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I made a thread last night and wish to continue it.

What are some possible uses of spirit vines or technology made with spirit objects?

Spirit Gems? Spirit Cloth?

Help me create some unique properties

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Spirit insects. Really really strong! And no drawbacks!

Trust us, friend.

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Spirit Spirits.

Why hear a story about that one awesome night of drunken revelry when you can get drunk and EXPERIENCE it through the memories of that night being played directly through your head?

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Spirit dick.

It's like yours, because as far as women can tell, it doesn't exist.

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Spirit Ambiguously Gay Vacations?

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Anyone have the d20 Avatar pdf? I saw it in the thread but didn't get a chance to save it.

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I don't have it, but the pdf is just a compilation of the stuff on the fan project's web site. Here's a link: https://sites.google.com/site/avatard20/

Ignore the link on that page for a pdf, that download is dead.

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Well, from what we see in the show, spirit energy in large concentrations can tear open holes in the spirit world. And we know that distances in the spirit world don't necessarily correspond to distances in the physical world. It's not implausible to imagine some sort of warp gate system, maybe even an FTL drive if the world ever advances that far.

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Insect Spirits are doom! Do not listen to this anon!

Bad insect spirit shaman! Bad!

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what about Spirit Guns

smaller versions of the weapon used in avatar?

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If you set it post Season 2 of LoK you could have actual spirits that the players acquire as allies after completing various goals.

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That shit happened pre-korra too, it was just less common. Hei-bai, Koh, and the lady of the lake dealy

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And Wan-Shi-Tong, though he was kind of a dick.

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And the Avatars' past lives, though those aren't completely the same.

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he was perfectly happy until people started misusing the knowledge he collected.

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I haven't watched the latest seasons of Korra, due the the ending of S2 being shit. How does this spirit crap work again? I vaguely remember the spirit world stuff but I thought thats was just another dimension.

Is it dead people? nature stuff? Ill-defined energy?

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There's that one monkey spirit, too.

Alternate world, with the occasional not-quite dead person who secluded themselves instead. Also, there's travel to and from it now.

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So then how do you get spirit tech?

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Spirit magic.

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So it's just mana for all intents and purposes?

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Yeah. One of the most frustrating things about LoK was that it changed the genuine spirituality from ATLA into "lol it's energy, let's use it"

Nevermind that it's been established that sufficient industrialization or perversion of the landscape will actually drive spirits (and thus their energy) away in ATLA.

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Nothing ambiguous about that...

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Except that the spirits WERE being driven away from Republic City. They'd just harvested enough of the stuff already to make it a moot point.

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Would the ability to create rainbows, aurora borealises, and other weird effects be water bending? or Fire bending? since its essentially light that interacts with water

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Auroras are not "water that interacts with fire." They're plasma in the upper atmosphere. A case could be made that aurora bending could be a speciality bending of fire or air. Rainbow bending would have to be a speciality bending of water since there isn't really light bending in the series.

The closest Western equivalent to Avatar-like spirits is faeries. It's never really explained where they come from, in Avatar or pagan myth, other than they exist. If explained at all, it's more of a cosmological origin myth, like "god did it," "it's always been there," or "an energy source created by all living things that binds the galaxy together." It's one of those fundamental truths/mysteries you are just expected to accept rather than break open to understand. "He that breaks a thing to find out what it is has left the path of wisdom."

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Unrelated, but:

Imagine that another 100 years into the future of the Avatar universe would be something like Shadowrun.
>Hostile takeover of the Cabbage corp by the Sato-Blackstone syndicate
>You are the group of runners benders hired by the Cabbage corp through one of its subsidiaries
>Time to pop some wageslaves
>The fearsome bacteriabenders
I'd play it/watch a cartoon based on it.

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God I hate shippers, both straight and gay.

We’re entering an age where no one could write a story like Alls Quiet on the Western Front or Band of Brothers without people insisting that the men are gay for each other.

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fire *is* plasma

firebenders are bending plasma

>mfw my fanfiction is a firebender who specializes in bending aurora

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>We're entering an age
It's like you never heard of Noel Coward

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I don't hate love.

I hate people who think two characters can't be friends, rivals or enemies without wanting to fuck each other.

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B-but, muh OTP

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It's not shipping if it's canon.

And only yuri is good, no one wants two dudes.

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Because sometimes, having sloppy pants makes the story go in directions that aren't desirable.

Imagine if Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was about Raoul Duke discovering true love and abandoning his carousing ways for it.

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Chicks tend to be less homophobic than guys.

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If you hate physical love you hate love.

50% of the population wants two dudes. Yaoi is the most female board on 4chan.

>that aren't desirable.
To you. No one but you cares about where you decide to arbitrarily draw the line.

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The ending felt like something the writers tacked on last minute to get people talking about the series.

Also there's no difference between yuri and yaoi shippers, they're just as obnoxious and delusional as each other. Talking about in general, not LoK.

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Actually scratch that, I just remembered Zutara and HIBY, there's no difference between ANY shippers at all, they're all assholes.

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>felt like
To you. And you're just so buttbothered over people having BADWRONGFUN that you're willing to disregard canon and ignore everything that lead up to that scene at the end.

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What's HIBY? I don't know that one.

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So what exactly happened in season 4?

Season 3 was surprisingly decent, but for some reason I've heard nothing mentioned about 4 until it went full lesbian.


>Yaoi is the most female board on 4chan.

Even more than /cgl/? That's surprising.

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How I Became Yours.

It's a fancomic written by a really butthurt shipper. Widely regarded as one of the most terrible things to come out of the Avatar franchise, on par with Shamalamadingdong's movie.

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Oh, that one. Yeah, I've seen that. And blotted it out of my memory as quickly as I could.

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>tacked on
Did you not watch S3 and S4 at all?

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Metalbender Stalin tried to conquer the world with her army of giant robots. It's less stupid than it sounds. It actually made for some pretty neat commentary on privilege and the responsible use of power that I wouldn't have expected from a kid's show.

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Unless I've blotted it out, the only thing Asami really did at all in S3 was help Korra get out of the airship in the desert and drive a car a few times.

Unless she gets more screentime in S4 I swear she shows up and does less than Tenzin's kids.

