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>Connecting Jackpoint VPN …
>… Matrix Access ID Spoofed.
>… Encryption Keys Generated.
>… Connected to Onion Routers.
> Login
>… Biometric Scan Confirmed.
>Connected to <ERROR: NODE UNKNOWN>

Personal Alerts
* Your Current Rep Score: 4 (3% Positive)
* You have 1 new private message, titled 'Edition Wars'
* Your Wildcard NanoSystem is updating: -20:05:29
* Cloud File Storage: http://pastebin.com/KrKiVe15
* Returning to Legal Oppai Loli Adventure XVII ...

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See THIS is what I want runners to look like, but they always end up looking like a combination of special forces and hobos.

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Are you kidding, I love the special forces hobo look.

Professional can be fine too though.

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It's hard to pin a single look or style to runners, but a fair portion do fall into spec ops (... in 4e; 5e gets you military college & a tour of duty) or hobo-core.

Run Faster even has a "Hobo With A Shotgun" quality.

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Speak for yourself. I like my spec-ops hobo with PTSD.

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I, too, do agree with several things he complains about (mostly in the following posts tho), it's just really hard to read. The fuck-fuckity-fuckerMcFuck-tone works when the AVGN makes a humorous video about a shitty game, but when you try to legitimately criticize a game it just uses up a lot of patience.

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How is Run Faster? I've been out of the loop of shadowrun for a while. Did Run Faster do anything to smooth over 5e's issues?

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Having karmagen is nice, I guess.

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The issues people had with Shadowrun 5 haven't been fixed.
Except for the existence of Karmagen.
(That being said I think a lot of the complaints against 5e are basically whinging.)

The book itself is pretty hit and miss. A lot of qualities are really dumb and poorly implemented, some part of the fiction is pretty amazing (Other parts isn't), and it has a lot of good ideas.

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I'm glad it's here, but the layout just doesn't work for me and it feels fiddly for the sake of being fiddly. Maybe that will change as soon as a chargen program gets to grips with it and I can use the book to skim for info rather than read for content.

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So the Karmagen works well then? To be honest one of the main things I was finding trying about 5e was being stuck with priority gen.

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Too bad the guy who did chummer5 has disappeared.

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Sure, but >>37134165 - his Matrix replacement is fucking fantastic. Better than anything SR has used officially.

His tone calms down later as well, and his tone is the only thing arguablywrong.

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>I agree with something but his tone is awful and I am gonna complain about it despite it even being called "Drunken Review"

You sound like a fucking SJW.

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I'm just not an angry drunk.

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Karmagen works just fine. I see no issues so far.

They also introduced this sort of alternate system along with Karmagen (Don't worry, pure karmagen is still there), which let's you purchase these "Packages".
Basically you spend karma to create the character's backstory which gives them skills, attributes and qualities. After you have purchased the packages you want, you finish the character of with normal karmagen.
I think it's really great for beginners (As it creates quite rounded characters by default, plus it forces you to think about who your character is), even if it has flaws.

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>extreme dicepool builds
I've hit limits several times. I don't know what sort of builds you guys make but any combat monster is usually going to be hitting the accuracy limit of his weapons from time to time, unless using very accurate weapons like snipers.

Specially melee weapons users. I mean, 6-7-8 agi + 6-7 weapon skill +2 specialization for a 14 to 16 dice pool will easily hit the 4-7 accuracy from most melee weapons.
And these aren't "extreme dicepool builds", this is someone without any implants or magic.

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>I don't like Aaron. I detest him as a writer and as a human being. If and when my wife and I have children, Aaron would not be allowed to be around them unsupervised. Not because I am aware of him breaking the law, but because he has done things that imply that he has urges that I find disgusting. He's also one of the very few people I ever had to block on dumpshock back when I was there, because he kept sending me weird and aggressive personal messages. That man is genuinely creepy.

So, whats up with this Aaron Pavao guy?

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This looks morel like an agent of the corps then a runner.

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That's why you use things like aimed shots.
That's only -4 dice though.

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And shadowrunners have always blurred the line between a corporate stooge and a free agent.

I mean the fluff of the setting is quite clear about the professionalism with which these people can act, and yet they're all dressed like teenage members of a shitty punk band with heavy weaponry.

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Helped write War! , which should tell you enough about his mental state.

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War! wasn't that bad.

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War! was exactly that bad.

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The crunch was bad, the fluff was good. It's alright.

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Damn that art looks comfy.

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wizardhat 'bout fall over if she leans any further though

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How does bricking work? Does it disable the device's functionality or just its wireless bonus?
If the former, is there any way to protect life critical cyberware?
If the latter, is there any way to disable or lock up devices such that they have to be pried open manually?

>inb4 wireless bonuses are dumb
I'm looking for interpretations and houserules to enjoy the game, not argue about a years old gripe.

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It loses all functionality.
That's why they call it bricking, because it might as well be a brick.

Just don't keep your Cybereyes/Heart in Wireless mode, run it silent, and/or slave it to a bitchin' 'Link/Deck.

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In 5th e how do the armor rules work if i got a armor jacket and armor vest equipped.
Which armor do i look and such?

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The two don't stack. You equip one and only the armor from that is applied.

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>not having eyes in wireless mode
but then what's the point of smartlink

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Is it worth playing dragonfall on my phone?

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So I've been working on an SR4 character for a bit, /tg/. The basic idea is a social-based AI that's part of a megacorp-sponsored band... filled with other 'freaks'--another AI, a free spirit, a free sprite, stuff like that. Their shared home gives them exactly no privacy, and their 'antics' are a top seller for the megacorp, and none of them have the freedom to leave by themselves. The AI in question bribed some crews to install a free access node within MSR of it's home, then JOhnsoned to get extracted--and promptly turned to shadowrunning to try and free the rest of it's band.

I'm wondering what megacorp would be most likely to have a 'freakshow band' basically enslaved and kept in a 'zoo'. Horizon and EVO are out--EVO wouldn't do teh enslaving thing (bad for their brand of PR) and it doesn't quite feel Horizony enough. I was thinking maybe Ares.

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it was ALL right

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Accuracy apparently. The risk/reward of wireless bonuses on cyberware is really stupid. Might be worthwhile to go online for a combat pass and then immediately turn it off. Data Trails might change things a bit once it comes out in 2016.

Only your highest armor applies. You can wear multiple bits of armor, but unless one of them has a +X in the statline instead of X it doesn't stack.

They introduced this to prevent armor stacking that plagued 4e but to allow you to wear multiple pieces for disguise purposes and the like.

In the case of wearing both an armor jacket and a vest, you'd only get armor jacket's 12, but you're still wearing both pieces. If your vest has high electricity protection, it might protect you better than the armor jacket against a taser and you'd apply that.
>If a character is wearing more than one piece of armor at a time, the value of the highest armor piece applies for determining Armor.

As for appearance, vests are usually thin enough to hide, so it'd look like you're only wearing the jacket to the untrained/uncaring eye.

It is exactly Horizon. They always go for over the top everything in FreeCal.

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I thought Horizon was one of the leading corps for AI/Free X/Infected/Metasapient Rights?

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Just not information, which is why they kidnapped Adam.

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Wasn't that Evo?

Also what the hell is with 4chan not uploading images?

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They're also the leader in exploiting people for entertainment and everything would be hunkeydorey because they totally signed contracts for this high immersion reality-trid show. Besides, they're living the dream! Who wouldn't want to be a star? All their fans certainly do!

Seriously though, Horizon isn't a nice corp, just the one with the best PR. They kidnap technos, they're fiddling with gestalt consciousness, they manipulate people and data on a daily basis with a creepy level of proficiency.

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>i thought the propagandists were good guys

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Hey, fair enough then, I'll write 'em in for horizon.

Gotta be honest, I'm surprised one of the first couple replies wasn't 'stop being a mary sue faggot, faggot'.

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If you're going to sue that hardcore, horizon's the place to put them.

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>See THIS is what I want runners to look like, but they always end up looking like a combination of special forces and hobos.
That's more like corpsec. And the private, covert corp security that sends people out to kill you.

>And shadowrunners have always blurred the line between a corporate stooge and a free agent.
Except a shadowrunner will always run in the shadows. Corporate security has to follow rules and guidelines from their superior.

>I mean the fluff of the setting is quite clear about the professionalism with which these people can act, and yet they're all dressed like teenage members of a shitty punk band with heavy weaponry.
That's because a lot of them are jumped up gangers and when you live by running you don't often get a chance to clean up, compared to the folks who have more of a steady gig

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Easy - you just use a Skinlink.

Because, of course, all that SR4-era tech didn't stop working just because "all nanotech" stopped working.

After all, if "all" nanotech had actually stopped working, every major and advanced industrial process in the world would stop, and hundreds of thousands would die in agony.

Blackmarket tech obviously comes with full-functionality regardless of your wireless connection (and, really, fucking hell is it amateur hour to use RL wireless bonuses on consoles in an RPG - as bad as Gagaism of 2070).

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What is the ork underground like? If I were to make a runner from that area of seattle is there anything I should know?

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skinlinks got retconned out of SR5, didn't they?

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Have you ever seen how PMCs dress?

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so I ran into these and I wondered how they work...does the DM have a "hand" for the session? or does on player each have a card at random given to them every so often?

also, are there more? cause they'd be awesome...

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also, are there any decent "map packs" out there that work for shadowrun

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I saw and read that article. It was helpful, but there isn't much there about Culture, politics, law or anything that would really affect people who live there.

>> No.37137975

How do you guys feel about the video game adaptations that were released recently?
I don't have any experience from the setting otherwise but found it one of the most atmospheric and immersive universes to escape to in thought and mind.

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also, how's shadowrun online?

I'm kind of curious...

