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Stat me /tg/

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+2 spooky

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True Neutral BBEG

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Childhood trauma +5

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Was it just me or moomins were fucking filled with lovecraftian shit? Groke, hatifnats, that winter robot-lady...

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+10 frost resistance
+10 freezing aura
+100 lonelyness ;_;

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Vitun mörkö

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It's not just you. The Moomin books are dark as fuck, that's what makes them so good.

Also waaay more focused on things like social anxiety, seasonal depression, OCD, PTSD, midlife crises and so on than you'd expect from children's books.

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How is she even build? Why does she leave so comically small tracks behind her? Why does she never move her mouth or blinks? Is she one of the kind? What's her backstory? Is it revealed in one of the books?

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that's nordic childrens books for you.
Mind you, these days they are tame, but when I was a kid I had a book about two kids who were friends and then one of them drowned.
Think it was called "Why is Runar gone"...

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It's not a proper bedtime story without having a troll murder someone.

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+1 love of milkshakes.

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>that mix of amazing and fucking hilarious performances

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This fucking book mang.
“The hemulen woke up slowly and recognised himself and wished he had been someone he didn't know."

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As a kid i fucking loved snusmumriken
Totaly lazy guy that loved in nature, did wahtever the fuck he wanted, travled, smoked pipe and had an amazing hat.

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English one was pretty horrible

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Snusmumrikken was a badass.

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I particularly enjoy the contrast between Norway and Poland.
>Norway literally goes full retard
>Poland: We Event Horizon now

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For once, Poland is better.

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Wow, Japanese Moomindad sounds manly as fuck.

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I had nightmares about this guy and so did my brother

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True, but the moomin books are dark even by our standards. Which is what makes them so good, and actually more enjoyable when read as an adult.

Strangely, the Moomin comic strip she drew for an adult audience is a lot lighter in tone than the books she wrote for children, with none of the angst or crushing despair.

Oh man, that's the best one! A group of lonely characters (like the self-loathing Homsa, or the filifjonk whose obsession with routine and cleanliness finally led to a nervous breakdown) come to Moominvalley, this idyllic sanctuary, only to find it abandoned (since the Moomins moved to a lighthouse because of Moomin Papa having another midlife crisis). So they must all overcome their problems on their own. That's some pretty heavy stuff for a children's book.

Also there's the one about the fear post-war Finland had about a Soviet invasion.

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It's a girl

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Japanese Snufkin

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Also read The Dangerous Journey for some really good nightmare fuel.

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That's not Snufkin. That's not Snufkin at all.

The Japs love him, but so do everybody.

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Thats not what i meant, its just that the Japanese VA for Snufkin is the same as Dio Brando from JoJo, hence the picture.

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She is a terrifying, unknown horror in a world full of terrifying, unknown horrors. All we know is that she apparently has a tail (never shown but described in one book), and can speak (although she's usually silent, which just makes her scarier).
She's also pretty tragic, in that all she wants is to feel warmth, but her body is so incredibly cold that it puts out every heat source she comes in contact with.

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And she is very lonely

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Yeah, its also my favorite, but reading about her feelings while making the book is soulcrushing.
Like Moominpappa at Sea, the work is more somber in tone than previous books in the series, and it has been suggested that this is a direct result of the death of Jansson's mother, Signe Hammarsten-Jansson, during the year that it was written. Because of this, it has been described as being a "textbook on letting go, being a mature orphan, existing spiritually alone"[1] and features a young orphan looking for a mother as one of its primary characters. Following this work, Jansson later stated that she "couldn't go back and find that happy Moominvalley again" and so decided to stop writing the Moomin books." ;_;
Honorable mention for "Who will comfort Toffle" or "NEET finds a waifu"

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That's awesome as fuck, actually. I now try to imagine his going WRYYYYY.

More trivia: the character Totiki was apparently based on Tove's lesbian life partner. Which is interesting, since her role in the stories is to be a kind of anchor when the world is strange and scary. Someone who knows stuff and has things under control, even when you don't. It's touching when you think about it that way.

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No book has ever given me as much feels as Who will comfort Toffle, and I got more feels reading it as a grown-up.
It's probably the best book on social anxiety I've ever read.

As a kid, you don't really recognize all those heavy themes. I loved them even then, but I didn't "get" them until much later.

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/tg/ related trivia: Tove Jansson illustrated an edition of The Hobbit. It's pretty good, but for some weird reason she drew Gollum as a giant.

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Apart from that I really liked her take on Tolkien, though.

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From what I've read, she had also gotten tired of the Moomins, and writing about them. Which would explain why there's a whole Moomin book without any Moomins.

The Invisible Child is really damn good, too.

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Still a tame change compared to what Jackson did to book.

