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What enemy would make your players shit their pants harder if it turned up in your Space RPG?

Xenomorphs or Annelids?

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Google is only returning me pictures of earthworms. What are these "annelids" from?

Currently, I'm only seeing generic space-zombie contrasted against the H.R. Giger inspired Freudian nightmare murder machine that has cemented its place among the most iconic movies of the horror, scifi, and monster movie genres.

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Careful, he's going to go all hipster on you for not knowing what they fuck they are.

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Do you know what they are?

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Xenomorph Drones, man

>Virtually immune to small arms fire
>Stronger than an olympic weight lifter
>Faster than Usain Bolt
>Comparable to human intelligence
>Can see in pitch black darkness and track by scent
>Actively adapts its hunting strategy to suit its prey
>Natural +4 to stealth
>Can bite through hardened visors with its tiny mouth
>Can impale you through body armour with its tail
>Can rip you apart with its claws
>Hunts in packs

i would not touch that with a 10ft nope stick

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Unfortunately, Xenomorphs are just too recognizable. The second you start describing that horseshoe-shaped crashed space ship or the eggs, your players are immediately going to go. "No! NO! FUCK! FUCK THIS PLANET! WE'RE LEAVING RIGHT FUCKING NOW."

Not as many people will recognize the Annelids because they haven't played System Shock 2, so they would sneak up on the PCs,

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Honestly, if either of those showed up in a game, I'd try to seduce it.

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Seducing the xenomorph just makes it worse for you. Now, instead of getting fucked up from the outside in, it's going to fuck you up from the inside out.

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I have no damn clue either.

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In a way, the Xenomorphs are always trying to seduce people.

First the facehugger tries to seduce the first living thing it comes across. Then the Chestburster seduces the fuck out if his/her chest. Then the Drone goes around seducing anyone it can.

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Neither, but adapting some not-daemites has done the job.

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Good thing that happens to be my fetish, then.

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>xenomorph queen was first thing that ever scared me as a kid
>now closest thing I've ever had to a legit waifu

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Nothing quite like having the enemy yelling "KILL ME!" at the players

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If it only takes a single cell to infect a person, why not just start spraying blood every where? Or make spores? Or BREATH?

Thats always been the biggest bullshitter to me about the thing. Why go for subltly when just but TOUCHING some else you can convert them?

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Not OP but I think those are form System Shock I & II.

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The immune system is designed to destroy foreign organic material. Lets assume that it is effective in doing that provided its a tiny amount of material.

So The Thing needs to get you and break off a claw in your skin or contaminate your food or something.

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Big assumptions there bro

In the movie, the Thing needs at least a few minutes alone with the target to absorb them.

It's as vulnerable to extreme heat and cold as a person is.

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Yabba, my ice cream.

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Could you describe what annelids do?

As for xenomorphs, they're damned scary. Sneaky, powerful, and smart enough to be adaptable. Brains make it scary, the idea that you're not just being stalked by a single-minded predator, you're being hunted by something that knows you know you're being hunted, and it's going to use every clever thought in its head to advance its singular goal: killing you. To survive this alien, you have to out-clever it.


There's a short story that tells it from the Thing's perspective. Apparently, any worlds it comes across it absorbs easily, as they capitulate. It had never needed to fight until it hit Earth. Life on Earth is like a cancerous nightmare world to it, everything growing in tumorous masses for specific function instead of the perfection of uniform cells.

Any splitting off of itself acts independently of the whole, and even when it had control of the others, it still felt as if it was being fought by the flesh it wore. It has also lost knowledge and memory as its biomass was reduced, losing the patterns of a thousand adaptations every part of it that gets chopped off. Also, consider that it was freezing cold and any biomass it shed outside of a significant mass would freeze pretty quickly.

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I understand the reference.

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>Playing SS2
>Sit in the early levels once the zombies with shotguns start showing up
>Kill them for 15 minutes, get all the shotgun shells
>Shotgun everything the rest of the game

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The annelids would be a lot scarier if they had decent models and animations. Imagine if they moved like clickers or regenerators.

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That would be amazing to include a Thing-like species into a game. There's too many unanswered questions about it though.

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Psychic alien hive mind, like the flood or the necromorphs before either of them existed.

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The annelids are creepy but way less difficult to manage than Xenomorphs. Citadel Station and the Van Braun were controlled by SHODAN, whome then proceeded to purge it through surprise annelid sex. On the other hand, Xenos infestations only need one mistake, or push of luck to grow.

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I'd say that the Xenomorphs are probably scarier. Annelids are definitely weird, but they have a mind, they can communicate, and they seem to have goals. Xenomorphs are more animalistic, more primal, more incomprehensible, and I suppose more foreign. The less you know about something the scarier it is and all that.

