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I have 2 d30's, and I've always wanted to use them for something.


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the d30 are a dying race in the polygonia setting.

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Why were they even made to begin with?

No game I know uses them, and the only foreseeable use I could conjure up is pairing it up with a d12 and randomly rolling up a date.

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>mfw i wish you only needed some dice to get a date

yes, i know what you meant

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Or Dm uses them for moss fights. Mostly just to up the amount of damage the boss can do. It comes along rarely enough that it is something of a "oh shit!" moment when the d30 comes out.

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I'm not sure, my players would feat 3d10 most of the time

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It depends if you're listening to d10 or d30 sagas and songs about the beginning times, but according to those the almighty D0 and D1 copulated and out of that was born the D2s, and the D2s created them first among all the mortal polyhedrons, then the D20s, and then the myriad <10 sided dice much later.

Apparently while the D10s were supposed to keep watch on the Undertable for the Creature From Outside the Game, the D30s were to keep watch on the all the other dice, and ensure none turned their back on the life giving rays of the D1 high above on the Ceiling and fall to the machinations of the evil spinners, who were jealous of the polyhedron's volume.

However, as time went on they grew decadent, and lapsed in their duties and fell from favor, being cursed to exist only in the D0s dice bag and shun the light of the D1 up above.

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Could do the same for d20s.

The multiple of 10s die are entirely redundant.

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Get Good.

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Worse dice than die-in-a-die.

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What are those dots for?

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>orientation dots on 26 and 29
Oh good, I was worried I wouldn't be able to tell them apart.

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not good enough.

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Whether it's a 6 or 9.

...admittedly they are a bit pointless on the 26 and 29 but it's probably how the font does 6s and 9s.

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They do help a little.

One of the most important aspects of a die is rapid recognition of what you rolled, which is why I hate dice that don't have sharply contrasting numbers.

The dots are not wholly necessary, but they do help you quickly determine what way to read the number, since when it's facing the wrong way from you your first instinct is to read the 9 or 6 first.

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Why even use dice? Why not use spinners?

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I love rolling a D2

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>when it's facing the wrong way from you your first instinct is to read the 9 or 6 first
Actually, my first instinct would be to look at the character that doesn't have rotational symmetry.

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a) all dice are worthless in the face of percentage dice.

b) i will use and carry any possible permutation of any die I can buy.

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You may think you're being ironic, but rolling a coin is super easy.

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Believe it or not, I use D30s in my games. It's usually just for balance issues, where I feel like using D20s makes it too easy for players to get binary results, and D30s allow for more gradation without needing to be flat percentage rolls using 2 D10s or a D100.

And it's my go-to for boss damage rolls.

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Like, imagine a spinner that's designed like a clock, with two or three separate arms that you spin all at once on three different radii. Either sum up the radii to get the number you rolled, or take the average.

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how many nat 100s do you get

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less than 1 per roll.

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1 in every 100 rolls

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I only really want a d4 like that.

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But how will you play Time Wizards?

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There are better d4s than those Crystal Caste dice. d8s and d12s labeled 1-4 and they get a nice roll going.

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>b) i will use and carry any possible permutation of any die I can buy.

That's me.

In fact, I was just pricing polyhedral dice like the d14, the d16, and the d24.

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>Not superior triangular prism

>double-marked d14

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>triangular prism


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I prefer the double-marked d14 as my d7 over my wonky "this shouldn't exist" d7.

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Triangular prism.
You know, the basic geometrical shape?

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That has 5 sides though.

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Yeah, but double-marked dice are just cheating. If you can't make a die the normal way, why not just use basic math?

I mean, they didn't even paint half the sides a different color.

And if you manage to roll an end, you deserve that extra point of damage.

Or you could just round the edges.

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3d10 =/= 1d30

The average roll on a d30 is 15.5, the average on 3d10 is 16.5

The chance of 30 on 1d30 is 1/30. The chance of 30 on 3d10 is 1/1000.

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>what is distribution

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>Dm uses them for moss fights.

10/10 idea anon.

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That's the greatest thing I have ever seen... Unfortunately, they are OOP and seem to be unavailable everywhere.

As for D30s, I have a couple. Check out the Order of the D30 G+ group.
There are a few D30 gaming aids out there, like the D30 Sandbox Companion and the D30 DM Companion.

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Hey geniuses, how do you roll 1 on 2d10 or 3d10?

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hey, I knew a guy who had those once.

we never used it but it was somewhat impressive just knowing that he had it.

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They're cool, but they roll right off the table if it's not perfectly level or if you roll with any force. They're so much worse than d20s.

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Barrel dice. Those two extra sides aren't labelled.

Also, you can use a dreidel as a d4

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Why do Dice have to be so small? Can't we just make dice the size of baseballs or something?

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Too many dm's would die if you gave the players something they could throw with lethal force.

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But specifically referring to that many dice in one idea.

