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BYOND Download link: http://www.byond.com/download/

To connect: Open BYOND, click the gear in the upper right. Click "Open Location" and paste in the IP above. Click "Ok".

Welcome to d20Station, a rule light, low moderation server filled with custom content.

Don't know what the fuck SS13 is? We'll teach you happily. Some of what we teach you will be to not trust anyone, but we'll get to that in the advanced course.

Do know what SS13 is? Dislike hate how other servers have gone? You'll (probably) like it here.

Custom map in progress. (apparently)

Code branch from NT (also named d20Station), is updated constantly.

Based codefags providing content.

Rules and Changelog are at the top right

New Dedibox is up!

Email [email protected] for code requests (Please make the subject "Map Suggestion" or "Code Suggestion" or "Feature Suggestion" for easy sorting), and bug reports (I was doing X when something fucked up/the server crashed, I think I may have caused it).

Note: This is NOT SS13 general

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So what is SS13?

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an atmospheric simulator, but that is quickly forgotten as the blood and chaos sprays out

Paranoia Troubleshooters shares some similarities

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A round based multiplayer game wherein you assume roles on a space station. Things tend to escalate rapidly into murder, insanity and intense interior design on the part of the players.

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/tg/station is best station

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a simulation of life on a state of the art corprate deathtrap

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You're in a space station.
13 is an unlucky number.
You're on an unlucky space station.
The whole place is no OHSA compliance. The robots follow Asimov's Three Laws, which ere directly exploited in his novels.
You have your job. Security, Cargo, Medbay, Science, Service, etc... You can find a job in any of these categories.
All the people you play with are real.
Exploit your knowledge for greater power. Some of the things people say in this thread soind like silly bugs, but can be deadly if done right. Protect yourself from shitters, beat on anyone who fucks with your homies, and make sure to annoy security officers with any sort of instrument you can find.

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you forgot that plasma wants to be free. And lord singulo hungers.

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+Ian is love, Ian is life

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One time a clown spaced my mop bucket, so I beat him to death with my mop and the nearby security guys laughed at him.

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This story is fake. For starters, it implies people were on the mop bucket's side.

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Does my offering not please the gods?

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Nah, I was a good janitor. Still am. Always use my wet floor signs.

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>not using the 1,500 units of space cleaner you start with
shit janitor/5
in other news sectech still spawning duplicate product lists for no discernable reason even though the formatting has been fixed

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i only use the space cleaner for the BIG stuff like cleaning up the blood in the brig or blood-trails leading around the station.

Also, watching idiots slip in front of five warning signs and dropping their esword is one of the most enjoyable things in ss13.

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good man

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no lizardmen and flypeople?

that means we have to be racist against brown people...

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the spray bottle is objectively better and you can bug chem to make you more space cleaner (or cargo to just buy it)

I love furry porn as much as the next guy but some things just ain't right to put in ss13

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I'm still mopping the floor because it keeps me busy and i make sarcastic comments about every department because of muh immershuns.

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>furry porn

you don't have to sexualize everything.

What's wrong with playing a stupid lizard that can't distinguish between different humans?

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>"Officer! Detain the barkeep!"

>"Got the sssussspect"

>"That's Pun Pun."

>Urist Mclizard stares.

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>you don't have to sexualize everything.
I'm sorry I assumed you were from bay
not that I've changed this assumption or anything

>What's wrong with playing a stupid lizard that can't distinguish between different humans?
it's unfunny and would lead to griffing 4noraisin

there's also no real reason for lizard people to exist in the context of our station. also depending on what code you run, lizardpeople are unreasonably robust (on goon they're literally immune to burn damage)

if you want to be a special snowflake have someone turn you into a plant or pAI

>sec not just showering the bar in lasers and dragging the barman to perma while he's in crit
its like you dont even play this game

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>not the detective showering the bar in .38, leaving to break into the armory to make more .38 speedloaders, and coming back to a bartender that was dead five minutes ago
>then he puts cuffs on the bartender and puts him in a cell, sets the timer, and forgets about him
I swear you don't even play on this station

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the jackhammer was such an insane project
>magazines that can be thrown away as AP mines
str8 outta perfect dark

also I don't think I've ever seen a detective play. I played as it once, but ended up fucking off because crimes were getting solved too quickly since everyone just gets caught red-handed

what if you just removed detective but made the armoury into his office, with a few guns and bottles of booze lying around? it tells a little story, but still removes detective and retains a way for sec to be the murderous shitlers they usually are

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Better yet-
Make his office apart of research, expand the front of research a little more, remove toxins, but leave the base there so that people can build it if they want to/do something else with it.

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put the detective in toxins

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>Not keeping the brain for borging
>Not keeping the clothes for stealth missions
>Not keeping the body for biomass
Do you even Sciencia?

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I have an idea to make toxins actually useful -- why not make it into a practice range for the engine?

Put a couple little loops just for playing around with, and suddenly toxins has a purpose. Hell, make it general atmospherics research and give it a disposal pipe dispenser.

hypervelocity cannons when

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>not replacing it with a shooting range
poor show

>> No.36353129

>demanding disposals dispensers and gas cannons
>not being a shooting range

also shooting ranges in ss13 would be really unfun

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Being honest, as much as Freeman's been a cock over it, he's right about the detective as a role on this server.

>Server's usually low pop
>Detective often ends up being the only member of security
>Can't apprehend lawbreakers, only confirm their existence and execute
>Can't set timed sentences, only lock people in with the shutters
>Fixing these things results in a sec officer with a forensic scanner and a costume

You might as well just leave a few scanners on the table in the brig and the armoured coat in one of the sec lockers.

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Bloody hell, this makes me want to make a guide to creating a sovereign nation as research.
This is what I'm thinking;
>For best results, have an RD, and someone doing xenobio full time
>Get the APC inside as soon as possible, replace it's cell with hyper/slime core
>steal some botany supplies so you can have basic food/tool belts/other (clonexadone+blood=syntimeat, so burgers) Or silver slimes, but you won't be guaranteed food
>Have everyone that dies trying to get inside be borged
>Have someone go mining/a trade agreement with Cargosia
None of this is in order, this is just a couple things.

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>Try to save the guy by trying to flash the CMO
>Some guy in medical pushes me over, flashes me
>CMO Walks up, starts killing me with a bottle, it pushes me down, he gets me into crit
>Before I go under, I hear the other guy go "Oopsies" and walk away
>Mfw the CMO was a greifer, and the other guy was just a dick

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>not wearing costumes

>> No.36353311


>Implying I don't wear a costume every shift

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Hydroponics is the best micronation. Food and weapons -- what more could you want? Ally with med for mutagen for your plants and you're set (or just hack your way in and annex the pharmacy booth)

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Haven't been on d20Station since August.
What changes have happened, and what shitstorms have hit the server?

>> No.36353720

Oh boy.
Changelog, but because that's a long list
>Photocopiers nerfed due to but flustered admins
>Secborgs removed
>New shit added to venders
>Floor painters added (All hail the holy Interior Design crate)
>Griefers are becoming a little more common
>Some map changes
>New assorted cargo crates
>One of the really OP chems was either nerfed/removed
There's more, I'm sure, but this is just some of the stuff that stood out.

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>setting a cell timer
>not just throwing the corpse in the permabrig because he doesn't have timer access
do you even detective

the few times i've seen detectives they've either been horribly incompetent or acted as security with lethals
of the few times i've been arrested, one or two have been from detectives - who immediately either threw me into permabrig or into a prison cell and then closed the shutters.
in both cases it wasn't the detective that released me.

>detective's office in the burn chamber

>> No.36354088

>No cell access because he's supposed to investigate
>Access to perma because he might need to interview suspects which he can do through glass in the cells, not so much in perma/lazy mappers who made perma and sec have the same access
No reason for the gun, replace it with a stun revolver/rubber rounds.

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The fertilizer vendor has three bottles of mutagen you can get by putting a coin in.

