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Post your dice collection.
Expand your dice collection.
Complain about not being able to afford more dice.

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Anyone have anything from http://www.artisandice.com/ ?

They're supposedly shitty and slow, but they make everything from carbon fiber to titanium to jewel encrusted ancient wooden dice.

I just got new dishes and bowls, and thought about how I want more Dwarven Dice.

What do people think of Polyester Resin dice that supposedly bounce more because they deform and return to their initial shape?

Sage for being OP.

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yeah i got a set of wood dice and one had a bit splinter off after a couple of rolls. Pretty dice, but only good as something pretty to look at. Maybe their Acrylic dice are more hardy, but ziricote is not a wood to be rolled

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What the heck is Ziricote?

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It looks good, did the die look like that?

I know there were ancient cultures that used wooden dice and bone dice so those two can't be that bad.

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thats what they look like

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Is that far right one the chipped one?

Follow-up: Is it enjoyable to roll wooden dice, or do they lack heft?

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From the picture, I'm not sure which one it was since I took that picture a few days ago. The break is small enough to not get noticed easily, but it would throw rolls off.

Rolling them is certainly pretty enjoyable I would say.

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Thank you for sharing.

I have one of the 200$ Dwarven dice, it feels good but it's too heavy to roll properly. I'm trying to find some good alternatives.

Probably started the thread wrong, it's hard for people to post if they have to contribute with their own content.

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those Q Workshop dwarven dice?

I just ordered a set of their nuke dice

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The hell is the purpose of owning this many dice?

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dice pool games, being a DM, playing a magic user would be 3 reasons I can think of off the top of my head.

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No, Crystal Caste, the dice on the left are a ton of Q-Workshop plastics.

They are acquired over time.

I'm a foreverDM by choice, so:
Some I don't ever roll, they're for my players, some are nostalgic, others feel good to roll.

Also half of them are my significant others, that's why they're not organized perfectly.

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Oh, and all those blue and orange ones?

I got them for free.

Because I work in the rpg industry for the designer who had them made

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those are the numenera dice right?

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I have a set of crayola dice as well still. roll them to this day.

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How in the world are they still legible? They break down fast in my experience.

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At least it's consensual this time.

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I think we all know where this is going

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yeah where is the d20

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I'm not entirely sure to be honest

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Most of my dice sets are hanging out at my DM's house. I let newcomers use my first set, which wreaked havoc on my original 3.5 ninja.

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He rolls them when you're not there, to take their luck.

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>Your spirit is at last allowed to return to your body. You see the villain holding your girlfriend by the throat and shoving her into your face and mocking her for how totally dead you are. You have a clear shot to stab his arm with your mind blade.

>I swing!

And that was the first time she died.

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>Mind blades

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Ninja/soulknife for life

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Is that the new star wars trailer with a scissor blade?

I think that would greatly improve the movie when it comes out.

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That d12 is familiar, oh what boredom can do.

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She lost her way, man.
She lost her way!

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After spending all day looking through the Guiness World Record Holders dice collection..

There are not nearly as many cool dice in the world as I had hoped.

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Only d20's.. large ones too..

Is that a player punishment device?

Speak out of turn, take a black eye.

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Are there companies that manufacture and sell roleplaying dice made out of silver?

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>Is that a player punishment device?
Yes. But not in the way you're thinking.

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Yes, sterling silver.

When you say roleplaying dice, you mean the platonic solids, right?

Artisan Dice, and Crystal Caste

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The amount of silver for a single dice (assuming it's not hollow) would cost arm and leg.

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The crystal caste dice are 12mm, I am not fond of that size, for a reference check out the amethyst in >>37066101

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>a bunch of shitty shit spindowns that can burn in fucking hell i hate them so much (from prereleases)
>pair of d10s to count my opponent's life total (only matching set in lgs's dice jar)
>pair of d10s to count my own life total (ex girlfriend left them here when she went back to england)
>18/18 split of d6s from two chessex dice sets that a different ex girlfriend and bought and swapped.
>kinder egg pill container

>tfw ex girlfriend dice

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Are hers the green ones? I own those ones for 40k/Warmahordes.

I don't think I have any feels with my dice, I've been using the Nyquil ones since I was 10.

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Yeah, she really likes teal and the only ones my LGS had in stock were these kind of glittery teal ones with gold pips. I thought they were gaudy at first but they're really just straight up pretty.

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So, is nobody going to talk about how he has /d/ open in the first picture?

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dice collection reporting in, /tg/!
>big enough i don't wanna lay out the whole thing
>separate bag for wargames called "army command system"
>odd dice, like the letter dice and battlefield gothic dice
>convention exclusive dice
>enough d10's to run ALL the WoD, Exalted, and L5R games EVER, at once...

i am not the biggest dice whore i have seen: my bud reported a squid in the navy that supposedly has a dice closet. not verified....

the largest i have seen belongs to one of the finest gamers alive, who put down his dice long enough to get a masters of organic chemistry. He had several tackleboxes, and had dice which were literally museum pieces....

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It was quite intentional, I didn't realize until today but /d/ has really gone to shit.

You're not supposed to give away the joke, even with spaghetti memes.