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Some of us prefer not to have large indentations in our table.

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>Too many players would die if you gave the DMs something they could throw with lethal force.

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Rolled 5, 6 = 11 (2d6)


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Rolled 14, 10 = 24 (2d20)


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Rolled 18 (1d20)


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fucking jew.

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>Unfortunately, they are OOP and seem to be unavailable everywhere.

Gamescience has five left on Amazon but they're $35 a pop. Look up "Amazing D-Total Dice."

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>We live in 2014
>We have technology so advanced we can have the technology roll for us
>These losers talk about rolling themselves like a bunch of cavemen

but seriously, my group and I always joke about having a D1... it's a shoe of a pollypocket figure. I have no idea where the fuck we got it.... we roll it for stupid shit that has an obvious answer

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Something about that thumb really bugs me.

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Make people play Tales From The Floating Vagabond with you and have lots of Incredibly Difficult skill tests.

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>those unnecessary dots below the 6 and 9
Into the trash it goes.

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Our D1 is a marble ball.

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This. There are plenty of cool weird dice, but the d100 is trash in all its incarnations.

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The only die you need.

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Just use a standard 1d10 and the modified 1d10's, so you get the 1's and the 10's digit. Pretty simple. Has the full range of 1-100, no Wonderball of Plastic to lug around, and they easily show which side it lands on.

Though you can pick up a d% at any local game store. I've been meaning to buy one, but I want a matching color for my set. I'm OCD like that.

Also, I've personally only had to use one once. I DMed a game starting at 5th Level. I was introducing a friend of mine to Pathfinder and the rules for her Druid state she can pick ANY animal from the list. So, by that RAW, she could have a T-Rex at 1st Level.

I wanted her to enjoy the game, so I am (We're still playing) lackadaisical with the rules. I don't want to punish her for doing things she doesn't yet understand.

Anywho, she needed a Companion and the list is 98 strong. So we rolled for it and it landed on a solid >9<

>5th Level Axe Beak Acquired
>Named it "Cluckers"
>She now rides a giant cock and has to control it's tempter, kek

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>if there's no Roman numeral in this position, re-roll
>if the number is between 21 and 24, re-roll until the middle number is between 1 and 20

Then what's the freaking point. You might as well get yourself a d6, because with rerolls you can do almost anything with it.

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>Not using Alpha dCaltrop

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These are actually kinda hard to find. At least where I live.

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Speaking of, are there any dice-inside-dice that don't suck? I have one of those d6-in-d6, and the inner die just does not have full freedom to tumble

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...Why hasn't a game been made that uses a magic 8 ball as the primary randomization system?

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No, it is literally impossible for dice-in-dice to not suck. The weight distribution is completely fucked.

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I toss my dice-in-dice straight up and let it land in my dicetray.

That tends to give them the proper amount of roll in my experience.

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Again, why not make dice that are at least 6 inches in diameter?

>> No.36892270

Have you not seen those foam-rubber d20s that are like, apple-sized?

>> No.36892318

I have one of these. It's so round that they had to put sand inside the die to slow it down or it would just keep on rolling.

Hard to read the numbers on it also. Cute novelty, but can't hold a candle to 2 d10s.

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I've got a set of 'large print' dice. The D20 is a little over an inch in diameter.

>> No.36892328

Not really.

It adds more randomization. which is the point of dice in the first place.

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Because it's just a d20

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Underrated post.

>> No.36892404

Someone in the group I'm DMing for has both of these. I use the ball when it's for important rolls, but I don't get to use the massive d20 (because then it's harder to fudge the rolls).

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Yeah, but it's foam so it doesn't roll properly.

My group and I each bought one just to see how well it worked for Dark Heresy. It is not easy to conclude which number is on top.

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That's gimbal lock, you need to add quarternions to the inner die to get it properly flowing.

>> No.36893829

You just made me laugh so hard i coughed up some blood.

>> No.36894500

You should probably get that checked out.

>> No.36894555


but some dice really are too weird and percentage isn't appropriate for all games.

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All I really want are more 0-5 dice.

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>Or Dm uses them for moss fights.

Why do you hate moss anon? What has it ever done to you?

>> No.36894760

>Ranger rolls tracking
>Checks trees for which way the moss is growing
>Takes 1d30 damage
Moss fight!

>> No.36894795

As your vision begins to fade you feel the moss starting to spread across your body and equipment, in mere minutes all that is left is a skeleton covered in tufts of green.

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>Then what's the freaking point. You might as well get yourself a d6, because with rerolls you can do almost anything with it.


You can reroll a die that has more sides than the die you'd like a result from without changing the probabilities. You cannot do that with a die that has fewer sides.

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>3d10 =/= 1d30
Why do people have such hard time understanding this? The roll results are very VERY different

>> No.36900662

You could use one of those self closing boxes as a d1. Just use the closed position as 1 and have rolling it being opening the box.

