huge mess and trying to do too much. A mix of crazy xenos shenanigans, trying to be the "Arch-Traitor" legion like Word Bears, robo-centaur, medicine themes for some reason, and generally not really being involved in much.

They require serious work in order to be viable at this point I think, not that I've taken a good hard look at their page in a little while but still.

I'm not one for cutting entire legions, especially ones that have been around/active for so long. The issue is I'd prefer a kind of pruning to polish off the mess to get at the core ideas. However I'm no longer sure what the core ideas even are with them.

Again, no offense meant to Aubrey-anon. Just my two cents about the Zealots.

>> No.37270583

Aubrey's opinion was that he has neither time nor ideas for the Zealots, but that he might come back to them. See >>37268772, specifically

>I just don't have it in me to continue with the Zealots

I'm not going behind his back here. The guy wants to drop the EZs. Fine. Who is picking them up? If nobody - is anyone seriously saying they're fine as-is?

>> No.37270587

>If nobody will do that - and clearly, you and Merrill don't want to - then they should be cut so that there's a blank canvas for someone to work on.
But that's retarded. Deleting months of work just because there's no forward progress is asinine and absurd.

>> No.37270640
File: 383 KB, 900x1262, pirate_ninja_robot_zombie_dino_by_designoob-d32nngr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Woah wrong image.

Meant to attach this.

>> No.37270657

I think he means he doesn't want them removed entirely, but they need to be pruned.

>> No.37270704


Perhaps you should do some reading as well.

>I just want something new I can focus on, then come back the Zealots when I am ready to handle that beast again.

I never said I was done.
Not by a god damn long shot.

I said that I wanted to get shit done and come back to them when I had new ideas and a better understanding.

Granted, I don't do much work.

But I'll be damned if I let it go to waste.
So I will focus my productivity where I can.

>> No.37270722

Yes. This is exactly what needs to be done. They need to be polished and pruned and cut down and just generally cleaned up. There's so much shit going on with them and so little fleshed out.

I think we should work on identifying core concepts and cutting it down to those. Like what's more important? The medical aspects or the xeno aspects? The robot centaur aspects or the being the arch-traitor?

>> No.37270725

>are they fine as is?
No. But you're making a bigger deal out of this than it is. And if you want to make room for more anons, there are three newbies to the project on IRC that are seriously having second thoughts because of the sudden change of atmosphere.

>> No.37270799

The whole robo-centaur thing doesn't seem to be a core aspect as much as a side bit, about a particular group of warriors within the legion.

>> No.37270856

We're talking about throwing out 40,000 bytes of work. On a good writing day I'd put out about a quarter of that.

We've been down this road before. You told me you were pumped to write and stuff was going to happen. Nothing much came of it. If the group consensus is to give you another chance - fine. But I the right and reason to differ.

Is it a big deal or not? I hear that they're integral and can't be cut, then I hear that it's no big deal and I should just leave it. Pick one.

>> No.37270857

I get that, but they're so outlandish and not related to any other part of the legion. It's not even like they have bull/horse/animal motifs other than snakes anywhere.

It's not something that a legion that's supposed to be focused on medical stuff/religious stuff/xenos stuff, should have. That's just me is all.

Give them to the Khorne fire guys who's name is escaping me right now. Think chaos dwarfs with flaming bull centuars.

>> No.37270877

What is this project? Why are we here.

The point of everything here is to have fun and enjoy ourselves. This isn't a financial venture, we aren't releasing a book, there are no deadlines or shareholders or budgets. If someone doesn't want to work on something, it is there prerogative not to. There is no such thing as need, or must, or have to, everything is voluntary, and whatever is not fun for the author to make should not be pressured. I would rather the project be a jumbled mess than transition from fun to work.

Additionally, an author's control over his creation is sacred. I know I'd be fucking pissed if I left for a few weeks and returned to find that the Entombed were completely different or even gone. If Aubrey wants to work on something other than the Zealots, and leave them in their current state, that is his prerogative.

No one is in command. No one is in control. No author is beholden to the others. Our goal here is creative writing for the purpose of fun.

