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Anything funny, stupid, meaningless, or serious regarding 40k.

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Dumping for the Emperor

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When you "accidentally" touch a woman's ass.

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The Angry Marine launcher is a versatile weapon. It is always angry, always...

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Personal Favorite

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>Squad morale broken
My sides

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It strikes me as odd that Space Marines have scarred faces, yet inexplicably always have perfect noses. Adamantine cartilage perhaps.

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>ctrl-f squats
>0 results
Good work.

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Their super human genetics can heal most wounds but many SM keep scars as trophies/reminders/boasts

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>my sides

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Now I want to field the Squee... marines.

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>in the grim darkness of future, there`s only butthurt

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Okay, so I get Ariel as Slaneesh, Donald Duck as Tzeentch, and I'd guess Nurgle is Goofy (?), but who's Khorne?

In that vein, though...

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Ignore it. I dare you

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Alternatively: Answer it, I dare you.

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>furious applause

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What's freddie supposed to be, cleric?

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Whoever made that has way too much free time

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>Donald isn't khorne? The eternal comic ball of rage
Pete as khorne/Tzeentch substitute and kicked as big E?

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Can I just say served?

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You guys help me build an awesome collection of 40k photos

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>You guys help me build an awesome collection of 40k photos

Men united in service to The Emperor are blessed in His sight, and will live forever in His memory!

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Dear god the detail

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>new warboss
every single time

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sorry about the tiny size

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Orc stealth winning

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I love Ctrl+Alt+Del, but I sure miss Ethan and Lucas. Tim says they will be very different after the reboot...

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>I love Ctrl+Alt+Del, but I sure miss Ethan and Lucas. Tim says they will be very different after the reboot...

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Ork win condition

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According to my captcha, this is an idiovat occasion!

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Scars are KEWL (not really)

Squashed noses constrict breathing.

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One of these days, I'm going to make this into a T-shirt.

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... yet even more Khorne Flakes!

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>Rogue Squattish Sniper shooting at Fists with a Multimelta
...Until this very moment, I have given all of zero shits about squats. This comic has changed everything.

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No one expects the Squattish Inquisition!

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Just realized that the women obscure the symbols.

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This may be the best thing ever.

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I wish I could see a rear view of that.

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They shall know no fear, or improper pleating.

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Man that image is older than /tg/ - it got used quite a lot on /b/ back in the day.

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that is the greatest thing ever

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>Tau wishing they were the motherfucking Duke

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Remember these guys? The Rainbow Warriors. They were like Aztecs in Space. Then GW realized no one had ever heard of the Rainbow Warrior prophesy and the term came to be a slur, and now they're in retcon limbo.

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I remember being in this thread. Not as funny second time round.

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I love those guys. But didn't the Aztec thing come by later, and wasn't it more of a fan invention?

I have a bunch of the old books, and can't find the Aztec connection.

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Yeah it came after the fact. It'll probably never be made canon though, because aside from suspiciously similar "unknown space marines" being massacred and passing mention of the planet Prism, they've basically been retconed out of existence. GW always did have a hateboner for them.

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Shame, I do like them. Wish I could paint their helmets without them looking like shit.

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The time it would take to do it right would be ridiculous. You could drop the beakie helmet in favor of a bear head, but it would look a bit out of place.

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requesting the pic of a guardsman handing a world to a marine and the marine stating " I saved this"

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This isn't a drawthread.

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He is asking if someobe saved the pic and if they can share you double faggot heretic

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You think its bad. But look at the dad's neck.

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Oh God.

Why is this so funny?

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Because it's true.

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where can I find ultra tryhard netlists? I mean really serious tournament winning world-class shit.

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holy shit, that kid needs a goddamn medal

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this is the most metal thing I have ever seen

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Little Marcus, Hero of the Imperium

Captcha: Rose-carved rendsb

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>Remember these guys? The Rainbow Warriors.


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>Sister Sin
I think that's the name of a strip club down on Dixie...

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For the glory of Pauldronia!

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>Wow, what a fucking rip-off of 40k - they even have the same random plate detail on the pauld-
>same detail...

