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It's a Necron thread

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I'm looking for a chance to convert this thing into reality as a part of my army... but HOW?

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Tryarch stalker?

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what scale you thinking? a bit T-Rex monster or a pack of small Raptors?

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Remember when you could buy those, I sure don't.

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Well, depends how big it's meant to be. If it's T-Rex sized, then counts-as a Tomb Stalker (pic related) would work pretty well. If it's Raptor sized, then a swarm of them would be pretty awesome Wraiths.

Why not both?

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what is every one's worst fear about the new codex soon to come. mine is a chronomaton nerf

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So tried the new supplement today and Chariot Lords are even more absurd now and he was pretty much impossible to wound.

Hopefully the Warscythe express doesn't get nerfed in the new edition but I know he will.

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that pic is fucking epic
this one is one of myf avorites

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Yeah, Overlord Faceroller is freaking insane. Did you roll on the Mephrit warlord traits? Getting IWND is insane.

BTW, I ran the numbers on him and he can take down Iron Father Smashfucker more often than not. Anyone want to see the results/math?

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Are we sure this straight up isn't the Silent King?

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I hope this sort of thing gets followed up on, I like the weird and wonderful stuff we get from the "mastered science" side of the crons.

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Nah, it's Overlord Zarathusa of the Mephrit Dynasty. He's wielding the Edge of Eternity, the Mephrit Relic warscythe.

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Nah got Adamantium will which didn't really matter because he didn't take any wounds all game

I would like to see the math though

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It's an illustration of the new plastic Necron Overlord which I'm assuming in Exterminatus represents the Overlord of the Mephrit Dynasty, Zarathusa.

GW has basically done to same thing recently in the End Times books where they used already existing models as the illustration basis for minor characters.

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Mah Bread 'n Butta

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converted eldritch lances
i find that the lychguard / praetorian box makes for cheap crypteks. the guys with staffs are supposed to be chronomancers, but i cant think of a way to make a chronomaton

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The muses were kind to this anon artist, brilliant idea. Wish it could be redone, but one of thr best examples of fan art.

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Goddamn I love robobugs

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My worst fear is the nerfs that MIGHT not make it in. People around straight up refuse to play my necrons because "their troops are best in game, able to neutralize any vehicle at no additional cost, making av 13 or 14 a joke for the points paid" Seriously I cannot get a game in, except for the local demon player who cares not about gauss. But his screamerstar is cheezier than anything I run, and he still refuses to let me use a transcendent ctan even though its allowed now.

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That my thirty Immortals will go back to being Elites and that Cypyeks will become HQs.

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>>Chariot Lords are even more absurd now

Jesus Christ, I know a necron player in my area I am refusing all games with in the future. Seriously that shit and the people who run it can get fucked and die.

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transcendent c'tan is straight up OP as fuck, fielding that thing will make peopel hate u and not want to play.

however considering how fucking annoying vehicles are, they can go suck a dick.

im hoping they make a Whole C'tan a lord of war or somthing, maybe wake up... THE VOID DRAGON

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Absolutely not. Never ever agreeing to this shit.

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>Play Orcs
>Drop a Monolith on it with a Stompa.

Literally no worries.

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Mathhammer time!
>inb4 mathhammer doesn't work
First, the challengers.

In the Human corner, Weighing in at around 300pts, hailing from the Iron Hands Clan Raukaan, we have:
Iron Hands Chapter Master - Bike, Artificer Armour, Gorgon's Chain, Two Thunderhammers

In the Xenos corner, Weighing in at around 345pts, hailing from the Necron Mephitt Dynasty, the newest challenger, we have:
Necron Overlord - Barge, Warscythe, Solar Thermasite, Weave, Phase Shifter, Orb, Phylactery, MSS, Tesseract Labyrinth

With T5, a 2+/3++, 5+ Feel no Pain, 5+ IWND, Eternal Warrior and 4 Wounds it's no wonder that Smashfucker has taken down nearly everything he's faced. Importantly however, the Gorgon's Chain reduces in effectiveness everytime he takes a wound: from 5+FnP to 6+, then loses Eternal Warrior, then finally from 3++ to 4++.
Faceroller meanwhile has T5, a 2+/3++, and only 3 wounds: he looks to be significantly on the backfoot. But with the ability to reroll 1s on his saves, a 4+ Reanimation chance, and a phylactery he's certainly not out yet.

Smashfucker has 5 attacks with WS 6, hitting at Str 8 AP 2. He just batters away until you drown under the hammering, and it works on basically everything.
Faceroller has only 3 attacks with WS 4, hitting at Str 8 AP 1. But he's Initiative 2 to Smashfuckers 1, and has brought all the toys: MSS will turn Smashfucker against himself 50% of the time, and the Tesseract Labyrinth has the potential to remove him from existence entirely, no save, go directly to jail.

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has anyone had success making a gold necron army?

The right shade of gold is always much harder to do and make look right than plain silver

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The secret with Barge-lords is to tarpit them. They only get 3 attacks at WS4, so a horde of orks/guardsmen will happily keep one busy all game for half the points.

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Blonde shimmer. Wash your models first.
I used the silver to do my Necron and I highly recommend it.

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Did someone say C'Tan? Take this with a Chrono-tek and Veil-tek, and add the 10pt relic The God Shackle. Bam, T8 teleporting C'Tan shard, with rerolls.

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so much this
what would you put on the ctan for wargear? im thinking transdiemensional thunderbolt and gaze of death?

>what are the odds the fluff for necrons will be better?

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Necrons may be the first codex to have more than two LoW options, between the Obelisk, Tesseract Vault, Transcendent C'tan, and possibly Imotek.

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>People around straight up refuse to play my necrons because "their troops are best in game, able to neutralize any vehicle at no additional cost, making av 13 or 14 a joke for the points paid"

They sound like retards if they're fine with meltas and missiles everywhere, but the occasional gauss glance scares them.

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Why not take 3 Shackles in the army per C'tan, there's nothing on the Mephrit Dynasty relics page that limits them to only one.

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5 to 10 meltas
the same as 60+ gauss weapons.

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Eh, screw subtlety: Gaze of Death and Time's Arrow. Send characters to the end of time, and eat their squads.

You'll be teleporting into their faces on Turn 1, with a reroll die for the scatter, so just make him the largest death-ball you can. Take a Timesplinter Cloak on the Chrono-tek to keep the God Shackle alive, and just tear everything apart. Oh yeah, and because the crypteks are T8, Gaze doesn't even hurt them.

Them lets just go ahead and make him your Warlord too why not. Having IWND, Hatred, or Haywire on a C'Tan is the funniest thing in the world. Bring with a pair of Barge-lords, or one Barge-lord and a Destroyer Lord with Wraiths, for three death stars that will all be assaulting turn 2. Fill out points with Nightscythes.

