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jesus christ

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I appreciate this post.

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...well, it rolled nat 20. Fuck.

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You had one fucking job.

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Yes. Fuck, FUCK NOW!!!!

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totally not googling "coin golem porn" right now

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add it to the list of fetishes.

you I like you.

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>Implying he isn't using x-ray vision to ogle her once she isn't talking to him anymore.

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okay that made me laugh, if only because I can see some people getting use out of that

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Nah, Supes just knows that obviously fake plastic titties are gross. He has standards.

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That's a point. He has 'x-ray' (doesn't make any sense as actual x-rays, but whatever) vision, he can see the implants.

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Damnit anon, I just got back from fapping the the coin construct you douche.

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That is actually the canon answer

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here's another one just for you

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I laughed far too hard at this

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Took me a moment to see her back there. Well played.

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snake, what are you doing.

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Are those fucking pumpkins?

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...She made the roll. I may not be seduced, but I am certainly interested.

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Aw man, I fucking wish I could have gotten into that game. The world around it and grand campaign seems pretty fun, but the core gameplay of the battles just turned out to be annoying to me.

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That took me far too long to figure out.

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I suppose when you've had the opportunity to see anyone you care to nude your whole life it sort of looses it's lustre.

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yeah sometimes she pushes 'em up as an idle animation.

have another

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This is a valid point. He's already seen her full frontal and full rear, so why bother looking at a little cleavage?
>I'm mentally picturing your ass right now, get those balloons out of my face.

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Someone help me out, I'm not seeing anything other than a dick.

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>Every book is comprised of 26 letters
>Cars are powered by dinosaurs
Neither of these are true.

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Turn your head.

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180 bro

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Now I just see the wall.

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Still not seeing it

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this is you right now

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I laughed like a dog with bad lungs.

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Perfect move sir, I can't stop laughing now.

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A sideways dick?

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Now all I see is a pair of tits.

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Don't try too hard.

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Turn by 180°, it's a the completely fucked up anime anatomy of a stomach and boobs.

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You're both blinder than my gran-gran.

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wish I could take credit for it but I got it off of /co/, its from a storyline where lex tries to become superman's dad.

no I'm not making this up.

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Oh God.

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uuuuh, sauce?

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Don't care how fucked up her anatomy is if it makes my dick hard.

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ah there it is! thanks for posting that one anon.

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Armorer Felines.

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Gunsmith Cats.

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gunsmith cats

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Sanae would fit that phone better, I think.

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Nice unsearchable pic.

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...The Aristocrats!

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source is Hero Hero Tom, Lover Me Cover, as of yet untranslated.

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Can't believe I watched that entire thing.

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That actually makes sense.

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you're welcome

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>Open .gif
>Pandora comes off commercial
>"The Kids Aren't Alright" starts playing
>www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrZ4sMRYimw for you because I didn't even recognize it by the title
>Somehow syncs so damn well

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Neither is the brown colour thing true. If you mix all together you get white.

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oof, that song always gives me feels.

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What the fuck is that?

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Rogue auto-fails. Too much bling.

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But it's actually false neutral.

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Lights vs pigments.

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I already said thanks bitch don't tell me what I already know I'll slap your shit fuckin hoebag get away from my man

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Blowout soon, fellow stalker.

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But squirrels are bludgeoning weapons?

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Don't worry, I got it.

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In the Mojave?

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Only as sources of light though. If you mix different colours of paint together, it becomes brown. If you get a bunch of different coloured lights and put them together, it will appear to be white.

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What game is this?

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http://exhentai.org/g/754670/f706e96827/ I'LL FUCKIN GLASS YA CUNT I SWARE ON ME MUM

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Divinity: Dragon Commander. Kind of a mix between RPG, grand campaign strategy, and small-scale RTS

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Hold them out teeth-first. Or snap a few bones so they stick out.

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Worth picking up?
Is it like Red Alert in its' gameplay?

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My ass is clenched up now

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>squirrels are bludgeoning weapons?
They're not weapons at al.

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pirate it, I felt it was a tad simplistic and not really worth 30$

if you like it buy it.