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Dragonfall is fantastic.

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Or you could just have a cord from your gun to your datajack.

>> No.37138033

That it did.

New edition, new rules. Skinlink 'never happened' because frankly it's a pain in the ass rules wise.

Shadowrun Returns/Dragonfall are pretty good, but they're operating at about 3e in terms of fluff and are entirely non-representative of the pnp rules. I wish there was a 5e videogame or really anything past 4e, but the wireless matrix is hard to implement.

Shadowrun online is still in development. It might be ok, but it's impossible to tell based on what they have right now. At least the recent UI upgrade is pretty.

>> No.37138098

By the looks of them they're fanmade cards players keep in front of them to help remember which skills they have and which they have already used.

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>Shadowrun Returns/Dragonfall
Is Dragonfall better? I'm in the middle of Returns and am finding it kinda meh, but everyone seems to speak highly of Dragonfall.

But yeah, matrix stuff is hard to do. I think they did something vaguely similar in the syndicate battle arena game (wireless hacking of grenades) but I never played it.

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Except none of those are powers/abilities/skills/qualities that exist in the game.

Dragonfall is far better.

>> No.37138152

Dragonfall is way, way better than Returns.

>> No.37138167

Returns, I'd say, is 6/10, maybe 7 at a push. Decent, but not amazing.

Dragonfall is closer to a 9, maybe a 9.5. A game I'd recommend to anyone, not just a Shadowrun fan or someone who liked the genre.

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>Shadowrun online is still in development. It might be ok, but it's impossible to tell based on what they have right now. At least the recent UI upgrade is pretty.
so how does it look from a gameplay standpoint? turn based motion? live action? does it run like a MOBA with action cooldowns?

but they don't contain skills...

>> No.37138200

If you're like me and have no other means of playing for the time being then yes.

>> No.37138247

Turn based like SRR/Dragonfall. 2 action points, us vs them action phases, using abilities ends your turn though, so you have to move early. You get to bring 2 'toolkits' which are weapons/foci/decks and are associated with skills. Skills give you more variety of customization, but you can't (currently) bring more than 2 things with you. No Adepts atm.

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>Except none of those are powers/abilities/skills/qualities that exist in the game.
There's a rulebook for it, gimmie a bit

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GMs, what do you do to make matrix encounters more interesting? Physical combat has cover, bullets and blades flying, etc, and magic is goddamn magic and all the weirdness that comes with it. Matrix seems to just have the description purely for flavor, and you always have the same set of options. Encounters with enemy hackers turn into opposing data spikes mostly (I know you can do other things, but 90% of the time you just want them out of the way, and that's the most efficient method). And what about non-combat encounters?

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I meant to axe this last night, but due to the rarity of mages and shamans, would you ever see one in a street gang?

Also, what's a ghost cartel?

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>opposing data spikes
>most efficient method

>> No.37138481

>laughing elf + halfling

It looks more like a shocked elf woman has come across a halfling and elf rock duo.

>> No.37138491

>would you ever see one in a street gang?
Yeah, but never as a street-level soldier. They'd be lieutenant level simply by virtue of being a mage.

>> No.37138701

>Also, what's a ghost cartel?

Imagine the South American drug cartels who smuggle cocaine up to the United States. Doesn't matter if you're imagining modern versions or 80's Miami Vice style, just give some robot arms and have one or two others be magically active. Those are the Ghost Cartels.
They focus on drug running both mundane and Bio-engineered Awakened Drugs (BADs). The David Cartel got all mixed up with a drug called Tempo, which is the focus of a set of missons called "Ghost Cartels".

>> No.37138745

Except in wizzergangs, which go by who's the most powerful mage.

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>>opposing data spikes
>>most efficient method
What is the best method for decker dules on trough the matrix in 5e?
Trying to get 3 marks on the opponent?

>> No.37139211

I think a Shadowrun movie would do pretty well.

>Movie starts with a Human wageslave, showing his day to day stuff. Get the setting straight, show the new technology, show the suffering for people who don't work for the Man. Human takes some medicine to keep him from hallucinating, otherwise leads a fairly normal life.

>Another day with the human, except something seems off. Human's meds ran out, so he sees weird glimpses of things out of the corner of his eyes or in the reflections of windows. Goes to work, a bit worse for wear. No one seems the wiser.

>Group of shadowrunners bust through the wall. Troll with auto-cannon, Dwarf mage, Elf with guns, Ork with GUNZ.

>Mage points out the human, queue a scene of the runners trying to chase him down and catch him while he runs through the building. Chase ends when the ork calls in for 'air support' and a mini-gun mounted on a helicopter stops the breeder in his tracks.

>After a few rounds of stick and shock, troll picks up the human, tosses him over his shoulder, and the runners board the helicopter before corpsec shows up.

>Next scene is the human waking up tied to a chair, like an interrogation scene. Over the course of the scene, he learns that he's an Adept fated by the spirit world to kill a dragon. Or something like that; spirits are kinda wonky.

>Queue training montage, couple of 'milk runs', and finally prepping for the assault on a dragon's lair.

>Combat action scenes, touching moments, group-who-used-to-distrust-one-another works a whole to defeat the dragon.

>Humie and elf kick it off, happy ends all around, credits roll.

>After the credits the humie wakes up from a BTL chip with the movie on it.

>> No.37139485

>After all, if "all" nanotech had actually stopped working, every major and advanced industrial process in the world would stop
It happened.

The loss of nanotech wasn't a single instant event; it was a viral spread. Structures collapsed, gear melted, people CFD'd, unready corporations died while others fell back on 60s obsolete tech.

>> No.37139502

hey shadowrun general, two questions.
1. can AIs use skillwires in the drones they control?

2. Can skillwires be "pirated"? Can I make my own copies for distribution?

>> No.37139567

Skillwires are cyberware, and they're irrelevant for AIs. Get the Piloting Origins quality, and use Autosofts for skills and bonuses.

>> No.37139590

So, are autosofts basically digital skillwares?

And can THOSE be pirated?

>> No.37139598

Yeah, they're skillware for drones. And yes, they can be cracked/stolen as normal.

>> No.37139628

Software is expensive, how do I steal it/ make my own? Tfw no tacnet. (4E)

>> No.37139706

Skillsofts, omae. Skillwires are actual wires and shit.

Look into pirated programs (10% cost) and freeware (entirely free), in Unwired. Both will probably need GM approval, but the former should be more available (and chosen by yourself) than the latter.

>> No.37139736

In 4e, the rules for that are in Unwired.

>> No.37139744

Well, it's a bit of a problem that they're not entirely digital. I was sort of wanting to run a back-alley skillsoft operation.

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File: 411 KB, 1280x1256, 1394256771186.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know, it is just so damn expensive.

>> No.37139819

They stole that from MechWarrior, if you're curious. I kind of like it but in MW you would roll to see what happened during the period, which could provide bonuses or penalties but at the same time made it kind of.... random.

"What kind of character do you want?"

"Oh a Lyran MechWar..."

"Hold on, roll to see if you flunk out of Military School...."

>> No.37140035

See >>37139706 on costs.

You can do >>37139744, I didn't see skllsofts on the list, and autosofts have the longest interval (6 months, which you can effectively quarter by spending nuyen and making the test more difficult)

>> No.37140063

*software programming list

>> No.37140079

No it fucking wasn't anon.

>> No.37140101

>Except a shadowrunner will always run in the shadows. Corporate security has to follow rules and guidelines from their superior.

They do, but that doesn't mean they can't act in the shadows.
That's literally the point of the "Company man".

>> No.37140136

I find myself incapable of making shadowrunners who don't have some kind of business on the side.

I mean, part of the gameplan always involves one day NOT shadowrunning, you know?

>> No.37140139

Can you make your own characters in the dragonfall game for ios/android?

>> No.37140300

I've been playing SR since the 3rd edition came out
and I was very disappointed in the Returns campaigns.

While Dragonfall fixes many of the shortcomings that Dead Man's Switch had
it still suffers from the same glaring flaws.

There is no reason to play anything other than a custom class with high dodge and pistol or rifle.

You don't even have to min/max at all.

I played a character with 4 CHA, 3 INT and WIL for dialogue choices and etiquette
and put the rest in quickness, ranged combat, dodge, rifle and pistols.
The only cyberware I got was a datajack so I can use smartguns.

My character was easily the best out of the whole team and the gap only increased since the level-up abilities your runners have are pretty lame.

While the classes are more useful now than they were in the original campaign
they are still pretty much irrelevant other than to get optional gear that you get later anyways or money that you don't really need anyways because what little you actually need is cheap.

Spirits and drones might seem powerful at first glance because they act more often but a high dodge+rifle char is still much more powerful.

Shadowrun Unlimitied, which is a fanmade sandbox campaign, actually handles this better as there are challenges that you can only overcome as a decker or caster.

In Dragonfall though there is never any real drawback if you don't have a decker or mage around.

Overall I'd give Dead Man's Switch a 5/10
and Dragonfall Director's Cut a 6/10.

They aren't bad or anything but all-in-all just too barebones and tedious at times.

If you liked them afterall though
I recommend checking out Shadowrun Unlimited
which is very playable even though it's still in development.

>> No.37140540


Full matrix defense every round.

>> No.37141163

I've used them before. Basically the idea is that the GM presents them to the player for doing well in the adventure. Shit that would normally refresh Edge, for the most part.

Works pretty well, but you need to be able to think quickly on your feet, as players can use them in the damnedest ways.

>> No.37141345

Is shadowrun the right system for me if I want to make unstoppable terminators, biohorrors, or tank cutting cyborgs?

>> No.37141403

I'm actually on-and-off working on a SR script, mainly as a means to refine my writing skills. It's one part Taken, one part Ocean's Eleven, and one part I haven't decided yet.

