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I had an argument with one of my players about panderans in World of Warcraft (as you may know, this is a race of anthromorphic pandas with a pseudo-Chinese culture) and, inspired by his words, decided to have the party's next adventure take them to a mountain populated by a culture of alpaca-people with an Inca like civilization.

Need more ideas for Incan alpaca people.

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Leadership is determined by poofiness.

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Spitting on someone's face is the gravest insult and a challenge to a death duel.

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Won't they've already killed themselves out if that was the case?

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Is that... is that a cross between a sheep and a giraffe? Why does that creature exist?

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Otherwise, spitting is considered a gentlemanly pastime and organized contests are held, testing for accuracy using guinea pigs with small clay targets attached to them.

The clays are weighted such that the guinea pigs may walk with them but find it impossible to right themselves should they be tipped over.

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It's just a poofy llama.

Alpaca fur is made of clouds and rainbows. It's the comfiest comfy that has ever graced Earth.

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So like some kind of fluffy version of Lorwyn's Elves?

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Counting down to /tg/ making a waifu monstergirl version of this thing.

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Elaborate neck jewelry for the upper classes, long necks allows them to literally look down on those below them.

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How could we make a waifu out of a girl who spits?

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The spitting contest requires the participants to chew on a weird mix of pure cocoa and peppers, and then spit it into the clay cups. This is done to both test their strength of will and focus while eating extremely bitter and hot food.

Unlucky visitors often get pranked into chewing on this horrible mess as a rite of passage.

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Have her be a messy, babyish eater who ends up with bits of food trailing down their lips that have to be kissed clean, but when they swallow they do it out of love.

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Oh, that would make chewable poultices the overriding form of medicine.

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That, and shaving, painting or otherwise styling their fur to attract more attention. The upper classes are attention whores.

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>Spitting on someone's face is the gravest insult and a challenge to a death duel.
I'd rather go with spitting on someones face being a polite greeting, leading to countless bloody wars with surrounding civilisations because of misunderstood ambassadors.

Also, Carl is the god emperor of the alpaca people

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>Llama leading alpacas

What is this vile heresy

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>I'd rather go with spitting on someones face being a polite greeting, leading to countless bloody wars with surrounding civilisations because of misunderstood ambassadors.
That's not a bad idea. Then spitting on the ground in front of someone as an insult?

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What if spitting on the ground in front of someone is a sign of respect?

We Fremen now.

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The Inca used a form of communication called quipu. Consisting of a series of different knots, it's believed to be the only complex tactile language before Braille.

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All of them involve peppers or pure cocoa in some way.

The stronger ones involve gold shavings.

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So other than gold, chilli peppers and cocoa there wasn't exactly all that much to Inca culture was there?

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Well yeah there was. It's just those are the only elements any of us are really familiar with. I'm sure someone else could help us.

I happen to know Incas were prolific slingers, and to this day there is a big meetup in the Andes where people with slings stand on opposite sides of a huge ravine and toss rocks at each other.

Incan slings were made from alpaca wool and were actually used in place of whips for herding alpaca, since climbing after them tends to be fruitless. They would toss rocks in their vicinity and the alpacas would get spooked from the noise and move.

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Actual alpaca farmer here, can answer any questions.

Males fight by bodyslamming and neck-wrestling, so have the warrior caste wear weighted and/or spiked helmets that they use like flails, and have the alpaca people be reknown for their wrestling and grappling ability.

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I must have a video of neck-wrestling alpacas. For science.

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How soft and safe and comfy is it to cuddle an alpaca?

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What are they personality-wise? Are alpacas aggressive, docile, friendly? Do they like messing around with other animals?

What's with the spitting?

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>dat Yuropoor education

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Also, Alpaca come in two breeds, Suri and Huacaya. Huacaya are the most common, and they're the fluffy, poofy ones (depicted in link related).

Suri are much rarer, and have a higher quality fiber that grows in downward, dreadlock-esque spirals. Pic related.

In Inca culture, only nobility could wear Suri due to its rarity and value. Have lower classes be Huacaya, and upper classes be Suri, with some fantastic racism between them. Have the Suri be a standard of beauty, and young Huacaya women spend ludicrous sums on hair products to imitate a suri's coat.

Nigga dey warm and soft.

