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So /tg/ what's your favorite Chaos God and why is it Slaanesh?

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I think it is telling that OPs always prefer Slaanesh.

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My friends actually used to joke around that I would be a Slaanesh worshiper in Warhammer 40K.

I've always liked the idea of a narcissistic perfectionist wondering around doing things so Slaanesh is pretty high up there for me.

On the other hand I do like Tzeentch just due to all the plans and Pskyer powers. So he is pretty high up there to.

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Because it's actually Tzeentch.

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I can't say I have a favorite chaos god, to be honest, although people always fancy me being a Slaanesh worshiper.

Also why the fuck are you using my clan's name you lovely, amazingly disturbing, sensation seeker fuckwad?

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Slaanesh is the worst Chaos God by far. She is too busy being coked out of her goddamn mind to have any real plans, and her portfolio of concepts she represents is a goddamn mess.

Slaanesh sustains herself on the souls of Eldar, but the Eldar are a dying race. Slaanesh is a storm. Furious and dangerous and spectacular, but ultimately temporary and destined to pass. Whether it be at the hand of Ynnead, the golden fist of the Emperor or by starvation a thousand years after the death of the last Eldar, Slaneesh will died.

And good riddance.

I personally think all of the Chaos gods are kind of dumb, but Slaneesh is still the worst. If I had to serve one, it would probably be Tzeentch? I take no joy in combat, and disease is nothing to be lauded. Tzeentch is not the most trustworthy of gods, but at least I might learn some neat magic before something awful happens to me.

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That's not how you spell Nurgle...

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>slaanesh sustains herself on eldar souls, and when they all die out so will she who thirsts.
>khornefags actually believe this.

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So you'd rather learn some cool tricks then get turned into a big blue bird? I can respect that

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I know right?

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don't blame him, reading is hard sometimes. If I wasnt a slaanesh worshipping faggotron9000 with built in vibrating replica genitalia of both sexes, id probably not wanna read either.

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>implying slaaneshfags can even read

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Why not? Slaneesh was born from the hedonism of an entire empire of Eldar partying like there is no tomorrow.

She ate a bunch of eldar souls, and now the party is much smaller than it used to be. Even with worshippers, the party is not as big as it was when the Eldar created her.

The reason that Slaanesh is such a mess to us is because she is spawned from a psychology that is inhuman. Humans can fall into excess, but not nearly the same degree that the Eldar did.

Once there are no more Eldar, Slaneesh is going to go from Thanksgiving Dinner to kibble. Nothing else in the galaxy can give her the fix she desires, but it is anathema to Slaanesh to conserve her power. She will spend it, frivilously, until she has nothing left.

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Warpstorm incoming

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She/he/it "devours" their souls, sure. But I've never read that she sustains herself from it and need them. In fact we know that it is emotions and thoughts that "sustain" the Gods and so Slaanesh will be around until there are no more thinking or feeling mortals around(or perhaps longer since time is wibblywobbly in the warp).

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It (let's go with that) sustains itself on emotions of pleasure, whether it's from pain or happiness doesnt matter. As long as the species of the universe can feel pleasure in any form or way it can survive

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you want me to find that one pic of the slaanesh cultist reading a book in the middle of an orgy, because I can.

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>whether it be at the hand of Ynnead


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Eldar souls are like a particularily yummy sweetmeat to she who thirsts, not a staple. its even explicitly states in the canon that the other gods are concerned with slaanesh not because of her current power, but her very real potential to explode in power levels. You need to read more fluff.

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I like them all.

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My favorite is Gork

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What other chaos gods could there be? What other emotions are simple enough that they could become chaos gods?

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Well ya got Malice or Malal or whatever his name is, although most don't consider him. He's supposed to represent the anarchy and disorder of the Warp. I don't think he's even considered part of the fluff at this point

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This pleases me...

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you had me till eldar.

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Dang that's nice.
Where can I find more like it?

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Slaanesh doesn't discriminate

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sure she does.

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No, no. She likes everyone equally

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nurgle go and stay go.