Basic outline:

"Jonny" is a retired Shadowrunner, caring for the daughter he had with a fellow Runner. However, bills are stacking up, specifically his daughter's schooling, and his personal maintenance bill. He has some big-juju cyberware (A high-end Wired Reflex suite, a combat-drugs producing system, some built-in weapons, cybereye, and strength boosters) and it's a bitch to keep running.

Eventually, he decides he needs some runs to make the nuyen to sort out his daughter's life, and if he can, his own as well.

Gets fixed up with team, we learn that main character has a Street Cred, and Notoriety, through the roof. Called 'Ripper', he's known for being a one-man-massacre.

I haven't decided on what kind of run I want them to go on. I know I want at least one moment where the Troll reveals a bit of depth. (Offhand, I like the idea of him speaking some language that the Face's Skillsoft fucks up. When asked how he knows it, it's where he's from, kind of thing.)

I'm thinking set it up like you say, a few small runs, then a big one, where he's probably outmatched

One thing I do know I would like is, in a perfect world Tarsem Singh would be attached to the project. Fight direction if nothing else. Because when I saw Ares kill a bunch of mooks in Immortals, my first thought was "That's almost a perfect representation of Initiative passes!"

>> No.37141441

Setting-wise? Yes
Rule-wise? Not so much.

There are probably better systems for that kind of thing.
I haven't actually played them but Rifts or LSA Industries look the part.

>> No.37141469

I mostly know about the setting, and that's what makes me ask.

>> No.37141576

Do you mean cyborgs that can take out a tank, or do you mean literally cutting tanks in half with a sword RULES OF NATURE cyborgs?

You definitely can't one-shot a tank with a sword. Maybe if your Strength is absurdly high, your're using a high-end weapon like a vibrosword or a laser axe, and your GM is feeling generous, you can spend a few rounds chipping the tank's armor off to get to its vulnerable points. But you're usually better served with a gauss rifle, an anti-tank missile, or a really crafty decker.

Unstoppable terminators and biohorrors are probably best represented by cyberzombies, but they're not really PC material; they're more like something the megacorps throw at you when you've really pissed them off.

>> No.37141594

Hey, a new player learning 4e here. I find myself attracted to the idea of the technomancer but I cannot quite wrap my head around what makes them particularly more effective than the hacker.

They seem to be, well, techno-mages, and as such can summon AI's and fuck with things in the technological realm but it seems like something thats more a liability. I've heard tale that technomancers suffer greatly against IC because their own minds are at greater risk with little extra reward.

>> No.37141607

Literally cutting tanks in half.

I think the only way I'll get what I want from shadowrun is if we all play freed corporate superweapons.

>> No.37141626

Well, sure you can make characters that go in that direction,
but it involves a lot of min/maxing and absuing of broken rules.

So I think it would be less of a pain in the ass for you look for a system that actually features such concepts in the first place rather than trying to build such things in the SR ruleset which is, in my opinion, way too complex for it's own good.

Although you could just as well use a system that does these things and toiler it to the SR setting.
Something like Mutants&Masterminds for example.

>> No.37141707

Well, it's your game so you can do what you want if everyone's on your wavelength.

If you're okay with houseruling to accieve your goal
then you could simply double or triple essence to get more cyberware into your characters.

>> No.37141719

Does anyone actually use the matrix rules?
Like... ever?
I kind of want to introduce a rule to just "Roll computers" or some shit, because this shit is tedious as fuck.

>> No.37141852

I've been playing Shadowrun for like 10 years now in several groups and on conventions and I've never seen anyone use the matrix rules.

And my favourite character is a combat decker to boot.

Everyone I know (including me) just roleplays the matrix.
The same applies to astral space.

For some reason everyone always thinks the matrix is a problem though
while no one ever says anything about astral space.

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As someone uninitiated and pouring through 4e how long can one really keep a spirit bound to them?

How about non-traditional guardian spirits that are personal to the character?

What I'm asking is can I sutando da?

>> No.37142063

is this how cyberzombies are made? O.o

>> No.37142300

Tends to be how it is. Technomancers can get unique tricks, but generally, a hacker is always going to be better, especially for cross-classing.

>> No.37142364

I do. It's not like they're complex, in 5e at least. It's just a bunch of special actions a decker can do while using his cyberdick.

>> No.37142450

Then you've never laid eyes on the horror that is 3rd edition matrix rules.

>> No.37142459

The film has to start with a series of shots of shit happening around Seattle as dark music plays, while one of the important characters says the classic: "Shoot straight... conserve ammo, and never... ever... make a deal with a dragon." (elipses for spacing of the words appropriate to the music that's playing and in accordance with the various shots)

>> No.37142524

yeah, I'm a 5e babby.

>> No.37142625

Do you roleplay hacking too? Or just navigating the Matrix?

>> No.37142769

You say the decker will generally be better because they more than likely will have access to cybernetics that improves them?

Or is it that they generally have better Karma ecconomy. Are Technomancers karma dumps like mages and thus cannot multi-role very well?

>> No.37142789

Where do you chummers get your maps from? Do you find pre-existing ones or cobble them together in a program?

>> No.37142827

Is there a place where I could find high res images that are Shadowrun-related? I'm talking about having it all in one place, rather than scouring through the internet via a search engine.

>> No.37142828

That's how I imagine my elf Face. Nice suit, not prissy, but doesn't like to get dirty. Relies on words, not weapons. I have literally everyone else in my party for that.

>> No.37142840

Worse than mages.

>> No.37142865

What you want is an Ally Spirit that you control with Channeling. Give it the Materialization power as well, if you want it to be hardcore as fuck and go knife kids for you.

>> No.37142978

No. Shadowrun penalizes/prevents excessive ware/bioengineering/augmentation, and the power levels are only 'possibly fight an entire SWAT team to a standstill' levels of strong. Shadowrun, despite the magic, is a gritty, anti-excessive cyberpunk game with a pink mohawk clumsily spraypainted onto it.

>> No.37143105

So are there any other Cyberpunk PnP games than Shadowrun, Cyberpunk 2020 and Eclipse Phase?

If not then which one is most fun and what things can you do in them?

>> No.37143137

The word is 'cue.' Like a cue card, or a theatre cue. A queue is a line you wait in at a checkout or whatever.

>> No.37143159

You roll on computer for actions where you manipulate computers without being jacked in.

Cyberdecks have matrix equivalents of your normal stats.
The better your deck the more points you have to put into your stats.

Programs are your skills.
There are no actual rules for them,
but most are self-explanatory anyways.

I've made packages that include a cyberdeck that includes a fixed amount of points that you can put into programs.

You can either get only a few at high levels to be really good
or get a lot at low levels to be really versatile.

It's fairly intuitive and doesn't impair the rest of the game.

>> No.37143173

EP isn't really Cyberpunk. It's a step above Cyberpunk but a step below sci-fi/space opera.

You could always try GURPs. Learning GURPs pays off in the long run.

>> No.37143294
File: 1.44 MB, 1524x880, terminator-tech-noir-bar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, loads, just nobody plays them. Take Technoir, for example, an entirely better cyberpunk RPG than Shadowrun.

>> No.37143330

Technomancers are pretty bad in all editions.
If you play one, you're mostly in it for the flavor.

You literally cannot do anything without tricky usage of Unregistered Sprites

However what makes them decent is their Echoes. Basically for ~70 Karma you can have a Skillwire and 4IPs without damaging your Essence any. And that's still cheaper then what it takes to buy that with cyberware, and can be done at chargen with karmagen.

>> No.37143518


Honestly, i think these would work best as 'edges' for a run - you draw a certain # based on your edge score; and can pay points to keep them in reserve for the run. IE this is my pool of options.

In this way you can use your edge points as legwork pools and extra bonuses instead of just rerolls.

>> No.37143597

If you're looking to play stuff like >>37141607, I'd recommend Corporation.


Just try not to judge it based on the art.

>> No.37143660


Here's an exercise in fun:
Whip out running wild's rules for critter-genetweaking, and make a spider-pig.

You know the song from the simpsons?

Yeah, that.

Go on, class! Its homework time, and then we can see how hilariously terrifying our creations are!

>> No.37143679

>can be done at chargen with karmagen
Only if your GM allows you to submerge during chargen. Otherwise you're SOL.

Their best chargen feature is being able to take Stealth 6 and thread it up to Stealth 12.

>> No.37143803


As a thought exercise, lets say that mundanes can split the difference and find a way to start with an effective Stealth 9 for hacking purposes.
(not actually using War programs).

How does that change the matrix? Are regular hackers suddenly worth it more compared to way overcosted TMs?

>> No.37143841

As written you have to take an action find each individual icon, mark each individual icon, then to interact with each individual icon.
That's 3 rolls to do what others would have done in 1, and you're not done.

Bear in mind you have to do this for every single icon, and everything is an icon.
It slows the game to a crawl while you are off to do your own thing.

>> No.37143896

Ironically, most GMs don't really care simply because it's less of a pain in their ass to take away from the game to focus on their character becoming more magic.

That too though, Threading is also really great.
Having a Threshold of 12 for guys to know you're there is pretty great. That's an average of 48 dice they'd have to throw down total to beat that. Mind you that can be over multiple turns, but you rarely get checked once your in unless there's IC actively browsing the node you're in.

>> No.37144055

Without actually getting into MathRun, I'd probably still pick the TM, because it's not just a potential threshold difference of 3, it's 9 vs 12.

>> No.37144087


As a counterpoint: If you get an Alert raised against you, your stealth stops working entirely anyway.

>> No.37144090

>As written you have to take an action find each individual icon

Only if they're running hidden. Which supposedly most people don't do. It's the DM fault if they make everyone run their shit hidden, since most people don't really know hot to do that.

