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Android: Netrunner General

Last thread at bump limit!

Post Netrunner things here!

The Source Spoilers here -

All spoilers from the System Crash draft -

O&C Spoilers here -

Previous Thread - >>36566312

What should I buy? - http://www.reddit.com/r/Netrunner/wiki/buyingguide

Want to get a local community going? - http://stimhack.com/meet-lonely-runners-in-your-area/

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>Good night, sweet prince.
>ToastLover-kun, 2060-2077

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Give me one good reason not to include 3x Sagittarius in my deck.

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I think it's nice you're giving this second rate ICE a chance over Grim and Lancelot, to mention just Neutrals

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4 strength
Ichi is better

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4 str + 1 sub = 1 useless ice

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People playing Taurus, any success with it yet?

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>Promo Packs
>5 Random Special Printing of Cards
>Negatives, Full Bleeds, Alt Arts, Alt Universe (Steam Punk, 90s Cyberpunk, etc versions of cards), Gender Swapped IDs, etc
>Has the 2 and 1 ofs from the Core Set and mostly cards that won't rotate out.

Add some Paper Crack back into Netrunner. I'd buy so many of those.

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I find it's only worth it in Blue Sun since the runner can just run through once their hardware is dead. But yeah, it's quite nice there, killing consoles, Plascretes and interfaces.

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It's fine as a one-of in Blue Sun. Wouldn't use it elsewhere or any more than one.

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>Gender Swapped IDs

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>Gender Swapped IDs

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That thing is hardly human let alone Male or Female.

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What's the best idea you've had by reading these /anrg/ threads?

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Moving to Reddit /Netrunner

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Understanding the philosophy behind Anarchs decks beyond the "trash everything" trope. Thanks anon, I learned a lot.

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Quetzal still cutest bird.

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Is Sneakdoor vaporware?

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No, just made by Google. It has been in beta for 23 years now.

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Guys I think I finally figured out Uninstall. It's meant as a neutral equivalent to scavenge for all the anarch toys.

Man, g00ru's fuckin' everywhere. ID when?

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Are you trying to say the professor is g00ru, or that he can benefit from uninstall, or both. It's too early for thinking.

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Well, since shapers already got Scavenge...

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Yes but think of all the utility programs he runs. Ice up archives? Uninstall sneakdoor to pad out your FCC. Can alway scavenge stuff like d4v1d, but there's a limit on the amount of times you can recur it.

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g00ru in my mind is more of a hacker legend than anybody we'll see concretely

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Thanks Lukas

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Ed Kim
Wanton Destruction
Sneakdoor Beta

Aim to get into HQ all the time and trash all the corp's operations before they can get played. Your Hedge Funds mean nothing in the trash.

This sound like a reasonable strategy to build a deck around?

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I do that but using demolition run and nerve agent. It's fun.

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Oh, and add Human First + Frame Job to get your daily dose of jank.

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Playing around with over mind shenanigans. Unfortunately boosting the strengths a bit expensive. Any ideas ?

Chaos Theory: Wünderkind (Cyber Exodus)

Event (20)
3x Diesel (Core Set)
3x The Maker's Eye (Core Set)
3x Sure Gamble (Core Set)
3x Test Run (Cyber Exodus)
3x Scavenge (Creation and Control)
3x Levy AR Lab Access (Creation and Control)
2x Dirty Laundry (Creation and Control)

Hardware (10)
2x Akamatsu Mem Chip (Core Set)
2x e3 Feedback Implants (Trace Amount) ••••
2x Replicator (Humanity's Shadow)
2x Deep Red (Mala Tempora) ••
2x CyberSolutions Mem Chip (Fear and Loathing)

Resource (5)
2x Liberated Account (Trace Amount) ••••
3x Professional Contacts (Creation and Control)

Icebreaker (3)
3x Overmind (Honor and Profit)

Program (2)
2x Magnum Opus (Core Set)

10 influence spent (maximum 15)
40 cards (min 40)
Cards up to Honor and Profit

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Human First + Frame Job actually fits the lore extremely well. I wonder if we'll eventually see cards for Humanity Labor or Simulant Abolitionist Movement.

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You're welcome.

What do you mean I'm not the one you're talking about ?

But... but... I *am* anon !

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I'm currently running a Quetzal deck with 3 nerve agents and demo runs and it works pretty well. Crescentus to shut down expensive ice and such, and imps.

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I don't know about Wanton Destruction for Kim, given his very targeted ID ability, I'd see him more as a mutli access (Medium + Nerve agent) guy, with the occasional big Demolition Run.

Wanton seem more to me like back up disruption for, say, a Keyhole deck, with which you want to hammer R&D, but want something that can keep the corp wary of a lone HQ run that could end up just as disruptive. without the need for several over HQ runs in investment.

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There was a bit of debate the other day about Kim vs Whizzard.

Should Kim call up a gang of Scrubbers (because he has friends) so he can do what Whiz can, or are they too vulnerable?

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Human Fist makes me smile while hurting my inner master-planner ever since it was announced.

It's such a gloriously Anarch card. Potentially *great* (12 or even more) econ over a game for one credit install investment.

But you don't know when you're going to get that money. And when you're getting it, you don't know how much you're going to get. And of course, you need to draw and install the card first.

There's just no way to plan ahead with that card. It's see what happens and improvise.


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I really like Scrubber myself - a card I'll easily put as a one off in Criminal.

Whether you want Scrubber with Kim is going to be meta dependent - sorry about the cop out.

You want Imp. Doubles up on your ID ability and allows you to trash costly things for cheaper. But in a meta that runs a *lot* of cheap 1/2 to trash assets/upgrades, Scrubber can be an incredibly good investment. Not to mention if you're going multi access with him, it fastens your digging a bit.

Anyway, my two cents.

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I think that too.
Every run on R&D that access an operation means that next run is +2 new cards instead of the regular +1 with medium.
I guess the same can be said about Whizzard if he access assets/upgrades.
If you try a Keyhole/Wanton there's no synergy with the ability.
Coincidentaly, Noise is great with Keyhole/Wanton.

If you can spare a card or two, a couple Scrubbers does wonders against NBN/HB campaigns/Jinteki RP. That's straight up econ and denial. It's great.

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Whizzard's far better overall than EdKim, especially currently. Trashes MHC and Jackson for free, and only pays two for SanSan. This I think is most important right now.

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Depends on the meta. A meta heavy on tag'n'bag is a particulary great match up for Kim. Trashing Scorched, SEAs, and Punitives on sight.

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you'll want something to deal with anti-ai programs. Either a couple parasite, or a couple femme.

You have three copies of levy, but you don't seem to have much draw power or reason to want to recur everything. You could go 3x QT instead of diesel to get more out of the levy. If you really want to have the crazy draw power and recursion, you could maybe also drop to 1x e3 and 1x deep red to find some more influence.

on that note, I personally hate liberated. too expensive to play and too long to pay off, especially for the 4 influence it's eating in your deck. you already have mopus for click cred boosting, it just seems a bit overkill. Daily casts is half the net income, but doesn't cost you a click, kati is the usual goto as you can build her up in prep for a huge run

as for the boosting, omnidrive will remove the memory requirement of the overmind, plus give it a free credit to spend on boosting, so it gets another counter and starts at base 2 instead of base 1.

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Thanks brohan that's really useful

>> No.36602761

Yeah, I agree!

I think there are more metas where Whizzard is better than Kim than where Kim is better than Whizzard, though.

Playing Kim over Whizzard at the moment is a mistake.