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Based Peter Watts

I believe the story is call The Things, and it's easily found online.

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You could say that the xenomorphs are more alien. You can never tell what its thinking until it's too late.

Personally, they remind me of the Graboids from Tremors, but they're a little more quick on the draw. You can tell when a Graboid is thinking and learning, they pause and reflect before changing their tactics. An alien darts away to dark corners unknown.

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"Hell is only a word. The reality is much, much worse."

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God -Damned fucking Butler Bots.
like fucking Kamikaze c-3p0s.
And those ninjas.
Sometimes (if you were lucky ) they would sneak themselves into corners and kinda get stuck otherwise it was laser shurken madness.

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>I am a Voice in Their choir!
My players would freak the most at the 'lids, if played correctly ofc.

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dem fucking nurses and their dying spazzouts!

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Praise to the Many.

...Though Chrysalids(sp) would be better for immediate shock value.

Though you're going for horror, why not incorporate stuff from the first as well? The executive bots in there were lethal without blowing themselves up.

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Annelids aren't actually that difficult to handle. The basic ones only take one or two shots from a shotgun and by the time you get the bigger ones you've got enough ammo to take them down no matter what. I'm gonna go with the Xenomorphs.

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Chrysalids of course! You can describe them without most players noticing directly what they are, because they will only have played the new Xcom, but they will instantly realize the horror they have encountered.

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>Virtually immune to small arms fire
Vasquez killed one with a sidearm, dude.

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You realize that pistols can, and usually do, pack a similar level of punch as a rifle, right? Don't let /v/ lie to you, the rifle doesn't deal more damage than the pistol just because it's longer.

Anything other than armor piercing ammo will bounce right the fuck off a Xenomorph unless you get lucky.

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Fuck fucking chrysalids with FIRE! Or it's explosions their weakness? Either way FUCK. THEM.

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Isn't a fucking chrysalids are most ensured way to get more of them?

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No, it deals more damage because it has a vastly bigger charge behind it.

As far as armor piercing goes, I believe she shot it with a .45, also known as a fuckin' huge and very slow moving bullet that doesn't penetrate hard matter for shit.

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>Could you describe what annelids do?
Annelids would be scarier to me than xenomorphs, not for what they are or do, but because they imply we're in a SS2 crossover and SHODAN's probably around. I'd rather be Newt before the marines arrive than deal with Her.

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They'd just fuck them both no matter what I do.

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Nope. 9mm. And she emptied the entire fucking clip into one point-blank to kill it.

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I serious hope neither of you own firearms. Your grasp of that technology is incredibly BAD. You're going to hurt yourself or someone else.

Projectiles inflict injury based on Force which is largely determined by the mass of the object *AND* the object's velocity at the time of impact. Small objects with a lot of velocity can generate greater force than larger objects traveling at slower speeds. To put this in perspective - typical pistol rounds travel in the neighborhood of 800 to 900 feet per second. Rifle rounds typically have a velocity of 1800 to 2000 feet per second. So, while rifle rounds may often have less mass than say 230 grain .45 caliber bullet, they're traveling more than twice the velocity and generate A LOT more force on impact. Objects traveling at 150 feet per second can break skin on impact with a human, and objects traveling more than 250 feet per second can break bone.

>Anything other than armor piercing ammo will bounce right the fuck off a Xenomorph unless you get lucky.

Horseshit! The Xenomorphs had metallic teeth, not metallic chitinous shells. Try again. The problem with shooting a Xenomorph is that short of shooting it to bits no one in the movies knew exactly where their vital organs were located.

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The thing to keep in mind is that Colonial Marine's weapons pack a serious punch. The Pulse Rifle fired a 10mm, armor piercing, explosive tipped shell. Vasquez' pistol probably fired something similar.

As for the shotgun, the only reason that worked for Hicks is because he jammed the weapon all the way back behind the drone's soft palate.

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Annelids are controlled by a Hive Mind called The Many. The scary thing is that the Many can take control of humans. So your players would have to be rolling Will saves (or whatever equivalent your system uses) constantly to keep from being taken over by the Many.

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Xenomorphs are deadlier in single combat. Their basic forms are fantastic kill-machines.

Annelids are deadlier once established. They have a wide variety of unit potential, ranging from simple infested humans to rampaging hulks to floating psionic masterminds capable of generating holographic warriors. They also subvert the host entirely, gaining their knowledge. Once they took engineers, they started performing cybernetic modifications on some of their hosts. Xenomorphs just go chestburster.