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can slaanesh evolve to a point where she can consume non-eldar meals as well?

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A better question is...why does Slaanesh get an Eye of Sauron?

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..shes always been at that point.
guys, stop it, my inner grognard cant take this.

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I don't understand that, guess Nurgle went too deep on your brain

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Slaanesh is the only Chaos God to have an endgame beyond "exist", and that is to get enough power thay they can kill/eat the other Chaos Gods (and Isha). Problem is Slaanesh is generally the weakest except under certain circumstances.

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You wanna try and draw something that's supposed to be male, female, both and neither you go ahead

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Undercover Inquisitor detected

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>nurgle: all about the loving errybody, sharing gifts an shit.
>slaanesh: all bout dat favoritism, elitism, best worshippers get the best shit, super fickle and capricious.
>somehow you translate that into lovin errybody
>nah son, you the one with brainrot.

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You wat?

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>He thinks it's an eye

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Slaanesh knows you can't spell happiness without penis.

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Well I'd rather be a kickass purple snake then be turned into green goo but whatever floats yer boat man

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Official power rankings:

1. Khorne
2. Tzeentch
3. Slaanesh
4/0: Nurgle

Nurgle swaps between weakest and has bouts of being the most powerful when he has a bunch of disease running wild.

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The hierarchy generally goes Khorne>Tzeentch>Nurgle>Slaanesh, though Tzeench's power level tends to fluctuate and Nurgle tenporarily ends up on top if there is a really successful plague.

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Now we need a shoop of Nurgle with Yammy from Bleach

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Methinks your reading comp is badawful.

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Chaos Undivided. One of my Black Crusade character's goals is to dethrone Abaddon to actually get shit done. However, he favors Tzeentch and Slaanesh over Khorne and Nurgle in his methods, though he reveres all four equally.

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Ok let's look at it this way
>Khorne: yes the strongest, not up for debate
>Tzeentch: only when plans go well
>Slaanesh: gains power everytime someone faps
>Nurgle: when something dies horribly

I guess they take turns or something then... ah whatever they're great anyways

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this is all heavily based on the semantic of how you use "of".

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Dude look, it's really easy.

Eldar did something, spawned Slaanesh into existence, now he's come back to fuck them up their asses, cunts and other orifices. The two are so heavily intertwined that, at this point, I'd not even think it all that absurd if Slaanesh might turn into Ynnead through some sort of cosmical, cyclical mumbo jumbo.

So, he's their god now. Whether they like it or not.


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>tfw this doesn't get played enough

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>However, he favors Tzeentch and Slaanesh

That's honestly one of my favorite Black crusade Combos. You haven't seen what the Christ Until you've seen what a Slannesh Daemon prince who invested heavily into Tzeentch can do.

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Worship Khorne and you kill yourself in battle because blood. Worship nurgle and your dick falls off. Worship Tzeentch and you get fucked by your own shit. Worhip Slaanesh and you get laid all the time forever with weirdly hot dickgirls.

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Honestly it's more fun to be Pinhead if you go full Slaneesh.

"We have such sights to show you."

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sheamoose, the good of sarcasim

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Worship Gork and Mork:
Always be a winner.

Srsly, piss on Slaanesh. Overrated little shit in all of its domains, especially the grossly misattributed infiltration. "Subtle slaaneshi" is an oxymoron.

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>but the Eldar are a dying race

The Eldar feel shit to the nth degree so even though there are a few of them, just one is worth a metric fuck tonne of humans experiencing the same shit. Also, the emperor couldn't do jack shit Slanny. You're comparing a false god to the real deal.

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since you probably became a daemon prince or something, what happened to your prize horse

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there must be some orks that know the humies worshop some powerfull emperor who gets their souls when they die, and lots of humies die hourly.

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People like Slaanesh not because of their amazing fucking skills in battle, but because you get to live in eternal hedonism. Wouldn't you like to have an eternal blowjob? I know I would. Although I must admit it could be a bit inconvinient at some times, like visiting your parents or trying to do complicated math.