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so i have to buy white dwarf 47 for the mephrit dynasty rules? or the shield of baal thing?

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your evil
i like evil

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Newest Shield of Baal thing I believe.

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Shield of Baal: Exterminatus for most of them, White dwarf for the Monolith-pretending-it's-a-ghost-ark one. All the pages have been posted here though.

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The problem with tarpitting them is that they move too fast it's also why Barge lords are so good. It's like a seer council if you replaced all psychic powers with murder and toughness.

Barges are fast skimmers so they are moving 30 inches on the first turn right in the face of whatever backline units he wants to kill most, Then he's moving another 12 and assaulting next turn. Also pretty much nothing beats him in combat other than whacking a melta-bomb onto the Barge itself. With the addition of the thermasite two big things are added.

First is rerolling saves of one so now with a 2+/3++ he is generally taking no wounds at all against pretty much everything

Second is that he's now hitting at strength 8 so most things don't get feel no pain either and it lets him chop through most characters in duels.

If you can pull off a charge good for you but generally he'll sit in combat with them for 3 player turns then a failed morale will be made and he moves onto another target.

Seriously let's say 20 shoota boyz are getting attacks on him with the charge you are seeing less than .3 wounds getting through where before you'd be seeing 1-2 and the whole thing is ridiculous.

Really though the threat of the Barge lord is both his mobility and sheer unkillability. since he will be in combat with your artillery turn 2 and pretty much nothing you shoot at him will stop that.

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40 gauss flayer shots, aka 20 necron warriors rapid-firing, can take out a Land Raider in 1 turn of fire.

20 Necron wassiors cost you 280 points and have more firepower than a Land Raider ever hopes to have.

>> No.36904461

Because if you're going to argue "There's nothing in the rules that says I can't take three", the opponent will point out that there's nothing in the rules that say you can take ANY.

Seriously, read the book again. Where does it say which Necron models can buy the relics?

>> No.36904470

Could you not, theoretically, take three veils AND this in one CAD and have four teleporting units?

>> No.36904473

>Gauss weapons
>All they can do is glance
>On a six

They weren't even overpowered when vehicles could straight up die from glancing and they auto wounded too.

>> No.36904478


260 sorry.

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> Gaze of Death
This seems like a really bad idea when the Conclave only makes the OPPONENT'S shit wound on the C'Tan's toughness. You're going to wreck your own Crypteks with the Gaze, since it's not coming from an enemy model.

>> No.36904520

You also have to be within 12 inches of a land raider with 20 warriors and 2-3 melta shots will likely accomplish the same thing from oh I don't know Sternguard vets in a drop pod who

If your opponent lets you walk 20 warriors in rapid fire of a landraider he deserves to lose because it means he shot nothing at it until then and drove directly towards them because they are footslogging

>> No.36904581

One Veil per Royal Court (or formation in this case), and one Royal Court per Overlord... so if you bring two Bargelords you could bring two other teleporters, for a total of three 'porters and two bargelords

What points you'd have left over to bring anything worth 'porting is beyond me though. Remember, anti-infantry weapons can't hurt the C'Tan or the Bargelords, so whatever you 'port is going to take a fuckload of bolters to the face.

>> No.36904599

>My worst fear is the nerfs that MIGHT not make it in. People around straight up refuse to play my necrons because "their troops are best in game, able to neutralize any vehicle at no additional cost, making av 13 or 14 a joke for the points paid"

You have some pretty terrible players.

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Where it says "Certain units chosen from the Mephrit Dynasty Detachment and Formations can also make use of the Relics and Warlord Traits listed below".

Then has the words "Cryptek only" in the relic.

You see it's saying units from those detachment/formations can use the relics, then specifying which models can use them in the relics description so we don't have Warriors running around with Solar Thermasite.

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60 meltas that eat away, on average, 6-7 HP. Assuming no cover saves. And assuming they all just concentrate on shooting your vehicles. Yes, truly OP as fuck.

>> No.36904628

Actually, it says the "Opponent rolls to wound against T8" and anytime one of your models is hit your opponent is the one who rolls the dice to determine how hard.

At least I think so... does anyone have the main rulebook on hand to check?

>> No.36904644

>60 meltas

Gauss guns, that is.

>> No.36904659

You really need to learn the lesson of the dwarves. If you have artillery, you back them up with an anvil unit that's designed to sit there and wait for something to get close - exactly like the Barge Lord. It doesn't matter how fast he's going if you know exactly where he's going to be, and you can plan your charge for when he gets there.

>> No.36904697

Obyron has a veil, though, and Zahndrekh has a Court so one Bargelord and four teleporting units.

>> No.36904734

Ok, what do you guys think of this

>Ghost Arc
>10 warriors
>1 lord warscythe res orb and other shit thats OP
>1 cryptek teleporterman
> 3 lords with warscythes
>teleport the ghost arc and on your next turn assault with your 4 warscythes and use 10 warriors as fodder

>> No.36904768

The point of what I was saying is that the barge is fast enough to just go around your anvil and can pick targets at will because in two turns its moving 42 inches plus assaulting and on an average board that can get you from pretty much any point to any other.

>> No.36904799

Can't jump a vehicle, certainly not one you're embarked on. Being embarked is not the same as being part of a unit, and embarked units aren't even on the battlefield to be removed. Sorry dude, nice try though.

>> No.36904810

Which is why you missed the point that I' saying, which is that you make there be no point where he can engage your artillery in melee combat without being in charge range of the anvil. It limits your movement extremely sharply, but if you're dealing with anything worth being called 'artillery' it's worth it.

>> No.36904817

thanks for the clarification though

>> No.36904849

Hah! True, I missed that. How many points though, and what do you bring?

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I want a Necron version of this letter.
Zaporozhian Cossacks to the Turkish Sultan!

O sultan, Turkish devil and damned devil's kith and kin, secretary to Lucifer himself. What the devil kind of knight are you, that can't slay a hedgehog with your naked arse? The devil excretes, and your army eats. You will not, you son of a bitch, make subjects of Christian sons; we've no fear of your army, by land and by sea we will battle with thee, fuck your mother.

You Babylonian scullion, Macedonian wheelwright, brewer of Jerusalem, goat-fucker of Alexandria, swineherd of Greater and Lesser Egypt, pig of Armenia, Podolian thief, catamite of Tartary, hangman of Kamyanets, and fool of all the world and underworld, an idiot before God, grandson of the Serpent, and the crick in our dick. Pig's snout, mare's arse, slaughterhouse cur, unchristened brow, screw your own mother!

So the Zaporozhians declare, you lowlife. You won't even be herding pigs for the Christians. Now we'll conclude, for we don't know the date and don't own a calendar; the moon's in the sky, the year with the Lord, the day's the same over here as it is over there; for this kiss our arse!