They're very intelligent, and personality varies from animal to animal, kinda like people. Overall, they're inquisitive, intelligent, and flighty. They're comfortable around who and what they know and uncomfortable around what they don't. Males can be aggressive as fuck agaisnt eachother- we have our breeding male segregated from the other non-neutered males because he'll fight them. He'll go like 1 v 10 and kick all their asses, alternating them like there's a fucking queue involved. He also castrated one of them with his teeth, shit was insane.

As for spitting, it's a more passive-aggressive way to fight. Spitting usually starts with a puff of air, and is a warning- 'That's my food' or 'get the fuck out of my face, bitch'. When they really want to spit, they'll bring up cud from their bellies. This is kinda like someone slapping or pushing someone else- not really fighting, but their exerting authority. Females usually stop here, males usually go into neck-wrestling.

Side note, when males fight, they'll use razor-sharp fighting teeth to clip ears and nip at competing males' nuts.

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>Not Amurkan

Top lel, I bet you thought these are dogs.

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This right here is why I love /tg/.

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Jokes on you, I live in Texas! We got Alpaca and Llama farms scattered all over here. Why would I not know about one of the best livestock native to the Americas?

Try harder and get educated yuropoor

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U.S. educates their children better than everyone in Europe, except Finland, because the Finns have nothing better to do as children than study and mope.


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Bison farms > Alpaca farms in glorious tejas.

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what about Beefalos? Or Ostrich?

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Have you ever been near an ostrich? I would sooner suffocate each one by tying their necks into a knot. Awful, smelly things shouldn't even exist.

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what about Emus?

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>Need more ideas for Incan alpaca people.
The quality of one's fur determines social class. "Woolly" is a deadly insult.

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Guy with Alpacas here, Namefagging for the sake of the thread. Farm near me has an Emu, and she's adorable and the sweetest thing ever.

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Looking into their eyes is considered a grave insult and as such they look up or down respectively to denote their status and station over whoever they converse with. Up for better than, lower for lesser than.

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They rather liked roads and mountain fortresses. Built loads of them. This was in part because an independent inca realm formed after the initial spanish conquest, in the interior and their entire society was based around fighting the Spanish. They modernized and adopted muskets too. Still got wiped in the 18th century.

Anyhow, Incas did shit like sacricing kids to mountains, deforming their skulls in the shape of the mountain they were to be sacrificed on. Their priests and kings practised mummification and their entire agricultural base was based on different types of potatoes.
Most villages were a fortified mountain hold with agriculture on the slopes, and led by village elders.
That's all I recall on the fly.

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Fuck, now I want to insert culturally insensitive Pandas in all of my games.
For bonus points they can cut toes off of female children.

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They army was pretty stratified too, having tribal people using the weapons of they tribes to expand the empire (for example, Amazonians used bows and poisonous arrows, Auracanians slings etc)

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>no culture of Tibetan yak-people
>no monastic yak waifus

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>Alpaca novice meets yak priestess and falls in love

>But that's forbidden...

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Alpaca people are fine mounts, intelligent and capable of taking directions from their rider... as long as you keep them out of the cocaine, which they are as a race fond of abusing the use of, often leading to them getting notions into their head that they are strong indepedent people with a rich culture, rather than yet another one of the planes' many slave races, designed by the powers for no better purpose than to serve as slaves and mounts for humans.

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And physiologically impossible, for various reasons.

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Humanoid fantasy alpacas and yaks.

It counts.

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>Actually citing sources instead of regurgitating bullshit

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The Llama Wizard has a spell for that.

Actually several.

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Disguising himself as a yak, he is actually the leader of the yak-tibetans, who know him as Dalai Llama.

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I saw that guy on Animaniacs.

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>I cannot have sex with [x]
>I will, therefore, devote all my magical knowledge into making a spell that allows me to fuck [x]

I hate wizards so god damn much.

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Why bother? There's already a VN about your girlfriend turning into an alpaca.

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Are you implying that the Inca had a base 10 number system that managed to represent the 0? That they had a concept of zero?

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It was the only large domesticable animal they had, so they bred it for everything. Carries heavy loads a long distance, grows amazing wool, breeds fairly fast, and tastes delicious.

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And they bred Cavias as a meat source.