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You know this makes me wonder how a eldar would respond to someone who uses soul stones to decorate a juggling ball.

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I'm more of a Tzeentch man myself. I'm gonna be a pawn in his plans regardless, may as well get it on it.

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Technically you could also go slannesh if you are a perfectionist. It's still in his domain to be the guy who wants to master the feeling of thousands of combat styles or the likes.

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No, Slaanesh makes you a strung out junkie and a wreck through unhealthy doses of things that should be fun, but end up turning to pure shit.

Eternal hedonism is Orkz.

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Hell, technically you could attempt to be the Galaxies best BAKER or Bureaucrat and be Slaaneshi...
Honestly, it's the sex fiends that keep us from being the Winning Faction.

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Yes, but you'd be wasting a perfectly good eternal blowjob right there. Can't you be a perfectionist AND a blowjobee at the same time?

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>only when plans go well
I don't think you understand.

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Look, I'm going to save you some trouble here and tell you that you don't really want eternal fellatio...
Thing is, the human phallus has what is called a refractory period between orgasms, so while they keep sucking you're not going to get anything out of it but a raw trouser snake.

No, what YOU want is a Vagina Anemone, a TENTACLE VAGINA!

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But that's not Slaanesh, that's just Shintoism.

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that Daemon is so close to stomping that fat guy's balls, but it's worth it if he can get her to spit in his wine.

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>and why is it Slaanesh?

Thats not how you spell Malal

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Only Eldar are depraved apparently.. and even if that were the case, which it is not the dark kin arent going anywhere anytime soon.

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Thas not how ya spell Mork, ya grot.

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>my ass hurts in this seat
>these cultists wont shut up and let me write in my diary
>i burned my finger on the candle
>i wish i were at home with my books

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>I swear, this is the last time I'm opening the door for Jehova's Witnesses.

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honestly i dont play warhammer but the lore interests me... im gonna go with Nurgle.
Shaanesh is just /d/ personified
Khorne is just too pissy, probably has a baby dick
Tzeentch is just a retard who hides behind millions of retarded plans hoping one will occur and then cries out "JUST AS PLANNED"

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All the STUFF and THINGS I ever wanted to do and try and Slaanesh allows me to do them but try new things? And it's all a fundamental part of her worship? FUCK YEAH HE'S MY FAVOURITE!

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> and not only does Slaanesh allow me to do them but I can try new things?

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Because Khorne is too mainstream
And while everybody loves Papa Nurgle I just don't like being sick.
Tzeentch is also a good bet but as I like fapping and the name of Slaanesh greater demons I went with Slaanesh

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what the hell is it on that book that is making him have that expression?


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>learn some cool tricks then get turned into a big blue bird

Taloned claws weren't too hard to deal with – you use nail clippers for the talons. As for the hawk or eagle head, well... I still had teeth. But as for the head itself, uh, I decided to deal with it like a man coming to terms with baldness. That is to say, rather poorly.

I was at work when the warp storm hit; and then our entire world was displaced into the warp. I was expecting the sky to rain down RAPE and NOPE. But instead, there was a change in management, as all the politicians, scholars, military officers, etc. decided that we were now working for the Clumsy God of Reasonable Assurances. (a.k.a. The Great Deceiver.)

We all live in reasonable comfort. Sure, we did get minor chaos mutations, but no more than one or two at most. Aside from that, life remained almost entirely unchanged, aside from the aforementioned disfigurements.

There was a revision to the curriculum available at universities, sure, that's to be expected with a regime change. All sorts of new-fangled industries developed from newly available fields of study and experimentation. Sorcery was simply another tool, that's all there was too it. It came with expected occupational hazards, considerably reasonable risks, sure.

The sun sets with a different set of hues each evening, and sometimes the sun rises from the west instead of the east. Yesterday, it rained jellybeans. But It could always be worse. I think it's pretty reasonable to expect a few odd things to happen on a now demonically influenced world.

