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Weekend "It's Not Really The Weekend" Edition

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These are the only two I haven't seen 500 times before.

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>Not even using the imperative case
>Book to burn
>Not Burn, book!
Should be "Librum incende!"

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It's like flesh to stone or stone to mud. You're turning the book into burn.

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Then that would be "Librum ad ignis"

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Scratch that, it would be "Librum ad ignem". Forgot to turn "fire" into its accusative form to indicate it's the direct object of "ad".

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Shouldn't librum be in nominative case (liber) since it's the subject?

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Damn it, why have I never seen this before?

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I love these threads, but man, so few of them are actually /tg/ related.

This >>35988247 >>35988633 >>35988679 >>35992306 is not /tg/ related. This might be >>35992534
This is meta >>35992635 but kind of true.

This is fucking on the nose >>35988205 and how I feel when my friends talk Magic even though I also play.

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Also, needs more WoD filenames.

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>reposts of reposts of reposts
>illegal immigrants
>"Pc plans guys amirite hue hue"
we're off to great start, pals! Keep'em coming!

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OP's pic is a post I made last week

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>Dat twirl

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>Wat twirl

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The jedi on the lefts lightsabre twirl

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I thought you meant a person did a twirl.
As in
Using their body.
I didn't think the jedi's twirl was that bad though...

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The fucking Mormons walking by and speeding up to skip them!


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That girl is supposed to be the main character of the comic. Like a year into it and her name has been mentioned maybe half a dozen times, while worldbuilding happens around her and the white golem guy (an angel) has basically been running the plot.

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It's not a very long webcomic yet. It just has that Otoyomegatari/Berserk quality where every page takes dozens of days due to its intricacy. At least, that's what I'm charitable enough to assume about the artist.

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>anywhere near close to the art quality of Berserk or Otoyomegatari
I mean I like it but holy exaggeration Batman.

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>2 Monks Argue.gif

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I disagree with you, /tg/ has an approved list of /v/ games that are still within our domain. Mostly RPGs, especially older ones. But also including X-Com, though mostly the older ones as well.

So >>35988679 and >>35992306 are still nominally /tg/. I will yield that >>35988247
and >>35988633 really aren't, despite my enjoyment of the latter.


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"New" may only mean "new to these threads"

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Okay, this one is old. But I like it.

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Shut up.

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Why would anybody save this painfully unfunny nonsense

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While I find this somewhat funny, it has nothing to do with a filename thread.
Hell, this whole thread has little to do with filenames and even less with /tg/.

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Who knows? I mean, we're all aware that you are the sole arbiter of humor in the world, and that jokes you don't like are objectively bad.

I mean, it's not like it gets posted again and again, evincing that a wide array of persons find it entertaining, therefore putting you in the minority.

Fair enough. I had burnt through most of my images, and grabbed a couple screencaps as a last resort.

Though I'd like to see by what metric you're measuring those secondary claims.

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I recognise the guy, but I can't remember why.

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I don't have a filename for this but I'm sure you guys can save it with a good one

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>how normalfags see furfags.gif

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I assure you, in this case, ignorance is bliss

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what's with his face?

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Can't pick up all the loot.

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>This is what furry's believe.gif

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fucking love this guy.
the loss of his faith in humanity and his emotional journey down that path is so fucking visible, that I can't watch him and not laugh.

such is the outcome of dealing with feminists.

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Couldn't be more right

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Fucking awesome.

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It was a fat acceptance lady. Nothing to do with feminism.

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fat acceptance, not feminism get it right.

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I just love watching powerful generals just knock cannon fodder aside like a field of packing peanuts.

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In his defense, there is a lot of overlap.

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Only in the "armchair activists" thing. 3rd wave feminism is bullshit but 2nd wave feminism had legit points until they, y'know got what they were asking for. After that they settled down and become normal people.

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Yeah, that's fair.

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Silly Anon, its not rape if its a catgirl.