Play Whizzard, use Imp.

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Bomb out e3, use LLDS processor, and just keep scavenging them. Sell em off with an Aesop's, test run them to bring them back to strength with the Aesop's money, lose e3 for d4v1d

>> No.36602924

Yeah, D4V1D's a great shout, especially due to it being great against Blue Sun.

>> No.36602943

More like Hayley, LLDS Processor, Chameleon, and some kind of recurring credits to pay for 2 Chameleons a turn.

Just drop 2 for 1 click each turn and just run easy.

>> No.36602956


I feel the card was made to complement Salvager, that way not even multiple copies are wasted. Unless salvager doesnt salvage Resources, then I'm fucked.

>> No.36603000

I disagree on the liberated taking too long to pay off. It has the second best econ to clicks ratio on resources and programs and it's great in anarch (the first being Bank Job, which is almost a Double Event). MO, daily casts and kati jones are all too slow, but all of them together make for great econ (daily casts for clickless, MO for little burst while waiting for kati jones to pay off).

But it's true that here it's only influence sink.

>Play Whizzard, use Imp.
The problem here is that you need to install Imp the same turn you run into Scorched. Unless you're already set up with a full nerve agent, you never know when you are going to hit the card again, and next turn that Imp is gone in a purge (a Scorched Corp doesn't care about losing a couple turns to keep his cards).
Maybe Wanton in Whizzard is not such a bad idea after all to disrupt those combo pieces.

>> No.36603011

>Unless salvager doesnt salvage Resources
It does. The wording is the same as Aesop's except it's card draw + tag removal instead of credit gain.

>> No.36603063

The point of uninstall is that you can use it on hardware with power counters to reset their power counters.
Currently this only works on plascrete.

>> No.36603181

2x Sahasrara

Do Chameleons come back to hand before or after discarding down to max hand size?

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Could run shehezerade as well, could be decently self sustaining.

>> No.36603347

Just had a thought - Haley could do some silly things with the pawn recursion suite and autoscripter.

>> No.36603367

Hey there, snow-jax. Do you know when the next packs are getting released? I think we might've hit the point where spoilers are too far in advance of the actual cards.

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Discard happens at 2.1
Chameleon returns to hand at 2.3

>> No.36603447

>The problem here is that you need to install Imp the same turn you run into Scorched.

You won't run into Scorch the once, and you should be running Plascrete anyway.

>> No.36603498

No such point exists here

>> No.36603589

Use the bouncing installs from Pawn to trigger free clickless installs of any other program. If you Have the influence gain a click for it.

You'd want good passive draw from things like Earthrise to keep that hand flowing.

>> No.36603898

if you want to conserve memory, how about cybersoft macrodrive instead?

>> No.36603964


should we add this link to the copypasta? This guy is keeping a pretty coherent list of all the visual spoilers so far

>> No.36604154

It's not really much of a copypasta.
I mean there used to be a way bigger one, but no one seems to care about it anymore.

>> No.36604266

kind of like how no one cares about this game anymore.

>> No.36604281

Not true, people still care about spoilers.

>> No.36604381

Snow-jax, vital question here: is Max's title *really* "Maximum Punk-Rock?" Because that's fucking embarrassing.

>> No.36604422

You sure showed him :^)

>> No.36604538

Of cards we won't even have a chance to play for another year.

>> No.36604625

Yup. The actual card has been spoiled.

>> No.36605753

Fuck. I didn't know if someone had made a fake one or not after the text was spoiled.

>> No.36605807

So will Quanju PT + Salvager be a thing in a vamp deck?

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Quetzal could be genderswapped. She is a not a transwoman or anthing like that, but rather a transhumanist (so, a cyberpunk furry) who wishes to become a bird.
Turn her into a guy who wants to become a dog instead or something.

>> No.36608665

I've loved her current form as an Eclipse Phase-esque some-gendered androgynous person.

I'm not sure she wants to be a bird, but she definitely will be pro-G-mod to look how you want.

>> No.36608869

The biggest problem for Vamp was never the tag, although the bike might help to avoid the tag anyway. The problem with vamp is where to get that money.

Anyway, I'm thinking that in a Reina Roja deck (or one with Xanadu) one could theoretically bankrupt the corp with a vamp and then run a scoring server, no ice rezzed, blackmail without blackmail because of that single extra credit to rez, not even a Popup. Can't rez ash, can't gamble Caprice. If only I had the cash to match a Corp.
How do I econ in anarch /tg/?

>> No.36608996

Vamp should be splashed into other decks rather than played in Anarch, IMO.

Else, check the "anatomy of an Anarch" article - I think the deck in that ran Vamp, and it was pretty well-written.

>> No.36609015

It's worth noting that the Cambridge Kit deck was running 3 Vamp.

Vamp is best in Kit and that's purely because she hasn't the influence for Siphon.

>> No.36609070

100% agree.

>> No.36609222

thank god she hasn't the influence for Siphon, though, she'd be ridiculous if she did.

>> No.36609401


In Anarch it's often been an issue of whether AS *+* Vamp or not in most cases.

As I said in the Anarch econ posts: in criminal, you use AS for the disruption first. In Anarch, you *need* (maybe soon "needed ", who knows ? one can hope) the money gain.

I ran a Reina Roja deck for a while that had an end game dubbed "the assault" by other players which generally started by a turn of AS + Vamp + Activist Support. Was very, very fun to play.

>> No.36610108

We won't play those cards though, cause by then where will be new cards to wait for.

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I know there are tons of podcasts are floating around the net because every fucker with a mic wants their opinions known, but is there room for a /tg/ podcast produced by our steamgroup?

My opinion is no, due to the nature of 4chan's anonymous board culture, having notable figureheads outside of snowjax isn't a good idea.

That said, is there a way to warp the normal podcast format to suit the /tg/ community? Move away from a group of assholes talking about their shit opinions and injokes, and open the forum to the community at large? That is to say, a podcast that exclusively reads the threads and uses conversations from here as its fodder. I believe it's plausible because honestly, because of the nature of an image board, it's a pretty clunky system to have a real conversation.

What do you think?

>> No.36611375


I find it unlikely. I'd sit that one out by any means

But then I've seen some nice thing done in amateur radio that kind could fit the format: leave the next subject of conversation open in thread. Open a regular scheduled window that acts like an open forum of sort, let the dispu... conversations happen.

Don't see the point or appeal myself, but then to each their own.

Would take some work to get the structure going though.

>> No.36611393

If you want a podcast, do a podcast.

No reason calling it the "4chan podcast" or whatever, that simply sounds inane.

It would be harmful for a podcast to solely get its info from /tg/, too.

>> No.36611404

A Podcast of just some anons reading the thread sounds boring and terrible as fuck. Then again, I don't listen to any ANR podcasts cause I think they're not a very good idea; the game is so meta-dependent that any conversation about it is invariably self-masturbatory.

If you still wanna do it, I suppose thread participation is one way: straight up ask people in the thread what they wanna hear about, as well as interspread commentary about current events.

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Hmmm... Darwin vs Eater.

+ Doesn't prevent access.
+ Is a virus and as such can benefit from the extensive virus support card pool.
- Preemptive sluggishness - needs to build its strength before it can reliably break.
- Is a virus and as such can be purged.
- Gets expensive against multi-subroutines ICE.

- Prevents access.
- Less support cards overall. Less needed though probably.
- Postponing slow down (need to use alternatives like Hades Shard or the ICE destruction sabotage suite to ensure access... which means several clicks to be used at times for the same run, so to speak - or other breakers)
+ Cannot be purged. Mostly self-reliant.
+ Great support for access replacement effects.

