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/tg/, what's your weapon?
Your weapon of choice?
Because this was fun yesterday.
Also remember to tell others what kind of person you think they might be!

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Katana and basket-hilted broadsword, duel wield

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What the hell kind of a greatsword is that and why is the longsword shorter than the bastard sword?

I would comment about the shortsword being a falcata, but falcatas are in fact not very long swords, so eh...

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Every single thread, there's some sperglord like you.
Post your favorite weapons and have some fun, faggot.

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I don't even know why I love the look of them so much, I just do.

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Winged spear.

With a horseman's pick on the side.

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Kriegsmesser and warhammer.

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Don't you mean reverse dual wield?

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I usually go for blunt implements of varying size, but my last PC rolled with a pair of kukri (mechanically refluffed hatchets).

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Lucky if it's only one. I appreciate historical input, but when it's just nitpicking and smugly contradicting each other, I wish they'd take it to /k/.

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Sheild and axe mostly, but a sword on my hip and a brace of javelins accompanies my shirt of maile and iron reinforced bear head hat, when I ready my panoply to sail a vik-ing.

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1. Christopher Walken
2. Walking without rhythm

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Dual wielded in one hand.

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Bolas and bow/arrow. I ain't gettin in melee.

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>Are you an owlbear.jpg

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straight up? we're not getting the option for armor so I'll go with the short bow. I can drop 3 of you at 20 feet with that before you get to me.

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Yeah, those are dnd bullshit definitions.

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>Bolt action rifles.

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Halberd or short spear and shield.

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I would take the arming sword (which the image has erroneously called a 'longsword') as my first weapon.

I would take a bow but you appear to have only provided a single arrow, which makes it rather inefficient. If allowed multiple arrows, I would take the bow (which the image erroneously calls a 'short bow').

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Them curves

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I'm a polearm guy myself.

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An ax for choping the mans and several daggers, both for throwing and when the axe is too big to be used... like a corridor

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Sorry m8, your weapon elitism fails. That's a khopis, it would need the typical horse-head pommel and chain connecting it to the guard to be a falcata. That said, how about we enjoy the thread in place of being fags?

As for the thread topic: I don't have a typical weapon I stick to and my medieval fightan mans tend to swap around fairly regularly, but a sturdy, lightweight shield has never let me down.

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>Whistle to lure elephants
>Pots full of greek fire

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Accept no substitutes! Break the laws of physics, attract the eye of every bar wench you haven't cut in half already and annoy that one guy who thinks martials should be realistic in a world of wizards!

Greatswords for Boys and Girls, yours at your nearest merchant for 50GP and up!

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I'm disgusted by that illustration's lack of bec de corbin!

>crow's beak master race

I'm kidding, but still
>bec de corbin

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I'm much the same way: I'm good with whatever, it can all be really cool in its own time.

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Realistically? I would be ill suited for any of those weapons. I'm a 5'6" 115 pound manlet. I lack the upper body strength to use a bow effectively, or any of the other weapons.

Where's the diplomacy option?

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The old thread specified it was about your choice with adventuring characters. I find it strange you would assume otherwise given the tech level of those presented by OP.

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Swag is for boys, imperium is for men.

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...wait, it's weapons that *we're* supposed to wield?

Oh, shit. Uh...does the question presume we're trained with the weapons?

Because in that case, 100% bow..

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has monkey grip gone too far?

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A whip and a dagger.

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This knigga knows what's up.

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I'd hardly call it "nitpicking" for the greatsword.

"What the hell is that?" is a pretty appropriate reaction to that..... thing. after all, the rest are at least mostly based on historical things. but that one's got no basis in reality.

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A gun. with large bullets, full of bees.

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It appears to be a giant cheese knife that's been weaponized.

I can accept that.

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>a giant's cheese knife
Fixed that for you.

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Either way.

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No shit: found a Giant's Cheese Knife in some ruins on the plane of fire a few sessions ago. It was +1 because Fire Giant cheese is apparently a real bitch to cut.

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Pike, short sword and short bow.

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You know what really grinds my gears? 90% of the time we're discussing fantasy settings. And nearly ALL of those autistically accurate terms for those swords are just fucking "sword" in the language of the culture it was originally from. Outside of an earth-historical context they're pointless, and the only reason we are using them is that languages often just steal words from each other rather than come up with new ones.

Falcata=From "Falcatus" which means sickle-shaped in latin. The term falcata was invented in 1872, the original roman sources call the same thing "Machaera Hispana" and what does that fucking mean? SPANISH SWORD omg how fucking useful.

Katana=Literally "sword" in Jap.

Grosse Messer= Big knife in German.

Khopesh= The name of the hieroglyph for, wait for it... SWORD!

So basically, we're all running around sperging out about things that are all just named "sword" and should just be renamed with more descriptive terms in fantasy settings, because if you don't know the specific historical definition, someone is still just going to describe it to you, so why not A: Name it after how it looks. Heavy sword, sickle sword, long sword, short sword, Chopping sword, thrusting sword, whatever, because that's how you'll have to explain it every single time anyway when you game with people who aren't historians or watched way too much Deadliest warrior, or B: give it in-setting names. Like, why the fuck does a fantasy setting have "Katana" when it's just Japanese for Sword? Does it imply that there's some kind of fantasy Japan in your setting? If you insist on giving your faggy elves katanas, just rename it some bullishit name in elvish, and go "Oh, it's elvish for curved killing-thing"


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My god. Its the French equivalent of the german Langes Messer.

The fromage-couteau d'était. We're all fucking dead.

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Why, because after they surrender their swords to us we'll all go ballistic?

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Were you going to post more stuff or was that last bit a typo?

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Do you have any fucking clue how psychotic the french were for most of history?
No. You're a fucking moron.