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This is why I take warmaces and anything I can fluff up as being one on goddamned everything

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I think it's Justice league Doom, and outside of being a semen demon cheetah doesn't have much of a role.

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Something new every time. I am impressed.

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there are other versions? Can I have them, for scientific purposes of course.

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so do I, but I didn't want to say anything...

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I think almost everyone on /tg/ knows that dick by now...

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It was an Australian forum show where the topic was obesity. He was a personal trainer and the host asked him what he thought about the lifestyle of a grossly obese panelist. He said that it was fine if she was healthy and so she starts ranting about how talking about health was itself a prejudiced concept because a thin person wouldn't be asked if they were healthy. Pic was his reaction while she was complaining.

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>Fails so hard a small dragon climbs up his back to try to help him

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I see no problems with this. Deal with it after.

Green alien babes come first.

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Oh my god, I love this one.

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AHA! I know its you, Shapeshifter. Carlos would never tell a pun that (barely) subtle. You didn't even emphasize the word come out of fear that nobody would get it!

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Finally a keyboard that has enough modifier keys for Emacs.

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/fa/ vs /tg/

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trying to table your opponent

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PC's have an inventive solution that shouldn't have worked

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dm fiat is my best guess

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GM explains his plot.jpg

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>That webm
What the living fuck?! How is that even possible?

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That's it then. God is real. It's the only way something like that could happen..

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>Reliance on CGI has gone too far

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>Book to Fire
Fire is clearly the direct object in this context.

Also, I believe the imperative form of the phrase would be incende libre

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the level of control he has on that thing is astonishing

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>blanket as bones

Gonna start using that now.

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So this is that autism stuff I've heard about.

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Penguin doesn't play any fucking games, holy shit.

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>/mlp/ plays Kerbal Space Program.gif

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The fact that he actually cares about inane shit like that is the really scary bit.

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But now everyone nose not to laugh at the Penguin.

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Fuck you, Carlos.

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No sir! I won't make fun of him anymore!

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>angry plot device

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Oops, meant to quote >>36007889

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Fuck that disgusts me. I would literally have gotten furious and have to leave before I caused a scene.

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People were making fun of him, until he came in second place overall, if I remember correctly.

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i don't understand what is going on, is this some sort of shooting competition with airsoft guns

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From what I've gathered, yes.

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>Not a railgun
That would at least be funny.

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>How do you feel about my homebrew race and class, GM.gif

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what is this from? That is a legitimately cool idea for an urban barbarian.

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Gunsmith Cats, and in particular the Riding Bean OVA focusing more on him.

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Druid gets True Polymorph

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Riding Bean movie is based on the Riding Bean manga by Kenichi Sonoda, featuring a getaway driver known a Bean Bandit. It was short lived, but still fun. Sonoda spun-off the much longer, and even better, Gunsmith Cats manga from Riding Bean and re-invented Rally as the new main character, but Bean Bandit is still a strong supporting character. Incidentally, there's a Gunsmith Cats OVA series that's also worth checking out. The whole manga is basically /k/ porn.

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>Downtime between adventures

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As someone who spent years roleplaying on Gaia Online, this is disgustingly accurate

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I have that as: Plot Device

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You don't fuck with the Long Patrol.

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I still don't understand what is going on in this or what the joke about freeform is

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The general gist is that freeform roleplay is full of edgelord powergamers that any fight will be nothing but each opponent being so fast as to appear behind the other for the start of every action.

Without stats, freeform RP lends itself to a variety of pitfalls, such as there being no clear indicator as to which character is stronger, so any confrontation is an exercise in endless ass-pullery

>> No.36009862

Or one humble guy getting taken advantage of by aforementioned edgelords.

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Show us on the doll where they touched you, anon.

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I've never freeformed, was just a guess. In the dark places.

