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Fate Reforged spoiler time

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He's kinda terrible honestly.

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So, literally Figure of Destiny.

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I dunno. It's effectively a 3/3 for 3, and then on turn 4 you can give it Trample and Lifelink. Figure of Destiny is a good card because it remains a valid threat through the whole game, without costing you extra cards/

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better, last stage can be repeated.

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They're okay for what they are.

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Good point. That's a LITTLE eggs-in-one-basket, but it does make it an "answer me or die" threat if they can boost it by 5 every turn

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Oh come the fuck on, where's our green dragon at Wizards?

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>blue dragon mills
Are you fucking kidding me? It's bad enough as a 6 mana 4/4 but you HAD to shoehorn in milling agai-
>target player
Oh, he feeds your delve cards. That's kind of neat I guess. Still, 6 mana.

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4/4 fliers for 6 aren't terrible in Limited.

Give them an additional useful effect and they become pretty good.

Right here >>37179282

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Yeah, I should refresh before I post.

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Qt314 general

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I almost want to put this in my lifegain deck.

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I love these effects. Interesting twist in that you don't need to sac the creature right away, but it's vulnerable to instant-speed removal, exile, and -X/-X effects

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He may be in the colour of some delve but it's a jeskai symbol on him. His intention was to mill.

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Such a letdown compared to the other mythics, in standard at least. It's too much of a mana investment, and there's too much removal.

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One of the best damage prevention and redirection spells in awhile printed. Wizards gives RED a counterburn spell for it. FUCK YOU GUYS.

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Oh look, it's our mandatory "Strictly better shock" for the block

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As an aggro player, I don't like the idea of Abzan midrange getting a turn 2 3/3.

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Listen to what you're saying though. It's a 3/3 with trample and lifelink that requires you to not play anything else for two turns. In a world where Siege Rhino is an option that is not a wise investment.

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Oh wow, a strictly better shock. That is still worse than lightning bolt, but not STRICTLY worse than lightning bolt.

Bravo wizards.

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Rank the cycle from best to worst.

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I'm annoyed it makes this card a piece of cardboard again.

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Soulfire>Hordechief, Huntman>Torrent>Warden

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Good, that card was for scrub players anyway. There are many undeserved victories out there because that card basically reads "lol I negate your entire turn of combat and redirect all that damage back to you" essentially making damage races unwinnable.
Playing a player in those colour is a nightmare because you have to purposefully slow down your own damage race and not go all out when he has two fucking mana open.

That card is far too good for its cost and deserves the nerf.

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I would have to be down to about five cards in my library before I would consider targeting anyone but myself with the mill trigger. If you're smacking someone in the face with a 4/4 flyer, you've already given up on milling them out.

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>for scrub players
>undeserved victories

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So uh, this is basically a board wipe if used correctly, you just need to get the highest-power creature to attack or block. And it's instant speed. And it hits players too.


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Victory is victory.

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this looks fun. i have a monored control deck i'd love to try it out in.

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I'd say "mill is underrated in Limited", but unless you're going hard on the mill with other cards (or they're Sultai self-mill) you're gonna clown them for 20 dragonpunch before you mill them out.

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And perhaps most importantly, it only costs 3 mana

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Unless you're only attacking with a single creature, you're doing it wrong. Deflecting Palm only stops one source of damage, i.e. one creature or one spell. If you swing in with two, you only get one knocked back. I'm actually thinking of cutting it, it's usually a dead draw.

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Oh my.

Full art when?

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So it looks like W/G Humans got a new friend.

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>Top 4
Only 10 dragonpunchs

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It only works once though, then it just slows all following games to a crawl in fear of it. It's bad game design.

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If you're down to 2 life and have to worry about a Shock (while there's a 4-power creature on the field too), I feel like there must have been a missed opportunity to use Palm. Generally you want to trade up in value, not trade your 2 mana spell for a 1 mana spell right

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I just realized you can delve everything except the thing you want, so in a dedicated deck his ability essentially reads "return target card from your graveyard to your hand."

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But it'll only take 5 dragonpunch to kill them with damage.

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>You cast Deflecting Palm
>Opponent responds with Wild Slash
>Your Deflecting Palm now does squat.

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You always mill 2 before returning, so no.

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Oh shit, I missed that. I thought it was for Wild Slash only

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That requires set up.
Goodluck with that.
There are going to be insanely fast aggressive black/red decks in this format.
That 1 mana guy that deals 1 damage as he attacks, scarhide, tormented hero, monsatary swiftspear, titans strength, spiteful returned, rabblemaster, the new black 4 drop that drains.

The deck is going to be insanely fast, and it will have mogis maurader side board for non black decks.

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>of an opponent's choice
Why? Would "of your choice" be really that overpowered?

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Still better than the white guy.

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delve out your garbage with your delve spells. Your opponents choice isn't going to be as wide after that.

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And since it's the creature dealing the damage, you can play it on a Lifelink creature for huge gains



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four mana to get any lonland card from your graveyard while simultaneously stocking up would have been notably stronger, yes. maybe not OP, but a lot better. plus if you're really commited to delve you can sculpt your yard to make rhat choice much less significant, so it's a build around effect instead of just pure power.

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Yeah, Helen, could you hold my calls, cancel my 1:30, and call Spitemare and Boros Reckoner into my office?

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>target two indestructible creatures
>gutshot ftw

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>Alesha, Who Smiles at Death
This better be the Mardu khan

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Been waiting for delve dude with only B in mana cost for modern Deadguy brew. This isn't it.

Maybe gonna try Soulflayer, which sadly doesn't inherit protections from Mirran Crusader.

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Not the chick from the take an extra turn card... I am disappointed

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Yeah. The Temporal Temptress prolly isn't any named character. We get super pale self mill guy Oh well.

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this is the only good one. it might actually be one of the best cards in limited

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He's really cute

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Fuck off back to a Fluff/Waifu thread, gaywad.

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this right here is fucking bonkers, your opponent declares blockers on something and loses his entire board for 3 mana.

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I-i mean h-he has an interesting activated ability that I will require much of in my deck
be sure to delve out the lands first though

>> No.37180045

this is good, a turn 2 3/3 that can attack right now.

everything else after that is just gravy.