Thing is, it's easy to find the deck that will *want* Eater as its breaker solution of choice. I have a hardest time figuring the deck in which I'll *want* Darwin.

Anything I'm missing/forgetting I should have mentioned ?

>> No.36611936

>- Preemptive sluggishness - needs to build its strength before it can reliably break.

This is the one difference that matters the most. Even with Breeding Grounds or a surprise Incubator, Darwin is too slow. It's a backup breaker, and not something you can bank on alone. Paired with other Anarch breakers, especially Knight, it can spiral out of control fairly quickly and require regular virus purges.

Eater needs no -direct- support. It takes an established strategy (Keyholing the corp to death) and makes it brutally efficient. it will still require some support, namely Singularity or spare breakers in the form of Knight/others for emergency accessses, but it's a lot more focused.

Not necessarily better, mind, but definitely more focused.

>> No.36611991


Darwin is, and will likely always be utter shit. Darwin thrives when it only has to break one random ICE, and is likely designed to be played with parasite ICE disruption while hammering R&D. The problem is that just isn't a consistent strategy because combo loses to corp rush, and there's no guaranteed way to get it out quickly.

You'd have to have better virus tutors (on par with SMC) for Darwin to shine.

>> No.36612215


Agreed on the focus part. That's what makes it so immediately readable too. Though the refining of the build is going to be the hard part I gather.

Thing is, with the virus supports cards - I'm thinking of things like Fester and Progenitor right now, but not limited to that, I mean, we have an in faction tutoring tool for Darwin too, that's not nothing - you potentially have a very interesting slow, eroding build going on with Darwin.

I just can't put the pieces together. Yet.

But then there's the issue that current overall meta seems (relatively) unforgiving of slower runner builds.

Something we noticed playing with a friend two days ago: I have a Silhouette build that does *great* against Glacier decks but suffers a lot against Rush decks. He has a Silhouette build that does great against Rush decks, but gets trounced by Glacier builds.

And there's just no way to average out the two.

And the amusing thing, is that, since we don't play with the same crowd, each of our deck is "good" in its target meta. But wouldn't work for tournament format - yet a third meta, shaped by very particular extraneous constraints.

>> No.36612505

>You'd have to have better virus tutors (on par with SMC) for Darwin to shine.

I don't really think the tutoring is in any way the issue, you can get your Darwin turn one for a cost that is relatively honest.

SMC is one click and 2 credits for the possibility of a mid-run install - which you can't really capitalize on with Darwin anyway.

Djinn is two clicks and three credits to tutor, with added MU gain and re-usability of the tutoring ability.

Fairly priced. Just not fitting certain play-styles.

I have a feeling he issue is that the slower, heavily synergy (not combo) based builds just don't have the opposition corp-wise that would make them attractive.

>> No.36612640


My bad, forgot to count the install click for Djinn.

Test Run is Three credits and effectively three clicks (play TR, draw the program again, install it). Or need for another combo card in the form of Scavenge.

Special Order is one credit and two clicks (play to draw + install)

SMC is really, really good for the fast builds. No disputing this. Doesn't really make Djinn bad.

Unless I guess your point happens to be that there is no place, that there will never be a place in the game for slower builds.

>> No.36612699

This is the one thing I don't like about ANR, no matter how you build your deck, there will be a few decks that will just scoop you and there's not a fucking thing you can do about it.

Those decks might lose to every other deck, but they will fucking scoop you so hard.

It's a weakness, but also a strength. It just annoys me that ANR is thiiiiiis close to being perfect.

Well, that and the shitty tournament structure, though these two points are definitely intertwined.

>> No.36612886

A podcast about these threads?
Is it just gonna rage about caduceus not being econ, db0 and spoilers when?

>> No.36612956

>This is the one thing I don't like about ANR, no matter how you build your deck, there will be a few decks that will just scoop you and there's not a fucking thing you can do about it.

I don't know, personally I like this. Though this is probably more of a casual play thing (and there is no negative connotation in the word for me). A non tourney-crowd thing more exactly I guess.

I definitely like it a lot better than the hyper-optimized, somewhat averaged out, anti-randomness builds that tends to be tailored by the tournament meta.

Your mileage may vary.


Don't forget the toaster.

That being said, I'm not sure anon so much meant about a replay of threads as much as, basically, a thread itself in broadcast form.

>> No.36613198

Don't use names, only to mass group skype calls, have open debate about the game.

>> No.36613291

This can only end well

>> No.36613501

I agree with not using names, but there has to be a certain amount of restriction with who can and can't participate. Obviously if there's someone who joins up and shouts dicks non-stop they have to be removed.

>> No.36613618

Good, we only allow random shouting about butts

>> No.36613676


Don't forget the death threats.

They're half the fun in the shouting.

>> No.36613741

Rants about DB0 and Shitlords.

>> No.36613928

I've been wanting to build a Kit deck with the space for a Darwin. The idea was to get it out early and let it brew there while you use Kit's ID ability with a gordian or something to get in to servers while they are poorly defended, and by the time the corp has servers too well defended to just walk through with a gordian, the Darwin will be hot and fresh from the oven.

The 3 influence is a killer though. You'd basically HAVE to put just one in and try to SMC it out straight away, but that's a bit of a tempo hit in the stage where you were supposed to be applying pressure with just a gate breaker. Doubt it would make for a great deck.

>> No.36614215


and then the corp purges and your darwin is trash

>> No.36615874

We gotta have at least 1 person from /pol/ ranting about tumblr and SJWs for authenticity.

Maybe also a confused Magic player who wanders into the call by mistake.

>> No.36617030

Having played against that exact deck, the Vamp is there primarily because the deck is a dedicated Magnum Opus deck.

Vamp is good in a deck that has no issues with taking 8 from MOpus while waiting for the corp to try and score.

Sadly, that strategy isn't all that viable in the NEH matchup, but it does wonders in the RP matchup.

>> No.36617593

It's kind of a tourney problem.

See, what it does is prevent a pretty consistent meta from developing, because as soon as it really stablizies, all someone has to do is bring the deck that fucks the current meta and then everything blows up.

So going to bigger touneys becomes less about building a solid deck and playing it well and more about building a deck and hoping you just dodge the deck that fucks you.

>> No.36619152


>> No.36619677

>See, what it does is prevent a pretty consistent meta from developing, because as soon as it really stablizies, all someone has to do is bring the deck that fucks the current meta and then everything blows up.

While this is a bit problematic for tournaments, I very much prefer an inherently unstable meta for normal play. Keeps things from getting boring.

I don't think tournaments are a very good measure of skill in a game like this, luck plays too large a role in Netrunner for a short engagement to even things out.

In a tournament, skill doesn't compensate for bad luck, it will totally screw you over even if you're good. Your skill only helps you take advantage of the times when you get lucky. The winner is the guy who got lucky the most often and had enough skill to take advantage of those opportunities.

IMO the tournament format also places too much emphasis on endurance. Watching Worlds 2014 wasn't terribly entertaining when people were making mistakes left and right. The tournament format also takes away half of the deckbuilding side: adapting to your meta.

I've said this before, and I'll say this again. If you want a real measure of skill, you need a long term engagement with few matches per day to even out the luck and bring out the skill: a league.

>> No.36620871

Darwin should have been 1c to break subroutines.

