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>Dragon’s Dice, unlike any other metal dice are not cast, but are individually machined from a solid billet of metal in the specific alloy you request. This gives you a myriad of options to choose from, as the varying alloys have different properties from the light weight of 6061 Aluminum to the table destroying heft of Tungsten Carbide. Artisan Dice also offers several finish options in our Dragon’s Dice, from vibrantly colored anodized aluminum to precious metal plating. You can also choose to have your dice treated to our signature Dragon’s Breath flame finish, a stunning effect that makes each set truly unique.

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Jesus christ. Eat your heart out, Gamescience.

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>tungsten carbide dice
>roll doesn't count unless it's embeded in the table

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Why would you need 20 d20?

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Because I'm selling lots of d20s and want to display more than one at a time? Why are you stupid?

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To display your producr in a nice symmetric fashion

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Alright, I think I went bankrupt , just from reading that.

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Eoris Essence.

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Link? I searched dragon dice and came with nothing that looked like that.

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the real question is why would you have 22 d20, and not 20 d20, when your target audience is clearly autists

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>Those beautiful black and green soapstone ones

No no no I don't need to spend that much money on dice I'll be too afraid of damaging to use.

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did you search for dragon's breath or artisan dice?

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I found it, reverse image search. Dumb american right...

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for others


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>Instead of casting our dice into a specific shape we take a pre-cast shape and machine your dice out of that.

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>Estimated Lead Time: Eight to Twelve Weeks

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>buying overly expensive peripherals that can only be used for from-shit-to-mediocre games

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This is literally /tg/

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>implying you can't make other dices with that technique

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On the subject of dice: Am I the only one who makes tiny dice out of teeth stolen from prostitutes?

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My black person

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..d20s can be used for any game, Anon.

Are you angry about the price hike on your Rhinos?

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Making tobacco pouches out of a defeated foes ballsack has been a practice for millennia.

Step it up sonny.

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Rolled 15 (1d100)

I saw someone post a d20 from there in another thread recently, and it had a crooked edge. Looking at this image, it's all I'm seeing now. Does anyone have dice from this place that can verify this? Because I can't tell if I'm just expecting to see it now, and these dice cost way to much for that kind of shit.

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Why do people buy unnecessary, overpriced dice like this?

In my game store a guy has a $75 dice set that is no different than a standard dice except that it has a single different face.

Individual machining is just an excuse to charge more for an inferior process. Using terms like "Artisan" is also just an excuse to sell more. These are such a waste offering nothing more than a standard dice and people who buy them are like the people who brag about eating "gluten free". I salute people who can successfully sell something for such a gross mark up and feel sad that many of my hobbies are filled with buyers.

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>forgot image, but rolled a d100
>fuck my life

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They look cool. It's not hipster shit. It's just neat.

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My penis could shatter granite right now god damn

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It really is hipster shit.

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It really is hipster shit.

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...Why is it $75? That kind of stuff is normally only $20.

Man, I bet you hate clothing with images on them.

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>people who brag about eating "gluten free"
people do this? I thought it was only for, y'know, motherfuckers with gluten allergies and shit. Maybe I don't hang around enough hipsters though.

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Well, I just bought some pretty green translucent fudge dice because I have spent far more on pretty dice anyway.

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It's buyfag showing-off shit, that's like the opposite of hipster shit.

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>why do people buy unnecessary overpriced things

Because people are stupid and also like things. They spend money on the things they like.

>Using terms like "artisan" is just an excuse to sell more
Yes, welcome to marketing. Adjectives are important.

>offering nothing more than a standard dice
Clearly not, since they'll offer different visual and tactile sensations than normal dice as well as status symbols. It's the difference between Burger King and eating some marbled wagyu beef. It's all cow protein, but some cow protein is better than others.

>people who brag about eating "gluten free"
The only people I know who eat gluten free are the ones who medically HAVE to because the other options are starvation or anaphylactic shock.

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Okay, taking the fact that you give a fuck what people buy in the first place.
People are actually allergic to gluten you stupid bastard.

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>yfw there is currently a gluten free diet fad because idiots think it's bad for them

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>who brag about eating "gluten free"
>who brag about
>who brag

C'mon man, I don't even agree with him but you're being a fag.

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its hardly starvation or anaphylactic shock, its just horrid horrid diarrhea every fucking time you go to the toilet, and most times it just comes and you have to sprint to the bathroom (personal experience)

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There are people who are allergic to gluten. There are people who have celiac disease. There are also LOTS of people who are eating gluten-free diet because it's the current fad.

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Massdrop pls go.

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It can also cause mood swings, bloating, aches, fatigue, and a variety of gastrointestinal horrors.
Most of my family have gluten allergies, which sucks because gluten is essentially the shit that makes things taste good. The idea that it's actually a fad makes as much sense to me as glass-shard sandals being the hip new thing.

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Is this a shilling thread?

Because there's already a dice thread that talks about these dice on /tg/ presently

It just doesn't make them the main focus.

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>Your medicial problems are HARDLY ____, its ACTUALLY ___ ___ and ___.
>in my personal experience.
Thats nice. I know some people who live a good life with auspergers, but maybe I should take them a bit more seriously seeing you.

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>Why do people buy unnecessary, overpriced dice like this?

Because they're pretty. They're a vanity item you buy because they look nice. You don't need a better reason than that.

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>Why do people buy unnecessary, overpriced dice like this?

To show off how much money they have.

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>to the table destroying heft of Tungsten Carbide

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>he doesn't know that gluten free diets are the current "health" fad right now
People have become convinced, with absolutely no scientific evidence, that gluten is the root of all health problems and brag about how they're such a fucking great person for never eating it anymore.
How the hell do you not know about this shit yet?

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You sure aren't that brainsy.

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not him but why is it mandatory to know about the shit your social circle believes in?

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I'm just fucking amazed he didn't hear about it yet.
I have yet to go a week since January without hearing something on the news or from someone at work about the GLUTEN FREE SUPERDIET and how it will *without any evidence* prevent 99% of health problems.

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>not having dice made from depleted uranium

>> No.37091310

>not having dice made from active uranium
are you even trying

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It's worth it tho

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Awww, your precious SPESH MUHWEENZ too expensive now? Maybe if you didn't spend money on poop-socks, you could afford them!

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In my town near my local GW there's a gluten free restaurant. There are more assholes there then actual people with allergies, so yeah there are people who do this. Shit it's in right now in my country.
> "Yo did you take from the gluten free at the cafeteria?"
"No, I think that the mediocre amount there should be left for the people that need it to eat"
> "Whatever you're just disrespective of their condition for not joining in, Anon. Fuck you man I bet X is offended because of your shit man"

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>dice I'll be too afraid of damaging to use.
Read the article. I'd be more worried about your table than the dice.

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Because they're a cool thing to have, that's why.

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Gluten is not a thing you're supposed to eat as much of as we do in the West. That's just a fact. It might be a fad, but at least it's rooted in some actual nutritional science. Unlike "juice cleanses" or whatever bullshit. Sounds like you're mad at the wrong thing.

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>it's rooted in some actual nutritional science.

No, not really.

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I actually have a chunk of tungsten carbide in my tool box.
And now I know exactly what I am going to do with it.

