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Android: Netrunner General

Last thread at bump limit!

Post Netrunner things here!

The Source Spoilers here -

All spoilers from the System Crash draft -

Previous Thread - >>36227035

What should I buy? - http://www.reddit.com/r/Netrunner/wiki/buyingguide

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>People that never win tournaments bitching about people who do getting better prizes.

This is the kind of people that make the world suck.

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The world champion actually said he was planning to play hearthstone for a month after winning worlds so he could make "some actual money"

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This entirely. Heathstone is eating up a bunch of the top players from Netrunner as there is just so much money in that community.
I am a upper middle rank player and I can clear $200-300 a month with some weekend tournaments on Heathstone.

The "No money in my card game" crowd needs to STF up and stop whiting about how much they hate money players. It becomes harder and harder for me to invest time and money into Netrunner when there is little to gain from it compared to other card games.

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This Genetics stuff looks perfect for click-compression Criminals. Although snow-jax said that shaper is getting some really good stuff in SanSan, I'm seeing a lot of possibilities for the criminal faction with this subtype and cards like Drive-by.

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Not really. I do very good on tournaments and I'd dislike there to be mayor cash prices. It would spoil the community.

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Multi-Regional winner here. I'd love for there to be more of an incentive to win multiple of the same event and/or travel for events, but I dislike cash prizes.

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Power Creep, Anarch 5 Inf
Cost 3
2 MU
Program: Icebreaker AI
Break a piece of ice: Break up to 2 Ice subroutines
Break a piece of ice: +2 str

"Sounds about right" -Whizzard

>> No.36266575

No strength

>> No.36266581

>Trash a piece of ice

>> No.36266589

0 Strength

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Do you win Regional, Nationals, or Worlds? If not this has no effect on you. It'd be a move to bring the upper 1% of players into the game.
If you get the top players their fans come with them, They start doing big streams (There are streams of MTG Online that have 20k views a night), that brings more players and more money into the game.
It is a good move for the community, the company, and the game.

Yes you will get a few annoying "money" players but a few bad apples does not mean you need to let the entire community suffer under shitty prizes and lack luster tournaments.
I have broke the top 10 for Worlds and Nationals 3 years in a row (three times at Gencon and twice at Worlds). The only reason I even play in those is that I already go to Gencon for other things and I live a short walk from the FFG Event center.
If I had to go out of my way at all to play in those tournaments I'd skip it as the events are run like shit and the prizes are awful. They need to bring money into the game to make it better, it is a fact. Till they do it will just be another random card game that people will float in and out of while taking a break from the big ones.

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If you win a tournament with a cash prize and you don't invite everyone to a beer, you're a dick.

>> No.36266880

When you guys are debating cash prizes, you're just debating order of magnitude, right?

Sorry if this sounds stupid, just have been hearing good things about the game and wondering if I should transition from mtg.

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Nope, there are simply currently no cash prizes in Netrunner, as it runs with a different structure compared to "The Circuit" of Magic (with the Grand prix/Pro Tour).

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>order of magnitude, right?

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Wow okay... How many packs or whatever do you get? For example, how much does the world champion take home?

>> No.36266979

Ugh, you're not the same troll from yesterday, right?

There are no "packs" in Netrunner per se, since it's an LCG. The World Champion gets to design a card + a one-off playmat.

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File: 400 KB, 600x400, 2-4-jeremy-zwirm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Currently the only prizes are Promos that all players at an event get (Worlds promos are worth about $50ish a pop), Playmats for people who make the top cut (mostly worthless), and a shitty trophy for first place at major events.

See that shitty glass thing? That is what you get for being world champ, it differs from the one that you get from a regional win or a national win by saying world champion on it.

So ya you can see why people hardly give a fuck.

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The real prize is friendship

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>Worlds promos are worth about $50ish a pop
More like 100. Eli from last year is closer to 200.

>> No.36267081

This is my first time in these threads, and no, not trolling.

What is the point of putting in all of the work to be good enough at the game to get that high? Plane tickets to these places are at least a few hundred dollars, plus accommodations, plus lost work...

Am I missing something?

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You get to give the basic idea of a card. From what Jeremy has said they really limited his options for designing his card and that is why he quit Netrunner for Warhammer 40k Conquest this year. He took first place there as well.

Their idea is to make big tournaments "fun" and don't want the LCGs to be competitive. Worlds is run like shit and like I said I'd not go if was not held at the play I normally play anyways, I just show up for my tournament and then walk home.

Eli is SELLING for about $90. People are asking for $200 but they are not selling for that. Prof Contacts is going for about $50 (already sold mine) and the prices are already dropping as people are dumping them to recoup something from this years awful worlds.

Anyways Worlds is crap and run like shit, FFG has no idea what they are doing, and more or less have no idea how to run a big competitive game. They need to hire Star City Games to consult for them and show them how to set up real events.

>> No.36267106


That's actually plexi. lel.

>> No.36267146

There is no point for it outside of the fun of the tournament. Only the tournament was run like shit, the judges did not know the rules at all, there was nothing to do during the massive amount of down time, it was in the middle of fucking Minnesota in the winter, the location was way too small for the number of events they had going on, the cut for netrunner was way too small (18 people cut for 268 players), Netrunner it's self is a really RNG game at tournaments so it is hard to even claim world champion from a single event, etc.

I blew about 2k over the week of Worlds and I'd take it all back if I was able, I even made the cut but it was no fun and entire pointless over all. Compared to a high level magic event it was one of the worst things I have ever gone too.

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Stop being such a stupid lying dickhead just because you lost out on top 8.
4 Eli's sold since start of October. 100, 150, 150 and 175 dollars.

Jesus you seem so fucking butthurt because you didn't top 8.

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> From what Jeremy has said they really limited his options for designing his card and that is why he quit Netrunner for Warhammer 40k Conquest this year.


Zwirn is notorious for jumping onto the new game and win them before people understand the basics of the game. I'm a competetive Thrones player and can refer to plenty of champions who've pretty much got to design whatever card they'd like. Some got balanced after the design process, but never heard of FFG limiting the design process in such a way you're saying.

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Yeah, people play games for fun, go to tournaments for fun and recognition, go to Worlds for fun, recognition and friendship. Most people in Worlds already know each other from bgg or SA.

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I see the game has cycles for release schedule... Why not just give the next cycle to the winner for free or something?

>> No.36267207

You know Ebay takes a huge chunk of that. Plus those are rare examples, check the main card selling/trading sites where most the selling goes on. Ebay is a crap shoot and most the time you have to relist a card 5-6 times to get a sell on it. The real value of Eli 1.0 right now is about $90. A few random lazy people buying it for more on Ebay means nothing.

>> No.36267224

Just from what he said during worlds. I think the differing game leads allow differing levels of control by the world champ.
He said they almost entirely redesigned his card as his version had 5 Str and 4 subs.

>> No.36267241

> I even made the cut

>the cut for netrunner was way too small (18 people cut for 268 players)

Guess how I know you're lying?

>> No.36267253

That's a pretty small addition to the prize pool, but you're right; It would be neat. However, the shipping costs etc. for FFG would be more trouble than it's worth. The packs from 1 cycle would cost 90 dollars, so adding a 100 dollar cash prize would be better.