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You mean how two girls would interact if they were friends with each other?

This is what I meant in my first post. Camaraderie is dead, people are only interested because two girls making out with each other is hot.

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The best two points I can say for S3 is Asami being the one to guard Korra's body while she was in the spirit world in Zhao Fu, which is a direct call back to Katara doing the same thing at the North Pole, and the ending scene with Asami being with her and offering to talk or anything.

As for S4 we got the fact that Korra only wrote to Asami, Mako calling the two out on this fact and asking what was going on between them, as well as the last minute or so of the finale.

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>The ending felt like something the writers tacked on last minute to get people talking about the series.

Nah, go back and rewatch it. They were dropping hints all damn season, with increasing intensity (peaking at the point where we transition directly from a series of flashbacks about Mako's love life to one of the women he dated calling the other "so sweet").

Don't get me wrong, for the longest time I was pretty well on board the "They're probably just friends" train, but sooner or later I realized that if Asami had a cock there'd be no question that they were setting up a romance. What'd be an unreasonable conclusion in reality is fair game in a story, which is a thing that has things like narrative framing and foreshadowing and shit.

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On a scale of 1 - 10. How dumb would it be for like a Spirit gauntlet that let you control plants? Or something that made your fire bending hotter?

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Those don't hang out in the spirit realm (Unless they are in a really remote part of it) or else losing her connection to them would have been no biggie just hop on into the spirit realm and go there manually for advice.

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>Asami being the one to guard Korra's body while she was in the spirit world in Zhao Fu

Wasn't that because Bolin and Mako were fighting benders outside? Her lack of bending makes her pretty much useless in a fight, so I assumed making her body guard was for practical reasons.

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When your options are your ex-boyfriend and a barely functional retard, I'd go with Asami too.

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You're thinking of the hotel fight, Zhao Fu had a different meditation scene.

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Fair enough. I'm terrible with location names.

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Dude, this is a cartoon show about a bunch of teenagers going on adventures. You can't print a coming-of-age story in modern media, of any kind, without dating being a part of it. Certainly not on cable TV.

Nobody flipped their shit when Korra started dating Mako (or, if they did, it was for different reasons entirely). It would've been equally cool to have Korra not start dating again, don't get me wrong, but either way it's a step out of the "Which boy will she end up with" mold that any sane viewer expected from Day 1. And that's pretty okay.

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That's fine. Don't read the stories, then.

Some people think that a certain pairing would be cute and so they write stories about that. Or they draw it. Do you get in a lather when people draw fantasy battle scenes you don't like, and insist that you hate "fantasy artists, both high and low, because we're entering an age where no one can write a story like Lolita or War and Peace without somebody drawing a fight scene?"

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I'm pretty sure I'm spelling the name wrong anyways.

>> No.36886622


>Nobody flipped their shit when Korra started dating Mako

>> No.36886650

Yeah alright that was a bad example

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I hate it when people are so obsessed with their pairings of fictional characters that they send death threats to the author.

I hate it when people argue constantly about their preferred pairings and derail thread topics using inane and cherrypicked "evidence".

I hate it when people legitimately use the term "hetfag".

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>neat commentary on privilege

>You will never again experience a /tg/ without tumblr

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nice jackpot

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Stop trying to put dicks in delicious /u/ material and we'll stop calling you hetfag.

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Just means that summer is now year round anon. That's all.

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And /tg/ has officially gone full tumblr.

It was a nice board while it lasted.

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This is the future you chose.

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I don't mind the lesbians.

It's just done really poorly.

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Rainbows would be waterbending. Aurora Borealis is a magnetic effect and would probably be closer to firebending.

It is *highly* dependent upon the type of effect.

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Korra and Asami easily had the most developed relationship of the two, and had the most experiences that they could relate to with each other (korra thought her dad was dead, asami's dad is dead, both are women of power and influence that have struggled with some really dark things etc).

I didn't really see it coming, but I didn't really think it was that much of a stretch either.

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Nobody saw it coming, and I say this as someone who wanted it to happen. /u/ thought we were going to get a no-pairing end at best.

The fact that we've had one of the fastest threads to autosage on record as a result and /co/ and /v/ being on fucking fire about the whole thing should be telling for the reaction to this shit.

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Yeah, this is ultimately the problem with that ending. It's not about having character romance, it's not about homosexuality- it's simply that it's tacked on and that's bad for a number of reasons.

Throwing a romantic reveal at the very end with no real lead up - and no, two characters writing letters to each other and talking therapeutically over their various experiences with no signs of physical attraction does not count as a romantic lead-up - is bad writing- and for what? Buzz? Political correctness? A need to fill some expected romance quota?

And not only is it forced, it's not as much of a favor to the gay community as the writers probably intended either. Throwing in a sudden lesbian reveal at the very end of a series isn't much better than when JK Rowling suddenly decided to declare Dumbledore as gay despite his sexuality having never been important and the story being long over. It wasn't an organic development of the character and as such Dumbledore didn't so much become a character who was gay as much as a character defined by being gay. In a similar way Korrasami actually undercuts the characters as three-dimensional individuals. It's both using homosexuality - and by extent all the shit people with non-standard sexual orientations have been through - as a shallow way to add drama to a character and using poor characterization to as a quick and lazy way to show some sort of solidarity with the gay community like they're babies needing to be thrown a bottle.

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Yu Yu Hakuso please go.

Portable temporary spirit portals.

>> No.36889437

Let's not mistake it for what it is though. Never forget that it's the money that calls the shots.

Appeasement? solidarity? No, haha no.

Cynical hamfisted pandering? bingo.

>> No.36889490

> it's a step out of the "Which boy will she end up with"

By stepping it up to 'which person will she end up with' which isn't much better. Which is another criticism I have of the ending, it severely undercuts the core themes of LoK and Korra's development as an individual.