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Is there any conceivable way to get 40k models without having to drop down hundreds of motherfucking dollars.

I don't even want to really play. Painting my own army of dudes just speaks to my inner sperg.

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Buy second hand or get them from overflow.

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>Captcha is literally 111
>says I fucked it up
what the fuck is with the captchas being such assholes lately

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... I would put that in with my Squat army, just sayin'.

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Does anyone have the pdf of Dark Heresy 2e? I have 2 hard copies of the rulebook, but need a digital copy of it.

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literally any other website, /tg/ can't list build for shit.

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>Emailed Chinaman two weeks ago
>Still no reply
>No Christmas gift to myself to complete my Dread Mob list
>No complete army until I get 5 more Deff Dreads and 2 Kans with their propper gear

I just wanted to play 40k god damnit... Why do dreads have to cost so fucking much.

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the only other website I know is Dakka and its lists are just as shitty

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How long do paints usually last?

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Depends on the type of paint, level of use, and how well it's painted.

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captcha: lyrical weirdsr

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I should rephrase that.

How fast do paints usually run out when you're painting an army?

Does paint need restocking constantly?

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Oh. Then yes, you'll want to keep quite a bit on hand.

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Wut's wrong wiv dem?!?

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Youncan probably expect to go through 2 maybe 3 pots of your main colours by the time you get a large army done. The rest you can get away with just 1 pot tor tge whole army

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Space Crusade armor is best
3E bolter is best

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Legendary hero of the Imperium, coming through.

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You appear to have fucked your filename, friend.

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The Rainbow Warriors are mentioned by name in the 6e (?) codex you fag.

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After they were pushed to the side, removed as a First Founding Chapter, and were made more or less persona non grata.

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The name is a Greenpeace reference and is stupid, deal with it.

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Did Tyranid Warriors really look like deranged T-rexes with dick guns back in the day?

Also, nice crotch bulge.

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Technically it the term "Rainbow Warrior" refers both to a famous navel vessel and a native American myth abo- I just want a RW video game. Is that so much to ask?

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Technically still canon

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Well crap. Thanks for your honesty. Have a nid in a top hat.

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That lucky fucker.
>hatehow Clutch
Yes Captcha, I do hate that.

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Hahahaha oh god I'm dying

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Crotch bulge nothing, that's actually his dick, thorn and all... They're like those beetles that forcefully break up open a genestealers carapace with their phallus to impregnate them and make even more xeno.

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I need context, not to familiar with the old stuff and that still being canon is awesome

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That disturbs me more than any Loss.jpg I have seen.

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Jesus christ do I wish there was more of that. Or a rearview.

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Dem blood angels getting all the bitches!

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>Jesus christ do I wish there was more of that.

Tell me you haven't spent so much time in the grim dark future of the 41st millennium that you don't recognize her!


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So wait, there's a Blood Angel, a pissed off Smurf, a Dark Angel, and what I think is a Space Wolf.

So they're a Deathwatch Kill-Team I'm assuming?

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I enjoyed every part of evangelion except for the retarded third reboot movie (look it's a four legged Eva with kitty paws! pointless timeskip but the pilots are still all 14! everyone's treating shinji like he's dirt despite having encouraged him to go for it and KNOWING that's not how to treat him!)

I mean more of her in SoB armour, ideally by the same artist

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dat heavy bolter do.

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bell of lost souls

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<not knowing about bell of lost trolls
>inshiggity digity dogface
<also blood of kittens for the day after tournaments lists

Those 2 sites don't care about fun. Unless fun is spending $300 a month on the best thing ever for this months tournament. But at that point, just plat M:tG. Less shit to carry around.

>yfw the "best" lists are won by people who suck dick at the LGS that runs it to list tailor to the tournament missions.

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Do I Yoymart or Chinaman? I have given Forgeworld 600 dollars and I want to see the difference in quality.

>> No.36239149


You get what you pay for. If you don't have a thing similar to battle foam, enjoy your snapping resin models.

