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/tg/, I call upon you for aid!
My GM is toying around with the idea of running a dark fantasy campaign in D&D 5e. I've been playing Genius: The Transgression (a world of darkness homebrew-type thing) with him, and 40k rpgs for a while, but I've never played D&D.
My current character idea is to play a paladin - I tend towards 'good' characters.

However, my idea is for a paladin who was originally just a man, caught stealing from the local church. Instead of having him whipped or put to death (or X punishment), one of the clerics received a 'holy vision' and he was bound into service as a paladin.

He doesn't 'believe', he -knows- his god exists - because he's constantly taunted by visions of him, and every waking moment he's being reminded of being bound into the service of his god. Eventually I plan to either have him slowly convert to being a true believer once he sees the good his actions lead to, or become an Oathbreaker when it gets too much for him - I haven't decided yet.

You guys got any roleplaying tips, character art, things I can do to fill out my idea? Other ideas are appreciated too, I'm not committed to this yet. Oh, and to flesh this out, how about Paladin general?

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I guess i'll just dump images until someone responds :(

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I don't think that'd work for a paladin. A paladin can't be a paladin against their will. They have to choose it. What I would suggest however, is start as a knight with the same story, and either multiclass as a paladin.

The idea is that paladins are beacons of good and justice. They have to be fully willing to sacrifice their life for good. What you describe is not that, it's a man who is serving a sentence.

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Huh, I didn't get that impression from the 5e rulebook. It doesn't even say you have to be Lawful Good, which I understood was a historic restriction. You just have to uphold your Oath to a god, which can be as free as the Oath of Vengeance (which basically just exhorts you to beat up baddies).

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Oh. I didn't see the 5e part...

Well, I don't know a damn thing about 5e, so good luck to ya.

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Fallen Paladin 2edgy4me.
Instead of being an oathbreaker, make him keep his oath- at any cost.

Try an oath of vengeance paladin with a few levels of a fiend pact warlock, a paladin that allied himself with a demon to beat a greater evil.
Demon lords/princes are well known for being caught in a permanent power struggle with each other, some are way nastiest than others.

See what you can come up with.

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this is good, I can incorporate this into my idea...
For instance, my guy is bound into the service of his god, right... But he's not happy with the deal. He hates his god, but he's bound to serve him. Either he's going to lean towards eventually truly believing, or he's going to rebel against it. But either way, he's more open to more traditionally non-paladin-y things.

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>Forester working his shift in the wooods
>twilight hits
>the stars malign, skewing his navigation
>God leads him to the resting place of an artifact
>A simple compass. Nothing remarkable
>Uses it to find his way home
>Proclaims to his wife of his revelation
>She's furious at his tardiness
>Turns out several hours had passed. He was fired for lazing
>Wakes up the following night, cold-sweat
>finds his way outside, to his toolshed
>The compass sits on the bench
>It points away from North, to the East.
>Wakes his wife, she flips, calling him mad
>Children wake to ask of the trouble
>Father decides he must answer the call
>Leaves his family in the dead of night

I'd play the daughter, 10 years later. Goes to find her father and punish him for his misdeeds. She travels east. She either finds him as a broken man, or dead. One way or the other, she finds the compass. It's spinning around, the arrow pointing to his body. On him, he has a simple looking shield. It bears the crest of their God.

Spend the levels playing a budget valkyrie, a pauper but for the shield.

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I'm a faggot for edge lord stuff but having him in an unwilling demon pact sounds like it could lead to a lot of interesting GM player interactions.

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Nothing super related, but I have a number of paladin stories in my library so I'll post those.

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Thanks QR for being a fucking bitch.

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This player sounds like an absolute cunt.

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