Go read a history book and learn some of the shit they've pulled. Napoleon came close to taking the whole of western Europe, before fucking up their logistics chain and getting caught halfway to moscow as winter crept in. If they'd come with horseshoes suited to ice, they'd have taken the whole of Europe. The last people to successfully invade england? French. The people who made the US' independence happen? the French. an empire that covered 1/10th the land area of the entire planet? French.

The one time they surrendered, WW2?
360,000 dead or wounded in 45 days. 8000 a day, average. 10 times as many than the total casualties of US forces in Iraq over a decade, condensed into 45 days. And still they kept on fighting - long after it was clear there was no hope of victory.

Saying "hurr, the french always surrender" shows you display nothing but ignorance. And ignorance is not a positive trait.

And no, I am not French

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Oh, crap, that was a typo. But I could go on about it all day, it's a pet peeve of mine and there's really no end to the list of weapons where they're all just named the same things in different languages.

I get that it's fun for weapon nerds, I'm one, but it's like the least helpful way to label things in rpgs or fantasy settings. The people who know the terms just get their immersion ruined "The elf hits you with his SPANISH SWORD" and for the people who don't know the terms, a bullshit elf name is just as meaningful as Machaera. In my games I just tend to use descriptive names because I try to be inclusive to noobs. It's tough enough to catch up on lore and rules without having to read the weapon list with a dictionary next to you, only to realize that the first page is 20 different words that all mean "Sword"

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I know it ain't the best weapon out there but damn do I love it's looks and damn do I love it's style.

Archery is a hobby of mine, so I figure I ought to choose something I know how to use. As much as I love the Jian, I've never had any formal experience with sword fighting.

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Oh god I just keep failing today, I replied to myself instead of to you. See above.

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>that shuriken

oy vey

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Going again in this thread because the image is missing the omnipotent Kukri
>Because Kukri

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Shortspear and Gladius

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So you would prefer if game use the swords, but classified/called them something else?

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Yeah, after posting, I realized how shitty the image is. Basically, it's an arrowhead engineered so that, on impact, it shoves a portable hole into a bag of holding that it holds open. This, as I'm sure you all know, creates the equivalent of a black hole.

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Needlessly flashy yet functional one handed swords used with an equally gaudy shield. I'm just that fabulous.

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Fuck you magpie I don't even have purity seals!

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You are just the worst kind of person.

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Wow. I missed your post the first time I scrolled down, but >>36296913 is right, you're a fucking cunt.

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basket-hilted sword and short sword masterace

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That's right, you don't... Any more.

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Most of them are sensible designs, it's not weird to imagine fantasy civilizations to arrive at roughly the same ones, it's way better than bullshit fantasy swords with spikes all over. But name them for what they are, not what super-specific earth equivalent that's still just called "sword" they are named after. And do we need rules for 5 separate weapons that are all front heavy, forward-curving slashing/chopping swords? Or could we perhaps (omg the horror) make do with rules for the broad category and then just include fluff on what the different specimens look like in different in-setting cultures? A lot of the major differences were mainly a matter of regional aesthetics, the differences in skill/craftsmanship/materials are usually more important when it comes to performance. Having the entire spread for swords from the worlds history present in fantasy setting and including different stats for every single one is very navel-gazing and pointless imo.

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The Blood Ravens took my purity.

I feel sad.

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>Katana=Literally "sword" in Jap
"Ken" (剣) refers to blades in general, and is how you get KENdo (剣道, lit. "way of the sword"). "Katana" (刀) refers only to single-edged swords.

>> No.36297363

Great clarification, thc.
You have to agree that it's still in line with the rest of my post though, right? That it's still just obsessing over loan words from different languages that are incredibly generic when translated.

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They're still faggots and you're still mad.

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Would you say "sword" is interchangeable with "knife"? Or "longsword"? Katana are a subset of swords with a particular trait, and don't encompass the entirety of "sword".

>> No.36297721

I would say that sword or knife are terms that the huge majority of English speaking people would understand and thus they accomplish their purpose when used in a fantasy setting, presumably as stand-ins for terms with the same meaning in the dominant language of the setting, while "Katana" is a term used for a very specific subset of swords, that by itself contains no information about the specifics of the sword to a person who doesn't speak japanese and is unfamiliar with swords from that region. The same Goes for Machaera, Kukri or Messer. When you are calling something a "katana" in a fantasy setting, you are basically saying "It looks like a sword from japan" which when you think about it is kind of stupid. You wouldn't go to a paint shop in Eberron and ask for "Ferrari Red" would you?

This is why I think it's better to either use a generic, descriptive term for something, or make up a in-universe word for it rather than use a real world term that's basically just saying "sword" with a regional and historical reference tacked on.

Sure, that's how languages work most of the time, but in this case I'd still argue for my stance since we are talking about fairly niche terms that don't really help anyone who don't already know the definition.

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You'll need:
>Ballista: 500 gp
>Huge crossbow bolts: 2.5 gp each, 25 gp total
>Bags of Holding +1: 2500 gp each, 25,000 gp total
>Portable Holes: 20,000 gp each, 200,000 gp total
>Craft (Weapon) above 15
>One week's work
You get 10 shots.

Have fun storming the castle.

>> No.36297914

>Great sword
>Great sword

who dares say I'm not the manliest man?

>> No.36298026

I like your GM.

>> No.36298030

Everyone in your fantasy setting of choice speaks English (or the common language of your group), which is kind of stupid when you think about it. "Katana" is typically used to refer to literal single-edge, thin curved blade katana, so there's nothing objectionable there which you can't find in the rest of fantasy's it's-Earth-but-not-really.

>> No.36298087

But we have to make SOME concession to real world reference when we play because the only other option is to make up an entire language for your setting, and teaching it to everyone who wants to play, in order to avoid real world references, while using "sword+adjectives" to describe a katana is a really minor thing.