>> No.36620903

Way too powerful that way with Progenitor now.
If you had a Hivemind and Dawin both on Progenitors It'd be a min Str 2 the turn after getting wiped.

>> No.36621275

Darwin in progenitor is already S2 the turn after the wipe (1 stay, 1 added). Then again, so is with a personal touch, and it's not as easily trashed by a power shutdown.
I agree 2c to break is fair though. Darwin, D4v1d, datasuckers and parasites might work pretty well.

>> No.36621321

Darwin + d4vid with e3. Splash in some baby ice destruction to kill off small ice like swordsman, and it works great. Couple of fester, even.

>> No.36621446

If it was, it'd need a higher install cost.

I agree though. It's unusable as-is.

>> No.36621587

w-well it's cheaper than crypsis r-right? at least s-some of the time?

>> No.36621807

Lotus would still be a problem.

>> No.36622072

The problem with Darwin is that it's not worth the effort. Tsurugi and Komainu ensure you want Mimic as well, and Wraparound ensures you want Corroder as well.

At that point, you've almost got a full breaker suite already. Why use an inefficient breaker when you've good ones?

>> No.36622134

Wait one turn and it won't be. Lotus isn't Darwin-immune.

>> No.36622144

Also, Knight should generally be paired with Darwin to avoid precisely these kinds of problems.

>> No.36622182

Better yet. Spoon that fucker to oblivion.

>> No.36622192

Why not just run Eater and Replacement effects only?

Keyhole + Eater is going to be the new shit when O&C releases. Toss in all the action compression shit coming in Sansan Cycle and it is going to be the new Tier 1 Archetype.

>> No.36622293

Not entirely true. Darwin+E3 costs only 1 more than mimic to break. After that it's parasite bait anyway.
Wraparound can be broken with D4V1D or Knight, as >>36622144 suggested.

You might aswell suggest playing Kit yogsaurus, andysuckers or anything else. You're changing the concept of the deck.
I agree with you that Keyhole+Eater is going to wreck havoc. Probably using Valencia and blackmail for scoring servers.

>> No.36622313

Well stop talking about shit decks and wasting peoples time.
Tier 1 Competitive level or nothing.

>> No.36622434 [SPOILER] 
File: 413 KB, 625x626, 1417979543665.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.36622462
File: 400 KB, 600x400, 2-4-jeremy-zwirm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get one my level.

>> No.36622906
File: 52 KB, 475x546, durdle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But durdle so good, anon.

>> No.36622931

Needs more draw. Put in Earthwhatevers and maybe Datasuckers.

>> No.36622997

Datasuckers accomplish nothing in the deck, anon. Eater is already efficient on its own.

I agree with the card draw, but I'm not sure what to cut. I'd like to have 3x Inject as well as the Steelskins. Earthrise hotel... isn't high on my list, I'm trying to be Resource-light.

>> No.36623112

I've been wanting to play for a while, and would like to know which corporations and runners are the most fun to play. I've got gratuitous amounts of money to blow, I've played NBN and liked them a lot, but would like to know if there's anything similar that I can relate to.

>> No.36623200

Do you have the core box already and you're asking what specific IDs are most fun to play so you know what packs/deluxe boxes to get?

>> No.36623373

>I've got gratuitous amounts of money to blow
Buy the whole cardpool and try everything. Most of the IDs are interesting to play.

>> No.36623419

Noise is da best. Revel in pampered corporate tears.

>> No.36623538

>Eater is already efficient on its own.
There's a reason why people use suckers even with Corroder and Gordian Blade.

>> No.36623568

This thread got me thinking, but:

Quetzal + Darwin.

You can already deal with one type of ICE by yourself, you already want E3 that serves both cards, you can use D4V1D that also has good synergy with the whole package.

Incubator + Nerve Agent/Medium to let the corp sweat without even having to run - which you need given you're not fast. Fester to make it pay all the more if it wants to purge virus counters.

Some Bishop + Progenitor and maybe a Virus Breeding Ground as support.

I don't think it would be very competitive, but it does seem like an interesting template to build around.

>> No.36623590

How does Keyhole-Eater deal with Caprice on R&D?

>> No.36623609

By crying profusely.

>> No.36623627


Parasite + Knight is my answer, others will use cutlery. Crisium on R&D is also killer.

>> No.36623630


Vamp on HQ ?

>> No.36623667

Even then you'll have to use something other than Eater to break into R&D in order to trash Caprice.

>> No.36623672
File: 65 KB, 300x418, 05039.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Perhaps it is time to play the Worst Card in Netrunner.

You still need to win the psi game once, though.

Why this is 3 inf is beyond me.

>> No.36623681

It seems that after all that you might end up starving on econ/draw.

>> No.36623726

You have to access Caprice to trash it, anon.

I guess you have a point. I guess I valued D4V1D more than a couple 'suckers, but that's up for debate. Might be worth to swap it.

>> No.36623859 [DELETED] 


Cyberfeeder + Spinal Modem. Day Job fits perfectly in the deck too. Econ-wise I think it's manageable.

The draw is definitely going to be an issue, yes.


Yup, totally misunderstood the question.

>> No.36623955


Cyberfeeder + Spinal Modem. Day Job fits perfectly in the deck too. Econ-wise I think it's manageable.

The draw is definitely going to be an issue, yes.


Yup, totally misunderstood the question.

>> No.36623963
File: 57 KB, 349x500, pic2025304_md.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From Free Fall:

>The one assigned to me stood just one meter tall, and looked like he was wearing a turtle shell, hence the nickname. His head was almost invisible inside the shell's embrace; two tiny, deeply recessed eyes peering out at me from the shadows. His arms were long, slender, and had skin like black leather. Like the hocas I'd seen at Midway, he had legs and feet that doubled as an extra set of arms and hands, but they were articulated in such a way that he could walk on them okay, especially in low gravity.

What happened? Art director decide to retcon them to be less creepy, or did the artist just not get the memo?

>> No.36624021

I know right? I thought the same thing. Extraterrestial clones are one of the things that made Jinteki so awesome. Developing new kind of humans fit to live and work wherever.

>> No.36624398

Heh, I was thinking exactly the same when I read Free Fall.
It's weird because those clones were designed exactly in a way so that they DON'T need space suits, at least as far as I understood it. And then this picture on the card is obviously just some normal clone in a suit.

>> No.36624503

Some truths are too much for feeble card gamers to handle, anon. The grim world of cyberpunk noir must be earned by those brave enough to dive in it.

>> No.36624571

I made you a thing.

Actually it's a thing I had already then played with based on what you said, but it might give you ideas?

I had Earthrise but I think I prefer Inject here. Not convinced on the Katis either.

>> No.36624608
File: 20 KB, 485x520, darwindurdle.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

....here's the thing.

>> No.36624753


Nice of you. I still think Incubator + Nerve/Medium is better than Hivemind in there I (mean Hivemind just for the one token on parasite and Darwin ? Might as well put Darwin directly on Progenitor and leave it at that), but we'll see.

Probably not going to have nay time to play in the next dozen days or so. Mad rush at work.

Will keep this on desktop as a reminder.

>> No.36625058

Hm, I guess you could switch Hivegenitor for Incubator and Medium. Could be. My thought process was that I want to have as little downtime after being purged by having a good Hivemind and clicking back up with Breeding Grounds. That means if you have a Hivegenitor, you're up to 4 strength after getting purged, and spending two clicks. Incubator doesn't quite work, since it gets wiped as well. It's good to have BEFORE you have the Darwin out, but it needs too many turns to get beefed up, and those are turns you're without any breaker.