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tfw Predator Quest resumes in never

Actually, he never did use these during the quest, so are these actually inspired by it?

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Fair enough.
Any good classic RPGs worth picking up?
I love my RTS, but I'm really in the mood for some good stories.
I ask here, because this is the RPG knowledge hub, regardless of format.

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I need a better name for this

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I feel I should also rename this bard rolls an 18

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well baldur's gate enhanced editions are out aka the "I can't be fucked to mod it" editions. Worth the asking price really. you can always wait for a sale.

Arcanum: Of Steamwork and Magic Obscura has a pretty stellar story, needs to be fixed with the fanpatch tho.

Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall: the director's cut is pretty cash too. I have that on my google drive if you don't mind downloading a metric fuckton of links.

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Perfect, I was hoping I could use this again today.

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>I suppose that's what you get for liking Gali
top kek

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classic /k/

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Thanks mang, s'all good.
I got Baldur's gate 2, and Shadowrun Returns.
I'll check out the enhanced editions andDragonfall though.
What are the Arcanum and the Pbscura ones about though?
Are they more akin to Dragon Age gameplay, or Baldur's gate, or..?

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Fucking crag spiders and their fucking trollkin raiders.

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Dragonfall standard is okay, but honestly start with the director's cut it has some extra content and gameplay tweaks that make it more enjoyable.

Arcanum: of steamworks and magic obscura is an isometric turnbased RPG for whatever reason the execs forced realtime combat onto it and that fucked up the TBS stuff somewhat but with the fanpatch combat is a bit less absurdly borked and there are various graphical and bug fixes included there. It takes place in a tolkienesque fantasy world that's advanced to a post industrial age so its fantasy meets steampunk with all the filth and grime of the victorian era on full display.

has a suitably epic story.

KOTOR 1 and 2 are pretty legit if you like star wars too.

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Fucking rogues

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Don't play Baldurs Gate EE.

If you really think you have to, then you can add mods to the base game, but you don't need them.

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Thanks mang, I'll check out Arcanum once I've finished my assignments
I love the KOTOR series.
KotOR 1 is my absolute favourite game of all time, played it so many times it's ridiculous. Partially because I'm a Star Wars nut, but hey, it's a good game
Thanks for the advice by the by, any mods for Arcanum i should get at minimum?

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>the difference between lawful and chaotic evil

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Cheers, it looked cool, but I haven't completed the base game yet

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I've done that before.
It's as gratifying as it is guilt-inducing

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http://terra-arcanum.com/drog/dest/uap.html this is all you need really. the game has enough content to stand on its own, stick with TBS, switch to RTS only if fights get repetitive and you want to speed things up.

magic makes for a fun build the first time through, consult a guide when playing a tech character and go dorf when you do that as they have the best tech advantages.

and KOTOR is pretty awesome. give star control 2 a shot while you're at it.

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How else would you eat it?

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>don't need them
the "unpause when you enter your inventory during combat" alone is a deal breaker. Then there's trying to start the game as a caster (you die, a lot, just the trek to the friendly arms inn is a harrowing experience), the ancient fucking class system which doesn't even have sorcerors...

EE is kind of a ripoff when it comes to mods but I'm too lazy to hunt down all the mods I need to get BE1 playable.

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Sweet, thanks again mate.
I'll check them out, and thanks for the advice!
I'ma head off though due to it being past midnight here, but cheers for the recommendations!

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>the "unpause when you enter your inventory during combat" alone is a deal breaker.
No not really, you don't have that much of a reason to mess about in your inventory during a fight.
>Then there's trying to start the game as a caster (you die, a lot, just the trek to the friendly arms inn is a harrowing experience)
Back when I was like 9 years old I didn't die on my way to friendly arms inn, as a wizard. How does EE change that for casters even? I can't recall anything that made it much easier for wizards last time I played EE.

>the ancient fucking class system which doesn't even have sorcerors...
Good. The game is a little more grounded.

>EE is kind of a ripoff when it comes to mods but I'm too lazy to hunt down all the mods I need to get BE1 playable.
Not only a ripoff, but it messes up the game worse than Lucas edits messes up the original trilogy.