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You know, I actually think a roleplaying game set in the world of Moomin could work pretty well, if you go for an indie-style storytelling approach rather than combat and hard statistics. And there's already some pretty well-defined "races" with their own typical mental issues (filifjonks tend to all be stressed out and have OCD, for example). Could work as a one-shot game where the goal is to get to the Moomin valley, anyway.

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She wanted to be regogniced as an artist, after all.

Funny how the comics were so much more oighthearted, despite containing more "adult" material. Especially his brothers stories were wacky. Flirt, money, atomic submarines. There was even one famous drug scene.

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Well, "be a kind of anchor when the world is strange and scary" is pretty much the definition of friend/parent/lover

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meant to

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Oh, definitely. And her landscapes were amazing, and perfectly captured the feel of the locations. Just look at this Mirkwood.

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Exactly. Which is why it seems so obvious to me in hindsight. Tove put a lot of her own feelings into her books, and that's fascinating.

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>let's open /tg/
>expecting another day of "excuse me" quests etc
>suddenly FEELS
>more FEELS
>remember why /tg/ best board

never change /tg/, never change

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Also Moominpapa and Moominmama are very clearly idealized versions of her own parents. This is especially easy to see in Moominmama: she's this infinitely patient, infinitely loving symbol of security and hope. Almost saint-like. In other words, the archetype of a mom.

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Moomin feels are the best feels. Come feel with us.

Which book and/or character gave you the most feels as a kid, and did that change when you grew up?

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There's no way this scene will look this awesome in the movie.

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I'd say Who will comfort Toffle. And nope, still gives the feels

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She drew the chillest Mad Hatter, too.

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If you don't mind, could this anon humbly request a Moomintroll reading list?

I'm just useless at amazon, I see all the different titles and freak out about what to look at first, get confused and leave.
If you would be willing to help with some tips I'd be most grateful.

I don't want to sound edgy but the more feels the better, and spooky shit- Spooky shit is the best

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>tfw no danish

We watched moomkins too you know?

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Well, I'm Swedish (totally worth it just to read the original versions of Moomin books), so I don't know how good the English translations are, but I'd suggest starting out with The Invisible Child. It's a collection of short stories rather than a single story, which makes it easier to digest for people like me who don't have attention spans. It's also very heavy in feels, but without being as soulcrushing as some of the later books got. Winter in Moominvalley is also very good.
There's not really much of a continuity (with a few exceptions), so don't worry about reading them out of order.

Who will comfort Toffle is also mandatory reading. Beautiful book.

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You mean Moomin in general or the comics?
All the books are core. Novels, 8 of them. One short-story collection and 4 picture books.
Comics are an entirely separate thing but fun nevertheless.

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I'd read in original writing order but it's not necessary.

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The Moomins and the Great Flood is the first book but quite different from the others, it's not the best to start with. Go from Comet in Moominland and then you can come back to the Flood.

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Smashing, thank you very much dudes.
I'm more thinking about the books rather than the comics, the darker stuff is what seems so appealing about it all.
Thanks again!

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Yeah, you can read that it that way too. Especially since Comet in Moominland introduces many of the characters, so you'll know what the difference between a snork (no relation to those other Snorks) and a moomin troll. Not that it's really vital to enjoy the books.

The Invisible Child is a better introduction to Tove's writing style, though.

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hey i was going to make a snufkin character for a game of 5th edition can you guys help me out

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I always figured Snufkin was pretty handy with a blade, a dagger or something, no pussy shield.

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Comet in Moominland is about a looming apocalypse, and also an allegory for the Finns' fear of a Soviet invasion. That's pretty dark.

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you got me intrsted.
please continue

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The real question is: Neutral Good or Chaotic Good?

>> No.36680859

My interpretation would be a Half-elf Bard with Friends, Mending, Animal Friendship, Charm Person, Heroism, and Speak with Animals.

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Well, I'm thinking something like Open Seven Design's microgames: a minimalist system made that's more about building a story than getting loot or defeating bad guys. Very little violence, if any at all. Character creation would be simple, and probably focus more on the character's flaws than their strengths. A lot would build on what "race" you pick. I don't know what they're called in English, though, which makes it hard to list them.
But some examples are the hemuls (who are generally super-serious and devoid of any imagination, but occasionally they become eccentrics with a manic devotion to a particular interest, like collecting or partying) or the constantly stressed filifjonks, who tend to be obsessed with maintaining routine just because that's how it's supposed to be, rather than because they enjoy it.

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He's a loner in the books, though. The moomin troll is the only person whose company he actually seems to enjoy.

>> No.36680904

Didn't he plant Hattifnatt seeds in some guys garden? That's not something a NG would do

>> No.36680923

Fuck me that cover is amazing!
Thanks all for the tips.

>> No.36680936

Everyone loves his company though.