>> No.37270926


Don't say that word outloud. Tzeentch might turn you into a Chaos spa... well... you know.

>> No.37270931

Fun? What is this "Fun" you speak of? :P

>> No.37270951

While I am fine with the general principles you're overlooking the need to achieve compromises in a collaborative project. The Stone Men were extensively re-written in order to better fit in. The Nova Defenders were busted down to Successors because they didn't fit in. If you just want to write your own thing on your own - yes, you do have sacred rights. But when you're working as part of a group, you surrender individual rights in order to have a say on what other people are doing.

>> No.37270971

It's more of a Herald or scion thing, really.
This meme has been outdated since the CSM update.

>> No.37270988

And that goes both ways, man. Hell, there's a shitload of herding cats on this project, but it's more effective to shine a laser dot in the desired direction than stomping on their tails.

>> No.37271024

While that is true (and my complete lack of content creation in almost a month and a half can attest to my believing that) I also think we should be able to look at things we should be able to look at things this project has produced critically.

If we just let things be when they don't really work where would we be? Fuck man, I did a complete ret-con of my entire legion 3 threads in. I was able to objectively look at what Nathanog said and actually changed parts of my legion because of it.

This is a group project and while each individual author has rights over the parts he creates completely independently we should also be able to critique sections for the betterment of the entire project.

And if some of us are using this entire not only as an outlet for creativity but as writing practice then it's pretty integral we be able to actively criticize peoples work for their betterment as well.


Also this.

That may be true but I have an exceptionally lazy cat in my house and I know from experience that sometimes they need a good shove to get them going anywhere. If that place is to avoid being stepped on then I don't feel bad for doing it.

>> No.37271094


Actually abit of stream lining may be necessary brothers.

I ain't so crazy about the cults, they were more cool ideas then things that would go anywhere.
Ideas for warbands, maybe.

But we can cut them.

Mentors and Medics are fine for pre-heresy.

But I suppose that is the problem, they are pre-heresy fluff.

Mentors are there to ground in the fact that EZ are capable of priest like activity.

Medics are part of Aubreys back story and overall a cool idea, they further cement the fact that the Emerald Doom [Pre-Aubrey Zealots] were broken and needed mending.

Xenos Auxiliary is backstory material again and a lesson of naivety.
Something Aubrey never repeats.
It changes him into someone who reigns with an iron fist.

But after the heresy they do not have much to offer besides being word-bearers and bat shit crazy.

>> No.37271161

Alright, so that's a lot of cuts. What's that leave us with?

>> No.37271254

Slaaneshi apothecaries.

Seeing as not much is said about apothecaries in OU Chaos other than that one dickhead.

Also, the Legions new organisation.

They have split into warbands that all remain loyal to the primarch and carry the same name and banner.

Only difference is they have picked up ALOT of meat shields, Xenos and Human converts.

Over all fitting considering the fact they are the Priests/Medics.

>> No.37271259

Zorg are you Mastodontii anon?

Mastodontii anon I must work with you.

>> No.37271279


Wghat the Zealots need is more material like this.

(spitballing here)


Unlike the other squads of Hektor's sacred band, the Sixteenth had a task set unto it by the Emperor himself: to destroy all idols and houses of false faith, to be the sharp edge that would wipe out all opposition to the Imperial Truth.
They took to this task with a zealousness that unnerved their friends and terrified their foes. Time and again they struck like a furious wind, seeking out the people, places and items which spoke of the power of sorcery, false gods and the irrational and destroying them. While the other squads of the Scared Bands fought their fights to defeat foes and take ground, the Sixteenth Squad fought to destroy false belief and usher in the light of the Emperor’s truth, the only truth.
It was they who demolished the mighty heads of the ancient God-Kings of Merica from the Black Mountains of Merica, they who destroyed the House of the Wind Talkers and who burned the fanes of the Emperyite, every time showing the inhabitants what it meant to oppose the new truth the Emperor was determined to bring forth.

>> No.37271283

Ohh the fluff in my head.

We need to start with the Sacred Band.

My god the fluff in my head.

I will outline everything I have on the page.