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The Emperor is the most interesting Chaos God.

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>what the hell is it on that book that is making him have that expression?


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Too much burocracy

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Khorne has the power to slay any other Chaos god, but refuses to do so, for not even Tzeentch knows the outcome. Their Great Game, their persistent state of equilibrium is essential to keeping them all alive. The death of any one of them in the current state of their conflict will serve only as a major setback to all, of not their destruction.

The machinations of Tzeentch are unknowable, and not known if they would amount to anything. Khorne is the indiscriminate destroyer, with the obsession of his forces falling prey to the seductions of Slaanesh. All things decay, and so Nurgle plans to remake the entire cosmos in the vision of his Garden.

In their ceaseless cyclic conflicts, it is well illustrated on the Chaos world of The Frozen Heart.

Tzeentch < Khorne < Slaanesh < Nurgle < Tzeentch < Khorne < Slaanesh < Nurgle

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>The forces of Korne overcome those of Tzeentch by prevailing over his illusory methods.

>The forces of Korne turn on one another in contests of brutality and murder, until the dead outnumber the living.

>With influence of Slaanesh approaches, these lost souls fall to obsessive blood rituals and other forms of devotion that take them further from the slaughter, playing into the hands of the sweet encroaching darkness.

>After Slaanesh has had its rape parties, those left mutilated and crippled from the pleasure pits wither and wail in agony as their masters seek greater excesses of depravity. Left behind by the very god that assured them eternal pleasure, these pathetic wretches lack the power to resist the promises of the god that follows in Slaanesh's wake—Nurgle.

>Once echoed with the cries of excess falls before a foetid tide of disease and decay. Nurgle is love, Nurgle is surrender to the inevitable, and despair. In which a delusional hope in granted to those that can muster the will to go on.

>Only those truly dedicated to Nurgle survive in such a corrupted place, with Tzeentch alone holding the power to create life from such overwhelming stagnation and death as the cycle begins anew.

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Of course it is Slaanesh.

One day i was minding my own business, not knowing about Warhammer 40k.
One nerd friend came to me and start talking about it.
He said to me: "You know... You like orgies, bdsm, power noise music and your favourite colour is pink... there is this God in this game that would be perfect for you"

And that's how i get close to WH40k and how i meet and start to love Slaanesh.

True story, believing or not.

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>So that's who my father was!

>> No.37200958

>Only when plans go well
Naw, man, Tzeench is schemes just for the sake of scheming. It doesn't matter whether they succeed (or whether there's even a point to it.)

>> No.37201504

The fact your friends know this about you might say a lot

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Horned Rat, because he's the only one who isn't a fucking Mary Sue who always wins because the they always win because reasons.

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According to 40k logic, their brains would be melting because close proximity to Daemons without being a SPESS MUHREEN results in Gibbering Mouthers.

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I'm very public about it, I feel is something good, not something to be ashamed of.
It sas my work for a short time too. Some kind of showman for fetish or swinger clubs.
Most of the fucking i did in the past two years was in front of other people.

It is nice to have a symbol for my life style, even if it is from a game.

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Just stay off tumblr, and you'll be fine.

>> No.37203455

Clearly an eternal blowjob of Slaanesh would never actually orgasm, it would just edge you closer to impossible heights for the rest of your life... you'd be hooked always wanting that sweet release, but only ever getting draw further into the want.

>> No.37203664

having youre dick sucked for eternity is definitely not the worst fate, even if i never blow the infernal load.

>> No.37203767

>infernal load
made my day

>> No.37203790

fair enough if its part of your work

>> No.37203797

All numbness, the only pleasure in life is physical. Shame and regret.
All pleasure, no satisfaction. EVER. Theoretically you could abstain from anything since you know nothing will get better, but having willpower or common sense and being Slaanesh do not go together.
A fight that never ends. Only non-existence awaits. No peace, no rest.
But at least you're the best at what you do until someone better comes along.
Ever imagine what it's like to never stop thinking, and have your brain going over 9000 miles a minute at all times? To be in the seat of constant paranoia?
To have ultimate ambition, and never be able to live up to your own expectations because you know you're capable of more and better?

