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/tg/ screencap thread

inb4 thread derailed by gay marriage quest

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I hope this place never changes.

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Quest is in the OP. Enjoy getting filtered mate. Never put quest in the OP unless its a quest thread.

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So tired of those fucking threads.

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>thinks that Christians caused the dark ages
Holy fuck, how delusional can someone be?
(jehovas witnesses aren't Christians)

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Love it.

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Any historian would say that there is no such thing as the dark ages.

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Oh my.
This one actually made me chuckle.

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Feels inbound.

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/r/ing that one screencap of a christian monk spending his life trying to copy tomes and books as he gets kidnapped and and escapes over and over until his old age only to get wind of fedoras bitching at christians hundreds of years later and going >MFW

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In general terms, "dark ages" refers to the era between Greek/roman supremacy and the renaissance by Victorian historians who thought nothing important happened between those eyes.

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Well, fall of Rome then.

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A classic.

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Never fuck a horse, guys.

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During which in the middle east and in East Asia there was much advancement in science. Also the Catholic Church preserved much of the Roman knowledge via monks copying over and over which eventually led to the Renaissance
Which Fall?

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Does anyone have the drunk dragon one?

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Well, that's...that's the first time I've seen this one.

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Well, since we're on the topic of horses

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lurking and hoping for more

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My word, I'd forgotten that one. That's anime protagonist dense.

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A modern classic

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This one gets me every time.

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Oh my...

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Okay, this is pretty good.

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Suddenly, Termina and Clock Town makes more sense.

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10/10, totally stealing this for my next game.

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It started out pretty good, but it quickly got worse.
Cutting that screencap for brevity might be best, since there's a bunch of posts that are just not that great.

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Yes, this pleases me. Drow males are now slavic. Or Polish.

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My sides have transcended this agony-ridden cosmos and achieved a state of blissful nothingness in Nirvana.

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36022986 and 36023016 are the highlight.

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I didn't know /tg/ could make me laugh that hard. Goddamn, Anon. My body hurts now.

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I'd say 36022986 is the proper cutting point. 36023016 is okay, but nothing special.

The rest that follow go from ho-hum to just bad.

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Really liked these two.

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nevar forget

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This is probably my favorite /tg/ screencap, elegant in its simplicity

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Anyone have the cap about the halfling rouge who abuses this feature to hilarious ends?

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what the hell man

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I want this to be real

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/r/ing the Halfling Rogue (Ranger?) who just won't stop jacking off

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Why can't I stop laughing?

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Is this guy an idiot or what? He doesn't seem to understand half the points he's trying to argue against.

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>Dark Jihad

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Did someone say redemption?

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Oh god, I had forgotten about this one. I'm actually crying.

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>that max theoretical speed

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As I recall it turns out the Unnatural Agility didn't apply to movement. He's still stupid fucking fast.

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Ey'm 'avin a good chuckle.

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>During which in the middle east and in East Asia there was much advancement in science.

This is not notably different then what things were like before the fall of the Western Empire.

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To be fair, this is a good briefing right here.

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Double Heresy. Burn it with fire

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mfw when I came here to look for funny ones like >>37012411 which always makes me laugh, and see my own work posted and praised.


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I wonder what this guy ended up doing

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heh, home"brew"

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It's a mystery. The thread devolved into another pointless loli ethics argument.

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>Jezza installs a bunch of comfort stuff in a ship with no environmental systems and requires the pilot to use a pressure suit at all times
Seems about right.

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>1 part milk, 1 part chocolate ice cream, 1 part cosmic brownie, probably 1 part of some whey protein powder, 6 parts of Satan's asshole, and like three mystery ingredients.

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Maybe I should stop dumping /tg/ caps at one in the goddamn morning. I'll post more if image limit hasn't been reached when I wake up.

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>mfw I still have that techpriest going

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not sure if someone else had it but here's the ass halfling who saved his country.

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>Eleven year old girl joins the group
>Take the first possible opportunity to throw her off a cliff.
>When she manages to avoid burning her first fate point, have her older brother's character, who she idolizes, die a horrible death and frame it in the game as her fault.

Top tier GMing right there. Would play through Tomb of Horrors with. Finally someone who knows that a session isn't truly complete until someone bursts into tears.