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I'm happy to have them, maybe I'll get some d20's in the same colour scheme.

You keep a tape measure in there, anon?

We navy types have big dice collections.

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I wasn't aware there was a joke about /d/'s status, but it was still weird to just have out in the open. It would be like posting a work in progress model with a loli movie on in the background.

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wargames...they technically need more dice than RPG's, by default...

especially historicals or the golden oldies....

>navy: we need the USS Tarawa to carry our gamer shit to dubai
hell to the yes!

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I think sometimes that all these hobbies would completely die off without military money.


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I wanted a background pic for the thread, and normally when someone posts a screenshot they open as many porn tabs as possible before taking the screenshot.

I used to like /d/, but I wasn't big into the futa/scat threads. Today when I browsed the catalog after taking the picture, I was fairly revolted.

It's gotten a lot worse, most of it's good threads are allowed in /h/ now, and that's where they go.

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>just looked at /d/
>90% futa threads...


i think i know where /lgbt/ REALLY goes to 'chan....

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Anyone have a "The more you know" image?

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no, but you said it, right there,,,,

>> No.37070466

It's not really the same on an imageboard.

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i love TRIGGER! saving anime, one show at a time...

>> No.37071569

I don't know if Anime needs saving, but despite how low budget the show was, everyone I know loved the shit out of it.

I've never seen so many requests for a mutants and masterminds game as when that came out.

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There's depleted uranium dice, as long as they exist, there is hope.

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From left to right, top to bottom:
>Dicebag with designs akin to dungeon crawl maps on grid paper.
>Babby's first d20
>My first full set of dice. Firefly dice. Hard ass shit to read, but they're pretty and I love them.
>some shitty d20 I bought cause I needed some for my group. Only after buying it did I notice that it just went from 0 to 9 twice.
>Some guy left his munchkin die from the nuke expansion at my table. I hold on to it in case I see him again, but odds are I never will.
>Spindowns for magic
>Needed some itty bittys for counters for magic. I also use them for simple d6 cause my friends love that game.
>Two brass d6. Probably my favorite not full set of dice. Given to me as a gift from a friend. Satisfying as fuck to roll.
>My only other "set" of dice. If I ever role up a character with sneak attack I'm fucking ready.
>Random assortment of dice.

It's a motley crew, but they mean a lot to me, and I've shared many memories with them.

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How much would you say those bounce when you roll them, compared to normal chessex dice.

I have some bloodstone but they don't really roll all that much without heavy spin on them.

Brass is a great metal, so I'm curious.

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>That teal d6
They're everywhere!

>> No.37074063

>every single d6 has 4 facing the camera except the blue one in the bottom right hand corner
I fucking mad

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Posting Dice that are older than most of the posters on /tg/. These are from my very first RPGs Mentzer Basic and Expert. I got them when I was a wee lad of 10 back in 1986.

>> No.37074099

And have a close up of the Red d8. Yeah, we had to color our dice back in the old days.

>> No.37074128

They look perfectly rounded from use.

Do they still roll well?

I wish I had a stronger attachment to my dice.

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How do you know which number the black d4 is on?

Is it 1 on all sides?

>> No.37074198

I don't know how random they really are anymore, but I have doubts that they ever were really random. They are made of pretty shitty plastic and had poor QC. The Basic Set's Green d20 had a giant air pocket in it I discovered when it cracked in half during a game. I wish I would have kept the pieces of it, but my 12 year old self did not see the significance of it.

>> No.37074231

Damn, that's some extreme rolling to shatter it in two.

It reminds me of the time something died inside of me when my significant other grabbed my RPG dice and ran them through out dice tower.

>> No.37074234

They just hit the table and fucking go. No bouncing unless you throw em down hard. they have these really cool rounded sides that allow them to roll really well. They look like they're drunk when you roll them.

Unfortunately I think they're hand made so I don't know where you could find others like them. My friend said he found them in a pawn shop and gave them to me cause he knew I liked pnp rpgs.

>> No.37074269

I can definitely find brass dice, the hard ones are all precious stones, or expensive materials like carbon fiber/titanium/solid gold. I know someone who sells titanium d6's.

The problem with precious stone ones over metal ones is they tend to be cut and balanced very poorly.

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Does anybody make a d20 that's all ones? Just for those "Okay, asshole, you want to seduce the dragon, roll for it" moments. Bonus points if it has one 20 on it for shits and giggles.

>> No.37074334

I've seen a d20 weighted to land on 1.

No All 1's, fund it?

>> No.37074348

We close.

>> No.37074374


The best part would be you give the dice to the player to roll and he can blatantly see it's all 1s, yet he's forced to roll it anyway. You have to keep a straight face though.

>> No.37074384

What kind of precious stones are you talking about? I think It'd be pretty cool to have some dice made out of polished petrified wood.

>> No.37074559

Wood is probably okay, but take a look at Crystal Caste, even their pristine example dice are instantly noticeable as lopsided to the naked eye.

>> No.37074754

I think it broke because it sat in my dad's car overnight in subzero temperatures and then I brought it inside when my cousins and I started playing. It broke about 20 minutes into the game. It was just a normal roll as far as the action went, I was the DM and it just bounced off my notebook and screen then broke. The party were fighting a pack of hyenas and I said the largest hyena chipped its fangs in honor of the broken die.