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There are a lot of pretentious people who don't have gluten allergies that think gluten is "unhealthy" for everybody. It's the type of person who puts kale on ducking everything.

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>rooted in some actual science
The science of getting people to buy more expensive cake mixes and bread.

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Is this bait?

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Make a thong out of it? I mean, that's the only plausible thing.

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>but at least it's rooted in some actual nutritional science.
Then you won't have any trouble getting a peer-reviewed study for us, published in something with merit.

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Do you have a snickingle satisfact to snack that up?

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"What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence."

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>Tungsten Carbide

I want an entire dice bag of this, as a GM to toss to players to let them feel the weight of the dice about to ruin their characters lives. I´d keep them around just for those special occations when dickings are about to be had.

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I can easily back up the "more expensive" part.

Go to the grocery store.
Find the "gluten free" section, it's usually in the baking isle.
Compare prices.

It's a fact that all "healthier" diets are more expensive, regardless of actual health benefits. Especially if it's the flavor of the month.

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>it will toast a carbide bit in about 30 seconds without coolant.
That specificity makes it sound like they found this out the hard way.

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How much would a tungsten carbide die weigh, anyway?

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One hundred millifuckits, where a fuckit is "Fuck it, I'm getting a buddy to help me lift this"

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>Dragon's Dice - Next aviable for order in Feburary 2015

How can they expect to run a business if they can't even run a spell check? Maybe they think they'll get more customers if their dice come with a 21 instead of a 12?

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The person that started this conversation was someone who claimed that reducing gluten is a vast conspiracy of medical practitioners and junk food corporations to trick hipsters into bothering him, personally, with their self-righteousness. That nigger needs to provide some evidence for his incredible claims. I nearly died due to starvation (taking in a ton of calories a day and living in the first world) due to my undiagnosed gluten allergy. I was told by the dietitian that intervened that while I had to eliminate it (super fucking expensive), the honest truth was that the common diet in the United States was extremely overloaded with gluten and triggering sensitivity in a growing portion of the population through overexposure in much the same way that getting exposed to the cedar orgy of pollen in the southwest tends to cause an overactive cedar allergy in the natives. Reducing gluten to reasonable levels, as in a fraction of what we see in the West and more in line with the far East or Mediterranean diets where the most important foods are not breads and pastas but fish and fruits, will help mitigate that response if it's already there and prevent the development of it in those at risk.

Someone made a claim. He has to defend that. I am under no obligation to provide the body of evidence to contradict him, beyond "that's not what I've been informed" until he does that. Until he does that, he's just another smug shit inventing yet another petty and pointless definition of Hipster so he can rail against his strawman and try to score reputation with a bunch of anonymous strangers. And that is all kinds of fucking sad. If you want to enable such basic and irrational behavior, there are some Facebook walls for you to haunt. You're not helping us any.

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Here you are. Some facts about gluten that don't have Snickers mispellings of words like your posts.

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Oh look. An opinion article from the clickbait portion of a website maligned by the medical establishment. Great source, anon! I especially like how it doesn't support you at all, and says only "make sure you're still getting enough vitamins, dummy."

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Look at he pictures. They're really nice dice, worth spoiling yourself with if the price tag doesn't make you balk, and a great "man who has everything" gift.

I agree that a lot of vanity dice are shit though.

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Oh, look, ad hominem!
Good job not actually providing any refutation aside from anecdotes.
I'm not the asshole that started this, but you're just a cunt.
Fact is, the vast majority of people out there have no sensitivity to gluten and will never have any need to cut it out of their diet completely.
It's currently a fad to cut out gluten, and like all fad diets, there is a notable risk of malnutrition and improper vitamin intake because most people who eat, which is everyone, has no fucking clue how to eat healthily. And to be fair, the definition of what is healthy is always changing leading to confusion amongst the general populace(i.e. idiots) and they'll jump on the latest fad of something to cut out of their diet. Not too long ago, everyone was all about cutting out carbohydrates. We see how long that lasted.
It is good that Celiac's is getting more attention. It is good that people with Celiac's are getting far more dietary options than ever before. But there is no health benefit to cutting it out if you don't have an allergy or sensitivity to gluten. It IS partly the food company's advertisers that are to blame. They do go around slapping huge "GLUTEN FREE" labels on their food as if it's something to be truly noteworthy. And again, Joe Q. Public, who doesn't know anything, starts to believe that that gluten stuff that everything suddenly has nothing of(even though it's mostly just labeling products that have been around for years that just didn't have any) is something to be avoided.

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That's not an ad hominem and you just got sad.

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Ad hominem is dismissing the source of the argument without addressing anything it has to say. Which is all you did.
Like refusing to read a book about how to live a happy and long-lasting marriage just because it was written by OJ Simpson.

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If you are running carbide without coolant you are an idiot anyway.
mist coolant is so cheap its practically free.

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>Thread started with someone showing off custom made dice
>Now it's Anons crying about bread or some shit

Shouldn't you guys be on /ck/ or /fit/ or something?

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Welcome to /tg/, anon.

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I'm pretty sure that dismissing a marriage book written by OJ Simpson would be fairly valid, if only because his infamousness is related to his marriage.

>> No.37093317

This is the tabletop RPG equivalent of lossless music.

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I see nothing out of the ordinary here .

>> No.37093333

>educing gluten is a vast conspiracy of medical practitioners and junk food corporations to trick hipsters into bothering him, personally
Nobody said that. The initial "claim", which is pretty much common knowledge, is that gluten free food is a specialty product for people who DO need it or health reasons - people with celiac sprue or a gluten allergy. As someone with the former, "Reduced gluten" seems like a cruel joke, but apparently it's sufficient for people with minor allergies, so whatever.

>incredible claims
"There is too much gluten in the diet which has less gluten than most of the world has been eating or centuries" is not a very credible argument. It is also the accusing argument, which means it gets the burden of proof.

And I'm pretty sure your dietician was giving you a load of bullshit, either to make you feel better or because he doesn't other to distinguish between personal theories and established science, which is sadly common even in walks of life where it shouldn't be.

>Someone made a claim.
Pretty sure it was you, the claim that gluten is somehow harmful to normal people. The notion that it's not is the default assumption.

>I am under no obligation to provide the body of evidence to contradict him
It's a free country, but don't expect people to believe you when you say something with low credibility and then refuse to back it up.

P.S. Mediterranean diets have tons of bread.

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/tg/'s thread morphing is supposed to take blatant shitposting and lead it to some pseudo serious or interesting topics.

Not bread.

>> No.37093366

Fuck you, man, we go where we want.

>> No.37093401

No no no, it's not even that, it's people arguing about what they are arguing about. Literally.

>> No.37093426

Once again, Pseudo interesting due to the sheer weirdness. Bread is not weird. Bread isn't anything. God I fucking hate bread.

>> No.37093456

Actually, on the subject of bread: How much bread do you involve in your setting /tg/, was the first agricultural revolution a thing, and how did it happen? What kind of bread can you make out of the local crops and how much of an impact have it had on the culture?

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We do that sometimes.

>> No.37093545

Well, it seems like we need to continue this talk of bread in the future. It is clear to me that you have some previous history with it.