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But can you make yogurt from their milk? Can you burn their dung for fuel? Can you use their entrails for divination? Still inferior to noble yak.

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>That they had a concept of zero?
Don't most advanced societies?

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and it is wonderful

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He's trolling, leave him be.

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Of course there is. Why wouldn't there be?

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They didn't even have cocoa. That's only in Central America. They had coca. Totally different. They were also pretty rad at masonry, goldsmithing, weaving, making clothes out of feathers, agronomy (like 1000 kinds of potato custom bred for differences in elevation and weather), roadbuilding and logistics.

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>1000 kinds of potato.
Lies. No one has that many potatoes.

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They did use the dung for fuel, and the entrails for divination. Superior for divination was a llama fetus, which was also used as the dedication offering for important buildings like temples.

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>can you make yogurt from their milk?
That isn't how Yohgurt works, it's not a dairy product as such. It's a shitload of bacteria.
>can you burn their dung for fuel
No idea
>Can you use their entrails for divination
No, just the Lungs. And only of white ones. Inca priests blew them up and read the future in the veins.

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Do you like pigeons, anon?

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Latvian detected

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Blew your little Irish mind, did it? They even had ones immune to your little blight.

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I was just going off the top of my head, but you're right, I lied. They had 4000 kinds of potato.


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>That isn't how Yohgurt works, it's not a dairy product as such. It's a shitload of bacteria.

That said, YakAnon, alpacas (and llamas) were never domesticated for milk. Since the demand for it is extremely low, today they aren't used for it either, although theoretically speaking there shouldn't be any reason their milk wouldn't be drinkable.

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>They were also pretty rad at masonry
Without metal tools even. It was quite impressive. Until the Spanish that is. That's when they build truly huge shit like Machu Pichu.

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Alpacanon, is alpaca milk delicious?

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Not on the Incas tech level normally, no. But the Incas apparently did.


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>Bad Boys Love, a hidden alternate story mode, opens with the discovery of the protagonist's corpse; the player instead follows her best friend Ryouta Kawara, as he investigates the circumstances of her death and unravels darker conspiracies surrounding the school.

Jesus Christ.

It's fucking birds.

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I was not ready for that sound they make. It's like... Horses but with chirping. What the fuck?

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That game made me cry.

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No, actually. That's wrong.

LLamas were pack animals, alpacas were bred for their wool. Most of their food came from guinea pigs or their crop yields.

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Furthermore, alpacas don't breed very quick. Single fetus per pregnancy, gestation lasts 11 months.

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>to this day there is a big meetup in the Andes where people with slings stand on opposite sides of a huge ravine and toss rocks at each other.


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They're far enough away that the rocks, if they do hit, would have lost much of their sting. Still entirely possible to really hurt someone.

I have to believe using jagged rocks is purposeful, since they're not very aerodynamic and lose speed quickly after they've been thrown.

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"Am I kawaii? Uguu~u..."

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> Most of their food came from guinea pigs or their crop yields.
> guinea pigs
> food
What. Seriously that sounds like a pain in the ass, you'd need to slaughter like four of them for a single person's meal or something. I realize they wouldn't eat that much meat but still...

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Guinea pigs have plenty of meat on them for one person. They're like ready-made fast food; good nutritional value, excellent portions, and great taste.

>> No.36412431

Native guinea pigs were a lot larger than the common pet-shop variety. They also rotisserie them, so one guinea pig is enough for a single person.

They still eat them in places like Ecuador to this day.

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I've just been waiting for an excuse to post these.

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All of my yes.

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>those eye lashes


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Yeah but think of all the stuffing you could get in their cheeks, be great for thanksgiving if your a family of professional fashion models..

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Here is Qui, the traditional way guinea pig is prepared in Ecuador

Happy thanksgiving

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You know Chihuahuas? They look like that because the Aztecs bred them for food. South and Middle Americans were weird about meat man. No big animals to domesticate, you know.

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Those honestly look delicious.

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I sure hope this is useful.

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Although most people never get to see where the Alpacafolk live, many of their kind are seen as wandering merchants and craftsmen.
Intricate knots and braids made from their own fur shows name, status, and place of birth among other facts in the knot language of the Alpacapeople.

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Are our alpacapeople bipedal?

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It's also a truly magnificent game given much more care and time than the concept deserves.