Xenomorphs go down to fire pretty easily, depending on the source you're using. The latest game had them immune to small arms (or the crew just couldn't hit shit), while other games have them explode when you knife them.

Annelid hosts will take a lot of punishment depending on the breed.

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>The latest game had them immune to small arms (or the crew just couldn't hit shit), while other games have them explode when you knife them.

I'm partial to them being invincible death machines unless you come packing pulse rifle ammo rather than just normal shit.

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>Unfortunately, Xenomorphs are just too recognizable. The second you start describing that horseshoe-shaped crashed space ship or the eggs, your players are immediately going to go. "No! NO! FUCK! FUCK THIS PLANET! WE'RE LEAVING RIGHT FUCKING NOW."

Maybe if you very carefully use misleading language to describe the eggs? Or have them on the wreck of a modern ship that accidentally made some very questionable salvage decisions.

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Vasquez's pistol was 9mm Parabellum.

Xenomorph weak.

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But that's equating challenge with terror. And don't get me wrong, IC and OOC knowing you're in for a stupidly vicious fight should be a cause for concern, but there's other angles of horror in both to explore.

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Players get really, really stupid sometimes. If they're playing certain profit oriented characters they might go full Weyland-Yutani and see dollar signs where other, smarter people see face rape spider eggs.

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Even terran predators are weak, its the evolutionary trade-off for different attributes more suitable for hunting.

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>Maybe if you very carefully use misleading language to describe the eggs?
Never do this.
>Or have them on the wreck of a modern ship that accidentally made some very questionable salvage decisions.
This definitely works. For example, the Isolation game takes place on an about to be decommissioned space station where an infected person was brought onboard by scavengers who found the original wreck.

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>The problem with shooting a Xenomorph is that short of shooting it to bits no one in the movies knew exactly where their vital organs were located.
Also they tend to attack via ambush and have powerful acid for blood.

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This was James Cameron's commentary on the Vietnam War through the medium of sci-fi. Which means of course he's implicitly saying the Vietnamese have acid blood, perhaps because of their spicy food.

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But terran predators aren't a perfect organism

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Because it doesn't understand what the fuck is wrong with us

>What kind of a world rejects communion?

>It's the simplest, most irreducible insight that biomass can have. The more you can change, the more you can adapt. Adaptation is fitness, adaptation is survival. It's deeper than intelligence, deeper than tissue; it is cellular, it is axiomatic. And more, it is pleasurable. To take communion is to experience the sheer sensual delight of bettering the cosmos.

>And yet, even trapped in these maladapted skins, this world doesn't want to change.


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I think that depends on the time frame, it has been hinted that most aliens that have been show are in fact aggressive juveniles for their species, and that much older variants may be (potentially in the long run) space age capable sapient. So if there was an established xenomorph world with an old enough hive happily living on it, they could be potentially more horrifying than already known.

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From an Eclipse Phase player's perspective, the Annelids are probably actually scarier. Yeah some big tough hunger-killer with acid blood is difficult to take down and can cause a shitload of damage but the average EP PC group is gonna have weapons that can deal with it. Plus getting facehugged and chestbursted is gonna suck ass but nothing in the movies or the games for that matter seems like it would fuck up a cortical stack much.

Annelids on the other hand have a distinctly Exsurgent vibe to them. Nuke the asteroid from orbit, it's the only way.

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>mfw my players tried to cure a Bandit of a chestburster by forcefeeding him vodka until the embryo and the bandit both died of alcohol poisoning

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Wouldn't it have been quicker and less cruel to just shoot him in the chest a whole lot?

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The nurses are still really fucking scary, especially once you collect all the recordings that detail why, when and how they were made.

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>The Thing face rolls over the Galaxy
>Lands on Earth

Really tickles my HFY funny bone. I love the idea that Earth is apparently this horrible death world to the rest of the galaxy

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Aliens while being a good film completely undermined the purpose of the alien creature, it was meant to be a nigh unstoppable nightmare rape machine, I like to think apart from much heavier assault weapons they are more or less immune to bullets

>> No.37162891

I'd just say that all the future guns the marines had were full of those pulse rifle super bullets.

In fact, I'd probably make a point of that if I were running a game featuring the creatures. See one get annihilated by military hardware, then a redneck with a hunting rifle tries the same thing and gets ripped apart after the shot just deflects right off the thing.

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No, the creepy part is when you count how many nurses they made, and how many you've killed.
>Someone is still making them...