>mark each individual icon
Not really, each person usually keeps all their devices slaved to their commlink because it's the best Device they got. So you only need to mark the commlink.

>then to interact with each individual icon.
Once you have a mark, you can just order it to do stuff, it's not a roll.

So, to, for example, make some dudes wireless enabled smartgun drop their magazine/clip/drum you just need to make 1 roll to mark their commlink, and then use your free action to make them drop it.

Also, most devices have a really crappy defense, so a good decker (15 dice pool) can just buy enough hits to beat them.

Basically, the DM can make hacking as time-wasting as they want.

>> No.37144135


Looks like they're still here to me.

>> No.37144160

That's not really a counterpoint so much as a reason to not go with 9 when 12 is a possibility.

>> No.37144289

Maybe. The most common source of hitting an alert is on the initial passing of the firewall. hacking on the fly or probing, a firewall 6 + analyze 6 is pretty bad odds if you have to roll more than once; and if the servers dice come up high once a hacker's out of luck. Rating 9 stealth gives them a BIT of insurance against that initial-pen roll.

On the techno side of things; Stealth 12 isn't just stealth 12. Its also a -2 to exploit tests to get actually get in, and slows down the rate at which you get through the firewall.

(sure, there are ways around it, but its only good for hacking on the fly because of sprite sustaining's duration. )

When you consider that situation,it looks a little less bad for the hacker.

>> No.37144356

All right, loli catgirl now supported by chummer

>> No.37144377
File: 546 KB, 256x192, 1322898549811.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I make a good combat decker in 4e?

>> No.37144413

Augmented physical attributes
Agent hacking

>> No.37144581

Uh, new guy that asked the question here.

What is Karmagen? Is it something only in 5e? As I understand it characters work in build points until the game goes into play and then you are awarded karma at the end of a run as the character grows.

Kinda lost on the conversation here.

From the context it seems that technos are generally support and need to have quite high stealth to avoid IC? And this is something that can be boosted at character creation based on the rules the GM wants to use?

>> No.37144593

TBH, I stopped playing 4e when 5e came out, and I'm not inclined to dig deeply into an old edition just to refute your position of "ok, hackers are bad, but not quite that bad."

>> No.37144613

I mean, that's clearly not the same guy, he's just compiling data files for when Adam eventually does return.
He says so right in the OP.

>> No.37144682
File: 2.83 MB, 441x250, hacker 25 augmented reality gloves.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


AR-ate karate adept.

Its like a kung fu adept. This...

>> No.37144746

Make good combat anyone, buy a deck and programs. Not attribute dependent.

>> No.37144772

Define Combat Decker.
There's at least like half a dozen different approaches to it, and it's more of a gradient than an actual archetype by itself.

Really the only thing is that if you're expecting to hack someone's limbs to strangle themselves you can kiss that idea good-bye.
You technically CAN, but all the hoops you have to jump through would make it pointless.

Really in combat the most effective thing you can do is just shoot the chummer. The most decking you'd do is preemptively eject smartgun clips before lighting them up.

>> No.37144801
File: 316 KB, 500x263, karate kiddie.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Meets this. Karate-script-kiddie.

But really. If you're combat-decking you have one of two options:
AR-hacking, in which case you lose out on hotsim bonuses (and do not want to have one present in your system in case you get compromised and an attacker turns it on for you)
Or VR hacking with a vehicle/drone/car of some kind and relays. Little more work, not always feasable, and not everyone wants to head into rigger territory.

And if you're going AR-hacking; adepts are the best way to boost your skills to make up for lack of hotsim.
In fact, improved technical skill(from a group/skill @ 4) lets you start with hacking and combat skills at 6. Without breaking groups if that's important.

If you're not that worried about it or being magic, its basically a samurai with wired/movebywire + a high rating deck+programs and hardware toolkits instead of all of the guns.

>> No.37144815

Karma Character Generation lets you build a character using SR's version of in-game xp (karma) rather than having you use Build Points or other xp equivalents you'll never see again.

Technomancers are matrix specialists. Or internet mage / shaman types. They do stuff online, and generally don't have spare xp to spend on anything else if they want to be good.

4e hackers / technomancers focus on programs / complex forms. hackers can straight up spend money on buying all the programs, while technomancers have to use xp - but they can also "thread" their complex forms to high ratings than hackers can. This has ... side effects that weren't really thought out too deeply by the devs.

Data bombs and Stealth being the two that stand out in memory.

>> No.37144838

Karmagen is in 4th edition. Runner's Compandion. Really it's much much better than BP and is the standard for just about every game.

Take a look at chummer. http://www.chummergen.com/
It should help you out in making a character by alot.
Chummer gives you all of the options, but doesn't actually tell you what the options do for the most part, all it does is give you page references.
But You can also download the books in the link in the OP.

>> No.37145012
File: 991 KB, 490x367, 1370580847862.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just wanted to be able to sorta fight while I hack shit. What are some cool ways to use hacking in combat?

>> No.37145164

Oh I see, its a more efficient way of creating the character by just not doing build points. So your saying that with some trickery/efficient karma spending you can pick particularly useful programs the same way that a mage or similar might pick a skill or spell and get it to reach an impossibly good level?

Dude I was just looking for this, thanks. I am right now going through 4e's anniversary book.

I think I'll stick with creating fairly normal characters and when I'm right and ready I can get to crunching on the math necessary to play this... not so well thought out role competently.

>> No.37145191

Hijack cars and ram them into people

>> No.37145261

Vastly depends on the situation, but It's primarily exclusive to locking down E-mag doors and ejecting gun clips.

By decking in combat, it means you can't be in VR without a whopping -6 or some such to shooting and dodging hits and reducing damage, which would make combat completely unviable. Unfortunately AR makes a lot of hacking options not viable, but never underestimate making an opponent have to burn his turn reloading manually just to have it kicked out of his fun again after only shooting like 3 bullets, until they have to get on the ground to pick their mags back up. Also, if the door is locked, bolted, and electrified SS13 style, they can't escape or receive reinforcements without cutting the door down.

You can also fuck with enemy drones pretty heavily though, when they show up, but that's not all the time.

>> No.37145332

Also this.
Ramming rules are OP if you don't mind your GM absolutely fucking hating you.

Basic Helidrones can pick up some speed pretty fast, and it only takes one action to send the command "Fly into your Rigger" still leaving you an extra action to shoot the Rigger with Stick-and-shock, RFID rounds or some shit.

>> No.37145645

So as character concepts go, how's this idea:

An indebted/disgraced doctor from one of the Tir nations, turned runner to make ends meet and/or pay enough to call off the hounds.

>> No.37145747

Sounds legit, but keep in mind some GM's get REALLY REALLY pissed off by the In-debt negative quality.

That should be solved though by promising to pay off the Karma cost too before you're done paying off the Nuyen cost.

>> No.37146168

In 5e, how can you become a class III surge at character creation if it is a quality that costs 30 karma and the maximum amount of karma you can spend o positive qualities is 25?

>> No.37146275

It costs 0 Karma due to the balancing out with negative bits.

>> No.37146330

that seems kind of powergamey

Also, when creating a SURGE character, you chose a metatype before choosing the surge quality like normal right?
So you can be an elf surged or a troll surged?

>> No.37146345

Noted. Honestly, I don't have a game lined up yet, but I was tossing around ideas for a character should I go looking for one.

Depending on how it ends up, things might get tweaked a bit.

>> No.37146346


>> No.37146673

Any uh, mystic adept character sheets I can look at?

The idea thats in my head whenever I think about it is Ryu from street fighter.

Or Lee from Naruto

>> No.37146832


What special abilities need replicating in general?

Ryu seems pretty cut-and-dried: Unarmed-fu, distance strike. Even extreme-end hurricane-kick-helicoptering is covered by Movement and a flying-kick-charge.

>> No.37146857

I remember you once mentioning a cool hacker worm you designed. Could you post it here?

>> No.37146864

Basically. You're either going to want to be mostly mage but with a power point or two for the more valuable adept powers, if you don't care too much about astral projection.
OR, you're going to want to be a full-on adept and only roll just your skills with a magic of 0.

>> No.37146890


Oh yeah! i remember you asking the other day.

Important question: Which one? What else do you remember about what I said?

Was it the malware one or not?

>> No.37146955

Anon that hasn't played shadowrun here.

I want to run a game based on Biker Mice from Mars and. Tried Cyberpunk 2020, but the system is too crunchy and, frankly, a total mess. Do you guys think Shadowrun is a good idea?

>> No.37146991

Shadowrun is also a huge fucking total mess, and is quite literally more crunchy than 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons.
Both 4th and 5th editions of shadowrun.

I'll be willing to help, but I'm still learning myself.

>> No.37147008

It shouldn't ever really be an issue with the karma cost - GMs should jump at the chance to replace a negative quality you've taken the "negative" out of. (and there's very little that's less of a negative quality than paying interest on 0¥)

>> No.37147108

Nevermind then, I'll check other systems

>> No.37147143
File: 974 KB, 1000x769, 1391408329031.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How about combat deckers in 5E? How viable are they? Specifically with Street level runners, running a game soon and they seem like they'd be better than technomancers even with the (Ludicrous) deck cost.

>> No.37147147

Well the most common idea that runs in my head concerning that archtype is trying to build a stealthy mystic adept whose spells are mostly based on trickery, utility and a handful of flashy tricks. The rest being focused on the standard adept powers that reinforce quick movement and quick attacking. Great Leap, Killing Hands.

Generally the mythical ninja. Trained by demons, illusive, but not feigning the actual mystical powers.

I'm a bit new to 4e.