>> No.36412811

Do the Alpacafolk have a slave/poor caste to shave the fur from?

Do non-slaves rarely shave some of their fur to make a really special gift?

>> No.36412858

Well, another anon pointed out that there already exists a clear delineation between "common" alpaca and a rarer but more sought after breed of alpaca with wonderful soft dreadlock hair.

So you don't really need slaves to make fur, you just have a naturally-occurring rift between alpacafolk whose fur is more desired by customers.

And Alpacafolk clearly shave themselves to make their own goods. It could perhaps be seen as a sign of work ethic (or poverty) to be partially or wholly shaven.

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You know, with all the beastfolk /tg/ has been discussing, we might as well start making a animal-based setting that includes pangolls and mothfolk.
It could be like Kung-Fu Panda except more fantastic.

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>Bo Derek llama

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/tg/ would logic bomb itself into oblivion once it realizes it's created Ironclaw, one of the game it most likes to hate, though.

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I like this idea.

But will the destruction not make us stronger?

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>Um, Milagros...
>Yes Gabriela?
>Are you, uh, doing anything tomorrow evening?
>...No. Why?
>Would you, um, like to shear me?

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Perhaps the alpaca elite hold a monopoly of buyers, so the sign that you've "made it" financially is a full coat, since you only sell other people's wool.

>> No.36412905


Does it though? The last five threads I saw Ironclaw mentioned, everyone said it was pretty cool.

>> No.36412908

I think it wouldn't be slaves, but instead they shave criminals, and the fur can be sold off for whatever reasons. If the crime is against the state, the government keeps the pelt, but if the damages were against an individual, they keep it.
Minor crimes would not be total body shaving, but instead parts of the body get sheared. The loss of fur would be very shameful.

>> No.36412917


Poorer alpaca likely shave themselves in decorative patterns to avoid total baldness and perhaps even to denote membership of a weaver's guild, fraternity or something similar.

>> No.36412923

/tg/ generally has good things to say about Ironclaw beyond the abominable cover art, though. Seriously. The interior art is generally much better, what the fuck is going on?

>> No.36412938

I would think that criminals would be wholly shorn, similar to branding.

>> No.36412940

I'm assuming yes. Hands with fingers and everything are kind of a big deal if you want to have an advanced technological civilization.

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Children in romania learn cursive in first grade.
In murrica they don't.

They also study civic education, chemistry, physics, biology and 3d math in 8th grade.


>> No.36413015

3d geometry*

>> No.36413020

There are two animals I want try in my life time >>36412557
and horse.

Qui I need to remember that

>> No.36413042

Dont know where your getting your sources, but We learn cursive in 1st grade too. I also had Civics, Chemistry, physics geometry in 8th grade, while Biology was in 7th.

Where are you getting your info from?

>> No.36413050

In Portugal, we had music, math, philosophy, 3 languages foreign languages and latin, arts class (learn to draw and perspective and such), crafting lessons (learn to solder and make shit from wood, fix things around the house and such) PE, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and finally... Bible lessons.
Pretty good curiculum, really.

>> No.36413063

Learning cursive is pointless, and yet I still remember practicing the letters as an eight year old and never using it again after I was thirteen. Americans, even in the worst states, also teach their children physics, biology, calculus, politics, and so forth by eighth grade.

And they tested much, much higher than Romanian youth did.

What exactly is your point?

>> No.36413093

I'm from romania.

And I don't get info, but from what I see from everyone american schooling is pretty shitty.

Anyway, we're getting off topic, screw this.


The full programme in Romania is this:

Music, drawing, literature and language, 3d geometry and algebra, biology, chemistry, civic education, technology, religion, latin, geography, history, english(b2).

America is full of idiots, unlike europe.


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I've always wanted to try snake, ever since I saw Temple of Doom as a kid.

>> No.36413116

Dat crispy skin. Now I want to eat some.

>> No.36413140


Spitting on the ground in a foreign land is good. "Water for your crops"

Spitting on the ground in front of a person in your own land is a sign of disrespect, "Death for you, life for my crops."

>> No.36413158

The poorest alpaca are totally shaved and since they need to shave regularly to subsist their fur never grows to be long and more expensive.