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jesus christ what

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Anybody got the one about humanizing StratoGale?

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requesting that one story with dying wizard and village of his descendants.

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Jehovah's witnesses are christians if they say they are, because you could just as easily argue that modern christians aren't christians either considering how different they are from classical christians.

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Please tell us some stories of techpriest Krieger.


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>Design a new multi-purpose combat drug/riot control gas
>Does all sorts of pretty crazy things, basically the gamut of positive effects(Unnatural Strength, Agility, immune to fear, stunning, fatigue, etc), but also causes hellish hallucinations of the subjects worst nightmares, forcing them to attack anyone nearby if they fail the test
>Just shoot it into enemy crowds and let them kill each other
>Ally comes to me for a request for some surgical enhancements.
>agree, stick an injector into him full of it while he's under
>Later, fighting some nids on a space hulk, shit gets bad, I hit the switch
>He proceeds to fail the test to resist
>Is a null, so the psykers can't use their powers to try and control him
>Spends the entire time screaming about everyone trying to steal his skin(long story, also my fault) as he chases them
>Somehow manages to not kill anyone

And now no one will come to me with any sort of medical enhancements unless someone else watches me as I do them.

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Sounds heretical in the best way possible. It seems like you guys have moved totally beyond just normal Only War stuff seeing as you're fighting on space hulks and performing straight-up tech heresy like this. I'm about to fall unconscious from lack of sleep, but any more stories?

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Oh no, I'm not the Only War one, I'm in the center. Was Dark Heresy, is now Ascension. And yea, I'm basically a Renegade, constantly toeing the line of heretic and heretek.

>Later, fighting a Pilgrim of Hayte with Null as a duo
>We take care of her quickly, mostly though some burned fate points and more shady drugs
>After a pretty extensive interrogation, we take her back to a local Inquisitional citadel, throw her into statis to await future purging, or so they believe
>I'm the one who put her there, so I get her out and do some pretty extensive modifications on her, turn her into my personal little assassin bot
>Let her keep all her memories and personality, though I did recondition her to obey me and to hate Pilgrims of Hayte
>None of the rest of the group is aware I did this, and she almost killed half of them and she remembers all the terrible things we did to her, including murdering her fiancee.

We're getting through the time skip next session when I get to show her off. So, hopefully none of them hang out here.

I've homebrewed a lot of various drugs and the like to have fun with, and always tried to make sure they have pretty terrible side effects in return for their powerful effects. At this point, my war cry is basically "Time to make things worse!" because I always do.

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Ah, the American Army tactics. "Don't worry, we've a lot of practice dealing with fuck ups, the enemy is screwed now!"

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It's like people think "SNAFU" isn't SOP for the USA

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That's the reference.

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Ain't just the Army. Everything involving DoD gets in on the fun.

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Like what chaim?

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Anyone have the screencap of that guy that imports slavs into every setting?

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From Russia with FUN!

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Thanks anon, you made my day

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Is of no problem tovarisch!

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More like another thread where those who dislike anime cry pedo and those who like anime cry 2D. I don't know if I'd call that an argument so much as a sensibilities fight.

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Someone posted this before, most points were proven to be bullshit.
'cause this.

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That tears it. /tg/ has too much fun with lolis.

I need to work some into my campaign. Maybe a dragon or something.

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>I need to work some into my campaign. Maybe a dragon or something.

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>Pussy-Whipped Master of Romance
lost it

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>Liking older women


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U mad?

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>Not liking mature older women

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This wouldn't work at all.
Even assuming the cannonball cleared the entire barrel before expanding (it wouldn't, it'd just suddenly burst outwards and blow your gun up), the amount of powder and force needed to propel a bullet wouldn't be able to shift the cannonball further than a few feet at most, and not at a particularly deadly speed either.

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And there's the image limit. Hope someone's enjoyed these.

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>Being surprised that a sub-culture populated by some of the worst people on Earth has deviant sexuality

This is why I can't take this comic seriously...

Was it ever a surprise?

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>just like that waitress you fancied in Thailand
Three cheers for ladyboys

>> No.37021584

>wives this cute don't exist

Proof that god hates us.

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Ok, i can't find this, i've been searching for a while now.
Sauce, please?

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You see that little arrow to the right of the post number? Click it.