Koshovyi Otaman Ivan Sirko, with the whole Zaporozhian Host.

>> No.36904950

Well, this is my 2,000 point list. I suppose you could remove the Tomb Blades and twiddle some points here and there, but use this as a base to start from.

>> No.36904973

You are an idiot but theres no point arguing that.

You are treating things like they are in a vacuum and as if you have every single target for the Barge to attack with a blob that can actually stop the Barge sitting in the way.

Half the reason barges are so good is that Tesla destructors and infantry are magnificent at clearing out chaff and if you are busy protecting your expensive models then the Overlord will just charge anything that isn't protected because he will murder his way through every single unit/model in the game on average rolling.

Fuck it though your awesome vacuum where an overlord is somehow always within up to 14 inches of your chaff can exist in your head but it doesn't exist anywhere else.

>> No.36904979

This seems like a place where people will know the answer

If I have a unit in contact with a Chariot, do I choose whether my attacks hit the chariot or the rider, or does my opponent?

>> No.36905021

In melee the attackers choose, for shooting the necron player chooses.

>> No.36905057


Thanks, gotta go be angry at somebody.

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Fucking Cossacks.

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File: 133 KB, 1524x1016, Faceroller vs Smashfucker 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Right, time to get to it.

First, basic combat math. Presuming that neither gets the charge, and the MSS go off every odd round, Smashfucker deals 0.62 wounds per Game Turn, and Faceroller deals 0.26. This increase to 0.49 and then later 1.07 when the Gorgon's Chain starts dropping off. Most off these are Smashfucker hitting himself in the head btw.

Importantly, Faceroller strikes first, since the MSS neutralises the effects of Concussive. When he has been reduced to 1 wound remaining, Faceroller attempts to use his Tesseract Labyrinth. If it doesn't work, the next part is going to be painful: getting repeatably slammed into the ground and ressurected.

In the end:
Faceroller has a 65% chance of victory, mostly down to a small number of very important rolls.
There is a 50% chance he wins on Game Turn Four (eight rounds of combat) due to his Teseract Labyrinth.
Using the Tessereact is risky however: it gives Smashfucker a turn in which IWND is active unmolested.
If it fails, it takes till Game Turn Ten (nineteen combat rounds!) to kill Smashfucker.
To get that far he must rely on his Phylactery: a 3 means he will kill Smashfucker, a 2 means he must Reanimate once more first, and a 1 means he must Reanimate twice.
Importantly, this is also the result if Smashfucker Charges, but is neutralised by MSS in the charge round.

>> No.36905177

Yeah if it was Necron for both he'd just eat melta bombs on the Overlord and ignore 90% of your attacks with av13

>> No.36905185

UNLESS it's a challenge: those attacks all hit the rider. Also, all chariot hits strike front armour, and roll against the riders WS. It's all in the rulebook dude.

>> No.36905313

This bullshit was how, in a 30,000 point apoc game, a tricked out lord on a chariot was able to hold his own against Horus and a Chapter Master w/ The Burning Blade

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File: 94 KB, 1546x852, Faceroller vs Smashfucker 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Next we consider the case where Faceroller gets the charge.

Turns out d6Str 6 Hammer of Wrath hits are incredibly important, even against someone as tough as Smashfucker: the first round now removes a wound on average (stripping his FnP down to 6+), and it's all down hill from there.

If Faceroller charges, his chances of victory soar to 83%.
This is mostly due to a reduction in the number of Smashfucker's wounds remaining when he rolls against the Tesseract.
66% of the time Faceroller kills Smashfucker with the Tesseract on Game Turn Four (eight rounds),
17% of the time Faceroller kills Smashfucker on Game Turn Six (twelve rounds) after dying and Reanimating once,
and 17% of the time, Smashfucker kills Faceroller on Game Turn Five (ten rounds) and he fails to Reanimate.

>> No.36905393

This was an interesting read, even though I've only played one game of 7th.

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File: 104 KB, 1552x928, Faceroller vs Smashfucker 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not over yet my friend.
Finally we consider Smashfucker getting the charge.

Forced by Smashfucker into using his Tesseract before he's even inflicted a single wound, the fight goes bad fast.

Long story short, he has a 44% chance to win, overall. And 33% of that is Tesseract.
If the Tesseract fails, he has to come back to life between two and four times to stand a chance of killing Smashfucker.
He would only manage it at the end of Game Turn ELEVEN, a grueling twenty two rounds of combat.

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I see the Necrons as more laconic. As in they'd get a letter like that and respond with one sentence and a massive barrage of heavy weapons fire.

>> No.36905425

As a casual player, gotta say your area is pleb as fuck.
Though the transcendent ctan shard is pretty bad, I'd refuse to play against it outside of apocalypse

>> No.36905432

Who do you want the recipient to be?

>> No.36905480

>people saying the 7e Blandification because GW is making the armies more balanced by taking away unique things abiut them
Top fucking kek.
7e is trash compared to 6e; the balance is even worse, on top of the codexs being snorefests.

>> No.36905563
File: 31 KB, 746x474, Faceroller vs Smashfucker 4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then to conclude, we consider all the options together to get an overall picture of the likelihood of any one outcome.

Does the MSS go off on Odd or Even rounds?
Who gets the charge?
This brings us to an average of 2/3 victory chance to Faceroller, 1/3 to Smashfucker.

BUT: games only last at maximum seven Game Turns, and some of those bouts went as far as turn eleven! If we impose a cutoff, where the ref calls the match as a draw at the end of turn seven, it leads to our final conclusions:

Faceroller Victory: 5/8
Smashfucker Victory: 3/8
Draw: 1/8

I've hoped you've enjoyed this adventure through the world of mathhammer! And remember: the dice don't care.

>> No.36905755

here is my 2k list
what do yall think.

>> No.36905839

This concept art is badass, has anybody made any conversions based on it?

>> No.36906090

Trazyn the Infinite to Cato Sicarius

O Captain, imperial devil and damned daemon's kith and kin, secretary to Khorne himself. What the devil kind of marine are you, that can't slay a grot with your naked arse? Slannesh excretes, and your army eats. You will not, you son of a bitch, eradicate Necron sons; we've no fear of your army, by land and by space we will battle with thee, fuck your Primarch.

You Terran scullion, Macraggian armourwright, servitor of Mars, grox-fucker of Isstvan, slaveherd of High and Low Commorragh, krootox of Armageddon, Pavonisian thief, catamite of Cadia, hangman of Iyanden, and fool of all the worlds and warp, an idiot before the stars themselves, grandson of the warp-gods, and the crick in our dick. Ork's snout, ambull's arse, slaughterhouse cur, unblessed brow, screw your own mother!