Common alpaca shave themselves more rarely and tend to do it in bands so nearby fur hides it or in decorative patterns.

The richest alpaca do not shave themselves as they do not need to sell their fur, but they might do so to make an exceptional gift for someone. Having such gift is very prestigious.

>> No.36413191

>People have proved my wrong and I have no evidence to support myself other than just saying "because"
>Better try to steer everyone away from the argument!

stay pleb. plus everything you said Romania has, we have them in the US.

What Americans have you met, since the quality of thier education varies vastly from state to state. If they were from Mississippi or Alabama, then I'd understand, but making such generalization about a country as large and politically/socially/culturally/economically divided as the US without citation is just silly

Personally I think Snakes are a tad overdone. I wanna see people do either Chameleons or Surinam Toads. I also think we need more Cuttlefish people

I like this and am voting it for canon.

>> No.36413210

Sounds good to me.

I know knot-based magic is more European, but it would be neat for knots and weavework to be the basis of alpacafolk's magical disciplines.

>> No.36413238

there is already a hentai doujin involving Alpaca girls. The japs beat us to it.

>> No.36413243


>> No.36413244

Don't make me ask.

>> No.36413253

Yeah, basically they weave the magic into the thread or rope, then by tieing it they "bind" the magic into that shape. By undoing the not the magic is "unbound" and released in a spell appropriate for the shape and type of knot.

Lets just hope their priests and mages don't encounter Alexander the Great

>> No.36413260

I've heard rattle snake taste like chicken, no joke.

>> No.36413267

Wasn't there something similar in Dark Sun?

>> No.36413275

Maybe not knots, since that's more European, but definitely looms and patterns and stuff.

Maybe alpacafolk wizards use magic thread and the patterns they weave into their garments enhance their abilities or grant them special powers?

>> No.36413284

Texan here, its true. cook it in noodle soup and no one will be able to tell the difference.

don't know, never played it because I can't find a group to save my life. Everyone is either to far away or hosts at innopportune times. Help me!

>> No.36413287

I'm going to dig up my old Mummy: The Resurrection books. There was a section about Incan magic and I'm finally going to put it to good use.

>> No.36413354

>Help me!
Game Finder threads, my friend.
I feel your pain.

>> No.36413363

Oh /tg/. Never change.

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>> No.36413431

Why does the system keep screaming that I'm spamming it? I reformatted my damn post seven times. FUCK YOU, 4CHAN.

Ahem, as I was SAYING, the idea of a beast-people setting has already happened. Remember Vilous, the TG Unified Setting? The one that got every artist banned and drove them to other sites during the Moderators' obsession with Furries?

>> No.36413450

Slightly off topic, is there any good art of Llama cavalry somewhere online? Currently trying to create a fantasy south America and many of the mountain Not! Incas have migrated to the plains with their llamas.

>> No.36413463

Llama cavalry is impossible, as Llamas will not bear a human passenger. Their backs simply won't hold them. Llamas know this, and refuse to carry humans.

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gat dayum

>> No.36413470

Dire Llamas, then.

>> No.36413475

So Romania has basically the same program as Portugal then? Aside from the crafting that is.
Interesting. Apparently a good education leaves a bunch of friendly dumbasses. And gypsies. We have those in Portugal too, in abundance.

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would you mind linking to this anon? I'll give you a bestfolk image of an animal of your choice, provided i Have it. Have one for free for now.

>> No.36413491

A simpler solution exists.
http://www.thesubnet.com/portal/wod/mtr/HekauIntro.html (go to Teomallki hekau, these are the Incan guys. In short, tons of sacrifices and doing drugs)

>> No.36413502

>Not understanding the meaning of the word fantasy.

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>Llamas with Hats is a surprisingly accurate portrayal of Incan religious ceremonies

>> No.36413535

Oh, that's fine. Iunno, google Giant Firebreathing Llama.

There's a difference between Fantasy and A Lack Of Research.

>> No.36413548

So we make fantasy llamas huge and stronk.

>> No.36413560

>Carl has been doing all this evil stuff to summon a Tzitzimitl


Conversely, they can be ridden by smaller races, such as Halfling or Armadillos

/r/ing Armadillo people

>> No.36413568

>Armadillomen riding llamas into battle
I had no idea how badly I needed this until now.