>> No.36625149

Incubator is exclusively for parasite, nerve agent, and medium, except for emergency situations.

The concept of a medium, combined with an incubator, that comes in at 3 or 4 counters forces the corp to purge incubator just to stay alive.

>> No.36625222

But then you just fold to purge virus, cause you can't access anything. Unless you want to fit in Knight or something.

>> No.36625495

Fuck it, 4chan doesn't let me to post the whole thing so bullet points:
- spinal modem and cyberfeeders won't help with E3, only with Darwin. just something to consider.
- I also think it needs multiaccess
- kati is ok because you're going to be waiting a lot for virus counters.
- I still think Spooned is a good idea to trash Lotus/Tollbooth/Wormhole. Otherwise you need quite a set up to run it right away and parasite won't work on Lotus.

>> No.36625688

Spinal Modem and Cyberfeeder is there cause you still need to pay two per piece of ice, and you bet your ass they'll go three deep. They also help pay for Darwin food and the few virii there. I can see replacing SM for Grimoire, though.
I don't disagree with the rest, but there's only so much I can do with 45 cards. Maybe a silver bullet Medium can go a long way.

>> No.36625706

you don't have to win the psi is caprice is on R&D

>> No.36627141
File: 564 KB, 600x496, ADN24_cardfan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a friend that looks exactly like the kid in Recruiting Trip.

>> No.36628248

Your friend is cute.

>> No.36628483


He's fucking adorable then.

>> No.36628561


>> No.36628673


>> No.36628674


/soc/ plz go

>> No.36628933
File: 123 KB, 423x600, bc0f047c-01b1-427f-a439-d451eda01001.db0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am sorry to report that db0 as killed during protests in Greece today.
While marching with protesters he tried to grab the gun of a police officer who had no right to be armed during a peaceful protest. He was shot dead with 4 shots to the chest.

He was a good man and a warrior for justice for all.
We will be streaming on his twitch account later tonight to hold a farewell remembrance, please join us.

>> No.36628970


why post this

>> No.36629078

While this is an awful joke DBZero does spend 90% of his time now defending that bank robber on twitch.

He keeps repeating how the cops only hold him for being a anarchist (Something DBZero constantly calls himself) and it has nothing to do with armed robbery of a bank or taking a hostage.

DBZero is a retarded tool that is only good for updating the ANR plug-in.
Still please do not post fake death reports.

>> No.36629183

I will never understand how so many people get mad over people being shot by the police while they are committing heavy crime. I mean do those people honestly think the world will be better if anyone can walk into a store and rob it?

Like how has the world come to a point where the people are more behind armed robbers than the police?

>> No.36629247

Uhm is the code protected somehow? Couldn't some anon simply open it up and continue the work? Does db0 have to release something for this to be possible? I dunno how these work.

>> No.36629324


Having spent some time in Greece recently:

- The local anarchist scene is both admirable and terrifying.
- The local far right is terrifying. Period. It also has the unofficial support of the police. And the government makes good use of them to justify repressive political decisions.
- The country, seen from Athene, seems at the brink of civil war at times.

Personally, as a European citizen, I feel perfectly ashamed of the way we dealt with Greece's debt. Especially given how we've dealt with the banks'.

All tat to say: someone being arrested and detained for being a self-proclaimed Anarchist is far from unbelievable to anyone that has had a modicum of experience with the country recently.

Granted I don't know anything about that particular set of circumstances.

>> No.36629464

It is not code protected but his code is awful and messy so for anyone to pick it up they have to more or less start over again with a new plug-in.
Also he is really ingrained into the OCTGN Dev Community. He is half the reason I quit the community as dealing with him constantly made me want to stab some one (Kelly was the other half, Like holy shit fuck that person is just evil).

The OCTGN Dev Community went from one of the best group of people I have ever known to a pool of poison and hate within a two years of DBZero showing up. He is cancer and kills anything he touches.
The last stray was when he took a large chunk of automation code I had written for a V:TES he had asked to see and released it in the IRC claiming it was his work for Netrunner. When I showed proof I had worked on it first he claimed he had asked for advice on one chunk of code and had forked his stuff to claim it as mine. I was able to prove this as a lie but he just shouted me down till I was asked to drop it and remove my name for the code.
So I just dumped my plug in and quit the dev group.

TL:DR DBZero is a thief and has ruined one of the few things I loved in the world.

>> No.36629506

I can understand things are are shitty there but it seems like an awful person to rally behind? Why a Bank Robber and Kidnapper of all people?

The hill some people choose to die on...

>> No.36629932
File: 11 KB, 538x269, chart-comparing-police-shootings-in-2011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.36630149


Again, know *nothing* of that particular case.
And the public persona of db0 never really struck me as painting him in a particularly favorable light.

But it's good to keep some things in perspective before judging a complex (and complicated) situation. I wouldn't dare to pronounce myself on that mess before having gathered a lot more data than what little we have available right now. And I would welcome anything fed to us by any actor in this with a lot of circumspection - police and government included, given the context.

But one thing I wouldn't call in doubt is the possibility of police repression there. There's a lot of hard feeling - to say it gently - between the police and the left/far left, that has led to violence from both sides.

The day before I left Athene, there was a public manifestation and the Police charged with support of members of the Golden Dawn, and then was welcome with a deluge of Molotov cocktails until driven off the neighborhood in the wee hours of the morning. That's quite a view form your hostel room, I can assure you.

>> No.36630198

Oh I agree it a problem. I am a big supporter of a 3rd party investigation unit that looks into the actions of cops, a revamping of how we do training for the police, and a over all rework of how police leadership and support works.
The Police union is a major player and a huge issue in all of this as well and something might need to be done about how much power they hold.
I have done a bunch of work talking about the ideas of this with the leadership in my state and making sure people push for the right paths for change to happen.

People "protesting", looting, getting in fights with cops, and putting criminals killed during crimes up on pedestals only pushes progress back more in place of making it better.

Also the "Black Lives Matter" meme is not really helping much as mostly from what I have seen it has only pissed off the Asian (mostly Hmong) communities that have been facing the same issues but getting no support.
So really once again I am confused why people just want to make things worse in place of actively try to change the state of things.

>> No.36630345 [SPOILER] 
File: 81 KB, 534x512, 1418003493785.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

MemStrip sounds perfect to replace Grimoire and Djinn. Finally all that extra memory to install all my mediums, datasuckers, and parasites without juggling with djinns or shaper hardware.

>> No.36630449

And all the tokens on overmind! ALL THE TOKENS.

>> No.36630498

Oh shit, without the problems of Ekomind!

>> No.36630636

I have the core box, I know a few people that play a lot, so I can usually watch a good game being played.

Not THAT gratuitous, but willing to buy much of what's already out. I have my eyes on a few NBN decks that I want to try my hand at, and five packs doesn't seem too bad to get.

I'll look into that, thanks!

>> No.36630659

Speaking of O&C things: Chaos Theory and Data Folding are perfect for each other.

>> No.36630697

Get the big boxes and the packs that have NBN IDs. And probably the pack that has Jackson Howard in it.

>> No.36630793

NBN: The World is yours => Future Proof
Near-Earth Hub => Upstalk
Jackson Howard => Opening Moves

>> No.36630861

I'll repeat what I was saying when I opened that Darwin vs Eater parentheses: I have the hardest time figuring the deck in which I'll *want* Darwin.

Even in that Quetzal build I proposed. I have some interesting tactical moves here and there. I have a build I can probably make work. But I don't have a strategy for it. Nor can I figure one that fits the build.