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no problem bro

have you even played it? All it does it mess with grafics a little and throw in some extra content in the form of some characters and maybe a quest or two along with bugfixes and some tweaks for newer operating systems. This isn't lucas throwing in a lavish cantina scene or having greedo shoot first.

and fuck you, wizards inferior, sorcerers superior.

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GM tries to include politics

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It's easy to tell if a boob is fake or not just by looking at it, no need of x-ray vision.

>> No.36014305

Touching a boob for identification purposes may have negative social ramifications.

>> No.36014338

not in some campaign settings

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A quick glance is more than enough, even through a shirt. Fakies don't move right, they're too 'perky', they don't connect properly at the armpit, they artificially round-off the top of the breast, and just generally look like shit.

I like to think that Superman, as an illogically-ideal individual, would have better taste than to be attracted to a woman with implants.

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> guilt-inducing
> eating chocolate

Alignments IRL: Catholic 'murrican.

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You did good, anon.

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If you can't recognize fake boobs using just your eyes, you haven't seen enough boobs.

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I-is there more?

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...wait, there are people who don't eat KitKats that way?

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lesbian power magical automatons

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why does she look so sad

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a cople

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'cause she's thirsty

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And the gods of tentacles and swallowing saved us, so don't forget to pray to them every day.

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D-does it vibrate?

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only if you ask nicely and refrain from stuttering

you fucking faggot

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>not at least lawful neutral

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it's lex luthor we're talking about here.

He's rarely good, and pretty much only good when superman is evil.

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That game was surprisingly fun. I wish the president was actually that much of a badass.

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Nat 1, nobody believes your tale.

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>I'm a big guy, regular gym goer

>> No.36014619

Later viewers be warned, it's only mildly amusing and it lasts about 8 minutes!

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Neither are true. What you actually get is the Colour Out Of Space. The only true mercy of the universe is that your mind refuses to let you see it for what it is.

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>mfw reading that post

Thank god all that shit got purged, it was nothing but degenerate filth. I'm feeling masochistic however, so I'd welcome anymore of this swill.

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Ugh, I actually watched that and in context it wasn't funny at all.

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as expected of hal jordon!

>> No.36014691


Mods, man.

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>implying Injustice isn't just Kingdom Come but not as good

>> No.36014718

no Kingdom Come was a well written miniseries given excellent artwork and left to itself more or less by editorial.

Injustice is a comicbook tie in to a decent fighting game.

I don't even like fighting games but I'm surprised by how good the tie in is.

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>have you even played it?
> I can't recall anything that made it much easier for wizards last time I played EE.
I've already answered your question.

>All it does it mess with grafics a little and throw in some extra content in the form of some characters and maybe a quest or two along with bugfixes and some tweaks for newer operating systems.
>This isn't lucas throwing in a lavish cantina scene or having greedo shoot first.
No it is adding another robot that hangs around with C3P0 and R2D2, or yet another character that they find in the cantina, an even bigger scoundrel than Han Solo, or another jedi/sith master that is shoehorned in to the adventure.
Greedo shooting first is nothing compared to EE.

>and fuck you, wizards inferior, sorcerers superior.
Sorcerers are for impatient babies that should exclusively play Diablo 2 Frozen Orb Sorceress instead.
The fact that you're calling wizards inferior is a reason they shouldn't even be there.

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I don't think any of you understand what a filename thread is.

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Brb, looking for my sides.

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That was actually entertaining to watch

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wow you really are a delusional fanboy aren't you? The EE adds in minor tweaks that bring BG1 up to date with 2 and edit to series so its more like NWN1 in terms of gameplay without doing too much to the game. You don't NEED to hook up with any of the characters in particular, theoretically you could even do a solo run.

as for what it adds to make wizards easier? Just some minor difficulty tweaks, even then getting to the friendly arms inn is still difficult as even a fight with a wolf is near impossible because all you have for back up is an unoptimized rogue so if you don't go full martial you're fucked. The game is, quite simply, difficult if you don't optimize the PC for martial combat.

and fuck you, adding in extra classes does nothing but create alternative gameplay styles. Also I never liked the backstory for wizards, I always prefered the inherent magic of sorcerers as opposed to the weird "I have to memorize each and everyone one of my spells before going to sleep and if I don't get enough sleep I might lose my spells" nonsense of wizardry.