>> No.36413578

>A vulture isn't tamable, you can't have one as pet.
>Those two plants wouldn't make a healing potion together.
>That hall is far too big it would collapse under it's own weight.

>> No.36413591
File: 1.31 MB, 1536x1024, Epic Mount.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Armadillomen riding llamas into battle

I want Alpacafolk riding giant armadillos.

>> No.36413603

You're now imagining the race war between these groups.

>> No.36413618

>The reason Incan Alpacamen use slings is because arrows bounce off the tough hides of the armadillomen, and the only real way to harm them is through bludgeoning.

Oh me.

>> No.36413619

Based Glyptodon.

>> No.36413632


And almost certainly because they'd want to avoid bringing all their valuable wool into close combat.

>> No.36413647
File: 93 KB, 476x550, Armadillo ranger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

did a quick google for Anthropomorphic armadillos

found this. You like guys?

>> No.36413666

I prefer something more like the Soccerdillo from MMPR.

>> No.36413684

What if the armadillomen are the soldier-caste of the alpacafolk?

They pay them in valuable wool in return for protection?

>> No.36413699
File: 76 KB, 938x851, Armadillo_Dude_Has_An_Epiphany.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

like this?

>> No.36413723
File: 76 KB, 1440x1080, regret.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>searching "anthro armadillo" on Google Images

>> No.36413733

There's no need to make every animal into an intelligent race. Things get wacky in that direction and the food chain gets awfully dark. There should be regional chimeras.

For example, in the south you could mix armadillo, wildcat, and the giant bats into a reasonably social and iconic short-race. They would have banded, plated backs and bare-skin wings good mainly for long gliding or short flapping distances if given favorable winds and updraft. Their little eyes are reasonably good in extremely low light, due to their high reflectivity and disproportionately large pupils, and are well protected by their small size and long lashes from debris and

They favor dug dens (that they make with the two manipulator claws at the end of their wings and their heavy digging claws at the end of their powerful feet) and cave systems, are great swimmers (though spend their time avoiding the water due to predators), and mostly eat grubs, insects, and all manner of fruit.

And so forth.

You can have catpeople, armadillopeople, batpeople and still end up with a unique race with lots of niches left to fill both ecologically and narratively. Bloat should and can be avoided.

>> No.36413748

Vultures are perfectly tameable.
Fantasy plants aren't llamas.
I'm not an architect and we can't tell what the hall's internal support-struts are.

>> No.36413751

>implying heavily armed Armadillofolk would be able to fly at all

>> No.36413766

So, they will head-bang their enemies to death? I'm okay with that.

>> No.36413772
File: 172 KB, 900x600, amazing alliteration.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I did. too much Mighty the Armadillo fanpics

decided to risk my sanity and check Armadillos on Deviantart now. Luckily this was on the first page

I know, but I'm not an artist, nor am I particularly skilled at making races or settings, so Im going to post beastfolk for people to cherry pick from.

>> No.36413787


>> No.36413788

>that filename
Alliteration is the initial consonant sound only. That is just repeated, initial assonance; though I do love the book that came from.

>> No.36413797

Not well in the least. I imagine mostly the wings are evolutionary holdovers as mating displays and signal health to others of their kind, but they do slow a fall and they do help to get rid of heat in the humidity of the equatorial lowlands.

>> No.36413856

yes you can do all of those things.

>> No.36413896

iv eaten it before, its actually pretty good.

>> No.36413913
File: 333 KB, 572x500, VANU.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.36413918

Just go watch emperors new grove on repeat for 24 hours while scribbling notes everytime a thought pops into your head.

>> No.36413945

Why do all the new folks choose Vanu

>> No.36413995
File: 35 KB, 364x591, Dungeon Keeper Knight_Concept_B&W.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually, I'm not on my main PC. My reaction folder is trapped on a bricked computer, else I'd have used one of my No Fun Allowed pictures. Sorry.

As consolation, have one of the Knights from Dungeon Keeper.

>> No.36414021
File: 22 KB, 368x277, Llama.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.36414026

wow insert animal race so interesting

insert race, race. even better

>> No.36414053


>> No.36414080

They're purple. I like purple.

>> No.36414111
File: 58 KB, 600x415, truly no man has ever been more wrong.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.36414117

It's unrelated trolling regardless of whether its true or not(hint: it's not).