>> No.36630862

A second core is usually nice to complete things like 3 medium, 3 datasuckers, a second core console. 3 scorched, 3 archers, 3 astroscripts.
I'd start with the deluxe boxes, they expand pretty well the factions, but there's no NBN box yet.

>> No.36631073

Noise uses Darwin pretty well. It's perfect for early aggression while you get your rig together. You can also use Knight and Crypsis. Everything comes with a downside. Knights are easily trashed, Crypsis is both click and credit expensive, Darwin is slow and the wipe makes you start from 0 again.
Good thing is, gearcheck ICE are useless against Darwin. Except wraparound.

>> No.36631247

>Except wraparound

And Swordsman.

>> No.36631292


Thanks! This will definitely be post-Christmas shopping!

>> No.36631446
File: 210 KB, 781x495, 1380473742226.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Besides, Darwin is beautiful.

Thank god nobody uses it. It's too easily trashed with a clone chip/SMC into parasite that it's basically a must when you made good use of your AI.
I'd like to encounter it more though.

>> No.36631550

You don't need to win the psy game though. The question was about R&D. So you'd run HQ, either you'd get access and shoot the R&D caprice or they'd save you the hassle of spending two clicks and rez a new caprice on HQ.

Honestly I like the S&W, its just that 99& of the time there's zero need for it. Caprice is the only card that would make you wish you had a S&W, and maybe Ash at times, but there are less time consuming ways around Caprice most of the time anyway, so its just not worth including in a deck at the moment.

Unless stuff like The Board+trash cost increase+Heavy ICE servers becomes a thing. Although anarch's will probably run singularity anyway.

>> No.36631594

The corp can't beat you in the caprice Psi game if they've been vamped to 0 credits. Then you access and trash that bitch.

>> No.36631633


>> No.36631733

Note that you don't get points for a Board that's been S&W'd.

But if you're running Eater and Keyhole, presumably you can't access her.

>> No.36631909

If she's not keeping you out, why bother paying to trash her?

True about the board, but sometimes you just want something off the table. All the agenda point execs give the corp something nice, but only the Board can keep you, as the runner, from victory.

>> No.36633405

The "strategy" is to cheaply go through stacked ice and access things. Some multi-access backup isn't terrible, either.

>> No.36635059

Trash her because otherwise you have to play the psi game every time you want to get a keyhole run in.

>> No.36637794

>replace Grimoire


MemStrip is for Grimoire as well, but it's not a replacement for Djinn.

>> No.36638323

Because you can't Vamp the corp every turn.

>> No.36640174

You can't. Damn that's a good point, Ash fucks Eater very, very hard.

>> No.36640308

Ash doesn't really. The trace fires, but you can't access anything anyway so it's moot. The replacement effect still happens. With Caprice, she fires before the replacement effect can occur, at which point the run can just get stopped.

>> No.36640360


>> No.36641212
File: 514 KB, 866x486, poopdall.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone else think Heimdall 1.0 is kind of bad? It's basically the same thing as Eli, except with 2 more strength and a brain damage subroutine for a cost of 5 more credits. Unlike Heimdall 2.0, it's not even good enough to use B.E.R. on since the runner can just click through it entirely. I guess it has some small ambush value, but for 8 credits it's not worth it.

>> No.36641287

Wait, if db0 calls himself an "anarchist", then why exactly does he work for a bank?

>> No.36641527


Why does MaxX ?

>> No.36641592

MaxX works for a call center, thank you.

>> No.36641597

Because, like most people, he doesn't act on his beliefs.

>> No.36641624

He is a retarded SJW, logic does not work for them. They are too self adsorbed about how awesome their Cult is.

>> No.36641692


Taking Corroder as the basis: breaks Eli 1.0 for 4, breaks Heimdall 1.0 for 7. Taking other 8-cost ICE, Wall of Thorns breaks for 5. Tollbooth breaks for 4 with Gordian + the 3 tax, so 7.

In two runs you've made you difference in investment. The issue of course is being able to weather the high cost, which can leave you anemic.

And then there's Morning Star..

Looking at it that way, I don't think it's so much Heimdall isn't good as Eli *might* be a bit undervalued. I mean compare with similarly priced ICE. Caduceus is 3 creds for two subroutines too, but is only three STR, a Sentry, AND trace dependent. So is Viper on that last front.


Yes, so she's just as much a corporate bitch.

>> No.36641863

You also can't bounce off Heimdall for free. You have to spend a click or take a brain damage.

>> No.36641898


You're thinking Heimdall 2.0.

With 1.0 you can just run first click and spend three clicks to pass each subroutine.

>> No.36641975

He is saying if you face check it you have to spend a click to prevent the Brain Damage. You can't just bounce off it safe.

>> No.36641993


My bad misunderstood this has "you have to take an effect".

Lack of sleep from crunch time is really killing me.

>> No.36642004

Next time just be less of a faggot.

>> No.36642037


I'll be sure to not try and discuss the game.

The db0 stuff is so much more interesting anyway.

>> No.36642058

Meh it is a shame he died but never liked him. I watched that thing on his stream for a little but it was mostly people making him sound like a saint. Some dude tried to blame Gamergate for some reason.

Mostly I just hope some one picks up the plug-in soon so we don't have to wait for Order and Chaos on there.

>> No.36642167

His friend singing a song for his passing was kind of sweet and sad, outside of that it felt really agenda heavy.

>> No.36642308

>it felt really agenda heavy.
make a run

>> No.36642346

>The Liberal Agenda (NBN) 9/6

>If The Liberal Agenda is stolen from HQ, R&D or Archives, the runner loses all credits in his credit pool and takes twice that number of tags

>"Check your privilege cis scum"

>> No.36642375

Reminder that Greece is in fact a neo-fascist shithole and that somebody needs to fight back.

>> No.36642424

It is a great place to live for those in power. It's the peoples fault it got that shitty for them and now they have to deal with it.

Revolt and reform or shut up and do your job. Shitty "protests" from 20 something students that are mostly from the upper class side of things is just dumb and a waste of time. Those "protesting" are the same type of people as the SJW retards in the USA.

>> No.36642610

Thing is, it's only 20 something students from the upper class that speak English and can actually get some political input from abroad. Who else do you propose work to rid that ancient country of its neo-fascist tendencies?

>> No.36642615

Is db0 really dead or not? I can't find anything saying one way or the other.

>> No.36642628

>Revolt and reform or shut up and do your job. Shitty "protests" from 20 something students that are mostly from the upper class side of things is just dumb and a waste of time.

No, it's a great place to pick up college chicks. But that stick is way too far up your ass for you to know that, obviously.

>> No.36642659

Just storm the government buildings and take back control.
Other places have done it, other places will do it, and if you really want to change things that is what you do.

Protesting does nothing, active change does.

>> No.36642707

Ya it is the same as those SJW acting change but complaining on tumbler and expanding their cult. They are just making shit worse not better, They don't get they are just being used by their "leaders" for easy money from donations.

It is Scientology all over again.

>> No.36642710

You know if it was that easy, they probably would have done it by now.

It's not about control of some random senate building, it's about public mood as a whole. Greece is still a democracy, and those rules should be followed. Protests can be a way to spread awareness of a message even if they accomplish nothing in the short term.

Don't get me wrong guys, db0 IS an annoying SJW asshole, but annoying SJW assholes remain Greece's only hope.

Now I'm done here. We should be talking about TRADITIONAL GAMES.