The major theme of LoK ended up being - and I think for this reason the show ended up being a lot better and more interesting than a lot of naysayers gave it credit for - was how the inevitability of change affects the world, even one with fantastic elements, and how people are forced to deal with it- in this case, how Korra must come to grips with her place as the Avatar in a world where, much like our own in the early 20th century, divisions between class (represented in this by benders versus non-benders), industry versus spirituality and tradition versus social evolution bring into question the place that a figure representing such ancient institutions and ideals now has. And having Korra find a sort of balance by opening up a new spirit portal in the middle of the world's core metropolis then retreat into it while the world rebuilds on an industrial level until when and if she might be needed again is a solid way to bring a close to this story. Having Asami travel with her certainly isn't a problem either as she's gone through her own journeys and shitstorms and it makes sense that she would want to seek a respite as well. But as soon as they throw in the suggestion of (unearned) romantic feelings betweens the two the scene suddenly becomes about a romance that has no real place in the story and overshadows the meaning of everything that's happening there both for the characters themselves and for the entire story of this incarnation of the Avatar.


To be fair, /v/ and /co/ throwing a shitfit has very little meaning imo.

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>Portable temporary spirit portals

Interesting idea. I'm wondering if you could use such a portal to not only easily travel between the spirit and material worlds but also to expedite travel in the latter via travel in the former. Does the spirit world effectively mirror the material one in size and relative locations - would traveling between the northern and southern portal be as long of a journey in the spirit world as the material one - or can you exploit it's supernatural properties to shorten the trip somehow like in the Warp? I actually don't know how the Warp works, that's just what I assume.

>> No.36891422

Spirit constructs, m8.

>> No.36892020

>And not only is it forced, it's not as much of a favor to the gay community as the writers probably intended either.

It's two chicks. Two hot chicks. It never had anything to do with any evil gay agenda and everything with teenage dicks being appeased. Seriously man-and-lesbians is by far one of the ost popular fantasies for males, mostly cause we like to imagine ourself "curing" them with our magical cock. Ridicucklous of course, but thats the way it rolls.

>> No.36892060

>And only yuri is good, no one wants two dudes.
I beg your fuckin' pardon?

>> No.36892077

>Her lack of bending makes her pretty much useless in a fight

Yeah, just like it made Ty Lee useless in a fight, amirite?

"Non-benders can't fight" is a ridiculous idea. Asami kicks ass with her zappy-thingybob.

>> No.36892091

>no one talks about based Mako almost killing himself

best scene right there

>> No.36892118

Spirit cellphones. Definitely better and more plausible than spirit guns or portals.

>> No.36892514

That... that isn't tumblr.

>> No.36893580

Shut it. If you don't agree with him, you're Tumblr, Reddit and anti-GG scum. Also SJW, STC and SAW. Such is the way of idiots that use buzzwords. RSVP.

>> No.36893589

Quiet, you. It isn't that either.

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Sez the guy dropping TLAs like a hard rain...

>> No.36895111

I found the few last scenes implying a lot of that. Fan pandering I say, but not complaining

>> No.36895661

God dammit, if I wanted shipping drama, I'd go to /co/. People saying Korrasami wasn't built up enough are in denial.

Anyway, my group pretty much all learned to plat tabletop on d100, so I'm converting CoC 1920s to a LoK era Avatar game. It's surprisingly simple, but I've run into one issue: what do I do with SAN? I was thinking I'd have some "connection to the spirits" stat in its place, but I don't know how I'd flesh it out.

>> No.36897812

Depends, are the dudes cute?

>> No.36897918

He could be using it in it's nontumblr meaning, r-right?
I'm just gonna assume that so /tg/'s still good, I have faith in it

>> No.36897925

Well, in the Avatar setting the auroras are spirit energy, so it would come down to being spiritual enough. Air and water are the biggest contenders due to previous history as being very spiritual elements.

>> No.36898044

This show fared much worse than TLA, but it had its moments. I can't say I loved the show, but I liked it nonetheless.

>> No.36898147

Well, I'd have you switch Cthulhu Mythos into the spirituality bit. Getting high enough lets you do shit like use water bending to calm spirits, or fly. That skill relates to knowledge of spirits, while SAN reflects connection, such as meditation in a highly spiritual spot, befriending a spirit, learning from dragons, etc.

>> No.36898182

There's no defense for the memetic effect that loud minorities have on words and groups. Privileged is a word that's been lost just as much as feminism has.

Hell, memetic reads as a misspelled word, thanks to memes.

>> No.36898324

Aang's era was a Far East version of early Renaissance where opportunism overcomes the ancient lore and society isn't taken as existence itself but shaped and directed by political movements on a global scale.

Korra's era is an early industrialized age. Technology and industry have become powerful, mass media and propaganda are central elements. Urbanification has set in and a non agrarian worker class leads to consumerism.

The next iteration should be a semblance of the Atomic Age. Spirit Vines could be at the core of Megawatt reactors and doomsday bombs. Giant mecha is already established, and how the technology can harm the connection to the Spirit World. So the scenario should start with the permanent standoff between two desperate super powers fighting proxy wars while establishing layers and layers of confidentiality and morally dubious projects exploring control, espionage, and warfare without any restriction.

Kuvira is now Hitler.

>> No.36898482

>mostly cause we like to imagine ourself "curing" them with our magical cock

Oh my god are you seriously trying to perpetuate this feminist crap? Who is this "we"? I sure don't think like that. Maybe you do.

When it comes to girls that love yaoi no one projects on to them this third wheel conspiracy malicious intent bullshit. Maybe people just like it.

>> No.36898573

I just don't like dicks in my porn and chicks are hot.
I never got why so much of the focus in straight porn was on the guy

>> No.36898585

So the Earth Nation has been occupied for almost a Century by Water and Fire Nation forces who are cautiously eying each other with the finger on the doomsday trigger. Air Nation pockets are roped into the conflict from both sides. A significant fraction of non benders have stopped identifying with an element altogether and live in free cities, fledgling nations, or as wild settlers.

>> No.36898598

Dicks are ugly, and the close ups on the guy's face is always a huge bonerkiller
On that matter, cure nothing, why would I want to destroy something wonderful?

>> No.36898614

You mean she wasn't before? I mean, the whole WW2 symbolism was very heavy handed.

>> No.36898730

why do they have cars and mechs.


WHEN GUNS WERE USED NEARLY 400-500 years prior!

