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>A large bounty has been placed on a woman wielding a sword attached to her person via an umbilical cord

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There's magical realm, and then there's this.

I don't know what the fuck you're going for with this one.

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more like umbilical SWORD amirite

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So what you're saying is we need to get some decent slashing weapons before we go after this broad?

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How does she wear armor if she's got a string of flesh running from her belly button to her hand?

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Sometimes I worry that my belly button will open up and my guts will fall out. Thanks for reminding me with your umbilical cord shenanigans, OP!

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Gods damned, unless you are such a crazy good swordsman that you can cut the air or some shit, you do not want to mess with somebody that crazy. They are probably channeling some deity of revenge and can cut through solid plate with their finger nails or cleave falling stars in two with a stare.

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Like so

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There's a bit of metal in the way of the umbilical cord.

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Wait, is the sword attached to their belly button or did they give birth to it?

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It's coming out of her vagina. She was pregnant and was attacked by evil dudes who cut out her baby and killed it so she pledged herself to some crazy god or goddess of blood filled vengeance and gave birth to a magic sword that cuts life from the living without touching them.

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Very touching. I shall serve her faithfully from a distance, and maybe one day she will come to love me as I love her.

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Your guts won't fit through your bellybutton, fool.

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So the other end of the umbilical cord is attached to a placenta, then? Can she...pull that out and use it as some kind of flail? Pull some "Master of the Flying Guillotine" shit or something?

I'm not actually sure we want anything to do with this, regardless of the size of that bounty.

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>god or goddess

There's pretty much a 100% chance it's 'goddess'.

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So has she been killing people in an insufficiently discriminate fashion, or is the bounty from the evil dudes looking to save their own skins?

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I would like to thank you for coming up with what has to be the most magical realm I have ever seen in all of my time browsing /tg/. In fact, I would say that this goes BEYOND mere magical realm shit and is now something else entirely. A decade from now, I will be in bed, staring up at my ceiling in the dark and trying to force myself to go to sleep. And sleep will flee from me, because of the simple fact that someone on this planet actually took the time to post something like this to the internet where everyone could see it. Mere words cannot describe my feelings at present. No image can either. The sheer level of idiocy present here is beyond the capabilities of mortal man to express. Even with this wall of text I am spending my time writing, I am underplaying just how stupid what I just read was.

Please. Just fucking stop. Please. For my sake, for your sake, and for the whole of humanity. Stop.

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Dat pussy game ridiculous, tho

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Well, here's a sentence I never thought I'd type:
>Meh; it's no worse than Wraeththu.

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What the God Damn.

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You say that as though this is in any way not something that could come out of classical mythology.

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It could, but it didn't, and far more importantly it shouldn't.

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i dont even know if i hate this post or myself.

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My Christ.

Why? Why did you have to remind me that Wraeththu exists? Why? I had buried that abomination deep. Buried it under Maker's Mark and marathon sessions of Farscape.



The whole of classical mythology was a magical realm! All of Greece was a magical realm!

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If this is actually based off of some sort of book, movie, song, or other form of entertainment that currently exists today, I swear to moot that I will lose all faith in mankind's capacity for good. And then I'll become a serial killer who targets lunatics who come up with bullshit settings like this.

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Ovid's Metamorphoses was the first recorded transformation fetish porn.

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im reading the wraeththu right now for comedy

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I'm fairly sure the only difference between this explanation and an actual myth I read about is the inclusion of the umbilical cord.

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Am I the only person who doesn't find this particularly disturbing?

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>Why? Why did you have to remind me that Wraeththu exists?
Shits and giggles. The real question is, what shear omnidirectional malevolence compels me to inform you that Wraeththu's creator, Storm Constantine, has done work in the rpg industry, and has writing credits in Werewolf: The Apocalypse, among others?

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I find it more weird than disturbing. Like, that's got to make it kind of hard for her to do certain things, you know. Can the magic sword not sever its own cord or what?

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no, and honestly, I find it highly disturbing that anyone would want to play a character that has a giant bladed weapon coming out of and attached to, a person's genitals.

There are some things best left unplayed.

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So she gave birth to a sword?

Or a sword was her placenta in her mother's womb?

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This ain't even my deal. I'm just a drunk guy using drunk logic to figure it out. If it's a grown women, that means she's more likely a mother, and the umbilical kinda confirms it. A sword is a total weapon, with no utilitarian uses, meaning revenge. Combine the two and you have a women who is seeking revenge for her baby who was taken from her. No magic realm involved.

Besides, I am into thick hipped centaur girls.

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Or the sword could have been born with her, like she was some kind of marked for glory champion of war.

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Honestly, I don't either. I mean, it's not my fetish or anything, it just seems like something that could easily come from any number of classical myths and not be known for being particularly fucked up.

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See, I didn't read it as magical realm stuff either.
It actually just sounds like a really nice quest hook.

Like, "oh, here's this overtly horrifying bounty, but the money is SO GOOD"
I'd probably have the bounty be a little less descriptive so there can be some surprise later though.

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Your party would make so many period jokes though. Just so many.