>> No.36354187

you've never been on one of my hand built shooting ranges then
nernums and a few other people were unloading flareguns and whatnot blasting chimps to pieces
this was also before ammolathe so I could recycle the spent casings on the floor into the autolathe and print them more shotgun shells.
cmo got banned
>armored coat
people who don't use a bulletproof vest normally are asking to get shot
hydro takes so much work to get god teir stuff
you're thinking of xenohexaflouride which was finally commented out
>access to the place where they keep dangerous unrestrained criminals because they may need to get evidence from the people who have already been permabrigged for a proven crime
you are a retard
>upgraded taser for a non-sec officer
no please
>rubber rounds
the revolver is a lethal weapon and should be treated like one
>analyze all plants you grow with ody's syringe gun
>infinite everything

>> No.36354247

to be fair, normal sec always use the permabrig and close the shutters too

all of sec is trash, it's not just the detective. the detective just happens to start with a lethal weapon

honestly if we just removed sec and made it detectives only, the quality would not change. it would just be more fashionable

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>Been permabrigged for a proven crime

>> No.36354472

3 bottles is nowhere near enough

I find I often go through whole buckets of the stuff trying to get death berries and blue(space) tomatoes

>hydro takes so much work
not so much work as RNG praying. but even with basic stuff, you're set for life since you have food(doy), healing chems and stims(ambrosia, coffee), building materials(wood, pet storage walls) and can slip floors to trap redshirts and destroy them with your pest spray bottle full of double acid, radium and space lube

hydro is starts off being able to hold its own but can get unreasonably robust. you don't even need chem for nitroglycerin grenades if you have high potency death nettles, and if you do have chem access, then six trays of corn gets you a LOT of oil

also sandstone walls when

>> No.36354589

> the shotgun is lethal and should be treated as such

>> No.36354609

if someone is in the permabrig, they are there because they've murdered or are there for a repeat offense
I.E they're in there for a reason not for the detective to barge in to "gather evidence" and then get his ass kicked so the next person that has to walk in there to save him gets killed by his griff gun that was stolen by the prisoner.
combining the bar/hydro together means that hydro can grind and seperate chems using the condimaster.

>> No.36354835

>if someone is in the permabrig, they are there because they've murdered or are there for a repeat offense

freeman how do you be that naive and innocent? the permabrig is what sec does to players they don't like. I've gone into sec as the HoP to deliver Ian for safety and hats, and got permabrigged for it. sec is basically syndies with stun weaponry.

>> No.36354863

the bar is too indefensible a territorry, and even then, barmen are protective of their kitchens. and have shotugns. it's probably easier to invade med and use their chem dispenser/chemmaster.

Hell, most docs/chems are cool enough to just make you stuff, or give you free access to the thing if it's for botany.

>> No.36354917

>hop being in the brig
found your problem
the point being that the detective doesn't need to stick his face in the permabrig at all
merging botany and the bar creates the best comfy area

>> No.36354984

I'm not making a comfy zone. I'm making Somalia.

>> No.36355027

implying your somalia can't be comfy too
you even have the resources to make wooden flooring

>> No.36355137

It's only wood flooring all the way because I need the scrap metal from the floor tiles to make corn-based IEDs.

On that note, how do you move vending machines around? Wrench/unwrench? I haven't played since like summer

>> No.36355176

screwdriver the panel open then use a wrench and wait an abysmally long time for it to unanchor

I halved the time it takes to unanchor vending machines in my last commit

>> No.36355330

Dwarf Fortress,
In Spess,
Where every individual Dorf is a player

>> No.36355370

>just looted a bunch of Head shit
>no blood sacrifices
Got dang it Bawby

>> No.36355463

does this work on everything, like the biogenerator, nanomed, etc.?

>> No.36355509

mezzo made an update that makes almost everything deconstructable off of walls and almost every machine can be moved with a wrench

>> No.36355569

Needs surgical table.

>> No.36355833

Alright time for a big News dump, the pAI requested it so here it is. http://imgur.com/a/p0WcZ

inb4 >imgur

>> No.36355860

fuck. I either gotta get proper internet at my house, or figure out how to WINE it up on my laptop

has anyone successfully run BYOND in WINE? I can't figure it out

>> No.36355917

you can literally open that image's url, drag the image to your desktop, and upload it like a normal person
or use puush like an efficient normal person

>> No.36355935

I sucessfully ran it in linux WINE by setting up a 32-bit prefix, installing it and the other shit listed in this page: https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=29560

and then I set up an alias to start it as =' alias byond="WINEPREFIX=~/.wine32 WINEARCH=win32 wine 'C:\Program Files/BYOND/bin/byond.exe'"

>> No.36356015

You gonna go post that to reddit now?

>> No.36356055

it's an album, apparently

>> No.36356067

fuck this shit im reinstalling windows

>> No.36356075

ten minutes in paint.net and you can string that shit together easily

>> No.36356162

imgur isnt even bad or anything, I use it.

>> No.36356182

If you want I can do it just for you buddy if you don't want to

>> No.36356213

if you don't want to give imgur traffic or hate the formatting, fucking enter key

>> No.36356395

There was blood, that shot was before I sacrificed an innocent for my offering.

>> No.36356986

Research-staff only station when?

>> No.36357146

>Medium RP server
>Getting engineering shit ready
>Walk into the main room
>Assistant raiding
>I call the others, we attack him
>HOP tells us to cease, says that he gave him access to be an engineer
>The assistant yells at all of us
>He "Equips" several toolbelts, gloves, tools, and materials, leaves, and never comes back
>HOP doesn't care
>The assistant never bothered to act like an engineer, or even wear the uniform
This is why I hate HOPs that assign access without asking the department in question beforehand.

>> No.36357244

Truly shitters.
I've chewed out several HoPs as RD before for that kind of shit.

>> No.36357258

My name was Marker, not Marcus, but whatever.

I'm actually glad my murder of you was technically a failure (Even though I got credit for it.), because I liked reading about myself in the news.

I was gonna stick your body in the crusher, but I got overzealous with bashing your head in, so the borg spotted me and I had to run. I hid in locker near the Chapel for like 15 minutes, made some messages, then revealed myself to the mime because I was getting bored as fuck. Killed myself in the permabrig by punching myself in the face.

Then I went around spooking people as a spoopy ghost.

The opposite is also annoying. yesterday I had like 3-4 random jackoffs blowing in and out of engineering doing my job for me and fucking around without my consent, so I got frustrated, took off all my shit, and then spaced myself. Apparently I wasn't needed anyways.

>> No.36357344

Ah sorry for the mistakes. Gave some good news, I didn't have time to write more than a few sentences about each news report sadly because there was either me organizing my office or me trying to catch the next big scoop.

>> No.36358092

When I get HoP, I just make a bunch of all-access IDs with stupid names and silly job titles, and hand them out to people who prove fun to play with.

And then sec murders them for having a weird job title. Because security.

>> No.36358279

Reminder that nermums is shit and your server is shit by association.

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Thanks I nearly forgot

>> No.36358415

Reminder that you're entitled to your opinion, but no one here cares or listens.

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How would I have ever remembered, had you not come to enlighten my ignorance?
Truly I was lost with all this new content, and now I can see.
I do agree he's an asshole though.

>> No.36359029

You are the person I just discribed.
Do you think they were killed because of their job title
Or because they were dressed as an assistant with an all access ID that has a different name than him?

>> No.36359279

I care

>> No.36359362

>Tfw when I just fill these threads with "FUCKKIN SHITCURITY! I DINDU NUFFIN!!" and they still take the bait

>> No.36359399

>I hate [thing] and this guy agrees with me, and he has a story to prove he also hates [thing]! It proves that [thing] is [verb] and thus, proves me right!

>> No.36359519

try [adjective] instead of [verb], friend

>> No.36359528

>be engineer, nothing to do
>Check messenger.
>No security
>Eh, might as well break into armory and get a weapon in case things get tatory, maybe become the hero the station deserves
>As I'm breaking in a security guard (that either just got on or i missed for some reason) tazes me, and puts me in the permabrig
>Doesn't say shit to me, just locks me up and leaves me

So did I deserve this fate, or am I getting shitcuritied? I've been there like ten minutes.

>> No.36359557

Sounds like you should just break out.

>> No.36359570

both. you were committing a crime, but as usual, shitcurity resorts to round-ending boring-ass permabrigging. He may as well have murdered you

>> No.36359573


>> No.36359581

You abused your power as an engineer to break into a secure area, and he was doing his job.
While leaving you alone may be a little much, he is still kinda in the right, at least until we hear more evidence.

>> No.36359642

>break into armory and get caught
you're lucky you weren't vaporized into hamburger meat on the spot
you're describing a noun, not a verb you uneducated filth

>> No.36359675

I'm not robust and i don't know how

I tried saying "I'm sorry yo, just wanted to be able to protect myself because I thought there was no security" But I got ignored. I'm still in jail.

Scratch that, I'm getting borged.

>> No.36359678


>> No.36359735

Hit the R-Walls that lead into maint with tools until they work.
Or else use the false wall then hack the doors beyond,

>> No.36360158

false wall was removed a while ago
improvise, use what you know to either lure someone in, contact help, or find a way out.