So the Necrons declare, you lowlife. You won't even be herding slaves for the Dark Eldar. Now we'll conclude, for we don't care of the date and we live forever; the moon's in the sky, the year with the Ctan, the day's the same over here as it is over there; for this kiss our arse!

Pharon Trazyn the Infinite, with the whole Necron Host

>> No.36906233

>Broken army thread
I hope the crons get nerfed into the dirt.

>> No.36906371

Firstly: you have only one Overlord, so you can't have more than one royal court, so you can't have more than one Chronometron on the Eternity crypteks. Also, Eternity crypteks are awful outside of a few very slim uses. Do you have a reason for bringing them?

The Bargelord really wants Mind Shackle Scarabs. If your metagame is very casual you can skip them though.

Lords carrying Res Orbs generally aren't worth it, you're better off just spending the points on more Warriors or vehicles.

Destruction crypteks are ok, but Storm crypteks are better. Shorter range, but hit like a truck.

Triarch Stalkers are a fragile support unit, not something you want to be making up the bulk of your vehicles. Their best use is walking next to Ghost Arks twinlinking them and their passengers.

Generally C'Tan shards don't achieve very much, but can bring some nice army-wide rules. Transdimensional Thunderbolt is a trap. If you want to wreck face with one, bring the Formation from here >>36904233. This is also one of the only uses for a Chrono-tek. Though it does come to about 400pts. You might be better of just leaving him at home.

Spyders are fine, but they really want some tougher vehicles to repair. Ghost Arks or Annihilation barges mostly.

You only have two troops units, which means you'll find it very hard to hold objectives, which means you can't win games. I recommend adding at least two more squads either in Ghost Arks or Nightscythes, and maybe increasing the size of the back-line warrior squad to 20.

>> No.36906381


Horus is 500 points of CC rape. He would steamroll the overlord with his s10 mace, or disabiling strike claw. WS4 means he has 8 attacks each turn.

>> No.36906455

>can't slay a grot with your naked arse

If marine spit is acidic, then how dangerous is their shit? Enough to slay a grot at least?

>> No.36906513

was planning to make a Tomb Stalker from a wraith kit

I like the Triarch Stalker

all that said I probably could make a big one as the others, maybe small raptors to be flayed ones, Flay hounds

>> No.36906574

Probably, but I'm taking from the original line about hedgehogs here >>36904914

>> No.36906587

I am intrigued, what parts to use?

>> No.36907555

New C'tan formation is hilarious.

Threw a chronometron and the dude with flamer template and deep strike with him.

At s8t8 he's immune to almost everything.

I DS first turn behind my opponents army and dropped my ap1 template, ap1 shot and large blast and tied up half his army for the entire game.

>> No.36907677
File: 11 KB, 300x300, ninjini-sm[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm planning to use my Nieces Skylander fig as a Proxy C'tan shard to test it out

>> No.36907753

Someone check this.

>> No.36907912

Zarathusa? Really, GW…

Did he perhaps declare the C'tan dead?

>> No.36908053

"This is the Imperial Battlecruiser Righteous Avenger hailing the xenon vessel! Do you surrender, foul scum?"


>> No.36908061

so, way back in the day when they still had ickky flesh instead of glorious metal, who the hell did they hire to design all their shells that their bodies would go into? surely, some necrontyr citizen looked at their living metal shell and said, "you know what, I don't want mine to be able to shoot green blasts of death. I want it to have a knife, micro egg breaker, whisk, and other things, cause i'm a chef"

>> No.36908199

for raptors the tails could be made from Wraith whips or ghost ark cables, the legs from wraith legs and warrior blades, the torso and head from whatever the fuck

for Rex's the tail is any properly reshaped Wraith tail the legs from Triarc stalker and wraith blades, and the head and torso from larger whatever the fucks

>> No.36908228
File: 209 KB, 800x800, e901c2732d0b744f49c3a824b350999cbdca4484.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.36908447

>citizens getting opinions

Their culture wasn't one of democracy there were three groups that got to have opinions. Royalty who are in charge of everyone, Crypteks who the royalty need to make weapons for them, and the Triarch who only have to listen to the Silent King.

If some chef started complaining about the body he'd get nobody would listen because he didn't have any rights.

Also the guy who made the bodies was Szeras

>> No.36908709

I have a friend who is really bad and he plays necrons. I want him to get better.

What do?

>> No.36909460

Practice makes perfect

>> No.36909605
File: 807 KB, 1140x1611, 1359840293300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Necron Lore question about pic related
Do they still take slaves? Is it know what is done with these slaves? Are they just used to create new Necron shells? Are they turned into necrons?
This aspect has never really been touched upon

>> No.36909869

Anyone have scans from exterminatus? I needs my fluffs

>> No.36910668

Do Necrons have a Railgun equivalent? because a long gun and ray-dome would look great on that thing

>> No.36910689

Am I the only one who just has no interest whatsoever in newcrons? Oldcrons were cool, genuinely different in the 40k backstory in that you had a small number of very powerful tools to work with, and no politics/personalities bullshit... and now they just feel like RoboChaosLite.

GW, why do you have to remove all individuality ;_;

>> No.36910730

lack of bullshit made them dull, they were metal tyranids led by gold tzeench and goth khorn

>> No.36910824

>crick in our dick

I'm dying.

>> No.36911017

>Do they still take slaves?
Yes. The Stormlord is noted to have more than 500 xenos empires.

Well, some do. The Sarkoni Emperor seeks to purged the disquiet of the universe by killed all life "as the C'Tan decreed"

>> No.36911174

thats a lot of species we will never see outside a statistic

>> No.36911273


>> No.36911276

>Do they still take slaves?

Yes, they do. (picture related)

>Is it know what is done with these slaves?

Hard breaking work, worshiping the Necron Overlords, or used for experiments.

> Are they just used to create new Necron shells?

Some dynasties are experimenting transferring Necron consciousnesses into fleshy vessels. The captured living are used as fodder for these experiments.

>Are they turned into necrons?


>Yes. The Stormlord is noted to have more than 500 xenos empires.

You mean 500 alien planets under his metal thumb.

>Well, some do. The Sarkoni Emperor seeks to purged the disquiet of the universe by killed all life "as the C'Tan decreed"

No, the Sarkoni Emperor uses mindshackle scarabs to enslave the populaces of living planets he conquers.

>> No.36911293

Awwww...look at those cute ears

>> No.36911319

Well, that's hardly alive since he basically turns them into robots. His stated goal is to "purge the stars of disquiet." in the name of the C'Tan

>> No.36911405

They are alive but they are under his control. Basically, they are trapped inside their minds being puppeted by Sarkoni.

>> No.36911479

They hyped this fight so much in the publications before the release. An epic struggle between a Star God and a humongous monstrosity.