>> No.36267273

Give me links to people selling Eli for 90 and ProCo for 50 and I'll believe you.
you can't

>> No.36267281

It was not hard to make the cut. Just play NEH and not get RNG fucked. Odds are you will lose 1 Corp game at most as long as you know the deck style well. On Runner just go cheap runs and aggression to beat speed. You lose to Jinteki RP but you win maybe 25% of the time VS NEH and that is all you need, just get lucky and be matched up VS them the most.

The Netrunner Meta is retarded at this point and mostly comes down to the RNG of match ups.

>> No.36267289


Architect is already really strong. Imagine it with 5 str and 4 subs. Yeah, I refuse to believe they would greenlight that, even before testing.

>> No.36267317

How fun and telling that you + the other idiot in this thread writes in EXACTLY the same fucking way.

>> No.36267333


You're not even understanding why I'm calling you out. Only way for you to back up your claim at this point is post a timestamp on your playmat.

>> No.36267334

Check out the BGG Promo Trading/sell thread, that is what they are going for there.

>> No.36267365

Already sold it. Hell I sold it within an hour of getting it. Got $75 for it. Not a bad deal at least.

But sure keep whining how cash prizes will ruin the game. Did you even go to Worlds? Just check out the post worlds threads here, on BGG, and SA, it was all bitching about how shit it was.

>> No.36267873

I'd imagine the rez cost would've been higher. If not, the card was obviously broken, and I'm glad they don't let the champion design broken cards.

>> No.36267953


What if I don't drink?

>> No.36267994

well that's because it's a hobby you do for fun, not a job you should be compensated for.

>> No.36267998

Then you are worthless in our culture.

>> No.36268028

When there are other options that are just as fun and give you easy money if you skilled spending a bunch of money on one for "fun" is not really that great a deal.
Like I love Netrunner but money makes card games better always.

>> No.36268040


>75$ for a worlds playmat

liar confirmed. I sold my regionals playmat for that much.

>> No.36268116

That was the best offer I got and I wanted to just unload it. I will take the fast cash over dealing with ebay and shipping.

>> No.36268239


This is how I know you're trolling.

>> No.36268387

>Just as fun as Netrunner

dis guy

>> No.36268422

Wonder why it has five times the user base, a bunch of money tournaments, shit tons of insanely popular streamers, etc.

Netrunner is a hipster game compared to it.

>> No.36268488

>Wonder why it has five times the user base, a bunch of money tournaments, shit tons of insanely popular streamers, etc.

Cause it's made by Blizzard. WoW has all those things and is also garbage, apply yourself.

>> No.36268510

>I hate popular games
>I am a special snowflake

Really Netrunner won't have nearly the same number of players at next year worlds if they don't put money into it.

>> No.36268524

>Cash Prizes crying
I'm hardly opposed to cash prizes, and flattered there are people talking about it in Netrunner, but some faggot walking into the game and crying about it, it's hard to believe you actually played more than 2 games on OCTGN

>Fun is hardly worth it if there's little possibility of money
There's thousands of people buying a Wii U + games + adapter for Smash. This week. Shit like this happens monthly for some new hobby. Sitting there crying about how the $300 investment (if you didn't buy online, less if so) for ALL of the NR cards is pathetic and not even an argument.

>Hearthstone is 'fun', ANR is RNGfest
He's going all out.

>> No.36268559

Because it's free and is not the same sort of card game. Its mechanics aren't very complicated compared to Netrunner.

It mainly got popular because Blizzard paid a bunch of LoL streamers to stream it during queues.

>> No.36268570


Because it's visuals are based on the most popular videogame ever and the gameplay caters to the lowest common denominator?

>> No.36268599

Got to love those conspiracy theories. That is Gamegate level shit there kid. You enjoy harassing women online?

>> No.36268605

Angry Birds has a bunch of product and tons of commercials. It must be good!

Hearthstone is such a radically different product vs. Netrunner, or Magic, or whatever the fuck, from the marketing to the audience to the mechanics, that it's downright retarded to even mention it.

You know how you host one of these $100-300 dollar tournaments for Hearthstone you adore so much? Host a legitimate gaming forum, provide proof to Blizzard, and file for a small prize. Only an idiot wouldn't take part in these, because the game is backbreakingly retarded.


>> No.36268687

Angry Birds is an objectively good game. It is simple well designed mechanics that delivers clean and fun game play. Not the deepest game ever but it is a good game.
Same with Hearthstone, yes it is not as deep as Netrunner but that does not make it any worse of a game.
Also on prizes Blizzard supports it's community with prizes and cool shit, FFG sells tournament packs and gives nothing away to the community.

FFG is a bad company with a death grip on a good game. FFG will never give Netrunner the love and respect it needs to grow to it's potential.

>> No.36268701

>this guy
Man, if I told you people are paid to start threads about upcoming games /tg/ and /v/ you would just go completely bananas, right?

What kind of peasant are you?

>> No.36268713

No, they actually did, though

>> No.36268740

Yep and Zoe fakes death threats. Enjoy being forever alone.

prove it.

>> No.36268813

And you know what? I agree with you. FFG's handling of their runaway card game is poor. If it's not Star Wars miniatures, it doesn't exist and it's only a pet project to diversify their portfolio. This needs to change.

The problem for FFG is a steep one, and I wish them luck. They entered the market directly opposing all of the things players are now asking for. They have too many games, and try too hard to treat them equally. If ANR suddenly got a prize pool, AGoT would want one. Star Wars would want one. It would discourage people from getting into their new ventures if they based prize pool on popularity. It would piss people off if they offered prizes as an opening act, only to pull back if their new games don't take off.

The problem presented before FFG is a massive one. We're asking for their money, time, and work hours, for nothing in return.

>> No.36268843

/nrg/, help me on this.

What's a good way to beat Blue Sun, other than Quetzal e3 + D4V1D?

>> No.36268867

Charge of Unattractiveness (Code Tan) – The Ugly Tan Charge

Discussion: The target is accused of having no romantic potential as far as women are concerned. Examples:

“I bet you are fat and ugly.”
“You can’t get laid!”
“Have you thought about the problem being you?”

Response: This is another example of “circumstantial ad hominem.” The target’s romantic potential ultimately does not reflect on the merit of his arguments.

Go back to reddit, faggot.

>> No.36268899

The winner for the Star Wars miniatures tournament got a $1k personal check from Christian Petersen. He was showing it off all day after he won it.

>> No.36268902

>Things are good because they're popular
>I am a special snowflake

i maek agrument

>> No.36268918

Massive overwhelming crescentus spam.
False Echo up the ass.
Leela Patel.

>> No.36269091

I agree. Instruments and sound kits for the next to be a problem is I don't think so but it is not a lot of time and effort in a while ago to the present in the next few months back to work out for dinner tonight at least one more time with me.

>> No.36269167

Fuck no I was just thinking that the present day of. Toddler and I am going on with my mom, and I have no choice for the customers who have not been able to make you happy. I know what time are they doing it is a lot of work to do that for me and you will be able to make sure that your website will be there.

Duck you are a number of different types in the present embodiment of effort into it is a great day too much to the end up being in a while ago to the next few hours and I don't think it's just that you have any idea when the next few months.

>> No.36269284

Nice, thanks for the info. So it does seem FFG bases prizes on popularity.

>> No.36269366

X-Wing is his baby so it might have been just his personal thing he did. There was a bunch of bitching about it so the staff told him to stop showing it off. That plus taking the cut from 32 to 18 made the Netrunner players insanely bitter this year.

>> No.36269396


Stealth Nasir. D4V1D for good measure.