>> No.36360203

I still have no idea how you've been able to run into brig and make it your bitch as no nothing assistant Gordon. It pains my brain because when I try to do that I get flashed and then brigged when I try to pull a "i hop"

>> No.36360267

I've escaped from the brig a few times as a have-not. Only reason I couldn't another time was because a borg was babbysitting the sec team.

Ye gotta be wily.

>> No.36360541

Be crafty, be prepared, and be ready to improvise at a moments notice.

>> No.36360620

So I remember hearing a while back about a project to make a city in space.
How did it go? Is there a map of it?

>> No.36360704

>lure someone in
once thrown into perma, sec NEVER comes back.
who's gonna leave their cushy desk job to break out a dreaded suspected work-doer?

>lmbo just get gud fagget
sec removes tools from the brig, assuming you're not lying about them even being there, and they generally strip you before launching you in so there's basically nothing except a couple of pets to break windows with. and good luck taking down an r wall with a shard and a rod

>> No.36360724


>> No.36360853

He'll never unban you because you treat it like COD

>> No.36362189

When you stop shitting up our threads

>> No.36362262

>Make airlock electronics be able to lock between male and females
>Put this in the arrivals airlocks, so females can't open the doors, but males can
>No girls allowed station

>> No.36362314

More than that. Let it interface with security and medical computers so that you can make only people with clean bills of health through.

Or let only people that haven't committed crimes through.

>> No.36362333

Only healthy people can enter Medaby

>> No.36362370

>Quarantine doors only let people not infected with [blank] pass through
>Put this on the escape shuttle so that with things like aliens, carriers can not escape to centcom

>> No.36362383

Well, if the door only operates for healthy people, disease would be much harder to spread.

>> No.36362388

And then when disaster strikes its much harder to improvise

>> No.36362400

This would be countered by the common tactic used already; bulldogging the doors, and enter when someone else does.

>> No.36362456

>Medical electronics; will not let anyone infected enter
>Security electronics; will not let anyone with a record enter
>Gender electronics; will not let anyone of a certain gender enter
>Age electronics; will not let anyone under/over a certain age enter
>VIP electronics; will only let listed people enter
>Syndicate electronics; will wait for a target, then close the door on them again and again to kill them

>> No.36362503

Perfect. I came on here only to ask about SS13.
I've played casually for a few years (I've been on byond since 2007) and I've seen my fair share of shitty admins, shitty servers and shitty games. Hell, I used to host a few. Good times.
But, the reason why I am here is to ask this:
Which server, is the better server? Now I know there's probably a lot of personal opinion on this. I've played the standard 'goon' servers and I've been on /tg/station for years. I haven't made any friends nor have I made any real memories from rounds. Any ideas?

>> No.36362547

Our server

>> No.36362584

It really depends on how you want to play.
If you're a fan of roleplaying, you might want to use a high RP server.
If you're a fan of more action, you might want a low RP one.
Somewhere in the middle? That's a hard server to find.
There's a /vg/ thread that might help you more. >>87200142

>> No.36362655

Quest electronics; Will only open to a specific item rather than an ID card.
AMERICAN electronics; Only opens to people who are carrying anything deepfried.
Greytide electronics; Assistants only. No heads allowed.

And of course, all electronics can be customized. Since the medical electronics checks your blood, you could make it so that only drunk people can enter, or only people that do have a certain disease.

I've bounced around from a few servers- hung out at goonstation until they stripped everything fun out of it- and I think that /d20/ station is a really good one. It's small enough that the round doesn't immediately devolve into chaos unless there are a few shitters around, but it's big enough that you're almost never on an empty station alone.

>> No.36362671

Me here. I enjoy role playing. It seems like /tg/station is almost half role play? At least everyone puts a bit of role play into it. There's only a bit of meta.
But, I wouldn't mind doing that more than just rdm rounds all the time.

>> No.36362749

I enjoy roleplaying and migrated from bay.
This seems to be more of a "Get shit done, fight 'em up" server.
Generalizing it, I know.
But I haven't had a good argument with someone that has not resulted in at least two deaths and a bombing.

>> No.36362844

The best bombings are the ones that come out of nowhere while everything is completely peaceful.

>> No.36362925

I learned how to use toxins from a mad Russian.
I still don't know exactly how to do it.
But, I blew up half the station so, there's that.

>> No.36363059

>Working on redoing science, got several people working on it
>Sec dumps prisoner on us, tells us to borg her
>I'm forming a plan that we can use to-
>Explosion from xenobio, someone snuck in and placed a syndi bomb there
>Our of the four people in the room, the prisoner and I, who were next to the xenobio wall, were gibbed
>One was close enough not to get gibbed, but died pretty quickly
>One was far away enough to only be caught on fire
>I DID have a genetic backup, but the explosion took the computer, making a point to leave both the pod and scanner untouched
>No way to come back
I HATE those bombings. I like a good bombing when things are currently going to shit, there's anarchy, or war, but when nobody's expecting it, and it permanently removes people from the game, I don't like that.
>Just respawn, you faggot
>Get gud
I don't like respawning in because then I loose all my progress, and have to redo everything, and I can't interact with people the same way. When I respawn, it's because the round has gone to shit, and the crew needs help, or a shit traitor killed me two minutes in, and it's gonna be a 4 hour round. I have two characters pre made that are essentially "get it done", made so that the round could come back up, or at least let us call the shuttle.

>> No.36363150

When Freeman stops sucking Shitcurritys cock

>> No.36363245

You gotta have back ups of your back ups. The clone pod and scanner are ridiculously hard to destroy for some reason.

>> No.36363257

>advocates the right way to do sec

>> No.36363299

>hung out at goonstation until they stripped everything fun out of it
How did it get WORSE!?

>> No.36363543

If I make an Old Man Henderson-esque backstory and go on Goon, how far do you think I'll make it before being banned?

>> No.36363571

he's a poo nostalgia fag

>> No.36363714

I was the prisoner. I got quite buttmad because the shitcurity detective had me locked in perma for god knows how long. When I finally get a chance to prove I'm not tator scum BOOM.

>> No.36363767

But you were. But for the wrong crime.

>> No.36363828

6 minutes

>> No.36363863

No one is going to read it. Goon, while terrible, isn't that kind of place. It's more SJW hell.

>> No.36363885

>Whenever I want to give someone something, I silently drag them to it, only explaining if they ask
>I've made several assistants my personal assistants this way
>A lot of the regulars know that they get goodies
>A lot of goodies of mine are distributed this way
One of these days
I'm just gonna start dragging people to the HOP office or something
Then just kill them
If I didn't hate murderboning with a passion
Then see how long it takes to gain people's trust again

>> No.36364051

Yeah, but exactly no-one knew about the Cargo Technician. I'm sure he was brain dead. I literally dragged him to the asteroid. The detective didn't print out one log, everything he had against me was witness from the guy who actually broke things. Murderboning and explosions aren't my style. I get the syndicate bundle and do whatever I need to be stealthy and not ruin the round in the process.

>> No.36364167

Maybe he thought that the guy was giving up an accomplice or something?
My plan to keep you in line was perfect, I formed it a while ago, I've just never been in a situation that I could use it and not feel bad.

>> No.36364187

Every time, I wonder "is this gonna be the time? Am I gonna have to just let it happen, because I am the antithesis of robust and I'd prolly kill myself faster by trying to defend myself

>> No.36364387

So, really small round

>Get bored
>Decide to try to delve into the darkest reaches of SS13
>Start pumping little buts of mindbreaker toxin into my body
>Experiment on ways to get it in
>On cigarette for constant stream:Works
>Directly onto eyeball:Not so much
>Trying to unravel the spaghetti that is how deep the hallucinations can get. .
>A mysterious package appears in my hand.

God has come to reap the sinners.

>> No.36365059

I got drugged, then was forced to change into a tranny.
Fuck Goonstation.

>> No.36365831

Did you adminhelp it?

Did the admins respond by telling you to "git sjw"

i'm tempted to just keep multikeying to get back on goon and robust people incessantly, it's kinda funny how hyper-lethal they make everything just because they themselves are Bad. with even the slightest modicum of planning you can demolish the whole station handily

>> No.36366141

It's better to hand out IDs with names like Pedophile, Traitor, Kill Me, Kraptain, etc. and watch people take them and then die.

>> No.36366431

Mine were usually shit like "Cum Dragon", "Anime Aficionado", "Shitcurity", "Chair Technician", etc. Sometimes I'd put a name as a job title, and an actual job title as the name. Stupid stuff, but not stuff that should get you killed.