The actual fight was nothing of the sort. It didn't take a long. The C'tan Shard casually butchered the bio-titan and went on its way.

>> No.36911556

Anyone have the B&W picture of a necron army amassing from monoliths with this giant, giant fuckhuge overlord in the middle? I think it may have been from a comic.

>> No.36911596
File: 533 KB, 1280x1943, Necroknight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You mean this?

>> No.36911627

Yeeeeeah that's exactly it. Thanks anon.

>> No.36912029

Question: Did you take into account that Smashfucker can just choose to strike the chariot's weak-ass rear armor for an average of 2.22 HP lost each turn (of which there are 1.67 pens)? Chariot rules seem to harm Overlord Faceroller more than they benefit him, to be honest.
Otherwise your math seems spot-on; I can't find fault.

>> No.36912073

Chariots take the hit on the front armor in CC.

>> No.36912166

Wouldnt it still benefit smashfucker, since hes str 10 and the chariot is av 13 with opentopped?

>> No.36912200

Was this FAQed? Rulebook says nothing of the sort.
At least nothing I can find, though I might just be blind.

>> No.36912225

It's in the BRB section about Chariots and Walkers in CC.

>> No.36912255

Not the mathhammer guy, but it would be Str 10 versus either AV13 or Toughness 5. Either way the chariot/Faceroller would get the phase-shifter invuln save.

>> No.36912277

Ah, found it. You are correct.
Still, punching past the AV 13(once) and AV 11 is still way easier than mulching a guy with a 3++ that gets to reroll half the fucking time. I'd take my chances with the chariot.

>> No.36912306


>Also the guy who made the bodies was Szeras

I'm curious to see if they may actually show us what Necrons looked like pre-transference or at least explain in the codex or WD what the lore reason is for choice of body structure. Maybe mimicking the C'tan?


>and no politics/personalities bullshit

Just like Tyranids?

In my opinion Oldcrons were bad because they were basically the above except with no lore based difference and not-Chaos gods. There was nothing spooky about them since their goals were clearly laid out. Honestly they should have called it codex C'tan instead of codex Necrons because the C'tan were pretty much who the whole damn book was about.

You can call Newcrons Tomb Kings in space, but at least Tomb Kings are interesting can be worked with. Oldcrons really would have only worked as a race relegated to background like the Hrud, not a full fledged army.

>> No.36912324

Only S8, actually.
>he'd still get the invuln
Oh got, not this discussion again.

>> No.36912414

haha, fine.

He may or may not get the invuln save. Discuss it with the TO beforehand.

>> No.36912447

"I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said: "Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed:
And on the pedestal these words appear:
'My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!'
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away."

>literally Necrons: the poem

>> No.36912489

>In my opinion Oldcrons were bad because they were basically the above except with no lore based difference and not-Chaos gods.

Except Necron Lords have personalities and goals of their own which might conflict with one another depending on their allegiance to which C'tan.

We had talking Oldcrons, for gods sake.
>not-Chaos gods

Oh piss off with this.

Fantasy gets to have different Pantheons of deities and the only meaningful and living pantheon we got other than Chaos is labeled not-Chaos. It's a non-argument.

>There was nothing spooky about them since their goals were clearly laid out

Silent unrelenting masses of horrific metallic warriors hellbent on mass galactic genocide and/or galactic enslavement was the horror aspect. How many are they? What's up with the Outsider and Void Dragon.

>Honestly they should have called it codex C'tan instead of codex Necrons because the C'tan were pretty much who the whole damn book was about.

They could have expanded it more in the next codex instead of a retcon. Introducing the SENTIENT Oldcron Lords and giving them character.

>> No.36912528

that's no moon

>> No.36912546
File: 40 KB, 336x475, Prince.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Necrons; The movie

>> No.36912819
File: 143 KB, 500x740, exodus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Newcrons: The Movie

>> No.36913022


Yeah the massive butthurt over that movie mirrors the butthurt from newcrons

>> No.36913041

Its entirely legitimate to call them not!chaos gods, because one is really "KILL EVERYBODY" and the other one is "JUST AS PLANNED MWUAAHAHA." There are actually a lot of gods in Warhammer, and its strange that all they could think of was GothKhorne and GoldTzeentch.

>> No.36913112


There is also nothing that limits how many a single cryptek can take. On the thermite or the god shackle. Normally the relics have a Only one per model/army caluse. These do not.>>36904606

>> No.36913136


Nope your unit is causeing the hits/wounds you roll. It isn't the opponent's model, it isn't the opponent's roll.

>> No.36913188

It's not.

They are only superficially similar in that they shared hobbies. The Nightbringer was not rage incarnate. He was death incarnate. He uplifted civilizations only for him to torture and feed on them later. War was not his objective. The destruction of life and the feast of life energy was.

The Deceiver is dissimilar from the Tzeentch in that he is not insane fucker weaving strands of plots and ploys that contradict and clash with each other for no greater purpose other than just for the sake of ''just as Planning''. The Deceiver, unlike Tzeentch, took an active role in formulating a single plan that leads to one clear objective.

>> No.36913247

Does anyone have a collection of all the new Necron rules and formations?

I would be most grateful.

>> No.36913264

Its pretty bad when the only distinction between Nightbringer and Khorne was in terms of a single emotion, and likewise what Tzeentch and Deceiver's plans are, are entirely vague and ambiguous. These are more than superficial differences.

>> No.36913306

Sorry, "these are more than superficial similarities."

When there's no difference in external behavior and the only distinction is "well, you wouldn't know it, but the Nightbringer isn't actually mad very often," that's kind of a bad basis for an entire faction.

>> No.36913410

>Its pretty bad when the only distinction between Nightbringer and Khorne was in terms of a single emotion,

Here is a clear distinction. The Nightbringer was not a war god and acts like nothing like Khorne. The only similarity between them is that they liked killing stuff and its a weak one. You might as well say Gork and Mork are Orky Khorne while at it.

>likewise what Tzeentch and Deceiver's plans are, are entirely vague and ambiguous.


Like I said the Deceiver acted towards a single objective which is the restoration of the C'tan Empire of Destruction. Tzeentch has no grand plan other than just plan for the sake of planning.

>> No.36913442


>The god of death and the god of war
>same thing

Son..thats like saying theres nothing different between Ares and Hades

>> No.36913753
File: 92 KB, 505x523, The Master of Death.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It's not just about death with the Nightbringer - fear was the key thing:

>The Nightbringer is death incarnate, a sadistic god with the power to unmake the stars. It delights in inflicting pain and suffering not only to feed, but simply because it can.

>Of all the star-gods, the Nightbringer is the most ancient and inflicted the greatest misery upon the galaxy, quickly discovering that terror and anguish were the most delectable of sweetmeats.