When you think about it, we already do this about almost everything else in fantasy settings.

We talk about cows, horses and cattle in fantasy settings, but do you specifically mention that the orcs stole your Arabian Fullbreed, or 12 Texas Longhorns? No, everyone would call you a retard if you did, but that's exactly what you are doing when you are using "katana" in-character to describe your sword.

>> No.36298089

The real issue, I think, is the long-sword. The term long-sword, historically, was used to describe what most RPGs refer to as bastard sword. Even in a category based classification like you suggest, (which I think is fine, I'm not the guy you responded to), the term long-sword is still incorrect.

>> No.36298138

When I do the broad category thing, I don't use Long-sword to describe the specific historical specimen, I'm using it to describe a sword that's longer than something I'd just call "sword" just like short-sword is shorter.

>> No.36298154


Isn't that an East Asian sword?

>> No.36298175

Maybe it's just a sword from some fantasy setting and it's called "great" because it's a great big honking sword.

Madness, right?

>> No.36298220

"In the dragon's lair you find a single-edged sword with a thin, curved blade."
"Like a katana?"
"Yeah, like a katana."
"Okay, who wants the katana?"

>> No.36298233

fine, though I have a hard time narrowing it down so...
>rocket launchers
>African throwing knives
>sword breaker dagger
>Kau Sin Ke
>chu ko nu

figure me out.

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I bet it takes you 2 hours to get groceries.

>> No.36298274


The design is consistent with swords that I've seen in weapons reference books.

>> No.36298276

The important part here is that you're using a real world term out of character as opposed to your character going to the local swordsmith and going "how much for that there Katana?"

Just like you might tell your players "it's about the size of a schoolbus" if they ask for the size of some monster out of character, but you'd never have anyone say the same thing in-character in a fantasy setting.

>> No.36298354


if "scimitar", a particular kind of middle-eastern sabre, is fine then katana is fine, too.

>> No.36298362

no, not really.

>> No.36298403

A gun.
This isn't a cheeky "lel gun beats all that shit" answer. I'll gladly take flintlocks. I'm completely satisfied as long as I have something that makes a big boom and sends a bullet down range.

>> No.36298477


Ram dao. The artist even says so.

>> No.36298514


>One and a half handed club made of metal, or mostly made of metal covered with protusions, ideally pointy, maybe sharp but not spiky.
You want to deal concentrated damage with a ton of mass but you don't want to yank it free each time you hit something. A trusty weapon, simple to use.

>Bill hook variant.
Looks useful as fuck, very resistant, and may work as a lever with some thoughtful modification?

Honorable mentions:

>Hunter's axe for survival, or francisca if you want to throw it at someone's face.
Good umph, chop wood, chop heads, etc.
>Crossbow with modified ammo because they're easy to use and can deal a lot of damage.

>Explosives in general for obvious reasons.

>> No.36298535

>kunai being labeled as shuriken
I'm not a /k/-a-boo, but even I fucking know that.

As for the weapons, aesthetically, I like gauntlets and greaves combo a-la Devil May Cry, but realistically, crossbow it is.

>> No.36298565

I recognize that im an untrained pleb so ill take the traditional weapons of untrained plebs that I believe give the biggest advantage to me, as a pleb.
Staff-Its a big stick. You're not that retarded
Spear-Its a big stick with a pointy end.
Baseball Bat-An American classic
Bag full of baseball sized rocks-Guess.

>> No.36298611

>For dueling?

>For the battlefield?
Lochaber Axe

>For the deck of a ship?

>For showing off?
One of those big ass German judicial shields
Chinese Meteor Hammer

>> No.36298660

"The Art of War" lists the Dao as the "General of All Weapons." I usually see it translated as "Greatsword," but really "whatever fuckhuge bladed melee weapon your culture happens to use at this time" is an accurate translation.

>> No.36298666

I'm an explosives guy, myself. Powder bombs, grenades, mines, wax bombs, cigar bombs, etc.

If that fails, I also accept unreasonably high caliber rifles.

>> No.36298675

You like a lot of custom shit that deals with high levels of skill...

I say you are one of those guys that haven't found what he's looking for in most aspects of life, and keep scanning everyday to see if the perfect computer, or the perfect thread appears, knowing very well that it won't, but then suddenly you find the perfect chocolates in some website and make careful plans to acquire them.

You may have bought 3 tools to do the same job, and there's one of them that almost satisfy you but not completely.
You homebrew the shit out of everything if you DM and make detailed settings that nobody appreciates as they should, which gets them in trouble. In fact you might even not DM anymore lacking subtle players.
You remain single for the good reasons but might question your own sanity from time to time seeing how some stupid friend married early yet is happy as fuck.
OR, if you are married you remain a couple with deep affection yet showing it sparringly to the outside world.

Also, you might be kinesthetic, (was it spelled that way in English?) and use comfy clothes.

>> No.36298712

Do you own a spice garden by any chance?
Do you visit /ck/ but without cooking regularly?

>> No.36298765

Because I'm not particularly skilled with medieval weaponry, I'd have to go with a short spear+shield combo.

It's a nice compromise of range, protection, and simplicity in use; I'd rather make surviving my battles a priority than looking like a badass. That can come with training.

It'd look stereotypical as shit though, not that I mind. Just as long as my enemies don't go singing 'Men of Harlech' I'll be confident.

>> No.36298779

>Do you own a spice garden by any chance?

>Do you visit /ck/ but without cooking regularly?
Don't visit /ck/, but I read cookbooks without cooking regularly.

>> No.36298788

You will survive. Hoplites are generally good at that. Smart move anon.

>> No.36298801

In Broquest you picked three rank and file soldiers, then changed that to two rank and file soldiers and one waifu choice, then switched again to two rank and file soldiers and one commander (other character).