>> No.36269614

Someone get me a translator for this samefag, can't understand shit.

>> No.36269645

Stimhack, Crescentus, Inside Job/Feint + Emergency Shutdown.

>> No.36269771

Imp as well. Destroy those OAIs and Curtain Walls before they can assemble the combo.

>> No.36269867


That, or you know, some of us think the professionalization of the game is not good thing and shouldn't be encouraged.

>It becomes harder and harder for me to invest time and money into Netrunner when there is little to gain from it compared to other card games.

Then get out. Go make you money somewhere else.

>It'd be a move to bring the upper 1% of players into the game.

If you have to spoil the whole community for 1% of it, I'd say let the 1% go.


There's none. The game is the game. And it's better for it.

>> No.36270294

I'm all for bigger tournament prizes (which will come with time) but I completely agree with what you're saying.

Netrunner isn't automatically made a better game by throwing more money at it, and it's not hindering the game in any way.

Surprised no nod has been given to Breach in Criminal. Breaks Curtain Wall for 6, (Hadrian's for 6, too). You can afford Sure Gamble -> Special Order -> Breach -> Kill Curtain Wall turn 1.

Inside Job (or Sneakdoor) + Emergency Shutdown, Crescentus has already been mentioned.

>> No.36270681


Compromised Employee is your friend.

Gives you money every time they re-rez ICE, gives you a buffer money against traces. Only one influence if you're not crim.

I also enjoy playing Whizzard or have at least one Scrubber when facing the asset version of the deck.

That's for the long run.

For the short run, you're going to be ill-pressed for better than D4V1D for now.
I mean one of the Strengths of the ID is being able to score early game behind some huge ICE before you can afford to go through for whatever reason. Like it or not, D4V1D is your best bet for that.

In the immediate future, Anarch ICE destruction is probably going to be where it's at.

>> No.36270832

>In the immediate future, Anarch ICE destruction is probably going to be where it's at.
Oh god, if people already cried so much about parasite recursion, I can't imagine how are they going to be with the new toys now.

>> No.36270839

Why wouldn't you want to play QUetzal?

>> No.36270880

Thanks guys.
Shut it down/blow it up. Makes sense

Thoughts on Cyber Threat, for forcing the corp to rez on your terms?
Seems like it could be a good FAO replacement to save influence.

>> No.36270912

Because there must be a way to beat it beyond sticking to a single Id.

>> No.36270914

>They entered the market directly opposing all of the things players are now asking for.

*Some* players are asking for. The vast majority of us just either don't care for it, or not want it.


As enthused as I am for the possibility of that new ICE destruction deck, it kinda triggers my power-creep detector. We'll see how thing goes. But going from the Parasite + Datasucker + Wyrm set up to to Event + Breaker fuck you is kinda worrying in some respects.

>> No.36270945

I rather doubt the big box is going to help established archetypes all that much.

>> No.36270953

Variety is the spice of lif

>> No.36271040

I've never tried lif. Sounds like some kind of Indian dish. I don't like curry.

>> No.36271063

It's not going to help parasite recursion that much, but the main complain from the corps was "how can I protect myself if all my ice is being destroyed? This is too OP!". OnC is going to arise that question again, maybe. Right now only 2 ice are indestructible, which might help in this situation. We'll see, there's still plenty of time for discussion when the box is actually out.

>> No.36271067


For me, I'm going to repeat what I said last time about Cyber Threat: It's mostly a Reina/Caissa card for me for now, if you're well positioned, it allows you to do things without having to move cards around, and any click gained is worth it.

Most of the time though, just *running* plain and simple, is going to amount to the same. So it's ahrd to find space for the card.

I like it in combo with False Echo: rez that ICE for the Reina + Rook tax and become unable to protect your other servers, or don't and let me run free, and take that ICE back in your hand, leaving that server unprotected.

>> No.36271113

Most of what was suggested was de-rezzing, and both that and destruction seems to require a fair bit of drawing+events.

>> No.36271198


Good that Anarch got inject and a new cheap draw power console to go along those ICE destruction events in O&C then.

>> No.36271310

I just hope the big box will add some meat damage that scales with hand size or else Weyland will cease to have any major flatline threat against big hand archtypes.

>> No.36271437


I wouldn't go that far. I mean a Goverment Takeover stolen can still amount to 18 meat damage in one turn.

As we've been saying for some time, the "Net Damage = mainly taxation with potential to kill" and "Meat damage = kill tool with potential taxation" monikers we've been using for differentiation, while still true in most respects, have been eroding.

>> No.36271478

Big Hand archetypes currently rely on Origami, which is a program, which is already taken care of with program destruction. No, Archer has not stopped being a card.

Public Sympathy doesn't really work, cause it dies to tags. It buys you a turn, but it doesn't let you live.

>> No.36271490

If huge hand size shenanigans ever actually become a thing, they already have their built-in counters in Psychic Field, Sweeps Week, and Komainu. Not to mention softer counters like Power Shutdown to take out Origami, Snatch and Grab for Theophilius, and (indirectly) Shattered Remains or Taurus for Ekomind.
>I Duggars and keep everything
>Ok, Sweeps for 14.

Anyway, personally I think it's good for the game to have the "fuck your Scorch/Ronin, I have 15 cards in hand" approach to mitigating the effect of damage.

>> No.36271617
File: 60 KB, 300x418, 01048.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is everyone ready to hose Fast Advance with instant-speed Clot? Is pic related going in your deck for the first time since core to totally fuck the possibility of the corp ever opening up an FA scoring window again?

>> No.36271722
File: 48 KB, 421x604, Check it.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A great way to counter that archetype looks to be hardware destruction, which Weyland excels at.

Also there's quite a few new ways to do meat damage, pic related.

If the rumours about Argus are true then Weyland Tag-n-Bag will have no problems.
And the Cleaners may be see some use once scored

>> No.36271724


Not really, but FA isn't much of an issue here, we all agree it's overall not that fun and play other things... for the most part.

>> No.36271772

Hmmm... Anyone else unable to load onosendai ?

>> No.36271863
File: 32 KB, 375x500, Dinosaurus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Useful against Taurus/Sagittarius and pic related too

>> No.36272127


Nevermind, works again.

>> No.36272351

Pro tip: http://isup.me

>> No.36272471



>> No.36272489

Nice, didn't notice how well this one works with the trash viruses,

>> No.36272494

OCTGN images for All That Remains?

>> No.36272595

Also, Origami is a 0 cost program. Power Shutdown takes care of it nicely.

>> No.36272674

I think this'll work nicely in Jinteki as well.

>> No.36272805

Wow that is a bunch of rage both ways on the money debate.

I think my biggest issue on all this is that Netrunner and aGoT used to have money tournaments back when they used to be CCGs. Netrunner still had them up till the release of Android: Netrunner. FFG just went in and sucked the community structures and dried up all the money.
aGoT used to have a great judge system and a bunch of community events going on all the time. When FFG released the LCG version they killed all that, shut down a bunch of community sites, and all around bullied the community into towing the line.

FFG is a really awful company that just happens to get their hands on really good games. They kill old communities to push their new vision.

>> No.36272815


Yum, Jinteki Code Gate deck with Encrypted Portals.

>> No.36272916


Cant speak about AGoT, but as far as Netrunner is concerned, they resurrected the community, which for the most part was either dead, or buried deep underground.

