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Post you're /tg/ waifu who is always in your party.

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>Post you're /tg/ waifu
That I can do
>who is always in your party
Sounds like an easy way to ruin both the waifu's novelty/uniqueness and water down every game with an unnecessary member.

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SR player here

tfw no qt pilot gf

I work for an airline of all things, it shouldn't be that hard

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chicks dont fly planes doe

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I like her pants-embedded IPhones. The Future!

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Not many, but we've got some. A few dozen out of 1500 or so pilots.

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it's reel

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It's her first game she's appeared in, but I think this character is on the way to Waifu status.

She's Old Man Henderson's teenage daughter.


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how come the girls don't like planes anon?

Is it the fear of flying and the pressure of such responsibility in an alien situation? Cos i totally understand that.

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>She's Old Man Henderson's teenage daughter.
From Hastur?HasturHastur

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wat bus? is that a school bus?

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I feels ya bruh

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>Pariya as waifu party NPC


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I think it's the obnoxious male captains, to be honest. There's still a lot of good ol boy shit in the industry. Although right now wages are shitty and no one gets enough sleep, so basically nobody wants to be a pilot.

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Fair enough, that sucks. I'd want a qt pilot gf too

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Not many countries where women are drafted to the military and not all countries take female volunteers for armed forces. I bet a lot of pilots are ex- airforce.

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Unless its Soviet Army.

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you mean Israel?

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>soviet Army
One, its Russian (or Ukrainian, or Belorussian or whatever) these days, not Soviet, and two its an air force, not an army.

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More of em seem to be current airforce reserve, actually, but yeah, we have a lot of military types.

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Pre-natal exposure to testosterone and other androgens directly increase your spatial reasoning (determining velocity, direction, visualizing 3D spaces etc), hand-eye-coordination and other things that are vital to pilots.

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>Sounds like an easy way to ruin both the waifu's novelty/uniqueness and water down every game with an unnecessary member.

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Got any sauce on that? I'm not saying you're wrong, but a lot of people bullshit about stuff like this so I don't believe it until they show me a study that proves it.

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You have good taste.

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Simon Baron-Cohen (the cousin of the comedian, actually a respected researcher at Cambridge) also touches on it but his stuff can be a little more contentious since it kinda goes against current political mores.

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i don't believe you Satan.

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Every party I play in has been full of serious toned adventures (Not edge lord or sue level mind you) that tend to be so focused on being badass or awesome that they forget to have fun.

Enter Jamjars the friendly, obnoxiously happy gnome to make sure the party gets nice and distracted with having fun on there way to being badasses.

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Your waifu is an owlbear?

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No dipshit

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wait.. you mean yours isn't?

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I contain multitudes; I have many waifus.

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>More than one waifu will destroy your laifu.

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I'm pretty sure I played with a guy who had one NPC as his waifu. I say "pretty sure" because it might have been just for fun, but I doubt it.

"Getting your soul transfered into a catboy's clone so that you can have kids with a NPC" isn't the kind of thing you do just for the lol. Though I suppose the power-gaming had a role in it, on some level

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>many waifus

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i'd gladly share a body with her.
feeling comfy inside and so close.

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>Around waifus, you don't have laifus.

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Rolled 8, 15 = 23 (2d20)

stay classy buffalo boi :3
imagine the double spell casting bonuses and dual wand using because you've two souls in a body.
roll related.

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No one in the party likes playing healers unless they're also barbarians.

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Illiterate rage medics? Sure, why not.

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Illiterate Rage Medics would be fine, if he wasn't calling himself a godly cleric of the God of War when all he does is murder people and look for more powerful things to murder. He told me that he wouldn't be a barbarian because then he'd be unoptimized, so he's going to play a cleric instead.

He's such a god damn munchkin.

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So... Lesbian pilots, then?

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>calling himself a godly cleric of the God of War when all he does is murder people and look for more powerful things to murder

I mean, if he hadn't straight up told you he was doing it to be a munchkin, what else exactly were you expecting from a divinely ordained priest of the god of armed conflict?

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SR4 player here.

wAIfus forever

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Then I wish someone had shot me up something fierce because I have enough trouble with this aviation shit as a man.

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> 3d waifus
Please end your laifu
who is this semen demon

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>who is this semen demon
Luna Lovegood, from Harry Potter.

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You're my nigga

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>Luna Lovegood
why do I have this strange fetish that I'd love to read her secret diary while caressing her head on my lap?

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I fly for the Navy. It's even worse here.

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what does she study?

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I assume it's BL, boy love.

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Step it up

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She clearly had a crush on some guy and has been studying human courtship rituals and dating in the library after school.

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>human courtship rituals
just invite her to have a strawberry pie then play 5e.
>inb4 1 dm 1 player gameplay is shit.

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jesus fucking christ man! this is a SFW board! take that smut to /d/ or /k/ where it belongs!

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i've got a stripping here:

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>Although right now wages are shitty and no one gets enough sleep
And it will stay that way until you get a union.

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The owlbear has stolen your wife. Therefore I have stolen the owlbear's wife. You will love her like your own. YOU WILL LOVE HER

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This anon gets it.

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I play characters I'd romance if given the chance.

They're all manly men

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are you a grill?
>tfw i can't even rp female chars.
feels gay man.