You just wanted the paladin to not be a lesbian.

>> No.36298810

>Not quadruple wielding
>Not juggling all your weapons
>Not being a whirlwind of death and destruction
I shiggy diggy doo

>> No.36298822

Spear and Shield. Usually with a dagger close by as well.

>> No.36298843

Melee-Naginta and fists.
Guns-Shotgun and pistols
Rule of cool-Scyth

>> No.36298868


>People think you have the largest collection of porn in existance.
>It ain't true, you have less porn than most of your friends.

>> No.36298930

You are very practical and like to get into the thick of things, while still maintaining a sense of levity?

>> No.36298936

My weapons would be either a spear or mace and shield since those are generally weapons that font require much skill to use.

In games I'm a huge fan of one-handed axes.

>> No.36298952

>cigar bombs

Illuminati confirmed.

>> No.36298969

Are you the guy that posts Landsknecht on every mercenary thread?

>> No.36298982

No. I didn't even know we had mercenary threads.

>> No.36299015

>This is my jam

I played a game of D&d 3.5 recently


It worked extremely well.

>> No.36299028

>You have played quite a lot of zombie based games. Even one or two that most of your friends don't know about.
>You keep the bat and the stick close by mostly for the intended purpose of fucking shit up, having not needed to use them yet.
>You study how to leave buildings as soon as you enter them, just for fun

>> No.36299044

Damn. Sorry nigga, is only that you sounded exactly like that guy. He always posts some gaudy cosplayer or illustration complete with fabulous hat and protuding codpiece

>> No.36299049

Startlingly accurate, actually. +1

>> No.36299105

Oakeshott XVIIIe greatsword. Can use it like a spear, or a sword, or to chop the heads off spears. Pic related.

Dragunova, Tigr, Mosin-Nagant 91/30 PU. 7.62 Russian is as cheap and plentiful as it comes, with the stopping power of a full-size cartridge, and all these rifles have MOA < 1.

Primary is running my ass away at top fucking speed. Secondary is driving my big ass truck over your ass. Diving knife is only third. Fixed blade, point, finger holes.

AK-103. 7.62 Soviet is actually capable of 1-shot kills, unlike fucking 5.56 NATO. Comes with night vision scope and sub-mounted grenade launcher, though I am also partial to bayonet charges.

>> No.36299106

I do the same with every building. That's how I knew.

I recommend you play cataclysm dark days ahead just for ideas.

Fair warning, ASCII roguelike.

>> No.36299111

How can I sound like anybody if I barely said anything?

Not really.

>> No.36299144

That sounds fun. I think im too spoiled to enjoy ASCII, I couldnt even dorf until I got a sprite patch.

Its a totally different experience but you might get the same kind of pleasure from roaming in EVE, its generally appealing to /tg/ type people anyway.

>> No.36299184

It's ok, most downloads come with sprites for that game if you wish to try.

>> No.36299186

Looks like this sacrificial ram dao.

>> No.36299219

I dont understand smooth handles. Shouldn't something like that have a textured grip for better control?

Alright, ill give it a go anon. Thanks!

>> No.36299236

I just replied to myself. I dont post very often.

>> No.36299253

It's a game, nobody expects to get it right. We just guess personality traits based on the weapon choices people make.

The guy in the merc threads praised the weapons you just mentioned for the same scenarios.

Maybe you could guess something about another poster that seems interesting enough?
I mean, if you want to. That was the first thread, "guess something about the guy who's posting based on his selection" or something.

>> No.36299283


Wakazashi, combat knives, bolt-action hunting rifle, staves, assorted shuriken, kukri, steel pipe, blowgun, cane
>spar with
Hands/feet/elbows, staff
>trained in
All previously listed, spear, handaxe, longsword, mace, rapier, light cavalry saber, halberd, warhammer, handguns

Warhammer and saber are my favorites. Need to get a shield and train with it for a while so I can go classic sword&board.

Trying to work up to bastard sword competence, but the fuckers are too heavy for me to one-hand at combat speed. I can just barely heft a claymore well enough to fight, but lack training and endurance.

I'd spend a lot more time on /k/ if they weren't so gun-focused... My experience there is pretty limited. Melee is my thing; I should really get around to checking out my local branch of the SCA.

>> No.36299311

Mein neger. Haven't gotten hold of a messer yet, but those two and sabers are my holy trinity of heavy-hitters, and melee weapons in general.

>> No.36299352

Hope you have proficiency. Those fuckers are surprisingly tricky, I haven't been able to get anywhere near the accuracy I have with thrown stuff from conventional bows.
Which reminds me, forgot 'crossbow' in my 'owned' list.

>> No.36299359

Don't mind it, just remember, you can't hit undead children and small animals at the beggining of the game, you need to throw heavy things at them until you become a melee master or have ranged.

Can't believe I just typed that

>> No.36299367

For most things? Sidesword or saber and buckler, an arming sword if I'm particularly poor. If I know I'll have the space for it and my opponent's packing heavy weapons I'd go full Montante. For up close, nitty-gritty either a cutlass and a nice axe for parrying or a trench-knife. A pistol/revolver on hand if I can manage for an easy 1-shot kill.

If guns are on the table, so to speak, a nice pump-action shotgun and full sized but slim pistol like a 1911 or an M4506.

>> No.36299445

>Secretly wishing I could run at top speed
>being the slow, strong dude.
>Still too short for ladies

Anon, don't you ever feel ashamed of running. Also surprised nobody else listed "Truck" as a weapon of choice. It's imprecise, but very powerful.

>> No.36299538

H-how so?

>> No.36299659

The voulge
Best pole arm

Followed by the Khopesh

I own one of each.

>> No.36299672


>> No.36299683

+10 Chaos Zweihander.

>> No.36299729

You mean the recurve bow?