>> No.37147262

An adept decker could reasonably do combat well.
Trying to go cyberware samurai + decker probably won't work due to lack of nuyen even if you choose priority A for nuyen.
Might run into the trouble of lacking in skill points to do get all of the decker skills but otherwise you could do pretty well.

>> No.37147279

They're even less viable because your decking abilities now require a FUCKLOAD more money, are limited by your mental stats (meaning you can't really pick up physical ones) and I think it has a Karma/Quality tax.

They're not really better then Technomancers, since they kind of serve different roles. Think of Deckers and Technos like comparing Mages and Shamans.

Technos are pretty bad at Decking and Cybercombat themselves, and basically have to do everything by proxy of the shit they summon.

>> No.37147300

What are the necessary augmentations and gear for a hacker?

>> No.37147345

Depends on what you're throwing at them!

If you use SL threats with your SL runners, then the SL decker will do just fine with the SL deck.

If they're expected to stand up against standard runner threats, then a street level technomancer will do better. Why? Because Street Level / Prime Runner aren't designed to be standalone alterations to character generation unless you like to skew things away from / towards gear-based archetypes like street samurai and riggers.

Either use the Street Scum / High Life rules instead, or combine the two for some crazy shit. Street Level / Street Scum characters will have to use everything they can just to stay alive (some people like that; don't knock it), while Prime Runner / High Life characters will be the pinkest of mohawks or the blackest of trenchcoats.

>> No.37147377

>They're even less viable because your decking abilities now require a FUCKLOAD more money, are limited by your mental stats (meaning you can't really pick up physical ones) and I think it has a Karma/Quality tax.

Everything in this line is wrong.
There's no karma/quality tax for decking, once you pay for you deck, and put points in all 6 (I think it's 6?) decker skills, get logic 6, and the rest of the karma/attribute/skill poins can all be distributed however you wish.

The only thing expensive is the deck itself (but it is REALLY expensive), and the fact that you need quite a lot of skill points.

>> No.37147434

Is this not the definition of tax

>> No.37147460

I can't recall. Either/ both would be awesome.

>> No.37147574

Not karma tax.
It just costs nuyen. Your karma is safe. I'm talking about 5e, I'm only familiar with priority gen.
Priority gen I think you could go: A to nuyen, B to attributes, C to skills D to magic and E to metatype.
The 2 magic should be enough to get you improved reflexes, and you can increase the magic with karma to get some more powers.

Obviously not as strong as a pure combat monster, but perfectly capable of fighting well enough.

Please note I'm just saying this from the top of my head, I'm not sure if everything works out perfectly or anything.

>> No.37147838

hey /tg/

just played Dragonfall and I loved it, now I want to try DMing a short Shadowrun campaign for my friends

should we play 4e or 5e? any tips? none of us have any experience with the system and I'm the only one who knows anything about the setting

>> No.37147901
File: 26 KB, 350x263, artificial intelligence 6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The viral intelligence is an AI constructed around a botnet/virus-worm archetype. It does have a central intelligence, but it also has a number of extra features that make it a pain in the ass to deal with.

HIGHLY inspired by mass effect 2's Operation Overlord, the 'new' Tron movie, and agent-smith's army of self from the matrix movies.

How it works:
Abuses: Code Flux, Emulate, Spawn as an NPC-grade AI. (its OP as hell if piloted by anyone who knows what they're doing, also somewhat shaky to attempt as a PC-AI - but pc rules are used as a balance-check in some places. )

Why its terrifying:
Is able to Agent Smith in a post-smithing-nerf world. Code-flux enables quick-change access IDs, which it can pass along to new spawned agents.
Uses Code Flux to make new access ID's at will, nearly instantly, making the mother-brain malware comptroller pretty much impossible to actually catch.
Push Threading past any sane limits. Emulation doesn't have the resonance-imposed restriction of 'No Malware'. This opens up several kinds of shenanigans:
Not being limited by 'regular' limits. Agents >6, autosofts >4, self-improving programs with the Software skill(sprites can do it so its on the table. Programs > 6 without war. (Do note that Metasapient and Archivists have software @ rating )
A player-AI's theoretical max-rating is 7, which is what i used as a test case, leading to 7 inherent programs @ up to rating 14. Stealth is one of them. Which it is also able to pass off to its agents. (do note that a PC-AI that increases its rating opens up a new inherent slot, which can be ANY program, not just from the starting list - has to be improved from scratch though.
Software creation suites are a thing. Allows recursive threading boosting.
Worms, Trojans & Virii on the yes- list. (The resonance directly forbids this, but emulation isn't resonance based.)
Things get truly nuts when the impact of Replicate autosofts are considered.


>> No.37147995

Come to think of it ... with the release of Run Faster, street deckers can take up to 75k¥ of debt, albeit with 150% owed, and a monthly increase of 10%.
1 box of physical damage per 20k¥ owed if they don't pay in any given month.

>They can also expect to be asked to do some discount work and maybe even a few favors while they have the debt hanging over their head.

There's literally no grade of shadowrunner that can't afford the gear they should have.

>> No.37147999


He's right about them being less viable though. Deck prices are ridiculously expensive in order to keep you from hacking and doing something else well.

>> No.37148010
File: 93 KB, 614x460, SS4Girls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 5, 4, 1, 3, 4, 3, 4, 4, 2, 1, 4, 1, 4, 5, 4, 5, 4, 2, 5, 5, 5, 1, 5, 4, 2 = 87 (25d6)

While it must sustain malware programs, this is an upside in two ways:
1) if it drops sustaining, the program instantly vanishes from the matrix - like an agent in a hostile system. It never leaves behind evidence for computer forensics to get ahold of. The ONLY way to observe it in action is in the wild. Also the high-rating stealth problem.
2) its able to use Trojans via threading. This lets it deploy an affect(like a RAT backdoor), and then drop the program leaving only the effect behind, not the actual program used to create it.

You put all this together and you have an absolutely nasty, dickish, terrifying piece of work who's only presence in the system is realizing you got pwnd after-the-fact. If Ever.

If you're ever wondering who wrote that annoying-as-fuck Jingle virus?
Look at the dice and count the hits.

And that's before actually nasty shit like Intertia on your Analyzer, any of the trojans, or even dickish things like databombs with ALL of the options.

>> No.37148102

I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of my teams decker screaming.

>> No.37148113
File: 50 KB, 491x277, hacker 11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Alright, tgdice, you win this time.

7 hits could be better but i think it gets the point across.

It was also spitballing and doesn't account for either recursive threading; facility bonuses(software shops/facilities DO exist), lifestyle bonuses, or penalties from sustaining things.

The one downside of the build is that it has no way to counter with or otherwise deal with threading sustaining penalties, but when you stack the odds high enough, you don't evne have to.

>> No.37148136


Modern interpretation of a mystic adept ninja?

Does one build around the stealth attributes and then layer the adept powers on it? What weapon sets work best with this sort of charcter?

>> No.37148159

FYI, you're mistaking Code Flux for a voluntary action. It only activates randomly as you move from one node to another.

The rest of it looks like it could work provided you favourably interpret certain points, though the main issue is that you can't code an AI grade virus with RAW or while paying attention to the setting.

>> No.37148238

Mystic adept ninja sounds simple enough.
Stealth high
improved reflexes
maybe improved ability (stealth)

improved invisibility

and so on

>> No.37148316

Also, it looks like you're ignoring the protosapient AI qualities in Running Wild. They're mostly nasty shit like, "If you fail a matrix perception test against this AI, you can't try again" or, "Everyone but the AI now suffers Gremlins at half AI rating".

>> No.37148463

> It only activates randomly as you move from one node to another.
Yes, and? You can move to another node voluntarily in order to intentionally trigger it. Anything with a device rating counts. Anything.

A simple commlink with a datajack, vr module, and RFID-tracking chip in it counts as four nodes for it to ping between.

As for the rest, well - i'm not sure what you're getting at. Its not technically an AI grade virus. Its a regular old AI that's decided it likes operating like a virus.

ANY AI with emulate is capable of using most of these tricks. Code flux just makes it more reliable, and spawn builds catspaws into it.

You should check out running wild's section on AI's though.

The Monie Trie from that book was also a direct inspiration, and is shelved away for the second build idea i mentioned:

A 'green hat' hacker focused around financial hacks and large-scale digital fraud. A technomancer with Feral Resonance - yes, from war - binding a bunch of Monie Tries, which themselves have minions, and then backing everything up with sprite support. Its one of the few forces able to actually entirely eliminate data from the matrix and the resonance archives - and then substitute its own.

This falls under some checks-balances. Quality limits are a thing; and you really just need the core of the concept before you personalize it.
You get thumbs up for having read running wild though. Totally underrated book.

Green hat hacking gets a shout to here rollingstone (dawt) com/culture/news/sex-drugs-and-the-biggest-cybercrime-of-all-time-20101111

>> No.37148876


This is a build that, imho, benefits greatly from being a Free Spirit.

The PC rules are kind of ass, but access to some of the top-tier movement, stealth, and impersonation powers make it worth the downsides imho.

Also they become significantly more interesting when you gain access to Quickening. Point for Point, its one of the best stat-boots in the game, and its often overlooked - for mortals- because other options are almost always better and nuyenable.

THAT BEING SAID, mystic adept is also a good way to do it.
You want high agility, because its for both attacks and stealth.
Unarmed for primary combat, because it hits harder than most weapons if you kit it out right and you can't actually be disarmed - unless you lose the limb, of course.

You'll need access to Summoning and probably Binding. Concealment and Movement are too good to pass up for this.

Street magic has extra adept powers, spells, and mentor spirits
Spy Games has some shape-shifting related powers
Way of the Adept has lots of goodies for adepts
Arsenal has martial arts, including ninjutsu.
Runner's Companion has Karmagen, which you're almost guaranteed going to need because this is a well-spread out generalist build.