>> No.36642741

The problem more is the protesting faction are Anarchists who don't want anything but to bitch and get an easy life. Change and reform is something that takes work and the closest thing to work those shitlords know is robbing banks at gun point.

>> No.36642767

Yes he is dead. It was reported here first, it was on the OCTGN IRC next, and there was the live stream last night.

The dude is dead unless he is faking it for his dumb SJW agenda.

>> No.36642800

If this is true, then db0 literally died for his cause, and deserves a hell of a lot more respect that he is given here.

>> No.36642815

dying for a retarded cause is just a waste of life and not something to respect.

>> No.36642912

His twiiter is alive. And db0 writing in there right now.

>> No.36642937

Thank god. I was really scared there for a little. Without him Netrunner dies.

>> No.36642958

>most recent tweet: 4 hours ago
If he's dead, 4chan anons didn't report it, they predicted it.

>> No.36642983

I count that as a Death Threat and will be reporting it as another case of #gamergate sending death threats to honorable social justice soldiers.

>> No.36643006

Someone else would either pick up the OCTGN plugin or write a new one.

>> No.36643010

Make sure you put it down as FFG Insider doing it, fuck that guy.

>> No.36643024

I thought he was a lead developer for Netrunner. What is OCTGN?

>> No.36643034


>> No.36643101

Did that Eli x Atman /ss/ ever get anywhere?

>> No.36643135

Hey /db0g/, how's the social situation in eastern europe nowadays?

>> No.36643183

Afraid of Putin.

>> No.36643548


well dbzero is a SJW faggot

>> No.36643650

>not in support of the very real rise of the moderate right in Britain, Sweden, France, and far right in Greece

What are you, some kind of brown faggot? As long as the left openly supports unhindered immigration of rapists and inferiors from the Middle East and Africa, they can go fuck off. Your tolerant society that allows us to play Netrunner and discuss tabletop games is supported by the very thing the social left wants to destroy.

Africans and Pakis don't play Netrunner, enjoy a good beer talking about sports, or basketball and golf. They can fuck right off.

>> No.36643704

The human race advanced the most and the fastest while white people had the most post world wide. White Men are meant to control the world and that is the only way the human race can be saved from dying on this god forsaken rock.
White men gave us computers, white men took us to the moon, white men will take us to mars.

The oppression of white men that SJW wants is a movement to kill the human race and take us back to the stone ages.

>> No.36643729

Netrunner is a Social Justice game and FFG is a Social Justice company. So STFU.

>> No.36643773

>enjoy a good beer talking about sports, or basketball and golf
I do not enjoy these things either (golf, seriously?), so the only difference is Netrunner. Except it isn't. There's a Paki in my local meta. So I guess you can fuck right off.

>> No.36643791

Why is that everytime I think I find a board or subject on this site that is not filled with /pol/ assholes, i'm wrong ?

>> No.36643822

Moot might as well rename /pol/ to /ws/, for "white supremacy".

>> No.36643928

>We have a pet PoC
Ya we allow a black person to play Golf too, does not make him anything but a PoC Pet.

>> No.36643949

/pol/ is just a place for people who are frustrated to voice it. Most white men feel the same way, those who don't are just poisoned for the SJW Thought Virus.

>> No.36644017

> enjoy a good beer talking about sports

What the fuck kind of filthy casual are you? I'm disgusted.

>> No.36644029


I wish I could believe you but no. This is not what it is. It's just racist asshole circlejerking. Your frustration my ass.

You're pathetic and toxic and I wouldn't mind as much if you would just stay in your fucking containment board. But nooo, you come shitting up my hobbies.

And in case you havn't noticed, Netrunner IS sjw in it's theme.

>> No.36644064


Well, we were free of that shit for the longest time. Sadly it takes very little to poison the whole conversation.

>/pol/ is just a place for cowards who dare not voice their opinion in real life. And want to poison everything other people enjoy by spamming their shit where they believe it won't have any negative consequence for them.

Got you loud and clear there.

>> No.36644083

This. I found out one of my friends frequents /pol/, and my first reaction to it was "huh. I can no longer respect you as a human being."

>> No.36644117

>Sadly it takes very little to poison the whole conversation.
That's because both sides are extremely easy to provoke. All you need is one troll to make a spark and all the SJWs and /pol/acks gather up and the thread goes down in flames.

>> No.36644130

/r/ing this pasted over a scorched earth pic.

>> No.36644449
File: 876 KB, 1214x1000, port-ill-source.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is Elle Smoke Scovak, canoodling with the notorious Thomas Haas. How does it make you feel?

>> No.36644502

Do you enjoy being a tool used by snake oil sales men to get patreon donations.

Each day you don't denounce SJWs is another day those parasites get free money from people with real jobs.

>> No.36645591

I spent 8 years in the military, I can't start denouncing parasites getting free money now.

>> No.36646758
File: 971 KB, 1250x1000, notoriety by mattzeilinger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Better knowing that our world is not so different to the world of Android

>> No.36648621

Curious as to what sort of ID she'll be.

>> No.36648737

>Elle Smoke Scovak
>0 link, 45 cards minimum, 15 influence
>Whenever a run on HQ is succesful, you may have the Corp reveal all cards in HQ instead of accessing cards.

Cuz like she's an insider.

>> No.36648889

Isn't there already a program that does this?

Also, feels a bit too close to Silhouette's ability, what with being an insider as well.

>> No.36648952

What makes you think she's an insider?
Also, pretty sure she'd be Shaper.

>> No.36648954

She's more of a famous runner. I expect something symbolising fan support as her ability.

>> No.36649194

Nah, she's definitely Shaper. She does it for the attention, not the money.

I'd expect something related to successful runs on R&D.

>> No.36649300

Okay okay if you guys are so smart why don't you try.
>0 link, 45 cards, 15 influence
>The Runner needs one less agenda point to win the game.

'Cuz like the people love her so much she doesn't need to do jack shit to win. Stacks with Harmony Medtech.

>> No.36649368


>2 link, 40 cards, 20 influence

>nothing else

>> No.36649410


>0 link, 50 cards, 10 influences
>At the start of your turn, draw one card

>> No.36649480

If you compare this one to Chaos Theory it seems stupid good. I like >>36649410 better.

>> No.36649512


Yeah I agree. But I wonder how far you can push those number before it's broken.

>> No.36649553

2 link on its own is already broken, more than 15 influence is reasonably broken unless you have a boring ability.

I can see 2 link if 50 cards and 10 influence, but even then it'd be pretty broken.

>> No.36649600


Yeah but WITHOUT an ability, where can you go ?
If it's just a 1link, 40, 17. Will you play it instead of Chaos Theory ?

The answer is probably, but I don't think it's broken. But I do agree that two link should not exist without major drwaback.

>> No.36649634

+1link and +2influence are definitely better than +1 memory. If you made that deck size 45 it'd be more balanced, but still boring.

>> No.36649676

Why make an ID card that basically has zero identity?

Not only does it do nothing unique as an ID, but it muddies the identity of the deck by letting it play with so many other cards.

At least something like "This deck may not include any criminal or anarch cards in it."

>> No.36649694

Ele "Smoke" Scovak


-1 link, 45 cards, 15 influence

[click], take up to two tags: Gain 3 credits for each tag you took. Use this ability only once per turn.

Streaming makes you money, but also makes you easier to find.

>> No.36650080

I'm not sure you understand how ridiculously overpowered that ability is.

>> No.36650616

I just noticed this is also Elle. Def shaper. Or, sonce Shapers don't have any real in-house connections, I'm guessing she's gonna be resource-zoned.