Your only choice for non-GW models are spaghetti noodles or the most brittle of 100 year old lace. No middle ground.

>> No.36239246

I have a lot of Chinaman shit as well as a heap of FW models. Chinaman quality doesn't compare, you'll spend a fair while cleaning up the parts before they look half decent, and then if it's a tank or something that has lots of large flat panels expect to spend a while warming them up and trimming the edges so you're not left with HUEG fuck off gaps.

That being said, never buying from FW again because the prices from Chinaman are too good.

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Here's a pre-assembled, pre-based guardsman army for $5. They're not painted, though.

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Why Spiderman?

>> No.36239576

Why not Spiderman?

>> No.36239583

Team Buddies?

>> No.36239631

Well, I guess he fits with his outfit being red, white and blue

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>Anything funny, stupid, meaningless, or serious regarding 40k.
Reasonable marines look down on your speciousness and supply adult public education as part of their work in developing your planet. The education is free and actually not brainwashing, focused on developing your methodological capacities.

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Hey, Chaos. How does it feel knowing that wacky wiggly space meat beetle people figured out how to use drop pods before you did?

>> No.36240312

r8 or h8 my goofydark fluff.

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/tg/, if you haven't watched the two part video masterpiece this is from yet, you seriously need to get your life right.

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>> No.36240339

>What is the Deathclaw?

>> No.36240377

My bad, drunk.

>> No.36240401

>I don't know any heresy fluff

>> No.36240409

I mean you could deep strike your heretics in imported cars too.

>>inb4 just 3d print the cars or buy knock offs from russia

>> No.36240435

FW is official, brah.

>> No.36240474

Doesn't make it affordable. Totally sweet and desirable, but prohibitively expensive.

The point being they still aren't in the chaos codex. Because I don't know. Remember the Steel Brethren in the 4th ed Codex? Just... humiliating.

>> No.36240489

Still fluff-applicable.
Deal with it, NPCfags.

>> No.36240495

I used to own this book. The original photograph is slightly redder. Also Bryan isn't the most disturbing player in the book.

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The toilet seat's lid is down.

Space Marines.

Yeah. Like that.

>> No.36240853

Shit through the lid, FOR THE EMPEROR!

>> No.36240874

Acidpoop ftw!

>> No.36240882

His trousers are up too.

>> No.36240931

What part of acidpoop don't you understand, heretic?

>> No.36240983

he's literally walking over horus. No surprise he turned traitor

>> No.36241022

How are you unaware of the teleportarium located in the seat of every set of power armour?

>> No.36241057

You post this every thread u clown

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>> No.36241149

I know.
I just want some feedback besides a kek or two.
I'll probably take break for a bit.

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>> No.36241345

For some reason I see an army of really pissed off black templars charging into battle singing this as the chaos forces screaming "RUN THERE TRYING TO BREAK OUR MINDS!! THE HORROR!" Thats what this picture translates too

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>> No.36241498

Fuck. I forgot this was a 40k only thread. Sorry

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>> No.36241527

Scibor is always cool in my book.

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>> No.36242309

I'm in awe at the dakka that image has

>> No.36242555

I lelled

>> No.36242566

that's not macha

>> No.36242596

>Brother Lex

Is this the fucking comic version of Watsons "Space Marine"?!

>> No.36242710

>West Germany

Always brings a tear to my eye. 7,80DM is fucking expensive, though, regarding this is late 80's/early 90's.

>> No.36242714

this guys shit is always so lazy, rushed out to be the first

>> No.36242735

requesting that khorne berzerker with chainswords for limbs thanks

>> No.36242740

Why are they reverse-Garosh?

>> No.36242772

>Doesn't make it affordable.
>google "dreadclaw conversion"

Check, m8.

>> No.36243022

shit Calgar you mad

>> No.36243254

>fucking expensive

It was 10,- in '99

>> No.36243351

They were hating on shinji for actually going after something he wanted and being a badass for once in his pathetic life. it's not his fault he reached apotheosis when he grew a spine.

>> No.36243417

>It was 10,- in '99

Compared to the prices now that's a joke.
We are looking at easily 250% of what the average price in the 90s was now.