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I just have 3 different alien universes in my mind

All 4 films is obviously the "alien" universe (imo the worst)

Alien and Aliens, and I pretend that newt and hicks etc made it home

Alien and Prometheus, where the alien is really a super fucking unkillable nightmare that has way more sexual implilcations and alien like qualities

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So I'm playing Alien: Isolation and literally everything fucking sounds like the Alien and this game is getting to me send help and a pulse rifle please

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I must disagree. Aliens was simply taking the setting and cramming it into a different subset of horror genre.

As for the concept of the Xenomorph, I don't know if I can agree with the idea that it was supposed to be a nigh unstoppable killing machine, I mean, it was sold that way in Alien, but then again in Alien it was on a mining ship, where it could hide and crawl through all the plumbing, against a crew who were completely ignorant of its capabilities and potential, and without, you know, a squad of colonial marines to light it up.

I think certain, I don't know what to call them, strains? breeds? morphs? whatever, I think certain variations of the xenomorph, specialized based on the host organism and/or its role in the hive can be bulletproof, we see that with the queens primarily in the movies as they have giant calcified crests to shield their enormous body, but I think part of the horror of the drones, even the most basic drone, is that while they may not be bullet proof, they're a great deal like a PCP-hopped up man with a machete in one hand and a molotov in the other; it's going to take too many bullets to bring it down, and if you don't you're gonna have a bad time.

Still, if you asked any of my recent SciFi RPG characters to clean out a xenomorph infestation, and gave them a reasonable understanding of what they were up against there would be only two options;

1. Nope/Nuke it.
2. Fully automated ground units, with the option to revert back to nuking it if all my mechanical men get tore to shit.

>> No.37165398

What if there's something on the ground you really need?

>> No.37167138


Or operate by opening him up and removing the chestbuster. Would have had a much better success rate.

Actually, outside of the terrible Prometheus movie, has anyone actually considered opening up the chest of an infected person and removing the alien? They tried to remove the facehugger, and that didn't go well, but an embryo caught early enough would probably be removable.

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Well, it could still, if it got out, consume the world. And also the fact that life on Earth isn't awesome, but it's needlessly inferior. The only redeeming qualities it had was its unpredictability, and that was because the Thing didn't have experience, or could even have conceived, of such a life form before.

It's not HFY, it's: "no, humans, you ARE demons".

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In one of the comics, but it was dead inside the guy's chest.

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Don't get any blood on you or you're just as fucked.

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Annelids. Everybody knows Xenomorphs; they'd be too busy riffing on Aliens and making references to be properly scared.

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Neither. This thing does the trick.

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It's already lost. Lost as soon as the first chest busted open. Lost as soon as the queen laid the first egg. Face it, if you have xenomorphs on the ground, it's gone. Just nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

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Fact: Alien Isolation is compatible with the Oculus Rift. Apparently it was not uncommon for testers to tear off the VR headset and run, sprinting, out of the room, noping all the way.

>> No.37167349


It's true, I've read about the playtests. Some froze up, but most tore off the headset.

>> No.37167567

I'm playing the game on a console on my tv in a brightly lit room and I have to take breaks every so often and watch stupid tv or something to distract me.

I cannot imagine the horror that this would be with Oculus Rift.

>> No.37167732

That's terrifying, absolutely nightmare inducing. Please tell me that's from a movie?

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Want to end your players constipation?
Use this.

>> No.37167947


Horsehair Worm, a parasite in some insects. It lives in the insect's gut, much like a tapeworm to us, but is much larger in comparison and more motile. This praying mantis was stepped on, and its parasite is abandoning its dead host in an attempt to survive.

They live in freshwater, and so compel their hosts to find freshwater and drown themselves so that they may continue their adult life cycle.

Nugget of good news is that they're only terrifying to insects and some crustaceans, as they can't parasitize higher animals.

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> Acid Blood
> Spits Spikes
> Makes Zombies
> Cummulative Spikes, Claws, and Spines

10/10 would make a boss fight out of. Though when something's that powerful it'll just steamroll the party. Gotta find the balance between killing power and vulnerability so the party doesn't gun it down easy or get slaughtered on a whim.

>> No.37168291

Oh no! The generic spiky space bug!

>> No.37168449

IF i saw that in a dark alley, i'd lay down and die like a bitch

>> No.37168520

I'd like to see the one on the bottom try to operate a phone or a keyboard or any sort of device.

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>> No.37168647

Is that a common enough idea that there was art of it ready and waiting to go?

>> No.37168688


Well, that one is a Tyranid, and I found it quite a while ago. So... it has at least been common enough to have been illustrated at least once before.

>> No.37168827

But you see, that was bullshit. You're not supposed to be able to injure a Xenomorph with anything short of a NATO greentip, and the later movies blatantly spit in the face of this fact.