>> No.36680937

In other words, I'm thinking more Moominvalley in November or The Dangerous Journey and less like the anime (which is pretty good, but more focused on pleasant feels).

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Yes, but that tends to be lonely, insecure creatures who think he's cool.

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Those are some nice boots.

They might even surpass Alice's in their bootness.

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Tove was an amazing artist.

>> No.36681050

He's a wanderer, they need good books. Also a harmonica, a coffeepot, a pipe and really cool hat.

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The weird part is that according to The Memoirs of Moominpappa, Snuffkin is actually the younger brother of Little My. Which makes her a midget, I guess?

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Now i know why i was scared of her so much! It's the voice in polish version! If i was norwegian i would laugh my ass off at this instead.

>> No.36681131

It's absolutely impossible to sound serious or threatening in Norwegian, the language is just way too jolly and chipper for that.

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She wasn't even speaking. She was just making this sound that made her look like if she was taking a dump in front of their house.

>> No.36681175

This is true, I used to hang with a Norwegian Friend loads and even when he was Super Angry swearing in his own language he still just sounded like a Jolly bartender chuckling through a joke.

>> No.36681197

It also introduces the Hemulen, doesn't it?

Although I've yet to find where Snufkin and Sniff are introduced.

>> No.36681216

Chaotic as hell. He refuses to be tied down to a routine, to the point of leaving the Moomins each autumn (because Moomins hibernate).

>> No.36681279

>Kometen Kommer
Herrejävlar vad läskigt det lät.

>> No.36681324

This is because even the Norwegians are aware of how silly and happy they sound.

>> No.36681367

It's impossible to be angry in Norwegian. Meanwhile, the Finns can swear until the wallpaper peels off.

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I never got to experience these as a kid, but I've seen them here, and on /lit/ and on /co/ and a few other places. Seeing all these feels from /tg/ really makes me wish I had.

WhenifI have kids, they'll totally get to read these.

>> No.36681541

> the Finns can swear until the wallpaper peels off.
We have so much swear words of various intensities that raging in english just feels constrained.

I mean english doesn't even have a word for benis that is so crass, it doesn't sound too out of place if put into the same sentence with "satan's fucking fuck", what kind of a language is this.

>> No.36681576

We Swedes swear constantly, but we do it so often that it doesn't really mean much anymore when we actually get angry. Also it's totally okay to say stuff like "Satan's damned cock-Hell" on children's TV, which is kinda cool.

>> No.36681599

This also leads to Swedes swearing way too much when we talk English as well, since we're so used to it being okay to say that we're goddamn content as shit with these fucking meatballs in everyday conversation. We swear even when we're not excited or upset about something.

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I truely feel sorry for the japanese, like the best they can do in the way of swearing and insults is "damn", and telling someone you won't forgive them while ironically calling them a good sir.

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>tfw finnish-swede who grew up in sweden and you never watched any of this shit when you were a kid

I regret everything.

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Str: 17
Con: 23
Siz: 21
Dex: 7
Int: 11
Pow: 27
Cha: 5
AP: 2, Dam.Mod: +1d6, MP: 27, Mv: 4m, SR: 9
Armour: Thick Fur, 4 all.
Hit Locations:
1-2: Tail, 4/9
3-7: Abd., 4/10
8-12: Chest, 4/11
13-15: R.Arm, 4/8
16-18: L.Arm, 4/8
19-20: Head, 4/9
Abilities: Fatigue Drain (aura), Immunity (temperature), Regeneration (1 HP/hour).
Skills: Athletics 44%, Brawn 58%, Endurance 86%, Evade 34%, Perception 78%, Stealth 68%, Track 64%, Willpower 84%.
Combat Style: Seek Warmth (Grapple) 64%
Hug, Size L, Reach M, 1d8 Cold + Fatigue

She's actually statted in RQ6s Monster Island.

>> No.36681998

Her take on Tolkien, especially The Hobbit, is much closer to what Tolkien actually described than what most other artists did with the material. Probably has something to do with Tolkien basing a whole lot of his stories on finnish mythology and folklore (along with a few others) which Tove likely was rather familiar with.

>> No.36682000

hur i helvete kan man som finlands svensk missat mumin förklara hur detta är möjligt

>> No.36682067

>and telling someone you won't forgive them
>This is the worst you can get in moon

No wonder all my chinese cartoons use "I'll never forgive you" so seriously

>> No.36682093

I just wasn't didn't find it interesting as a kid. Back then I would rather play games on my dads PC. It wasn't until recent years that I realized what I've missed out on.

Kid me was kind of a faggot, I'll admit.

>> No.36682137

I think a lot of us could say that.

It's actually kind of terrifying finding some really annoying kid who just won't leave you alone, and then realize that he's pretty much exactly like you used to be.