And I would argue both the CCG format and the competitive scene hat killed it in the first place the first time around, so seeing those things being messed with I see as a positive.

I'd say they didn't go far enough even on some respects (the LCG format).

>> No.36272920
File: 72 KB, 357x500, pic2004827_md.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like how Checkpoint might be the start of a new trend to encourage Link Runners. Trying to break checkpoint without Knight/David/Femme might be a pain.

>> No.36272972

Here in France we had monthly cash tournaments for Netrunner up till a year after A:NR was released. FFG told us we can't have our events anymore with a legal threat.

>> No.36272991


Yeah, liking that too.

It's always weird to see how little people play - seem to want to play even - with the trace/link mechanics in the general meta.

>> No.36273027

Fucks Constellation ice too,

>> No.36273042

Constellation ice means link alone won't save you.

>> No.36273097


Under what authority ? Did they acquire the O:NR brand too ?

What's the legal status in France for organizing competitions with money-prize in the first place ? I seem to remember the legal framework there to be pretty constricting - though that's not my forte in legalese.

>> No.36273170
File: 72 KB, 361x500, Blurhole.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Add Excaliber-Wormhole over RP centrals

>> No.36273174


Oh, and to add, maybe you did have some monthly money tournaments - probably, but from my experience being there as a student, the game was dead apart from the hardcore competitive community.
Which wasn't a good thing in my book.

>> No.36273330
File: 849 KB, 1200x418, constellation-lunar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I found odd that I couldn't find all constellations in google images as a single image. So here, I made it.

>> No.36273384


I keep repeating it (and sorry about that), but I really, really don't like that they released those when the link game was already so low. Why given people even more incentive to not bother ?

>> No.36273491


Hasn't been really all that much support for it up until now. It'll be a thing sooner or later.

>> No.36273567
File: 849 KB, 1200x418, constellation-lunar-night.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Certainly. I'm not considering running without a good Killer anyway.
Here, dark constellations.

Also, that sagittarius fucking over my Atman, if only he had strength 5 like the rest of his brothers.

>> No.36273601

Lukas supposedly ruled that you can't use NACH to prevent Snatch and Grab from trashing anything. After he already said that you can use NACH on Data Raven. This is some weapons-grade horseshit.

>> No.36273674

He did? That's some weird ass ruling out of his ass. Did he explained where's the difference?

>> No.36273682

>Sauce: some guy on /anrg/
>Believing him
Fuck, people.

>> No.36273700


Why ? The tag on on Data Raven is not a(n additional) cost.

I can see where you're coming from, but I don't find it illogic.

Certainly less counterintuitive than "advancing is putting an advancement token on a card, but putting an advancement token on a card isn't advancing".

>> No.36273743


My bad, it's not either on S'nG, had another card in mind.

>> No.36273818

It might not be an additional cost, but Snatch and Grab is a prevent effect, not a choice you do like data raven. If you can't prevent the trashing of Sharpshooter with Sacrificial Construct and still break the subs, then you probably can't prevent the trashing without taking the tag. Maybe.

>> No.36273855


I just felt like I needed to correct that point.

Hobdoglin of small minds and all that.

>> No.36274318

Damn, these two keywords always trip me up.

>> No.36274364

We did events for both and they said if we don't stop O:NR they will black list us for new stuff.

>> No.36274448

Also it is better to have a small group of super hard core players than it is to have a bunch of casual in and outs.

>> No.36274702


Gemini looks awesome there.

>> No.36277074


Casual in and outs will never understand this though, and most of them will just scream you down for mentioning it.

>> No.36277295

Those types always thing they are the live blood of games randomly dropping money on them. We chuck away month after months keeping the running, building the community, supporting the game for them while they go play other things.
Our reward used to be high level money tournaments where we showed off our skill and get great rewards.
FFG will not even let us even run cash tournaments for A:NR. We posted up about one on Facebook and they told us to shut it down and to never run another such tournament again.

So yes I love Netrunner down to it's core but FFG can suck my fat cock.

>> No.36279537

>don't like curry

>> No.36279590


To be fair, when you're talking about CCGs, the hardest of the hardcore usually spend proportionately. With LCGs, they all spend the same, plus a core set or two. From FFG's perspective, why cater to them?

>> No.36279795
File: 1.41 MB, 375x245, ASqehfx.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>MFW wanting to get back into Netrunner after NRDB fiasco
Nope. Fuck FFG.

>> No.36279895


It's already been confirmed FFG never sent C&D's to anyone you idiot.

>> No.36279926


>> No.36280240

Whole lot of bullshit being spread on /anr/ these days. And people posting shit without backing it up with links or timestamps. The spirit of 4chan is fucking dead.

>> No.36280308

>And people posting shit without backing it up with links or timestamps. The spirit of 4chan is fucking dead.
I don't know what website you've been on, but posting shit without backing it up has been standard on 4chan for basically forever.

>> No.36280648

Why would you ever Atman to 5 now that Lotus Field exists? 2 and 4 power Atmans are my go-to. Though I run Atman Kit, so sometimes I bypass the 2 Str, because Yog.

>> No.36280663


Asked him on Twitter yesterday.
Weird ass ruling,but yes: you can not prevent the tag you take for preventing the trashing. Preventing the prevention prevents the prevention from happening.

>> No.36280778


Utter nonsense. There is nothing on the card that is worded in such a way that this is clearly different from the Data Raven case. If they just said "unpreventable" or something it would have been fine.

>> No.36280825


And it is better to have a large group of dedicated, non-competitive-focused players than either of those alternatives you proposed.

>> No.36280889

So, snow-jax informed that some playtester caved in a reddit thread guessing at the Weyland exec's full text (http://www.reddit.com/r/Netrunner/comments/2e8u8z/reddit_gold_challenge_jack_weyland/). Almost certainly this (check the guy's user overview):

"There is no Jack Weyland anymore, he is a legendary figure from the past. Nowadays Weyland is run by a shadowy board of directors

The Board Rez cost 3 trash cost 7

Each Agenda in the Runner's score area is worth 1 fewer agenda point

If The Board is trashed while being accessed, add it to the runner's score area as an agenda worth 2 agenda points"

>> No.36280902
File: 97 KB, 350x283, 3733733865_neat_spiderman_answer_1_xlarge.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.36280906

The word "prevent" is what's making it different. The runner isn't choosing between one of two options, they are doing one specific thing to prevent something else.

It could have been worded better, but I can understand the ruling.

>> No.36280949

Neat that you found out who it was. Guy's spoiling stuff all over the fucking place.

>> No.36280989


There is the word "prevent".

With Data Raven, you take a tag to be allowed to continue your run. It's a conditional ability.
With Snatch and Grab you take a take to *prevent* something from happening.

Hence why it is considered a cost I guess. Not to mention, prevent/avoid effect are considered their own thing in the rules.


How would that influence the Agenda points count if the runner loses the game with it still on the board ? Ouch ?

>> No.36281008

The Agenda points count the Runner has while they lose the game is not relevant for any current tiebreaker.

>> No.36281046


I know. Still. Used to. Can still be in the future.

Things change.

>> No.36281072

Guys I'm working on a Midway Station HB deck. I'm looking for some ideas on the rest of the ICE and otherwise.