>> No.37075037

Please tell me that the halves came up 1 and 20 simultaneously.

>> No.37075214

It was exactly this

>> No.37075228

>No bad dragon dice


>> No.37075275

i see what you are getting at anon

>> No.37075306

absolutely beautiful dices... how much costs you? did you buy them in artisandice.com?

>> No.37075331

Oh, holy shit, I actually have one.

Where the fuck is it..?

>> No.37075501

Artisan Dice has laser problems, and has been being really slow about making them. So I don't have a set, no.

They seem like they'd be awesome though, based on weight.

>> No.37075518

I have all the dice I need and then some, especially since my players mostly bring their own.

I need fucking minis.

>> No.37075561

I have so many mini's I don't use. I got away from battle-mats ages ago.

>> No.37075648

Fun fact, Gamescience dice are 41% less likely to roll a 14 due to manufacturing mold lines and polish.

Other than that one number, they are statistically very close to random.

*Based on 11600 rolls with four dice

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>> No.37077514

It didn't occur to me how many I'm missing until I dumped out the bag and started sorting. I'm sure some got mixed up with my brother's dice collection (200+) when he came to take them back (he's teaching his daughter to play D&D, starting with 1e), but I remember having more assorted d20s, an entire transparent orange set, and more of those purple ones in the center.

I'm not sure where all those white d6s came from, but I know I've had them the longest out of all them, likely dating back to at least 1995. the green set, white set, and dark red set I've also since the late 90s. The blue and black set is from college in 2007ish, and I got the turquoise-and-white set just this year as an impulse buy. The assorted dice also used to belong to older sets that have been gradually lost until only those remain. I have no idea what brands or makes or whatever any of them are. They all seem to roll fine.

Also, Kirby.

>> No.37077723

they make dice?

>> No.37077781

I wonder if I can get them on a string as anal beads...

>> No.37077874

It was one of their April Fools products. A silly something they sell once a year around April 1st.

One year it was a silicone flashlight. Yeah, like the size of a god damned MAGLITE.

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>> No.37078908

>Brass is a pain in the ass

>> No.37079194

besides legitimate reasons lets be real
we like dice
we like collecting at least in some form
many find collecting fun
variety is nice as well
we're nerds

>> No.37079338

>friend rolled a nat 20 with my dice on a pointless roll
That son of a bitch wasted my probability

>> No.37079379

>purple crown royal
muh nigga

>> No.37080095

I've probably got a good number of dice floating around somewhere, but here's what I could quickly find.

>> No.37080161

So they statistically roll lower than other dice, as 14 is above the midpoint?

top kek

>> No.37080251

Part of the problem with /d/ is that it's only for the weird stuff that doesn't go on /h/, and there doesn't seem to be enough variety of that to keep the board filled with quality stuff that doesn't get repeated over and over. In an effort to make things worse, /d/ has now officially banned western art, ensuring a smaller, crappier supply of pictures. It either needs to be merged with /h/, or it needs to be opened up to include western art and such.

>> No.37080299

All I have is my late grandpa's huge bag of d6s. Whenever I play anything my friends bring spare dice.

In fact right now I'm making a small-scale homebrew system that uses only d6s lol

>> No.37080302

>Fun fact, Gamescience dice are 41% less likely to roll a 14 due to manufacturing mold lines and polish.
Maybe if they have prominent tabs that you didn't file down, otherwise I'm skeptical of your claim.

>> No.37080591

>Maybe if they have prominent tabs that you didn't file down

Not him, but they do have a prominent rod stub sticking out of them you have to snip and file from where they poured the material in the mold.

>> No.37081185

That's what I'm saying. In my experience, which granted isn't with d20s, some of the dice have prominent tabs and some of them don't. If you have a die with a prominent tab and don't file it down, I could easily see it skewing the results significantly. But if you leave the tab in place, you're doing it wrong.

>> No.37083305

>Starting with 1e

That is one hell of a thought experiment.

>> No.37083336

The things that go on /h/ has expanded with time.

Causing /d/ to get worse and worse and worse.

>> No.37083469

>> No.37083470


>> No.37085634

I want a set, they would make your forearms bulge and your squats and oats all the more delicious

>> No.37085705

they would fucking kill you, depleted U is not radioinactive.

>> No.37085722

>>source probably from game science
this kind of chart is silly and could easily be cherry picked.

>> No.37085745

Thats stupid though. Its not like 40k or MTG where there's a secondary market. Retard.

>> No.37085756

It can't be that bad, people have put radioactive sources in their backpockets and left them in drawers at home and still stayed alive.

>Collecting for enjoyment is stupid.
So is playing 40k or M:tg for enjoyment.

>> No.37085784

Also there's other things that should be specified and talked about. Is it 10,000 rolls on a single d20? Split between many d20s?

For a truly significant data pool you need a few thousand or so rolls from at least 100 different dice.

>> No.37085806

Search by image the picture and you end up with

I don't think that you need at least 100 dice for any statistical significance, that sounds like saying you need at least a million people to answer a poll.