Now tell me about your mother.

>> No.37093578

I like to "borrow" the idea of dwarven battle bread from Terry Pratchett. Sure, the dwarves all have their regular metal armor and weapons, but everyone knows not to underestimate them, since in a moment, that harmless baguette could turn out to be a rock-hard club.

>> No.37093593

It supports the general wisdom that eating gluten free if you don't have to is dumb, and it's more reliable than all sources levied so far to the contrary.

>ad hominem
That's not what that is. WebMD is legitimately a source of imperfect credibility and if he found a peer reviewed journal to the contrary, that would take precedence.

>They do go around slapping huge "GLUTEN FREE" labels on their food as if it's something to be truly noteworthy.
When Hacendado did this, it made my shopping/cooking vastly easier.

We're arguing about scientific justification for nutritional guidelines. Like it or not, this is defintely well within /tg/'s usual tendency even if it may not be relevant to your personal interests.

>> No.37093616

Would you like to talk about sorghum, or millet, or the compositions of gluten free flours and breads? Because that shit's definitely weird and interesting.

Not to mention all the non-bread things that are changed by omission of gluten.

>> No.37093641

Baker's daughter. Large doughy breasts. At least one per campaign. No exception. Any and all attempts to seduce or kill said Baker's daughter will result in PC's being beaten to death by a high level NPC wielding a very stale baguette.

This isn't a fetish. I do this in at least one village in a setting. All NPC's are secretly highly skilled warriors. The barber? Elite Scissor Wielding Assasin. The jolly constable? Unstoppable Paladin of the Law. The Old man in the garden? A Fully Realized Druid.

>> No.37093657

Bread killed my parents when I was still a child.

>> No.37093700

I've seen this before

>> No.37093814

The actual problem is when "gluten free" becomes a marketing buzzword, it also becomes a means of exploiting idiots. I've seen "gluten free" on products that would, naturally, have never contained any gluten whatsoever... and because of this inclusion the price *increases*. If I purchase Quaker Oatmeal (Which contains no wheat gluten) it is much less expensive than if i purchase "Gluten free" oatmeal from company X, in spite of the fact that both products are identical. And while walking through the supermarket, I witness adults making decisions about what to purchase based on whether or not a product contains gluten.

>> No.37093877

Sorry I guess I surround myself with intelligent people. I also watch Netflix because lets be real tv is garbage for the most part

>> No.37093885

At least in the US, you'd be surprised at what kind of shit has gluten that logically shouldn't.

>> No.37093897

On a very serious note, though, I like to fill my universe with competent people. That guard over there is probably at least okay at beating you up should you start acting up. The bandits know how to set up a non-obvious ambush, the enemy minions will probably shoot you and ask questions later if that's their orders, and the enemy wizard will use what spells he has at his disposal to make your life a misery.

That said, nobody is perfect, and there's still idiots, fools, poor planning, hubris, pride, greed and all that good stuff clever people can use. Just don't expect the enemy minions to be stupid unless they're literally mindless.

>> No.37093901

I have a pal who is gluten intolerant and they've told me that they have benefited from Gluten free becoming a fad diet. Turns out the increase in demand for gluten free products has resulted in an increase in the availability of gluten free products as well as the quality and variety of gluten free products.
They are still waiting for a gluten free beer that isn't shit though.

>> No.37093973

I really don't understand the kind of person who drinks beer. They stand up and say "I want to have alcohol" but they want to do so in a way that tastes like piss and tastes forever to get drunk. Why would they do this?

>> No.37093974

The problem with that is that you as the GM has to be competent - and while you're probably competent at your real life job, being competent at dozens of historical/fantasy jobs at once ain't easy.

Unless by "competent" you just mean "they have big numbers" in which case you're missing the point of adventurers/heroes.

>> No.37093979

Alright, I see his side of this.
My father rails against it largely because he cites that something like 0.01% of the population has the intolerance your friend does, but then again, he's always short sighted about things like that (not recognizing that 0.01% of the population is still something like three hundred and sixteen thousand people (in the US). I just feel like it's being used to take advantage of people for an extra profit.

>> No.37093997

Because wine is too sweet, and whiskey too expensive.

>> No.37094026

.not chew

>> No.37094027


Because that's not anything I've seen around my neck of the woods? Maybe it's more a problem with your place and your particular people.

>> No.37094031

....Whiskey is too expensive? I don't understand that. Maybe being drunk is not the best place for someone with no ability to afford $10.

>> No.37094053

Beer is delicious betapleb.

>> No.37094078

Maybe you're just drinking shitty beer. Maybe some people aren't drinking to get plastered.

>> No.37094125

Nah, not really having big numbers. More using what's available to their advantage. Last session, a bunch of cultists who was forewarned of the PCs arrival set up an admirable ambush just by knowing where to fortify and where the hidden tunnels were. The cultists did however not expect one of them to open a third eye and suck away the soul of all those who gaze upon it, but that's due to them not having all the knowledge to expect that shit.

Same with commanders and officials. Sure, there will be idiots who are just good enough at their job to keep it (or has enough contacts to fix it up anyway), but the vast majority of commanders and personnel at least has some idea of what they're doing.

Maybe it's just me who've seen way too many games where the only competent people are the PCs.

>> No.37094144


By that logic alcohol-free beer should be wildly popular.

>> No.37094150

She gets that a lot, apparently she just likes beer more then any other alcohol.

It is being used to take advantage of morons, but it is also being used to help people. Business tends to fall somewhere around LE, NE, and TN, and LN, depending on their overall economic standings.

>> No.37094173

Whiskey, not smoky paint stripper.

>> No.37094188


who /bread/ here?

>> No.37094192

Right. The problem with that is being a competent and thoughtful person is beyond many folks already. Thinking as much as several competent people is beyond the skills as almost all GMs.

>> No.37094193

People hand me "good" beer. You'know what it tastes like? Beer. Beer with a slight hint of something else. Sometimes a nice something else.

But its still 90% beer. And beer tastes like crap. Whiskey, vodka, rum, gin, sure, lets have a small cup of that to give me what I seek. Plastered? Never been. Drunk? A bit. Buzzed? Thank you. In one delicious drink, not half a six pack of rotten grain drain.

>> No.37094194

Alcohol-free beer usually worse tasting and more expensive.

>> No.37094221

It is it's called soda.

>> No.37094230

All I really know is everyone I've met who's had a diagnosed "I will shit myself if I eat gluten" or "I will break out in hives if sprinkled with flour" condition has been a pretty decent, chill person. Everyone who's read "Wheat Belly" or something similar and decided that this makes them an expert in diet, plant genetics, biochemistry, and agronomy, has been a total asshole.

It could just be a small sample size, but that's what I've based my opinions on.

>> No.37094233

>solid gold d20

>platinum alloy d20

>vanadium steel d20

>> No.37094266

There is no such thing as inactive uranium, all isotopes are radioactive.

>> No.37094277


You're not that clever. Nobody thinks these dice are inherently superior as dice to cheap plastic dice. For that matter, nobody would bother paying for expensive dice when a free smartphone app will roll any number of die or auto-roll with formulas or what have you.