If we're talking for PCs, then I favor battleaxes, or greatswords for two-handing, but always keep a hatchet or sizeable dagger on hand for eye-to-eye.

>>36299283 >>36299311 >>36299352
Now seems like a good time to quit samefagging and go to sleep. Goodnight /tg/.

>>36299105 >>36299367 >>36295522 >>36296751 >>36299015 >>36299659
Excellent taste, though that last guy could've incorporated the bardiche's sturdier design into the voulge for better choppan.

That probably describes nearly 50% of 4chan, and substantially more of /tg/.

Can't go wrong with axes, though I love maquahuitl. Khopesh is cool too, though >>36298675 raises some good points.

Iirc, shuriken actually refers to small, concealable throwing weapons in general. So technically, a kunai could qualify. I have more needle- and stake-like ones than the stereotypical 'stars.'

>> No.36299733

Seriously. Most knife-fights are over before you can even get your knife out, no matter how lightning fast you are. It's not a fucking fight, it's an ambush, and on average, you're outnumbered 4 to 1. Fuck yeah I'll bravely run away from that shit, straight to my truck. If they chase me, I will gallantly run them over.

>> No.36299759

I just googled voulge, I'm on the shitter at work.

>> No.36299787

my nigga

>> No.36299826


>> No.36299843


>> No.36299846

Fire hardened wooden cudgel, the bludgeoning end is wedge shaped, hallowed out, and filled with lead.

>> No.36300048

So, a shillelagh. Don't let the cops catch you with that.

Captcha: Selie vices. Exactly.

>> No.36300155

Guns, lots of guns

>> No.36300247

dat meatball

>> No.36300477

Grosse Messer

What say you /tg/?

>> No.36300493

I say

>Bavarian detected

>> No.36300553


>> No.36300738

Motherfuckin' zweihänder.

Or long spear and short sword. ya know

>> No.36300904

>> No.36300923

>> No.36300938

>> No.36300948

>> No.36300960

>> No.36300980

Lucerne hammer or military pick.
Alternatively, the simple truncheon.

>> No.36300995

Greatsword, or bastard sword.
Least favorites would be spears or axes, and especially glaives and halberds.
Couldn't explain why, they just look/feel ugly to me.

>> No.36301022


>> No.36301086

Mah nigga.

This shit was a full-plate killer. You got your fully armored knight? Don't give two shits. You literally have three weapons that kick ASS against plate.

Far superior than swords in this regard.

>> No.36301132

>That probably describes nearly 50% of 4chan, and substantially more of /tg/.

Kind of, but if you look at the structure of the post, this is a realistic opinion by an untrained person that has given some thought on how to get the most out of everyday shit. The kind of ideas one might get when reading (and discarding afterwards) the zombie survival manual. That manual alone wouldn't mean anything for generation Y, let alone 4chan, but the guess was HOW dedicated is the poster about this, how much suspension of disbelief there is (take on account that most fa/tg/uys tend to hang about with other fa/tg/uys, that also play a lot of zombie games, and have assimilated a lot of zombie media; so everytime you say "have you played this....?" Chances are someone says "nigga, who hasn't"). It also shows caution rather than confidence, and when you combine both, come the escape routes. You'd be surprised by how many preppers and zombie enthusiasts forget this shit. I've seen a lot of people with this mindset that enter a cramped "club", and if there's a real fire they can't deal with it (Had to help out a group of 9 unable to find the only entrance-exit). All of them would have said things like "shotgun, machete or chainsaw".

So while it was a safe assumption, it wasn't a barnum statement.

Is also my guess, and it may have been more broad taking the context of the board. If it feels more authenthic is because there was some extra projection there.

>> No.36303014

Mace. Always mace.

>> No.36303107

>Least favorites would be spears or axes, and especially glaives and halberds.
>Couldn't explain why, they just look/feel ugly to me.
Bitch, them's fighting words!

>> No.36303344

For medieval: Arming Sword with Kite Sheild (boring I know) or Lucerne Hammer against armour

For Ancient: Hoplon with Kopis/Falcata

>> No.36303380


>> No.36303412

4-ft quarterstaff and ready to drop it for cuddly close combat

>bitches don't know about my maai

>> No.36303608

Didn't one of Charlemagne's paladins actual use a giant's knife as a weapon? One of Roland's buddies, iirc.

>> No.36303675

The martial artist in me says, "Good taste."

The Weeaboo in me says, "Katanananana favourite."

The Brit in me says, "Lee-Enfield Rifle No.4 Mk 1."

The pedant in me says, "That's not a longsword; it's an arming sword."

The Englishman in me says, "Longbow."

And the paladin in me says, "Kite shield and sword."

>> No.36303693

spear-thrower and javelins for range, spear and shield for personal combat (might drop the shield, depending on the situation), arming sword as a back-up.

>> No.36303744

Something like a warpick or a lucerne hammer.
Is that good enough?
Did you stutter, anon?

>> No.36303755

>katanana nana nana nana nana nana nana

>> No.36303760

>Spiked Club
>Lucerne Hammer

>> No.36303779


>> No.36303790

Clearly, you're an 18th-century French Assassin.

>> No.36303799

>not the sound of this guy running

>> No.36303808


>> No.36303837

I posted this in the previous thread. Only one guy replied to me, and he was completely wrong.

1. Quarterstaff.
2. Katars.

>> No.36303849

Hand-and-a-half Sword. Need to take down some lightly armoured fast buggers? One handed fencing style. Big guy? Two hands to cut through the fat.

If I could get soemthing like a mix between a sabre and the above I'd be set.

With combination Warhammer/Pick at my side because fuck you plate armour.

And maybe a few daggers strapped to me, jsut in case.

Is there such a thing as too prepared?

>> No.36303858

you're a monk.
you're just undecided about the cult you're in, and the geographical region - europe or india?