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>be sure to delve out the lands first though
You didn't even read the textbox little fucboi?

>> No.37180063

FoD with some ups and downs.

He doesn't get fit like Figure does, but he picks up rather worthwhile keywords earlier than Figure.

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S-sorry! I was too distracted by sexualizing a Magic card! If only my massive corpulent frame wasn't in the way! But then, that is what everyone with a waifu goes through...

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Let's be honest, that's about the only redeeming quality the card has.
The picture is cute.

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Yeah he has delve
if you do it right, the only lands are ones you might topdeck, so you either get delve fuel or something you want

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bretty good, you can get him out for pretty cheap and he's a 4/5 that gets you shit

I mean seriously, you'll be paying 3 or so mana for a 4/5 that alone is pretty good, but then you get a card back every turn.

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Oh fuck I missed the nonland part

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>Would being able to Mill 2 and Regrowth repeatedly be broken

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A 3 CMC 4/5 is in no way good on its own.

>> No.37180120

His ability doesn't let opponents choose lands, so there's no point in delving away land cards. Read the card next time!

>> No.37180133

That's because that one costs GGG. 2B for a 4/5 is a whole other ballgame.

>> No.37180149

well its a good thing it is an amazing sultai card that both feeds delve, whip, AND gets you a card back.

having a 4/5 body is just an upside.

saying its shit is a very bad mistake, I think it has a place in a whip deck.

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This is the spoiler I've been waiting for all season and I couldn't be more disappointed.

>> No.37180240

So is this effectively an Assclamp?

>> No.37180253

a sort of annoyance for me on this one, goodish card, but.. Abzhan can't decide if they are warriors or soldiers.

>> No.37180267

At first it seemed like Torrent's second ability was very situational. Then I realized it was in delve colors. Very clever design.

Doesn't go infinite with Food Chain though since it's an activated ability.

>> No.37180278

with bolster it creatures a huge problem, eventually the creature must be killed, but at what point? using Citadel seige and bolster cards you can force a removal spell on a creature with this on it, and then draw a huge amount or cards.. or they just let you beat them up with it.

>> No.37180303

I'd rather they reprinted this.

>> No.37180321

With skullclamp, the answer is usually "remove the creature anyway". You just have to bite the bullet and accept that they'll get those cards. But this one? It could be 5+ cards and 5+ life we're talking about. I think the usual answer will be remove the target with the aura on the stack, auras suck

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Jeskai > Abzan > Mardu > Temur > Sultai

>> No.37180340

Shock isn't in standard. It's a good effect to have available.

>> No.37180343

sounds like the player casting was an idiot, you cast this when they are tapped out.

>> No.37180369

I like the flavor of this, fits the abzhan lore very well.

also turn 2 3/3 is good enough really if you get him to trample and lifelink its gravy.

>> No.37180373

Usually having to play around removal like that is an indication that the card is actually pretty bad.

>> No.37180374

If you have to wait until they're tapped out to cast anything, why not cast actual wincons?

>> No.37180386

Of course that's going to work sometimes. I'm not saying the card will never work. But it just seems iffy.

Still, I do like that they are clearly pushing non-blue card advantage. We got this red enchantment with "exile and cast until EoT", green card draw is clearly getting some nice new toys this set, and hell, I'm really liking the spin on BUG card advantage with the mill-regrowth guy.
>white gets nothing so far

>> No.37180391

so unless we get quite a few standard playable dragons.. I think most of the Legendary dragons are rather limp-dick.

mainly the ones that need dragons to really go off, did they really turn the crux of this entire set and the focal point of the entire plane.. into timmy cards?

especially when the next set is "Dragons of Tarkir"

I mean.. really? Dragons of Timmy isn't exactly what I had in mind.

>> No.37180404

white got a better young pyromancer and Soulfire grandmaster.

white got the best cards in the set so far.

>> No.37180408

Not to mention that the card adds nothing to the field by itself. Needs to have a big thing already on the field. Not excited for the uncommons of the set.

>> No.37180409

Not who you're arguing with but I think that card will be just great in Limited. Won't get there in Constructed. Will be played in EDH because green EDH decks take any card draw they can get.

>> No.37180422

I'm talking about card advantage. White still gets none, even though other colors that typically got very little of it are now getting tons of new card draw tricks.

>> No.37180424

Maybe the next set will be the real deal when it comes to dragons.

>> No.37180432

do you really believe that?

they gave us the matriarch's in this set, and most of them are reliant on shitty dragons.

>> No.37180466

>better young pyromancer
I'm skeptical about that. The fact that it costs 3 and that it's white (where most decks that want the effect want it to be blue or red) are big enough downsides that I don't think that the upsides are enough to make it better.

>> No.37180504

It's certainly not going to challenge pyromancer in vintage or legacy.

>> No.37180506

>I'd rather they reprinted [card from Urza's block]

>> No.37180517

The fact that it costs 3 alone makes it undesirable for Legacy imo. Maybe Vintage will get a kick out of it though.

Overall, this feels like a Ken Nagle set through and through. A good deal of cards that on first sight seem like they could be really, one or two will prove to be bombs in eternal formats, but there's nothing particularly exciting about the design as a whole and I'm not excited to draft this. It's just a very, very boring set so far.

>> No.37180519

the fact you are skeptical means you've never actually constructed a new, tourny winning deck on your own.

by this I mean you can never think outside the box and construct the "new thing" you are forever thinking in the bounds of what is "tourny playable".

the same people laughed at Jeskai tokens and Blue white Heroic, yet here we are.

>> No.37180521

It might see play in RWU delver lists.
I don't think so, though. One of the reasons Pyro is so great is that you drop him, bolt and probe t3 and you've already got value.

>> No.37180529

This is almost always true for every new card they print. I'd almost always rather they reprint the entire Urza's block.

I missed my chance to draft Urza's Saga because I was too poor at the time. And I also didn't know drafts existed.

>> No.37180532

Who plays white in vintage?

>> No.37180548

Even Memory Jar?

>> No.37180560

Don't really care either way.

Could see them printing enemy color legendary dragons for each clan.

A timmy friend of mine who bought a set of Crucible of Flames in anticipation of Khans is gonna be hella disappointed if there will be no Dragonspeaker Shaman reprint, that's for sure.