>> No.36243458

Come to think of it the 3rd edition SM codex cost me about 20DM iirc.
The latest SM codex was 46€
So actually it kind of more. The 3rd edition codex would cost 10,20€ while the newest codex would cost nearly 90DM.

>> No.36243538

every time

>> No.36245055

im going nuts with the rules for cc. Im csm, i have chaos cultists and cultist champ. They have wargear pistol + ccw, all of them including cultist. normal guy has 1 attack, champion has 2 attacks. So clearly if the champion would switch his weapon he wouldnt lose an attack, though he can only buy a shotgun not replace anything. Why does the normal cultist have 1 attack when he has 2 weapons, he should get +1 for that shouldnt he?

>> No.36245673

unless stated otherwise the values in the statline are before any modifiers such as weapons etc

>> No.36247315

which means that the pistol and ccw should give +1 attack. silly codex

>> No.36248954

Torrent of Fire usually list the winning list steal those. Ultratryhard now is 3 Knights + allies or Eldar

>> No.36248958

I got one in Cyrillic one time.

>> No.36249106

good work on the paintjob but the guy left seamlines and gaps where the arms connect tot he body

>> No.36251178


>> No.36253753


The pistol replaces the CCW.

>> No.36254422

The reboot already started.
It fucking sucks

>> No.36256671

I'd love a game where a playable character was an Eversor Assassin.

>> No.36256907

For some reason, I feel like there'd be some long term issues with playing a psychotic drug addled skullface man. Just a feeling I get;

>> No.36258478

Plz tell me you have that in a larger resolution.

>> No.36259675


>> No.36259720

Reading Trial By Blood. Was expecting to see the Gabriel Seth in the codex, "a competant and hopeful leader" trying to carve out a legacy of honor in its final hour.

All Black Library has given me so far is 101 short stories about how dangerously unstable they and Gabriel Seth and why hasn't the Inquisition declared them Excommunicate Traitoris yet?

>> No.36259734


in a nutshell

>> No.36259738

I've been wanting to get into the game for a while and have played around with some basic marine tactical squads vs orks at my local GW. I really like being able to roll a handfull of dice that effectively hit their targets from a long ways away while I let the enemy come towards me. So I was thinking of looking into the Tau but they are space communists and look to animu. Would the Imperial Guard be a good choice? I like their tanks and artillery.

>> No.36259769

Guard are very shooty. But they rely on quantity over quality of shooty

>> No.36259851

>link was removed

>> No.36259912

>brother vermillion is kill


>> No.36260466

Trying to find a good model to represent my commissar-turned-Inquisitor. I thought about a Tempestor Prime, but since I'd most likely have Tempestus in the army, I figured he'd blend-in too much.

Any recommendations from somewhere else (that isn't Warmachine)?

>> No.36260627

Eh, image limit is reached.
I'd recommend checking out the Hasslefree range. They have a bunch of minis wearing coats.
Namely Privateer Jes and Capatain Blache/John come to mind, but Andrea and Harby(I think that's his name. basically it's Marv from Sin City - or Hellboy depending on which arm and head combo you use).
Then there is the Reaper Chronoscape Range which also has a bunch of Greatcoat wearing characters that would look the part.
Finally I'd say checking out Black Scorpion Miniatures and Freebooter's Fate could be a good idea as well. These are fantasy miniatures, but could easily be converted to look the part as well. They're Pirate miniatures.
Another range you could look at that would fit well to 40k is Urban Mammoth's Urban War. The Space Russians from there have a few minis that look somewhat similar to the Tempestor Prime.
And then there are of course a few GW models.
The Fantasy Whichhunter is a good model, although it's Finecast it definitely would look the part as well.

>> No.36260690

Thank you, anon, I'll check those out.

>> No.36260755


in the wargear theyre listed as Having both. or you mean all wargear is optional? is there a pistol rule stating it always removes a ccw when listed in wargear?

>> No.36260823

Dreadclaws are shit. Enjoy your mishapping overpriced drop pod, that eats it's passengers.

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