EE didn't change BG at all, it just tacked on some extra content to pull a bit more money out of a WotC licensed product. Don't act like BG is some kind of sacred holy grail, the story telling excellent but it's a WotC product designed to advertise WotC content its got elminster and drizzt in it, it's set in the forgotten realms. it's a fun little romp throughout Faerun but at the end of the day it was always designed to part money from your wallet

and the game design doesn't hold up well when combined with modern games. I want to have the option to fuck around in my inventory during combat without losing half my damned party, that not being there is absurd since it's there in BG 2. I want the option of messing around with prestige classes and weird shit like dragon disciples without having to mod it in and EE gives me that. It's a game worth paying for and now amount of grognard sperging can change that.

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Three Kingdoms is a fucking Gold Mine

>> No.36014871

underrated post

>> No.36014899

Three Kingdoms should be renamed :
"Cao Cao trolls everyone : the serie"

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You are a good man.

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>wow you really are a delusional fanboy aren't you?
Oh is it an EE dev I'm talking to? :^)
No grow the fuck up

>You don't NEED to hook up with any of the characters in particular, theoretically you could even do a solo run.
They are showed in your face, which changes the experience of the game. They interrupt you on your way to the normal story with elaborate events.
You might as well argue that you don't NEED to look at the screen as Greedo fires off his gun at Han Solo first. That is how you're arguing right now.

>as for what it adds to make wizards easier? Just some minor difficulty tweaks, even then getting to the friendly arms inn is still difficult as even a fight with a wolf is near impossible because all you have for back up is an unoptimized rogue so if you don't go full martial you're fucked. The game is, quite simply, difficult if you don't optimize the PC for martial combat.
It should be obvious when your character is wearing a dress and only have a couple of spells memorized that you shouldn't go out and wrestle down the local wildlife when the only company you have is your girly childhood friend.
Call it an irl Int check.
If you die before Friendly Arms Inn. It's most likely on you. The game wasn't unfair, you made a poor decision. Reload.

>adding in extra classes does nothing but create alternative gameplay styles.
Yeah sure. Adding in a Jedi would just create alternative gameplay styles. Same as adding a Hobgoblin. Why not even let people play as a gold dragon and start in candlekeep. No one forces you, it's just another gameplay option.
No, fuck you. It clashes with the setting and the themes of the story.

>EE didn't change BG at all, except for all of the things it did change some of which I even recognize in previous and following sentences.

>It's a game worth paying for
Oh god no you're paying for shitty fan fiction and some modded content. The game that was worth paying for, was already there in the 90s.

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>> No.36015140

>they are showed in your face
so is viconia, so are a bunch of other partymembers both in BG1 and 2 they don't stand out that much. Your arguments are the ones that don't stand out as a newcomer to the series won't notice the difference between the new party members and the old ones except maybe some voice or writing quirks.

>you shouldn't explore
yeah naw, you're a cunt. To get to gorion's corpse I have to pass through a stretch of forest and that means at least one fight due to fog of war and RNG monster generation. As such I'm gonna lose health regardless of my class and you can't dependably rest in the wilds and that falls back to the usual old school style of gaming where you get punished for doing shit that you aren't supposed to because you're the wrong level/class/ or just doing it wrong.

>new classes clash with the themes and setting of the story
no they don't you fucking retard, they're a bunch of extra options that have no impact. You're the spawn of a god being hunted by one of your half brothers so he can try to ascend to godhood. you could play a paladin or cleric in the normal edition though that arguably clashes with your divine origins. I don't see how a handful of prestige classes or tweaks to the usual D&D standard classes change that.

>grow the fuck up
take your own advice faggot, your the one getting ass pained over someone liking the modified and resold version of your childhood game. this is a computer game not a priceless piece of artwork its been bought, repackaged, modified, and sold and there's nothing you can do to stop people from buying the new version and enjoying it more than the 90s version.