>> No.37180593

Especially Memory Jar. I play it in a casual deck. Don't judge me, I only threw it in when I realized the deck really needed some help. Yes, it's Memory Jar in a Dimir mill deck.

>> No.37180596

you can mill yourself for treasure crusing.

>> No.37180598

I'd rather they reprinted this.

>> No.37180627

I like this card in amazing in limited because it allows you to curve out just by itself. I lets you play something on turn 1, have a creature that's beating every morph on turn 2 then play your own morph for turn 3. If you still don't have anything you spend your mana on, giving it keywords is pretty good especially with all the green/white pump that is in Khans.
Even drawn later int he game, a 3 mana 3/3 is always gonna be relevant in a format with morphs.

>> No.37180630

never, ever.

>> No.37180664

Dredge runs Sun Titan.
That counts, right? They could in theory hardcast it.

>> No.37180669

Another case of pretty artwork going on a mediocre to poor card.

Nothing to get excited about so far, save for MAYBE Soulfire.

>> No.37180685

Giving reanimator outs in modern for GY hate mite b cool.
Wait, nevermind. Modern doesn't support reanimation anyways. My bad.

>> No.37180729


Shaman of the Great Hunt is the best overall because it does something the turn you play it, activates Ferocious, and has a reasonably-costed draw ability. I see him as part of token strategies and GR Monsters.

Brutal Hordechief is pretty powerful as a closer for Warrior and other tokens strategies. The drain/gain for each creature is deceptively powerful, and again, can be useful the turn you play it if you already have guys.

Soulfire Grand Master is a hard one to figure. It is very much a card that you would build around, rather than something that slots into an existing deck. I'd say it'll do best in RW burn builds, but it has the problem of doing absolutely nothing the turn you drop it, unless you've got mana up after her for a burn spell.

Warden of the First Tree is potentially a turn 2 3/3, but I don't like the idea of sinking so much mana and turns building this guy up when he's got no way to protect himself. Great in Christmasland Scenarios when your opponent has no removal, but otherwise a bit subpar.

Torrent Elemental is a very cool card, but I don't know what deck wants it. The ability to blow all the blockers down is great, but at the same time, does nothing the turn you play it. As a control finisher, I'm honestly not sure that this is better than the UB dragon.

>> No.37180731

Never, ever because it's reserved.

>> No.37180734

It's a bit too washed out, the art simply doesn't stand out.

Art altogether isn't too exciting this set. Everything is fairly generic and all done in the same style. Terese Nielsen save us from this flat uninspired shit.

>> No.37180751

Magma Spray kinda fit its slot tho.

>> No.37180756

Wait, reserved list covers Urza block too?
Man, I thought it didn't.

>> No.37180763

they aren't printing cards for your EDH deck alone, you fucking hipster.

>> No.37180782

Well I may actually be able to build delve now. His ability essentially is just "give me the last non land card I haven't delved", which can be good in a lot of situations. Him, Nec Fiend, and Flayer will do well together. Probably gonna have sagu maulers in there just for something for flayer to get trample/hexproof from.

>> No.37180784

Yes. No more Gaea's Cradle ever again.

>> No.37180792

It stood out to me BECAUSE it was a bit washed out. It's not a samey, digitally-crisp image of "x-colored dragon destroys y-number of buildings".

It's a break from the typical artwork of the set that felt refreshing. Like someone was actually trying to do something interesting.

>> No.37180801

>paying 3
I think you mean 1. Dedicated delve should never pay more than 2 for this fucker, 1 would be preferable.

>> No.37180803

Magma spray can't target players

>> No.37180818

As a RDW player, I've been tempted to run Mama Spray many times but the inability to hit players was a major deterrent

>> No.37180822

>set named for dragons
>time reversal shenanigans on a world with extinct dragons
>2/3s of set already fitting into the ratio between phyrexian/mirran cards in scars
>no dragons in last set

Really, buddy?

>> No.37180823

This guy is good. 1 mana for a 4/5 is already good considering you can't Stoke him and he blocks Rhino all day, but that mana dump is insane. It doesn't matter that much that your opponent gets to choose, because it's just a mana dump that gets you free cards.

>> No.37180836

This is how the list actually works
>s-sorry master. Expensive Op cards never again, we never again, we promise, don't hit us master, please, please!!
Namely Wotc is beta as cuckolds.

>> No.37180860

no GOOD dragons.

they will all be overcosted due to flying, beyond the legendaries.

>> No.37180877


Uh, I'm bad at magic. Is there any interaction with pic related?

>> No.37180887

no, the spell makes the damage come from the creature.

well there is interaction.. if Soulfire is the target.

>> No.37180898

No because Arc Bond says the creature deals the damage, not the instant.

>> No.37180904

Nope, Arcbond states that the creature deals damage. Not the spell itself. On the other hand, that means you'll get life back if the creature has lifelink, so I could see it being kind of okay with the lifelink prowess guy.

You can still use Soulfire's second ability to send Arcbond back to hand should you so desire.

>> No.37180907

In which case, Student of the Way is a better target because he becomes a 3/3

>> No.37180916

How is a 4/4 flier with an ability for 6 is not a bad thing in Limited (which is what WotC focuses on most, as you know), and is passable in slower standard environments.

>> No.37180921


>at some point in design either the black or the red one costed 3 CMC.

>> No.37180929

Panicbutton against green decks: Arcbond + Crater Claws your Seeker of the Way.

Guess not, takes so much mana.

>> No.37180949

you mean seeker of the way, I suppose.

and yes he's much more throw-away than soulfire, and this would be huge, you could get 10+ life.

>> No.37180956

It's an instant so just block their fatty genesis hydra and Arcbond your seeker. No need to get cute with it.

I don't see this making waves in Constructed though. Maybe at best as a SB card against green.

>> No.37180960


Here's the thing. You gonna run burn as removal? This is better than Strike for the mana. Almost nothing worthwhile is 3 toughness. Everything is either 2 toughness or less and something you want to get rid of immediately (Rabblemaster, Favored Hoplite, Red One Drops, Elvish Mystic) or its 4 toughness. The only relevant 3 toughness guy is Mantis, and he's fallen way out of favor (And will stay out of favor because of the continuing necessity of Bile Blight).