>> No.36898774

noble weapons, civilized age, yadda yadda yadda

>> No.36898778

Because people use air karate to throw rocks and shoot lightening. The existence of such a wildly different setting would effect the growth and development of sciences in said setting. Look at the first season of Korra: The biggest advancements are designed to counter benders.

>> No.36898825

Yup, carrying guns would just be bringing ammo to the fight for your OPFOR of earth- and firebenders.

>> No.36898898

Will they pull out our enemies' tongues?

>> No.36898997

It isn't alternate history earth. It's magic kung-fu planet that has portals to another dimension at the northern and southern poles.

>> No.36899025

It's still subtextual.

>> No.36899042

>dat pic
Muscular brown women are still in season?

>> No.36899053

/gfg/ please go

>> No.36899136

Basically, it's about as canon as Dumbledore being gay, which is "it's not really there but the writer can say whatever they want after everything's finished."

Implied to some degree to our modern sensibilities, but show the same stuff to someone living 50 years ago (or 50 years in the future), and they'll actually be shocked that you think that two people of the same gender who are good friends would have sexual feelings towards each other.

>> No.36899255

That makes sense. Frankly, I think it's kind of a shame how modern western culture is so quick to associate physical intimacy between two men or two women with a homosexual relationship.

>> No.36899367

Fire isn't plasma; it's just hot gas/particles emitting light due to the substance being energetic. The electrons need to have "boiled" off the substance (read: extremely high temperatures) for it to be considered a plasma.

>> No.36899387

Not all modern western culture, but yeah, if you showed this scene to some people who didn't know there was a third movie, they'd probably say "Ohmigosh, Luke vs. Leia behind Hans back? Wincest! And I KNEW those two robots were gay!"

>> No.36899676

Uhu, sure. Only...

A good example of plasma: neon lights.

>> No.36899708

did they ever stop?

>> No.36899716



>> No.36899780

A spirit exoskeleton ?
Kinda like a symbiotic super suit ?
Dunno man

>> No.36899869

>The electrons need to have "boiled" off the substance (read: extremely high temperatures) for it to be considered a plasma.
Should have read
>A few electrons...
For it to be correct.

>> No.36900116

>It never had anything to do with any evil gay agenda and everything with teenage dicks being appeased

I think you misunderstood me, my criticism in the part you quoted has nothing to do with negative feelings towards homosexuality or belief in some sort of conspiracy to push homosexuality (I did suggest the possibility that the ending was done out of showing some sort of political correctness or solidarity with the gay community but I didn't mean to imply that there this represented some sort of subversive agenda or anything but a well-meaning attempt to display equality; furthermore, I was only suggesting such a mindset by the writers as one possibility for why they threw in something so, imo, unnecessary and undercutting to the rest of the ending and the series as a whole) but rather somewhat of the opposite. I feel that the way they just threw out the implication of Korrasami, for whatever reason they included it, could actually be considered somewhat insulting towards real-life homosexuals as they didn't put the groundwork down of integrating that trait with the overall characters organically - say, exploring how being homosexual might affect the character in both in how the world views them and how they in turn respond to the word - but rather just made them gay for [insert reason] and made being gay look like something two-dimensional that defines a character rather than just one of many facets that makes them a complex and multi-layered human being like any other.

>> No.36900343


It might simply be the case that their world doesn't have the same elements. We've seen fireworks, but we don't know if they have gunpowder or if it operates on some other material.

In any case, the obvious answer is because Nickelodeon.

>> No.36900357

Who would develop gunpowder when you can just get a firebender to do it?

>> No.36900414


Anyone who lives where there aren't any firebenders, which before Republic City became a thing was roughly 75% of the world.

In any case, it's a moot point. It's a canon fact that they use blasting jelly as their primary explosive in Last Airbender, and I recall that there are in fact high-yield modern plastic-type explosives available (used by both Varrick and the Red Lotus).

Gunpowder seems outmoded, and I would also imagine that guns would have to be made of platinum, or else they would be too unreliable. Even the tiniest bending on a gun would render it extremely dangerous to the user.

>> No.36900446

>Someone accused me of homophobia, better write a wall of text

It was shitty writing and lets leave it at that. It's not exactly surprising either, pretty much everything in Korra is done in the most hamfisted way possible. I don't know why people freak out over the latest piece of shit they call a script.

>> No.36900462

notice how we're all talking about the homo implications instead of how this series was shit?

>> No.36900519

>People saying Korrasami wasn't built up enough are in denial.

No, they're really not. We saw very little of any sort of relationship develop further between them between when they both made the final decision to cut ties with Mako's dick and came to terms with the fact that they'd both been on it at one point and that it didn't have to stand in the way of their friendship and when they're suddenly looking into each others eyes in a pretty clearly romantic fashion at the series' end. The fact that Asami was the only member of Team Avatar Korra really wrote too means little when the other two members consist of an emotional retard and an actual (albeit lovable) retard and them talking about their boy problems is more easily explained by their shared experience with the same (emotionally retarded) boy than a sudden joint realization that maybe the dick isn't for them. They're very much depicted as close friends from the point that they come to terms with the weird Mako situation to the point when they're very abruptly implied to be much more.


really hit it on the head. Affection, especially between women, shouldn't automatically equate to romantic feelings. That's certainly not to say there's any reason to think the -aren't- gay either - I'd argue Asami very much could be although I think Korra is bisexual at most - but a character having sexual orientation of any kind is not a reason in itself to throw in a relationship. As I've said earlier, I think the romantic implication for Korra, regardless of who they were for, very much undercut the rest of the final scene which was otherwise a fitting end to the LoK story. The whole theme of the show has very much been Korra's journey to find her place as the Avatar in a brave new world and having her suddenly falling into a romantic relationship at the end per some unspoken quota of modern storytelling is thematically inappropriate.

>> No.36900625

>The face when it was only a 3 year gap between s3 and s4 so that they could give jinora her hair back.

>> No.36900870

It was explained that spirits take a lot of energy to manifest in our world and you can syphon this out.

>> No.36900988


Is there an updated version of this map with the United Republic and whatnot?

Also, if Ba Sing Se is really that big than either the Avatar world is even smaller than it already looks or the creators have nearly as bad a sense of scale as GW.

>> No.36901072

Id say avatar world is roughly the same size as "the known world" of say,roman times.