"Craptain" is a common one though.

anyway, ofc, shitcurity would always get them. And me too, since my first action every round was to rename my job something like "Dog Watcher" or "Defeated" or smth. Sec would claim I shouldn't have had access, every time. I could be in the fucking hall and just BZZT BZZT in crit because lasers

>> No.36366580
File: 305 KB, 731x1034, 1400714272772.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You were probably doing it to be funny, but you have no right to complain about security when this is basically you.

>> No.36366865

I'll remember to pack a shitload of proxy-fuzed nitroglycerin grenades whenever I see security on the manifest, then.

>> No.36366904

>is shit
>gets punished for shitting

>> No.36366933
File: 218 KB, 400x285, skidaddly doo, motherfucker.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A negative cycle of violence perpetuated by poor support systems for the abused, lack of alternative means to express one's self as an abuser, and a confusion of who is the perpetrator and victim once the dust is kicked up and fails to ever settle.


>> No.36367135

>"a cop gave me a bullshit ticket today..."
>"better blow up the precinct!"
>gets mad when the army drone strikes his house
nah ur a cunt

>> No.36367235

Sorry Karina

>> No.36368340

You don't put access on the cards, or if you do, it should be something irrelevant and mostly useless like medbay or bar access.

That way it doesn't piss of security enough for them to off you, but angry barmens are pretty hazardous.

Chances are the barman will just gib the retards and thank you for the meat.

>> No.36368429

As Assistant HoP (When I just randomly get all access as assistant or something) I usually take over HoP office and give everyone all access with a slightly funny name, so the entire crew has all-access. Now you may be thinking, wow this is a horrible idea Irvan git gud, but for some reason it seems to stops the traitors somehow. Don't ask why it works, it just does.

Praise Lord Singoloth

>> No.36369011

I agree with Irvan on this one, actually.
The reason why giving out everyone all-access works out is the same as the reason why giving out weapons somehow doesn't result in everyone killing everyone - because people are aware that they aren't the only ones who have an advantage of having a gun or, in this case, all-access.
It is also fun as fuck.

>> No.36369092

Fun on low pop rounds where people wouldn't get in each others' way, maybe. And when the traitor doesn't have escape alone, or "get bored."

>> No.36369241

>murderboning as a traitor when you get bored or need to escape alone
shiggy diggy etc.
If you know your shit, it's possible to steal the shuttle right under from people's noses.
I frown on weapons' usage in general.
The problem is that they aren't fun, at least, in my opinion.
Designing a trap near the bridge, calling the shuttle and watching people stumble upon the trap and die horribly (hello there, slippy plasma shard slide)? Flooding the station with plasma and watching people trying to survive? Irreversibly subverting the tcomms and watching the chaos occur? Snatching the shuttle by careful usage of signallers and an emag or ID cards prepared beforehand? Carefully precision-bombing the station?
Hell, if you're really bored, slipping people and stealing their shoes - I'm not the fan of doing this, but even I can see the fun in it.
Repeatedly clicking people with a weapon in hand and watch them go into crit? Not fun.
I mean, you can be doing so many things to the same end, yet here you are, clicking away at the spessmen sprites, again and again, delaying the shuttle call just to sate your murderboner.
Fun traitors are either quick and clean, or quick and messy - the first ones are professionals at what they do and you'll never know they even been there, while the second ones allow other people who are trying to catch them to have fun.

Also, forgot name on previous post (not like it matters, anyway).

>> No.36369387
File: 29 KB, 495x466, Rule 5 Violation.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You should keep your name off.

>> No.36369437
File: 51 KB, 207x200, 1406159671195.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it usually relies more on sec being horribly incompetent
get good faggot
should have thought about that before you decided to break the only rules on the most rule relaxed server shitlord.
>used anywhere in the code except for five sperate strings in a virology symptom
the best bombings are the ones that don't happen
this makes me want to hear about nernums' excessively intricate character backstories that lasted longer than he thought they would on such stations
squirting things directly into the eyes works decently for surprise instant injection
back when chloral wasn't nerfed so hard that was a popular way to sedate people

one of the best uses for it is to use beepsky smash and squirt it into people's eyes.
alien life.dm is so bad and so copied over that you may still be able to target their eyes with a dropper and inject them with beepsky smash, then beat them up. you can do this despite not being able to stab them in the eyes with screwdrivers and the like
usually because your Id shows up on a sechud as an unknown
>hop gives out access to places he shouldn't
>hop gives out access to shitters
>decided to kill the people who are mad that there's people who shouldn't be in their department
fuck off
I like using the .357 and imagine it as a .357 single action hidden behind my back
>yo are you hiding something behind you
>bang bang
>they take one step and collapse into crit
>unfold body bag
>stash body in back of xenobio
>come back in, there's no blood trail or casings
>clown is inside
>bang bang

>> No.36369439

emiko pls
The fact that your autismforting gets destroyed every time isn't the reason (or even a reason) to grudge.
And I'm not about to reveal the secrets of robust, lest they be turned against me.

>> No.36369447

Pick one.

>> No.36369459

the challenge of the autism fort is to build power and a comms console before the shuttle reaches 5 minutes so you can infidently recall it while giggling to yourself

>> No.36369482

>imagine it as
Holy shit he does roleplay.

The joy of combat robustness is when you're capable of out classing an opponent. There's an incredible amount of luck involved, but there is in D&D too. Preparation and skill count for a lot.

When myself as Clam with Sharla killed the living shit out of ... five nuke-ops-with-chainsaws-shotguns-and-heal-staves, I felt good. Gud, maybe.

>> No.36369550

I was one of those nuke ops, and we were terrible

>> No.36369573

You were up against a pair of heavily armed Heads that were infected with Immortalis.

You did okay considering, managed to down me at least two times.

>> No.36369574

Be that as it may, that encounter did teach me a valuable lesson:
Why Freeman enjoys a Bag of Holding-Guns

>> No.36369581

But I was just a Chemist! With all-access

>> No.36369609

My belt full of pills did more for getting you back up than the disease did, as I recall. You also pulled me out and stood me back up a couple times yourself. Really, if we didn't work half-together like we did, it would have been a wipe for the stationers.

>> No.36369656

Robustness comes not from bombs, but from the skill to sneak them in.

>> No.36369683

>hyper lethal
You mean how they nerf stuff into the ground and tasers aren't a one stun and secborgs got removed?

>> No.36369692

>traitor PDA
>get pocket-sized beacon to summon bomb instantly
>put it wherever

>do toxins
>all bombs fit in carry-containers
>no one searches people as a matter of course

>nitroglycerin grenades
>all the benefits of both above, with similar destructive potential

I fail to see the skill involved in "sneaking" them into anywhere. At least the latter require some degree of necessary subtlety in productions but let's be honest, it only comes off because of everyone else's apathy, but in that pic you went the win-button ez-baked-potatoe route. About as robust as parapenning the janitor.

>> No.36369715
File: 169 KB, 1600x1200, salad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>causing terror isnt fun

>> No.36369733

Who was discussing fun?

>> No.36369747

>ignoring the circumstances of the bombing
>ignoring the fact that people were standing right in front of my bomb and still couldn't notice it
>ignoring the fact that I detonated the bomb without ever setting the timer or using a detonator while standing miles away from there
opinion discarded

>> No.36369786

>Be asleep
>Still get blamed for whenever someone whines about a shitty action someone else did
Plz no

>> No.36369802

>but let's be honest, it only comes off because of everyone else's apathy

And if you're going to brag about something, brag about the right thing.
>remote detonating without a remote detonator
Is a touch more impressive than
>yea I totally can sneak bombs into places
$5 for signaller on the det wire.

>> No.36369806

>good for healing anything but boo boos caused by your own fuckups or by people who are terribly unrobust
hypo/bruise packs around cover work way faster
carrying the right guns negates the need for a bag of holding
ammo may be another situation
>not using disablers
scrub security detected
bombs are 4 dumbs

>> No.36369840

I had a lot of guns in case of situations
Mosin and Shotty, in case of ablatives, and shotty for clearing hallways in specific. Spare loads for each.
Adv. Egun x2 for rapid-fire infinite tasers, and lasers if absolutely necessary.
Xray Rifle in case of dense cover, or tight groups.
Ion Rifle to negate potential enemy energy weapons and augs and because people were discussing their mech fights from the thunderdome in OOC
Pocket soap because obviously.

>> No.36369863

>$5 for signaller on the det wire.
Which is randomized every time you set up a bomb.
Close, but not nearly enough.
And I'm just basically experimenting with whatever spaghetti I can find in the game, and that was the day when bombs got their spaghetti tested.
>bombs are 4 dumbs
Never said they weren't. :^)
Atmospheric bombs are fun, though, mostly due to how the spaghetti works (but only if you don't use that shitty wiki mix everyone uses).