Also I found another awesome die

>> No.37085846

This doesn't include my two dice bags of "everyday use" dice. I do not have a problem, I can quit at any time.

>> No.37085883

Even if you quit now it's too late!

>> No.37085911

The number of things which is radioinactive in nature is pretty damn small. The air you breathe, the food you eat, all if it naturally radioactive.

Enriched uranium can cause some damage to your eyes through radiation, if your job is to visually inspect fuel pellets. Pretty much any safety goggles will remove that risk. It's the used fuel that is nasty, because then a lot of new, and much more strongly radioactive isotopes have been created.

That said, I wouldn't handle uranium any more than necessary, because it's quite toxic.

>> No.37085942

Banana's and Peanut butter both irradiate you.

Is Uranium toxic to touch, or just to ingest?

>> No.37086066

At worldwide DnD day about 7 years ago, I met someone who had a d20 that was so bright of an orange, that no one at the table could look at it except her.

Has anyone else ever seen this die?

>> No.37086101

I got one of those WH40k lasgun dice sets because they were super cheap on sale. I can just imagine a (very bad) guardsman hollowing out a laspack to hide his dice set from a commissar or something.

>> No.37086514

The Commissar keeps a set too, but he'll kill anyone who finds it.

I can't find the metal song about Commissars that I had before.

>> No.37089063


>> No.37089126

here is my moms collection of dice, she stopped collecting about 15 years ago.

>> No.37089185

Are those christmas tree pips?

>> No.37089202

>that green die with gold pips
Mother of god. It's everywhere.

>> No.37089331

here is a closeup of the more interesting ones. I assume a lot of these are used for casino games I dont know about.

this is 3/4 of what she has, I took most of the higher number dice with me to use myself, and most of the metal ones she had.

>> No.37089380 [SPOILER] 

Well, I do actually have a d20 stashed away somewhere.

>> No.37089881

>> No.37090160

Those thorn dice are 99$ for the set.

It's a beautiful rainbow anon.

>> No.37090198

Are those minecraft dice blocks?

>> No.37090293


Thanks man, girlfriend got them for me for christmas a few years back. They look great, but I dont usually play with them since they make my hand smell like...whatever metal they are.


Yeah, buddy of mine had a ton of them made

Fuck off imgur, apparently they only let me see half my pictures now unless I upgrade to pro. Luckily the dice were unique enough that the picture he took of them was available on google image.

>> No.37090300


>> No.37090337

They're bronze infused steel.

I would use those minecraft dice in a heartbeat.

What are the d20's supposed to be?

>> No.37090368


Glass blocks I believe...been a long time since I used default minecraft textures.

>> No.37090385

I wonder if diamond would have worked out.

Now I really want those.

>> No.37090618

>jewel encrusted ancient wooden dice
Does any of this sound like a quick process to you? I know sitting at home just thinking about stuff doesn't take effort, so why should actually making stuff?
Talk about entitlement

>> No.37090689

The times projected in the comments on his dice are over a year. Half of which is him completely ignoring you. Overall he sounds like a shitty dude for a shitty company.

I am glad that the usual
>having any standards at all=entitlement
anon is still around.

>> No.37090789

>secondary market

What are you talking about? Most people collect because they like to own the things they collect.

>> No.37090807

>Spend 200$ on a d20
>get told it's coming in 2 months
>12 months later with 9 months of trying to get ahold of artisan dice and no one having received their order yet.

Damn our entitlement, you giant faggot.

>> No.37092349

but the dice don't even come with a meal?

>> No.37095790

bump! yeow! pg10!

>> No.37096079

Thank you kindly anon.

I'd given up, short of starting an argument or posting a more naked picture the interest was low.

>> No.37097316

Anyone ever make their own dice?

I'm thinking it would be pretty easy to make a mold. It's not hard to manufacture identical geometric shapes for side panels, then check the form with calipers. Cast a negative and good to go.

I really want to make some out of dental plaster or similar stone material.

>> No.37097625

Shape ways is the best I've done.

Would you need to grind the stone?

>> No.37097652

Actually shapeways isn't a bad idea as the master make the negative from. Better yet, not shapeways and rather a custom order such that I'm not re-selling some other guy's design.

I would fucking kill for some Witcher dice actually faithful to the actual fucking dice.

>> No.37097699

What's wrong with the ones in the Witcher board game?

I own all the games but can't bring myself to play one.

>> No.37097729


Didn't read thread. That is all

>> No.37097770

When do you use d10 in Numenera?

I like having big fistfulls of dice, but I hate when they're covering in flowery crap or otherwise obscured so the number rolled is not immediately obvious

>> No.37097804

Tables in the corebook, as well as some artifacts and rolling for random levels.

>> No.37097818

Those Strange dice, the blue ones on the far left, are a pain in the dick to read.

Almost as bad as that brown Forest d12 that Q-Workshop discontinued

>> No.37098018

Radioactivity is a measure of both form and dosage. DU is radioactive, yes, but it is not strongly so. You're presumably sitting in front of a computer monitor, yes? If so, enjoy your radiation.