>> No.36900809

That one's a countdown dice, it's not randomized so you can easily keep track of numbers in order, very useful for life totals or whatever. These used to come with MTG sets because often it was assumed that life points would go above the starting value of 20. Don't know why they stopped, I think they're cool.

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You can do this with any dice by using smaller die that are factors of the die you're simulating.

A d5 and a d6 together make a perfect d30 substitute.

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"Thanks Mr. Skeltal"

>> No.36901680

Just like you roll 1d6 for any die from d1 to d6. you roll the d6 twice for anything between d7 and d36, rerolling any illegally high results.

The first roll has it's face value. The second roll is ((face value - 1) x 6).

nD6 can simulate any die.

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>baseball sized die
>glass tables shudder in terror across every nerds basement

>> No.36902894

No roll lower then 5?

>> No.36903648

For sooth and verily.

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One is the base, the other is the second digit.

With base 6, the D6 is the 1s place. You take it's value at face.

The D5 is the 6s place, and you add ((it's face value -1) x 6). So, imagine it's labeled 0 , 6 , 12 , 18, 24.

Bam: any roll from 1-30. All equally likely.

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No you asshat.

How do you roll a 1 on 2d6?

>> No.36907248


Actually no, that nets you a 1/15 chance of crit failing/natural 30, you need to use a d6 and a d10 to keep the 1/30 probability for those extremes and any other distribution of results.

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>Also, you can use a dreidel as a d4
Nobody tell /pol/.

>> No.36907484

>Also, you can use a dreidel as a d4
"i hit the kobold with my dagger dealing gimel+4 damage"

i'm feeling it

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2 is the lowest possible number so 2 is the abstract equivalent of 1 within the context of integers generated from the dice values.

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Then how do you roll a fuckin' two?

>> No.36907619

Both dice come up as a 1
1 + 1 = 2


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Not 2d6. 1d5 + (1d6-1)*5


And if you don't have a d5 and basic math skills, you deserve to lose your d30 abilities.

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i dont get it whats so funny about this picture of a d30

>> No.36907865

i see what you did there

>> No.36907973

you know when you think about it before the d20 system d20s were probably just as underused

>> No.36909520

You don't need to.

It Is designed to cover every type of Dice commonly used. So Dnd and other multiple-dice type games already count as for it.

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1 to 20 is the 'intuitive' sort of range though.

Even percentile games Like call of Cthulhu and and dark heresy which can theoretically go from one to 100 normally break down stats modifier in sequences of 5%. Any lower is then that is considered too small and negligible to be bothered with. Any higher too large.

That said I've toyed with D 30 system for a while so I'm some what hypocritical.

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If two ones is a two, then how do you roll a fucking one?

>> No.36912864


You'd need, to avoid the problem of D20 by having middling values (anything around 15) be ideal and deviations from that are bad, too high you jam it in to much fanfare and little effect, too low and you limp wrist.

Or you could go Chaotic Evil and make it a d30 dice pool based system.


2 1s are 2 but also 1, so 2 2s would be 2.

>> No.36913770

To roll 30 on 2d6 being used like percentile die is a 1/36 chance... and you reroll 6 of those results.

That leaves you with 1/30.

>> No.36913820

This is a chart of 2d10 vs 1d20.

Note how they have the same highest possible result, but a different lowest possible result.

Note how the probability of getting a result closer to average is higher for one than it is for the other.

Note how the average results are different.

>> No.36913860

Are there people who play games and finished high school who this is news to?

>> No.36915055


Wait, what? How?

>> No.36915162

>2 1s are 2 but also 1, so 2 2s would be 2.

No. I'm not the person who put the idea forward. It looks complicated but it's pretty simple.

Take two d6, one red and one blue. When you roll, red is a number between 1 and 6, while you subtract one from the value of the blue die and multiply the result by 6. Add the two results together.

If blue comes up 1, you subtract 1 (getting 0) then multiply by 6 (it stays 0). Then you add red. This gives you 1 through 6.

If blue comes up 2, you subtract 1 getting 1) and then multiply it by 6. Add the result of the red die, which will give you seven through 12.

A blue 2 and a red 2 would actually equal 8.

This gives an equal distribution for every possible result. If you discard any number higher than the die you want to roll, then in terms of probability, it's like you're rolling that die.

>> No.36915236

>Using physical dice
>Trusting your hand movements and a dice that's unlikely to be truly balanced

>> No.36915315


Dammit, useless dreidel. I keep rolling Nun!

>> No.36915829


Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel
I made you out of clay
When you're dry and ready
A kobold we will slay

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You listen to too much Tom Leher my friend.

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They're awfull, they keep rolling forever and it takes ages to figure out what it actualy landed on.
You have to be a complete idiot to get one of those.
This one is mine, but I always Use the two 10 sides ones instead

>> No.36919544

I have one of these.

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