>> No.37180979

Mantis is 3 toughness, assuming you don't mean Giant or Tangle Mantises.

>> No.37180990

deals 3 from seeker (more with more casted spells) then deals whatever damage dealt the seeker to everything, say a 5/5 , so you get 3 lifelink, then 5 life link for each creature.

seems like really good tech against whip decks.

>> No.37180997

Did you get halfway through that post and just give up on reading it?

>> No.37181019

Urzas Block was the last block the reserved list applied to - but weatherlight was the last set with "every rare in the set goes on the reserved list". They became a lot more selective with cards to reserve after that, until they decided "starting with Mercadian Masques, no new stuff goes on the reserved list - but what was on stays on"

Show and Tell isn't on the list.

>> No.37181034

Oh yeah it's definitely good when everything goes according to keikaku. You can't always count on keikaku in Magic.
(keikaku means plan)

>> No.37181044

Yes, that probably happened.

>> No.37181050

you aren't going to cast it till they block anyways, and at that point, unless they burn a removal spell, its ogre.

and if we second guess every god damn plan we have while playing we end up like L.

>> No.37181080


>mfw repeatable 5 CMC lifelink shocks to trigger my Prowess's effects and Jeskai Ascendancy.

Too bad damage prevention isn't a relevant ferocious effect.

>> No.37181083

What I'm saying is you need a Seeker, you need to be attacked by a fatty that doesn't trample, they need to not have removal, and you need to be confident you will recover from this board wipe faster than them lest your life advantage be made completely irrelevant.

That's a lot of things that have to go right. Then again, the life swing is huge and it would also damage your opponent so it's still a good play. Just one I find inconsistent. One of those combat tricks that's a complete blowout when it works, but I would never maindeck the card and I'd be really cautious about bringing it in in most matchups.

>> No.37181122

so...if you cast it twice on two indistructible creatures it flames everything for one billion damage, right?

but if you just cast two of them on mundane creatures it just echoes until the thougher one is dead right?

>> No.37181134

Wait hold on I just realized you don't have to cast it on one of your guys. You can cast it on any creature on the battlefield. So this might be great in some Jeskai Burn strategy as a ghetto board wipe. Also fucks up Hornet Queens.

>> No.37181146 [DELETED] 


>> No.37181158

>casting two on two seperate seeker of the ways after two blocks either way

do I gain infinite life?

>> No.37181161

Damage bounces between the two, dealing collateral on every pass to everything else in play. This goes on until one player dies.

>> No.37181172

No, because the Seekers will die and damage will stop bouncing. Unless you make them indestructible somehow.

>> No.37181173

jesus christ

>> No.37181187


now what?

>> No.37181201

Remember me?

>> No.37181202

I.. I don't know anymore anon.

>> No.37181233

+seeker of the way or anything really

seems like a cute instant kill.

>> No.37181248

So if you have Avacyn and Boros Reckoner and True Conviction in play and howl of the horde an arcbond on one of your guys you're gaining triple infinite life and turbokilling everything until all opponents ded.

Broken combo piece nerf now.

>> No.37181281

Be careful when using Arcbound guys

Lifelink life-gain doesn't trigger until after state-based actions are checked, so if Arcbound kills you first then you don't gain the life and you lose.

>> No.37181296

well good thing its not all one lump sum, so you gain life after each 'pass' of arcbound.

>> No.37181307

>'instant kill lightning intensifing'

>> No.37181308

But that's false, lifelink is immediate and happens at the same time damage is dealt. You're thinking of Spirit Link, something that hasn't been relevant since 5th ed.

>> No.37181420

So whats this nigga gonna do

>> No.37181421

Hey guys, after seeing some of the Marduu spoilers and the warrior sub-theme that KtK has, I started brewing my own BW Warrior Modern/Casual tribal deck. I would love to have my fellow anons opinion on it, if you could please;

*For the Horde!!!*
Bloodsoaked Champion x3
Battle Brawler x3
Mardu Strike Leader x3
Mardu Hateblade x3
Seeker of the Way x3
Mardu Hordechief x3
Chief of the Edge x3
Chief of the Scale x3
Spear of Heliod x1
Dictate of Heliod x1
Oblivion Ring x2
Raider's Spoils x2
Zealous Persecution x3
Rush of Battle x3
Godless Shrine x4
Isolated Chapel x4
Caves of Koilos x4
Vault of the Archangel x2
Contested War Zone x2
Plains x4
Swamps x4
Whip of Erebos x1
Mortify x2
Hideous Visage x2
Brutal Hordechief x3
Timely Hordemate x3
Mardu Shadowspear x3

>> No.37181428

>Lifelink life-gain doesn't trigger
Fixed that for you. It doesn't trigger because it's not a trigger.

Please stop making rules clarifications if you're not sure on the rules. It's like those guys in Ask A Judge who take it upon themselves to answer questions and just give wrong answers all the time with the utmost confidence. It just contributes to /tg/ being bad at Magic.

>> No.37181466

it's shit

>> No.37181472

The Dunning-Kruger effect at work. Too bad physchology only gives us a name for the phenomenon, not a way to deal with it.

>> No.37181475

Play 4-ofs
Don't play Khans commons
That's not a sideboard, it's "stuff I couldn't fit in the maindeck

>> No.37181478

probably some fight shit, who knows, it'll be a ferocious trigger or somthing.

also I think all of them are females.

>> No.37181481


Am I crazy to think this is good enough for main 60? It feeds the graveyard, isn't symmetrical and isn't useless in multiple copies. Also, the second effect is bonkers against Jeskai.

>> No.37181489


Sure main deck it.

In an aggro deck naming the Dragons side

>> No.37181515

how do you know that

>> No.37181517

Can I delve his commander bonus cost?

>> No.37181548

Could you be more constructive in you criticism, please? Saying it's shit doesn't really help.

Four of WHICH different cards? Also, if I get rid of the commons, what one drops should I play? Namely, Battle Brawler?

>> No.37181551


It's clearly a cycle and the costs go 1, 2, 4, 4, 5. They love do either have all the cards in a cycle having the same cost, or progressively larger ones. Just like the Khans from last set, for instance.