>> No.36901085

To be fair, the reproductive drive is pretty significant as we'd go extinct without it. As a result, most people want sex on one level or another. Sexual attraction can happen with any individual facing someone of the desired gender or look. Emotional closeness just makes feelings of intimacy stronger.

That being said, there are cases when authors need to completely rewrite the characters in order to accommodate the fantasy to the point it's better to create an entirely new work. Even if there is sexual attraction, it's still up to the characters to act on it. Or not.

>> No.36901114


Well the desert is supposed to be "thousands of miles" and Ba Sing Se is about 1/2 the desert. So I'm going to go with horrible sense of scale.

I'm also pretty sure this is a fan map (judging by the shitty artwork), so I wouldn't trust any of it past the broad strokes.

>> No.36901146

Most bending has fairly short ranges, maybe a hundred yards at the most. A good rifleman could pick off a bender at range using a bullet moving too fast to bend.

>> No.36901215

It's not that sexual attraction between two people, especially in their reproductive prime, is horribly unlikely, it's that the over abundance of single mutually attracted young adults is tiresome and unrealistic.

Most of the time if you took two young adults it wouldn't result in a romance, because one of them probably already has a partner. Or one of them wouldn't be attracted to the other.

If romance happened as spontaneously and as often as fiction would leave us to believe then you should be bumping in someone who has the hots for you every other day.

>> No.36901265

The issue is many benders have superhuman reflexes and senses. Like how a novice airbender is able to "sense" an incoming projectile from behind them due to the air current.

Bullets probably just wouldn't be effective the moment a metal bender entered the fray.

>> No.36901271

>Just outside of the Lower Ring, between the Outer Wall and the Inner Wall of the city, is the Agrarian Zone, a large underdeveloped area that consists of wide open plains of land, used mainly for agricultural purposes. Along with its vital wildlife and crop resources, the Agrarian Zone functions as a massive land buffer between the Outer Wall and the Inner Wall, where all of the Ba Sing Se residents dwell, widening the gap between invaders and citizens if perchance the Outer Wall was ever breached.[4] This area in the city houses many farms belonging to citizens, mostly of the Lower Ring, who live behind the Inner Wall and travel outside to tend to the land every day.

>> No.36901556

And if adventure happened as often as it does in fiction, we'd all be dead. The whole point of fiction, at least of the popular kind, is to present a world more interesting than yours. If you're a swashbuckling womanizing archeologist with a chewed-up fedora, chances are you won't spend your time watching Korra...

>> No.36901854

Right but does every adventure need to end with a romance?

And leave indi out of this. One reason he's great is that he's so good a dumping the bitch after movie's over.

>> No.36902130

Avatar - The Last Airbender
>Airbending comes back to the world

The Legend of Korra
>The ability to bend gets taken away and restored

Future Avatar
>Non benders get bending, elements can be changed.

>> No.36902183

No, but high levels of stress, life and death situations, and periods of emotional vulnerability tend to catalyze relationships. If a relationship is possible, danger will bring it out.

Never heard of a ten gallon hat, boy?

>> No.36902247

>future avatar

I doubt it.

Basically, with that final stunt, they're trapped as an online-only cartoon at best, which means they won't really have the funds to make another proper season, even if the fans try to convince the networks otherwise.

>> No.36902257

No, those are jedi. Benders get elemental powers and increased toughness. Extra senses are rare and often have limits. Toph, for example, would be able to tell that a bullet was fired but not what it was fired at.

>> No.36902318

Bender Powers = Plot convenience, lets just be honest here.

If guns were a thing they'd probably not be a big issue for Korra.

>> No.36902375

To be fair, the network slashed their budget mid season so the ending ended up compressed.

Nickelodeon either needs to come up with a comparable show or loose entire demographics their current lineup doesn't appeal to.

>> No.36902426

No, tech still trumps Kung Fu magic. The planes Sato used wouldn't have been a trouble if they could constantly just bend the rockets back. Bending is a magic martial art but it still has rules.

>> No.36902455

True, but this can cut both ways. There's a certain amount of horror a weapon that can kill anyone regardless of power can bring and if the writer wants to take a dark turn, well, he has his in.

>> No.36902693

Nickolodean, first and foremost, is a children's network.

That might be why they cut the budget on LoK, because it was moving further and further away from the original Avatar's "kids on adventures!" story and deeper and deeper into "teens being angsty and complaining all the time" territory.

And, now that Avatar is firmly designated as a Red Bar subject, the only place you'd likely see it on television might be Adult Swim, though there's probably some cross-network clause that prevents them from doing that.

Poor writing was the first nail, diminished viewership was the second, targeting the wrong demographic was the third. With three nails in place, they decided they really had nothing to lose, and hammered the last nail in place themselves.

>> No.36902776

>after examining many hats, the designers chose a tall-crowned, wide-brimmed fedora

I do, but his hat is a fedora. Unusual one, but not a cowboy hat. That's because he's an academic in the 30's and 40's, where wearing a fedora was a given.

>> No.36902812

>Red Bar subject

>> No.36902815

>And, now that Avatar is firmly designated as a Red Bar subject
What got it to be Red Bar?
Just the demographic change?

>> No.36902865 [DELETED] 

Didn't korra not have metal bending at that point?

Anyway's its not like the show has ever made any effort to keep bending consistent or logical. Looking for logic in avatar is like hoping you find any friendship

>> No.36902872

She was much closer to Mao or Stalin really.

>> No.36902932

Korra didn't have metal bending at that point I believe.

Anyway's it's not like the show has ever made any effort to keep bending consistent or logical. Looking for logic in avatar is like hoping you wont find any friendship

>> No.36903033

Investors and sponsors are not really interested in a LGBT children's show, no matter how subtlely it's implied. It's not really a topic suitable for children, considering that even the topic of Sex in general is taboo.

Avatar has sailed into no man's land, and even if the next series would have nothing to do with LoK and have no other LGBT references, it's basically dead in the water.

>> No.36903136


Fujoshits are really no better than Otaku waifuism or the whole phenomenon of moe. Perhaps it's my own bias that excuses 'rule 34' when it is considered a separate feature to the canon, as my problem isn't with sexualization for titilation but rather the imposition of that on the setting itself.