Its totally viable, but mystic adepts require a bit more familiarity to make work and you've picked a hell of a first-build concept.

>> No.37149325

>Yes, and?
It's an interesting and complex idea held together by good will at certain points by the way you go about things. Mainly that just means jumping through more hoops. (hoops where you have admin access, specifically)
That's no problem when you have time on your hands, but when you don't, it can cause issues - which you'd expect when you change your only true personal online identifier. I'd suggest using proxy servers instead. You can set them up fairly cheaply, and if you're extremely paranoid (deny guest accounts, keep no logs, attach a physical explosive or spoof chip that activates when additional accounts are created or a trace starts) then you can essentially prevent your true access ID from being discovered.

On Emulate; the wording is, "use the same rules as threading" ... that's a rickety bridge to send "malware is ok" down.

>> No.37149409

>... that's a rickety bridge to send "malware is ok" down.

Its allowed by the dissonance, though.

>> No.37149478

So as soon as there's a Dissonant version of Emulate ...

>> No.37149663

There's no actual difference, though. Its still threading.

The prohibition is specific to TMs, which AI's are not. They do not have the requisite quality, any kind of resonance ties indicated by that attribute - the prohibition is only for a category that AI's don't fit into, and the same passage says its possible under the general rules for threading.

And that's why you should join the dissonance. So your internet overlords don't intentionally hamstring you from being all you could be.

>> No.37149834
File: 230 KB, 640x1187, 640px-Hokusai-sketches---hokusai-manga-vol6-crop[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Informative as fuck, thanks.

It does seem like a complex build for a newcomer but I'm slowly getting the hang of it.

I think as long as I keep writting about the character and keep the ideas somewhere I can keep progressing with it.

Might i say as someone new despite the seemingly simple points in which you need to roll for normal combat there is a lot of what people term "crunch" in setting up a shadowrun character or pulling off complex actions like summoning, doing tasks and so on.

Not that any of this requires like vector calculus to calculate. its all numbers between 1 and 15 max but it seems like one could (or should) create a program to abstract taking certain actions down to button presses. After all many of the actions that will take the most thinking to do need to be repeated only with minor tweaks. Like summoning and the associated processes. A "Shadowrun Formula App" would be great.

Apologies if I'm being a pleb here, unable to keep a lot of this in my head at one time. Then again I've never been in a session. Not yet.

Pic related of a ninja in a 200 year old manga.

>> No.37149877

Are there any guides to making a character in SR5 that isn't a big pile of poop? My group has a gun adept, a street sam, a shaman, and I was going to be a technomancer. I understand it's really easy to underpower yourself if you don't understand your role and I was hoping I could get some direction on that.

>> No.37149938

It's not that hard to do in the first place, providing you have some common sense (street samurai, don't blow your money on decks, shaman, don't blow your money on rigging gear), but Run Faster has some different ways.

>> No.37149976

Anyone have any advice for making gangs?

I keep thinking back to '80s video games with a silly twist. Like the Zeldas, who wear green clothes and have the triforce symbol in gold and aren't aware that his name wasn't Zelda.

And names like Rico Smoove or Orko Suave. Of which I can't decide which is better.

>> No.37150021

Not sure if there are, but as a technomancer I'd recommend focusing on compiling / registering, and then backup your hardworking sprites with the leadership skill. The high charisma involved will also make you a decent choice for face, so you may want to go Dryad for that.

>> No.37150087

is Compiling/Decompiling/Registering for technomancers only?

>> No.37150139

>Informative as fuck, thanks.

That is why I am here. You're welcome, anytime.

There have been several attempts to make aides and player guides, though not automation so much. There's a handful of spreadsheets, and the advanced explosives javascript file ..

pavao (DAWT) org/shadowrun/cheatsheets/

You may want to check out these cheat-sheets though.

Also random.org and invisiblecastle are handy for making test-rolls.

Chummer4 is also invaluable as fuck and allows by-book content enabling. as soon as you figure that out, its golden.

>> No.37150834

probly better off going decker, simpler and better at the basic task of hacking things.

>> No.37151167

Okay. If I wanted to be a decker instead, what would that be like?

>> No.37151214

well you throw nuyen and some skills at the task, get half decent gunning skill and go from there. I haven't played or GMed with a hacker, but from what I hear it's either a side role or requires some outside the box thinking.
Since you can hack almost anything nowadays, but you have to ask: "Am I better off shooting the problem with lead instead?"

>> No.37152305
File: 1000 KB, 500x250, better than latte.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone got funny SR images/macros?

>> No.37152329

I'm running a campaign that's gonna start in Los Angeles. What can you guys tell me about LA and the Pueblo Corporate Council? Why would a bunch of runners want to go there?

>> No.37152364


Have you checked out the section on LA in Corporate Enclaves? That'd be a good place to start.

Among other things, it's where Horizon is headquartered.

>> No.37152369
File: 2.31 MB, 1152x480, megacorp security.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This one's my favorite

>> No.37152603

Yep; they're Resonance skills. Decompiling isn't much use at the moment. It may when Data Trails is released - I'm assuming there will be a "sprite hate" meter, like there was a "spirit hate" meter in Street Grimoire.

>> No.37152820

>goddamn snake girl
I have never stopped being salty that the races in shadowrun were all standard fantasy humanoids.

Closest you get to monster people are like, SURGE one-offs. You'll never run into a community of snake dudes.

>> No.37152856

That and sapient critters of which the Naga are just snakes and not snakepeople

>> No.37152891

Yeah. That's not quite right at all, you know?

I sort of want to be able to have fantasy demographics in shadowrun, but it never works out that way.

>> No.37153037


.... and my first thought shouldn't be 'i can stat that'.

>> No.37153066

I assume the stats are somwhere between a person's and a troll's. Either that or slightly more expensive race with human-ish stats but special abilities representing being a huge snake.

>> No.37153097
File: 938 KB, 400x289, dancing lamia.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do it you marvelous madman

...I may or may not have a serious personal snake in this

>> No.37153111
File: 2.67 MB, 256x234, Facepalm anita.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>...I may or may not have a serious personal snake in this

>> No.37153119

It'd be nice if these things were common enough in shadowrun to be anything of a demographic. At least enough to populate a weird badlands warehouse.

>> No.37153147

Why would you save an image of her, what's wrong with you?

>> No.37153181


Its actually pretty simple.

Naga + Surge Arms. +2 arms is still +2 arms.
thats 15 points.

Then the silly rules part
Metahuman traits: Human, elf, whatever.

> This quality cannot be taken by metahuman characters.
>naga aren't Metahuman, they are Critters.

20BP. Fits in surge-2
Season with something like fitting, iunno. Scales, extravagant eyes(reptilian), vestigal tale or something equally cosmetically appropriate for snake-people.

And now you have snakes that look like people.

Right tool for the job. Also its the best facepalm chuckle-laugh gif i've seen yet.

>> No.37153198

>vestigial tail
They... aren't really vestigical.

>> No.37153201

So do it. Standard, non horse headed, fantasy centaurs in SR5 are half-bloods or some shit that "proper" centaurs look down upon. Do the same for naga with the shiva arms quality.

Not like anyone else is going to give a shit over breaking canon.

>> No.37153217

say whatever you want, I fucking love big hoop earrings.

>> No.37153238

It's a really unusual character to run by a GM though.
Chances are low they'll be just sort of OK with it.

>> No.37153245

I don't know about 9, it lags badly in some places. But it is a good game.

>> No.37153250

>Scales, extravagant eyes(reptilian), vestigal tale
I know what would be really out of place on snakes - scales! Reptilian eyes, too! And a vestigial tail on their tail!

(actually, that last one ...)

Just strikes me as trying to match negative qualities with their current description.

>> No.37153262


Feel free to come up with som

Naga 30
Surge II 10
Removing Uneducation (critter freebie) 20
= 60BP total.

Looks this is about right in cost. Upside: Built in-guard.

Fiddle with the surge-qualities in order to find best-match for your mental idea. You can do anything from Medusa to Gorgon to Lamia, depending.

Bear out. I gotta sleep. Later chummers!

>> No.37153428

Hey shadowrun general.
how much cheaper would a lifestyle be if it worked as normal, but all the furniture was disgusting bio-engineered stuff instead of the normal technology?

I am vaguely considering new disadvantages for various things.

>> No.37153570
File: 876 KB, 1653x2078, 1380737098647.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Were you obsessed with snakes as a child too?

>> No.37153577

Are there any stats for NPC Lone Star detectives out there in any books I could use(any edition) or will I have to make one up? Most Lone Star officers are slated towards combat where as I need one that's more sleuthing. I just need a competent or fairly skilled detective NPC(or two) that is on the trail of my group tracking their crimes and actions keeping them on their toes.

>> No.37153602

Can I get some help here? Only second time playing fifth edition and I need to make a decker for tomorrow.

Can someone just put me in the right direction? What gear, what attributes are important?

>> No.37153626

Page 383 in the Core Book for SR5 has some Police Veteran stats which could easily be adapted for a detective.

>you need one
So give them the appropriate skills.

Having said that, the 2nd ed Lone Star book has an excellent variety of stats for Lone Star personel on page 126. The DoI Detective has decent stats, with a particularly good intelligence and willpower, and has skills in various combat skills, corporate and street ettiqute, psychology, police procedures, negotiation, interrogation, sociology, some reasonable computer skills, and unarmed combat.

>> No.37153629

There are sample grunts towards the back of each core book. If you want a detective NPC, I'd suggest using one of the runner archetype examples instead.

>> No.37153635

>What gear
A deck, and a gun. Cyberware that improves upon your core attributes.
>what attributes are important?
Logic, Intuition, Willpower, Reaction.