>> No.36369886

>randomized every time
Right, but if you're going to brag about your stealth skillz, I assumed you'd be capable enough to steal the sec dud-bomb and find the right wire.
Of course you weren't, so then it comes to cascaded signallers to pulse each wire in succession

>> No.36369930

just carry a riot shotgun, identical damage if you have slugs
>adv egun
enjoy radiation
>xray rifle
no problems there
>ion rifle
avoid hitting yourself

revolver/SMG are better damage-dealing weapons if you can get them. Detective does 180 per cylinder, and can be reloaded very quickly to full.
Shotgun is a different deal, but the versitality of stunshot, buckshot, scatter lasers, slugs, and darts make them valuble. Water Smoke shells could easily have been used for area denial or for an instant fight win. Buckshot/Stunshot combos can be used to smack the weapons out of people's hands, then follow up with a stunshot.

Nugger doesn't really have anything over a shotgun besides standardized ammo and high damage. Unless you saw it off.
SMG on the other hand does 25 damage each bullet, with 18 round mags for 450 damage per magazine.
Having some disablers would have been preferable. They have 20 shots and does about 40 fautige damage, which will avoid armor and slow people down.

>> No.36369967

>I assumed you'd be capable enough to steal the sec dud-bomb and find the right wire
They're randomized for each bomb, dum dum. Different bombs have different wires.
If that worked, I would've used that instead.
And no, while cascaded signallers are viable, it's not the only method. Figure that out in your own time, mate.
Also, that slipped my mind, but
No. If I wanted to brag, I'd brag about different things.
I'm not even sure why we're having this conversation. The original point was that, in my opinion, weapons aren't fun. Bombs are (or rather, were) interesting to fiddle with due to spaghetti, but not interesting enough to warrant a serious discussion (or even shitflinging, for that matter).

>> No.36369969

>>enjoy radiation
>not getting his eguns to 100 reliability
I expected better of you Freeman.

Didn't have the time to vary my shotty ammo, we were time crunched once the warning came off that the raiders were coming. Mosin was for take-downs, shotty was for sweeping.
Disablers are usually on my desired list of armaments, but again, time crunch. No real opportunity to order a crate.

Myself and Sharla were the only two real people on station, and everyone else that round was daft or dead before they could do work.

>> No.36370001

>water smoke shells

sir i do not believe you have tried to make water smoke

>> No.36370024

adv eguns are garbage
lube smoke would probably work better

>> No.36370060

Infinitely, freely recharging source of fight-ending stuns that has no drawbacks otherwise when properly handled.
And you call it garbage?
I'm going to want a proper explanation.

>> No.36370135

>alien life.dm is so bad and so copied over that you may still be able to target their eyes with a dropper and inject them with beepsky smash, then beat them up. you can do this despite not being able to stab them in the eyes with screwdrivers and the like

did u kno
this works perfectly on colon marines, and as far as i know has never been fixed. i haven't been there in a while though so maybe they did something finally.
it's common shitter tactics over there to smash an alien over the head with a bottle full of pretty much anything incapacitating - even alcohol - and they'll be completely fucked by it.

shit, alcohols are even more effective against aliens because their entire shtick revolves around being mobile and using melee attacks, or stunning and dragging marines away
it seriously fucks them up if they can't do that.

>> No.36370137

they aren't really all that great

regular e-guns charge faster for anyone who actually has access to a weapons charger.

I wouldn't rely on an adv egun, they give false confidence since they slowly recharge you never know how many shots are actually in it while you're using it in a drawn out fight.

>> No.36370163

>water smoke
freemon pls consider the reagents required to make smoke in the first place

>> No.36370196

>The place that hosts them now put segways in the code
>Such bad spaghetti, people thought it was over
>Then aliens rounds
>Turns out, any mob could ride it, so there was a time when a pack of hunters murdered everyone on segways
>Then they crashed
>Normal people fall off the segway, get a little damage
>Aliens fall of the segway
>But never get back up
>They turn into flipped turtles
>Admins' faces when a single guy on a segway cleared an entire shuttle full of aliens

>> No.36370205

>shot darts are noreact containers

>Captcha: cocknom passage

>> No.36370210
File: 18 KB, 480x551, 1405647893971.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it still has to react to create the smoke in the first place

>> No.36370319

they react on impact.

>> No.36370363

Can you make nitroglycerin shot darts then?

>> No.36370380

So they're small cryostasis beakers when not fired?

>> No.36370463


>> No.36370506

>Get green slime
>Scan the person toxin with ody gun
>Fire syringe guns of it
>Unload into shells
>Put smoke in them
>Shells that make people in a small range slime people
Doing this, but with black slime toxin, not green slime toxin
I need to try this.

>> No.36370745

this has been a thing
for fucking ages you people

>> No.36370756

>Making a map for funzies
>Come to the rec. area
>"Oh yeah, I'll put in some showers, a locker room, and a bathroo-"
>There is no in game mechanic for toilets, except for swirles
>Nobody but lings will use them
>But the station would be wrong not to have a bathroom
I'm getting a headache from this.

>> No.36370845
File: 3.28 MB, 5000x5000, 1407950725441.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

toilets are excellent for stashing things like cigarette cartons full of tools and spare id's

>> No.36370888

>toxins bomb in toilet

>> No.36370997

make two toilet stalls and one cyborg recharger stall
now you don't have to worry about putting another cyborg recharger in that particular area

>> No.36371044
File: 2 KB, 110x274, 5fee4eb24915557d58d2366e3530cd09.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sounds like a good idea
>Using meta-station as a guide, so if I need to know something, check out that map
>Oh, their doors lock, how do?
>Go through
>Seems like everything was custom coded for their map
>Mfw there's like 1,000 things that all have the same name
Is there a way to change this, or at least know what fits with what?

>> No.36371170

those are called 'instances' and each one is just a switch that has an id changed on it

aka if you start placing switches around next to doors dont expect them to link to that door, you need to properly set the id

>> No.36371286

wasn't there an issue with the genetics exit button opening up medbay's main doors because they both used the same ID

>> No.36371360

no, its that the front doors of medbay and the door in genetics to the coffins are on the same switch, so people get spooked due to faulty wiring

>> No.36371388


Opening the front door to medbay would open up the morgue, if I remember rightly. Kinda spooky, considering.

That reminds me, on the spook round you did a day or so back, was it you who repainted the gib strewn corridor with checkerboard patterns? If so, reckon you could do that with the cult tiles and create corrupted areas of the ship during spooptime?

>> No.36371440
File: 108 KB, 320x240, 0379b23e9845c9c652488c13f7bb557fc62a3642.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So is Errorage still around and a massive faggot?

>> No.36371463


Iunno, we're not /tg/station. Think he left, but the coderbus over there got worse.

>> No.36371491
File: 153 KB, 436x833, 1398393118915.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.36371594
File: 24 KB, 100x100, 1159178-1209395781-BF2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>md attacks spooky ghosts with holy water
>tries to avoid me
>follow verb him
>start spamming hallucination noises in his local area and making sparks/electricity
>he ignores me and tells the janitor "dude let me heal you"
>he knocks him out and tries to space him outside of viro
>he's nonantag
>adminsplosion near him
>create centcom announcement dictating that the spooky ghosts want him dead
>spawn trails of gibs leading to him
things got out of hand

>> No.36371749

>buys two bambs
>no big red button

>> No.36371869

>Be detective
>Sitting in my office, no real need to go out, there's a couple officers
>Start watching the cams
>Scroll over to the barman's
>Two bodies, shriviled up
>I start to yell over the sec radio when the barman's door opens
>It's the barman, she's got a person, who's down and not moving
>I say to wait
>Watch as the sprite turns from normal to grey and shriviled up
>Call HOS, he doesn't see the act, but he sees the bodies
>We watch as she hides two of them in her locker
>We form a sec possy, head down there
>Barman's minding her own business, when we burst in and taser her
>Cuff her, we congrat ourselves
>We pull the bodies out of the back, we have enough to kill her
>She gets up
>She turns into a monkey
>Proceeds to run around, we can't hit her
>Only manage to to hit the larger human targets in the area
>She gets away
>But now we know there is a confirmed ling on board
>And by God I did some real detective work and was useful

>> No.36371916

>celebrating cuffing a ling
enjoy falling over spasaming and getting beaten up by hallucinations
kill first, cuff second, gib third
the only time cuffing a corpse is acceptable

>> No.36372050

>ling running about silently stinging people with halluc sting
>does nothing else for the whole round
literally the worst

>> No.36372082

>Ling only using killing toxins, then sucking up people
>Just walking around doing this
>Never change into any of the people they kill
Every. Fucking. Ling.