>Having fed on the sustaining, but flavourless power of a star, the Nightbringer found the epicurean delights of the Necrontyr’s awe and fear much more to its liking and slaughtered those who had brought it into being, feeding on the essence of their terror and suffering.

>The Nightbringer used its powers to reach into the minds of the young races and plant the seeds of their darkest fears, nurturing whole species whose entire existence was suffused with the horror of death and mortality.

>Primordial fear of the Nightbringer had been imprinted upon the collective psyche of many more races than it could ever have fed upon, but it cared not. It had become the personification of death in every species’ racial memory, the terror of mortality its parting gift to the galaxy.

>I have seen the sprawling landscape of fear that the Master of Death has created, its craven inhabitants wading half-mad with terror through seas of blood. For the Destroyer savours the taste of dread, and cultivates it in his herd, his phantoms plaguing the living with premonitions of their inevitable demise. Then, at the peak of their horror, he feeds.

And honestly Carnac, I think I preferred you when you were against Oldcrons, but that's neither here nor there.

>> No.36913823

Really, anon, I already explained my position before. I like both Oldcrons and Newcrons. I am willing to defend the Oldcrons from any unfair criticism like ''Metal Nids or ''Not Chaos!''.

And it's Carrh-enn-Derac, you plebeian!

>It's not just about death with the Nightbringer - fear was the key thing:

Fear of death!

>> No.36914548

>Do Necrons have a Railgun equivalent?

Tachyon arrow.

>> No.36915400

Still less than the differences between red space marines, blue space marines, green space marines and black space marines. Those differ from one another like night and day.

Or so I've been told.

>> No.36915454

In this case it's true, because they've got more personality than notes than kill.

>> No.36916248


So I guess because all grav centurions can do is glance land raiders to death too, they also suck.

>> No.36916281


how many hull points will 60 bolters remove from a land raider?

>> No.36916321

If all they could do was that yes, they would suck. Grav are good because of AP2, wounding on armor save, and immobilizing when glancing.

>> No.36916329

How many meltaguns, lascannons, grav-guns, combi-weapons, melta-bombs, etc. do Warriors and Immortals get again?

>> No.36916335

How many meltas and missiles can Necron Warriors take?

>> No.36916538

isn't he T4 until one of the crypteks dies? Because of majority toughness?

>> No.36916564


>> No.36916638


No shit, my first warhammer 40k models were these old school bad boys.

I'm very seriously considering buying some ebay models and building a small Necron army using only old school models.

So that means nothing but Lords, Warriors, Immortals and Destroyers.

How would it fare? Does this list stand a chance?

>> No.36916686


Does it matter? You can only get the benefit of a buff from something once. Like psychic powers. If someone cast hammerhand, and someone else cast it on the original hammerhand target, he does not get even more STR, because its the same buff. If someone thinks I am letting them have str10 T10 from 3 shackles, they have a giant middle finger coming their way.

>> No.36916739


Haha bullshit. 2 crypteks.>1 ctan. You get majority toughness and you'll like it.

>> No.36916753

Posted it in the WIP thread, might as well post it here :

What are the best alternative to the Nightbringer/Deceiver models to make C'tan shards ? I really don't like them.

I thought about the Morghast models from End of Time but they seem a bit to bulky. Alternatively I saw some need conversions made with the Tomb Kings Necrosphinx but I fear my talents as a scupltor fail me when it comes to the legs part.

So, any other adeas ?

Also, no new from the next dex ? heard it'll come around january...

>> No.36916778

If only the formation had some sort of rule that counteracted that...
Oh wait, it does!

>> No.36916796

Tesseract Vault.
Maybe a Ken doll.

>> No.36916836

I don't want to buy a Tesseract Vault only for the TC... Also the mini must be from GW since I play a good part of my games at my local GW.

>> No.36916901

Sounds like standard GK players to me

>> No.36916987

Then find some other models to use. There's plenty of big monsters on WHFB side of things. Like those new treeman models and shit.

>> No.36917107

The Treeman seems good, I didn't consider it. Maybe a bit tall but has a nice silhouette.
Might need a lot of greenstuff to make it look non-woody tho.

>> No.36917262

If used in mass, yeah. Pair Lords with Tesla immortals, Destroyers as heavy destroyer, and warriors as cannon fodder/mass gauss fire

>> No.36917407

It's necrodermis, it can mimic flesh, metal, and cloth just fine.

Tone down the branches. Maybe make the bark bits look like it's stretching and warping. Paint them metal. Paint all the gaps and non-bark parts as glowing energy. The necrodermis can't handle the C'tan and is being destroyed by the awesome energies as fast as it can repair itself. Add some Necron bits. Maybe some scarabs scuttling across its body.

>> No.36917436


Just more reasons to say fuck that to formations. A T8 model should not get a look out sir from 2 goons.

>> No.36917466

That... Sounds fucking awesome actually. All right, I'm sold. I'm going to do this

>> No.36917519

Alternatively you got the Vampire Count new Nagash. The tripple character kit riding one some freaky bone constructs. The Morghast Harbingers. Tomb Kings got the Sepulchral Stalkers and Necrosphinx.

>> No.36918139

before the tree man was out I was planning to make an Outsider shard from a cluster of Dryads

>> No.36918599

what would happen if the void dragon shard under mars woke up?

>> No.36918656

Some shit that didn't affect a thing in the long run.

>> No.36918813

Does a Necron poop haha just curious

>> No.36919013

A space marine would happen along and kill it.


>> No.36919354

wouldn't it take at least a chapter? come on

>> No.36919465

>wouldn't it take at least a chapter?


>> No.36919480

Sounds like you know the answer then already.

>> No.36919482

Smash doesn't have two hammers. He has a hammer and a claw.

>> No.36919594
File: 60 KB, 526x326, and-the-galaxy-shall-mourn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pitting a Chapter against something like the Dragon of Mars would just result in them all getting killed. What you do is send in one guy with plot on his side.

>> No.36919638

C'tan shards have never required a full chapter to kill.

>> No.36919646

How many have they actually killed?

>> No.36919709

At least 2.

>> No.36919748

Who would win in a fight, the c'tan or the chaos gods?

>> No.36919783


>> No.36919813

If it's in the materium C'tan win

If it's in the immaterium Chaos wins

Both are all powerful within their respective realms

>> No.36919872

>Both are all powerful within their respective realms

Which is why the C'tan got BTFO by the Necrons.
Chaos God's can't enter the Materium anyway.

>> No.36920293

Which ones. Where. When. How.

>> No.36920325

I tend to assume the one on Mars is the biggest shard ever, like super-transcendent, but who knows. The whole thing has been reduced to being Black Library-only now anyway, unless the upcoming codex says something.