They're showpieces. They're collector's items. They're conversation pieces. It's like asking why I'd buy a sword a real one, natch, not some cheap $30 weaboo shit I wouldn't use as a machete if I'm not a medieval knight. Or why I own an AK when I'm not an African warlord or a Soviet peasant in the fields of Central Europe. Some people find aesthetic pleasure or, dare I say it, fun in collecting items that are of aesthetic value rather than practical function.

>> No.37094285


A gold or platinum D20 would beat the holy hell out of most tables. As nerd swag goes though? Top drawer.

>> No.37094302

I try my best to create worlds tha could concieveably work. In general, if I our my players can't find enormous glowing plotholes or islands of sheer stupidity, I think I've succeeded.

>> No.37094307

My dwarves brew bread out of stone.

>> No.37094320

>Buzzed? Thank you. In one delicious drink, not half a six pack of rotten grain drain.
1oz of hard liquor is just as potent as 12oz of beer, unless you're drinking doubles or triples I don't understand how it can take three times the liquor to get you just as drunk.

Your wide tastes in liquor leads me to believe that you've just tried one or two kinds of grain alcohol and written off the rest, which is a shame.

>> No.37094358

You don't recognize anything between sober and plastered? How old are you?

>> No.37094382

>half a six pack
>12 oz
...Anon, how big are beers in your country?

>> No.37094422

Even we don't get that buttflustered about gluten. Hell, have you seen just how much bread and carbs are eaten during the winter months? We love the shit for bulking.
>tfw australian and still have 3-5 months before bulking begins
Feels batman

>> No.37094428

355ml, or 12 US ounces. What I'm saying is if one drink of hard liquor gets you drunk, one beer should too.

>> No.37094439

Anon, that poster is saying THREE beers get him BUZZED.

>> No.37094444

Buzzed, rather.

>> No.37094474

Didn't someone post a pic yesterday of a single d20 labelled with greek letters, in a box looking like it was made by the same guy as that multi die one here, with really shoddy craftsmanship?

>> No.37094482

Wrong, Ad hominem is dismissing or attacking the source of an argument FOR REASONS UNRELATED TO THE ARGUMENT.

It's perfectly valid to dismiss a book about living a long and happy marriage from OJ Simpson, as he is by his nature a suspect source.

An ad hominem would be to dismiss a book about Football by OJ Simpson on the grounds that he's a murderer. It's unrelated to his football credentials.

Your taste buds might be different than the vast majority of people. To most people above 22 or so (your age is actually relevant, as young people have a heightened dislike of bitter flavors) Beer is the preferred drink for a variety of reasons:
1. As you say, you get the same amount of alcohol in one cup. Which means, for you to MAINTAIN that level, you now have to wait an hour to drink another one, or nurse one cup for half and hour or so. Beer's low alcohol content allows you to drink more without fear of repercussions.
2. Price. If you're paying $10 for whiskey, it's either a small amount, or shitty whiskey. In my area, 10 dollars will buy me about 2 drinks worth. $10 in BEER on the other hand, is generally a 6 pack. Which, if you intent, as noted, is to be buzzed, is enough for 5 hours of partying.
3. Flavor. As mentioned, beer is, widely, the LEAST noticeable in terms of alcohol flavor. Every other thing you list is only good to most people if mixed with something else. I don't mock this approach, as I myself am renowned for delicious cocktails, but the point stands: beer's the only one other than expensive whiskey that you drink straight. Personally, I would rather drink fucking Bud Light than cheap vodka or whiskey.

AS to the OP post: neat, but I do agree it seems a little ostentatious. For the same price, I can buy a bucket of pretty plastic dice.

>> No.37094517

I admit I do not have a good understanding of portion control when it comes to harder liquors (My first experiences was with Baileys and a tumbler cup), but I drink far less than three foul-tasting beers to get where I like to be, and what I did drink tasted very nice.

>> No.37094535

Nigga where do you live I picked up a thing of Jack for like 12$ yesterday

>> No.37094543

...There are people who don't prefer cocktails for their alcoholic consumption? I assume they prefer their meals to be of a solid brick of unchanging food, like a brick of bread for lunch, then a brick of chopsteak for dinner?

>> No.37094559

> comparing these dice and normal dice to different forms of beef

... are... are you serious?

>> No.37094578

One, there is a range between drunk and sober. Some people want a little buzz without being off-their-ass drunk.

Two, have you never heard of root beer? Or birch beer? Or ginger beer?

>> No.37094580

Then it sounds like you're mixing doubles or triples. Still, I'm curious about what kinds of beers you've tried before.

>> No.37094595

...........12 bucks?
for a fifth?
Jack isnt that cheap anywhere in the States, so where do you live?

>> No.37094599

So not only are they lacking the sense not to suffocate the wood under a layer of clear lacquer, they also can't even apply the lacquer properly.

>> No.37094601

> I have an entire bag of 1000 googly eyes

My life now has purpose.

>> No.37094610

One hundred millifuckits is only one decifuckit, one tenth of a fuckit. Learn prefixes.

>> No.37094620

none of those you listed are what is considered "real" beer.
That is a totally bullshit argument.

>> No.37094625

Jack is a bourbon that markets itself as a whiskey, not a whiskey proper.

>> No.37094642

Not this guy but I've seen this shit fucking everywhere.

>> No.37094645

Once your taste finishes maturing beer is just as complex of a drink as any cocktail. More so, in some cases.

>> No.37094651

he was stating what the base unit was, he never said 100 millifuckit = a whole fuckit

>> No.37094660

My area is very big on microbrews, so the names I remember I don't think are well known. I did try Blue Moon pumpkin ale due to my love of pumpkin goods. I found it especially foul.

I'm closer to thirty than to 22, so I don't think that my age matter THAT much. Flavor is my prefered decider, as I rarely drink things straight unless it comes in a beer bottle.

>> No.37094673

I don't even understand the point you're trying to convey with this post.

And no, MOST people don't prefer cocktails for their alcoholic consumption. For one thing, again, cocktails tend to be more expensive. ($4 buys me 20 oz of beer, or a single shot) For another, most alcoholic consumption is not done with the goal of becoming drunk, but the fact that even the littlest form of 'buzz' provides some solace from the burdens of the day. So the value of the drink increases even more.
Lastly, who the fuck makes your cocktails? The vast majority of them are fully blended at the start of consumption, meaning they'll maintain the same balance of flavors over time, like beers do with their varied flavors from brew additives. It's...really the exact same thing.

>> No.37094686

Effectively alcohol-free beer is pretty commonly found in my neck of the woods, despite the lesser amount of ethanol-soluble flavours making for a much less appealing taste, people simply want a beer for lunch or so while staying sober.

>> No.37094722

I live in Vegas, so I assure you that it is that cheap in the states

>> No.37094731

Some people don't like bitterhorsepisshead followed by bitterhorsepissbody followed by bitterhorsepiss foam. Or whatever order its supposed to be in. I dunno what he meant about bricks, but some people just don't like the taste.

>> No.37094747

M80 I'm a fucking pharmacist, this is serious business.

Gluten free gear is my bread and butter.

>> No.37094763

Microbrews are microbrews for one of two reasons: a new startup or garbage with a niche. Regardless, brands aren't types of beer. I'm talking about ales, stouts, lagers, pale ales, etc.