>> No.37271297




>> No.37271300


>> No.37271305

No. Who are you?

>> No.37271312

No, Zorg is Zorg. He made a Psuedo french IA regiment.

I want to call Mastodontii Ruby Rod now though for some reason.

>> No.37271318


This is the Templar shit I need!

I crave it!

>> No.37271325

Thank you for my not being the only one to immediately think of that movie.

>> No.37271349

There's no turning back.>>37271325

>> No.37271364

I am the anon working on the newgorgers

I have a proposal to make regarding Tollund and newnathonogs relationship.

>> No.37271388

Oh fuck, forgot my name there. I'm not Mastodontii. Working in multiple threads atm so my name sometimes falls off.

>> No.37271410

It was completely intentional, the name.
You are not an anon, you're a namefag.

>> No.37271431


So I'm a Kaleidostick now?

I call myself Lorefag or Loremarine these days.


Want more?


It was during the earliest conquests beyond Sol in those stars whose light could be clearly seen from the skies of Terra that the Legion earned its first name. The Sixteenth, at the time barely three thousand Astartes strong, was unleashed upon the Theocrats of Campeche. The Astartes lacked the nubers to make a full scale assault upon all the temple-cities, and so they painted their armour green to better blend into the dense jungles, and struck at temple after temple, burning each to ashes and slaughtering the guards before fading back into the foliage. The terrified locals began to refer to them as ‘the emerald doom’, after an ancient myth of their world, and the Legion soon took to referring themselves as such during their increasingly bloody assaults as they slowly tightened the noose. After six months the planet was finally pacified and the long slow process of bringing the Imperial truth could begin. The Legion departed, but kept the name they had earned on that world, and from then on they were known as the Emerald Doom.

>> No.37271441


Also, do you know when Mastodontii will pop up next?

Shhh don't tell anyone.

>> No.37271479

Not quite....

That's him there! >>37271431
I think...

>> No.37271522

Mastodontii is... is that you?

>> No.37271657

Added a little piece on the end of the Emerald Dooms geneseed and cancerous growths that was killing them.

>> No.37271749


The Legion moved from conquest to conquest, primarily engaged in the destruction of religiously motivated human empires, though countless Xeno races were also ground under by their fury. Though they were never close to their brother legions or highly respected by them, their task was a vital one and they gained numerous battle honours the equal of any other frontline Legion. The Emperor Himself commanded them on several occasions against foes that He decreed were deserving of destruction, and they were closely aligned with the Emperor and his own views on the future of the Imperium.
As brother Legion after brother Legion were reunited with their Primarchs, some wondered if the Primarch of the Emerald Doom had been lost, for they remained fatherless long after almost all their fellows had found their gene-sires. The Legion did not seem to take notice. They had a task appointed unto them by the hand of the Emperor, and Primarch or no they would fulfil it.
However this coincided with a sudden degradation in the Gene-Seed of the Emerald Doom, which set the legion on a slow slide towards destruction. Cancerous Growths within the Progenoid Glands made over half of them unusable. Though they continued to fight despite the ailments which beset them, every battle casualty was now difficult if not impossible to replace, and in a single campaign against the Ethernarchs of Unova a full quarter of the Legion was lost, with almost no way to recover those casualties. The Legion’s aggressive drive against the foes of the Emperor was dooming them, and fears were voiced that the Legion would soon die.
However finally, as the Legions reached the most distant shores of the Galaxy, on a lone world near the very edge of known space, a discovery was made that would change everything, save the Legion but ultimately spell the doom of the Emperor’s dream, the Dream the Emerald Doom had fought so long for.



Yes. What do you want?

>> No.37271796

I love you Mastadon.

>> No.37271816

To make a backstory of friendship between our primarchs which will eventually lead to a suicidal depression after Tollund's ascendancy.

>> No.37271991


It’s not exactly my Legion anymore, I’m waiting for a new anon with proven credentials to come in and take them on. I merely keep the seat warm until someone comes to take their place at the table.