Buy a geiger counter sometime. You'll discover a LOT of radiation around you. It's perfectly harmless.

It's toxic to ingest. It's safe to handle. I wouldn't keep it in my pocket for years and years on end, but that's about it.

>> No.37098048

I'm not worried about large pieces of metal that are toxic to ingest.. unless someone is slipping the shavings into my food.

>> No.37098100

You can buy DU on Amazon - I'd link but I think you can't link to Amazon here, just search for depleted uranium or uranium ore - and it's below the radiation threshold to be banned from the USPS. DU dice would be a harmless novelty.

>> No.37098184

I can find some very, very small samples of DU.

A fraction of the size of those dice, mixed with other elements.

>> No.37098267

>I like having big fistfulls of dice, but I hate when they're covering in flowery crap or otherwise obscured so the number rolled is not immediately obvious

at's m' boy!!

>> No.37098371

Those dice are a unique novelty as best as my research can tell, not a consumer product. Most sources claim they were made as a single pair by some researcher a long time ago.

Point is, DU isn't especially dangerous to handle unless you ingest it or something.

>> No.37098447

Completely false.

The only way they could do any damage whatsoever, is MAYBE if you kept them in the same spot on your person every day for years (such as, say, on a keyring), and even THEN only maybe a mild rash over time and maybe a .1% increase in the risk of a few types of cancers, and even then, that's unlikely. It's not more radioactive than your cell phone. The only plausible, and even then highly unlikely, way that it could "fucking kill you" is if there was some kind of manufacturing mistake and the uranium used in it was not properly depleted, and so was much more radioactive than spec.

Back in the 40s and 50s, researchers used to handle cores of plutonium and uranium with their bare hands wearing nothing more than gloves, lab coats, and safety goggles. They subsequently instituted strict safety standards more to prevent fatalities from accidents - such as prompt criticality incidents, which killed a few nuclear fission pioneers - and illnesses from long-term daily exposure. And this was with freaking fissile material, not DU.

>> No.37098755

Nudge a block of Plutonium moderator the wrong way, welcome to death.

>> No.37098797

One core - nicknamed the Demon Core - actually killed TWO DIFFERENT scientists this exact same way, in two separate incidents.

It was later detonated in a bomb test.

>> No.37098822

>mfw I now want a campaign macguffin to be the Demon Core, an orb of demonic energy that has the power to be an extremely potent weapon, but has a history of killing people who study it in strange or unexplained accidents that should have been obvious/preventable to such experts.

>> No.37098860

What do you think light is when a dragon breathes holy energy on you?

He's bathing you in neutron and gamma radiation and waiting for you to die of cancer and coughing up blood.

>> No.37098905

>later detonated in a bomb test.


>> No.37099442

Q-workshop does "pound 'o dice" now without zocchi

>> No.37099546


For a second I was thinking that a dragon that breathed radioactive fire would be awesome but then I remembered that Godzilla already exists.

>> No.37100708

Actually /d/'s problem is the constant futaspam, which chokes out pretty much anything else.

Seriously 1/3rd of the threads on /d/ are futa+fetisha/b/c/d etc, which chokes out the regular fetish threads or outright invades them with futaspam pictures.

>> No.37101199

Joke would have been on them if human souls made it stronger.

>> No.37102369

I wish it was easier to get multicoloured dice packs that are not cheap crap.

You would think dice shops would let you mix your order instead of having to either get 18 D6's in one colour or pay a lot more per dice for smaller packs.

>> No.37104142

Game science does multicolour packs, as does Chess ex and Q-workshop has a Huge one.

Unless you mean your choice of colour, then it's all about FLGS

It's just supply and demand

>> No.37104174

>banning western art makes pictures worse
Japanese artists have a far higher quality standard than Western art - there's some crappy Pixiv stuff, but there's so much choice when it comes to good art that you barely see it at all. Compared to that, Western art is composed of sketches, WIP, watermarks everywhere, tracing, dramawhoring and just plain bad art. There's a fundamental difference in the work ethic between Japanese and Western artist communities, which ensures that most Japanese artists actually try for skill rather than fame, and don't put out as much half-assed art.

>> No.37104339

Nothing too too fancy, but still, my dice pool is fairly even, and I like it.

>> No.37104365

dat consistency

>> No.37104758

>Weaboo's really believe this

Having a different colour for each die is pretty cool, lets you grab quickly based on colour instead of shape and feel.

>> No.37104880

Rolled 18 (1d20)

>Having a different colour for each die is pretty cool, lets you grab quickly based on colour instead of shape and feel.
I do exactly this too. Though I made the mistake of buying different colored d6's for a specific purpose for a character, and now that I don't play that character anymore I'm left with a few odd colored dice, which makes my OCD flare up.

>> No.37106995

Just give them away to other people.

>> No.37107022


>> No.37108447


>> No.37109560

I'm jealous of your white d20 with red lettering.

>> No.37109670

Is that fat red d20 the one that flashes when you get a nat 20?

>> No.37109782

>>some shitty d20 I bought cause I needed some for my group. Only after buying it did I notice that it just went from 0 to 9 twice.
That made my day.Just why does it exist?!
Also I like your red and black d20. I'm working on a cotton candy set that's mostly pink and light blue.