>> No.36414134
File: 127 KB, 1500x900, 05viking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.36414188

And the chinese? Face it, it's not that everyone else is weird, it's that europeans are, for the most part, pretty goddamn picky. Except the french.

Of course, Europe had plenty of good farmland, lots of big wildlife to hunt and not too goddamn many people like china.

>> No.36414207
File: 4 KB, 112x120, Paimon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I... was wrong...

>> No.36414293

I must not search for this.
Curiosity is the mind-killer.
Curiosity is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my curiosity.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the curiosity has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.

>> No.36414354

They are delicious as fuck. The meat is rich and fatty.

>> No.36414436

Oh good lord does someone have the celtic one in this line?

>> No.36414544

Which book, please?

>> No.36414566

Animalia by Graeme Base.

>> No.36414599

Portugal school is alright. All you need is less students per class and teachers need to learn how to be a bit kinder. Autorithy and kindness would make it great. It. Works wonders with smaller classrooms.

I liked living there for a couple of years before moving back to England.

>> No.36414742

Vanu ass.

>> No.36415101

Not as we know it.

We use zero to mean much more than "nothing". We use it as a placeholder.

See, without zero, 1, 10, 100 and 100,000 would all look the goddamn same. But we decided that each digit in a number represents how many ones, ten, hundred, thousands, etc the number contains. And, of course, zero allows us to say "nothing in the tens column!"

So, no, it's not common. The Romans didn't have it and they conquered most of Europe.

>> No.36415138

(hint: it is)
(there's a source right there)
(I didn't even start the conversation)
(your butthurt could not be more obvious)

>> No.36415336

Incidentally, the likely reason the Inca (and maybe their predecessors) needed to invent zero-as-placeholder and also complex book-keeping languages is because they were basically communists.

Everybody was required to pay a set tax (beggars and the truly destitute could pay in body lice), as well as have their men organized into work forces. In return, the rulers provided food in famine times, protection, AQUEDUCTs, clothing, etc. They didn't even use money, except when trading with other cultures.

This was probably encouraged by the fact that they were living on a bunch of goddamn mountains. So each strata was good for different sorts of agriculture, and bad for most other stuff, so that they were going to have to do a whole lot of trading anyway. The Incan rulers just centralized it.

>> No.36415459

>beggars and the truly destitute could pay in body lice

>> No.36415493

It was symbolic. Big Brother is merciful.

>> No.36415597

The king's order m8, if the poor commoners couldn't pay proper tribute they would have to collect live lice for their masters

>> No.36416630

I think you mean Emperor, Atabalipa, my friend.

>> No.36416906

>implying Sapa Inca means "emperor"

Go away, you smelly puruma auca.

>> No.36416985 [SPOILER] 
File: 53 KB, 600x600, 1417047344772.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm having some peculiar flashbacks here.

>> No.36417145
File: 104 KB, 484x310, blog-picture-11-sad-play.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be peruvian
>I never have eaten alpaca before
>half my family and friends don't like peruvian food because it's very "tasty"

>> No.36417214
File: 26 KB, 306x273, shinji is disgusted.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Is this some Bizzarro world? is your family full of people with defective reverse-taste buds? Are they Modrons?

>> No.36417245

One assumes that was a typo for 'nasty'.

>> No.36417315

I thought he was trying to say they find it too strong tasting.

>> No.36417339

I guess its hard for me to understand such a concept since I tend to put jalapenos, Silantro, Siracha and/or Chalula on all my food

>> No.36418413

Isn't the word for that "rich"? Or maybe "overwhelming"? I don't know, non-native English speaker here.

>> No.36419053

no it rich. normally tasty means really good

>> No.36421775

How did Incan warfare look like and how can we combine it with neck wrestling?

>> No.36421924

Guinea pigs should be a sentiet but subservuet race like how gretchin are to orks in 40k

>> No.36422662

No. That is wholly pointless and decidedly evil.

>> No.36424048

You mean wooly pointless.

>> No.36424522


The cuteness is overwhelming!

>> No.36425650

>American schools internally mark
>teacher's opinions heavily effect grades
Even the system you use is retarded for generalising across classes, nevermind schools
That's not even touching on the lack of content or the fact that evolution is still controversial in some of your backwards areas

>> No.36425675
File: 131 KB, 879x566, aq59zigDPcJp9jf92HDKYm6L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

but but...so fluffy....