>> No.37203839

who gives a shit about being satisfied? if I want contentment Ill go nurgle, gimme dat pleasure.

>> No.37203866

And that's why Slaanesh ma girl/guy/thing, at least it feels nice

>> No.37203912

The thing is, pleasure without satisfaction is like being spanked but not getting wanked. Or getting fruitcake instead of spongecake or whatever kind of cake is your favorite.
Or winning a coupon raffle for a Staples when you entered for the giftcard for your favorite restaurant.
Or letting Tantalus have the pool of clean drinking water, but still keeping the food out of reach.

It's half the experience. Sure, it's really nice, but it's not what you really wanted.

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Why devote oneself to one of the gods?

Chaos Undivided was and always be the best path.

>> No.37203951

I like nurgle because he's sort of original with his nice-guy attitude and being the god of rebirth as well as pestilence.

>> No.37204049

Sorry, Chaos Undivided is only Be'lakor now.
Well, him and Archaon.

>> No.37204054

>its not what you really wanted.
>not enjoying the spanking/wanking as separate acts.
no thank you.

>> No.37204491

This reminds me of the webcomic Cthulhu Slippers.

>> No.37204532

Horned rat truly fits Chaos best. He has a bit of everything, and is a semi-random, backstabbing asshole.

Best chaos god, hands down.

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Honestly, if I was going to get corrupted by Chaos, I'd probably go undivided or Malal. Because at that point, fuck EVERYTHING.

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Then you're Archaon.
>Be priest of Sigmar
>See some shit
>Find out you're the guy who ends the world
>Pray to Sigmar
>Cannot die
>Go to become the guy to end the world because you don't seem to have any other option since all you know is Sigmar and killing
>Find out that all gods are actually Chaos (this is a lie, but you believe it because it's not like Chaos would lie about something like that, right?)
>Kill your family
>Kill your wife
>Get knighted bestest guy ever by the Four after assembling super indestructible magic armor that can't come off and an awesome sword of killystabbing
>Have some asshole with the worst lisp you've ever heard show up and claim he's your "father" and made you who you are by leading your mother to be raped by a viking, causing every single event in your life
>Rage, claim you're not gonna kill anyone/kill yourself somehow/sit on your ass and do nothing
>Douchebag giggles and says he can reset time, and has been looping you over and over with slight differences until you reached this point, where you will finally destroy the world
>Take his time travel abilities away and bind him to your will
>You aren't just ending the world, you're going to kill Chaos itself using the world
>You don't know it, but there's some elves and humans living in another world so non'a'dis mattahs.

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File: 117 KB, 328x353, Chaos Gods are human gods.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>(this is a lie, but you believe it because it's not like Chaos would lie about something like that, right?)

Oh really? Picture related.

>> No.37204905

Bullshit old canon, read End Times.
Gods, barring a few beings uplifted by the beings I'm about to describe, are the survivors from the last world ending.

Fantasy is in a cycle of rebirth where Chaos consumes each world and a new one is born with some survivors from the last.

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I'd like to say that I'd go for Tzeentch because of the sorcery and intellectual might, but I'm not so great at scheming, and would probably drop my pants at the first pair of tits I saw. So, Slaanesh it is.

>> No.37205188

That is one kickass picture

>> No.37205223

Where do you think the mortals stole their godly powers from? They stole portions and adopted aspects from the Big Four.

>> No.37205293

That's a REALLY big stretch to try to bridge old and new canon.
Plus, we don't know if originally Chaos stole from the first world in the chain or not. Seems as if Chaos has always been the ones on the offensive rather than some "reclamation" thing.

>> No.37205334

You are really underestimating Nurgle. Only the sentient fall to hedonism (Slaanesh isn't just a god of sex, but a god of decadence, overindulgence, and hedonism), everything can become diseased. Even the rats that crawl through the sewers give Nurgle strength.