HB: EtF 45/15

Agendas: 8
1x Eden Fragment
3x Priority Req
1x Vitruvius

Assets: 9
3x Jackson (3)
3x Adonis
3x Eve Campaign

Operation: 7
3x Hedge Fund
3x Login Protocol
1x Interns

ICE: 14
3x Eli 1.0
2x Heimdall 1.0
3x Viktor 1.0
1x Viktor 2.0
3x Architect
2x Ichi 1.0

Upgrades: 5
2x Ash
3x Midway Station Grid (12)
I'm looking for more high subcount ICE. NEXT silver came to mind, but Parasite fucks this deck over already too hard. Also was thinking of Wotan, Janus, Heimdall 2.0 and Bioroid Efficiency or Eliza's Toolbox.

The thing is. A server with just Eli 1.0 and Viktor 1.0 is taxing as hell with Midway Station. So I'm not sure if I really need huge ICE? Might just go for the Level Clearances, Enigma, and NEXT ICE. The Parasites Worry me though.

I'll def put Markus 1.0 in once he comes out. Looks like a really neat ICE. Any ideas guys?

>> No.36281096

I know. The most likely answer is that it would prevent it from being used as a tie-breaker ever again.

>> No.36281097


Given Midway only taxes for using Icebreakers, what's your back up plan for click + E3 runners ? ELP I guess ?

I don't - the midway import seems far too expensive for what it brings. May just be me though. Just a first sight hunch there.

>> No.36281125

Quetzal is the problem yeah. Not too worried though about her. Netrunner has gotten to the point were we have to pick what we are good against. I'll just take a loss vs Quetzal. Also the Dog deck might bite me in the ass. I was thinking of going only 2 Midways. But man, just try running a Viktor + Eli with Midway. It is hell :D So fun against standard Andromeda decks.

I guess I could just tech in Tyr's Hand or something?

>> No.36281179


Viktor + Eli

Viktor 1.0 breaks for 2 instead of 0 with Yog.0.
Eli breaks for 2 instead of 1 with Morningstar.
Just that one time before Whizzard trashes the Midway for one credit.

(Gotta love those worst case scenarios)

>> No.36281671

If a program requires you to trash it to activate an ability and you prevent that trash, that ability doesnt trigger. It´s written somewhere in the FAQ

>> No.36281716


The trash viruses don't need to get trashed to activated, they are trashed upon purge.

Which you can then prevent.

>> No.36281766

You do have a point there. But are you willing to sac deck space just to save those viruses? Cant you just include Deja Vu to get 2 of them back at any given time? No one runs Chronos Project anyway

>> No.36281833


Sacrificial doubles up as hardware protection. If you're Shaper, it also as the advantage of not costing influence, contrary to Déjà vu. Matter of right card in the right deck.

>> No.36282200

I'm looking through some of his posts on reddit. Found the following in regards to NEXT Gold:
>it's not been spoiled yet ;) let's just say that while silver and bronze punish the runner increasingly while breaking them (because of higher break cost) next [gold] punishes the runner for NOT breaking it increasingly with the more NEXT rezzed
i'm guessing something like: "->trash x programs where x is the number of of rezzed NEXT ice". could also be a similar effect with damage or tags/trace strength. Costs the same to break but it's nastier if you don't.

>> No.36282250


Tollbooth tax that increases with each NEXT installed (what have I done ?).

Yes that clearly would be broken.

>> No.36282273

yeap, that too. I think it would be in a subroutine, though, since geckogex said it punnishes you for not breaking, like "->runner looses up to x creds"

>> No.36282534

> no one run Chronos Project anyway

I imagine PE is using it (I have it as a one-of to hopefully kill off a Deus), and there might be some ridiculous HB brain damage deck built around it, but I doubt anyone else cares

>> No.36282895

It works great in Jinteki Chronos Protocol. Spend the game removing high value cards then score it and remove them from the game.

>> No.36283119

Trace X, end the run. X is the number of next ice.

I imagine the next suite as just basic ice that keeps people out.

>> No.36283128

My local shop has been doing a daily "Lunar Cycle league" since The Source spoilers. So far I have won most points each day and have only lost 2 games out of the near 100 I have played with this deck.

The Professor: Keeper of Knowledge (Creation and Control)

Event (6)
3x Scavenge (Creation and Control)
3x Test Run (Cyber Exodus)

Hardware (6)
2x Astrolabe (Up and Over)
3x Clone Chip (Creation and Control)
1x Feedback Filter (Creation and Control)

Resource (3)
3x Earthrise Hotel (The Source)

Icebreaker (10)
1x Cerberus "Cuj.0" H3 (All That Remains) •••
1x Cerberus "Lady" H1 (All That Remains)
1x Cerberus "Rex" H2 (All That Remains) •••
1x Corroder (Core Set) ••
1x Faerie (Future Proof) •••
1x Femme Fatale (Core Set) •
1x Garrote (True Colors) •••
1x Knight (Mala Tempora) ••
1x Morning Star (What Lies Ahead) ••••
1x Yog.0 (Core Set) •

Program (20)
1x D4v1d (The Spaces Between) ••••
1x Datasucker (Core Set) •
1x Djinn (Core Set) ••
1x Grappling Hook (Honor and Profit) ••
1x Hemorrhage (Fear and Loathing) ••••
1x Imp (What Lies Ahead) •••
1x Incubator (The Source) •••
1x Keyhole (True Colors) •••
3x Leprechaun (Upstalk)
2x Magnum Opus (Core Set)
1x Medium (Core Set) •••
1x Nerve Agent (Cyber Exodus) ••
1x Parasite (Core Set) ••
3x Self-modifying Code (Creation and Control)
1x Sneakdoor Beta (Core Set) •••

0 influence spent (max 1)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to The Source

Meet the new hotness!

>> No.36283166

Engrained within the next day off today and it will be a great time in the next day or two years later he was going through my mind if we don't know why you are going out tonight.

>> No.36283176

When you said Lunar Cycle League I thought the cardpool was limited to deluxes and lunar cycle. Anyway, it looks cool, tell us more about your professor.

>> No.36283263


Mostly use programs when they are useful and toss them when they are not anymore. Earthrise Hotel makes the deck work really, You want to try to get one early as you can.
Most turns you just see what is in your hand that is the most damaging to the current board state and go with it, If you can Keyhole hammer then do it, if you can drop a Nerve Agent, Incubator it to max hand size, and run on HQ then do it. It is a million janky tricks that turn into a huge puzzle to solve each turn.

A good way to look at it is all those "win this turn" puzzles that people make for card games, this deck is one of those each turn.

>> No.36283282

Yeah I want a source on that

>> No.36283320

They made a statement about it during the opening address at Worlds where they announced the rotation. I think it is on their youtube but I am to lazy to look.

>> No.36283371

How do you break high str code gates?

>> No.36283433

Rex or Knight deals with them most the time if I really need too. Most the time if they toss out a Lotus field or something I just toss a Knight on it and let that do all the work. Femme deals with Tollbooth so the covers both problem Code Gates.

The heads of Cerberus tend to really pay off for me as they are great to pop out when you need to just smash past a high sub ICE.
Sneaking out a early agenda behind Hive is big in my meta right now and Lady hard counters that plan nicely.

>> No.36283463
File: 277 KB, 300x418, 06113.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How many games have you managed to have Incubator pressure the Corp into wiping viruses whenever it gets 3-4 counters?

>> No.36283590

Incubator is one of the first cards I fetch most games honestly. It puts so much pressure on the table state.