>> No.36920381
File: 681 KB, 709x957, Peace.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.36920406
File: 90 KB, 900x1050, necron_by_obrotowy-d31fmqs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, I'm torn between Newcron and Oldcron lore. Oldcrons were definitely scarier, had more mystery to them, but seemed like they were competing too much for the roles of Chaos and the Tyranids, the genocidal zealots and the galaxy spanning threat. I like the Newcrons because they give the Necrons a little bit more individual flavor, and give them a more interesting backstory, but turns them into cartoon style villains. What do you guys think would be a good merge of the two? Here was what I was thinking:

Go with the Newcron backstory, but focus on the fact that Necrons are robots, think like robots, and are generally unable to empathize with organics. They see the universe as a set of calculations and concrete rules. Necron nobility rule the lessor Necrons because it is a tradition hardwired into their heads. When Necron nobility attempt coups, or fight, its not because they have some emotional beef with another Lord; it's because they see the usurping of another Necron as a logical choice, to further their own cold, logical agendas. Sure, maybe some Necrons attempt diplomacy with organics, but it's always cold, emotionless, and usually just a set of ultimatums. Yes, they will perform the occasional genocide, but it's because genocide is more efficient and expedient than attempting to talk things out. And most importantly, Necrons do not go on grand campaigns of vainglorious conquest. Necrons are more often then not content to just run their Tomb Worlds quietly, launching the occasional military action to protect their territory, or take over another Tomb World. Sure, maybe once all the Tomb Worlds wake, and the Silent King comes back, yes, they can launch a galaxy wide war of conquest, but Necrons have waited millions of years. They can wait a million more if they need to, in order to take back their empire.

Those are just my thoughts of course.

>> No.36920450

what does this have to do with necrons?

>> No.36920479

not a bad way of doing it

>> No.36920490

that's Necron 99

you fucking retard

>> No.36920502 [DELETED] 

Yggra'nya, the Moulder of Worlds. Damnos. 999.M41. Cato Sicarius with a vortex grenade.

Presumed Nyadra'zatha, the Burning One. Shemnoch. 900.M41. Charge of Clan Company Raukhaan's Dreadnoughts.

>> No.36920514

never heard of it

>> No.36920517

Yggra'nya, the Moulder of Worlds. Damnos. 999.M41. Cato Sicarius with a vortex grenade.

Presumed Nyadra'zatha, the Burning One. Shemnoch. 900.M41. Charge of Clan Company Raukhaan's Dreadnoughts.

>> No.36920595
File: 224 KB, 900x900, 1379429960050.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

necrons pls go

>> No.36920598

His name is Necron 99, from Wizards, a very good, very old animated movie.

>> No.36920612

>Go with the Newcron backstory, but make them boring and have it so that they don't really do anything.

Do we really need any more "logical" robots in fiction? Do we need a scene of a Guardsman destroying a Tomb World by presenting a Phaeron with an impossible logic problem?

>> No.36920766

Maynarkh Dynasty. Newcrons that have Oldcron scariness (they even killed a C'Tan Shard), or Oldcrons that didn't change despite gaining personalities.

Also their Phaerakh Xun'bakyr has the hots for the Silent King.

I remember many years ago about a Necron Lord that a couple of anons came up with.

Sakkar The 99th. A nice guy scientist that, like any other Necrontyr he got bio-transferred. He was a really nice guy, but sat too much in his laboratories and left the ruling to his minions back when he and his subjects were still flesh and bone. When Enslavers and Chaos happened, he got his entire Tomb World evacuated into stasis, but a freak accident resulted in all Necrons but him get destroyed (which he sadly felt, and he didn't take it well).

Billions of years later he awoke. Alone. The last of his world. But there it was, a Galaxy filled with life. So he took what was still intact, packed into a ship that still was in a condition to be normally used, and set off to catalogue the myriads of living creatures that exists or existed. He also has a shitload of sweet technological gizmos. Secretly helps out those in need and generally is a nice guy to be around (as long as one doesn't try to PURGE him). Yet of all things, he looks for a place he'd call home.

AKA: Necron Doctor Who.

>> No.36920808

Or was it two years ago?

>> No.36921171

>killing an energy being with nigh unlimited power

For sure. Because that's how that works. And C'tan are no longer destroyed in the warp, so we don't know if it's permanently gone.

>> No.36921326

The Burning One is quickly becoming a Necron favourite. He appears in Shield of Baal, Champions of Fenris and Clan Raukaan. He must be fashionable to the Necron ruling class.

>> No.36921863

But, like, almost all the other races are passion driven. I think the cold logical robots would be a nice contrast.
>Implying the Phaeron wouldn't just order his legions to vaporize the Guardsman while he chides him for attempting something that stupid

>> No.36921938

>chides him


>> No.36921986


>> No.36922017

Or is simply so fractured shards of him are almost everywhere.

>> No.36922092

>Do we really need any more "logical" robots in fiction?

Has there been any? Because most of the time they're the most illogical pieces of shit around. Either they're working on some fucked up logic that doesn't make any real sense, or just totally off their meds for no other reason than "we have to underline that these are the antagonists".

>> No.36922099


>> No.36922509

Xun'bakyr is cute, cute, cute!

>> No.36923310

Heh, I'm actually the guy who made him, Saccras or something, I forget the original name so that might be the one.

I made him after I posted that picture and wanted there to be at least one legitimately good Necron now that they were more varied.

Glad to see somebody remembered him.

>> No.36924305

Wrong necron lol

>> No.36925648
File: 130 KB, 460x345, IMG_0268.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think that the Newcron fluff is pretty good, the fact that the higher ups have freewill to an extent and are very sentient. The thing is just like tomb kings in space the gift that saved them and granted them immortality cursed them to a fate of cold calculations. Considering the tech priests of mars turn their flesh to machine, it would be interesting to see if the tech preists of mars could help reverse engineer flesh for the necrons. Maybe thats what the void dragon wants to promote and show that C'tan can be good guys too. Would be an interesting twist

>> No.36925691

Is he wearing a Sanguinius Mask?
Also the Silent King looks more organic

>> No.36925970

Well it is the Avatar of Khaine

>> No.36928861

>How the Trazyn Beat the Blood Ravens to Stealing Christmas

>> No.36928926
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>That feel when insta-gibbing your opponent's HQ in the first round.

>> No.36928963
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Why even make them robots then?

>> No.36929339

The problem with the C'tan shards was kinda explained in Shield of Baal.

They do have near-unlimited power but the problem is its limited by their imagination and focus. C'tan shards are just a tiny fragment of a mind and is mostly innate instinct. This prevents the C'tan Shard from drawing on all of its power.

In Shield of Baal, Anrakyr used the God Shackle artifact to bring focus to the C'tan's mind and boost its power.