>> No.36372167

>swapping identities if yours isn't compromised
>wasting chems you may need at any time

arm blade, toxin/genetic purge, rapid healing, adrenaline, and extra chems are all you need to remove pathetic station kebabs

i've been considering trying to make lings soak up all the reagents that another player has in their system when they absorb a player
>set up bait target that has 400 units of beepsky smash in them

>> No.36372251
File: 2.98 MB, 640x360, Every Time.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.36372361


He put a signaller on each wire and pulsed then one at a time.

>> No.36372440
File: 42 KB, 375x207, c71953c0ce908c9997673edc60b04d4b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.36372507

What if, when there are no admins on to do it for you, you could pray your traitor ringtone for 5 more TC and another objective once?

>> No.36372531

>Prays a ton of times
>A ton of objectives, several repeating
>A million c4, syndi bombs, and cards

>> No.36372538

he said once

>> No.36372547

It still seems a little abusive.

>> No.36372558
File: 20 KB, 436x333, pfffhahahaha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>needing TC

>> No.36372593

>implying you can't ask for this shit when admins are on anyway

>> No.36372612

>get 5 more free TC and another easy as fuck objective
>needing to use TC
TC is just for fun

>> No.36372637

>Buy biosprayer
>Fill with 600 units of lube

>> No.36372656

>not filling it with 600 units of space cleaner and becoming the turbo janitor

>> No.36372695

>helping as an antag
this is why you empty out job areas as sec, isn't it

>> No.36372745

emptying out the detective's office because I can do his job without him killing people isn't equivalent to stealing everything in the janitor's office and grinding it

>> No.36372749

/tg/station sybil has a shooting range in science I believe.You connect a shooting target to some sort of magnetic field, and it moves around while you pelt it with a practice laser. You can adjust the speed and movement of the target.

>> No.36372781

but why not do that? sec has soap and janitor is just a walking slippy soap bar :^)

>> No.36372826

also, remove science because you've already got weapons and cargo can kinda make whatever else people need
remove engineering because killing everyone with a singulo is a no-no, stunbatons are better than stunprods, and anyone can start up a TEG

>> No.36372883
File: 6 KB, 149x156, 1290546414607.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the duty of the detective can easily be multitasked by a security officer

same goes for chemist/MD

nothing else is equivalent

>> No.36372921

>Engineer/atmos tech
>QM/cargo tech/miner

>> No.36372944
File: 440 KB, 1280x1024, Spessgeniesandsantas.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, that was fun. I didn't wanna end the round, because Shit Got Done, and I think Erwn was learning stuff about the TEG by trying to fix it. But, I had to go, and there was a Shooting Genie and a Spess Santa to help me along my way.
Also, Mime, cheers for understanding perfectly what we wanted for the floor.

>> No.36373013

is it a sec officer's job to kill someone in the process of killing anyone around them, or are they still only supposed to arrest?

I ask this because the loyalty implant in a sec officer should generally prevent them RP-wise from breaking the law, ie. breaking into the armory if there's a traitor with an ebow grinding whoever he sees and there are no heads around

A character with sec access and an unrestricted weapon would happen to be great for the role of fighting with equal force, since he's the only one with legal access to it besides a head

personally i'm okay and behind detective being merged with sec but making you talk about it is fun as long as you guys are gonna sit on your ass

if you're thinking of ways to merge the area, why not just remove secmaint and put the research APC in the medbay maint's wall where it's adjacent to toxins?

>> No.36373052

>had help from/access to science, because of the plasma cutter
>might have broken into armory, because of the sec hardsuit
>no teleport armor

What happened that round? I wasn't there.

>> No.36373058

/tg/station is good for this. Lings have to change every few genomes to absorb more.

>> No.36373092
File: 266 KB, 450x253, excite.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>erro left

All the coders could suffer boneitis and it wouldn't be worse. Erro leaving is a good thing beyond all bad.

And we are /tg/station. I know I'm not the only one that swaps between the two.

>> No.36373142

Hey, I swap identities.

Sometimes, I leave my ID with one of my victims while taking their form, just to screw with the forensics people.

>> No.36373474
File: 604 KB, 763x1299, 1405618704117.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

xenobio is pretty full time
robotics is less so
science also takes some constant attention until research is maxed

everything else is already merged, my mistake for not clarifying.
>loyalty implants stop you from breaking the law
you have loyalty to nanotrasen, not imaginary spacelaw that doesn't exist
if anything you'd be more rp inclined for follow orders from centcom/heads of staff.
>sec officer killing people who are killing people
the only time you need to kill something is if it
>can't be stunned
>can't be safely restrained
>multiple hostile targets
>you're out of stun juice and the only practical options left are lethal
this covers things like
anything that's 100% confirmed a threat to the station's safety (I.E nuke ops) can also be killed on the spot
any other time it's way better to arrest them
Plasma cutter was a gift from space santa

>> No.36373550
File: 109 KB, 309x303, IMG_1176.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that comic, everytime

>> No.36373886
File: 87 KB, 793x565, 2close4comfort.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm not sure if you're trying to one-up freeman or agree with him, but check out the job list for d20 sometime
the jobs mentioned have all been combined with their similar jobs as part of ministation, and we're arguably better off for it

i did what i could

>I ask this because the loyalty implant in a sec officer should generally prevent them RP-wise from breaking the law,
the only thing loyalty implants do is make you loyal to nanotrasen
(one of) the message(s? might change depending on tator status?) you get when implanted with one is 'you feel a surge of loyalty towards nanotrasen'

this is a pretty good guide
you should basically never be turning your egun to lethal or grabbing a laser when dealing with normal crewmembers and criminals.

>> No.36374327

I'm interested in SS13.

I say this because I see this thread every now and again and it looks like a fun game. However every time I open this thread people talk about you. That turns me off from the game, because I know if I do play on that server I'll eventually run into you.

Considering almost everyone who has talked about you has had something negative to say chances are the moment I run into you you'll try something.

Then you'll lose.

I spent time reading the SS13 wiki and have listened to enough to know how to easily beat you, and I would. However since your reputation demands you get credence over a new player I'll be banned.

So what I'm saying is, because of your reputation as a massive faggot I'm no longer interested in SS13. Not merely because I'd be banned for crushing your ego and beating you (judging from that picture you likely made yourself) but because nobody, not just me, should have to suffer that kind of egotistical faggotry.

>> No.36374350

not to mention that just hitting them with an electrode which makes them helpless for a fucklong time is better than trying to hit them 5+ times with a laser

>> No.36374375

good player that people complain about doesn't mean irresponsible admin

if you're going to just presume things from what you read secondhand you can fuck right off, and nothing of value is going to be lost

>> No.36374412
File: 20 KB, 489x378, vore is serious business.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you'd probably not like ss13 if you can't handle typical internet bullshit

there are far worse people than freeman

>> No.36374550

>I know who you are
Holy fuck, that's fantastic

>> No.36374572


>> No.36374582

Freeman doesn't even play anymore.
He is actually our most responsible admin (but Mezzo a bestmin).

>Then you'll lose
>easily beat you
Defeating someone in direct combat is mostly luck and ambush tactics anyway, so as much as I want to call those TALL CLAIMS, they really aren't. Unless you're suggesting a 1v1 rage-cage bareknuckle brawl with the Freemins, in which case, you'd need practice, mango.

>>egotistical faggotry
>thinks reading the wiki means he's auto-robust
>thinks Freeman is a massive faggot when the rest of the internet is on display
Calm down son.

>> No.36374620

i'd prefer 1v1 space combat
on final destination (west solars)

>> No.36374625

I stopped playing when freeman robusted the station three rounds in a row but I still come to the threads to laugh

>> No.36374672
File: 26 KB, 308x308, Gone Fishin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I read the wiki and talked to people, so I can beat Freeman easily
>I have played CoD and spoken to fellow hobbyists, so I can match tactics with a GI easily
>"egotistical faggotry"

>> No.36374877

>there are servers that make the tasergun take 2+ shots to stun


>high-speed space combat
>no jetpacks
>no stuns
>spacesuit only

>> No.36374990

>high speed space
>no jetpacks


>> No.36375256
File: 141 KB, 296x326, 1416595675062.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yes, and?