>> No.37181636

But the khans from the last set are also CMC 3, 4, 5, 5 and 6, aren't they?

>> No.37181663

>702.65. Delve
>702.65a Delve is a static ability that functions while the spell with delve is on the stack. "Delve" means "For each generic mana in this spell’s total cost, you may exile a card from your graveyard rather than pay that mana." The delve ability isn’t an additional or alternative cost and applies only after the total cost of the spell with delve is determined.
Since the commander tax is part of the total cost, I believe you could. I'm not 100% on this but close enough that I feel it's worth answering.

There was recently a brew on the mothership that used a sphere of resistance to boost the mana cost of Soulflayer so he could delve more creatures with it, the same principle should apply here.

>> No.37181776

Some are too fugly to be females, that one is clearly a mtf.
The GW one is a cboy

>> No.37181852

Lifelink was a triggered ability that stacked with itself for about a year after it became a keyword.

So was Deathtouch.

>> No.37181905

mindscour looks pretty neat for sultai whip

>> No.37181907


No, you just suck.

>> No.37181925

this looks like it'll be a beast in limited

>> No.37181936

>ferocious trigger
I shouldn't have laugh at that

>> No.37181949

This is seriously badass. Im putting this ina ton of my casual constructed decks

You're insane, right? figure of destiny says hi

>> No.37181954

No, there's a fucking reason Armadillo Cloak was never reworded as lifelink.
The same with Deathtouch and a slew of old Basilisks and Cockatrices that have different destroy triggers.

>> No.37181968

Why not just have the level up mechanic?

>> No.37181981

Are you new to magic

>> No.37182014

Yes, until 2010. You're five years late with your rulings. If you're not able to keep up with rules that were changed five years ago, I would advise you don't hand out rules clarifications.

>> No.37182028

the reson armadillo cloak was never reworded was because if you enchanted an opponent's creature, you still gain the life. there was a brief time when lifelink was a trigger, and a slew of cards had their oracle wording changed, then it was made not a trigger and all of the oracle was reverted, because it otherwise would have been a change in functionality. loxodon warhammer was in a core set during this period and is the only card that was originally a trigger but now grants lifelink, because it was printed with lifelink.

>> No.37182046

I just play all the lifelink triggered abilities as static abilities anyway and no one seems to notice or care. I had Exalted Angel in my EDH deck for the longest time and no one said shit about it.

>> No.37182070

that's probably because 90% of the time the difference isn't relevant

>> No.37182073

because its a reference to this.
also, new at magic.

>> No.37182098

No one cares because the only time it matters is when the combat is lethal for you, and trust me if you play competitive people will notice.

>> No.37182143

If he knows about Level Up, he's sadly older than most of /tg/.

>> No.37182161


It's not my fault if you're new at Magic.

I'm not the person who gave the incorrect advice about Arcbound, you smug asshole.

>> No.37182171

Don't the card designers get to request certain artists and art? Why did this designer write "draw a 1/1 human" and not "make something as badass as this >>37182073"

>> No.37182172

>reference nearly 5-year-old mechanic
>look like newfag
magic is a strange and hateful creature

>> No.37182175

I'm smug if I want people to stop giving out completely false rulings on /tg/?

>> No.37182183

Because if it were level up then you couldn't repeat the last ability

>> No.37182194

MaRo said the average player stays in the game for around 2 years.

5 years is considered a long time in Magic now. It shouldn't be, but it is.

>> No.37182218

the creative team does that, the designers get to request jack shit. also art, card concepts etc. shift throughout production, so the art could have been intended for a cht card, a mechanically very different card initially, or they just didn't want some weird surrealist shit in their tarkir.

>> No.37182223

...Because mechanics are not used in spot amounts outside of supplemental product.

>> No.37182224

It's not my fault you live in a decade ago.
I bet you screamed about how damage should be stacked every time someone kicked your ass in combat.

>> No.37182254

>cht card
that was "cut card" but my phone ate it

>> No.37182264

thats for promo art to come, I suppose.

>> No.37182273

Because if they can, everyone will be requesting Terese Nielsen in her trippy abstract-ey pictures.

>> No.37182326

I think the black one is pretty solid.

>> No.37182354

in limited, it's not terrible, but losing your six mana dude to kill a three mana dude is not the model of efficiency

>> No.37182358

Shaman > Soulfire > Hordechief = Warden > Torrent

All are pretty good though, I like them all.

>> No.37182389

Wizards did art style standardization sometime around 2010. This basically said you couldn't do anything that was too "fancy" art wise, but instead keep it simple and "realistic".

This is why artist like Richard Kane Ferguson and Rebecca Guay were dropped.

>> No.37182443

Your grandkids are wimps.

>> No.37182463

so it seems jeskai and uw control have new possible finishers in the form of soulfire+lightning strike/wild strike and monastery master. I don't really like monastery master for that at all but I think soulfire might be a decent replacement for the PLA+radiant fountain lifegain engine the duocolored control decks currently employ

>> No.37182542

I still can't get over how nuts this card is.

The only thing that bothers me is that it's more useful with Lifelink and Deathtouch creatures, ie non-red decks

>> No.37182561

almost like it wants to be in mardu.
weird huh.

>> No.37182569


If only BWR had any kind of support this standard.

>> No.37182589

But muh mana base! The whole point of playing RDW was needing only Mountains!

>> No.37182590

Another card for my Animar EDH deck, sweet.

Gotta say I really like the cards spoiled so far. Playable cards all around.

>> No.37182596

And MTG would be in a better place for it. I am personally getting a little tired of photorealistic styles (I'm looking at you, fan favorite Steve Argyle). I want more Rebecca Guay and Terese Nielsen, and Wayne Reynolds is awesome too at times.


>> No.37182605

Hey, I liked him in limited, blocking things all day erry day.
Why is Terese Nielsen so best artist. She can swap styles, do beautiful landscapes, interesting compositions etc etc.

>> No.37182612

How come the 4 dual colored common instants haven't been posted yet?

>> No.37182636

Because they suck, and were posted in a previous thread.

Just kidding, one or two are playable. Go, and post them brave anon!

>> No.37182641

Because they're crap and commons?

