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Hey, /tg/. I need your help for an upcoming game of DnD 3.5. Please leave your 'edition war' and 'play something else' comments outside.

Don't worry, my players never come to /tg/. For some reason they're irrationally scared of 4chan in general and avoid it.

Some background, because I think context is important to this request: the party is following a lead on some information. And to get this info, they have to speak to a contact. Difficulty: the contact can only be found in one place once every five years, before returning to his hidden hermitage. So they've got to track him down at a Street Fighter Style martial arts tournament.

Now we come to my problem: I need to flesh out the fighters. Personalities, class/feat/ACF builds, the works. If you guys are amenable, I'd like you to post DnD 3.5 builds for level 8 martial artists. No optimizing, no pure-spellcasters. These need to be theme-built, not power built. If you'd like I have a few build Ideas, just class combos, that you can 'fill in' the feats and ACFs for.

The current PCs are a half-giant barbarian, a kobold spellthief/dragonfire adept/sorcerer/dracolexi, a gnome rogue, a human swashbuckler, and an elf shadowcaster, So there's no need for super-powerful optimization. They all built for theme, not power.

So, think you guys could give me some 3.5 martial artists? I'll be dropping pics from my Monk folder as thanks.

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Is Tome of Battle on the table?

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Yes. All WoTC-published 3.5 material is.

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google "(Insert class) handbook 3.5" They have a list of builds that you can build toward.

I'm not sure if the backup for DnD tools is still around but there was a battle dancer class that was a capoeira man essentially, and I also searched for every feat that had the word "kick" in it to make a Taekwondo guy. Flying kick, roundabout kick, snap kick.

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In Fact, I'd almost encourage use of non-standard books. Magic of Incarnum, Psionics, Tome of Battle/Magic. Give the fighters an ecclectic feel, like the original cast of Street Fighter, where you're just looking at these weirdos and wondering where the hell they came from. Unusual abilities are encouraged.

Problem is that most of those handbooks are optimized , and i don't want the cast of NPCs to wind up as cookie-cutter-characters. Otherwise I'd just have made a dozen level 8 monk3/swordsage5's and called it a day.

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always a funny 3-part series.

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then just take other feats. It's not that hard. If you are looking for a unique snowflake then you are gonna have to make it yourself. you asked for themes, optimizations usually go for a theme. Charge barbarian, shuriken spam monk, etc.

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And that's the end of my 'martial artist' folder. Any further input is greatly appreciated, /tg/.

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No other help, huh? Oh, well. thanks for reading, at least.

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