Maybe if the romance had been displayed earlier on than the very last second it would have escaped what >>36900519 notes. Where the final scene and consummation of the series is more about Korra's journey as the Avatar than "AND THEN THEY SCISSORED". Though I think of disney movies (maybe not the ideal to emulate) and that you do often have that "happily ever after" end scene - Mulan and mister business, Anna and ice-boy-raised-by-stone-gnomes.

>> No.36903240

>a LGBT children's show
I feel as though I have missed something.

>> No.36903256

>Fujoshits are really no better than Otaku waifuism or the whole phenomenon of moe.
Yaoi and fujoshi are basically the distaff counterpart to that sort of bullshit and the people who buy into it.

>> No.36903422

one >implying
scene that now makes the whole show ghey.

>> No.36903465


Considering that no one gave a shit about Korra until that happened, I think it's safe to say at least a moderate amount of people equate LoK to lesbians now.

Seriously, as a marketing move this was smooth as fuck.

>> No.36903570

Not all publicity is good publicity, unless you're Britney Spears.

There were plenty of fans of the Avatar series, but Korra rapidly lost its younger fans, and now it can't even be marketed towards children anymore.

It'll be talked about, largely as a publicity stunt, but the end result is marketing suicide.

>> No.36907749


That makes me want to gouge out my eyes.

>> No.36908483

Would earthbending Gemstones have any more of a benefit than earthbending stone?

>> No.36909378

Just came here to say that in between when i posted this >>36880653 and now, I watched S3 and S4.

1) Korrasami is blown way out of proportion. They hold hands, that's it. It's not even a particularly romantic handhold, it's a "we're changing dimensions let's hold on to each other" handhold. Have you never held your bro's hand? Jesus hand contact =/= lesbians. Is there like some official statement I missed declaring them gay? In any case if they were to properly develop as a couple next season it'd be fine, but they're certainly not together now, and nothing implies they are.

2) Spirit tech is the single stupidest thing in the Avatarverse now. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the thing that kills the show.

Well, it's slightly less dumb than the absurd amounts of platinum around. And platinum isn't even a very strong metal. It works best as an alloy, mixed with OTHER METAL. The idea that you could build a robot out of it is full retard.

s3 3/10, s4 6/10.

Anyone else thing the best episodes in s4 were the ones where korra wasn't in them at all.

>> No.36909475

To be honest I have never held hands with my bros.

But I have seen plenty of girls hold hands and they're just friends. I think.

I mean they don't start making out in front of me or anything.

Shit I don't know.

>> No.36909564

You should try it. Just grab your bro's hand next time you're hanging, he'll probably find it comforting.

>> No.36910598

in some cultures men aren't allowed that kind of spontaneous physical intimacy. Girls can often still get away with it, though.

>> No.36910665

in some cultures kissing other men is fine if you're a dude and you're both straight.

Bro-ship should defy time and space.

>> No.36913607

There's this thing called visual reference. Not to mention the music in the background being the same that played at the end of the first show with katara and aang.

>> No.36913622

Girls hold hands, boys grab shoulders.

>> No.36913686


>Still in denial over Korrasami being canon

>> No.36914069

Or so you keep saying.

>> No.36914594


I like this anon's thinking.

If, say, the next iteration of Avatar had a space race between nations partially powered by the advent of spirit vine weapons and engines, the following iteration could utilize a spirit warp drive.

Although, considering the moon is a spirit, it'd be a little awkward to plant a Water Tribe flag on her face.

>> No.36914614

this is the most autistic thing I've ever seen

>> No.36916709

They played the ending music at the end? Weird, I guess that means a whole lot of implications.

I also like how they reused the whole Katara and Aang kiss visual, because... oh wait, I guess they skipped that whole business. I mean, holding hands is the same thing, right?

>> No.36917590

I don't care how thinly it's propped, Korrasami is the best pairing. Well, that or Bolin, but he was discarded in 1st season so whatever.

>> No.36917610

I'm aware of the reference, the song is also played lots of other times as well.

That doesn't mean they're together, or that the show has committed to putting them together romantically. Which is what the majority of Korrasami people are shilling. It's about as convincing as when Korra blushes at Asami's compliment on her hair. Possibly laying the groundwork but not enough on it's own.

If they develop them falling in love properly next season its fine. But otherwise it's people making a mountain of a molehill.

>> No.36917858

dude that's gay

>> No.36918475

I don't really care if it's canon or not, Korrasami is hot.

>> No.36919025

urge to kill rising!

>> No.36920261

You're right! I mean, it's not like it could mean anything else, like the end of the show or something.

>> No.36920784

If they weren't together, they wouldn't have made those references.

>> No.36920822

I'm starting to understand why people hate shippers.

>> No.36920851

Man this year is great. I had my fill of Naruto shipper tears and now I can sup on the sweat yet salty bitchtears of Avatar faggots that didn't get their imaginary relationships happen in the end as well!

>> No.36920882

>But otherwise it's people making a mountain of a molehill.

If you say it enough it will surely become true.

>> No.36921228

>didn't get their imaginary relationships happen in the end
only bitchass faggots don't ship korrasami

>> No.36921247

It's great.

>> No.36921438

haha holy shit.

>> No.36921507

Excuse me, OP, but can we not bring the shitty part of /co/ into /tg/ and keep our things from shitting up /co/? Or maybe don't talk about Korra at all? I've noticed it tends to do both.

>> No.36921543

Oh come on. Enjoy some salty nerd tears fresh from /co/, Avatar is fun to discuss for setting ideas, and benders are a great gameplay concept.

>> No.36921619

Why is Korra so white?

>> No.36921649

Because that's that person's interpretation of the Water Tribe's 'ambiguously brown'.

Or Korrasami has merged into one being so as to better be shipped with Makolin.

>> No.36921677

That latter explanation is horrifying.

Not that the first one is much better...

>> No.36921720

>doing the fusion dance with your lover so you both truly become one for a small while

>> No.36921941 [SPOILER] 

Better white than blue.

>> No.36921970

Thread ruined. Everyone go home

>> No.36922000

Oh come on, don't just blow up like that.