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it's shit
and like >>36009418
said, on Gaia online it devolves into a game of oneupmanship. One time I was in a super hero rp on there and every new character was more and more special than the last.
My characters were a person permanently stuck in wolfman mode, a mage with a talkative demon inside her head, and a "Purge the Mutants and Xenos" Space Marine dropped into a modern day city that had the largest concentration of meta-humans in the world apparently.
This was before I knew what 40k was so his stats were this
Powers: Super Strength, Endurance, his total conviction to the cause of humanity renders him immune to mental manipulation. He is also very tall, a full grown woman coming up to his waist
Weakness: His single minded devotion towards pure humans (those not born with powers) can lead him to be easily manipulated and he is slow unless he is bullrushing someone. His height makes it near impossible for him to hide, that and he never takes off his armor since it is grafted (except for the helmet) to his body.
Equipment: Powered Armor, Scripts of Execution, Energy Mace that deals more damage against non humans, blast shield.

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It's even better without the fucking text.

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Oh, I don't know. I found freeform to be a great way to run rifts. You just need to have all the players on the same page that what you as the GM is law on rules.

It's good for light hearted games with rule of cool as a prominent point. And if everyone at the table doesn't act like a bunch of dicks.

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That pisses me off.

How dare he say it's fine as long as she's healthy? Who is he to imply it's good to stay healthy.

What a fucking dick.

>> No.36010228

You get the impression she doesn't know what the word healthy means.

>> No.36010288

They don't even need to be edgelords.

It's just that freeform often falls into the trap of "I hit you!" "No, I've got a bulletproof vest." "Well, I've got Armor-piercing bullets!" mentality if you're not doing it with properly trained people.

So, you can imagine that in a free-form game, one of the players says "I blink out of reality and appear behind him." "Well, I blink out of reality and appear behind HIM." "WELL, I BLINK OUT OF REALITY AND APPEAR BEHIND HIIM" ad nauseum.

I actually run into a similar problem in my work, since I work with an Improv troupe, and some people refuse to acknowledge that a character they are portraying is in the wrong, or refuse to acknowledge potential solutions, choosing instead to shoot them down. ("We need the coconut in that tree!" "I'll cut it down with this axe!" "It's too hard to cut down!" ..."Well, then, I'll climb it!" "It's too slick!" etc, until there's no way to get the coconut, and therefore no way to have the scene pay off.)

We had a joke that one girl we knew was so bad at it, she could stop scenes she wasn't in. And then we saw her ACTUALLY DO THAT.

>> No.36010349

...I can't tell if you're trolling, or you really are that retarded.

5/10 I responded.

>> No.36010369

Yeah, it doesn't work for pvp at all.

>> No.36010384

It was sarcasm dude, a joke.

>> No.36010392

It's a joke, you fucking strawberry.

>> No.36010408

Am I the only one who finds the faces that the black man next to Julius makes hilarious?

Am I the only one who gets a little pissed off at the host lady for moving on to health being an economic priority instead of calling out the woman for refusing to accept that being healthy is good for people?

>> No.36010428

>We had a joke that one girl we knew was so bad at it, she could stop scenes she wasn't in. And then we saw her ACTUALLY DO THAT.

>> No.36010448

I remember when I was like 8 playing with my friends on the playground at school, we were pretending to have lightsabers and fight each other and stuff and one time my friends just got mad at me and went away because I claimed they couldn't hurt me because I had cortosis armor and they had no idea what the fuck I was talking about. I basically got all of the retarded freeform roleplaying out of my system when I was a little kid and I can only imagine these kinds of people didn't do that and now it has built up and festered.

>> No.36010568

>physical adept on a solo run

>> No.36010573

Okay, I lost my shit so loud my roommate asked me if I was alright.

>> No.36010601

He got second, suck a dick.

>> No.36010692

That doesn't mean he's not a freakish weirdo.

I mean, I'm cool with people having their own likes/dislikes, fetishes, tastes or whatever, but that shit is just embarrassing.