>> No.36375337

no jetpacks = no fun
the reason the space battle between nernums' and I was cut short was because I was on the run with a jetpack for a while and ran out of juice mid flight after taking a slug from him
>stop moving
>"dad please no"
>hits me with an electrode
>crits me with a nugget shot
I landed next to the shotgun he threw at me earlier too

>> No.36375661

Is this easier to play than Dwarf Fortress?

>> No.36375675


>> No.36375782


>> No.36375998

it wasn't like that when I lift. I remember it as basically being
>flip off of chair into someone
>repeat until target is gibbed
also wrestling belts and meth

>> No.36378362

>you should basically never be turning your egun to lethal or grabbing a laser when dealing with normal crewmembers and criminals.

And we should all live in castles that float in the sky.

>> No.36378423

Hey, I was gonna troll vorestation again but I guess the server got taken down. Reason to celebrate? Or despair about the loss of easily exploitable mechanics on a server full of scrubs?

>> No.36379093


I doubt it's gone. But on the other hand, I don't know how we'd find out if that's the case, so whatever.

>> No.36379978
File: 146 KB, 792x809, white.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i've been playing for what, 6 years?
and what i have seen today is probably what i would consider the weirdest, most out-of-place, perplexing thing i've seen in all those years

and i don't know why

>> No.36380015

What's perplexing about it? It's a pool of ghost jism.

>> No.36380445

any officer worth anything knows that stun beats lethal in almost any situation

>> No.36380999

I'd say there are plenty of situations where letting someone live puts too many people at risk, Antagonist or not.

I mean yeah, first move should generally be to stun and/or disable the guy, but there's really only one way to deal with a rabid dog.

>> No.36381017

>Try a round of bay
>It's not TOO bad, just a little bit more roleplaying
>since I'ma doc, I'm sitting in the lobby talking with the other women
>Because 80% of the crew seems to be female
>Suddenly guy dies on the monitor
>We rush over, borg gets there first
>A doc is standing above a shriveled up corpse
>Ling, obviously
>But the point is to pretend you don't know that, so that the antags have a chance
>She gets cornered by three sec borgs (Man are the borgs here chill)
>Gets perma'd, I have to pretend not to know how they died or anything
It took all of my power
Not to just fucking say "Ling"
Jesus christ.
>About 39 people on
>Every single person, excluding like two braindeads, made it onto the shuttle
>I've never seen such a crowded shuttle
Don't think of the mini-station shuttle, it's the big ass box station one.

>> No.36381065

killing people who are brigged is called execution you iddjit
>three sec borgs
truly you play on a server equivalent to hell^2

>> No.36381077


I'm not saying that it's out and out WRONG to give everybody all-access, but it does make security's job a lot harder (on regular rounds. On comfy rounds, it isn't much of an issue), so you shouldn't expect them not to slap your shit if you're being a Santa HoP.

>> No.36381159

Nah man, they were fuckin' chill as shit.
One of them roleplayed a borg who was most likely coded by a neckbeard, because he was completly convinced that his past self was a knight that died in the 1850's.
Also, No do-overs.
>Just cloned the guy that the ling killed
>For RP reasons, they can not know that they died
>We're talking about how to deal with it over medical chat
>Doc:147.9: :H Yeah, but he's alive now, as long as he doesn't know he died, we'll be fine
>Everyone flipped the fuck out IC

>> No.36381487

As a resident baynerd
>>Doc:147.9: :H Yeah, but he's alive now, as long as he doesn't know he died, we'll be fine
>>Everyone flipped the fuck out IC
Ah, yes, Clone Memory Disorder. The little-documented-but-very-significant portion of RPing cloning on Bay.

>> No.36381612

immortalis is useful for the dexalin+ and hyperzine. Being able to always move at maximum speed is a powerful boon, as is always having internal on set to 0 pressure. The regeneration is simply a nice bonus.

>> No.36381727

Its one of the few things I kinda like about Bay. Along with Lings being treated a bit like Bigfoot.

>> No.36381775

It was just so fucking BORING though, at least as a doc.
The personalities are the same, but since chemistry needs access, genetics needs to be built, and viro needs a background, we had all four docs, plus a medical borg, just lounging around in the lobby with two atmos techs, because they had nothing to do as well.
Up until the ling incident, which was a good 30-40 minutes in, nothing happened. I was so jittery, wanting to get up and do something, but there is no real past time -esque things to do on the map.

>> No.36381787

just start performing unnecessary surgery on yourself, monkies, brain dead people, and painting the hallways in blood.

>> No.36381818

Eh, if things are quiet,go to the bar or Holodeck, or build a great big stupid ass Deathmatch cage nearby.

>> No.36381856

Oh yeah, also
>Most jobs are job locked for a set amount of days, with civilian jobs being available to everyone
>HOP: 14 days
>HOS: 14 days
>RD: 14 days
>Scientist: 14 days
>Robotocist: 7 days
>Warden: 5 days
>Security Officer: 3 days
This is the kind of shit that makes people come off and say "THEY BANNED ME FOR NO RAISEN STUPID DAMN HUGBOX RP SHITTERS"
Blood spreads disease, no monkeys are given to medical like that, you'll go unconscious if you take too much damage during surgery (You're supposed to try to avoid pain(Duh)) and brain dead people might wake up.
Do you not understand this is bay?
You are not supposed to do things that your character wouldn't know how to do.
So no death match.
For the other two?
We kinda had to stay on duty for the most part, in case someone did get injured (and we were fucking ready when someone did) but that might have been possible.

>> No.36381945

>You are not supposed to do things that your character wouldn't know how to do.

Spew a line of bullshit "I cut my teeth in medicine in Gladiator pits in Tau Ceti Beta! Had me do a lot of repair work cause it was cheaper." It doesn't take THAT much know how to make one, make a big square of grills, put glass on the said grilles, maybe give them an Airlock.

>> No.36381997

Your bullshit made me chuckle, that's something I wana try now.
But I'm sure it'd be like
>So, as a doctor with several years of medical school
>You know how to exactly build regulation walls, make perfect grills, and properly seal glass so that it would keep air in, and space out?

>> No.36382118

You live on a space station.

Just tell them you've lived through a few breaches and bombings, and that its a lot easier when you're not dying of suffocation and cold and pressure.

>> No.36383270

>killing people who are brigged is called execution you iddjit
What about in the bar?

Because, we're doing that now, with an electric chair.

>> No.36384391

Then it's either a lynching, or sec wants to have a public execution.

>> No.36384511

I want to get in on this server, but every time I log on it's just fucking dead, no more than 6 or 7 people playing, along with a bunch of AFKs

>> No.36384539

That's... kinda every round.
I'm sorry, but we just don't have that big of a player base.
20 is a fucking lot for us.

>> No.36384563

If you just joined now you missed out on a pretty good round, you're just joining at the wrong time m8

>> No.36385467
File: 45 KB, 500x400, 1377405517609.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now that I'm back, I can answer this.
>5am. Declare ready. 1 other user in lobby.
"Just me then?"
>AFK Returns, joins as HoS.
>Tell him imma take the spare, for power and autism.
"Cool, I haven't played in two years."
>He seems either lost or having disconnect issues.
>Whatever, make new QM ID (all access), solars.
>Third player, HoP, joins, uses TEG for bomb parts.
>Fails, leaves (maybe). HoS is long braindead.
>Meanwhile I expand solars, fuck up somewhere while making second array.
>Don't care, autism time. Begin Personnel Rapid Transit System. It's disposal chutes
>An engineer and a mime arrive.
"What the fuck happened to the TEG?!"
>Engineer begins trying to unfuck power, wish him luck.
>Mime mimes about, then does the wildly unexpected.
>Helps work on the PRST.

>> No.36385970

> Mime does good things. Engineer needs to clear out >9k canisters.
>Order Ripley. Centcom left out a leg. Goddammit.
>Order again, go back to RPTS
CENTCOM ALERT: Check the cargo shuttle.
The fuck?
>Ripley crate and a note.
here is thing for send wrong part. (Or something like it, very bad english)
"Heh, silly centcom folks."
>Drag crate down to central hallway, crowbar open.
>Shocked engi and qm stare blankly.
The DEATH RIPLEY has thrown Kylie like a leaf!
>Attempt to yakkety sax away, dive to safety of PRTS.
>It follows me.
>Get tossed more. Engi also tossed about.
>Gordon Freeman exits the DR.
"you can have now as sorry"
>Give engi the Spare so he can load all the cans into the shuttle, he makes mimebro a new ID also.
>Lose 65 supply points mailing back 7x Denied manifest, was not Ripley parts in that crate.
>Gotta spacewalk a bit to finish the PRTS, mime paints areas like a pro.
>Eguns and potatoe armor objective , gone fishin'
CENTCOM ANNOUNCMENT: A Genie has been spotted shooting through your area of space, make a wish!
"Shooting at what?"
>Wish for preinstalled disposals/delivery systems.
>10am, gotta leave soon. Pray for "die alone" instead of "escape alive"
>Killed all the fish.
"Going deep-see fishin', wish me luck."
>Fly off into spess, asteroid with mobs located.
CENTCOM ANNOUNCMENT: Space Santa is coming to town, pray for a gift!
>What Providence! I forgot to pring a pick.
>Santa doesn't give taters coal, horray.
>Objective Complete, pic related.