Most people that know my deck won't let it get past 4 counters, you just can't give me a chance to pull a 5+ card R&D run with Medium, Accuses your entire hand in one go, or if you have both locked down bring out a Hemorrhage and make you discard 2-3 cards.
Incubator + Datasucker means no ICE is save from Parasite if I really need to kill it.

It is up there with Keyhole for best card in the game IMO. Even if you don't manage to combo it off with something forcing the Corp to more or less skip a turn each 3-4 turns has a huge effect on slowing the game down. That has been the main way I beat NEH really. If they don't clear it then I hit them for massive dig runs (My best being pop SMC for Medium, put 4 counters on it, run for 5 cards, Keyhole run to shuffle, run for 6 cards and win.) or clean agendas out of their hand during my Keyhole assault so I don;t have to worry about chaining as much.

>> No.36283646

>The world champ was part of the Stimhack Netrunner group.
>Alex-Frog made the cut.
>Half the shitty posters we make fun of from there made the cut.

Guess we are the shit players that know something about the game... As bad as their reviews of cards are over there they seem to have great results.

>> No.36283681

54 influence, that is some great value from Professor there. I will have to test this out when The Source is on OCTGN.

>> No.36283847

This is kind of awful and does not work at all with Counterstrike decks.

Honestly I can only ever see playing it in Harmony Medtech decks as it makes the Runner need at least 3 Agendas to win and makes Shi.Kyū worth -2 Agenda points. At trash 7 Jinteki has the tax to make it a bitch to trash too.

Really feels like a card designed much for Jinteki then Weyland.

>> No.36283869

Next Gold info by random reddit leaker:

>let's just say that while silver and bronze punish the runner increasingly while breaking them (because of higher break cost) next bronze punishes the runner for NOT breaking it increasingly with the more NEXT rezzed

>> No.36283885

Sentry with one subroutine: Trash 1 programme for every rezzed piece of next ice?

Sounds kinda meh.

>> No.36283947
File: 235 KB, 300x418, 06103.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It works with IT Department and Corporate Troubleshooter then.

>> No.36283967

I like taurus and virgo

>> No.36284005
File: 230 KB, 300x418, 06095.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is your counter to Jinteki RP.
Run Woman in the Red Dress, Fill up Corp hand with Agendas, run HQ Interface and Leg Work, Steal Agenda from HQ, her trigger happens right away while still pulling cards, bounce advanced Agenda from the table into hand, access that as well and steal it.

Her ability is insanely powerful when used right. If we get more ways to force Corp draws she will get even better. The more Agendas in HQ the less safe ones on the table get.

>> No.36284057
File: 253 KB, 255x359, 1CyoSu9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's gonna be at least one other way to force corp draw eventually. Doesn't work with Leela though.

>> No.36284061

So wait, if you do a Legwork run with her and you get an agenda on the first access and the only unrezzed cards are ice, you are force to put ice into the corp hand, decreasing the odds of getting another agenda?

>> No.36284085

I just got done reading this and holy shit FFG does not give a shit about their rules. They break their own turnament rules on the cut size, they make random rules when judges are called that are retarded at best, and over all treated the "World Championship" as something that sounds like a random friday night magic event.

Happy I did not shell out the $500+ to go to that.

>> No.36284092

Bullshit. This would've been plastered all over everything Netrunner related.

>> No.36284097

No, The Corp does not get to shuffle their hand after you add the new card so you know if you want to pick that one or not.

>> No.36284105

What, that doesn't make any sense.

>> No.36284108

There was talk about it on BGG but the Rotation new kind of overshadowed it and most people don't give a shit anymore now that NetrunnerDB is back up.

>> No.36284114

HQ accesses are random.

>> No.36284123

From what I was told at Plugged In the Corp gets to shuffle their hand ONCE then you access "at random" by picking cards from their hand. When a new card is added they don't get a new shuffle as far as I can tell so you know where the new card is in there.

>> No.36284136

Aha, nope.

You access at random.

>> No.36284144

That's a very interesting deck. It is very non-traditional.

How does your economy work? Don't do much until you hit MO? Why did you choose MO over say Sahasrara, Personal Workshop, or Aesop's Pawnshop? And no Deus X/Sharpshooter. Do you plan to pay loads of cash for net damage?

I see you didn't use your influence. Would there be any reason in particular?

>> No.36284145

> then you access "at random"
So shuffling or not shuffling doesn't matter.

>> No.36284147

See >>36284123

>> No.36284197

Mostly Get a Test run, Opus, or SMC in your starting hand for Econ. Mull if you don't get it. If you still get fucked just play the best you can till you get it.
Feedback Filter + Opus just shuts down PE and that is the only deck I worry about Damage VS.
There was nothing worth running a 1 drop of for the influence. Stimhack hurts more then it helps most games and May is too hard to get into play.

>> No.36284230

How are you with memory?
Do you really need Garrote AND Femme?

>> No.36284265

Femme is for Test Run into a 1 ICE remote or to deal with Tollbooth/Komainu.

>> No.36284286

Oh and for MU Leprechaun and Djinn do most the work I need for that. Also not holding on you programs when they become not useful at the moment.

>> No.36284324

Has anybody had success in replicating the ono sendai site locally? I followed the steps in the github but it seems the database with all the cards is missing.

>> No.36284347

Is PE really that bad of a matchup? I've never had any problems with it myself with Deus X for Fetal/Snare. The net damage is annoying but I always felt it was one of Shaper's better matchups.

>> No.36284361

Chris Hinkes swapped out one of his 3 Gila Hands for a Chronos Project in his PE deck for Worlds. I wonder how often it went off.

>> No.36284384

The difficulty happens when they start to Mushin Cerebral Overwriters. Deus isn't gonna protect you against that.

>> No.36284609

I am a playtester with PDFs of all of Oder and Chaos, Sansan Cycle, and the final test versions of the NBN Big Box.

I know there was major back lash to the last playtester that leaked but shit feels so slow around here and there is so much shit to talk about coming up.

So I will ask the Fa/tg/uys, Do you want me to leak them? I can scrub all the data that can trace back to me easily and just upload them here so they are not traceable to me, so I am not scared of FFG coming after me.
The version I have are full card images so they can also be ported into OCTGN so we can be a fair bit ahead on there for more fun for online play.

But ya leak or no, reply with a yes or no to this post and I will check back with the final result in at the end of the day.

>> No.36284656

if we know what's coming like a year in advance it's going to kill a lot of the hype for the game, so no. order and chaos will be on tables in a month, just let it lie.

>> No.36284670

i think you could create a lot of hype just talking about how they are going to handle the NBN box, without spoiling any cards in it.

>> No.36284680

The Source will be out next month, Order and Chaos is a ways off still.

>> No.36284682

Sure go ahead, leak everything.
I don't really care if the playtester team gets disbanded.

>> No.36284696

I thought that was mostly already known from Snow-Jax at this point? The NBN box will be NBN and then a few cards for each of the Runner factions.

>> No.36284698

order and chaos is "on the boat" with the source. they're releasing in the same month.

>> No.36284733

Apparently people don't want full spoilers. I'm personally pretty interested in full spoilers.
I'd love it if you could at least leak it to a small amount of people.

>> No.36284740

I say yes, but maybe it's best if we do it silently and don't post the pictures everywhere (reddit, bgg, fb, cgdb, etc.) in order not to shove the spoilers in the face of the people that don't want to see them.
Hopefully I explained myself properly

>> No.36284751

Well you have a trip and O&C is coming soon, so you've got a pretty limited time if you are fake.