>> No.36922011

>Oh come on, don't just blow up like that.

>> No.36922015

I'm pretty sure you just ruined my day.

I don't even want to be conscious anymore right now.

>> No.36922053

>go veg

So we'll kill that turkey just for murder's sake?

>> No.36922102

It's not murder if you can get the turkey to kill itself.

>> No.36922103


I think I would have rather gone through a whole futa thread than see that.

>> No.36922106


>> No.36922154

Man, Aang sure is jacked for a vegetarian/pacifist.

>> No.36922173

Any shipping is shit shipping.

I'm not disappointed because of who she ended up with, i'm disappointed that the build up to it was so shit that it's like they threw it into this last season just to appease the loudest fans.

>> No.36922184


>> No.36922277

there were the beginnings of it in S3 you know...

>> No.36922280

No, you sacrifice it to Satan you numbnut.

>> No.36922535

They winked at the thought of it to test the waters. Mako and Korra had all 4 seasons of moments.

>> No.36922581

Mako and Korra caught fire spectacularly in S2 and ended that seasons with a "better as friends" breakup.

>> No.36922629

>implying real couples don't argue all of the time over stupid shit
>implying that Korra and Asami had anywhere near the chemestry of Mako and Korra.

I'm not saying you're being a shipper, but you're being a shipper.

>> No.36922662

I fail to see how their arguments in S2 were over stupid shit, and I wonder what sort of life you lead to consider what their arguments were about to be stupid shit.

>> No.36922689

Ladies, ladies.

You're both shippers.

>> No.36923031

Though, for a lesbian, she was really chasing after Mako's cock.

I actually have a hard time seeing Korra even as a bisexual, because when she first saw Asami (who is basically designed to be fucked), she didn't even consider chasing that, but she wanted Mako to bend her since day one.

Likeliest scenario is that she winds up being one of those "college lesbians," who fucks Asami's brains out for a while, but then realizes that all she ever wanted was dick.

Asami, of course was basically the same, lusting after Makock and not even giving Korra a second glance. So, after they go through their college lesbian phase, they'll wind up going through a number of mindless sex-oriented relationships where they try to get the largest dick stuffed inside of them, and after getting their pussies wide and loose, they'll each find some guy with money and end up having him support the kid that's probably not his.

Sign it, stamp it, send it to the printers.

>> No.36923309

Hi /r9k/,

How's it going on that part of 4chan?

>> No.36923555

>calling someone a shipper
Them's fighting words, m8. Roll initiative.

>> No.36923681

Wizard. Divination. Foresight.

Do you want me to continue?

>> No.36923917

Anti-magic field. So yes.

>> No.36924101

Well, ain't it a good thing that I didn't ban Abjuration, then.

Prismatic Sphere.

>> No.36924331

Rolled 5, 1, 1 = 7 (3d6)


>> No.36924584


If the word of both creators at once isn't enough to convince you, nothing will.

I've actually been planning to write something based on this.

In the era after Korra, her successor, Avatar Xun, who is a Kyoshi Warrior, finds herself forced to deal with the return of Sozin's comet. Specifically, the fact that the United Republic Space Agency is launching a mission to capture Sozin's Comet and place it in a stable orbit around the world.

Their spaceship uses spirit rays as its engines; the crew consists of firebenders, who can use Azula-style rocketbending to do EVA work, and Earth/Metalbenders, who are critical to setting up the temporary base on the comet. Avatar Xun, by virtue of being the only person in the world who can do both, gets on the mission, and has to deal with the question; is it right for humans to meddle in something as important as the spiritual nature of Sozin's comet, and the setup of the solar system itself.

>> No.36924761


>> No.36924802

Actually this is proof.

>> No.36925007

Basically, what we've got is another "Dumbledore is Gay" scenario.

There's more than enough room to say "they're not gay" if you look at the series alone, but the author makes an "out-of-series" reveal, which ultimately doesn't even match the character.

Dumbledore being gay isn't even wholly accurate, since asexual seems to fit the bill better. Confused as a teen, but ultimately devoid of any sexual interests as he got older (which is odd considering how often he talked about the power of love).

If anything, Dumbledore being gay as a teen is some way of insinuating that being gay is evil and leads to terrible things, since his feelings for what's-his-face lead him to ignore all the evil what's-his-face was doing.

In any case, for two girls, who've basically been straight for four seasons, to simultaneously develop "romantic" feelings in the last few minutes of the show without any distinguished build-up, is basically laughably bad writing. In fact, the LGBT crowd should feel insulted, because we've got girls who weren't "born-that-way" suddenly flipping switches like sexuality is really just a convenient choice to make.

What we've got is half-assed agenda pushing, with the grand statement of "Look, gay people can be great characters, just as long as no one knows that they're gay and it's ultimately ambiguous so we can avoid any real backlash until after all is said and done."

>> No.36925114

Did you not read those posts or watch s3 or s4?

This is nowhere near Dumbledore is gay level of having fuckall in the story itself for support.

>> No.36925284

At best, we've got a friendship growing. Not even really all that great of a friendship, really.

But still, it's the kind of thing where if the writers had said "it's open to interpretation" or even "they're just going to have sex once and wind up realizing they've made a horrible mistake and end up growing distantly apart from each other" or simply "they're not gay, what's wrong with you?", any one of those responses could have worked, that's how ambiguous it is.

And the implied romance has even less to do with the "story" than Dumbledore's fling. Dumbledore's fling resulted in the death of his sister or whatever, while Korra and Asami deciding that boys are icky at the last second of the show could be cut without any real loss, and in fact would make a considerable bit more sense than the contrary.

>> No.36925365

I love how the salty ones keep trying to say it's an agenda.

Purest love won. No one really thought it would, kids show and all, but it did.

>> No.36925370


>> No.36925630

It's basically like a gay suckerpunch.

You're set up like "oh, look, these two girls are the best of friends! How nice!", but then out of nowhere "WHAM, THESE GIRLS GOT THE BRAIN DAMAGE."

It's basically a cheap shot by the writers after the fight is already over. If you want them to be gay, you should do that in the show, not as a "yeah, we never really said it, but we're going to say it" when it's past the point where it matters.