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>> No.36015262

as an ERP enthusiast I try to keep my PnP and ERP seperate

>> No.36015288


Not inaccurate though.

>> No.36015310

my groups GM once started a dungeon by saying "Dare you enter my Magical Realm?" we all said no and the temple door caved in, revealing another dungeon of a less Magical Realm.

Chillest GM i've ever played with.

>> No.36015314

fossil fuel

>> No.36015335

Are from algae. Not Dinosaurs.

>> No.36015358

well, no, its not correct...

It would've been more correct to say that cars are powered by dinosaur goo.

There's a difference.

>> No.36015371

>> No.36015379

Is that how Delta Green games are run?

Also, hot.

>> No.36015399

I'd punch that person so hard...

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>> No.36015733

There... there should be a movie about heroic dinosaurs fighting alien invaders.

Possibly ending with the alien mothership crashing into earth and wiping out both parties.

>> No.36015753

Underrated pic

>> No.36015754


dick splinters in my future

>> No.36015882

>> No.36015924

>mfw this is how Ebola-chan got started

>> No.36015928

>Cars are powered by dinosaur goo
Oh my

>> No.36015931

That was one good doujinshi.

>> No.36015963


>> No.36015996

Does anyone have that picture of a furry hentai artist complaining about his art not being good but then looking at normal porn and calling it ugly in a parody of Doctor Steinman from Bioshock? I want to post that on the furry page at 1d4chan.

>> No.36016009

And one to which I'd very much like to know the source.

>> No.36016035

Search for Z-Ton on sadpanda.

>> No.36016040

Or have this.

>> No.36016044

Worth every second.
Really made me nostalgic for my own chatroom days.

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>> No.36016056

that's Pohatu you inbred, and it's spelt Onua

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>> No.36016060

>giving Jacob jew-golds
I don't think so, goyim.

>> No.36016080

>I'm going to take my responsibility... and violate her!
Already worth it.

>> No.36016103

whats this from?

>> No.36016106

The last time this was posted we ended up turning it in to a sex scene between President Jed Bartlett and a Dryad, while CJ walks in on it and gets confused.

>> No.36016117

Trostani from Magic: the Gathering.

>> No.36016126


Tonari no Seki-Kun

About a highschool student who does nothing but play with all sorts of crap on his desk while his neighbor, Rumi, gets distracted, annoyed, and/or amused by it.

Has hilarious expressions.

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>> No.36016155

Also has a pair of decent doujins.

>> No.36016169

Ahh... i should have recognized it .... thank you.

Ohh you.

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>> No.36016408

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>Not knowing your toa metru

No anon, you are the rahi fucker here

>> No.36016424


Can also be "Rogue waits to sneak attack"

>> No.36016445

That's not true either. Currently it's believed that "fossil" fuels actually used to be algae and plants, not dinosaurs.

>> No.36016451


Sorry but how the hell do you even die before you reach the Friendly Arm Inn? Montaron and Xzar are on the road in the same area you start with and are extra dudes.

>> No.36016461


Swedes used to be so cool.

>> No.36016503

I've got bad news anon...

>> No.36016514

Whats wrong with them now?

>> No.36016525

Both of you need to stop getting so mad about video games.

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>> No.36016585

which one is the fighter?

>> No.36016652

The anti-immigration/racist parties have a point
They look down on making fun of people
Their alcohol is weak and expensive
They randomly decided to slaughter their apex predators

>> No.36016670

Trying to leave the GM's railroad

>> No.36016726

The one not using flurry of misses

>> No.36016851

>Green Lantern with the hamburger
Every time

>> No.36016914

I laughed

>> No.36016925

4 u

>> No.36017342

yeah but they're both evil and if you don't want to pick them up and if you're extra new and not used to Baldur's Gate's Gygaxian era D&D you might decide to dismiss 'em or just never partner up with 'em and goof into a fight with a bunch of gibberlings or whatever or just roll badly and everyone dies. not saying it's not simple enough to get there if you have a little experience but BG is rather unforgiving when it comes to sequence breaking

>> No.36017380

I think the guilt is induced from just taking a big bite instead of breaking off a kitkat.