Click 1, archives and drop dlr.

Click 2, use her ability.

Click 3, DLR

Click 4, ditch the tag.

Baby DLR mill the rest of the game without ever needing to go tag-me. Hades shard to just access shit.

>> No.36650696
File: 261 KB, 299x417, LA-Scorched-Earth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You might heard how Downtown LA was on fire this monday. The excellent picture by Eric Politzer inspired me for this shoop.

>> No.36651208 [DELETED] 


4chan is over. Google Accounts will soon be needed to post.

Was fun guys but I'd rather just post on Reddit than sign into 4chan.
I knew it was over when Moot started dating a SJW. Another person in power on the internet targeted by the SJW Cult. We had the chance to stop it years ago but we allowed them to take control.

>> No.36651477


Jesus christ what the fuck happened there

>> No.36652800 [DELETED] 

sorry about your broken brain

>> No.36652933 [DELETED] 

I can't believe the SJWs are even in /tg/. Truly a sad day :(

Well, I hope we can keep /anrg/ clean at least. It's the only thing I still visit on half chan

>> No.36657210

People are guessing arson tried to build apartmetn building.

>> No.36658465

I'm not so sure. It's a bit like a miniature siphon, except the corp doesn't lose any money and you don't gain as much. Tag-me has been getting worse as time goes by, especially now that Weyland is back in the meta again. NBN tag-storm is also there, and can totally obliterate a runner swimming in tags.

Sit-and-mill isn't a viable strategy against non-idiots. Since you're spending all your time milling, you aren't drawing cards, playing economy, installing breakers, or getting the corp to rez cards. After a few turns you're not very rich, have no breakers, no Hades Shard because it's a one-of, and playing against a rich corp.

Noise works because he's constantly digging for new cards and building his board state at the same time as he's milling.

>> No.36659320

Yeah. Noise's ability should be seen as extra pressure and/or an extra agenda over the course of the game.

Tournament winning Noise lists have Dirty Laundry in. This isn't because they sit there and do nothing.

>> No.36660643

It means you need to put no economy cards whatsoever in your deck.

>> No.36660798

Man this new captcha has really killed 4chan.

Is there a good Netrunner thread on that new chan?

>> No.36660875

If you find out, let us know.

>> No.36661078

Looks like there is a Netrunner General and a LCG General over at the new chan. Lets all move there.

>> No.36661267

What new chan?

NO. For two reasons. It's basically a way better version of MaxX and the Game of Thrones card game had a card similar to that, which was banned.

>> No.36661545

It's like you don't even try to hide you're the same person

>> No.36661582

sounds like ate but is a number.
It is the new big chan and has about a million boards but their /tg/ is starting up and is kind of nice.
The Netrunner thread there is small but it is starting to pick up as people leave from this shithole.

>> No.36661725

It looks like reddit

>> No.36661752

It does have the same theory of "make your own boards" but the admin is more hands off and lets the owners of the boards handle their own shit.

Just hit /tg/ there and ignore the rest unless you want to explore.

>> No.36661886

Only if you're willing to float tags. I already explained why I don't think that's a viable strategy anymore.

>> No.36661894

>this new captcha
Clicking a checkbox is that hard for you?

>> No.36661982

What's wrong with the Captcha besides you can't tab to it?

>> No.36662038

It is sending cookie requests to check if you are logged into your google account. It is designed to set up needing a google account logged in to post. there is a bunch of /g/ threads on it.
It is 100% a tracking tool.

If a captcha pops up that means it is not detecting your google account, if you just have to click well congrats your is now linked to 4chan.

>> No.36662146

>It is 100% a tracking tool.
Whoop-de-fucking-doo. So is almost fucking everything else on the internet. You're a gigantic retard if you think the new chan isn't tracking you as well.

>> No.36662202

You are the kind of person that is letting places like this turn to shit. If you don't stand up to the small steps you find they turn into a huge leap over time.
Just look how SJWs turned from a joke to a powerful controlling faction in just a few years.

>> No.36662219

>Just look how quest fags turned from a joke to a powerful controlling faction in just a few years.


>> No.36662220

Looks like
has been improved a lot. Might actually be playable by now.
Has anyone tried it lately?

>> No.36662277

The huge leap happened quite a while ago. Complaining about the small steps now is like complaining that the voltage is off by 2% as you're being strapped to an electric chair.

>> No.36662336


Never play with someone that isn't at punching distance.

That being said don't see any difference myself.


I have an idea, you just go to that new chan of yours, and I'll stay here to see how things go without you here.

I think that could be an interesting, fruitful experiment.

>Whoop-de-fucking-doo. So is almost fucking everything else on the internet.

So does that mean you don't have to try and keep yourself informed and as much as possible protected from the issue, if it matter to you ?

>> No.36662359

>That being said don't see any difference myself.
Last time I tried it there was no way to access cards. I guess it seems to be barely playable now.

>> No.36662751

Not switching to no new chan unless snow-jax is there.

>> No.36662765


I tried OCTGN once and it was awfull. One of the worst experience in my life in term of interface and accessibility.

Is jinteki better ?

>> No.36662793

I never understood this, the whole interface is made so that you only need to shift click to target cards (in case they need a target, like Freelancer or trash programs) and double click to play/execute them.

>> No.36662826

>I tried OCTGN once and it was awful.

Totally gratuitous and unrelated, but all I could think about while reading your post was "I had fun once and it was awful".


I guess a lot of people want/expect the UI to emulate the tactile nature of the card play.

>> No.36662964

There are some fairly retarded UI decisions in the Netrunner plugin. Mr. Li and DBS for example, the card you choose goes back to the deck, which is exactly the opposite of what you would expect.

I think a lot of it comes from automation as well. IMO the level of automation in general is wrong. Too much, and yet too little. It's hard to tell what's automated and what isn't before you try. Also, my experience is that new people tend to expect more automation in terms server management and installing cards.

>> No.36662965

hum I remember a lot of F1 and F12 and doing things when I shouldnt and it was mostly terrible.
I'll try again

>> No.36663029


>> No.36663197

thanks I'll try

>> No.36663675
File: 808 KB, 300x418, Makers-Eye-Gif-2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anybody have any idea to photoshop?

>> No.36664207

Looks pretty good. I'll have to try it out.

Does it have images? Up to date or all spoiled cards?

>> No.36664290

As someone goes to /pol/ for britpol generals, this perturbs me.

Extra so considering the new captcha was used after Moot started shitposting and killing the board.

>> No.36664435
File: 660 KB, 1632x1224, 1389896211042.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw the only reasonable cards to rez with Shoot the Moon is Information Overload and Tollbooths, because fuck Flare.

>splashing for giant ICE
>in 2014 Q4

I want to love this card but NBN simply doesn't have the ice for it.

>> No.36664479

I'd make a new thread but you can't select a file behind this huge fucking CAPTCHA thing.

>> No.36665258

I disagree. Rezzing two Data Ravens and something as basic as a Wall of Static makes it useful. Saving 8 credits isn't bad.

>> No.36665346

“We don’t actually want to discourage runners from running. We just need to ensure that we’re deflecting a majority of their hostilities toward our competitors and other corporations. The truth is that runners use an awful lot of bandwidth, and most of that usage translates to credits in our accounts.”
–Bernice Mai

>> No.36665563

Import Wotan and Susanoo!

>> No.36666062

Based NBN.

> yeah, go fuck up other companies, whatever. Just quit hogging the damn internet

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