>> No.37153648


Logic's your god stat. You need a cyberdeck, and at least a datajack bit of 'ware. Useful skills would be at least one guns kill, perception, the electronics and cracking skill groups, as well as possibly some vehicle skills like pilot ground and pilot aircraft.

Oh, and a lifestyle. Having a roof over your head makes things a lot easier.

>> No.37153658

Got it. Thanks.

Uuh, skills? A friend told me they were important for deckers, so I set that at priority A.

>> No.37153668

Bio stuff is kinda avant-garde and probably will require a higher upkeep just to maintain the furniture. If you want some advanced lifestyle options, try Runner's Companion.

>> No.37153682

The cracking and electronics skill groups are good.

Avoid sorcery, enchanting and conjuring.

>> No.37153692

>will require a higher upkeep just to maintain the furniture.
If you just led the furniture shit all over the place it'd probably be a lot cheaper.

>> No.37153698

>I'd suggest using one of the runner archetype examples instead.
That is a fucking terrible idea and you know it.

>> No.37153867

What's going on with the Slavic countries in the sixth world?

>> No.37153945

Depends on the book you take them from. Run Faster archetypes look ok. Not going to test them for legality, but they look ok.

>> No.37153949

What skills would a mage want to take to double as the group's driver? Just pilot skills and engineering skills?

>> No.37153987


Assuming you weren't going to just summong say, a spirit of man, or a task spirit to drive, sure. Driving's a pretty simple set of abilities, really.

Wars, balkanisation, etc. Russia's rampaged through eastern europe at one stage before splintering itself because magic bears wanting Siberia back.

>> No.37154101

well theoretically the SURGE mutants could breed true, catboys/girls are common enough builds, and the only surge mutants that face genocidal issues are the insectoid ones due to obvious reasons.

circa 2075 (which is where 5th ed picks up unless I miss my guess) communes of various demihuman metatypes that can produce stable offspring would probably be a thing.

>> No.37154139

After the winter wars we don't know.

>> No.37154203
File: 725 KB, 1279x1535, average shadowrun mage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.37154276


Yeah i'll look into the 2nd ed Lone Star book for some NPC ideas for this thanks. I'll just convert bits and pieces here and there. Right now i'm basically doing "Prison Break the series: the Shadowrun"


Those grunts are all more combat orientated and I want more of a dedicated investigator tracking and trying to outsmart and track them down ala Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive(or practically every 90's movie where he plays a law enforcement agent chasing someone.)

>> No.37154617


Good answer. They'll never be out of style as far as I'm concerned.

>> No.37154636


There's a Lone Star undercover cop statted in Ghost Cartels, but I don't know how accurate the stats are, and that's 4e.


Russia is super Russian, Poland got invaded again, Ukraine is corporate controlled as of Runner Havens (see the Istanbul entry). Don't remember the others clearly enough. If you want a premade sprawl, Feral Cities has a short Sarajevo writeup. TL:DR, the UN is still there, after the Jihad it's the Bosniaks rather than the Serbs everyone's mad at, and the infrastructure's still shit.

>> No.37154652

Also, note that some spirit powers, like Guard and Movement, can be super helpful for driving.

>> No.37154670

SRG guy from last time. with the help of you guys and some anons I talked to I selected some Aztechnology rogues (toxic spirit cult, complete with a toxic shaman VIP) as my villains. Protag is a SURGE mutant technomancer (catboy, elf metatype base)

anyways now that I have villains I'm trying to figure out where to set my story, thinking either califree, LA, or east berlin but I'm having trouble deciding. help would be appreciated.

>> No.37154673

4e stats translate pretty directly to 5e, for the most part.

>> No.37154696


I'm more concerned in that Ghost Cartels had some gummed up stats in the first place, but a mundane with few augmentations isn't going to be as screwed up, I'd hoped, as the Yama King later on.


I'd say Berlin. We got enough North America stuff floating around

>> No.37154714

fair enough, character in question will likely be american expat (as I'm american and don't know nearly enough about germany to portray a citizen of the nation with protag focus)

that said do you have any suggestions on reading material that will help me get a feel for the city? Dragonfall helped somewhat and I get the "Nu-Berlin Wall" vibe but you can never have enough details.

>> No.37154783

I assume Shadows of Europe has some Berlin fluff.

>> No.37154848
File: 91 KB, 618x409, balkan shadowrun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

which edition is that, 5th? I'm checking 4th's "Sixth World Almanac" for useful fluff.

>> No.37154855


>> No.37154880
File: 725 KB, 1280x2003, average street sam and face.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

cool, thanks.

>> No.37155054
File: 1013 KB, 700x500, unbreakable.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where the hell do you people find games for this? All I can ever find is pathfinder/D&D a shit.

>> No.37155086

Pre-existing group.

>> No.37156398
File: 355 KB, 640x800, typical_japanese_dragon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there anything more powerful than great dragons? Or are they the most powerful beings on Earth?

>> No.37156431

There's a few different spirit types that find the low ambient mana on Earth hard to live with, then there are things like the Dweller On The Threshold, mentor spirits, etc.

Great Dragons are among the most powerful known beings on the physical plane.

>> No.37156651

great dragons are arguably the most powerful beings on the great plane. But you could say the same of humans in our universe and there's tons of phenomena that can kill us.

basically dragons are enormously powerful but don't play well together. So you could say their greatest weakness is their lack of social graces.

>> No.37156743

I wouldn't say their lack of social graces, but their nature as peak predators. Great dragons are singularly able to survive and thrive with little in the way of assistance or nurturing, and thus lack much of the evolutionary push towards grouping together.

>> No.37156748


Human armies can kill them fine can't they? I really don't see a dragon defeating an armored division.

>> No.37156845

If you can't imagine how it plays out, then you're probably only thinking about a great dragon's stats, rather than their intelligent use of spells, spirits, and artifice.

>> No.37156941
File: 33 KB, 520x514, 1404458944986.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

point, they;re hyper intelligent predators not social animals like humans and meta-humans.

yes and no. Dragons are more than physical beings, they're magical beings, germany found itself under attack by a dragon called firewing (who had been driven insane by despair when she realized that her oath to protect nature had failed during her sleep) she managed to kill hundreds of thousands of people because her spells rendered her immune to mundane weapons, in the end they "killed" her by severing her astral form from her physical form by making a magically active missile that landed in the SOX (a radioactive disaster zone) and she survive by living in a human host while her body slept.

dragons are really fucking hard to kill. Less so now that peopler know magic and stuff, but conventional military means can't really harm 'em.

>> No.37157025

I think some tripfag is looking for players right now.

>> No.37157050

>Not going to Manhattan.

It's called the NYPD inc now anon.
The entire place is extraterritorial, and there are extraterritorial places within that.
There's literally not a government any more,

>> No.37157074

I dunno, north america is kind of overdone. might do a prequel story about Grid Tiger's youth in the big apple titled "Escape from New York Inc" and I'm more comfortable with east berlin.

>> No.37157214


As much as I like SR setting I really don't like N.America. The whole indians rebellion thing is pretty damn stupid.

>> No.37157291


Wasn't one of the great dragons recently executed by humans?

>> No.37157322

nah it makes sense, they got a pretty raw deal, and them taking over a good portion of the US via magic makes sense. A lot of the indian tribes would do it if they could pull it off.

yeah, some kind of feathered serpent, got fingered for assassinating some Azzies, may or may not have been a plot by other dragons and corporate elements.

>> No.37157558

i have to say, the shadowland bbs threads were truly glorious in dragonfall

>> No.37157650

just drop Deadman's Switch, it falls apart in the third act. Get Dragonfall director's cut as it's pretty much the penultimate version of returns, and after that there's usermods of varying quality.

>> No.37157712
File: 504 KB, 1200x1893, punisher_v5_033_p20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucker really is a shadowrunner.

>> No.37157747
File: 83 KB, 381x140, shadowrunner's diary.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

in general punisher max has a lot of content that slides right the fuck into shadowrun without need for editing at all. Barracuda himself could easily be a vatjob streetsam who has no problems getting his hands dirty.

>> No.37158003

That was just a regular feathered serpent, not a Great. Non-Great Dragons are nowhere near as impervious to conventional force, especially on the scale that Aztechnology can bring to bear.

>> No.37158597

Does this setting even have evolution? I know Earthdawn isn't canon atm, but it seems like all of the main races were created at the dawn of time. In which case, does it really make sense to use evolutionary psychology as a model to explain anything?

>> No.37158662


While we're at it, Dragons don't seem to have a natural language of their own because they communicate telepathically. Does this refute the Sapir–Whorf hypothesis, or does it just have some really interesting implications for how Dragons think?

>> No.37158743

Did not realize that spirits could drive. If I was going with psionic tradition, could I have a task spirit possess the car and drive?

>> No.37158857
File: 45 KB, 250x579, combat_mage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What spells, initiations, and gear would you recommend for a spirit hunter mage?

>> No.37158917
File: 428 KB, 720x900, 5c2490b94773de42d3a03580149568be.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw playing a Satyr technomancer

>> No.37159001

shock weapons

>> No.37159360

Is it okay to slash 5e gear prices to levels where players will actually be able to afford upgrades post chargen, or does that break everything?

>> No.37159464

Supposedly, it would make people who rely more on nuyen to advance (cyber/bioware users mostly) advance faster then the ones that rely more on karma (magic based characters) to advance.

Assuming that the current rates are properly balanced, that is. Someone should do the math to see how's the rate of advance when giving the standard karma/nuyen recommended by the book after every run.

Also, instead of slashing the prices, you could just give them more money after every run, it's easier to do.