>> No.36682141

Definetly chaotic. He's the anarchist of Moominvalley, he has constant problems with any form of authority and despises private property. He carries as little as possible with him to not make his life complicated and he travels all the time because he doesn't like the idea of being tied down to one place.

He actually leaves the Moominvalley because it gets too cold in the winter for him. But that's also because he's too edgy to live in a house.

>> No.36682184

Tfw fennoswede (Suomenruatsalainen) (Although my first words were Hölökyn Kölökyn = Gibberish, but it's used as "cheers") (So I'm a vorn Finn but I soeak fluent swedish and I'm supposed to love sailing, own an Audi, a BMW, along with a Škoda, and a Mercedes Benz with an AMG engine. Also supposed to be super rich, have some qt nickname like "Röbban" and I'm supposed to be snobby as fuck. Truth being: I'm poor, lonely, basically the finnish equavilent of "white trash")

Back to the point:

>be me, happy little child
>Watch moomins
>Forget that my father beat me for the heck of it&as punishment
>Moomins took me away from the harsh reality.
>Fast forward a some amount of years
>Be me
>Current life of anon
>Memory issues, and a temper like Angron's, except that I don't have magical pin cushions stuck to my brain.
>Tfw I only laugh about how I failed to hang myself
>The roof was rotten and gave in, collapsing, I survived with a couple bruises. Still funny though. Being such a miserable failure that I can't even an hero properly.

>> No.36682234

>It's actually kind of terrifying finding some really annoying kid who just won't leave you alone, and then realize that he's pretty much exactly like you used to be.

While it can be said that I don't have the best mental state out there, I see just about everyone in my life as having an aspect of my personality/actions/thoughts in them, and I've shaped and tried making myself better throughout life by basing myself against these people.

Kids like that are the worst.

>> No.36682289

Do they ever adopt English swear words? Other countries do, I've been called a Cunt by a french dude in a tirade of otherwise Parisian abuse.

Have any of you seen that article that Had Tolkien's reaction to most of the Artwork people had produced for the Hobbit anf LOTR? It was really interesting, as I remember it he disliked nearly all of it, except the bits that he liked- those he loved!

>> No.36682320


I thought that her take on Gollum actually eventually became the Moomins?

>> No.36682518

I hope you situation ill improve anon, however lonely you are there are always people who care about you.

Tove Jansson was also qt

>> No.36683485

>Tove Jansson was also qt
I'd give her the cuddles.

And the dick.

>> No.36683742

my mum have this book, used to read it to me when i was a kid

>> No.36683759

I know some of that feel.

I wish I could give you a hug over the internet.

>> No.36683844

Nope, she came up with them waaay before that.

>> No.36683865

She didn't want the d, see >>36680099

>> No.36683995

Wait, this is a thing? So that's why my English speaking friends think I swear so much.

>> No.36684011

You know /tg/, sometimes you're pretty cool guys. Like now, for example.

>> No.36684046

Yeah, it's a thing. I was also pretty shocked when I found out that Americans got offended by me saying "shit" around children. And sometimes, people think I'm angry because I start swearing randomly. It's a cultural difference thing.

>> No.36684101

Hell, even we norwegians, who swear the least of all scandinavians, tend to adopt fuck as some sort of neutral punctuation when we speak english.

>> No.36684107

>6 legs

Ok, what would you call this Smaug?

>> No.36684128

It's fucking hard to drop the habit.

>> No.36684160

A dragon.

In Swedish, any large reptilian monster is a dragon, pretty much. Even serpents. We don't have a special word for wyverns.

>> No.36684213

It is kind of a same in Finland, though English doesn't really give us the same range of curse words as Finnish does.

>> No.36684218

Same thing in Norwegian. A large reptile is a "Drage" or a "Drake", which are the same thing. No words for the different breeds and types.

>> No.36684292

>you will never live snufkin's hardcore NEET life

>> No.36684355

Or, now that I think about it, we have a term for Serpents. "Orm" which is used for all long, creeping, legless animals like snakes and worms.
"Linnorm" (Norse "Linnormr") is a term for bi-legged, serpent-like dragons, and also seaserpents.
>"Linnorms are usually depicted as an animal with a dragon's head, an eagle's legs, bat wings and a read body in the shape of a twisted tail which ends in an arrrow."
But yeah, there are very pretty uncommon terms. A dragon is usually just called a dragon, regardless of legs.


>> No.36684381

For me it was probably the groke.
When i was young she scared the shit out of me but when i grew older and learned more about her i just felt sorry for her.

>> No.36684482

Finland has a specific word for "Dragon". It's "Salmon-snake" in english.

I don't even fucking know.

>> No.36684518

I think the etymology was more of a Louhi-käärme. Kinda like Kirke-snake, if we go with similiar mythological figures.