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This is honestly pretty fucking metal dude.

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Honestly I wouldn't find this weird at all if the sword wasn't still attached to her.
Like, getting such a raging revengeboner that it gestates inside you until it's born in the form of a weapon which you then use to take said vengeance is one of those things that's bizarre and yet awesome in a fantasy metal sort of way, but leaving it attached is just confusing.

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Nah. One time my PCs told me to go all out since they could take anything I threw at them.

They couldn't take everything I threw at them. My advice is to look up ever disease you can think of and read Mai-chans everyday life along with some real guro.

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Eh... Twins always have their own umbilical cord as far as I know. If they weren't actually connected but the girls treated the sword as her sister, talking to it or even taking consul from it, that would work.

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>Sometimes I worry that my belly button will open up and my guts will fall out.
I have nightmares about pulling out my own teeth.

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Oh my god, that gives me an amazing idea for some reason though.

At half health, the creature (which I'm calling "wrath-mother" in my head) becomes enraged and turns into a humanoid version of pic related. (although smaller and with the split starting at the bottom obviously)

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oops. There we go.

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Neither. The king just thinks she's too gross to live.

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This sounds like a fanfiction spin on X/1999. Women giving birth to magic swords and all that.

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Could be worse sleep paralysis is a bitch. It's one thing to have a nightmare it's another to have it while awake.

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What existing God would do such a thing? Existing or Fictional? Hera?

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My initial reaction, due to the mess and difficulty inherent in a sword attached via umbilical cord (especially through the vagina) was
>"aw shit, why is there a bounty on a crazed goddess?"

I suppose it could also be an angry mother who has beseeched some divinity for revenge, but either way she's probably pretty damn powerful.
And quite clearly a crazy bitch

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Honestly my first question was "What if someone cuts the cord?"

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God damn it now I want this as a boss in the game I'm GMing.

"Suddenly there is a screaming women yelling at you. She reaches down and pulls out a sword with an umbilical cable attached and tosses it. Roll a reflex save."

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Fuck you guy, it's Christmas. Why did I have to discover this shit today.

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It's the gift that keeps on giving!

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Just give it to a family member anon. Then tell them to give 5 copies to their friends. This way everyone knows what to read.

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Does she have any connections with childbirth/motherhood though?

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Haha, nope, not gonna read it. I remain pure... ish.

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So its the Bride form Kill Bill?

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>Then the sword is free. It was only being attached to the women that kept it in check.

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>"The sword is free. May god save us all the sword is free."

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What if Harry Potter was a cube?
Where would he hold his wand? This is not a euphamism.

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/d/ left me empty inside. I just find it incredibly clumsy in combat.

not as bad as womb dagger or whatever was that abomination called

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menstruation jokes are the worst jokes and not in the ironic way of dad jokes or the semi ironic way of puns there is simply no humour in them whatsoever

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>menstruation jokes are the worst jokes

Not really. I would honestly rate your mother jokes as that.

>> No.36968158

i dont know i mean you mum jokes i can kinda see how somebody whos in that phrase of development where you go out of your way to be immature could find them funny i just dont see any comedy in menstruation maybe im alone on this

still i think most of us can agree they are pretty low down there on the bad scale even if we have different ideas of just how low

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Girls never find period jokes funny, I don't understand why.

>> No.36968174

im male and i dont find them funny

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Is that you, James Raggi?

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ok i know its already being clarified but what if it was just a sword on the cord with the cord tied or maybe grafted to her hand

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Yeah. I've had probably about two I thought was funny in my life. I've never in my entire life thought your mom jokes was funny.

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>"Oh, looks like it's that time of the month... TO GET STABBED."

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you know how you can tell jokes about menstruation are never funny

oglaf has never done them and if theres one person who could make them work its Bodil Bodilson if she cant do them nobody can

>> No.36968253

ok that ones funny i have been proven wrong

>> No.36968279

Is it bad my first thought was a woman with a Star Wars protosabre?

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I've heard some good period jokes. Maybe it's just you.

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The sword gets it's own place and starts a career finally?

>> No.36969739

>implying you wouldn't sword-fuck a dragon to death with your bladed cock

>> No.36969802


Going straight into my copypasta folder

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>I'm a reasonable hot female living in ancient Greece
> Zeus wants to bang
>Roll on some random tables, decides to fuck me as a sword
>Pretty horrific
>give birth to a magical weapon nine months later
>That's kinda fortunate, since Hera's pissed at me for getting blade-fucked by her husband, and she's sending armies of monsters after me
>Things end up kinda of like Lone Wolf and Cub, just with a greek woman and her weapon-kid

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>Is the sword biological, made from living bone and meat, or is it metal sprouting from an organic tendril?

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Stealth into her camp and cut the cord while she sleeps. No more cunt sword.

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>"Suddenly there is a screaming women yelling at you. She reaches down and pulls out a sword with an umbilical cable attached and tosses it. Roll a reflex save."

So she uses it like a harpoon? Damn, this is some deep Freudian shit.

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Like how you should check your privilege, cis scum.