>> No.36017425

Aren't those guys who made the movie about the moon-nazis, Iron sky or something?, thinking about making a new one with nazi dinosaurs this time?

>> No.36017680

Yes That's Iron Sky. Yes Iron Sky: The coming Race.

>> No.36017686

oh wow, i had a uromastyx that would do that when my gf rubbed her. i didn't know they all did that

>> No.36017783

Some implants are much better than others. You'd describing skeevy stripclub cokewhore implants where a desperate woman goes from a b to a DD. Going up a single size doesn't generally look as bad

Also, I found this
I find the delusion funny, with them stating "guys don't like natural boobs fake boobs so much better"
fox and grapes

I've also just spent the last 20 or so minutes looking through before and after pictures of breast augmentation.

>> No.36017789


It's pretty difficult to miss them since you pick up Gorion's Diary and it says "STICK TO THE ROAD" so I was like "Ok" and found them. Besides them being evil doesn't do anything dramatic at the start until your reputation is much higher. Hell the first time I played BG1 I just picked them up and went to friendly arm inn and then had a fully party. Besides you can always just dismiss them at the Friendly Arm Inn anyway once you get there. After some time my party did try and kill each other and I did find that amusing and learned to try and keep people of similar alignments

And this is coming from someone who didn't play D&D until 5th edition.

>> No.36017838

yeah but the point is I shouldn't have to.

and as I mentioned before to get to gorions corpse in the first place you have to go through some forest that contains a handful of RNG monsters.

and I don't recall gorion's corpse having a diary, just his letters, and there wasn't any stick to the road business just "go straight to the friendly arm inn" and I figured out that each of the map borders translated into a different area fairly early on so I tried taking short cuts since that's usually viable early on in other games. It's a nit pick mostly, but it's there.

>> No.36018048

I'd rather DFC than fake boobs personally.

>> No.36018052


The monsters before you reach Gorion's corpse are weak as shit though. What, like a bunch of Gibberlings or something. As long as you follow the path you don't get mob rushed by whatever is in the wilderness in that area hiding off the beaten path.

Well not diary but whatever letters or notes he had on his corpse specifically mentions stuff about sticking to the path when possible. And sure you don't have to stick to the path, but when the notes from Gorion warn you to stay to it and then you wander off and die in the starting area then that's your own fault. Besides the BG games are sort of munchkin-like anyway since you pretty much want whatever character you're playing in to have 18 or close to it in whatever class you're playing as.

I just find it really surprising that people died in the starting area even as a mage.

>> No.36018091

I ran into one wolf and it would've killed me if Imoen didn't have a wand of magic missile, even then the wand used up 3/4ths of it's charges killing it. In most other games a rogue can handle early level fights somewhat but after I ran out of spells my mage couldn't hit the wolf for beans and neither could imoen, so I used up almost all of my healing potions and then got gorions junk

then I went to the friendly arms inn and nearly got killed by that asshole mage assassin. playing mage is hardmode early on.

>> No.36018124

>Their alcohol is weak and expensive
We Norwegians go to Sweden to buy cheap food and booze

>> No.36018268


>then I went to the friendly arms inn and nearly got killed by that asshole mage assassin

Actually don't feel bad about that. MANY people died including myself on the first run on that particular guy. Early BG you learn to have a fast spell prepared to interrupt someone casting long spells, and then you're out of spells for the day so you rest :D Also I think you can just run straight inside the Inn and go talk to Khalid and Jaheira and get them to join up.

>> No.36018302

That's cheating tho, I should be able to solo that guy!

but yeah that guy is a royal pain in the ass and the guards join up pretty quickly. I was all for spell interrupting but he has that spell that makes image copies so for the first quarter or so of the fight he's pretty much unstoppable unless you have spells to hit him with until the guards and imoen can get past his defences.

>> No.36018389

Can't fault you there, but between saggy and real and firm and fake, I'd pick fake.