Theres a reason only some of the movies are canon

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>tfw my party barely avoided an event horizon of our own in a sci-fi RP last week.

>> No.37169126


Only some of the movies are canon because the other ones suck. Watch Alien, Aliens, and steal a few ideas from the first half of Prometheus. Also the one where they have Dog Alien because it introduces the concept that the Aliens possess traits of their hosts. But only the Dog Alien part, into the trash with the rest.

Either or the Predator crossover, the comics go into that in much more detail than the movies do.

>> No.37169198

Prometheus would have been much better had they not basically taken to the script with an axe to remove the parts that made it make sense.

>> No.37169343


>Too many unanswered questions

Not really. It is a being capable of copying others and assuming their shape by placing the smallest amount of their cells into the host body.

Unfortunately it also copies them so flawlessly that they take on the other creatures flaws and mindsets. They would be retarded and have bad eyesight and remain as such until the underline subconcious kicks over and the Thing views it is in jeopardy causing it to manifest and use its skills to escape, survive, and reproduce.

An entire world of this thing wouldn't be any different than a world without it because of how it mimics things so efficiently.

>> No.37169870

> stepped on
Bug spray actually, that's what the foaming puddle to the side is.

>> No.37170006

Just to clear things up for people, basically, there are 4 kinds of alien that serve 4 different roles in the hive

1. The Queen
If you've seen the movies than you know what this one is about. Its huge, its highly intelligent, and you're not going to stop it with anything short of anti vehicle weapons. Thankfully, there is only one and it knows that its too important to the hive to risk its own life except as a last resort. Though it might come after you anyway if you make it really, really, really, angry.

2. Drones
Standard movie Xenomorphs. Drones are the backbone of the hive and do pretty much everything that needs to be done, such as maintaining the hive, hunting down new hosts, and defending the hive from threats. They're slightly superhuman in terms of strength, resistant to extreme heat, cold, vaccume and bullets, but their anatomy is actually pretty brittle and doesn't take well to being crushed or hit really hard with say, an APC. They're not the most physically imposing or durable Xenomorphs, dying to pulse fire or driven off by flames pretty easily, but they are damn clever. It doesn't take long for a group of drones to figure out the best way to hunt you down and kill you before you have a chance to retaliate.

3. Warriors
Superhumanly strong, fast and durable, with a thick enough hide to shrug off even pulse rifles to a degree. Warriors are like drones on steroids and cocaine, however they trade much of the Drones cunning and subtlety for insatiable bloodlust and limitless tenacity. Rather than patiently stalk and adapt, Warriors simply find you and kill you dead immediately relying on their heavy armour and tough constitution to allow it to inflict maximum casualty as fast as possible before it dies. Queens only deploy warriors as a "sledgehammer" solution to enemies a pack of drones cannot overwhelm with guerrilla tactics such as a well fortified force. Don't expect to see them otherwise.


>> No.37170325

4. Praetorian Guards
The be all end all of Xenomorph killing machines. Hand picked from the most brutal and cunning drones by, the Queen, and metamorphosed into towering hulks of hardened black carapace and whirly death. They have the strength to peel open blast doors, the armour to shrug off even the most powerful anti infantry weapons, and retain the guile to compete with even the most lethally intelligent drones. If you ever see on you are fucked beyond belief

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>EU shit

>> No.37170395


Ah, I see. End result is that the parasite is fleeing its dead host.

>> No.37170614

>Space Age Capable Sapient
Where the fuck was this implied?

>> No.37170617

Please share

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the games are canon, get over it

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>the games are canon

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Colonial marines and Isolation are canon at least. Anything regarding AvP is non-canon, including the games

>> No.37171039

That was an early idea for what they were, there was some art made showing a symbolic representation of their life cycle and all. By Aliens that didn't seem to hold up.

Though reminder: Everyone on the Nostromo got killed by a confused baby.

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>> No.37171489

>Techpriest dies during surgery

What the hell. The Omnissiah does not approve

>> No.37171530

thats the way the d10s tumble

>> No.37171583

I've run DH and there's no way I can think of that you might kill yourself giving surgery. Or if he was getting it, that was poorly phrased since it went from the whole body burns on the narrator just before.

>> No.37172404

>Comparable to human intelligence
Can you give an example for this one? They just seem like animals to me.

>> No.37172649

>there's something down here - it's killing us!

The Beast is a hell of a thing.

One horrid thought I always had is imagining an infection beam or viral cruise missile hitting a populated world.


>> No.37172731
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>yfw you realise the title is in reference to humans instead of just riffing off the movie name

>> No.37172770

>Techpriest got a face full of Genestealer wing-wang. Rolled a D100 to see if they could get it out in time.