>> No.36425687
File: 23 KB, 320x352, tumblr_moe8gaqv5Y1qg690eo1_400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and very



>> No.36425707
File: 522 KB, 200x200, 5096341.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.36425718
File: 1.29 MB, 500x284, potato guf.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> agronomy (like 1000 kinds of potato custom bred for differences in elevation and weather)
This has to the greatest thing ive heard of

>> No.36425747
File: 132 KB, 933x716, Glyptodon_(Riha2000).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am now having ideas of Alpaca soldiers having lances and charging into the fray while riding this beautiful oversized armadillos

>> No.36425768
File: 22 KB, 500x216, incan warfare.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Liek dis

>> No.36426610

How the hell did they manage so few kills?

>> No.36427494


>> No.36427616

Probably by walking around, not really finding any birds, or finding but having them bugger off while the MGs were set up, and then finally just blasting all their ammo right into the nearest bush in frustration before going home.

>> No.36427780
File: 42 KB, 326x627, 1363820179859.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Remember this is South America, with the worlds largest spiders and jaguars and snakes and shit, Incan body lice were as large as houses and small groups of murderous hobos would have to team up to have a chance of taking even one of them down.


Here's the superior version from before the no fun allowed wikipedos dulled it down.

>> No.36427804
File: 259 KB, 900x2682, pests.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shit happens

>> No.36431720

Can't aim well with machine guns.

Emus are fast.

>> No.36434036


> Send your nephew to London asking for someone to take care of this bear .

>> No.36434174


"I've always wanted to throw a dinner party, claim it's 'traditional Peruvian food' and then serve only Marmalade sandwiches"

- David Mitchell

>> No.36437541


NOT the one I was thinking of actually.
That is now TWO alpaca hentai doujins.

here you guys go
http://exhentai.org/g/695896/4715758eda/ The story in question is page 26 futa warning

>> No.36438065

i got a fucking sad panda

>> No.36438077


Google it, mang. It's an easy fix.

>> No.36438137

Runequest, look up High Llama tribe of Prax. Technically their riding an extinct giant llama, but it still works.

>> No.36438138

As a peruvian I just want to tell you : I want in.

>> No.36439735

Do you actually eat guinea pigs?

>> No.36442978

clear your cookies, make or log into an account on g.e-hentai.org then go back to the other links. Something about those two are far too naughty for normal site so only available on the sad pandas.

>> No.36443282

So, nobody going to mention the mummies that get taken out and partied with once a year?

>> No.36444121

Yeah, done all that. Still sad panda.

>> No.36446138

Could always try all that but in a new browser type that has not went attempted to go to that site. Most people these days tend to already have two or more browsers on their computer, so wouldn't be too much hassle hopefully.

>> No.36446712


>> No.36446822

Right... AMERICA is full of idiots...
>mfw ignorant is now how I'll always see Romanians

Also, America is more of a confederation of independent states than a fully united "country". People from California are entirely different than people from Minnesota

>> No.36447588
File: 240 KB, 600x391, the-real-difference-between-europe-america-600x391.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God dammit are we doing this? Stop dragging your /pol/ in here!

It's stupid, biased, and pointless since China will buy us all out in 2050. Get back to the fantasy alpaca race.

>> No.36449696

America is slightly fatter.

>> No.36450581

Your opinions on the system do not effect the objective outcome. American children test higher on all relevant subjects than nearly any other child in the world. Their only real competition is Canada, (some of) Japan, and Finland. If you are not from one of those places, the United States has absolutely nothing to learn about education from you. Their "flawed" system is getting superior results among a hugely diverse population in terms of resources and social standing.

>> No.36451169
File: 50 KB, 600x2148, aztec4figure09.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know Aztec had these but did the incas?
Don't matter rule of kewl it, you know you want too.

>> No.36451236
File: 58 KB, 288x415, ceb1ceb1ceb11.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Inca tended to use maces and spears. (The Macahuitl was actually a warrior society weapon for the Mexica and not a primary one anyway).

AFAIK there was no notable source of obsidian in the Andes.

>> No.36451454

My sides

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