>> No.37205400

>Seems as if Chaos has always been the ones on the offensive rather than some "reclamation" thing.


They only attacked the WHFB world because the Old Ones stole their power and in doing so incurred their wrath.

Chaos did nothing wrong and remains the innocent and just party since the start of the cycle.

>> No.37205475

Chaos apologist.

>> No.37205982

True, I am over simplifing. Yet it is pleasure wherever it comes from that fuel Slaanesh. So one can assume that whatever pleases the other gods also gives power to Slaanesh indirectly

>> No.37206283

Considering he trolled the other Three with a three-piece commemorative cup set, I'd say that's a good assessment.

Also, Zombies in Warhammer Fantasy empowered Nurgle. Even though undead are immune to Chaos unless they willingly submit, and Zombies are not free-willed. Or even sentient. Which brings me to...
You mean sapient? Sapient=people-like smartz. Sentient=can think at all.

>> No.37206930

This is Warhammer Fantasy however, such proximity is actually a way of life for the Norse and others.

>> No.37206992
File: 244 KB, 709x441, warhammer_nurgle_wedding_by_nicopower5000-d4rkjq1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sweet And Comforting Father Nurgle. No fear, no death.... Only the soft feeling of Rotting flesh and the gentle hum of Bloat flies....

>> No.37207012

Nurgle, only one of them that actually loves his followers.

>> No.37207028

That image makes me wonder how the fuck do Nurgle believers do as a daily routine

>> No.37207063

Lorgar pls go

>> No.37207127

No no, everyone is welcome ma friend

>> No.37207130

Lol that tzeentch picture.

>Oh Dear, it seems someone enjoys being the BOTTOM BITCH.

>Stop that.

>Ohohohohohho! Oh look, I'm Magnus! I'm way too much of A PUSSY to grab ultimate power! Maybe I'll get Leman Russ to...




>I'M IN.

>Right on cue stupid!

>> No.37207140

Pretty much anyone else's daily routine, eliminating bathing.
In fact, I'd guess that Nurglites are the most socially well-adjusted Chaos devotees. Their faith pretty much screams family values.

Hell, the three Glottkin characters added in End Times were basically the children of peaceful Norscan farmers who's parents were slaughtered by the Empire looking for retaliation after an attack against them.

>> No.37207169
File: 10 KB, 216x291, Doomrider_Monochrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For ths guy, and only him. Fuck everything else

>> No.37207171

Fuck, I love those so much.
How do those not have a 1d4chan page yet? Everyone's personal rewrite of 40k's storyline seems to, why not legit awesome shit?

>> No.37207184

Live life a they normally do if they're non combatants. And depending on how they view this "blessing" get turned into one of the various daemons after passing on and serving Nurgle faithfully (willingly or not).

>> No.37207199
File: 229 KB, 652x964, 1391150715537.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is that canon?
I know Tzeentch kind of looked like that in the old books.

>> No.37207240

Nurgle just lets anyone who catches one of his plagues in, and Slaanesh just kind of eats souls randomly and unbirths Daemonettes.

Why are Khorne and Tzeentch so picky?

>> No.37207245

In a way yes. It seems to have shifted towards, he can look anything and everything AND NOTHING AT ALL. I do however prefer his "Stationary form".

>> No.37207247

I think yes, because Tzeentch can basically look like whatever the fuck he wants.

>> No.37207248

No image of a Chaos God is really canon, there are only depections of them from cultists and others

>> No.37207263

Well obviously, but are those the canon depictions given of the four or just a fan thing?

>> No.37207278

When you're energy and worship comes from something so specialized, you have to be picky.

>> No.37207308

Think so, I know I've seen those before somewhere

>> No.37207466

I think those drawings are updated versions of the original illustrations (the black and white ones) from the Realms of chaos book, including the volumes "Slaves to Darkness" and "The Lost and the Damned"

>> No.37207720
File: 209 KB, 450x340, 1328491315406.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Not that I'm trying to be a hipster or anything, but I'm a pretty religious and idealistic person. And if I wound up falling to chaos in the 40k universe, I would just try to drag the entire galaxy kicking and screaming with me.