>> No.37094767

pumpkin beer is generally awful so it isnt surprising you didnt like it.
Microbrews can be hit or miss, as they often do really weird shit.
How do you feel about hard ciders?

Oh, that's why, ya'lls alcohol taxes are so frigging low its practically duty-free.

>> No.37094770

.........OHHHHH, I get it
You buy individual drinks. I buy my own booze, and make drinks. That changes price dynamics A LOT.

>> No.37094807

Hell yea dude. Plus there's a liquor store on every block.
Shit's cash.

>> No.37094810

Beer, bitter? Well, a bit, I guess. Try some Belgian ales if you want something kind and bready instead.

>> No.37094812

hard ciders taste like, well... hard soda, I guess. Except the ginger stuff. I think I hate ginger though.

>> No.37094840

Hard cider is dericious and you are a heretic for thinking otherwise.

>> No.37094846

Price dynamics are pretty consistent, regardless of whether you're buying drinks at a bar or buying drinks for home. 12oz of beer costs about as much as 8oz of wine and as much as 1oz of spirits, general quality being equal, of course. The problem with spirits is that you need mixers, or you need to drink it as a shot. Neither lasts as long as 12oz.

>> No.37094861

I like soda. Hard Cider doesn't have a distinct taste to me like other alcohols. Its flavored (usually apple) and has alcohol also, from my perspective. Its like asking how you like Hard Lemonade. Do you like Lemonade? Then you probably like it. If not, then you probably don't.

>> No.37094866

relax, and take the journey of a lifetime

>> No.37094878

>Like the rest of our stone dice, all White Marble dice come in a laser cut compartmentalized walnut dice box. Please note that due to the nature of stone, you should NOT roll any stone dice on a surface harder than they are (i.e. a glass table top), nor should you roll more than one die at a time, as doing so will cause the edges to chip.
>No Hawaiian Koa or Sandalwood under Druid Dice
>No Cobalt Dragon Dice
>No Jade Elemental Dice

Fucking Worthless.,

>> No.37094880

Hard cider needs to be spiced and hot, or else it's just underwhelming.

>> No.37094907

...The only time I've had that it was someone's excuse to put two cups of sugar into the batch. Fuck that. I like sweeter drinks, but not toothrot.

>> No.37094916

How much would a tungsten carbide d20 even weigh?

>> No.37094936

>leaving food for them so they can eat
>means you're being disrespectful of them
I'm sorry, what?

>> No.37094947

Over a chuckle fucking pound

>> No.37094965

Oh, so you drank shit.
Try Angry Orchard if you get a chance, shit's diamonds.

>> No.37094972

Oh shit :0

>> No.37095034


Were this not an anonymous board, you would see that I also wrote >>37094482
where the first point I concede is that the likely problem is that he just doesn't have the same taste as everyone.

My point in >>37094673 was that, as far as I could infer, his point was that "Beer has one, unchanging flavor", which isn't an argument, as ANY drink, once made, has one, unchanging flavor. That flavor can have multiple components, but it doesn't change. It's perfectly fine to not like the flavor of most beers. But it is strange. There's a reason we've been making it for 8,000 years.

No, it really doesn't.
I have an entire mini-fridge of alcohol.
But you and I are not the majority of alcohol consumption. The majority of alcohol consumption is done in restaurants, bars, and clubs, where they will be bought individually.

Further, even in discussion of self creation, you have a higher onset cost for hard alcohol. Since I don't live in Vegas, which is apparently a magic fairy land of cheap booze, for a fifth of Jack, I would pay somewhere in the range of $20-30 dollars, assuming it was on sale.

Yes, from that fifth, I can make a lot of drinks, assuming I'm willing to carry my alcohol to and from social gatherings, and with the added cost of mixers (though, in all honesty, we're still looking at maybe a dollar or two a glass when it's all sorted) OR, I can spend $8 to be set for this ONE evening. Or more. The only alcohol I've had in the last week is one six-pack of Shandy, I had 2 beers one night, one apiece two other nights, and gave two of them to guests. That was 4 nights of very relaxed drinking for $7.50.

Sure, if I spent the 30 bucks, I could have drunk more each night, and still be drinking. But by now at least one of my mixers would have gone flat, so I'd have to get another.

The main reason is that beer in the modern market has the best connection of convenience to price to flavor.That's why people love it.

>> No.37095045

>Ad hominem
Actually, he's right. Even if a source is suspect, dismissing his claims because of the source rather than disproving the claims themselves is still an ad hominem. With that being said, while it may be poor form in a debate that doesn't mean that it's actually poor reasoning. Outside of a debate, if the source is suspect enough then it makes sense to dismiss it barring sufficient evidence to the contrary.

>> No.37095047

But could it shatter a tungsten carbide d20?

>> No.37095076

Is that a challenge?

>> No.37095080

I largely agree with you, but I love companies slapping gluten-free labels on things. Cuts down on shopping times for those of us who have to scan the ingredients list of every item we purchase.

>> No.37095088

Homebrewing cider is easy as fuck and a great way to tailor it to your own taste.
Not to mention, costs about .80c a pint, which is fucking great.

pic is actually from when I made some mead as I cant find any pics of my 10 gallon fermenters

>> No.37095089

The density will be around 15g per cubic centimetre, or around double that of steel. It varies a bit since there's two types of tungsten carbide, and because it most likely won't be pure tunsgten carbide in there, but rather a composite material consisting of carbide grains "glued" together with a metallic binder phase, usually cobalt, but nickel pops up too at time,s and other options exist as well.

>> No.37095096

>But it is strange
No it isn't. Many people dislike the taste of beer. It's no 'stranger' than disliking any number of other things. Not everyone likes tomatoes either, or spinach, or wine, or tea, or whatever. I think it would be strange for someone NOT to dislike any specific popular food or drink.

>> No.37095101

Fair enough, and I realized it as I was discussing the beer thing, but lacked the space to go back and clarify.

I suppose it's the underlying concept of "a fallacious argument must be wrong" that created the fallacy fallacy. Just because the argument's formal logic is wrong, doesn't mean that the conclusion is similarly flawed.

>> No.37095129

>Every face is a 1

>> No.37095135


It depends on the edge length, but assuming 1cm it'd weigh 34g.

A gold d20 w/ a 1 cm edge length would weigh about 42g.

>> No.37095146


>> No.37095152

>Estimated Lead Time: Eight to Twelve Weeks

what's the estimated time if you want steel, aluminum, or tungsten carbide?

>> No.37095159

Just be prepared for your first few batches to come out poorly. The first couple batches of wine my dad made when he took it up managed to come out 30+% ABV.

>> No.37095162

Is good an option? Silver? Platinum? I would like to save my precious metal investments in dice form rather than bullion.

>> No.37095196

I wish GW offered an alternative tungsten carbide line of models. My Stanks demand this.

>> No.37095201

The problem with non-standard forms for your precious metals as an investment is convincing the buyer that it actually is precious metal of the claimed amount when you try to sell it again.

>> No.37095202

Barely. Economics is a science in the same way high school English is an art.