>> No.37172812

Ah, missed that.

>> No.37172860


AvP is pretty much the only extended universe content that isn't hot garbage. Fuck you for including Isolation and Colonial Marines.

>> No.37172931
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I have the folder for this thread.

Annelids in their base form are worms. Psychic worms. Not sure if hivemind or very cooperative with each other. Effectively, a unified, singular entity.

>> No.37172953

>Not shit

Also not including the good comics and shit, anon here is a fag of the highest order.

>> No.37172968
File: 94 KB, 549x800, ss2_007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not sure whether they can outright control people or not, but they certainly can heavily influence them.

If I had to choose between surprise facehuggers or surprise annelids, I'd probably go for the former. Facehuggers just kill people and make more aliens. Annelids turn people into annelid-hybrid zombies with the victim still alive and aware, just not in control and also make more annelids.

>> No.37172992
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Start out small and them mutate in inventive ways.
Also, forget what I said to begin with; they definitely can control people. They suborned among other things, the doctor responsible for the cyborg midwives.

>> No.37173005


I don't know. Both sound horrible but having a chestburster explode from your chest while tearing your lungs apart in the process sounds more painful than "just kill people".

>> No.37173028
File: 74 KB, 500x662, rumbler2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like proto-tyranids, they don't stop mutating or evolving their various host bodies.
Actually, I guess the kinda resemble the zerg more, from what little I know of starcraft lore.

Really? I always considered trapped-in syndrome worse than painful death.

>> No.37173059
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They can understand science, technology, and make use of it. They don't research it themselves, but they're happy to mindcontrol humans and make them do it.

Initially, they were somehow encouraged to obey SHODAN. In ss2, they're a little independent.

They can also create/mutate bodies that are just absurdly psionically powerful.

>> No.37173068


They're both pretty horrible but either way you're going to die regardless. Also convenient that both are essentially a "prisoner of your own body" thing going for them. Admittedly I don't know much about Annelids but since I'm in a OW RPG at the moment, Xenomorphs would have me pissing myself as would likely the rest of the party.

>> No.37173086

Not much to say. Flying our little piddly cargo ship around space, when we receive an automated distress signal from a Sentinel(race of clones, very human-like, some occasional humans) cargo transport, talking about being boarded by pirates. Arrive on-scene, and the pirate ship is still latched on to the Sentinel ship(the pirates, Maleficar, are like Orks. Their ships favor clasping onto others with drilltubes).
Both ships seem to be almost completely without power.
It should be pointed out, at this point, that there originally were about 10-13 players in this campaign. we had gotten down to 10 by this point, including a pure psychic creature called a Mantai(think cephalyx from WarmaHordes) who was played by someone who had zero idea how to psychic character, and a Vorg(Komodo-dragonman Slavers/Warriors/all-around-assholes) slave(There were lesser Vorg who got enslaved by their betters) played by her boyfriend. Neither one of their players were present(thankfully, they were terrible), and two of the GM's friends wanted to give it a go, so bummed their characters.
Other dramatis personae for this incident: Voss the Shattered, Vorg Slaver/War-Priest(Me); Bjorn, a Maleficar who decided "melee is for chumps" and had a Gatling Laser, "Edgemaster(I can't remember his name)", a Sentinel who used a double-headed scythe; Iuri, our gunner(Sentinel) and future captain; "the captain", our lolrandumb Dorn(/pol/-Jewish Bird-elf is the best way to describe the race) captain; and Domino del Diablo, an NPC monster hunter with an Anti-Materiel Rifle on steroids.
So we dock our ship through a central umbilical, and prepare to board. In the umbilical: Voss, the slave(Foximus prime), Dom, and Edge. The Mantai's player decides to "teleport", even though the GM stresses that the character isn't really capable of it.

>> No.37173145
File: 45 KB, 500x641, arach.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For the cons, they aren't indestructible. Their psionics can be resisted with proper shielding (at least, the SS2 setting does have psionics and procedures for psionic shielding) and possibly being sufficiently cyberneticized makes you resistant or immune to their efforts. [midwives were programmed to serve, they don't count]

Also: their level design is totally awful.

tfw playing Thief I for the first time and recognizing the engine, and that it's being used so much better