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>Wife buys expensive, sexy underwear to impress her husband so that they can have great sex but gets caught up in concocting a plan to buy a new washing machine so she can have a fresh married (sex) life with him.

Be warned, it is Extremely cute and vanilla

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I smell a Stormfaggot.

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>implying i can't into image search
Anon, google doesn't love me.
Thanks a lot.
Cute and vanilla turned into my fetish. After hardcore strange shit i just can't masturbate anymore, the tamest and cutest porn is the only thing that can get me hard. I have completed the porn circle. I was reborn like a porn phoenix out of old semen, so i can walk the path of corrupting porn again.

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You have given me a sadness.

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What the fuck
Well written, but..
What. The. Fuck.

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I deem this shit to be silver. Good prose, funny concept, but not good enough for the gold.

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I don't understand this.

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Fanatics are goblins who are hopped up on pretty much every mushroom they can find, given a gigantic ball and chain, and made to spin. They're brutal, chaotic, rather deadly (armour is usually useless against them), and a pain in the arse to deal with. This is because they move randomly and aren't deployed at the start of the battle, but are instead held inside other goblin units, and chucked at the enemy whenever an enemy unit gets too close.

>> No.37022429

>funny concept
"What if Tolkien wrote gay fanfiction porn?"

It's the kind of idea that ho-hum at best, like the sort of thing an intern at Robot Chicken would suggest to the writers, before being told to go get them some coffee while they brainstorm lines for their next "Star Wars scene that's extended to the point of being awkward."

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Poles are slavs. Asshole slavs, too. Ask any native Lithuanian.

>> No.37022932

>I also believe that you owe me five koku. *sip*

>> No.37023477

This amuses me.

>> No.37024530

The story was good, the girl in the image was nice. That Anon has my approval

>> No.37024895

Just like a Lietuvos Futbolo Federacija fan to claim the noble, honest, hardworking Polish folk are assholes.

>> No.37024963

holy shit i was in that thread. glad someone capped it

>> No.37025115

Is this worth reading all the way through?

>> No.37025386

I hate to say this but IIRC rats can't live on cheese.

>> No.37025481

Just read through the first part and see if it catches your fancy. Shouldn't take you more than a few minutes.

Personally, I think it's fantastic. It's how all campaign write-ups should be.

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>> No.37025678

Google is your friend, mate. That's one of the older and more ubiquitous internet abbreviations.

>> No.37025720

This is amazing, thanks Anon

>> No.37025757

Ah, now I see. Thanks.

>> No.37025892

I kek'd really hard at that one

>> No.37026040

Just... don't let your newfag show like that again. Unkinder places on 4chan string fewfags up for less than that. When in doubt, Google.

>> No.37026079

fucking awesome

>> No.37026091

I know we're at image limit here but whats the earliest cap anyone has?

>> No.37026176

01/19/08 is the earliest I got. One of the earliest THAT guy stories, before THAT guy was even a thing.

>> No.37026377

This is basically what the Incas did. Except with mummies.

>> No.37026698

It's an undead rat familiar. It can live on whatever the fuck it wants to

>> No.37026899

>Wife buys expensive, sexy underwear to impress her husband
>concocting a plan to buy a new washing machine
All right. I'll admit it. I have NO idea how this could have occurred. This seems like the kind of opening you'd hear in a joke.

>> No.37027053

Read it yourself and find out!

>> No.37027106

I will, it's just a level of ridiculousness that I needed to comment on it.

>> No.37027424

Hahahahahahahaha good joke, Pole

Now learn the fucking language and stop being white trash

>> No.37027644

>Aw yiss, time to copulate with my lolicon husband till we pass out.
>Oh shit, with this huge washing machine, we could have messy sex and it wouldn't be such a pain to wash the sheets.
>Sheeeeit, it's expensive, I'll have to find out a way to get the money without sacrificing my time.
>I know, I'll "charge" him for his meals and sex so that we can get said washing machine
>*proceed with adorable vanilla sex in the missionary position*
>Fuck year, washing machine!

>> No.37027803

I learned something new today, may the Mootperor bless you.

>> No.37027861

How dare you accuse him of being a pedophile. Is wife is completely of age.

>> No.37028279

holy shit this is awesome

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