>> No.36684526

>"Orm" which is used for all long, creeping, legless animals like snakes and worms.
>Our language doesn't differentiate between dragon types
>We also don't differentiate between fucking worms and fucking snakes
>This totally makes us qualified to say there is no difference because my fucktarded language that doesn't even differentiate between worms and snakes says so!

>> No.36684566

No, snake is "orm" and worm is "mask". Why are you angry?

>> No.36684608

Triggered? Did Smaug have wrong number of legs?

>> No.36684613

>dat polish
Holy fuck, I was not prepare for this, as a little kid I was watching this show and was scare shitless, cause I have no idea what that fucking thing was. Now... I am still scare.

>> No.36684647

I had the same fucking book... I hated that book so much.

>> No.36684648

"Orm" is an umbrella term, while "snake" is "slange", and "worm" is "mark". It should be noted that the English word "worm" can also mean "dragon".

>> No.36684652


Or "Rocksnake", since Louhi's name is from same root as "Louhos" ("Quarry") or "Louhikko" ("Boulder Soil"). It is also a reference for Finnish goddess of pain, Loviatar ("Lovi" meaning "Notch" or "Wound").


>> No.36684668

Even we Swedes freely admit that the Finns are superior swearers.

>> No.36684685

Snake is most correctly "slange", and a worm is a "mark", but some use "orm" for both. It's a bit of a regional thing.
The University of Oslo defines "Orm" as:
1. Snakes.
2. Snake-like reptiles.
3. Long (snake-like) invertebrates.
4. Some kinds of larvae.
Basically everything that's snake-ish. It's an umbrella term, and can be used for dragons and seaserpents.

>> No.36684693

Oh you silly /tg/, getting this defensive about dragon legs.

>> No.36684755

Yeah, have to agree, Scotts and Finns are pretty bomb at swearing.

>> No.36684892

Have you thought about getting help?

If your a failure, then by whose standard are you a failure? Do they have a justified foundation for calling you a failure? Do you? Basically, any standard of foudational axiom can be kicked down and reduced into nothingness. What I'm infering is not positive. Staying alive is meaningless, but killing yourself is also meaningless. If you take the time to negate the axioms of your assumptions and value, you realise that nothing you do has any significance and that death is now salvation from the inherant meaningless of your life. You, as sartre puts it, are forced to be free. You have no standards to justify your decisions or values, which is both uplifting and terrifying at the same time. Your not a failure, but your not a sucess either.

Think of it as you will.

>> No.36685600

My moomin figurines arrived few weeks ago.

Gonna gift them to my family,
one for each family member.

>> No.36685808

being a failure.

I like geiman book "Ocean at the end of the lane"

One of the phrases is:
"Silly you can't fail at life. There is no one to judje you, you just live."

>> No.36685935 [SPOILER] 

who else would love to see a biopic of her life?
>look for the 80s moomin series op
> find it
>haven't heard this song since 1983
>pic related

>> No.36686193

This bitch was always far more creepy to me than the groke was, mostly because the lady of the cold was actively malevolent.

>> No.36686225

The word they use carries a lot of weight, and is basically a demand that the person kill themselves.

>> No.36686227

Also, that god damn song.

>> No.36686283

1 is the loneliest number

>> No.36686304

Japan has a lot of words that seem regular to us but really carry a strong implied meaning.

>> No.36686387

aww man, this song gives me chills.

>> No.36686422

Oh damn, that's that Polish version with puppet.
It always somehow made me uneasy as a kid, but I didn't knew why.
Years later, after reading Moomins as an adult, I know.

>> No.36687002

The episode where they summon the devil was banned in quite a lot of countries

>> No.36687368

As an Amerifag I'm jealous of superior European children's books. Our asses got stuck with shit like the Bernstein Bears.

>> No.36687474


Seriously, that reverb made her super otherworldly and weird. The sound guy was either a genius or just hated kids.

>> No.36687533

Where are they from, not all English speaking countries give a shit.

I come from Scotland and swearing is used to punctuate most things.

>> No.36687572

That Marchhare stonerface tho. cracks me up.

>> No.36687629


Metaphor for icequeen lesbian level 10.

>> No.36687690

I'm kinda mad that of all Astrid Lindgren's books the one adopted by schools in Poland is the Bullerbyn Kids. I liked it as a kid, but now that I look back I kinda wish we had to read Pippi Longstocking or Ronja instead.

BTW, Sanzoku no Musune Ronja is pretty comfy.

>> No.36687905

Why would a lesbian write that? It's more likely she's a metaphor for seasonal depression.

>> No.36687935

Don't feel bad, at least you have... um... well... okay you're right. American children's books are lame in comparison with European ones, especially Scandinavian.

>> No.36688054 [DELETED] 

It's almost too easy to imagine him pinching a join.

>> No.36688119

>this thread

I've found new respect for you, /tg/.