There, a story of freeman being fun.

>> No.36385987

Weekends can net you a nicely filled station.

>> No.36386118

Disposals are fun.
>Idiot traitor victims/griefers/stupid people come through them all the time
>Send a package ANYWHERE
>Cargo can recycle some things in their autolathe
On servers with bay code, going through disposals would harm you, the people here complained about how stupid it was, but it was always fun catching the new assholes who tried to escape from someone and ended up near dead.

>> No.36386462

>blood spreads disease
no it doesn't, sterile space station
>no monkeys are GIVEN
go find some
>too much pain
Maybe you're addicted to it. Also, healing chems and hyperzine.
>people wake up on the slab
At which point you tell them they have cancer and you're fixing it.

>> No.36388083
File: 69 KB, 612x407, Vorestation.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.36388103

Blood does spread disease, though. That's an actual game mechanic.

>> No.36388106

Join at the right time, you ponces.
We've a small but stable pop, and it *does* reach 20 on weekend nights. About-10 is what you can expect on weekdays, maybe 15 in the evenings.

>> No.36388119

Bay code surgery is complicated, as is their medical system. Magical-space-chems do not solve all problems.

>> No.36389053
File: 2.00 MB, 400x332, 1406266463245.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dexalin +
check yourself for retardation
>you will never, ever make an autism fort on baystation and declare independence because it's too far out of their scope of rp
usually an officer protects the innocent from such trash as well
unless they're being lynched for a good reason, in which case they help.
perfect time to teach yourself more about the game
>people are mad that the roopley came without a leg
>get idea to put another ripley on the shuttle
>spawn deathripley and get in it
>varedit it into the contents of the crate
>fireice gets sent to the void by someone's disposal loop
>admininfo her
>Location = ;
>have to aghost and put her back on the arrivals shuttle
>get back in
>they drag the crate out
>get out and give them ripley
>idly wonder what would have happened if I would have tried to lift the crate into my cargo hold while part of the crate's contents
>end up giving out a plasma cutter
>give out objective to "die alone, you sad, strange little man"
>engineer prays for knowledge
>dress as Spec Ops officer
>get pirate energy sword and cigars
>pop up inside cargo
>light cigar with pirate energy sword
>give him energy sword and cigars
>go to nearby locker
>there's an assistant mob of me that I forgot about and accidentally teleported in there
>roll with it
>close it, teleport my specops mob out, delete assistant mob
>later engineer prays for help with SMES
>SMES is getting negative input apparently?
>fiddle with it
>fuck it
>give one smes full power
>depart to another teleportation locker
>spawn chem smoke for effect
silly round
>blood doesn't spread disease

>> No.36389394
File: 4 KB, 379x56, End of an Era.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>idly wonder what would have happened if I would have tried to lift the crate into my cargo hold while part of the crate's contents
Probably a similar thing to what happens if you varedit a singularity inside of a locker.

>> No.36389958
File: 1.23 MB, 3264x1952, double deep fried burger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>new bartender joins
>ask for simple drink, whisky cola on the rocks
>he tells me there is no whisky in the machine
>he eventually finds it after filling a glass up with 20 units of ice
>he finally figures out how to whisky cola
>asks if I need anything else
>ask for a burger, double deep friend
>he waddles around the back of the bar panicking trying to figure it out and eventually logs out
>tfw no sopping wet with grease burger

>> No.36390646

The whiskey thing I can understand, since a few of the drinks aren't explicitly labelled, but
>recipe book on table
>recipe list on every wiki
>ahelp always exists

That shame-log tho.

>> No.36390711
File: 2.56 MB, 319x239, 1406954388328.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

at least he picked a service job

also, five words:
fanny packs in the autodrobe.

>> No.36390741

Are they belts?
What do they hold?

>> No.36390791

I made them months ago but they were forgotten
they can hold anything size 1 or 2, has 3 slots.

>> No.36390798

So three cigarette packs works?

>> No.36390923


cig packs were also fixed, they'll only hold size 1 items now.

they were also able to delete any item they could hold via an obscure way of getting a smoke out.

>> No.36391146

>mime attacks cyborg with hatchet
>cyborg stuns him and brings him to the brig
>nernums brigs him for five minutes
>he prays for the room to explode
>spawn the effect but not an exploison
>prays for the door to open
>deny him additional wishes
>nernums lets him out, gives him back his stuff
>is in the brig airlock
>nernums tries to push him out
>mime picks up hatchet and attacks him
mimes are shit

>> No.36391184
File: 1.85 MB, 320x265, Mimes Are A Breed Of Clown.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.36391202

>mime gets locked in locker
>prays for it to be unlocked
>unlock a different one deliberately
>tries to use custom emotes to call for help
>Sean Thompson help
this is the third mime ban added to the job bans list

>> No.36391249

>Mime's in brig for one reason or another
>Like a five minute sentence
>I'm waiting outside to make sure he does not escape
>Give him pen and paper so he can talk
>He seems like a nice guy
>Cooperates when his time is up
>I take him outside the brig

>> No.36391267

so if numnums is the hos
why did you debattery me after i asked for a radio

>> No.36391358
File: 1.40 MB, 360x260, surprise pasta.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

because I'm a jerk

>> No.36391511

I love how you re spawned me into that corgi I killed, made me laugh my ass off.

also I didn't know that was against the rules for mimes. I didn't even know those were emotes. its only my second day...

>> No.36391541

Using the emote command to talk is universally forbidden, because hahaholyshit the metagaming.
Using it to talk around the mime's silence is doubly bad.

>> No.36391748

>finely revived as adorable cat.
>chilling doing cat things like nuzzling a robot
>Sec grabs me then throws me out the airlock for no reason
t-t-thanks security...

>> No.36391767

Not disagreeing with you, but I've seen it used to give a sentence more to it, like as in
>Standing up in a huff, John Smith angrily looks over to you and states, "Well maybe if you didn't have such big, meaty breasts, we wouldn't be in this problem!"
Obviously, this would not be used when people are deaf, but more for a normal time, when nothing's really going on, and people are just talking.

>> No.36391926

>putting "you" in an emote
>putting spoken word in an emote
Them's habits from chatroom RP, and I will mock anyone doing such things. They do not mesh well with SS13, for multiple reasons.

>Urist McGreyshirt stands up in a huff and angrily looks over at John Smith. (an emote)
>Urist McGreyshirt says "Well maybe if you didn't have such big, meaty breasts, we wouldn't be in this problem!" (a talk command)
This avoids all problems, beside verbosity. It's also a bit much for this server, but would serve fine elsewhere.

>> No.36391943
File: 78 KB, 637x476, thinking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>only the third
also don't people know that you can bang on the inside of a locker by trying to move, and that you can resist out of a locker

>first/second person rping
literally explode

>> No.36392351

don't roleplay a cat
that's just asine
>not just seperating the talk and emote
silly billy

>> No.36392935

"roleplaying" as a cat is not cute or funny and I have no sympathy for anyone who gets robusted for doing it

>> No.36393025


>> No.36393159

Player-corgis who just bite shit are dicks, too.

>> No.36393666
File: 48 KB, 437x437, kitten pasta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

he wasn't doing anything bad, I just threw him out the airlock because I don't like cats.

>> No.36393667


new fred fags

>> No.36393718
File: 229 KB, 800x800, 1407500265835.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm having ptsd flashbacks from nox's corgi program

just commited another thingy:
>finally finished adding all sprites and entites for boxes of shotgun shells (all ten versions)
>tweaked some shotgun shell descriptions
>bartender now spawns with a box of seven beanbag shells in his bag instead of four loose shells

>> No.36393854

hope you like high explosives and acid grenades

on any station, non-human non-silicon players are basically the worst. antagonist roles only get a pass because they're supposed to be the worst. and boy howdy do they succeed

>that era of lizardpeople on goon
yeah thats what the world needs, trans scalie/furry sjws in space

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