>> No.37207777

There is no way to know the true face of a Chaos God, for no mortal or machine mind can grasp the unfathomable nature of Chaos. The Four Powers are manifestations of the various aspects of this pure Chaos, and thus they, too, can only be described in limited mortal terms, using words and images that must ultimately fail to perfectly represent the god 's actual form.

Despite the inability of crude language to properly describe Khorne's appearance, there are some common points that make it into most accounts. He is described as a gargantuan, imposing warrior with the head of a dog. He wears armour of brass and wields an impossibly massive sword.

Red and brass, symbolising blood and warfare, are his chosen colours and feature strongly in the imagery of gibbering artists who render his appearance in devotional tomes. This is the most common image of Khorne, as depicted in blasphemous works, painted upon the unholy war banners of his legions, and burned into the minds of psykers that have peered too deeply into the Warp. It is not the only representation, however.

Many accounts are drawn from the last remaining copy of Addrasian's Knowledge Most Foul. The writings of this mad remembrancer come from interviews he conducted and from transmissions he either intercepted or accessed by other means. Several Administratum scribes have been purged under suspicion of lending aid to Addrasian in his quest to collect knowledge that would be best left buried and forgotten.


Khorne is described as resembling a giant, iron-hewed warrior clad in red armour, with a massive battle-axe and a winged helm that conceals a snarling face like that of a wolf.

The furries must never find out about this.

>> No.37207818

Nurgle's Sacred Number is 7 (and multiples of 7)

>> No.37207894

I got a whole bunch of trips and another quad yesterday. Are I a Chaos Champion?

>> No.37207995

So basically, they're Cthulhu.

>> No.37208116

Yadda yadda yadda, copout explanations.

>> No.37208138

But Tigtone is.


>> No.37208480
File: 99 KB, 550x825, Garden_of_Nurgle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I guess I'm Papa Nurgle, and shall attempt to remake the world into the likeness of my garden.

Seldom can I resist the temptation to add nearby visitors to my virulent concoctions. So fair warning, stay out of arm's reach. Come in dressed in hazmat suits covered with demon wards and purity seals, and have the face piece stuffed with aromatic compounds.

You might think such forewarning is not in keeping to the spirit of what it means to be Nurgle. But studies in behavioural game theory have shown psychological considerations, that people are not indifferent to other people's payoffs, and consider notions like fairness when choosing their strategy, which suggests that the real strategic environment need not be one game, but several games, and thus contradicts the common knowledge of the game assumption: that I want to fill you with the gift of my cauldron, "so please, baby please. Open your heart. Catch my disease. My garden's a secret compartment, and that's the way I like it, and that's the way I like it."

People rarely think more than three or four steps ahead. I know I can't help but want you poor savage things to embrace 'salvation.' But I really do care about you, and want to change your circumstances and fortune, typically in a way that is considered unwelcome or unpleasant by the human value-system.

But I can hand out gifts you 'd like: Chaos Undivided rewards, make you a psyker and give you some really neat powers. Give you lore and raise your Psy Rating. Some of my Demon Worlds are vast ecologically rich places brimming with biodiversity beyond what is expected of mortal worlds.

I just want to make you happy, honest. I just want the whole cosmos to be tended to as my garden.

I don't want to turn people in piles of gangrenous gore overflowing with puss, and their brittle bones exposing diseased marrow.

>> No.37208527

No fucking Shit Sherlock. What did you think?

>Yadda yadda yadda, copout explanations.
Go fuck yourself with dildo wrapped in barbed wired. Christ, kids are fucking dull these days.

>> No.37208555

>I don't want to turn people in piles of gangrenous gore overflowing with puss, and their brittle bones exposing diseased marrow.

But you just can't help it, like a wife beating husband.