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The bounty might be good, but I'm not really up for fighting some Mesopotamian war goddess.. or was she Semetic? I can't remember, but either way I prefer to stay alive which means just not getting involved with all of that.

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Somebody needs to writefag this.

>> No.36972807

>Existing or Fictional?
>Implying there's more than one option

>> No.36973658

Have people genuinely worshipped it?

>> No.36974663

You should write setting fluff, because that reads just like real myths. If I read it on wikipedia, I'd believe it.

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What in the flying fuck am I reading?

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I think I'm the only one who presumed she removed the umbilical, dried it, and has her sword strapped to her wrist with it as the strap.

>> No.36975768

It's okay, friend. I will acknowledge and appreciate you.

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> Lone Wolf and Cub

Mah nigga.

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>How does she wear armor if she's got a string of flesh running from her belly button to her hand?
>from her belly button to her hands
>belly button

Did you get some nice teddies for Christmas this year?

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The Giving birth to a weapon is actually kinda cool. In Indian mythology, the Yadava Race was wiped out by a Mace birthed by a man who was cursed for insulting some sages.

The umbilical cord sounds like a massive inconvenience though. How do you fight around that?

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On the other hand, it lets you choke people.
You can also throw it around without losing it.

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I've got you covered.

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Could be that she was a sacrifice, destined to be the mother of some sort of fiend war-demon, but something went terribly wrong with the birth.
Or terribly right, she's possessed by her own demon child, wielding its blade.

>> No.36976021


Yes, but it's attached to her crotch.

That can't be effective.

Is there a plscenta at the other end?

For that matter, how is it attached to the sword? Is it fused? Is the sword made of flesh and bone?

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I meant RL gods and gods that you would find in pathfinder or dnd

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I masturbated to mai chans daily life with no regret.

I wanted to be mai... Or her baby

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>If this is actually based off of some sort of book, movie, song, or other form of entertainment that currently exists today, I swear to moot that I will lose all faith in mankind's capacity for good. And then I'll become a serial killer who targets lunatics who come up with bullshit settings like this.
I googled. Google got nothing.

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Another day in the Zone, this is not surprising. Show me where to put crazy woman in ground so I may have many rubles, yes?

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>implying he isn't the BBEG hiring the Stalkers

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This is a stupid idea.

>> No.36982981

I'd actually play that.

>> No.36983037

What's the difference between menstrual blood and sand?

>you can't gargle sand.

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that sounds like some silent hill shit

>> No.36983372

You know, jokes about female intimate hygiene are just so unfunny. They have no redeeming features and are always low and in poor taste, period.

>> No.36983380

Ha, ha.

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nah i though that to (well i did not think of the drying) i also considered maybe it was grafted to her palm

>> No.36984199

ok jokes about the blood itself can be funny i suppose

>> No.36984593


Is that why you didn't use periods?

>> No.36984609

i see what you did there anon

and no the reason i dont use them is im no good with puncuation

>> No.36984674

As it turns out, Wraeththu is getting its only series adaption called rayththu. Truly we are the damned.

>> No.36984710

There are no good menstruation jokes. Period.

>> No.36984735

That'd actually be pretty metal. It's all flesh and tendril along the grip, until it hits the cross guard which is made from dense bone. The sword is the combined makeup of extremely hard carbon and iron.

>> No.36986627

There's tons of good ones, see >>36984593 and >>36984710

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Why did Hera always get pissed at the women in these myths and not Zeus?

>> No.36986690


Unless the sword gave birth to her in which case the umbilical cord could still be attached since MAGIC!!!

>> No.36986738


Because they weren't Gods. Just like how Medusa was raped by Posiden in Athena's temple but she just turned Medusa into a monster rather than doing something to the rapist.

>> No.36986778

hera is a celestial hood rat.
she's upset that other women are stealing MAH MAN but too stupid to realize that HER MAN ain't even worth stealing

>> No.36987921

"Shit, the eldritch bartender's screwing with reality again. Time to go shoot horrifying monstrosities in the face until they die!"

>> No.36988017

Is it a boy sword or a girl sword?
Does it have any birth defects?
Does it still smell like babies?

>> No.36988351

>Is it a boy sword or a girl sword?
How would you even tell the difference?

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/thread alternatively....

>> No.36988792

What is Wraeththu? Is it like FATAL?

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Never think you are normal.

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Battered housewife.

Hera has marriage as one of her domains. The sanctity of the bond between man and woman is one of the most important things there is to her, to the point that it's actually part of who she is.

She can't punish her husband for being adulterous, because he'll just slap her around, so she takes out her frustration on his lovers/victims.

>> No.36989007

She was getting back at Zeus the only way she could.

Zeus would beat Hera if she fucked up too bad, I believe in the Iliad there is a passage where Zeus has just figured out that Hera tricked him into not doing something suuuper important. It makes direct reference to Zeus being about to beat the shit out of her when something comes up and distracts him again.

>> No.36989013

I really like the idea of someone being so mad they give birth to a sword.

I think I will use this.

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Not really; it's a setting (although I believe there was a notably awful rpg adaptation at one point).

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