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The Arbites protected you and there were courts of law. So you didn't need a friend like me. Now you come and say "Don Capone, give me justice." But you don't ask with respect. You don't offer friendship. You don't even think to call me "Chapter Master." You come into my house on the day my primarch is to be celebrated and you ask me to do exterminatus - for money.

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is this what a mafia themed chapter would be like?

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Aspirants are protection fees given by the Planetary Governor.

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Man, a Cosa Nostra-styled Space Marine Chapter would be awesome.

-Astra Nostra (or something else Family-related)-
-Unknown Lineage or possibly Raven Guard successors (because the Mafia is very much a hit-and-run, asymmetric organization when it comes to violence) or even Dark Angels.
-Black armor with some Red accents
-Red Rose as Chapter Badge/symbol
-Captains called "Dons"

The Astra Nostra would primarily use terror tactics, asymmetric warfare, and rapid, overwhelming force as a general rule of combat doctrines. Their primary special weapons are Flamers and Meltaguns, and their primary heavy weapons would be Heavy Bolters, Autocannons, and Heavy Flamers. They don't have a whole lot of vehicles outside of Razorbacks, but those that they do have are kitted the fuck out and almost revered. Razorback transports are almost exclusively armed with Assault Cannons (as a throwback to Tommy Gun drive-bys).

They are incredibly devoted to the Imperial Cult at the ideological level, but have no problems working around or even killing Ecchlessiarchy who they feel work against the Faith and their ideals.

Loyalty is above all other values to them, and once their trust in you is broken, you may as well run into the Warp, because they are not known for forgiveness.

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If Vito was Chapter Master, what would Michael and the rest of the guys be?

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Chapter Tactics:
If a Rhino moves 12", and in that movement range moves in and out of a 6" bubble of an enemy squad, every model within the rhino may fire at the enemy squad in their shooting phase.

That's a nice Fleet you have there Admiral, it'd be shame if something were to happen to it: Thanks to their legitimate business transactions with many agencies in the Imperium, they are extremely well funded, all IC may make one weapon master crafted.

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So what would their homeworld look like?

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Hive World, corrupt to the core, recruit the most vicious young organized crime wannabe youth.

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An amazing idea would be fucking awesome!

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Just the vicious ones won't cut it. Hiver scum is always vicious. You need to ones who are the bosses of their own crews. Can't have blockheads filling the ranks now can we?

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Well someone has to be in the assault squads, brother.

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Yes but we will all die in service to the Emperor. It wouldn't be suitable for squads to not have capable members to fill the gaps in their leadership should something unfortunate happen in the field.

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I'd say they would recruit the most cunning and those who have certain professionalism to their actions.

It is the need to neatly kill what you haven't the brute strength to with care and professional detachment that the chapter needs.

A scout has not a hope in help of taking out a warboss in a one on one fight. But he can blow the bridge out from under him or rig the trukk to explode.

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