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Heroic warriors of mankind, tell me of the regiments you fight with across the stars in defence of the divine right of man.

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Circean Bombshells. All-female, suicide-bomber Ultramarine fangirls.

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Do you fight with the endless, death-visaged ranks of the proud Death Korps?

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Ah, proud warriors all to sacrifice their lives so directly in the service of Holy Terra!

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Smurfettes? Fuck yeah. If they were legit units with their own miniatures, I'd love to do an IG/smurf army.

and look good doing it, too

Death Korps is best regiment. Accept no substitutes.

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All who fight in the Emperor's name are blessed.

Those who die in his service are honoured.

Those who win victory for him are immortal at his side.

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The regiments are as varied as the human experience itself. It is that variety that makes us better than the alien.

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I claim the greatest honour for the Emperor! I bring only the most horrific, most ruthless troops who will do anything in the name of their most holy Emperor!

They who will commit the most brutal of mutilations in his name, they would bring terror to all who bear the sight of their blue uniforms, they whose enemies curse their names only in the darkest of nights when they dare hope that they cannot be heard.

The great defilers of their foes, taking their limbs, their lives, their familys, their land, their voices.

The dreaded Belgian legion

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So inoffensive at home, so brutal elsewhere.

True paradigms of mankind.

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With steel faith in our hearts, we shall never fail!

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It's something I love about the Guard. All that variety and diversity of culture is just great.

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Indeed, the Guard carries traditions and cultures from all eras of mankind both known and unknown to us, as well as the unique and powerful cultures of this millenia's galaxy-spanning Imperium.

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I always wondered who the CLASSIFIED ACCESS DENIED people were...

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I have to admit... I like ultrasmurfs a lot more now.

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Jeez, aside from helmet colour this is almost exactly like my "homebrew" regiment. I left the helmet black on mine and their number is 31 and I paint my guns a light-blue colour, to get this kind of police-military thing about them.

What regiment is that? I wanted my guys to be Harakonians, but then I realized 31 was already taken by the Harakoni Warhawks and I really like that number.

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Possibly some kind of inquisitorial force?

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Looks like Cadian, it looks like a pic from a FW book so there is probably a caption for it lurking out there somewhere.

My heart leapt when I spotted the *ancient* skull and crossed-axes decal (as seen on like every 2nd Ed Leman Russ) on his chest armour.

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