>> No.36303862

In real life, I like to fight with a basket hilted claymore (the one handed ones), often with a dagger for parrying, and sometimes with a buckler.
In games I usually go with a long sword or various pole arms that I switch out as needed. Often I wear heavy armor as well.

>> No.36303874

You act very coldly to strangers, and you hate dogs. Despite your lack of openness, you're very protective of your best friend.

>> No.36303876

>fencing style with an hand-and-half
just because you could, in theory, use that sword along with a shield, it doesn't mean it's agile as a rapier, anon.

>> No.36303880

Long and giant blades and pole-arms with long blades.

>> No.36303885

>Range and power
>Solid balance of offense and defense in close combat

You seem like the kind of person that tends to try and get things done as quickly as possible just to get them out of the way, and preferably without getting too involved or getting your hands dirty.

No time for bullshit or anything fancy, just getting a job done. Plus, with that simplicity comes a certain preparedness that makes you seem more able to deal with diverse issues than the folks who go for things that are overly complex or only for aesthetics.

I'm probably wrong though.

>> No.36303886

you're ambitious and superficial.
with some luck, you'll make it to officer.

>> No.36303890

a celtic longsword, or a katana , whichever i come into possession of first

>> No.36303899

Hehe, it is a bit ambitious isn't it?

I need to practice more.

>> No.36303908

you need to use the right weapon for the job.

>> No.36303914


Pistol Carbines
Hand Grenades

Support oriented:
Belt-fed GPMGs and automatic rifles.
Long spears.
Battle rifles.

>> No.36303915

fuck, now I want a leaf sword too.
it's, like, a double katana.
dual wield that shit, and you have 4 katana-like striking surfaces!

>> No.36303923

Longspear, Shortsword

>> No.36303928


Breaks bones, you can adjust your grip for how much leverage you want and can dent armor.

>> No.36303947

If I could get a sabre that could function as a falchion or equivalent when wielded with two hands, I'd be golden.

But alas, no such thing exists to my knowledge.

>> No.36303953

zweihander whilst standing in formation with a group against multiple enemies
sheathed rapier and main-gauche for one on one encounters

>> No.36303979

there's a reason, you can't have a big, heavy two handed weapon that is light, nimble, and used with 1 hand.

unless you want a mithril (aluminum) sword.

>> No.36304000

I like the versatility of being able to fight with my fists. It also has a certain primal fulfillment to it when you crack someone's jaw with a solid hook. The gauntlet/glove part just sweetens the deal a bit more.

I like them for being able to support a good defense before dealing a hefty, finishing blow. Plus, if you need it, you can keep a bit of distance between you and the opponent.

>> No.36304005

I suppose. The other option is learn to use the sword in a style besides fencing which, retrospectively, is probably the smarter choice.

>> No.36304015

There were some variants of the swiss sabre that are basically hand-and-a-half sabres. They seem pretty rare, though.

>> No.36304027

No-save, one hit kill, 22.525gp

>> No.36304028

Hope you have lots of friends with pikes to keep you from getting skewered to fuck.

>> No.36304031

That sword is a thing of beauty. Thank you for showing me this glorious thing, Anon.

>> No.36304050

Since I was a fencer (saber), the weapon I'd probably be most skilled with is the spadroon.

>> No.36304059

Open battlefield, Glaive or Halbred.
Adventuring, Falchion and a Round Shield, Hand Axe, warhammer, and trouse for a back up.
Ranged battlefield, assuming no artillery support, I'll take a grenade launcher.
Ranged adventure, crossbow with a sling back up.

>> No.36304090

Alternatively, use realistic longswords. Fast, light, and still good for range and penetration.
You do longpoint?

>> No.36304092

Function as a falchion?

Any fighting art with the sword is "fencing". And since such skills often carry over to other weapons with minimal changes, we can often talk about things like fencing with clubs without much issue.

From what I can tell it's not a specifically Swiss thing, it's just that one of the surviving specimens is likely to be Swiss.

For a sabre form that's properly Swiss, you want a single handed grip, a "Schwedendegen" style or closely related basket, and an animal head pommel.

>> No.36304116

As in "Hold it in two hands and cleave the fucker in half."

Also, I guess I specifically meant Sabre fencing. All slashing and quick cuts.

>> No.36304121

those suffer for range (compared to a two-hander/hand and half), but yeah, they would work.

>> No.36304123

Spadroons had a tendency to be kind of crap though, save a few very select French models. You want a really stiff sword, since you won't be cutting too deep with that narrow blade.

>> No.36304141

Swiss sabres were popular in the early modern era, but kriegmessers go all the way back to the late medieval era. The former tended to have more hand protection though.

>> No.36304166

>Lutel Handicraft
Some of the most fucking beautiful swords I've ever seen. Check out their katzbalgers. I'm not a huge fan of their zweihanders though.

>> No.36304172

Then what would you recommend that's "mechanics-wise" like a fencing saber?

>> No.36304183

It was also really useful for hooking and wrestling your oponent to the ground, or for keeping them at a distance. It's the ultimate armored combat weapon.

>> No.36304229

we'd rather die with our ridiculous swords

>> No.36304239

On the contrary. You're mostly right there.

>> No.36304244

The fuck is going on with 6 and 7? 8s not so bad, but holy shit all that ridiculous crap.

>> No.36304301

Perhaps a pipe-back sabre? Very light for their stiffness thanks to the "flat" blade and reinforced spine. Not going to do any wonders with cuts thanks to the same, but you can certainly do some damage that way, slicing still works if you end up there (seems rarer than in longsword), and with the gentle curvature they often have stabbing should work very well.

Some decorative ironwork. And tassels on the grip for 7. There's a pretty high likelihood that they're ceremonial.