>> No.37182655

There are 5 anon.

>> No.37182670


The blue green one isnt on mythic spoiler

>> No.37182685

This is the only one I like. Might even put it in my modern B/W aggro deck instead of Pillories.

I am looking at 4 here anon. Maybe Mythic is behind?

>> No.37182686

Ethereal Ambush? Yeah it is.

>> No.37182701

Yes it is? It got spoiled couple days ago.

>> No.37182704

> not liking twerk-off
war flare's pretty decent too

>> No.37182707

I can't really figure out what's going on in this art.

>> No.37182722

wasn't that one in the fucking rules article on the mothership?

anons are losing it.

>> No.37182729

giant spirit men are absorbing a dead dragons essence

>> No.37182732

three abzan guys have fasioned a dragon carcass into a bastion against the desert for their giant planter

>> No.37182738

Three guys are channeling energy from a dragon to build a sand castle for their cute little bonzai trees.

>> No.37182744

Looks like a group of people absorbing the life-force (or something of the sort) of a dead animal they found and using it to grow some plants to sustain themselves.

>> No.37182748

I'm really, really wanting to try creating a Mardu Token deck with some of these cards coming out in Fate

>> No.37182750

Those giant dudes (?) are making a mountain so that their base can't be seen.

>> No.37182758

3 abzan carpenters making the Dragon Throne of Tarkir.

>> No.37182778


Firefox testing out a new symbol

>> No.37182786

it's an abzan ink-blot

>> No.37182787

Dovakiin absorbing a dragon soul

>> No.37182790

Abzan beach party. They're making a sand castle and a sand dragon. Later they'll play volleyball!

>> No.37182792

three dudes and a shitload of dragon sperms.

>> No.37182807

I like the green-black toughness-fighting one, but only because I love on-theme removal in my Doran EDH deck.

>> No.37182808

Can I fwoosh the sand dragon to make it a glass dragon?

>> No.37182820


Giant guys kill a dragon who was the building's best friend

>> No.37182821


The Fremen harvesting water from the Shai-Hulud only knows what that they just killed.

>> No.37182823

No, you might hurt the bonzai trees we brought with us.

>> No.37182833

Three dudes are life-draining a crippled dragon. wtf is your problem

>> No.37182858

Too bad. I want to fwoosh something, and it is either the tree or the dragon.

>> No.37182876

I want to put this on a siege rhino

>> No.37182898

Three Abzan putting the hollow carcass of a dragon to good use as a hookah.

>> No.37182951


>> No.37182957

>kill my rhino or take trample damage, and if you kill my rhino, heal me for 5 and let me draw 5, faggot

i like it.

>> No.37182976


Gonna draft some Mardu Blazebringers and look for these

>> No.37183002

Soulfire is by and far the absolute best, you can put her out turn 2, and essentially turn your shocks into helixes for R. Not to mention in the mid game you can recycle your shocks which is fucking amazing, continuously burning while healing? Broken.

Torrent Elemental is also pretty insane. The attack effect seems slow and probably won't be able to get it's effect out much, but being able to delve it then cast it is fucking brutal. Again, recycling resources. Not bad.

Brutal Hordechief is pretty meh compared to Soulfire, I just like to think of him as similar to Soulfire except for attacking creatures. If Mardu becomes fast tokens, which I hope it does cus they seem to have a lot of goblin token generation/warrior token spawns coming soon, he could be brutal.

Shaman makes all your creatures into Innistrad vampires? meh, being a 4/2 haste for 4 is pretty good though, and his card draw is absolutely fucking ridiculous. He's gonna be pretty good in G/R and Temur.

I really want to like Warden, I really do. His art and armor looks fucking sick, the flavor is cool as hell, giving us a W/B/G pseudo level up is cool, but it's just not there for me. G for 1/1 is mediocre, 2G for a 3/3 warrior is also mediocre, 7 for a 3/3 warrior with trample/lifelink is terrible, but if you can get him to his final form he can just get infinitely stronger. It takes too long to do that though. Maybe if Abzan gets some cool mana ramping, he might make it. Doubt it though.

Overall, I think it's safe to say:

1. Grand Master
2. Shaman
3. Elemental
4. Hordchief
5. Commons
6. Warden

>tfw Abzan will only be good because of rhino, not cus of the cool soldiers

>> No.37183021

>not putting it on your durdle turtle

>> No.37183035

Or I block it with a rhino of my own. Forever.

But it gets exiled.

>> No.37183044

>put it on durdle turtle
>turtle attacks, gets exiled
>aura falls off

>> No.37183047

hordechief's damage can be direct at planeswalkers, pretty huge as this occurs before blockers.

>> No.37183065

for what purpose?

>> No.37183076

>Hordechief's damage
I really hope you're the same person as this >>37183021 so that I can laugh at you harder.

>> No.37183077

helix is 3 and 3

>> No.37183086

except it can't, because it's not damage.

>> No.37183104

To sacrifice it with your Kheru Dreadmaw, of course.
Yay retarded combo !

>> No.37183127

Ah you're right, my bad, i was thinking of the old burn that was R for 3 burn. but still, 2 for 2 not bad, especially if you can recycle it early game.

Not to mention spells that only hit creatures, or god forbid, searing blood. That is going to be brutal.

>> No.37183131

>Rank the cycle from best to worst.
B > G > W > R >>>>>>> U
Torrent Elemental is so shit.

>> No.37183157

You have to realize it is in the color of delve

which means you can delve it and cast it, it's essentially a misthollow griffin but with a board tap on attack

>> No.37183196

>he doesn't think Soulfire grandmaster won't see the most constructed play

I find it incredibly insulting you think the green one is better than soulfire too, by the way.

>> No.37183223

>green anywhere but the worst

it's shit and im pissed cus abzan is my clan

>> No.37183259

How would you rate the Tarkir clans, overall?

Abzan > Sultai > Jeskai > Temur > Mardu

I mostly like Abzan because of the subtheme of toughness-matters, which is awesome for my Doran EDH deck.

>> No.37183291

>talk of EDH viablity

fucking dropped.

>> No.37183313

Jeskai > Abzan > Mardu > Sultai > Temur

>> No.37183371

If we're going by EDH then they're all equal because every single card is playable in casual.