>> No.36925758

>directly fusing with your lover
>Not merging with a good friend while your lovers merge
>Not having a wild orgy while merging in every possible combination

>> No.36925790

There was plenty of buildup.

>> No.36925872

but they did say it in the show. At least as loudly as Nick would let them.

Visual references exist for a reason.

>> No.36925888

Next on the news, any two people who share a common understanding with each other and take pleasure in each other's company are now romantically involved!

All friendships are anulled, and we now live in an age where if you don't have sex with someone, you don't love them.

Stay tuned for our next big reveal, "I bet you didn't know Ben Franklin and George Washington were gay for each other!"

>> No.36926010

>At least as loudly as Nick would let them.

Which still isn't saying it.
There's a steep divide between "friends" and "lovers", and holding hands isn't really crossing it.

Thanks to it being a kid's show, the series ended without any real confirmation, to such a degree that in the future, someone will be able to watch the series and say "What a beautiful friendship" without thinking any further.

>> No.36926074

Fair enough. Although I do (for some stupid reason) hold some belief that people are intelligent enough to catch the visual references as an archival viewer. Hell it should have been rather obvious given the visual reference in the end to Varrick and Zhu Li's marriage a few minutes earlier.

>> No.36926095


I wouldn't put it past Ben Franklin. The bastard would hit basically anything and everything.

>> No.36926244

They could have simply smiled at each other for a few seconds longer than necessary, and that would have been enough of a "visual reference" to basically end the series with "HA HA, THEY WERE DIKES ALL ALONG!"

Get the right music, maybe add a pink glow to the screen, and you've got more than enough visual imagery to say "THEYSA GONNA FUCK."

It's as straight-forward as it comes in regards to what the writers were intending, but there's still way more than enough wiggle room to say "Well, when my kids ask, I can just say they're good friends."

So much wiggle room, it's actually harder to say "they're going to sex each other" instead of "they don't even want to kiss each other, how gay can they be?"

>> No.36926303

He wouldn't have any time for men thanks to all the women that needed Ben to strike their keys with lightning.

Half of America and a quarter of France are probably his bastards.

>> No.36926349


I think you're just projecting where an agenda is concerned, but yes it is poor writing.


See what makes me sad is that they would just go ahead and spoil the season like that. It's an ambiguous enough ending we could go into the next season and get invested in a budding romance and how it turns out. But this is basically just saying "yeah this is what happens, sorry if you like to watch things unfold like a normal human being."

>> No.36926407

It would have been a better visual reference if asami had been relevant at all the past two seasons.

or ever.

>> No.36926434

Avatar has always been awful at making non-benders relevant.

Also she was responsible for much of the tech stuff.

>> No.36926469

The couldn't even give her screen time except in the most contrived of situations. I'm actually all for Korrasami but they spent about as much time together as a hooker and her john.

>> No.36926478

They spent dickloads of time together in S3.

>> No.36926490


God, I'd have killed for a fight scene with her and a few Earth Empire soldiers at the end of it. Either a mechasuit brawl or going to town with that taser glove.

>> No.36926494

Sokka was perfectly relevant in ATLA, not in fights, but he at least developed in a non-hamhanded way. Sokka was probably the best part of ATLA

>> No.36926623

S3 asami literally had nothing to do. She was some how more useless than s4 where they invented the crap with her dad to pad out her story.

>> No.36926660

You mean worst, right?
Sokka was always horrible and never grew to be cool or anything.

>> No.36926731

Are characters only cool to you if they have magic weeabo marysue powers?

>> No.36926758

>disliking Sokka
Confirmed for shit taste

>> No.36926771

You and I are enemies now.

>> No.36926783

>I think you're just projecting where an agenda is concerned, but yes it is poor writing.

It's not agenda pushing, but half-assed agenda pushing.

One actively tries to change minds, while the other is so non-offensive that it actually ends up being offensive.

No one (sane) is going to watch the Legend of Korra and say "Look at that strong, proud lesbian role model! This show really helps break down barriers, and really tries to show both the struggles and triumphs of a gay character without throwing sexuality excessively into our faces!"

They're going to say "Well, I guess the show could have been worse. It really didn't live up to my initial expectations, and the writing took a steep dive as early as half-way through the first season. Still, it managed to pull through in a way, and I guess I'm glad I watched it all the way to the last-THEY'RE GONNA WHAT?! Really? I mean, I guess Korra was a butch as butch can get without testicles and she's got really nice abs, and Asami is basically a dolled-up lipstick-wearing sex fantasy who's somehow managed to stay in the show despite not really mattering past the first half of the second season, but really? Did the two writers do this just so there would be more yuri porn of the two to jack off too? Not that I'm complaining about that, that's just- They're saying what on tumblr? Something about equality or something? I get it, you're going for the "white-Straight-male-apologist" route, but after tackling race, cuture-focus, gender-roles, economic disparity, and now sexual-orientation, your next series is going to need to have a girl fucking a goat while two men rape a baby in order to keep this ball rolling."

>> No.36926789


We're at the point tech-wise where sufficiently souped up nonbenders can have bullshit powers too, and with Asami's main focus being her technical knowledge you'd think she'd cash in on this.

Maybe going full Iron Man would be pushing it, bu tI don't see why she couldn't have some sort of combat armor and maybe some electric whips or dart guns.

>> No.36927227

Anon, you're more tumblr than the tumblr you're trying to project on good, wholesome yuri.

>> No.36927344

It really sounds like you're projecting.

>> No.36927475

Hey, would you mind using a tripcode?

>> No.36927706

No, but they at least need to not be consistently groan inducing.

>> No.36929135

who ever made this...I like them..they crazy...I like them.

>> No.36929169

spirit spiders
millions of them

>> No.36930442

>for a small while
Why only a small while?

>> No.36931237

Keep looking for them agendas, bro.

>> No.36934454

>Although, considering the moon is a spirit, it'd be a little awkward to plant a Water Tribe flag on her face

It's like you actually don't know about how Buzz Aldrin fucked our moon spirit into submission on the Apollo 11 mission.

>> No.36935155

Announcing things on Tumblr, or even visiting Tumblr, is basically admitting to being part of the machine.

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