But interestingly enough Tollund Ötztal tries to get on well with everyone, and because of that would not favour Nathanog/whatever his name is over Inferox and vice versa, giving both equal attention in his attempt to try and keep them from fighting each other and to (futilely) get them both to get along. So there would always be that underlying tension.

>> No.37272200

Well, I have the whole story of what was going to happen on Vermillion II if you want to hash it out.

Get this...

Necron Worshipers.

>> No.37272301


Lazarus was an unremarkable world. Countless others like it existed all across the Imperium. It was a developing civilised world not that unlike Terra in the days when it still had green lands, blue oceans and a clear sky. It had a settled populace and links to other worlds across the stars. However there was one key and massive difference in those worlds. Lazarus had been settled by a Xenos Race, the Tarellians. It was on this world that the infant Aubrey had landed, and surprisingly he had not been killed out of hand, but rather brought up within this alien environment. He had come to manhood learning both the ways of the Healer and the warrior, fighting with his ‘brothers’ against Ork Pirates and Eldar raiders, duelling with those with whom he had disagreements and healing the sick and wounded. He rose through the ranks of the Xenos, putting down several rebellions against him in the process. For a long time he assumed himself alone and unique within the Galaxy. Events were to prove that wrong.
When Lazarus was found by the 219th Expeditionary Fleet in mid-901, halfway through the Great Crusade, plans were laid to take the world, slaughter the Xenos and then open it up to human colonisation as had happened thousands of times before. However when the first ships landed and the 499th Solar Auxilia Cohort landed they found themselves facing an army of Tarellians led by a massive, unmistakably human figure, who led a charge which routed the human invaders. In the wake of this orders were sent out inquiring what to do next.
Aubrey meanwhile was in turmoil. He’d finally found ones like him, and they were his enemies. He did not know what to do, or what this meant, but he was determined to stand with the people who had given him a home and a purpose, even if that meant fighting those beings from the stars who looked like him.

>> No.37272356

Hmm. How would he react to newnathan's admiration and brotherly love of him?

>> No.37272385


After several months a massive Warfleet entered the system bearing the Icon of the Warriors of Dawn and led by the Bucephalus itself, the mighty flagship of Hektor, the first Primarch and beloved of the Emperor. He had heard the news and guessed correctly that it was a Primarch, one of his lost Brothers who was on this world.
Sending a message to those below, he along with a chosen squad of the Heliotaroi, his bodyguards and a company of the Emerald Doom that had been supporting the Warriors in the northern Ultima Marches landed on the planet before the awed Aubrey. Though Aubrey couldn’t speak Gothic, he understood the link between him and Hektor and knew that finally he was no longer alone.
Hektor took Aubrey under his wing, mentoring him in the ways of the Imperium and preparing him for the next step. Several months later, another fleet emerged over Lazarus, this one led by a massive barge greater than any other ship in the Imperium. It was the Imperator Somnium, a void-born colossus of gold and marble. The flagship of the Emperor Himself.

>> No.37272410

Guess what I found?


>> No.37272461

Please direct me to which links are now broken.
I've been doing my best to find and correct those.

>> No.37272494

Easiest way to find them is to use the "What links here" function.

By the way, I saw all the little book-keeping edits you've been doing on the wiki and really appreciate it.

>> No.37272503

I'm liking the more condensed version better.

I think I shall add this to Aubreys page.

>> No.37272566

Oh man. Way back when I was a Half Eldar ninja with a first name. Fuck man. It seems so long ago.

>> No.37272570


Aubrey's page is deliberately in more detail, because this is a general overview of his history and how it applies to the Legion. It's the FW method, my favorite.

>> No.37272652

It's one of the things I can actually do to contribute while I plan for my Legion.

And will do, sire ~
Btw, I'd very much like if you talked to LCK about his NewNathanog guy.

Mostly because he's the only Primarch without a page now, and that sets off my OCD more than it should.

>> No.37272686

Dude fucking what?
Are you fucking kidding me?
This goes against everything I thought this project stood for. I thought you guys were making quality content.
Fuck this, the Voidwatcher had a first name, I'm just going to leave. This is too much of a betrayal.

Can't believe you, why don't you just go and have a surname then huh?