I say go for it

>> No.36284782

I can imagine some people would be pretty pissed that there would be no new spoilers for at like 8 months. I'm fine with that, but I don't wanna ruin it for everybody else.

>> No.36284785


I say no, but not like my opinion matters.

Pushing back the spoiler limit is only trading a little more conversation now, for far less conversation later from what I can see.

>> No.36284788

I'm curious if they'll do one ID for each runner faction with just one copy of each instead of 3 copies of one.

>> No.36284794

MaxX card with timestampt to verify you're not another fake.

>> No.36284801

No. The dev team should be able to trust their playtesters so they can weed out unbalanced cards.

>> No.36284813

Yes 1 ID for each Runner Faction. Each Faction is getting a micro theme in the box. It is a good place to put it IMO as that means it will stay a legal theme forever. Unlike Caïssa that will be entirely gone in 2017.

>> No.36284831


The issue isn't that they're bad, the issue is that they basically let the tournament format - that is the least interesting and significant aspect about the game, it's not even part of the rules of the game - dictate the value of everything in the game.

Which is not particularly healthy or interesting in the long run.

>> No.36284848

I don't want to post anything unless I am doing a full leak. Snow-Jax likely knows who I am so she can confirm me when she gets on later today.
Just taking the vote right now, don't really want to a bunch of Q&A as honestly I am a awful playtester and don't know that much about the game. I only become one from being a friend of a friend who works at FFG.

>> No.36284850

MaxX + Eater with timestamp please.

>> No.36284914

That makes everything easier.
No, we don't want more fake leaks, we already have FFG Insider for that stuff.

>> No.36284922

That's the worst bullshit I've heard in a long time.

>> No.36284948

Gizza gizza gizza. If you would be so accommodating. Pretty please.

>> No.36284996

this is every card game ever though.

>> No.36285004

How long have you been a playtester? Because I don't want spoilers for future cards, but I'd like to see the playtest versions of the lunar cycle to see what they changed.

>> No.36285016

Too soon, at least for full spoilers. Give time for people to think about The Source first.

Maybe some limited spoilers, like the IDs would be okay.

>> No.36285021


I don't seem to remember anyone ever saying Netrunner was an exception in that regard, just that those players were not good for the game. Following your own admission, games in general, maybe.

>> No.36285023

I came in for the end of Lunar cycle so I only have the final play test version of those and nothing really changed. Architect went from 4 to 3 str, that is about it.

>> No.36285050

>Princess Space Kitten never

>> No.36285051

Oh well. Do you have early playtest versions of Order & Chaos? Because seeing those after the box is released would be interesting as well.

>> No.36285072

I am tired of half spoilers and the pack cycles making unclear ideas of how the game looks over all. Knowing the entire set of cards really changes how you value the cards (more so Sansan cycle than any of the others even). Releasing a partial spoiler will just make things worse then doing a full spoiler in my thinking.

So all or nothing.
6 yes/ 4 no from my current count, if it keeps going like this you will know the next 7-8 months of cards tonight.

>> No.36285088

> but shit feels so slow around here and there is so much shit to talk about coming up.
If you spoil half a year's worth of cards now, things will be hectic for a week or two, then dead for six months. If you want to keep the discussion active, spoil an interesting card or two every week.

>> No.36285094

That I can do. if you have a good blogger who will you think might do a good comparison blog post about them I'd be willing to toss them over there after. Those are kind of interesting to see and having a good write up comparing the two is something I'd be interesting in reading.

>> No.36285123

I don't want to be the next Snow-Jax, like I said I don't like that style of doing things. Massive respect to her, she is a really cool person. Just not my style.
I think with focus taken off spoilers for awhile people can really sit down and crank out working on decks and solving some of the current community/meta problems with people being stuck in set archetypes from releases/spoilers being too fast to really explore things.

>> No.36285125

i don't know why you think that spoiling these cards is good for the game. why do you think you should spoil these cards? out of boredom? for notoriety?

>> No.36285130

Eh. I'd probably ignore a Mushin'd card. Worst case scenario, it's a 3/2. More likely a 3/1 or a Fetal. Unless they IAA, I'm not running on an advanced card. If it's a Ronin, you get a timing window to react when they rez it after the 4th click.

>> No.36285139

>That I can do. if you have a good blogger who will you think might do a good comparison blog post about them I'd be willing to toss them over there after. Those are kind of interesting to see and having a good write up comparing the two is something I'd be interesting in reading.

I'd be willing to do it, and I'm sure I could. I did a small write-up in my native language comparin g some Core Set playtest cards I got from another playtester (Crypsis, Beale, BWBI, Commercialization, etc.)

>> No.36285155

Then a definite no for full spoilers.

>> No.36285167

I always like running with scissors http://inthetankwiththejank.wordpress.com/, but I run Professor decks. Also Self modifying code http://self-modifyingcode.com/ does good, in depth card overviews, so they're probably someone to go to.

>> No.36285173
File: 66 KB, 300x418, Notoriety.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>spoiler one box, add Notoriety to your score area as an agenda worth 1 agenda point.

>> No.36285194

see >>36285123

Ok I will look them over then contact them later tonight if I leak or next month if people want to wait for the Snow-Jax post.

>> No.36285218

O&C is pretty self contained, but with SanSan would you be talking one or two packs, or the whole damn thing?

>> No.36285231

The entire Sansan cycle.

>> No.36285240

I'd say give us a high res Valencia Estevez, since we already know everything about her but her flavor text. You'd shut all of us up with that.

>> No.36285258

>I think with focus taken off spoilers for awhile people can really sit down and crank out working on decks and solving some of the current community/meta problems with people being stuck in set archetypes from releases/spoilers being too fast to really explore things.

Funny, I feel the opposite. Datapacks coming once a month gives time to look at each of the 20 new cards. If you dump a shitload of cards all at once, tons of cards are going to get overlooked because there's a few clearly powerful cards stealing all the attention.

>> No.36285262

Not the person who asked the initial question, and I haven't thrown my vote in, so I'm a no for that.

>> No.36285270

That's not going to change, the release of datapacks is still going to be monthly, so even if you know that in 4 months you're going to get some really nice card, you're still stuck for 4 months with the cards that are released. You're just going to ruin the fun of discovering new cards 8 months in advance, and FFG dropping the idea of external playtesting.
It's like shopping the christmas presents 2 months in advance with your children. They are just going to be frustrated for 2 months until christmas.
The way snow-jax release the spoilers works because it encourages discussions within a timeframe, not because they are spoilers.

>> No.36285296

That's a big drop, and I hope you're right about switching the attention from spoilers to strategies.

My curiousity is saying go for it

>> No.36285334

Dumb question why are you offering us this choice?
This seems like serious bait to me.

>> No.36285367

Note that this is not new information. The data leaked to NetrunnerDB had architect at 4 str.

>> No.36285376

A community has the right to control it's own fate. Just dropping unwanted spoilers is like raping a community for my own self fulfillment.
I am just asking consent to leak what I have before I do it. Voting is really the only way to do it for a big community without leaders like this.

>> No.36285382

I am a tad ambivalent about this, to be sure. I feel that I desperately want them, but when I get them all, I fear I may just end up upset that I won't be able to play with them for months. I'm willing to live with that tension though. Yes from me.

>> No.36285394

I have to agree. Presenting everything at once means lots of potential cards will be ignored for highlights, while getting them slowly forces people to think through what the current card pool offers and makes the game more fun for that.