In the real world:
Jeskai > Sultai > Mardu > Abzan > Temur

>> No.37183390

Jeskai > Sultai > Abzan > Mardu > Temur.

Flavor, though?
Abzan > Temur > Jeskai > Mardu > Sultai.

>> No.37183426

I know, I know, fun isn't allowed here. I'll go back to netdecking and playing Islands in legacy anon, thanks for opening my eyes.

>> No.37183451

Frankly, that's what I love about it the most. It's a really beautiful WBR design.

>> No.37183454


There aren't any decks that benefit enough from Grand Master. It's a classically overhyped card. A lifelink bear that staples life gain to burn spells and has an ability that only becomes viable a dozen turns in isn't good enough. Everyone's just excited about the unique ability we haven't seen before.

>> No.37183473

Fuck you, cat demons and naga in Cambodian pleasure palaces have best flavour.

You're just sultai.

>> No.37183476

my nigga, Abzan stand united

I think mardu are probably mechanically stronger than abzan tho, i think mechanically it's

Jeskai > Sultai > Temur > Mardu > Rakdos > Kithkin > Abzan

wish abzan wasn't so reliant on the fucking rhino man

>> No.37183480

What the hell is that image supposed to be

>> No.37183484

So I don't play much EDH, but these new legendary creatures can or can not be considered 3 colored? Because they would surely be shit commanders otherwise.

>> No.37183510

Favorite race/cultures in Tarkir flavor?

I'm really liking the Orcs, especially the Abzan Orcs, but the hounds are really fucking cool too. Longshot Squad has some of my favorite art in the set right now.

>> No.37183516

>.gif for ants
>in the age of .webm
>1.48 mb
>not even clear what the spaceman is doing

>> No.37183551

jeskai tokens called it wants to call you a tremendous faggot

fuck off you hipster cock muncher

>> No.37183555

But fun is allowed. That's why we don't allow EDH.

Also posting
>muh EDH
to every new spoiler adds nothing to the discussion. We get it, it's cool for your personal deck. Are we supposed to give a shit? How are we supposed to respond to that?

Every card is playable in EDH. Saying you found one doesn't mean much.

>> No.37183562

Yes, they count as 3 colored but it's pretty sweet that you can still use the abilities in 2 colors.

>> No.37183573

color identity in regard to edh includes activated abilities too

>> No.37183579

3 colored for EDH.

But in real Magic, you can just splash one of the hybrid colors.

>> No.37183600

nigger you can recycle cards late game when you have too much mana its the fucking best

>> No.37183604

I agree. Aggro-burn decks do not want to slow down their game plan for incidental lifegain, while Seeker of the Way is better in the mirror as he can get huge.

If anything, Soulfire might show up in Jeskai control (or maybe even Mardu control) where burn is used for spot removal rather than going to dome, and you are in a better position to buyback spells since you are aiming for the long game.

>> No.37183608

it seems like it'd be a sideboard card in jeskai tokens since that deck hardly ever gets above 5 or 6 mana and the only life point that really matters is the last one

>> No.37183655

Then my question is why can you use extort cards in the commander 2014 for mono black? Color identity with those symbols gets weird.

>> No.37183659

I guess you just don't get it, do you faggot.

do you get it now? with ascendancy out, and with 3 tokens+her, you get to do this.

I know this is hard for your dumb nigger ape brain, but try and figure out why this is good in Jeskai tokens.

just try, for me.

>> No.37183671

Extort is a keyword. Splice symbol is in reminder text. Crypt Ghast for example is monoblack identity.

>> No.37183703

I have a hard time seeing how 4 extra life helps a token strategy close out a game.

>> No.37183719

this is going to be such a fucking amazing turn 4/5 play, seriously.

have 3 tokens minimum and grand master out, have ascendancy out

pay for her retreive ability, convoke the stoke, retreive stoke, all creatures untap from stoke being played....

play stoke again with convoke, this is of course after looting twice and triggering ascendancy twice.

now attack, you have a minimum of a 4/4 life linker, and 3 3/3's

this is a lethal swing, you also healed for 8, then 4.

>> No.37183725

I can pay 6 mana, which the deck doesn't hit every game, for a recurring 4 damage?

Fucking wow.

>> No.37183737


it lets you cast stoke the flames every turn+triggering ascendancy, for just 4 mana.

you can also get rid of the stoke entirely and just cast it twice that turn, it turns jeskai tokens into a defensive burn deck, because you just fire your Stoke gun every turn.

>> No.37183750

4 mana.

you ment to say 4 mana, for a recurring 4 heal and deal, that also boosts all your creatures including the soulfire

>> No.37183761

Also goes infinite with 8 dudes, 4 of which tap for mana. Like it's ever gonna happen.

>> No.37183764

thats pretty christmas-land, m8. what are you doing with your cool prowess-less bear with the mad useful lifelink in an aggro strategy when your board isnt full at turn 6 and what are you replacing in the deck for it?

>> No.37183767

i'm almost positive soulfire's ability cost is 4.

>> No.37183776

... christmas land is 3 cards?

are you on fucking drugs? I regurally win FNM with my jeskai ascendancy combo, and thats a 4 card combo.

>> No.37183778

Kind of annoyed why these have clan markings when they are mono-colour & don't push the clan mechanics.

Otherwise, I like 4/4 flyers for 6. GREEN even gets one!

>> No.37183797

the seekers of the way get swapped out, as soulfire does more shit in the deck.

and turn 6? what?

you mean turn 4 or 5 right?

>> No.37183814

Those aren't the clan markings.

>> No.37183847

It's Momentous Fall as an arua. Skullclamp is repeatable, but this can get you pretty big card advantage with one use.

>> No.37183863

Then what's that faded symbol on the text-box? A Rorshach ink blot?

>> No.37183884

the dragons markings, which the clans got from the dragons.

>> No.37183888

They're dragon markings instead, based around the dragon factions that will appear in Dragons of Tarkir.

>> No.37183894

Do you need your eyes checked? They aren't the same symbols.

>> No.37183895

Those are the seperate dragon markings. Note they are slightly different than the clans' markings.