>> No.36929347

>Also their Phaerakh Xun'bakyr has the hots for the Silent King.

Quit using 14dchan nonsense.

The Maynarkh are just gore porn and slayer horror. They are not Oldcrons.

>> No.36929357

The C'tan shard on Mars is the size of a mountain and its said that the was not able to kill it.

>> No.36929381

the Emperor*

>> No.36929891

One of the main problems I have with newcrons is their vehicles. They shouldn't have pilots. It looks really dumb and personally I think it ruins their aesthetic.

I love the new wraiths and spyders for that very reason though as they look more robotic than before.

The new fluff is meh. Its really an unoriginal reimagining of a mysterious, interstellar cthulhu-esque horror. They could have expanded on them greatly but decided to make them petty and shallow instead.

I mean I don't have any trouble ignoring the new fluff but it still irks me that they wasted all of that potential on one of the more mysterious factions in 40k.

>> No.36930100

ur thinking Zarathustra, with a T.

>> No.36930113

>One of the main problems I have with newcrons is their vehicles. They shouldn't have pilots. It looks really dumb and personally I think it ruins their aesthetic.

It's a matter of tradition. The Necrons are machines pretending to be people. They make a point of acting as ''Necrontyr'' as possible because they wantt o see themselves as still Necrontyr. That's the point behind the pilots.

They are not Beep-boop-beep robots. They are robot people who desire to maintain the illusion of life. That's their tragic theme.

>> No.36930233

new item: battlefield rearranger

>> No.36930305

>Necreed Y U Steal my Gun parts?

>> No.36930325

Anyone have a full-page scan of the new C'Tan Formation with the 2 crypteks? I want to run the list but my group won't permit me until I have a full page to ensure there aren't any left-out rules.

>> No.36930381


Another thing, the way they are now they can choose to vacate the chariot should something happen to it, wouldn't have that option if they were wired.

>> No.36930787

Yup. One hell of a nice guy.

OK, not so much like the hots, but she was and is darn interested in the Silent King.

>> No.36930829
File: 72 KB, 500x939, Sanguinius.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>she was and is darn interested in the Silent King

Other than revealing her name, ''Fall of Orpheus'' didn't go into anything about her. It's just stated that the Silent King was interested in seeing her dynasty survive because they were his red handed servants.

Stop forcing the Silent King into being straight. We all know he is only sexually attracted to one being (picture related).

>> No.36930898

Even Roboute Guilliman weeps himself to sleep knowing that he'll never be with Sanguinius.

Even Imothek rages with lightning knowing that he'll never touch Sanguinius's golden hair.

>> No.36930922

You know what? A shitload of 40K guys and lasses want Sanguinius at this point. Even Fulgrim.

>> No.36930936

Which is strange when in the codex it says they mostly remember their former selves, just not fully. They had personalities and all that.

And just because you can't fully use your power doesn't make you any less ethereal being of energy. How exactly are power fists going to hurt that, no matter how hard you swing?

>> No.36930980

This makes it double retarded because they used plenty of those vehicles when they were flesh. So what exactly is the point of having an unshielded WW1 fighter with an exposed cockpit? Or a glorified Penny-farthing that's suppose to take on space ships?

this is usually the part where people go "self-regenerating robot bodies, lol" and counter their own original argument of "they want to think they're flesh and bood"

>> No.36931037

It goes without saying that the pilots bodies were built from the same type of living metal used to build the vehicles. The hardly and regenerative Necrodermis.

>So what exactly is the point of having an unshielded WW1 fighter with an exposed cockpit? Or a glorified Penny-farthing that's suppose to take on space ships?

My guess that these vehicles used some form lesser quantum shielding to shield the Necrontyr pilot. Now that they are Necrons, they don't need the shields.

>> No.36931097

Also another factoid.

The Tomb Blades were shown to be very effective at engaging Tyranid flyers and spores in planet atmosphere and space, in Shield of Ball

The argument is just disliking the way look (which is subjective) but on a technical level there is no argument. The Tomb Blades and other Necron flyers are second to none in the air.

>> No.36931118

Less of living meta is weaker than lots of living metal. That Necron body is not as strong as the thick hull of the flyer. Even with regeneration, how long do you reckon it takes for the pilot to grow his head back once a piece of flak takes it off? How well is he flying for that time?

>Now that they are Necrons, they don't need the shields.

But all the ground vehicles do? And if they're being all "we're flesh, it's still good", why do they go "we're metal, it's still good"? You can't pretend to be still flesh, but take full advantage of having metal bodies, while not taking the advantage of those metal bodies by uploading minds into vehicles.

>> No.36931142

It's amazing everyone can shit on Imperium having stupid, shitty designs and everyone defending them is a nogunz retard, but thinking Necron stuff doesn't look very workable can easily be countered with "it just works."

>> No.36931188

>That Necron body is not as strong as the thick hull of the flyer. Even with regeneration, how long do you reckon it takes for the pilot to grow his head back once a piece of flak takes it off? How well is he flying for that time?

Like I said.

The Necron piloting the craft would most likely be made from Necrodermis and not ordinary living metal.b He would be more resistant to damage than the normal Necron dudes.

And if he sustained crippling damage, the vehicle would go in auto-pilot until the pilot get fixed and resumes piloting.

I explained it.

>But all the ground vehicles do?

Necron flyers are speedy and are insanely Maneuverable. Hitting them is hard as fuck. Ground vehicles, not so much. They are slow and require further protection.

>You can't pretend to be still flesh, but take full advantage of having metal bodies, while not taking the advantage of those metal bodies by uploading minds into vehicles.

Yes, you can. Tradition rarely is something rational. The Necrons know they are machines but they know they want to mimic life. So they achieved a compromise.

>> No.36931211

>It's amazing everyone can shit on Imperium having stupid

Don't say everyone.

I don't give damn about Imperial designs nor raise a fuss about them. I know that 40K is suppose to have an element of silly thrown in.

>> No.36931266

Fulgrim spends hours and hours and uses many products on his hair. Sanguinius rises from his bed, does nothing to his hair and it's just naturally perfect.

This drives Fulgrim nuts.

>> No.36932255

Sanguinius is so manly, that his hair automatically re-energizes and combs itself.

>> No.36932290


If they only knew that Be'lakor did Sanguinius.

>> No.36934649

>I fanwanked it.


Also, just a quick FYI, Necrodermis is not a substance. It's the body of a C'tan. It's made out of living metal just like everything else. It's just called necrodermis just like terminator armour is called terminator armour and Leman Russ is called Leman Russ, despite both being made from plasteel and ceramite.

>> No.36936176

Theoretical time

>Pariahs are re-added to the new codex

wat u do?

>> No.36936260

field them?

>> No.36936410

Because one is army of regular humans


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