>> No.37109900

I wanna fuck that scrabblewhore.

>> No.37110062

Those are original d20's, the old school pre DND ones

They exist because of the past

>> No.37110131

Dude, how big is that wooden d6 in the bottom left corner?

>> No.37110460

Just big enough to be weaponized

>> No.37110660

I'm not sure of his reasoning, either. I would have started her with 2e.

>> No.37111330

It lacks it's historical meaning if you do it that way.

>> No.37111921

I play shadowrun so i have a few D6s

>> No.37111965

>Manaphy token

No war games?

>> No.37111981

i wish, no one in my area plays any.

>> No.37112007

>dotted d6s

Anyone who posts dotted d6s next to numbered dice should be shot in the penis.

>> No.37112059


>> No.37112121

Yes, how dare people buy normal dice.

>> No.37113077

>It lacks it's historical meaning if you do it that way.
You do know that 1e wasn't the first version of D&D, right? That would be OD&D / 0e. 1e is the first edition of AD&D.

>> No.37113158

That's my favorite size.

>> No.37113192

>> No.37113199

You're fortunate, they're poisonous for the most part.

>> No.37113236

Why isn't Pathfinder on that chart?

Also that chart lacks normal usage, everyone is talking about 2e when they say AD&D.

>> No.37113387

>Why isn't Pathfinder on that chart?
Because it's a chart of official D&D editions. It also doesn't have any retroclones on it.

>Also that chart lacks normal usage, everyone is talking about 2e when they say AD&D.
You're right in that if somebody says "AD&D", they're *probably* talking about 2e, but you can't always be sure. They might be talking about AD&D in general (1e and 2e), or even just 1e (though in this case, there will usually be contextual clues). But I'm not quite sure what you're objecting to.

>> No.37115330

What is Diablo 2 doing on there?

>> No.37116322

They forgot to put 4e coming from WoW.

>> No.37116521


>> No.37116568

I already knew that, I was pretending to be retarded.

>> No.37116660

It's alright I understand.
The World of Warcraft RPG is also a 3.5 variant.

>> No.37116716 [DELETED] 

They're called pipped dice, you gigantic plebian.

>> No.37116748

[Spoiler]It's a Warcraft supplement, but same thing really.[/spoiler]

>> No.37116807

Dang, I try and fit in with you guys and fuck it all up.
You can do it but I can't?

>> No.37116936

You put a capital on the first spoiler.

>> No.37117094

Every time I come back to this thread I find something awesome.

>> No.37118667

God damn it I do too. Apparently to merely utter /d/'s name is to summon its awful presence.

>> No.37122001

A scissor-blade isn't really the best thing to do with a lightsaber since it's plasma and the shaping is kinda pointless.

No, the best thing to do with a saber blade would have been THIS!

>> No.37122123

>a loli movie
Like what?

>> No.37122148


>> No.37122402

There's little advantage in having a fat blade like that. You don't need extra weight for extra momentum, because lightsabers pretty much slice through everything as it is. And a stab from a lightsaber ends you as it is, so the wider cross-section doesn't avail you much. All you've done is make the sword more unwieldy by making it less aerodynamic and possibly heavier and slower (depending on whether the blade has significant weight or not).

>> No.37122449

>There's little advantage in having a fat blade like that
Turn it sideways and use it like a cricket bat to annihilate everything, or turn it edge-first to get past guards.

>less aerodynamic and possibly heavier and slower
It's plasma. Neither of these take effect.

>> No.37122660

>It's plasma. Neither of these take effect.
In the original trilogy, lightsabers were supposed to be heavy. And of course aerodynamism matters. When you move the lightsaber, you're displacing air. Moving something fat through air is harder, because you have to displace more air. This is especially true if it's light, because you can't build up as much momentum with it.

>> No.37122718

>In the original trilogy, lightsabers were supposed to be heavy
With symbolism. Even though they were held in two hands, they weren't supposed to be literally heavy.
>And of course aerodynamism matters. When you move the lightsaber, you're displacing air.
No, you're not. The blade of a lightsaber is made of plasma. Hell, it doesn't even displace metal, which has far more densely packed atoms - this actually happens and is used to bust open a door on the silver screen.

>This is especially true if it's light, because you can't build up as much momentum with it.
That is not actually a relevant thing here.

>> No.37122885

Still a better idea than the cross guard.

Still a worse idea than light saber dice.

>> No.37122951

A crossguard would be a better idea if it was a design that actually functioned.

>> No.37122967

>Even though they were held in two hands, they weren't supposed to be literally heavy.
I'm pretty sure Lucas said something to the effect that they were really, really heavy.

>No, you're not.
What do you mean "no, you're not"? Before there was air there and now your lightsaber's there. Unless you're atomically destroying the air molecules or something (which would probably not be very good for you), you're having to push them out of the way with your lightsaber when you swing it.