>> No.37183906

that's not just 3 cards, thats a minimum of 4 creatures, one of which is 2 toughness along with 2 other specific cards. Now, you're probably not gonna be able to double stoke and swing with a bunch of guys on the turn you drop soulfire and pretty much any deck that doesnt have removal while jeskai tokens has 4 guys and ascendency on the board is gonna lose anyway. What does soulfire add when jeskai tokens isnt gonna win anyway

>> No.37183944

this convo is over, enjoy being beat by it later and still not giving it any credit.

I beat faggots that say the same shit about nearly every "not yet in a tourny deck" card, and always rub it in their idiotic faces when it proves viable and gets used by the pro's.

and they always reply with "well its still pretty bad..."

>> No.37183966

Skullclamp is what happens when you don't test

>> No.37183981

OK, brand new RDW hot off the presses:

4 Outpost Siege
4 Goblinslide
4 Hordeling Outburst
4 Tormenting Voice
4 Arcbond
16 various burn spells
20 Mountain

Rate from 0 to awesome pls

>> No.37183988

>faggots that say the same shit about nearly every "not yet in a tourny deck" card
and nearly every "not yet in a tourny deck" doesn't make it to viability
taking shots in the dark as to which cards are good or not isn't any better than blanket pessimism
a card needs a deck around it, and the deck will have a lot of moving parts

>> No.37183992

dude i'm trying to discuss what the card adds to the deck and youre acting like im vividly describing the way i shit in your lunch. I just think getting that hyped up about a new card is a good way to get turbo-jewed

>> No.37184004

0/10 in any format.

>> No.37184010

When the time comes that you can cast stoke for free, you are closing the fucking game right there right now. Soulfire is a win more card.

>> No.37184016

i'm talking about cards like treasure cruise, seeker of the way, jeskai ascendancy, siege rhino, goblin rabblemaster, swiftspear, and thats just from this set.

there was always a faggot like you telling me they were utter shit, and they were always wrong later, but never admitted it.

that is what you are, you are that faggot.

>> No.37184030

I can cast stoke for free with one hordling outburst and soulfire.

thats turn 3 nigger.

>> No.37184034

and why the fuck wouldn't you want to win more?

I don't know about you, but i want to win all the time, fag.

>> No.37184038

>these and the dragon matrons all hsve slightly different symbols
>clans will be replaced by dragon broods in DTK
>watermarks will change as appropriate
>they have the brood watermarks just because they're dragons

>> No.37184048

So I have 16 Savage Knuckleblades now. $20 when?

>> No.37184050

I think you'd be better off playing Purphoros over Outpost Siege.

>> No.37184065

Rabblemaster was M15 you nigger.

>> No.37184071

This guy

>> No.37184073

Also Rebecca Guay & Margaret Organ-Kean

<- Compare this with http://magiccards.info/c14/en/86.html

>> No.37184079

I chuckled.

>> No.37184088

I think it's in there for the possible card advantage, not the LTB effect.

>> No.37184133

No the commander tax can never be reduced from the cost.

>> No.37184142

That explains a lot for me. Going on my 4th year of playing and it seems most other players just lack the play experience

>> No.37184145

I think it's there for a little bit of both.

>> No.37184152

none of those cards need complicated, specific boardstates to be good. they all either accrue value quickly or are extremely efficient
I don't think soulfire's place is in jeskai tokens, I think if it's used, it'll be in slower tempo builds and in control as a sideboard tech against aggro

>> No.37184156

Let's take your example and switch Soulfire with Seeker.
There's no difference, because if you're going to alpha strike after that you certainly can cast one or two more shit with the 4 mana instead of lifegain.

Will there be time when Soulfire is better than Seeker? Sure, only when you only have one card in your hand, and that card have to be Stoke. This is a loot and cruise deck, there's only a small chance that you're pushed to the edge like that..

>> No.37184164

>they were always wrong later, but never admitted it.
The fuck am I supposed to do, make a thread beating my breast tearing sackcloth in penance for being wrong? I was wrong on jeskai ascendancy, k sure, my intuition was right on Knuckleblade, you win some you lose some. Doesn't mean you should go frothing at th mouth yelling faggot everywhere

>I can cast stoke for free with one hordling outburst and soulfire.
all the scenarios he was quoting were 'free' in the sense of nothing being tapped. if you have 4 bodies on board, an ascendancy, and a stoke in hand... yeah, i'd say it doesn't especially matter what that fourth body is

>> No.37184182

I guess we'll see soon enough.
i'll be right here, ready to laugh at you, like I did those other faggots every time too.

>> No.37184366

>I'm really, really wanting to try creating a Mardu Token deck with some of these cards coming out in Fate

I started building one before spoiler season started casual not EDH singleton.
>mfw suddenly Mardu token support.

>> No.37184692

Jesus christ, WOTC is retarded beyond belief

>> No.37184706

>New clamp
Am a lil cukboi pls breed my wife.

>> No.37184715

>tfw full playset of coursers and caryatids
>poly k
>siege rhinos
>double roc
>mardu tokens looks like so much fun to play
Should I jump the Abzan ship?

>> No.37184783

>double roc

why am i reminded of chicken twins.

>> No.37184830

Rebecca Guay has done art recently. Nyx-Fleece Ram is one of hers, and is really fucking pricey in foil because of it.

>> No.37184881

that seems entirely playable in UW heroic now that I give it a good look

I mean I don't think I will run it but I could see it be run in SB

>> No.37184946

I think its funny just to make their counter spells and shit cost 5, and their downfalls and shit as well.

>> No.37184957

So this is how they're doing common dragons.

>> No.37184986

>shitty Lava Axe
Not even once.

>> No.37184992


>> No.37184993

this is fucking awful.

>> No.37185006

yes, see

>> No.37185064

Terese N

>> No.37185083


>> No.37185090

I dont think that has any effect on counters, they dont target you or a permanant you control, they target a spell you control

>> No.37185517


You'd be fucking retarded to buy in when it's 20+ right now.

It's an eight-dollar mythic at best.

>> No.37185723

anon, I don't buy singles, I buy whole boxes early (release night) and sell them immediately for profit, so long as the set has money cards.

this is why I go for, and gun for wins at pre-releases and then fnm's, our store has a huge turn out, so a win is a box easy.

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