>> No.37160390


It makes sense in some places more than others. In western Canada, parts of the Southwest, the Dakotas, Alaska, sure, I'll buy it. I tend to assume a fairly large reverse-assimilated non-ethnically-Native population, though.

>> No.37160415


Could we compensate for it instead by giving out more Karma?

>> No.37160491

idunno we got a ton of shit in 5e, including a bunch of bioware and cyberware with all sorts of stuff in it

you can probably start out with more money but it sounds like you're starting them out already with max stats and skills, if they have max gear there's little reason for them to earn more karma

>> No.37161316

last thread (i think) had a dude mention his dwarf parkour/kung fu social adept and i thought that was awesome, so i made my own.

anyone see any glaring issues? (5E)

A - Skills (46 + 10) B - Adept (6 Mag, 4 Active) C - Race (Dwarf +1) D - Attributes (12) E - Resources (6000¥)

Bod 3 Agi 2 Rea 2 Str 4
Wil 4 Log 3 Int 3 Cha 6
Edg 2 Ess 6 Mag 6

Astral Chameleon (-10K)
Bilingual (Cantonese) (-5K)
Severe Allergy: Grass (+20K)
National SIN: New Zealand (+5K)
Karma to Nuyen (-5K)

Skills: INFLUENCE 6, ENGINEERING 4, Armorer 6, Artisan 3, Con 4, Demolitions 2, Gymnastics 6 (Parkour), Instruction 6, Intimidation 3, Palming 2, Perception 5, Pilot Ground Craft 1, Pilot Watercraft 1, Pistols 2, Sneaking 3, Unarmed Combat 6 (Taijiquan)

Knowledge: (P)Engineering 3, (S)Hong Kong Triads 3, (I)Martial Arts Scene 3, (S)Sprawl Life 3

Language: English (Native), Cantonese (Native)

Triad lieutenant, 3/3
Police inspector, 3/2
Wuxing quartermaster, 2/5

Mental 5 - Physical 5 - Social 8

Powers: Attribute Boost (Body), Attribute Boost (Agility), Attribute Boost (Reaction), Attribute Boost (Strength), Critical Strike (Unarmed), Improved Ability (Negotiation) 2, Killing Hands, Kinesics 3, Light Body 3, Voice Control 2, Wallrunning

Lifestyle: Middle (6k¥), no months paid forward
Gear: Defiance EX Shocker (ACC 4, DAM 9S(e), AP -5, SS, AM 4(m), 250¥), Renraku Sensei (Rating 3, 1k¥), area jammer (Rating 3, 600¥), white noise generator (Rating 3, 150¥), tag eraser (450¥), fake SIN (Rating 2, Dirk Kriegens, 5k¥), glasses (include image link, 100¥), autopicker (Rating 4, 2k¥), fake license (Rating 2, Dirk Kriegens, Autopicker, 400¥). 50¥ on a credstick.

>> No.37161399

I see the skill (technical or physical) power for Task spirits, but how do you get a spirit of Man to drive?

>> No.37161474
File: 22 KB, 410x397, 1392296615713.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First ever tabletop RPG. I've got the beginner's box but fuck me even the Food Fight scenario is complicated.

I'm just not creative enough, it's a critical glitch.

>> No.37161520


Is there a particular category you get caught up on? Character motives? Setting? Dialog?

>> No.37161656


I was running the Food Fight scenario until about 20 minutes ago. General event progression would be the wall here.

The two gangers herded the character and the NPCs to one side of the room. The character lunges at one of the gangers with a sword and misses, the ganger shoots back and misses, the dwarf ganger in the back shoots and connects and the character shoots back. Basically shooting back and forth forever, with each action taking a few minutes to check and recheck how to resolve them.

I think we both just need to keep rereading the quick-start guide until we get the hang of it.

>> No.37161708


Not all events are character driven. Maybe someone walks in through a door, giving them a chance to escape. Maybe a stray bullet hits a radiator and spews steam everywhere, granting cover.

>> No.37162141

>Maybe a stray bullet hits a radiator and spews steam everywhere, granting cover.
IIRC, foot fight has a bunch of options for this kind of thing. So the ganger shooting back and missing should have done something.

But yes, shooting back and forth can be pretty lame. But remember the rules, conserve ammo. Why are your guys suddenly in a fight to the death when there's a big hole in the wall where the door once was? They can make a run for it, the decker can hijack their car and use it for cover, etc.

It doesn't seem it's you as much as the players, but you should point out the many options players have to make combat more interesting.

>> No.37162164

Imho you are stretched kinda thin.
- You got the social stuff covered nicely with INFLUENCE 6, Con 4, Instruction 6, Intimidation 3, Improved Ability (Negotiation). Thats good.

- The Kung-Fu part: Your stats for fighting are kinda low: AGI 2 and REA 2 isn't much (even with Attribute Boosts). This means even with the high unarmed skill you throw 10 dice (+ boost), which is acceptable, but could be better. Worse: your Initiative is bad. 5+1D6 means you will most of the time have one attack - and you first have to get in range for Unarmed Combat. Your pistols dice pool is a real problem, with 1-2 successes on average you won't shoot so well.

- Engineering & Armorer: I'm kinda surprised you have those. Dwarf parkour/kung-fu face is one thing, but mechanic as well? 7 to 9 dice on those skills will struggle to do more than average tasks. 5 dice for Demolitions (5 dice) and Artisan (6 dice)? Let's just say I would not let you near bombs or brushes. I suggest cutting away some stuff here.

>> No.37162634
File: 1.05 MB, 320x240, thumbs up.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm trying to make a hacker in 4e, and I was wondering if you guys could tell me what kind of commlink and programs and shit I would need. Also, what stuff would I need if I wanted to be a bit of a rigger as well?

>> No.37162676


Kill all riggers. All riggers must die.

>> No.37162917

Tell me where the rigger touched with these dolls.

>> No.37162947

I cant seem to add a martial art to my character in chummer.


When I hit add martial art the list is empty, do I need some additional files? Trying to add ninjutsu to my ninja.

>> No.37163002

I noticed some other things (like you having no armor at all), so I wanted to make another post. But then I rebuild the character in Chummer so here, take it as an example of what I'd do different.

4chinz won't let me upload the pdf so here: http://www.4shared.com/office/CpzvEPKiba/Parkour-Kung-Fu_Dwarf_Adept.html

>> No.37163153

I need a full image of that. For... reasons.

>> No.37163249

You need to add another sourcebook to chummer for martial arts, it's in options.

Now I can't remember what sourcebook has martials arts in it so you may have to do some digging.

>> No.37163316

So in meatspace games, how do you play the game, do you use maps or other stuff or just talk and remember things?

>> No.37163334

Where? In the /lfg/ thread?

>> No.37163398


Looking at the suggested rewards, each run pays about 6 or 7 karma and 10k to 15k nuyen. This means that it will take somewhere around 8 runs to buy rank 3 muscle toner or 20 runs to buy wired 3. After 8 runs an adept will have 52 karma which they can use to initiate twice and raise magic once for a total of 3 power points. These can be used to upgrade both their improved reflexes and agility to levels equivalent of those listed above, with some room leftover for minor goodies.

>> No.37163474

I see, its arsenal I believe.

I've added that but the martial arts still are blank.

Need I link the PDF or something?

>> No.37163514

so the karma/nuyen balance is skewed.
In that case, DMs should increase the nuyen reward a bit. Or a lot. It's easier then messing with the prices, I think.

>> No.37163554


At character creation availability should limit what level of gear can be bought. The main goal of reducing major gear costs would be to allow mundanes to upgrade a piece of ware after every two or three runs rather than the current rate and keep gear prices below that of permanently buying a high lifestyle.

>> No.37163601

How do you guys roleplay traditions? I want to make a voodou-based summoner, but I'm not sure what exactly they do to honor the spirits or how they generally act.

>> No.37163602

I thought about his stats a lot, but the only way to get a dwarf adept is to sacrifice your 2/3 priorities, and anyone who puts 4 into skills is a fucking moron (sorry, but this decision is not recoverable, even for, say, a decker; terminal failure is usually fast and painful), whereas being a dwarf leaves a bit of slack there.

Not having any armor is one of the things I was concerned about, but that's also one of the things you can quickly address during the course of a game.

So yeah, it's a tough archetype to slide through.

>> No.37163688

Yeah, there's a PDF link box when you click on the Arsenal listing.

>> No.37164204

Now that 2D storytime is finished, does anyone a complete PDF of it?

>> No.37164273

I haven't done the math here, but how are you figuring the adept can get improved reflexes 3, improved agility 3 and more for 3 power points? Improved physical attribute alone is already 1 pp per rank. Sure, if they already have some lower level of those powers they could go higher, but that's really not a fair comparison. I'd say things look fine as as - you can raise your agility by 3 points either way in the same amount of time, or with less if you go for cyber instead of bio or go for attribute boost instead of improved physical attribute.

>> No.37164275

Well, for the example I posted those worked well:
A: Metatype
B: Skills
C: Atributes
D: Magic
E: Money

>> No.37164409

He said "UPGRADE".
That's another advantage of karma based characters. While a street sam is going to have to pay the entire amount of nuyen to replace his reflexes cyber/bioware 1 or 2 with 3, an adept can just upgrade his improved reflexes from 1 to 2 to 3.

>> No.37164614

How would you do a "Hotline Miami" style campaign?

>> No.37164648

Sure, but that totally skewes the comparison - of course karma is worth more than money if all you're doing with money is buying the same things multple times. All that means is that if you want to buy something you should go for the highest level right away.
Not to say that isn't a weak area of the rules, but it's not a good reason to completely overhaul money rewards. Allowing upgrades to cyber without paying the full cost is a reasonable houserule anyway; it's easy to fluff as upgrading existing systems instead of buying completely new hardware or selling your old stuff on the black market.

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