>> No.36304309

Katzbalger and rapier. Battlefield sword and civilian sword respectively. Though this particular model may not be ideal for Meyer or Thibault. Quarterstaves are also awesome.

>> No.36304314

They're supposed to be parrying hooks and the waves supposedly helped saw pikes and halberds.

No idea if it any of that is true in practice though.

>> No.36304402

Halberd if we're going medieval on their asses.
FAL for a more contemporary alternative.

>> No.36304405

Parrying hooks is the right term for the secondary guard on the blade, it seems these swords were often grabbed with one hand on the ricasso, meaning some hand protection was needed above the main guard.

That it would be connected to "sawing" pole arms is probably false. To begin with the shafts for those tend to be quite sturdy things, oak, ash or similar. A halberd will tend to have significant iron or steel langets as well. Cutting through that, if at all possible, will probably require both a superb hit, and much more force resting the cut than the guy holding the halberd can provide.

A pike might not be quite a sturdy, probably lacking the langets, but it should still take a good bit of force to get through, and the immense length of them (see pic) results in even a pretty moderate force around the head translated to a huge amount of torque, so the pike either gets pushed aside, or simply bends, instead of being cut.

>> No.36304461

Reading comprehension? Not on a Friday afternoon after work.

So to focus more on the waves, I don't see anyone holding their polearm in place for you to saw through. We also see wavy blades on other kinds of sword, that lack the "anti polarm"-label that the two handers sometimes have to drag around (most likely an erroneous label).

If a a "flamberge" blade (as they were called) has any real benefit it's probably that it changes how things feel and behave in the bind a bit. The guy with the flamberge should be familiar with it, but the other guy probably isn't.

In some cases there might have been a touch of superstition involved, such as a flamberge causing wounds sure to get infected or some such. IIRC there may be a lot going on with the Indonesian kris here, with some blades being auspicious for some people (think astrology etc), and the degree of waviness being part of it.

All said and done though I suspect the biggest factor is simply aesthetics.

>> No.36304526

Maybe I should play along with OP while I'm spamming the crap out of things, I'm not one for naming favourites, but that's not really necessary here.

First, I should be, well, less awful with the longsword than with other things on account of actually training with it on a somewhat regular basis.

Second, I guess something ranged. A few wheellock pistols (3-4 seems good) are tempting, but if we're going with the standard fantasy "no gunpowder"-restriction then bow or crossbow... The latter is probably best at the moment, ease of aim and such. Maybe go with a goat's foot lever for reloading, crannequin or windlass seems worryingly slow. Give me some time to train and a nice composite bow could be an option there.

All of this could change dramatically depending on the exact scenario of course.

>> No.36304527

I wonder whether nobles used to have contests about that kind of thing, like the guy with the highest number of waves on his sword being the coolest guy around.

>> No.36304556

Something that specific and outspoken I doubt, but fashion has in many ways always been a competition to be the coolest one around, and that obviously includes your sword and its components.

>> No.36304595

I heard it was to help with blocking with the blade, the waves would help prevent the enemies weapon from sliding along the blade, giving you more control.

I've also heard it's related to structural stability but this has only been in passing.

>> No.36304629

AFAIK the main purpose seems to have been to make blade contact against your weapon feel weird and unfamiliar. Makes sense to me.
I've also heard that it's harder for a wavy blade to get stuck inside a wound, but I'm not sure if that's actually true.

>> No.36304672

How large is that sword? Because I would that finger guard.

>> No.36304705

>I heard it was to help with blocking with the blade
This is largely what I mean by "in the bind", the bind is when the blades touch each other. Usually though I'd want my opponents blade to slide down to my hilt, that minimises the leverage he has.

Given the huge number of different ways that the waves/serration can be shaped, I doubt the structural thing in general, and it definitely doesn't seem like it could apply equally to all forms. The waves are also in the wrong direction to provide the "corrugated sheet" strengthening effect in the two main dimensions that a sword will be stressed in. Some variants might even provide fracture initiation points (if fairly safe such).

>> No.36304755

... I like it!

>> No.36304766

122cm total, 106cm blade, 1.27kg. The hilt isn't gilded, it's solid gold. Blade made in Milan, hilt Spanish or Italian, ca 1550-70. Previously attributed to Charles V, nowadays it seems more believe it to have belonged to his nephew Maximilian (I think he'd end up as Maximilian II later on).

>> No.36304778

C-can I pillage with you anon?

>> No.36304781

>> No.36304782

A nice big proddy spear for maximum practicality

>> No.36304788

Spears and other polearms all day.
Chain weapons when I'm feeling fancy.
Fists and improvised weapons when I'm feeling dirty.

>> No.36304835

Maybe you could get into actual historical sabre fencing? It's considerably different, but you'd have an easy time getting into it from the bases you learned in sport fencing. Good combat-ready sabre reproductions are pretty cheap too. I've heard good things of Universal Swords. Look them up in Kult of Athena.

>> No.36304866 [DELETED] 

Very pretty sword, but I'd prefer a steel guard for an actual fighitng weapon. Pic related. Reproduction of a rapier from the goard pf tje Electors of Saxony.

>> No.36304876

Very pretty sword, but I'd prefer a steel guard for an actual fighitng weapon. Pic related. Reproduction of a rapier from the guard pf the Electors of Saxony.

>> No.36304948

>Colt Special


>> No.36304963

1.Twelve-gauge, double-barrel Punch gun mounted on my right forearm.
2.Bar mace, essentially the medieval equivalent of a baseball bat.

>greatcoat with sewn-in scalemail underneath for all you knife-nuts out there.
>mfw i let you attempt for the stab before a punch to your head makes it come off entirely.

>> No.36304977

There is, in fact, such a thing as "too prepared." It's called "overencumbered."

>> No.36304998

You Ser, are a kindred spirit.

>> No.36305002

Shit I don't have a favorite weapon...