>> No.37272734

And we were pretty bro back then.

>> No.37272751

Shit. I was an unnamed loyalist who avoided collateral like the plague.

>> No.37272770

I was a deserter who carved out the eastern fringe.

All the while broing it up with the Tau...

Not much has changed.

>> No.37272782

I forgot half the stuff I had down on there.

>> No.37272892

It was a weird time.

We even coexisted with the OU too. I had opinions on all the Primarchs

>> No.37272916

Fuck Leman Russ right?

>> No.37272955


The Emperor met his son and debated him, seeking to see whether his time among the Xenos had corrupted him or not. Aubrey astutely belayed that supposition, showing affirm grasp of Imperial Methods, the Imperial Truth and the Emperor’s plans for humanity. But on the position of Xenos within that Aubrey wouldn’t budge. The Tarellians were just as much his people as the humans, and he would not abandon them. Following the advice of Hektor, the Emperor granted a dispensation for the Tarellians of Lazarus, that they were to be allowed all the freedoms of humans within the Imperium, so long as they remained quarantined within the Lazarus Sector. With that decided, Aubrey was granted the command of the Sixteenth Legion based on his Gene-Seed.

The Legion was mustered on Lazarus, though it could only muster a mere five thousand Astartes, a mere fraction of its former strength. Seeing the battered but unbowed remnants of his Legion before him moved Aubrey, and he vowed that he would restore them. He spoke proudly of their battle honours and the task the Emperor had set them. ‘We are the Emperor’s Zealots, proudly bearing His message, and if we have to wage war eternally to spread it, then so be it.’ With that, the Emerald Doom was no more and the Legion became the Eternal Zealots.
Now that they were reunited with their Primarch, they could create new gene-seed using Aubrey's genome as a template. But that alone would not be enough to stop the decline, so Aubrey began an exhaustive effort to find and cure the flaws in his Legion’s Gene-Seed. After a long process using all his skills merged with the new knowledge he had gained from the Genewrights of Luna and the Magis Biologis of the Mechanicum, Aubrey finally corrected the flaw. Now his Legion began a massive recruitment drive from Terra, Campeche and the hundreds of other worlds brought into compliance when the Legion was the Emerald Doom.

>> No.37272956

Fuck that guy so hard.

Also, new thread time?

>> No.37272977


>> No.37272983


As these new recruits were slowly added to the Legion’s order of battle, the newly minted legion took to the crusade under the mentorship of the Warriors of Dawn. For two decades the two legions fought side by side and bonds of brotherhood and trust were forged in battle between the two Primarchs and their Legions, bonds which would one day doom both Legions.



Probably slightly embarrassed, given that Otztal doesn't like being seen as a favorite by anyone, reserving that for the Emperor and Hektor.

>> No.37273021

it's impressive. The moment Lumey returns these thread start to hit near 400 posts. Good times.

>> No.37273119


I think we could add the opposition to Aubrey, Galle Nacht and Varus Tithonus.

I was actually about to post this.

Upon meeting the primarch, he is shocked as you say.

He questions why their duties haven't been kept and why they solely command the legion.

Varus looks ready to lamp him when Galle explains the lack of apothecary support.

Aubrey asks then pissed off Varus to duel him, so he may connect with him and understand him.

He then instates two changes.

That medicae training be provided to every one above sargeant, to better look out for the growths should they appear.

And the Mentor rank so that they may connect with the people better, as well as a way to hone and focus the zeal of the zealots.

Do you think these should be added else where or?

>> No.37273214


If you want it in there, I'll put it in there.


At this time Aubrey met with the surviving leaders of his Legion, though they disapproved of their Primarch’s links with Xenos. Aubrey challenged the Legion Master to a Duel over this, which he won handily. Upon this he instituted several changes, most notably massively expanding the apothecarion to better prevent gene-seed issues in the future, as well as instituting a ‘mentor’ ranked Consul to ensure the natural zealotry of his legion was directed in the proper way.

>> No.37273250

You sir are a saint.

It's hard to find the words sometimes and I'm liking the style.

>> No.37273281


Right. Vermillion II. What's that campaign about?

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