>> No.36688143

Wut, the japanese made a Ronja adaptation?
I remember the wee ol' times as a lad when i had a crush on the girl who played Ronja in the movie.

>> No.36688190

It's Studio Ghibli, too. The downside is that it's CGI, but I've heard it's still pretty good. A lot closer to the book than the movie was.

Also no vildvittra tits.

>> No.36688254 [DELETED] 

The Byllerby books are kinda mediocre as far as Astrid Lindgren goes, too.

>> No.36688354

I dont really mind cgi, but i thought they didnt wanna give any Lindgren stuff to Ghibli?
I want a Ghibli Pippi.
Are the songs in this one?

>> No.36688617

The way I heard it, Mårran was meant as a metaphor for one of Toves lovers who where very reserved. Thus, she was very lonely since she never let anyone get to close.

>> No.36688683

I've only seen a few episodes, but Ronja's mother sings to her sometimes. And Mattias is very cute.
Note that it's very, very kiddy. There's hardly anything happening per episode and it's mostly cutesy stuff with a bit of adventure and slow plot.

>> No.36688721


>> No.36688724

Well, I've read crazy theories. Like the one that found phallic symbols all over moomin valley, from the house to Little My's hairstyle. Because women are constantly thinking about dicks, amirite?

Yeah, I don't really get that kind of people.

>> No.36688755

*crazier theories

Time to go to bed.

>> No.36688807

I like the psuedo europe/scandinavia as seen by the japanese. Like how they eat rice, which would be all but impossible to cultivate due to the harsh climate or the spooky masks which is more of a thing japanese bandits did to hide their identity. If you where a wanted man in medival eurowegia it was an easy thing to just retreat north/ into the woods and disappear off the face of the earth.

Then there are a few things which puzzle me. Like why Sturkas was sharpening a scythe in one scene, since they probably don't have any fields to tend to in a goddamned keep in the middle of a forest.

>> No.36688858

Well, the death of the author kinda does that. Now everyone can have their own special snowflake theories which are just as valid as the authors. Not to imply that it's a bad thing, but you know. There's alot of fucking chaff compared to interesting and/or valid readings.

>> No.36689029

So what you're saying is, the only good threads left on /tg/ have nothing to do with traditional games?


>> No.36689039

I kina liked the expanded backstory between Mattis and Borka. Short but effective in actually motivating their rivalry. I also chuckled at the fact that Mattis dad was just grown-up Mattis with a big bushy mustache.

>> No.36689052


>> No.36689076

That is one thing that bums me out about these sorts of theories, they always seem to balloon once the author dies- It's like them no longer being able to say "That's absolute Rubbish" means people feel a new freedom to project their own ideas or readings onto the authors work. Don't get me wrong, I do think that's an important and great thing- I love Phillip Puillman's refusal to talk too much about what his books mean because he feels its up to the reader to interpret things in their own way and take what they want from a piece of writing. However I do feel a bit uncomfortable when people start spouting stuff that does have interesting but quite resounding ramifications AFTER the author can no longer reply. It feels like people only pull out the super-wacky theories once the author can't call them out on it.

>> No.36689110

Oh cool, is it jap version of Vargsången (the wolfs song?)?

>> No.36689159

Also keep in mind that there's a certain brand of armchair psychologists who will always point at anything and say that it's full of dicks. Especially if it's a work for children, or if the author is confirmed to not be heterosexual.
It's Freudian analysis for babies, more or less.

>> No.36689209

That's...not what Death of the Author means.

>> No.36690103

I know that feel bro. It's because Amerifag culture is all about competing with everyone else and being the best at everything and getting along with authority, so all our children's books are lame garbage about being good and believing in yourself and accomplishing all the goals you're statistically never going to accomplish.

>> No.36690207

Meanwhile, scandinavians grew up with books about death and despair. Feels good, man.

>> No.36690487

>There's hardly anything happening per episode and it's mostly cutesy stuff with a bit of adventure and slow plot.
What is every anime ever.

>> No.36690619

So she was an artistically talented qt AND into yuri?

Could she be any more perfect?

>> No.36690724

My Hungarianfag self can relate. Saying "may that whore god fuck it" just doesn't roll off the tongue i English, and neither does telling them to jump on death's cock.

In fact I'm pretty sure an average American would get an aneurysm at how many of the harder Hungarian swears include calling god a whore or similar things.

>> No.36690902

Those do sound interesting. How do you say (or write) that in hungarian?

>> No.36691697

Why didn't Miya-hata make an Arthur Ransome World Masterpiece Theater when they had the chance? They're some of Miyazaki's favorite books.

>> No.36694000

I haven't seen this! Does someone know of a video source?

>> No.36694054

If she's the personification of loneliness what happens if she dies? Do people stop feeling lonely?