Fine, Langes Messe, a Morning Star and a Bowie Knife

>> No.36305017


> knight using a bowie knife

this is goddamn awesome

>> No.36305026

>A straight messer

>> No.36305044


It's a Langes Messer.

I think it really looks cool, a great bowie knife.

>> No.36305055


Isn't that the Cold Steel Messer ?

>> No.36305095

I think this is the original it's based on.

>> No.36305101

Actually, the fenchies spend a lot of time running away from the German tanks.
Granted, they were ill equiped/trained to take on pure tank units, but they still put on less of a fight than, for example, Poland.

>> No.36305109

No, this is.
I want one, but a) price and b) their quality's been decidedly lacking in my last few purchases. Took 3 returns before they gave me a dirk whose blade wasn't loose.

>> No.36305159

Cold Steel swords are garbage. Save some more money and have Lutel or Tod from Tod's Stuff make you one.

>> No.36305167

But their advertisements are so good!


>> No.36305179


That's weird
I got their All Terrain Chopper and their Shortsword.

Those things are nigh indestructable

>> No.36305191

That thing used to have a rep for snapping off. That was a while back though, they have hopefully fixed that bit. Still as overweight as their boss though.

>> No.36305197

I would go with the longsword. I have been learning some of Fiorres swordfighting techniques. Not nearly enough for any sort of serious stuff, but at least I'm most comfortable with it than most of the other stuff. I guess I would bring a staff as well since that goes rather well with the Bartitsu cane fighting.

>> No.36305242

Tanto and shield.
Parry all day.

>> No.36305244


What do you mean "nigh" indestructable ?

>> No.36305273


I made a small dent on All Terrain Chopper hitting a steel plate. The kind used to stop .50 bmgs (my brother makes shooting vids). It was hidden in the leaves and I went for a full charged wack on the tree to see what it happened. It's barelly noticeable.

>> No.36305357

Cold Steel makes good heavy-duty tools, but their weapons are terrible. They have shit quality control and they couldn't care less for historical accuracy.

>> No.36305753

Rapiers are just goddam gorgeous. Those renaissance fucks sure knew what they were doing.

>> No.36305901

I've never played 3.pf before, but I'm starting to put together a character for an online game. What weapon type do glaives count as? Could a druid use them?

>> No.36306097

I've heard them called 'hunting swords', can you offer any insight into this?

>> No.36306291

Hunting swords sometimes have similar blades to messers, but they were entirely different things. For example, the hilt was build like a conventional sword hilt, instead of the knife grip of the messer.

Hunting swords were one-handed, and I think they were often used from horseback. They could have rings, plates or other sorts of hand protection. They were usually single-edged, but some models had saw teeth on the spike. They were mainly used in the Renaissance and early modern era. This is a reproduction of an eighteenth century hunting sword by Manfred Schmitz.

>> No.36306329

There was also a specialized hunting sword for boars. It had a long, stiff, edgeless blade that ended in a broad spearhead. Notice in the picture how it has a pair of bars on the base of the spearhead to keep the kill from running up the blade.

>> No.36306333

>Want to parry
>don't even take a main gauche

>> No.36306361

I'm just going to assume "Prunkdegen" is the German word for rapier. That's pretty fucking hilarious.

>> No.36306370

There's a pair of straight messers described/used as hunting swords in the Hofjagd- und Rüstkammer in Austria (here's one), so such may have been fashionable for a time. I don't think that translates to all more or less straight messers being hunting swords, we seem to be looking at s somewhat stylistically constrained group of late(?) messers here, so while I could see >>36305191 belonging to this group, I doubt >>36305095 does.

It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if this kind of hunting messer is the father of the hirschfänger (but do seek confirmation form someone who knows before you take that to heart), which are as the name suggests often hunting swords (and thus we get another association between messer and hunting sword), though they also saw some use as military sidearms, often with musicians and such.

>> No.36306433 [DELETED] 

The other of the two, on the right here. Left is a non-messer (boar) hunting sword.

>and I think they were often used from horseback.
The kind of hunting hanger you show there is usually a rather small thing, more of a large dagger than a full sized sword. I'd expect something far larger for mounted use.

>> No.36306452

The other of the two hunting messers, on the right here. Left is a non-messer (boar) hunting sword.

>and I think they were often used from horseback.
The kind of hunting hanger you show there is usually a rather small thing, more of a large dagger than a full sized sword. I'd expect something far larger for mounted use.

>> No.36306465

They also had a messer-hilted boar sword, though I doubt such a thing would be very likely to get messers in general seen as hunting weapons.

>> No.36306469

I suppose that makes sense, but I don't know how a hunter could actually expect to get close enough to use it on foot.

>> No.36306513

For the boar swords they mention finishing off animals pinned down by the dogs. Crossbow bolts, bullets and traps also seem plausible as ways to keep your prey from running quite so fast.

>> No.36306514

I suppose the idea was to exhaust the prey by charging after it, and maybe to wound it with hunting (cross)bows, and eventually it'd either be cornered somewhere or too exhausted to keep running.

>> No.36306591


>200,000 casualties
>36 days

Not really when you consider they were up against more troops than were even sent against the Polish to top it off. You're also forgetting the fact the french buckled the fuck up after that defeat under De Gaulle and helped every step of the way back into Europe.

8000 dead in a day hardly shouts "entire army running". Fuck thats a higher rate of casualties than during an average day on the western front in WW1. Your preconception about how brutal war is, is entirely off and you need to readjust it. If they county you were in lost 8,000 men tomorrow it'd no doubt be a major disaster, let alone 360,000 over the course of 45.

>> No.36306593

Sounds reasonable. Also, I forgot to mention, many hunting swords were also pistol swords, especially after the introduction of the wheellock.

>> No.36307269

bola/shortspear combo

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