>> No.37095207

>It's no 'stranger' than disliking any number of other things

Disliking beer is like disliking meat. It happens I suppose, but you'd have to be quite the outlier to find such a broad category distasteful.

>> No.37095230

That literally isnt possible unless he was jacking the fermenter, which he wouldnt be doing.
Even with jacking, you wouldnt get to 30%

It helps to follow a good recipe for first timers before you start experimenting, homebrewtalk is an excellent forum for people looking to start.

>> No.37095244

In this case, the argument that gluten is somehow harmful to anyone who doesn't have a specific sensitivity to it is the flawed conclusion though. So it's not an argument which uses a logical fallacy but is still compelling; it's an argument which uses a logical fallacy and is total bullshit.

>> No.37095257

Our DM has a die that is 10 sides that are "1" and 10 sides that are "20"
We call it the doombringer.
who the doom it brings belongs to of course is a toss up

>> No.37095262


I suppose they'd have to be heirlooms then.

>> No.37095266

Strange was the wrong term, I apologize. Or rather, I used it in a non-orthodox manner.

My aim with the term was that the entire conversation started with his/her claim that "[S/He] really doesn't understand the kind of person who drinks beer".

My point is that "That kind of person" refers to the vast majority of humanity. At which point, the question is not "Why do they do that?", it's "Why don't I?". Not in a judgmental sense, but in a sense of "What makes me different?"

My brother hates cilantro. It's not that he has that genetic thing where it tastes like soap, he just doesn't like it. I think he is strange for this. I'm not using it in a negative sense, but merely to note that his tastes do not conform to my form of tastes. How how things can be "not bad, just...weird."

"against the norm" would have been a better way to convey my meaning.

>> No.37095274

It was a long time ago, so I'm not sure exactly what happened. All I remember he followed some advice from my grandpa and we ended up with wine that felt like hard liquor.

>> No.37095292

I know way more people who dislike beer than dislike meat. It's not even close.

>> No.37095314

all bourbons are whiskeys, but not all whiskeys are bourbons

>> No.37095321

Fair enough.

>> No.37095341

oh, that isnt hard.
I make an applewine that comes out to about 12% that has to be aged for a couple months to be drinkable.

Oftentimes anything above roughly 8% tastes like jetfuel until it ages for a while, it probably just tasted that high proof.

>> No.37095462

Except that argument didn't use the ad hominem, its opponent did.

The point was "Your presentation of an article about gluten is useless, because webMD is a shitty source."

Which was called an ad hominem, which lead to us discussing the strict meaning of ad hominem, and our current position.

Perhaps more upsetting/amusing, the original "ad hominem" also notes that the article in question was useless because it did not back up the presenter's point, making it not an ad hominem at all, but merely an potentially over-aggressive refutation.

I will note that there is a small nuance in this gluten-conversation that hasn't really been brought up: While gluten isn't harmful to non-sensitives, some non-sensitives DO experience improvements in quality of life when shifting to a gluten-free diet. This is actually caused by their greater attention to their diets, as well as the reduced presence of processed foods, and therefore serves as a 'magic feather' because of my favorite of all logical falllacies: Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc. "I started a gluten-free diet, and now I feel better. Gluten must have been making me feel bad!"

>> No.37095668

That was a great thread.

>> No.37095739

The person posting the article was responding to someone who was arguing in favor of gluten-free diets for everyone and who was demanding proof that gluten isn't harmful to most people. The article supports the counter-argument that gluten is not harmful, which the person who posted it was making.

>> No.37095925

Technically, the article was posted in response to a post arguing against two posters who were pointing out that the recent gluten-free craze is derived from A) Pretentious people who, while not gluten-sensitive themselves, have adopted it as a 'fad diet', and B) marketers wanting to exploit that demographic.

So the article was ACTUALLY being presented as evidence that people who AREN'T gluten sensitive are adopting the lifestyle.

Which means the attacks on it not being scientifically sound are relatively pointless, as THAT portion of the discussion was whether or not there were legitimately non-gluten-sensitive people adopting a gluten-free diet and a superior attitude. But it was TAKEN as an argument supporting the gluten-free lifestyle, because their were multiple facets of the discussion unfolding at the same time.

See, this is why I like arguing on 4chan, it's like Twister for the Brain.

>> No.37095978

>I know way more people who dislike beer than dislike meat. It's not even close.

Have these people tried anything other than pilsners?

>> No.37096004


>> No.37096187

Some shit about not joining them in their struggles or whatever, I don't undersgand how a leftard thinks. But a lot of perfectly healthy people eat gluten free diets here because "It's good for me" "I know a person who can't eat real pasta" "I'm on a challenge" "I'm being considerate" or some bullshit excuse

>> No.37096215

Yes. I know it's hard for you to understand but not everyone likes the same things.

>> No.37096239


But it's like saying "I don't like wheat"
It doesn't make any sense.

>> No.37096266

>hurr soft science isn't science
All sciences are soft sciences. The only true science is mathematics.

>> No.37096284

It's more like disliking beef than disliking all meat. People who don't drink alcohol because they dislike alcohol (rather than religious or health reasons) are more like people who dislike all meat. It's a large category.

>> No.37096311

While beer may seem to have a wide variety of flavors to you, to some people it all tastes like the same shit, or it tastes somewhat different but still bad. I'm not sure how this could be made more clear to you: Different people -> Different tastes.

>> No.37096354

>30+% ABV
This literally can't happen. Yeast start dying off at about 20%, give or take. Most likely you're confusing proof and alcohol percentage (a 30 proof beverage is 15% alcohol). Alternatively, he was adding alcohol or distilling it somehow and neglected to mention it. Still less likely, he got his hands on some sort of laboratory strain bred for that sort of thing.

>> No.37096426

That's more like marketing than economics. Economics isn't the art of getting people to buy stuff. Economics is the study of how economies function, and it is indeed a science - a social science, in the same vein as psychology and sociology and anthropology and I mean actual fucking sociology, not that bullshit low-tier colleges push out to become a degree mill for entitled shits who want a degree without effort.

>> No.37096448

Does the original thread exist anywhere?

>> No.37096513

>Carbon Fiber dice
>$535 for a 10-die set

>Machined acrylics
>$171 a set

They're nice, but I think Gamescience dice are close enough.

>> No.37096598

I don't know what I'd like more, a set of semi-translucent ruby dice or ones made out of bronze.

>> No.37096636

i kek'd

>> No.37096643

Don't forget the game science dice ship in a day and these will ship in 2-15 months.

>> No.37096669

>$535 for a 10-die set

These could be made from fucking platinum and not cost that much!

>> No.37096712


Platinum is currently over $1,200 per ounce. No it couldn't. Platinum coins are one or more ounces.

>> No.37096749

Convenience fee, labor, tools, design, maintaining website, shipping, supply and demand, then material cost. Then enough to cover bad runs, make a good 50% profit and up charge another 15% for calling it Artisan.

Really the price is reasonable overall.

>> No.37096781

>not using ivory

>> No.37096783

That was clearly intended to be hyperbolic, not a literal statement of fact. Still, carbon fiber does not cost $525 for a few dice. What do they weigh collectively, a couple ounces?