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>boy love.
Any relation to

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Yes, and just RP as you normally would but as a woman. Swap pronouns and all that. Don't act like something Tumblr would adore.

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>Post you're /tg/ waifu who is always in your party.

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War is a means, not an end. It's not the God of Violence he's worshipping.

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She made me discovered my love for boom mage and royalty.

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Best loli pope.

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Its just Empress now.

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I always make sure my character has a relationship with a helpless member of the opposite sex somewhere either in their family tree or in their pants so the dm could kill/capture/mind control them for free plot hooks. In fact I always enjoy it when players sprinkle potential plot hooks into their backstories.

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i prefer brother & younger sister or niece wincest.

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>Not making your character a helpless person that needs rescuing all the time
>Not making a more powerful, opposite gendered, background character the GM can use if he wants to.

I almost always do this if given the chance. I had a priest (As in, can't wear any armour, has fuck-all defense or offense capabilities, and was basically just a healbot) who had a NPC older brother who the GM said was always 5 levels above me. This meant this sick Paladin-out-of-nowhere would show up and buttfuck anyone dumb enough to fuck with his sister.

Was especially funny when one of the other PCs died, and made a bard who tried to hit on my character. He did it once. Just once. He almost had to reroll because of it.

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they still force you boys to take amphetamines to stay awake?

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Best elf companion an adventurer could ask for.

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binders full of waifus

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I actually raged at the part where you're shot down because I was trying to do a pacifist playthrough and I kept failing what with the tranq rifle.
Then I just went berserker rush and punched or tazed everybody in the face and hit the robot with an EMP mine.
Nobody fucks with my waifu.

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Rolled 17 (1d20)

plz stat these.

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>TFW no kuudere chocolate cheesecake childhood friend gf with whom I can talk about science and RPGs and shit
I ask you, /tg/, why live?

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>chocolate cheesecake
What does this mean? That's she's brown and chubby?

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Oh, but don't worry, you have something FAR better!

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>tfw no razorgirl waifu
time to end mai laifu

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>I fly for the Navy. It's even worse here.
>has the only job in the navy that doesn't automatically make you a flaming faggot for being a squid
>gets to be a pilot on taxpayer dollars
>gets to wear those bitchin' dress whites
>is an officer so gets paid decently well
>is a pilot so getting laid is easy as fuck
>has the audacity to complain
With all due respect sir, you're a whiny little bitch who doesn't deserve his wings. The ONLY reason you should be allowed to complain is that you don't get to fly The Master Race.

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Nigga is you serious? Least you ain't a CS, I would feel sorry for them except then I'd be cranking for them.

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'cheesecake' just means physically attractive woman - the counterpart to 'beefcake'.

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There's not exactly a whole lot of competition with that.

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>choosing the characters other players use
What the fuck kind of games are you playing?

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it's more about the style and posing than the content. It isn't just "any attractive woman."

It described the picture itself.

Think like "an attractive woman who is clearly only posed/dressed that way to get you off"

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I would beat the breaks off Luna

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Thanks for reminding me that I've got to read that.

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Read what?

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Otoyomegatari, a story set in Central Asia about a boy and his wife.
That's like 8 years his senior.
Other things happen of course, and more importantly, its very well drawn.

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And researched. It's amazingly researched.

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To illustrate, this is quite literally the very first page you get to see in the first volume.

>> No.36805240

Not for everyone, though. You have to be the kind of person who can make it through a mostly silent chapter that's all about woodcarving in 19th century Central Asia.

If you are that kinda person, it's great, though.

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I must read it all

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Wow. The thing is, Central Asia is weird enough that situation is totally believable. That's not even the weirdest Central Asian cultural idiosyncracy I've heard of. That would be the holiday where young men go on horseback (or in cars) to kidnap and marry young women. It's even an event in Central Asian olympics.

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I was talking more about the quality of the drawing.

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It looks pretty damn good.

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The DM gave all of our PCs a waifu because he wants us to make big happy families as we grow our kingdom.

The half-elf got a Tsundere cavalier Elf who's been nagging him about marriage and is secretly into the kinky shit.

The Half-Orc's got a multitude of options that range from a busty whorehouse madame and the busty ambassador.

The Elf's got a troubled Changeling apprentice.

The Monk has Sakura. Like, pretty much Sakura (The street fighter one.)

The Gnome's got a quirky (pregnant) Gnomish waifu.

And my character... Uhh, problem with my character's waifu is she isn't exactly good to look at. Or interesting. Or really anything for that matter, which is an issue I've been trying to express but the concerns I think haven't been going through to the DM.

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i want to fuck luna
too lewd?

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She'll probably say something to the effect of 'Is that all?'

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i don't get it never read Harry Potter

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She's the quirky one. Fucking is boring, step it up or it's a no-go.

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The trick is to not either play as a dude minus the dick or as a STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN WHO DON'T NEED NO MAN.

>> No.36809120 [SPOILER] 

then what would she be into? hand-holding?

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>Why aren't women in x?
>Well, it's OBVIOUSLY because the men in the industry hate women >:c

Why is it so hard for you people to accept that men and women enjoy and excel at different things?

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Cause there's a literal conspiracy to hide all the evidence to the contrary

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My waifu is Sauron-chan.

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