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I'm going to be playing a Pathfinder campaign with some friends soon and I've made myself a paladin character because I thought the class looked cool, and I've never played a lawful good character.

The trouble is that I therefore don't know how to properly roleplay lawful good without being lawful dumb. I know the basic tenants of LG, being honourable, truthful, loyal, etc. though any advice on how to roleplay it properly is appreciated.

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Paladin, as a class concept, is essentially Classic Hero. As for lawful good specifically? Pick either 'Lawful' or 'Good' to emphasize (that is, to pick one when you can't have both), but try to have both when possible.

Be reasonable; keep your goals in mind, and even more so keep your morals in mind. If the orphans are stealing bread to not starve, give them a slap on the wrist and send them church-ways, or maybe point them at a baker who needs a hand. On the other hand, don't sidetrack your hunt for the superevil superbad to hunt down a few wayward bandits.

If there's one thing I'd try to keep in mind, it's that most functional nations have some form of justice system; Pass off the petty criminals to those so they don't get in the way of bringing in the Bandit King alive.

Don't be afraid to ask your god for advice; A big part of Paladin and Cleric flavor is that your patron deity has given you his explicit approval and a fraction of his power. I'm not saying that you should pray for advice at the first sign of trouble, rather, that you shouldn't be afraid to ask for advice from your friend Pelor.

When presented with a choice between Bad and Bad, take a third option. Create a third option. In the classic baby-armored-monster conundrum, the solution is to get your amoral dickass thief to handle it.

Depending on your GM, party composition, and personal (i.e. player) charisma, you might find it worthwhile to sink skillpoints into Bluff, Diplomancy, Sense Motive, etc, and try to talk your way through problems. Actually, unless you're doing a straight-up dungeoncrawl campaign I'd recommend that; Flavor-wise, few classes take better to trying not to maim them if you don't have to than Paladins.

And as an overall roleplaying tip, do the voice. Have some kind of accent and attitude you put on when you're in-character. Along that same line, instead of saying "I ask the orphan why he's stealing bread", actually, y'know, say it.

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You might also want to bring this up with your DM; If he's good, he might hook your Apprentice Paladin up with a mentor figure, to show you how to do more than cleave and smite evil.

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Thanks a bunch, anon, your advice is great!

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Remember this, young one, and do good.

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There's a really easy way to cock it up, which is to think of your character as being a representative of that which is good or law in the region. Instead, approach it from your character's POV - what drove your character to choose the path of the Paladin? It had to be his or her best choice at the time.

This informs you of how to roleplay your character's motivations. If you're going to stray from the path, you're going to do it by your own will and once again it's what drives your character that defines this.

In short, no one becomes a paladin just because they embody the law or the greater good. They do so because they chose to become a paladin.

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Scrub "Lawful Good" from your mind entirely. It's a vacuous concept.

Focus on being legitimately noble, honorable, and good-hearted.

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Also take this in to account
And as a personal comment, take heed that simply because the majority of X race may be evil, not all of them are. Never forget of the possibility of good in all beings, as it should be the deeds of the individual that give the individual a reputation, not others of their kind. It's what I believe, anyways.

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the first thing to do is make the distinction between paladin and lawful paladins follow a type of lawful good but there are other types what’s good for a normal lawful good character may not be good for a paladin

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