>> No.36695562

I had that as a poster.

>> No.36696625

She also changes with the seasons. Moomin saw her once in autumn, and when he sees her again in mid-winter he notes that she's much larger now.

>> No.36696639

> for some weird reason she drew Gollum as a giant.
She hadn't read LotR. Gollum isn't described much in the Hobbit, it just says he's some kind of slimy creature that sometimes kills and eats Orcs.

>> No.36696913

Weed helps. Tbh that's the only way that I can feel other things than anger.
I'm otherwise quite happy, I laugh and stuff but it's either laughing, raging, or crying.

No need anon. You stay happy. Others being happy makes me happy-ish.
Like watching a toddler laugh. It makes me happy for a moment. Then I'll have to excuse myself for either sobbing or punching/kicking stuff. Damn shit I sound like a boo-hoo attention whore. Time to visit /d/ then...

No need anon. I smoke weed and get piss drunk. Sometimes random coke sprees but those are usually short&end in disaster. Also, I didn't understand like half what you wrote. But it's fine.

Kaikki on hyvin as we finns say, usually a week or two before we go on suicidal killing sprees/kill ourselves.

>Greatest shitty country in the world.

>> No.36696981

>May that whore god fuck it- A kurva isten bassza meg!

>Go jump on death's cock- Menj a halál faszára

Then there's also all the variations involving a certain 'copper-dicked owl' and the various things people oughtta do with its dick

>> No.36697042

As a finfag, I can somewhat relate to this.

I've yet to succumb to suicidal thoughts, but I've had some moments of depression.

I hear that most things suffer from depression, I wonder what makes us tick like that?
That being said, I can only keep going thanks to my friends, hobbies, A hope for Rance VI and other stuff to be fully translated, this site in general and dying is a hassle.

>> No.36697091

>I hear that most things suffer from depression
Ah, goddamnit, all these typos
>I hear most finns suffer from depression

>> No.36697151


>> No.36697158


I've failed suicide three times over. Or four but the fourth was an accident.

/tg/ keeps me going. /tg/ & vast amounts of toxic substances. Alongside /k/ (cheeki breeki iv damke) and my nepphews.

Kuljen kossulla eteenpäin. Piriä suonissain.

Also 40k. Because it's hilarious.


>Hei muumit!

>> No.36697185

how do you accidentally an hero?

>> No.36697234

I remember the last time I got myself piss drunk with my friends for the first time.
Oltiin mökillä, grillattiin kaikki lihat mitä löyty. Krapula-aamu oli vallan mainio. Sääli vaan että meni hyvät ruuat sinä.

>> No.36697268

I just hope your life will take a turn for the better soon anon, last winter i had to talk my little sister out of suicide.
I don't really know your situation but i hope someone will lend out a hand to help you through your trouble.
Fucking scandinavian winters man.

>> No.36697325

But he's not a bard.
He's just a wanderer that passes time by playing his harmonica.

>> No.36697574

What's with all the JoJo-Moomin I keep seeing, on different sites no less?

>> No.36697627

Tove Jansson was a really interesting person, and a fantastic artist to boot.

>> No.36697635

I think its something about the VA for much of the japanese Moomin is also in JoJo, Snufkin and Dio share the same and i think Kars and Moominpappa are the same.
I also requested this one from a drawfag in a jojo thread.

>> No.36697640

Rance VI will be completed (translation) sometime in early or mid 2016.

>> No.36697652

Apparently Dio and Snuffkin had the same voice actor. Also, they're both big in Japanese pop-culture, and fun to combine since they're so completely different in tone.

Also have some Alucard Moomin.

>> No.36697659

Play around with explosives innawoods. Get a tree to fall on you.

Was close to the tree fucking around with some bleach made boom boom.

Krapulamättö pitää aina piillottaa seuraavaa aamua varten.

Alkoholismi ja sekaköyttö ei ole suositeltavissa.

I'm over all that suicide shit. Now I'm just angry as shit and slowly killing myself utilizing the wonders of binge drinking and various narcotics.

>> No.36697669

Tove Jansson was basically the best, pretty much.

>> No.36697700

Actually Wham

Also, Solid Snake.

Solid Snake Moominpappa

>> No.36697717

>Solid Snake Moominpappa
The ultimate man.

>> No.36697719


The first part would make a great reaction gif

>> No.36697725

I never knew I wanted this but now I want it more than anything else.

>> No.36697734

I really can't imagine her jump or do a somersault.

>> No.36697750

>Solid Snake Moominpappa

I need to see a drawing.

>> No.36697752

He stabs dudes in the neck, write memoirs, eats live frogs and has midlife crises.

>> No.36697794

Ah, i just remebered there was one of the pillarmen.
Sharing VA makes for the best crossover art.