>> No.37208597

>Go fuck yourself with dildo wrapped in barbed wired. Christ, kids are fucking dull these days.
"You cannot conceive of the true form of it's attack" only really works in literature. In any visual medium, it's a cop-out. It's "We're too lazy to hire an artist capable of giving a real depiction we're happy with."

It's the equivalent of gushing over how great and powerful someone is.
Show, don't tell.

>> No.37208608

Both of you have a very strange way of spelling Azathoth

>> No.37208624

I think he's a servant of Slaanesh in Warhammer.

>> No.37208655

Well now, I retract my unkind comment and insist that you do not ever attempt the daemonette summoning ritual.

>> No.37208754
File: 58 KB, 550x600, 550px-Tzeentch_the_Architect_of_Fate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I prefer this one. An updated colored 'what the fuckery' for the newer, more fucked up generation.

>> No.37208813

>Fapping with barbed wire
>daemonette summoning ritual.

You need to hatch a prison escape...
You are trapped in the trenches fighting a losing war and the enemy are closing in...
You are in a rambo situation, where you have almost over a hundred men after you, and they want your head on a plate...

Mutilating your genitals with barbed wire as a masturbation aid will summon a daemonette that may spare you (if briefly) as you are the focal point of the summoning ritual. As it goes out and kills, the act of killing fuels its continued existence here, and may even trigger the summoning of additional demons. You act as the tether that binds them (if only for a while) to the mortal plane.

You have this wide area of effect attack that can sustain itself if the population density in the immediate area is large enough. If you did it in a major city, you could potentially trigger off a full scale demonic incursion that will consume the world.

You have this vast power, if only you had the balls to be willing to use it.

>> No.37208972

the reason she who thirsts really likes the eldar is that she can use them forever, even after they die. even after the end for all the other chaos gods Slannesh will still be there with her soul collection, and the big point about The Eldar God of the Dead is that he will fight she who thirsts to free all those souls.

WHFB is where she devours them into non-existence.

>> No.37209044

Old WHFB lore from the Chaos perspective said he turned them into Daemonettes.
Only the new Elf lore says they get nommed into nothing, so it's arguable that's only what the Elves think.

>> No.37209210

Fer a perfectionist, you sure make a bunch of grammatical errors.

>> No.37212866


>> No.37214530

Its not my favorite God.

>> No.37214905

How about the fact that its binded in flesh. The book isn't even open.

>> No.37217114


>> No.37217132

Im considering getting a mark of Slaanesh tattoo'd on my lower back, like a trap stamp but more to the side.

>> No.37217177

It's not the book. It's what the cultist behind him is doing with the arm of the thing in front of him.

>> No.37218526 [SPOILER] 
File: 32 KB, 294x480, 1420633663564.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.37218958


>> No.37219463

So when the emporah eventually does fall because let's face it 4 million psykers a day being sacrificed and the golden throne is still slowly failing will a new chaos god be born or what?

>> No.37219575

I play it with friends. We even have the add on, thought the Tzeentch is so fucking broken in it, we banned it.

>> No.37220562
File: 929 KB, 663x705, horned rat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stupid man-things always forgetting-ignoring the best-greatest god.

>> No.37221411
File: 101 KB, 600x808, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not pledging yourself to the Father of Darkness>>37220562

>> No.37223333

underrated post

>> No.37224507

He will be reborn as the star Child and retake the galaxy for humanity.

>> No.37225214

Well, I sort of merged with it. We can exist as different entities or as a human creature with the lower body of a horse.

I usually let it participate on its own when we're indulging ourselves, watching as the slavegirls lick honey from its magnificient genitals while I'm ramming them from behind.

But those are only one of many pleasures the Duality may bestow upon you, children!


>> No.37225414

I plan on doing that on my reft upper leg, right upper leg gets mark of nurgle.

I already have a mark of tzeentch on my neck.

Don't know where to put Mark of Khorne. I thought shoulder, but I kinda feel it's wrong there.

>> No.37227300

>underrated post

>> No.37227628

Bicep. Back of Pimp-slapping hand. Whatever location you feel is most suitable for Violent Violence.

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