>> No.37122995

It would still clash with the way regular lightsabers have been done. It's like in classic Doctor Who, where they can magically understand what everybody is saying with no explanation given. In one story, the 5th Doctor is talking to an Ancient Greek, and sure enough, there's no trouble understanding each other. But in the same story, he encounters an Australian Aborigine and suddenly language is an issue. That makes things worse, not better, because now you're paying attention to the problem of language and you're also having to rationalize why he can understand everybody else in the universe except this dude. Same thing with putting seat belts on the Enterprise in whatever movie that was, and with putting a crossguard on a lightsaber.

>> No.37123037

>an arm and a leg
>sterling silver
I don't know where you could get anything other than d6s but here are some d6s that are silver bullion
they also come in copper, though I'm not sure if it would be intelligent to use either for actual rolling

>> No.37123050

>that they were really, really heavy.
That the should SEEM heavy. That quote is exactly what I was just talking about.

>Before there was air there and now your lightsaber's there
No, and now there's both air and lightsaber there. It's a fucking plasma. There's substantial space between particles. The air then gets really hot from transfer of energy from the plasma particles of the blade, and from the emitter, which is how a lightsaber works in the first place.

>> No.37123082

There's definitely a "why doesn't everyone have crossguards?" question, but the answer is pretty obvious: In the old days, jedi had their blades for ritualistic (not practical) purposes. In modern times, the blades are still rarely used (and each one is made by its user) so there's little innovation.

>> No.37123084

>that coloring
>those numbers
looks like you jacked the dice from a dicecapades box

>> No.37123122

>can't unsee

>> No.37123130

Isn't air resistance why lasers fire slower than bullets in Star Wars?

>> No.37123294

>The air then gets really hot from transfer of energy from the plasma particles of the blade, and from the emitter
The lightsabers wouldn't work in space, and would behave differently according to what sort of matter was being turned into plasma. Also, it would be superheating everything around it. If it doesn't move the air molecules out of the way, but they simply pass through the saber, getting really hot while they're inside the saber's blade, then they're still gonna be really fucking hot when the lightsaber has moved on.

>> No.37123318

Also, lightsabers wouldn't really cut anything if they worked like that. They might burn through shit, but they wouldn't sever limbs like you see in the movies.

>> No.37125478

Don't they burn the limbs?

>> No.37126527

rofl. Thats literally exactly what I did.

Good eye anon.

Still though, they roll well, and they have a nice solid weight. They have all made for some fairly beautiful companions over the years.

>> No.37126896

the biggest wooden one is about 3x3 inches.

the slightly smaller one opens up to reveal a set of 8 wood dice.

>> No.37128116

Everyone has good cameras, but my cell phone is shitty.

The tiny 5mm d6 were bought to play shadowrun. They work well at the beginning of the night but when things get intense and your palms get sweaty you need to check none of them got stuck.

>> No.37128309

>That tiny pipped d6 at the top.

It's a conspiracy

>> No.37128344

I stopped using them pretty soon after buying even though they are a lot of fun to throw (and try to find) afterwards.

I wonder how many of them I lost already.

>> No.37128363

>though they are a lot of fun to throw (and try to find) afterwards.
Y-you're a monster.

>> No.37128453

After the first two times I rolled them in this little improvised box.

>> No.37128729

That makes me want to use an assortment of colours all for the same guns in 40k

Drive my opponents insane.

red, purple, green, mauve are bolters, beige is melta

>> No.37128905

... and >>37128363 called me a monster.

>> No.37128928

I love this.

>> No.37129364

You have to take it a step further.

Never duplicate the same colour.

Use only multi-coloured dice, use some hard to read, some easy to read, some pipped, some numbers.

Have a huge assortment, pick a random one for special weapons.

Then play an army that gets dozens upon dozens of rolls, a kaleidoscope of confusion.

>> No.37129671

I just ordered another 40€ worth of dice. I like dice.

>> No.37129776

Also fuck you guys. Weekend + Alc + Dice Porn makes me weak.

>> No.37130226

did you get anything good?

Shapeways thorn dice?

A D1 from awesome dice?

A D3 from awesome dice?

A q-workshop bucket `o dice?

>> No.37132380

What's Alc?

>> No.37132616

I would pay so much money to get one of those, but nobody is selling theirs. I regret not getting one when they were out.

>> No.37132655

You can make a deal on their forum.

Just.. sanitize them heavily.

>> No.37132777

There's a kickstarter for precious gemstone dice up right now, with 15 days left. A full set is $35. I'd post the link, but the spam filter is eating it.
I want to get some hematite dice, especially for that price, but it's Kickstarter. There's no way he's going to have them ready by March, and his video and pictures are sketchy as hell. Should I?
I really just want to get all 4 sets but I really shouldn't.

>> No.37132871

They'll be cut lopsided and roll like shit.

If they ever deliver.

>> No.37132990

Damn, I wish turquoise wasn't so expensive.

>> No.37133042

Oh, it turns out they're already a company: Metallic Dice Games. They've got a few sets out already for what appears to be dirt cheap. Still dubious, since I've never heard of them before, but now more tempted.
Also it turns out they make glow in the dark dice, and I want a few sets now.

>> No.37133399

Buy the Q-workshop Nuke dice.

They're coated in harmless depleted uranium.

>> No.37134027

Sites back.

>> No.37134036

Well, let's check the order history.