>> No.36018445


Yeah Mirror Image in original BG1 was actually really powerful because each hit would always take out an image and never hit the caster until the caster ran out of images, where as in BG2 you had actually a small chance of hitting the real target even if there were images still remaining. I don't know if they retained BG2 Mirror Image or kept the original BG1 Mirror Image properties for EE.

>> No.36018447

hey the world needs all kinds right?

>> No.36018478

Geneforge Series and Avernum Series are good

>> No.36018485

judging from the fight I'd say it's BG1 era mirror image but I wouldn't bet on it.

>> No.36018537

Avadon is more of the same flavor so if you like those two...

>> No.36018582


Well you could always run around buildings and the map into fog for about approximately 3 rounds before the spell wears off. Yeah I know you're sort of "gaming" it at that point but if you got 4-8 hit points at level 1 you should employ all the tricks you can until you get more dudes.

All this talk is making me want to reinstall BG1 again and play through the entire series again.

>> No.36018638

worth a run I guess, maybe you should try new shit tho, there's some fun Iso RPGs that have been mentioned in thread.

>> No.36018652


Here, Here.

Or they can go to /v/. That's a better place to get mad about vidya imo.

>> No.36018662

Frigging seconded although I always loved Exile more

>> No.36018813


I just wonder if all my exported characters from long ago are still on my old hard drive. There's a Paladin somewhere with Ankheg Platemail on him.

>> No.36018852

worth a shot at least, can't hurt to try.

>> No.36019031

I never noticed a major difference, outside gameplay/graphics. between Avernum and Exile
Except for the sudden tone shift in the later three Avernum games, went from Exile's light-hearted but dark moments tone to full Geneforge levels of darkness
Wasn't fond of that, I like both series but a major tone shift is rarely a good thing

>> No.36019135

and the gameplay changes were kind of dick. I fuckin love me some geneforge but I also love some avernum/exile and I prefered the oldschool 3rd person iso party shit and that world map they had goin on. Gave the world some SCOPE you lose that with geneforge's engine.

the later games aren't BAD they're just lesser for the change.

>> No.36019159

>your passions are so banal, why can't you be an intolerant, loveless person like me?

>> No.36019247

Well the remake of Avernum has the old style map if that helps
I like it at least

>> No.36019338

I only ever played the remake of avernum anyway. I like the old style map in the first three games. I guess it was cheaper to reuse genforge assets for the later games.

>> No.36019347


It's very strange stuff. Not all of it is tentacles, but all of it defies expectations and ends with various levels of wat.

>> No.36020322

Dude what?
Avernum:Escape from The Pit, which is the remake of Avernum the remake of Exile:Escape from The Pit has the old style map, not the geneforge map

>> No.36020428

the later three entries in the hexology have the geneforge maps. and Avernum/Exile is pretty much the same thing, Avernum just has a UI update.

>> No.36020545

No, you don't understand me
They made Exile
They remade Exile as Avernum and had the second trilogy, games 4-6, which were obviously influenced by Geneforge
And like a year or two ago they remade the first Avernum game with the old-style map, and announced Avernum 2's remake for next yearish

>> No.36020633

I know they remade exile, I didn't hear about the avernum remake. I own avernum one to six. tried exile, couldn't get into it as the UI was rather obtuse.

don't know why they're remaking the avernum series, I know the creator is always complaining about how poorly geneforge and nethergate sold when compared with how much effort was put into 'em.

>> No.36020734

Yeah, they remade the first one already, it's on Steam
It's fun, some people on the forums are asking for Geneforge remakes

>> No.36020754

huh, mite b cool. Worth a look anyway even if I prefer GoG.

>> No.36020756

Oh, and they're doing the remakes because Avadon and Avadon 2 sold really well, and then Avernum's remake sold really well

>> No.36021149

While he's terrible at the Hippocratic oath, he still sounds like a neat-o dude.

>> No.36021384

>Likes: The Aristocracy
huh, that sounds kind of out of place

>> No.36021454

Hippocrates can get fucked anyway, most doctors cause plenty of harm by enabling addictions and they don't even get their hands dirty with surgery like Number One Heart Surgeon.

>> No.36021493

>While he's terrible at the Hippocratic oath,

I prefer to think of it as preventive medicine!

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