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So, I've had a pretty awful day and I think /tg/ really needs a general happy thread. This guy and This GM, funny moments, screen-caps the works. Let's do something nice for a change and talk about the good things as opposed to just how shit it all is.

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>little shit at the FLGS
>prolly about 14-15 yrs old
>we're all certain he had been stealing bits and pieces, both from players and off the shelves.
>there were tons of rumours about it, even from some of his so-called buddies
>repeatedly heard he was a klepto and sneaky asshole in general
>never managed to catch the little sneak red-handed or with any of the goods though
>decide to go vigilante on his ass
>it's one winter gaming night, getting dark early
>I leave early and lurk outside, waiting for the thieving little fuckwhistle to head home
>got a nice egg-sized rock in my pocket
>cautiously follow him a few blocks
>line up my shot
>the eggrock of justice sails through the air and bounces off the back of his head
>yelp of shocked pain
>it looked like he was going down to the ground but I didn't hang around to observe
>run through some back alleys, trying not to laugh out loud
>hear later that his mom forbade him to come to that part of town again
>apparently they're a Polish family and she thinks it was a neo-Nazi hatecrime or some shit
>never see the kid in the store again
>I do see him around town sometimes though
>always greet him with "Hey man, how's it going!" with a big friendly smile

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I have many screen-caps for you, OP.

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>Playing big and tough as fuck warforged
>Effectively Large
>Party ambushed by antiparty of dudes
>Creepy flying girl, half-orc dude with axes, tracking ranger, and a puppetteer dude
>Own party is baseball-themed warmage (+str to orb spells by batting them at foes), and crazy bitch with magic swords
>Fight not going well, they're rested and ready, we're not
>Say fuckit
>Bluff with -3, get 20
>TWINKIE HOUSE the ranger who's trying to give us surrender terms, probably rupture some organs
>Pick up warmage, pick up crazy bitch, sling over shoulders
>Start running across the plains
>DM asks if I want to perception for places to make a stand
>Nope, keep running
>"Until I run out of continent."

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Hello 911 I need to report an attempted murder and theft of sides...

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Should I dump MRE stories? I have 15.

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If it's good for a giggle, go for it I say.


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Well, ok.

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shorssue and

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>Wonder why autopost didn't go though
>Discover I put captcha in the text field

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Does anybody have any idea why my captcha just deletes what I type in randomly even as I type it?

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Yep, I get a lot. I blame moot, honestly.

Also, all this just wants me to try MREs, but what the hell is it that's causing this wave of violent constipation exactly?

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Well I don't know about OP, but at the very least I'm happier for never having eating 13 MREs in a week.

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OP here laughing for about an hour solid now.

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Why do you have 15 greentexts about MREs?

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What do MREs have to do with /tg/?

I'm not complaing tho.

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Not op but mre stories are one of /k/'s biggest cultural exports, that and spooky innawoods stories.

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Damnit OP! I hope you're happy now. I'm sitting here reading these and my insane cat is in my lap. Every time I burst out laughing she smacks me in the face with her paw. Now I have to keep blocking every time I start laughing! :)

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that sounds adorable, post a gif

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Read this one before. But nice job copying and pasting, I bet that was really tough!

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The right mix of feels and funny right here.

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Jesus christ guys its the weekend don't give me these feelings on the weekend

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goddamn... I would sell my left testicle on ebay to see that idea worked into a book and then read said book.

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You know the anon who originally submitted most of those posts later wrotefag it up, right? If you didn't, here you go.

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>Be me
>Be a Warforged Barbarian
>Sent on a mission to assassinate an evil-aligned official in a city
>me and party get to the embassy
>door is open but it is obviously guarded
>upwards of 100 guards inside the building we could never fight
>Friend is an conjurer
>Says, 'I have an idea'
>conjured a boar
>Asks other guy for the dwarven bomb in his inventory
>He reluctantly gives it to him
>Attaches bomb to boar
>smacks it and sends it into the embassy
>DM makes him roll a twenty because of how stupid this is
>natural fucking 20
Probably the best moment I've ever had in dnd.

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no but I do now....

And my left AND right testicles are curretnly $34.76 atm.... feel free to bid higher...

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That was fucking amazing.

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If someone knows an artist who can draw I am fully ready to make a comic of this shit.

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Oh god my heart ;_;

Really, I think it's amazing how /tg/ put such a positive and heartwarming spin to the dark arts of necromancy.

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