>> No.36697851

Back in school, when art lessons finally reached the theoretical crap, instead of just painting stuff, there were phallic and sexual symbols everywhere, appearently.
Like, hand missing on one of those ugly paintings from the early 20th means impotence or fear of impotence or something.
It sounded like so much fucking rubbish. Like, are there artists that sit down and think "Now I will not draw a hand on this arm, because impotence!"
It was so goddam obnoxious, I'm still unreasonable hostile to any sexual interpretation on things that are not blatant about it.

>> No.36697904

It's the easiest way to interpret art and pretend you understand symbolism and psychology, that's why people do it. I'm fine with people doing it as a joke ("that looks like a dong lol!", but when self-proclaimed experts claim that the dicks they see everywhere clearly means something, it just gets obnoxious.

Then again, there are cases where it really is for real, but that's just because Hideo Kojima thinks mecha boners are hilarious.

>> No.36697962

He's also Batou, Big Boss, and in dubbed movies, he's Samuel L Jackson, Nicholas Cage, Steven Segall, Denzel Washington, Antonio Banderas and Dolph Lundgren.

Samuel L Mummipappa' Bizzarre Ghost in the Metal Gear III: Vampire Eater.

>> No.36697969

This is the fucking manliest thing.

>> No.36697981

Knowing Pixiv, this pic probably already exists there.

>> No.36697992

>Hideo Kojima thinks mecha boners are hilarious
Now, juvenile humour is different, something we can always count on.
"long shapes are dicks" is just so dum - because the world is full to the brink with long shapes!
Trees and snakes and mountains and weapons - hell, weapons are long because it's impractical to bludgeon your enemy with a ball, not because penis. They are generally the best shape for tools, and the best shape for building big things while saving space. Wedges are very common for practical reasons, too, i.e.
So fuck of, you freudian fuckheads.

>> No.36698001

Isn't he also Marshal D. Teach from One Piece?

>> No.36698021

>Samuel L Mummipappa
I need this to be a thing in my life.

>> No.36698024

"Artist's" rendering

>> No.36698051

The exception here being horror and monster design, where it's pretty common practice to make things at least vaguely sexual (or extremely, if you're Geiger) because that's creepy.
In a behind the scene feature for the first Mass Effect, one of the designers behind the Thorian said something along the lines of "if you want a monster to be really revolting, you have to make it look vaguely like genitals".

>> No.36698102


>> No.36698113 [DELETED] 

I mammafucking sick of these mammafucking hattifnattr.

>> No.36698167

I'm mammafucking sick of these mammafucking hattifatteners.

>> No.36698367


I don't know if I can give as little a fuck as Snufkin. I don't think I can be a boss ass nigga like him.

>> No.36698442

Fine, but I wasn't complaining about people making secretly sexual stuff on purpose, but about people from which every skyscraper's a penis.
Side note, I'm so fucking used to seeing maggots and leeches and shit in close-up, this thing is neither revolting nor genital-like for me anymore.

>> No.36698484

Hebrew is pretty creepy. Full grudge mode. Nope, forget that Japanese does it better.

Norwegian is full potato.

Polish is fucking creepy.

>> No.36698519

This is a good thread anon. I've never heard of this book before now.

It's on topic to board culture nigga.

>> No.36700218

SAN loss 1d20/1d100.

>> No.36700247

She seems so great. Is there any official biography or autobiography? I'd love to read more about her.

>> No.36700331

scary as she is, I would do her and love it.

>> No.36700483

A question for the Finns and anyone who knows anything about Kalevala:

Would you play as a Character in a game run in/based around Kalevala?

>> No.36700577

Only if everyone is a Bard

>> No.36700791

This is the only one i know of friend.

>> No.36700798

He's the cool kid I never really gets to hang out with, I mean, he's nice and all, comes by every now and then, but he doesn't take me on adventures. Adventures I so long for.

He's the character that makes me the most sad.
Still does.

>> No.36700867

Väinämöinen is fucking great.

>> No.36701068

A bard campaign. It can only be glorious.

>> No.36701105

Kullervo is certainly worthy of being included, if not as a PC as an NPC at least.

>> No.36701409

>I've been called a Cunt by a french dude in a tirade of otherwise Parisian abuse
Now that's unusual. I've heard french speaking people saying "fuck" or "shit", less often "crap", but it's the first time I hear about a french speaker saying "cunt".

>> No.36703298

Bards whose songs are magic.

>> No.36703534

So, bards.

>> No.36703552

Please put stat me in the title so we can filter your threads.

>> No.36703860


>> No.36704021

Begone foul troll of /int/, you have no power here.
Let this beautiful thread rest in peace without defiling it.

>> No.36704334

I've played one, was fun. 10/10 would sing people into a marsh again.

>> No.36704610

Bards are OP in Kalevala.

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