>> No.37096789

you have no idea how much platinum costs do you?
Platinum has a denisty of 21.4 grams
Platinum costs roughly 39 bucks a gram.
assuming your dice are very small, a basic d6 would be 1cm cubed
that is 834 dollars for JUST a very small d6.

>> No.37096795

One die would be about 1.3 oz

>> No.37096830

>That was clearly intended to be hyperbolic, not a literal statement of fact.

>> No.37096842

I lied, make that about 3.1

>> No.37096849

there is a difference between hyperbole, and flat out acting like an idiot.

>> No.37096870

People don't like that common usage has given an extra definition to the word literally.

They are only able to take advantage of this when the hypocrisy is unclear.

>> No.37096871


Can I get one in orphan femur? Not that I want one, or anything, just curious.

>> No.37096909

A hyperbole is an obvious exaggeration of a fact intended to illustrate a larger point despite making an obviously false claim, such as "platinum wouldn't cost that much" which is not literal truth, but is making a point about excessive cost.

>> No.37096971

Do they make dice in this material?

>> No.37097251

The look terrible, and I can't believe I'm the only one that thinks this.

I can't tell what's worse, the font choice or the irregular sides despite being CNC.

>> No.37097279


>> No.37097325

I would like a tungston carbide roleplay set.

>> No.37097328

I'll take a full set

>> No.37097345

>font choice

If you're talking about the box: when you're a big enough swinging dick to afford a box like that, I guarantee they'll bend over backwards to mill whatever you want into whatever part of that box you want, especially if you have a pattern their CNC likes.

> irregular sides

On the dice? Certainly an artifact of picture resizing. There's no fucking way they miffed the measure at $50 per finished unit AND it made it past QC.

>> No.37097423

I just want lead, ivory, or mercury-filled acrylic dice.

>> No.37097451

Suffocating under clear lacquer?

>> No.37097471

>It's the type of person who puts kale on ducking everything.
Nigga, kale is a damn fine piece of vegetable matter if you cook it right. Don't compare it to gluten-free-without-allergies hipster bullcrap.
Also, I'm sorry for your loss in having to post from a phone. Fucking autocorrect, man.

>> No.37097503

Have you ever seen crystal caste? Easily as expensive or more, and lopsided to the naked eye even on their best samples.

>> No.37097524

>all beer is megabrewed adjunct lager and/or low-alcohol IPA
Yeah, no. You're a fucking idiot.

>> No.37097549

Perhaps the original anon was merely saying that if he had to lift any more than ten, he would ask for help, as ten units of one hundred millifuckits would match up to a whole fuckit.

On that note, as the amount of fuckits rises, does the amount of assistants required increase? Is it a perfect 1:1 fuckit to assistant ratio?

>> No.37097606

>"Economics is a science"
>meanwhile, in the real world, economists disregard the fuck out of the scientific method constantly to push their pet theories
>they just pick and choose whatever the fuck they want out of The Wealth Of Nations and hold it as true, while disregarding anything from said book that they don't like
>even when evidence proves that they have no business disregarding it
>they assume that buyers and sellers have the same access to information
>they assume that consumers are rational actors
>they assume corporations act in their own best interests and not in the best interests of the dudes in charge
Econ is more like a fucking religion than a science, the way the chuckleheads in charge practice it.

>> No.37097607

I second kale being a damn fine vegetable.

You have my axe.

>> No.37097623

>Strawmanning the dice's font
It's fucking awful.

Between the wood stains, the metal coloration itself, and everything else including the boxes I have yet to see something from these guys that didn't look like it was a sarcastic joke by a graphic designer and carpenter with expired wood stains they have to dispose of. Seriously, the wooden dice are the worst offenders. The acrylic are a joke for 50$ they can't even make them legible.

>Irregular sides
Looks like they have trouble with getting perfect alignment of the faces to the sharp corners. As someone who has used CNC, this does not surprise me. I'm wondering what bits they're using and how many times they reorient it, or their general process at all.

Case in point. There's a reason GameScience stuck with injection molding.

>Carbon Fiber dice!
They KNOW they're marketing to morons. A cubish chunk like that and it's not carbon fiber, it's a chunk of resin matrix with some useless fibers imbedded. If they wanted to do it right, you'd be casting 20 different fucking panels for each d20.

>> No.37097683

Getting drunk is not the goal of a real beer drinker. You're thinking of alcoholics, who prefer to chug hard liquor.

There are tons of different styles and they are all delicious. Except the cheap light beers, which, while they do suck, are one hell of an achievement for how consistent they are.

>> No.37097712

Bourbon is a whiskey with specific requirements on production:

Produced in the United States[17]
Made from a grain mixture that is at least 51% corn[17]
Aged in new, charred oak barrels[17]
Distilled to no more than 160 (U.S.) proof (80% alcohol by volume)[17]
Entered into the barrel for aging at no more than 125 proof (62.5% alcohol by volume)[17]
Bottled (like other whiskeys) at 80 proof or more (40% alcohol by volume)[18]

>> No.37097758

I want a bone dice like that one in Kaiji

>> No.37097777

>Still, carbon fiber does not cost $525 for a few dice. What do they weigh collectively, a couple ounces?

Carbon fiber is kind of a colossal pain in the ass to make things out of. Buncha tedious time consuming steps that are fairly easy to fuck up at and difficult to automate away.

I'm not even sure how anyone manages to make a fair die out of it. Even applying just a single layer onto a plastic core die seems terribly inexact.

>> No.37097801


45 second video.

>> No.37097810

>sarcastic joke by a graphic designer and carpenter with expired wood stains they have to dispose of
Ive never been able to put my finger on it but yeah I'm not very fond of artisan dice stuff for something like what you describe.

>They KNOW they're marketing to morons. A cubish chunk like that and it's not carbon fiber, it's a chunk of resin matrix with some useless fibers imbedded.
See below, looks like that's right.

Looks like they just CNC a chunk and sand off the loose fibers.

Sure enough.

>> No.37097844


That has to be incredibly unevenly weighted, and ugly as fuck on two sides. With the heft of a ball of wadded up newspaper.

Who exactly wants this shit?

>> No.37097864

It's expensive, premium, and in high demand.

A ton of people who want to say they spent 100+ on one die.


>> No.37097868

"Gluten makes your dick fly off..." -South Park

There are also some people with allergies that aren't gluten but in the same grains that get relief.

>> No.37097911

Now I see how they fuck up the corners with that setup, watching that and related video link. Like I said, GameScience who's fucking slogan was sharp edged dice stuck with injection molding despite it's shortcomings for a good reason.

Also a scrap rod of carbon fiber like that I could get for free dumpster diving at the local college's machine shop. 500$ my ass.

They come with instructions on that. The injection molding leaves a nipple opposite the 14. You shave it off with a sharp hobby knife, then color in the numbers.

What that graphic shows is that GameScience dice actually work. Look at everything but the 14.

>> No.37097922

Actually, they changed their mold process.

That table is 3 years old, they don't have the mold even at 7.

They're better now.

Back then, shaving the mold off would have helped, if you were very delicate.

>> No.37097952

Gamescience has been having money troubles lately if I recall.

>> No.37097959


Well, I'm 27 and I prefer wine or mixed drinks over beer, which still tastes like shit to me.