>> No.37173330

>hot garbage

The fuck are you talking about anon

>> No.37173374

It makes the jump, and get's stuck in the "pressure hull" of the Sentinel ship. Mantai can't sense normally, but have a "bubble" of psychic detection. So the Mantai detects this presence, basically something in a Sentinel spacesuit with a shattered visor. Player actually does something the creator of the character never did and attempts to mindwar the unknown. Fails miserably, and dies locked in it's own mind, drowning in all the horrible memories from it's past.
At this time, the umbilical has connected to the Sentinel ship, and we advance, Bjorn leading, Voss next, Edge behind, Foximus in the rear, Dom(and, shortly, the captain)providing overwatch from the airlock. We make our way into the Sentinel airlock, and poke around. Two sentinel suits are unuseable, but there's a third that's fine, and it's quickly snatched up by Edge(Our ship is a Dorn ship so only the captain and another Dorn had suits, as well as me, since my character had been on the ship for a while). Voss steps to the fore, activating the lights on his suit, and the hallway away from the airlock is smeared in blood. a shit-ton of blood. The suits have built in camera's and HUDs, so others are able to see this.
Meanwhile, Iuri spots a space-suited figure on the hull of the Maleficar ship. He decides to hold on firing until he's sure it's hostile, or it moves closer to our ship.
In the Sentinel airlock, Voss boots Fox forward, commanding him to scout ahead. Then shit hits.
The suit on the Maleficar hull starts crabwalking towards our vessel, and Iuri risks venting the combined derelicts to try to put this thing down.
One tiny problem. Dorn ship weaponry favors solid needle rounds. good for piercing hulls, bad for fucking up gribblies.
So when he opens up on the suit, it bursts, and a doughnut of flesh and meat is revealed, which quickly congeals, and latches itself to the Maleficar hull.

>> No.37173564

Unlike most forms of That Guy, you should encourage people who want to play Burke.

>> No.37173582

The barrage also pierces the Maleficar hull in several places, venting it and the Sentinel ship.
Meanwhile, Voss, having heard Iuri warn of the venting, and having seen the meat-thing, decides that it's best to vacate these derelicts NOW, forgetting about Fox, who was still in the hallway. Also, feeling that this was the captain's fault, he privately radio's Dom(who had had a bad run-in with the captain last session over the possibility of his shuttle being blown to bits for no good reason) that he should back away from the airlock, as the mutiny that had been brewing for weeks was now a go.
As Voss, Bjorn and Edge race towards our airlock, they hear the very briefly truncated scream of Fox, followed by what sounds like a large amount of liquid being splashed on concrete or steel. It is at this time that the venting hits, and starts to tug at Bjorn and Edge. Voss grabs both and drags them towards the airlock, which had, at this point, been closed by Dom, leaving a very annoyed captain inside.
As Voss and crew enter, a wall of flesh advances up the sentinel tube, intent on consumption/assimilation. Dom comes into the airlock, and opens up with his AM rifle, knocking the captain for a loop with the shockwave from the shot passing about a foot from his ear, and the fleshthing back about 20 feet. Umbilical gets detached, and we begin to power out away from the ships. Iuri, meanwhile, has been absolutely HOSING the Maleficar ship with needles, and finally hits the engine room. Massive explosion ensues, taking at least MOST, hopefully all of the fleshstuff with it.
And that was our introduction to Biomorphs, the event horizon critters of the setting. I hope to NEVER run into those things again without at least some plasma or lasers, or a goddamned tac nuke. Jesus Fuck.

>> No.37173606

I like to apply the one good theme of Prometheus to the Alien movies. That a person's understanding is so limited that they cannot even fathom what they are sensing. We see the Xenomorph and apply the rules of our world to it. We choose to see an animal because these are the rules that make sense. Gather resources, compete and produce offspring. We choose to believe that this is the purpose of the xenomorph because that is what an animal does.

But what if they have a different purpose? What if they just don't gather hosts and food for purposes of breeding. What if they don't just expand and grow and multiply? Its always been thrown around that perhaps the Xenomorph is an artificial species. What if they aren't really a species at all? Not in conventional terms. What if they are artificial and they were tools for something? They served a purpose to a greater whole? I think that is the next true step in horror when it comes to Alien. In Alien it was a single being hunting prey that it completely outclassed. In Aliens we learned that it was a social life form and capable of greater than animal intelligence.

In my dream Alien 3, Xenomorphs get to Earth but they don't act like we expect them too. They don't simply hunt and gather resources and kill intruders. They reach a critical mass and the behavior changes. Its the unexpected that is scary. If they just acted how we thought they would it would only be an action movie. I want Xenomorphs to be builders. I want them to touch down on Earth's surface and instead of spreading out like a plague they start to create structures. The biological formations inside of the colony taken to the extreme. Aliens only stay scary when you don't know what to expect.