Apparently Chessex makes precision dice? I ordered a set. Also a d3, d24, d30. A huge d6 and d20. Two sets in hopefully pretty colors. And a bone shaped one?

>> No.37134093

I got a few sort of cool dice I can post, on my phone though so I have to take the pictures now, soon as I find my dice bag

>> No.37134336

I need about 30 D6
What do you reccomend? Chesssex?

>> No.37134346

>tfw can't make threads

I have one of each die used in D&D. They are black and white. I am a casual.

>> No.37134347

>ex gf
Atleast you used to have one

>> No.37134385

Chessex, the 12ish mm ones.

Or do >>37129364

>> No.37134418

Do they sell them with pre-painted pips?

I don't know how quality they are.

>> No.37134425


>> No.37134453

Not pre-painted as far as I am aware. I was drunk while ordering.

>> No.37134467

They are literally gamescience dice, when you get them in the mail, check the made in the USA by gamescience sticker on the Chessex box.

>> No.37134476

That is some good news then.

>> No.37134479

>>kinder egg pill container
Dammit, man, here do you live? These only come in like 5cm (2") size here. Just imagining it... so much chocolate.

>> No.37134481

Now that Gamescience went belly-up they may have removed the sticker, or started making their own, who can say.

>> No.37134492

Chocolate? I thought they were full of dice!

Hmm, I've eaten chocolate dice before, how do I keep them solid enough to roll.

>> No.37134502

They usually have bigger ones here (Germany) during Easter time.

>> No.37135888

Help me make up my mind on what colour of die to buy

>> No.37135917


I really wish pictures were working.

The thread consensus is green dice with gold pips.

>> No.37135957

Just accept that you will buy many different sets anyway.

>> No.37135968

Chessex Scarab Jade or any of their scarab series.

>> No.37135978

This is honestly, good taste.

>> No.37136014

Cringe but funny/10
The ultimate in default die
You might wanna buy a set of http://www.trollandtoad.com/p332023.html for wounds/armor saves though

>> No.37136051

Use these for wound/armor

but only >>37129364
for to-hit and to-wound

>> No.37136078

I won a poker/craps/casino-general-game kind of set a year back and it had 40 casino cut die in it, 10 of each colour (red blue green yellow) and i have never had a problem with em

If you want the utmost quality, go for casino cut

>> No.37136090

Aren't they usually heavy and roll for shit unless you're throwing them at a green felt table?

>> No.37136190

They're certainly heavier than "normal" dice but that's the point. They work just fine in my opinion, keeps 'em off the ground and on the table.

>> No.37136206

I read up on them before deciding not to get them.

A lot of people complained that on any surface that's not soft, like a table at a casino, they break corners really easily from their weight.

They lose their "true randomness" pretty easily that way.

I suppose they're plenty fine if you don't let them fall and break.

>> No.37136285

There are only 2 things I'm tempted to buy off of that site. Ironwood Dice, and (to a MUCH MUCH greater extent) Soapstone Dice.

GOD those things are pretty, but at the respective densities, they would feel so damn good to roll.

>> No.37136352

Know what's better than soapstone?


>> No.37136429

For what purpose are you rolling Googleplex d6?

>> No.37136459

Give me a good site that sells dice to europe, specifically Sweden (>inb4 jamal and mouhammed) and isn't a pain in the ass to order from

>> No.37136581

First thought I had was ebay.

>> No.37136662

There are enough RPGs made in Sweden that you should be able to find stores catering to them.

>> No.37138319

My die collection.
From left to right:
1. "meh" dice I'm willing to lend to players.
2. metal dice I use in boss fights.
3. hit location dice.
4. d6 fest for shadowrun.
5. favourite dice I use most of the time.

>> No.37138331

I should probably NOT forget the pic.

>> No.37138500


Couldn't come up with something creative to write?

>> No.37139340

Where does the hit location d20 come from?

Your meh dice shares a lot of colour with the favourite dice.

>> No.37139554

I dunno. I guess what >>37110062

It was interesting to get but when I gave it to someone to use they were very confused.

>> No.37141325

DSA, "Das Schwarze Auge". It is a german RPG, loosely translates to "the black eye". I found it in a sale in some store a few years ago.
Also: It's not the colours, I dont like the number prints, and I hate to use dice where the opposing faces dont add up to the dies total faces +1 (for instance opposint sides of a d8 have to add up to 9). This ruffles my autism.

>> No.37141942

Did you attack that thing with a TI-Nspire or something?

>> No.37142754

I'd kill for some good d10's that actually go from 1-10 instead of 0-9.

>> No.37142812

My little collection. The d20 at the bottom with red numbers was the first d20 I ever received. Got it with some weird basbaseball tcg for my 7th birthday. It got me into RPG's after researching the die.

>> No.37144786



>> No.37145669

The thing is, I've never liked baseball and I don't even remember the person that gave them to me. I have no idea who they were. It's weird.

>> No.37146995

Thank you for the info anon.

>> No.37147599

>> No.37148815

I'm sitting on a set of Ex GF/Fiance dice (A gift from her) myself anon, I keep telling myself to get rid of em but they're objectively my favorite set of die (fav colors, roll well, etc)...


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