It's not the alcohol, it's that gross malt flavor.

>> No.37097970

>They're better now.
Now? You sure that's the right choice of word? They haven't been in manufacture for over a year, and I haven't bought since long long before even that. The last runs were abyssal too when the brand changed hands, so bad zocchi bought the rights back.

Is dead. Dead dead. Zocchi willingly killed it by buying the rights back rather than let that company continue to ruin his dice.

>> No.37097979


>preferring mixed drinks to beer

It's like I'm back in high school all over again.

>> No.37098025

Not him, but dude I'm old enough to actually call myself old and I still prefer just dumping 190 proof Everclear into soda.

I like good beer, but good beer gets expensive to drink. There's a rift in payoff to cost between being mild mannered with good beer and being more drunk for a fraction of the price.

>> No.37098040

I meant they're better for the 14 thing because the ones made after that graph didn't have the same mold line at the 7.

Isn't Zocchi trying to restart the line?

>> No.37098061



Don't drink to get drunk, just be socially drunk as a result of drinking.

>> No.37098063

Who knows. I'm starting to think he overestimated his funding for the venture.

>> No.37098076

That's some boxcar joe shit right there.

>> No.37098080


Yes. I tried all of them, funnily enough, the less horsepissy they taste (and get breadier) the more I hate them. My friend got pissed at me cause he bought a bunch of expensive beers for me for my birthday and I didn't like any of them.

>> No.37098092


I don't like wheat. And no, white bread isn't wheat.

>> No.37098107

Drink a lot of cheap hard liquors.

Beer tastes really good after that. I'm not talking short term perspective either. I fucking hated beer, lived on hard liquors for years then found all beer was fucking delicious. Even the stiffest of IPAs which used to be my least favorite.

>> No.37098136


Don't tell me or anyone else how to live their lives channer.

>> No.37098155


I honestly dislike drinking in general, gives me dry mouth.

>> No.37098167

Yep. Keep at it. It gets better, I'm not kidding.

>> No.37098180


If humans are creatures of order cats are creatures of chaos. Are you a cat?

>> No.37098210

I like my vegetables raw and kale tastes like ass. And not in a good way.

>> No.37098217


I have a barbed penis.

>> No.37098232

Not even the guy you're replying to, but I'd try kale two ways before writing it off.

1. Kale chips.
2. Kale after it's been frozen. Completely changes the taste. I only eat kale like this, or in the aforementioned chips.

>> No.37098288


>> No.37098425

I've tried the chips once. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Let's just say that it isn't for me.

>> No.37098477

Honestly, it just seems to me that you've never actually developed an adult palate and still run on the simple one with the primary purose of getting a child to gravitate towards high calorie foods and away from bitter flavors that could mean poison.

>> No.37098529


>"Your tastes are childish"

Fuck you.

>> No.37098552

It's biology I'm referencing here, buddy. It doesn't matter if you're mad, that's what science says.

>> No.37098559

You're a condescending prick

>> No.37098585

There are people who drink alcohol for the flavor?

>> No.37098612


Science says you can suck my dick. Why don't you hop on it?

>> No.37098619

Yes, they are called "not alcoholics."

>> No.37098635


>> No.37098642


Oooh, maybe his adult palate can detect its subtle flavours!

>> No.37098658

Holy crap. This might be the Tequila talking, but nobody should have to live like this.

Why the fuck aren't we curing this horrible shit?

Fuck's sake, we can put a goddamn man on the moon but we can't get one guy to eat a few slices of white bread without shitting his guts?

What is wrong with us as a species?

>> No.37098694


I don't drink often, maybe once or twice a month, but my sole purpose is in fact to get drunk.

Alcoholics can't go that long between a drinks, methinks.

>> No.37098700

It's because the body of allergic individuals overreact to the presence of gluten, which causes tissue damage. And we don't have a mechanism to prevent that yet.

>> No.37098719

almost everyone can see the moon in the sky, not everyone is allergic/intolerant to gluten.

>> No.37098734

So what you're saying is, we need to shit all over the moon?

>> No.37098757

or challenge the russians to develop a cure first

>> No.37098857

Or kidnap German scientists and make them do most of the work for us

>> No.37098887

Having a sweet tooth doesn't make you childish. It's true your tastes change over time, but tons of people are more sensitive to bitter - or sour or sweet or anything else - and thus need or want less of it in their flavors.

I love drinking milk, eating creamy foods, or most things derived from milk. I buy milk candies (they taste like sweetened condensed milk) at a nearby asian market because I prefer them to fruity candy or chocolates. Does that make me a newborn baby?

>> No.37098901

But that's how you get a Hydra infestation!

>> No.37098914

No, but it's never developing any appreciation for any bitter or complex flavors that mark lack of development.

>> No.37098952

You can "have an appreciation for bitter or complex flavors" and not like beer. It doesn't mean you have a "lack of development" and are a child.

>> No.37099033

I'm not the guy you're replying to, but...so what? Other than your condescending tone, is there any reason why one should fret about this? So you like sweet things more than bitter things. So you'd rather have a candy than a piece of fucking kale. Is that a problem? I fail to understand why this would necessarily be a bad thing. Oooh, so someone can't enjoy some fucking kale - at least I can still taste how fucking delicious this fucking amazing peach is. Seriously, holy shit, this peach is great, I didn't even know they could grow in the winter, but it's juicy as fuck. It's a real peach - you know, the kind you wear as much as you eat. Holy fuck, this peach is excellent.

Be right back, getting another.

>> No.37099081

Anyway, what was I saying?

Oh yes. Children like sweet things and hate bitter things because they're evolved to avoid foods that might be toxic and most poisons are alkaline and thus bitter. They're drawn instead to things like fruits, which are delicious and healthy and less likely to kill you.

How is retaining this palate a problem? You make it sound like it's something shameful, but fuck you, I have a delicious peach and you don't.

>> No.37099261

'ere ya go.

>> No.37101000

That guy you replied to actually here. Just checked back in after new years countdown shenanigans.

I'm talking a 4+ year span from ~19-23 years old going from disliking beer to actually enjoying the flavor. Technically it fits the timeframe for "developing an adult pallet" but it's one of those things you'll never really know for sure. Either way, my advice still works in the short term at least assuming you aren't chugging shit like Fireball.
I still don't care much for super hoppy beers like IPAs. Single dominant flavors are boring.

>TFW a reply chain goes on in your absence and the guy thinks he's still talking with you

>> No.37102206

My GM's apartment is a black hole and I keep losing d20, that's why.

>> No.37102274

I actually use banal rights - where the residents of a lord's land would have to use his mills, amongst other things - as both major plot points and high level rewards for the party should they become landed.

I also do weird abstracting with the crops in game, like having Giants live off of corn or potatoes because of the acreage yields, with various beanstalk crops to supplement their diets and rest the lands.

As far as the history of bread goes, people have been baking bread since the days of Egypt. If there were ever any precursor civilizations in your setting, people have access to bread. I did try sending the party on a minor quest to loot and recover a specific yeast lineage, but the party fell into intrigue instead. I'm sorry they didn't rise to the occasion, but I guess I knead to try harder.

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