>> No.37173656

Prometheus was great. "We are here exploring the deepest secrets of what it means to be" *dies*

"oh shit that guy died" *he comes back* "SET HIM ON FIRE AND RUN HIM OVER"

Every damn scene with the android whose name I forget played by the wifebeater trying to get everyone killed because fuck humans.

GIANT ROLLING SHIP OF DOOM, oh I survived, time to team up with robowifebeater and fuck the universe

Shit is hilarious.

>> No.37173822
File: 69 KB, 1280x720, Second.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In my travels as a DM, I've seen players laugh off my Xenomorph alien attacks and I do not want to shoehorn players too far with "The Thing". The best results have been from describing these little metal SWORDS. Players don't know how to react and I love it.

>> No.37174090
File: 19 KB, 598x335, bioraptor_2000_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Try these on for size.

>> No.37174143
File: 1.88 MB, 250x308, DISGUST AND AWE.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37174174


Heard the comic sequel to Prometheus was okay. Mostly because the characters suddenly grow brains and DON'T decide that splitting up is a good idea.

> Form up!
> Scientists in the middle, marines form a ring!
> Everyone stay together!

They still get their asses kicked.

>> No.37174259


If this is the reaction of Alien Isolation on Oculus Rift, I can't wait for Silent Hills to get it!

>> No.37174396


It's true. What it is endgame of the xenomorphs? After their killing potential, what's their goal? Keep killing? Farm hosts to keep going? Form a society of some sort?

The idea behind Prometheus is that the Xenomorphs are actually an anathema to the Engineers. Engineers give selflessly in order to create new life. Xenomorphs take other's lives in order to advance their own, selfishness in their self-sacrifice to reproduce. They're a corruption of the Engineer's ideal of self-sacrifice to create life.

>> No.37174551

Every single one of those aliens are waifu tier. :3

>> No.37174691

I've seen every Alien movie as well as Prometheus, which are canon?

>> No.37174736

>Mostly because the characters suddenly grow brains
They had some dumb fuckers on that boat
>Guy in charge of making the map
>Gets lost when he wants to leave
>And no one can help him, somehow
>Including the rest of the crew that leaves AFTER him
I feel as though the script was written in vague pieces and just stapled together.

>> No.37174812

play avp 1 and 2.
The good ones.
The second one is STILL one of the best horror games in its genre. Which invented many of the tricks used from then on.

>> No.37174825


>> No.37174853


>> No.37174866

>not posting the actual review where they admit they liked the movie

>> No.37174905

They don't say in that one that they didn't like it, it's just a condensed previewish version where they list all the plotholes.

>> No.37174913
File: 9 KB, 240x230, ,..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does your ship has any data about Metroids[most importantly, its DNA], no?


>> No.37174944

EVERY ship has data about metroids.

Every scientist in the universe got all over cloning metroids in order to bathe them in phason and cyborg upgrades.

>> No.37174970

Alien, Aliens, and Prometheus I believe. Possibly 3 as well.

>> No.37175018

Well, does your ship has a Chozodian manufactured ancient power suit+a soldier that can operate said power suit to its 110%?
Also, said cloning data was a B.S.L. thing only and Phazon died a long time ago before the mentioned events. Cyborg upgrades? i give you that, but see above

>> No.37175039

Of course there's ancient chozo bullshit.

There's ancient chozo bullshit in every possible scenario and environment you visit.

>> No.37175088

Good point, but good luck finding Metroids in a transport ship containing X
Or even better
Good luck finding and unlocking the restricted area before the X rampage your whole party
Or even bester
Good luck getting authorized the use of Metroids

And in any situation, a game that uses the X parasites would be like that episode of Futurama with the space hobo that devoured almost everyone. That or being a mix of Alien + The Thing

>> No.37175107

I'll give you that we're going to have to explore about 2/3 of the map in order to start finding metroids.

>> No.37175217


Had this pop up during a foray into a well of many worlds.

We sent the dwarf in down on a rope. Nobody else probably would have noticed the things moving around in the cavern the hole opened up to in time to escape back up the rope.

>> No.37175255


It's mostly considered that Resurrection and the AvP movies are non-canon. Three is hit or miss with most fans, but it's usually not considered so egregious that it's non-canon. If anything, it was a good ending to Ripley's story.

>> No.37175378

I'll be honest that I'm tempted to say basically any dbz villain race would suck to fight against, assuming you didn't pick pure mooks.

>> No.37175550

i think thats kind of unfair to the mook races. i mean, by the end of the majin buu arc, Krillin was as powerful as Frieza's first form

>> No.37175600

Eh, I think it's more that Resurrection is so far in the future it's just inconsequential whether it's canon or not.
Still a bad movie regardless

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