Also, playtesting needs to be somewhere that cards can be tried without the whole community knowing. I'm just fine with seeing them after the fact (I did post >>36285004 and >>36285051), but those early attempts can't be made if angry neckbeards can bitch about every poor wording before they get out of the gate.

>> No.36285396


But then you get the issue of the bits and pieces that are clearly meant to work together being separated by several months of wait.

Which is not too much of an issue when you understand from the start that this is the case (stealth hardware for its programs) a lot more disagreeable when you don't (the current big hand rigs).

>> No.36285414

i elect that you spoil OnC, but not sansan.

>> No.36285420


Sounds like it to me, but the conversation around it *is* interesting.

>> No.36285446

You do realize that the concept of voting on an anonymous board is fairly retarded?

>> No.36285451

Requesting proof in the form of high res Valencia Estevez again, FFG Insider.

>> No.36285467

Hmm.... That is something I did not think about and i now seem I am a idiot.
Maybe take the vote to reddit?

>> No.36285479

>Maybe take the vote to reddit?

>> No.36285480

I'm interested in seeing reddit opinion on this.

>> No.36285484

If it's all of nothing, then nothing please

Spoiling all at once kills discussion

>> No.36285526

when last time a playtester asked people if they want full spoilers Reddit was against it.
Personally I'd like to know the cards, but I wouldn't want everyone to know, as it may hurt ANR.

>> No.36285543

reddit is where the first playtester leaked things, and you saw the backlash he got for 2 cards.

ultimately, i think you should reconsider. if you want to spoil something to provoke discussion, OnC is coming out next month, and i'm sure there are a ton of bombs in there that could facilitate discussion, and the cards will be in our hands soon to actually try.

i am sad that it seems like there are an increasing amount of play testers that want to put the state of play testing for the game in jeopardy for one reason or another.

>> No.36285570

Not terribly familiar with reddit, but couldn't people just create sockpuppet accounts? To be honest, my comment would be almost as valid when rephrased into "You do realize that the concept of voting over the internet is fairly retarded?"

>> No.36285586

Well seeing as voting here is pointless and people are right about reddit not being the place to vote with how they reacted to the other leaks I guess this is not going to happen.
If some one can come up with a good way to vote on it that will work we can give that a shot but the views on this are so split I really don't want to do it without some kind of real vote on it.

>> No.36285597

Am I the only one who suspects this Playtest Fag fag to be another persona of the huge attention whore that is the fake insider?

>> No.36285619

Jesus just use freaking pollcode.com, it's not a difficult thing to do.

You're obviously the fake insider.
The netrunner general is only about db0 hate and fake insider drama, really.

>> No.36285652

Ok there, vote there. I will check the final result at 8 PM CST.

>> No.36285659


Some of us to struggle to get the conversation going - hell, why are we not right now talking about that Anon's Professor deck ?

>> No.36285683

can you include a just OnC option?

>> No.36285689

"playtest fag" is a fake, or deliberately lying to get me to call him wrong on some things. I won't elaborate further, but stop feeding the troll.

>> No.36285700

>Flimsy cover story
>Says he has proof
>Doesn't deliver
>Ignores proof requests after a while
>Trip to seem more legit
>Only info he shares is common knowledge from the past and previously stated guesses about the future
Nope, you're not the only one

>> No.36285708

Come on you know me, We are in the same Netrunner skype group. Just think about who I am and confirm this is real for people ok?

>> No.36285710


At least we got an interesting set of opinions about the effect of spoilers, better than nothing.

>> No.36285712


I sure wonder who he could be.

>> No.36285723

I suspected it from his very first post. Also all the fake "real ffg" posts.

>> No.36285725

ultimately people here don't want to talk about the game.

there are a lot of "rate my deck" that responds to criticism with "it works really well anyway so i'm not adding that/subtracting that"

people just want to jerk it to spoilers

>> No.36285746

New topic of conversation: The most influence you can fit in a 45-card professor deck.

Hard mode: the deck has to be playable after all that.

>> No.36285768

spoil O&C and we'll believe you.

>> No.36285783

Allright, fine.

Do you think people will start switching away form resource based economy since Snatch and Grab was released?

I know my post AtR deck is Hardware and Opus based (three resources, two Aesops and a Same old thing), but I'm trying for the dog deck build. And I'm not sure that non-shapers can build resource free economies anymore. How are you guys handling this?

>> No.36285787

I don't need you to believe me, I just need to know your vote.
Stop trying to bully me into ignoring the vote.

>> No.36285796

Pity there are no five-influence programs.

>> No.36285838


Their loss, your win if you saw a deck you didn't before and could assess why you think it does or doesn't work.

Less work for you later on.

That being said I understand the apathetic feeling - I've been meaning to get all the game stats we've recorded in the local club in readable form, but given how little interest I got when trying to use some of it to get the conversation going, all I can think of is it's no worth the effort.

Still, we do manage to have something of a decent exchange from time to time.

>> No.36285843

everybody vote yes so we can see what his excuse is when he backs out

>> No.36285853

i think it's going to take a LOT to get people to spend slots on a card like snatch and grab when corps are so strong right now as is. It seems like instead of trying to kill KJ, corps are just trying to (and succeeding at) outracing her.

other big resource econ cards, like daily casts, armitage, and even liberated are not connections, so snatch and grab can't trash them.

maybe if bigger/better connections are introduced down the road. it hurts crims the most, since they rely on both mr. li and KJ. snatch and grab might be good in weyland TnB to try and take care of that matchup

>> No.36285863

>asking for a vote
>on 4chan

Nigga that's a dumb idea 5 ways to Sunday.

You either do it or you don't.

And for the record, to get this drama behind us, I would rather not have full spoilers. Why not just a few interesting cards? O&C Spoilers? Sure, spoil it all.

That's my vote. And never do it again here, it's dumb as hell. Appreciate the sentiments but it's just not viable.

>> No.36285878


>> No.36285887


>> No.36285892

S&G only works on connections. Non-connection resources are perfectly safe.

>> No.36285911

well, not perfectly safe

>> No.36285927

The only big-dick resource people are playing across the factions is the Supplier.

He is a prime target for Smash N Grab, but the top decks still don't run him.

Though I would wager that between Kati and Supplier, including Smash N Grab would be a very high chance of having a target each game.

>> No.36285939

"Snow-jax told me not to in our Skype chat"
We don't even need to wait

>> No.36285947

Well, they also can't use Tri-Maf anymore and I've seen some good builds with that and it can get Noisemill's Aesops. Plus, Kati is the cornerstone of a lot of long term runner econ. I've run a whole lot of Haas builds where I just wanted to the one piece that was holding their econ together, but couldn't find influence for sea source.

I think that's the big change, is that Haas taxing builds can now attack you as well as defend.

>> No.36285997

She has been telling my off in skype since she posted. Screw her if she thinks she is some queen bee of the community that gets to control all the leaks.
She is a playtester too and is told by FFG when she can leak cards. She is not some kind of lone leaker in shipping like she claims. She is a paid shill with a set release plan given to her that tells her what she can and can't talk about at any given time.

So fuck that shit if she is going to try and control the community. You get to vote and that vote sets your fate, please enjoy.

>> No.36286061

New thread - >>36286048

>> No.36286123

I would love to see a ridiculously big leak, too bad you're a fake.

>> No.36286134


Thanks. Needed that laugh.

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