If a gay man wandered around in a fucking banana hammock all day I'd be disgusted to. I don't hate weebs, I just hate really overt creeps that need to demonstrate their weird shit in public.

>> No.36010705

Same. I had an imaginary kingdom of wolf tailed, angel winged (otherwise human) people who fought a war against dragons and had all sorts of ridiculous magic and fought in units of magitech arquebusers under magical moving domes. I ended up in an argument with a kid who made up a nation with soldiers who each had pendants that made them totally invincible.

Even then I knew that was bullshit and stopped playing with him.

Man, being a kid was stupid. Kinda fun too, but then I was so miserable from hereditary depression that I was totally convinced I was a wolftailed prince imprisoned in human flesh.

>> No.36010727

>weird shit

>> No.36010780

He retains his right to be a weirdo if he gets second place, whereas you look like a little bitch complaining about someone better than you.

>> No.36010784

Even though people on 4chan make fun of people like that for being autists, most of us where there when we were kids. Don't sweat it.

I think all kids are kinda autistic if they're depressed, they just latch onto shit that let's them pretend they can be better than who they are, and that stuff just tends to be edgy weeb shit a lot of time. or Sanic.

being gay isn't weird shit, wandering around half naked is weird shit.

Liking anime isn't weird and creepy either, unless a fucker spends hundreds of dollars creating a disgusting shrine to his waifu and brings it to public events to show off.

>> No.36010828

>being gay isn't weird shit, wandering around half naked is weird shit.
I figured, but you made that too easy.

>> No.36010870

It's pretty much the same sort of bullshit as adults. I hang out on an IRC network where a lot of freeform happens, and I even used to participate in it, but got tired of it over the years. Having been an avid player of tabletop since 1995, the shit these people do just makes me shake my head with a mix of pity and disgust.

It's the same sort of "I teleport behind you" repeating and one-upmanship and pissing contests and ego fights that people in this thread have described, but with the sort of passive-aggression and pretense of maturity that only adulthood can bring. I've managed to gather a small group of people who are also tired of freeform garbage and the clique nonsense and we do regular tabletop stuff.

Some of them who have known nothing but freeform roleplay have told me how refreshing it is to have stable, reliable stats backing up what characters do, and how when dice are rolled, the numbers actually mean something. They told me that it's so nice to be able to look at a sheet and tell exactly what a character can and can't do.

Naturally, I've wholly embraced a completely elitist attitude toward freeform play, and openly mocked it and called it baby games for babies, and said that "Tabletop is what freeform wants to be when it grows the fuck up." I've never been much for deliberate trolling, but it feels so good that I just can't resist it.

>> No.36010873

Yeah. For me, it was escapism pure and simple. Kinda hilarious those, I tried to write a bible for a wolf god. I figured that even a really crazy sounding religion would get some followers.

And there were the centaur tribes of the forest, which were differentiated by one having bright red mohawks and the other bright blue.

Kinda hilarious in truth. Sad, but hilarious.

>> No.36010895

>Liking anime isn't weird and creepy either, unless a fucker spends hundreds of dollars creating a disgusting shrine to his waifu and brings it to public events to show off.
I dunno if I was going to something as dumb as a airsoft shooting competition I probably wouldn't care.

It's like those reenactment fags complaining about realism.

>> No.36010919

Freeform can be good, but it requires people to be actually mature and willing to accept the rulings of a competent, fair moderator.

And all that is as rare as goddamn fist sized diamonds on the internet, so it usually goes far, far worse.

>> No.36010922


I want you to think about what you just posted.

You're expressing disgust at someone, presumably because of his devotion to a piece of fiction, and his insistence on making that a part of his life at large.

Neither has he wronged you in any way, nor is he depicted as wronging anyone else.

He's enjoying himself at a shooting competition.

There is no reason for a scene to be caused, and there are no grounds for fury.

>> No.36010958

I like you, Anon, you seem like a cool guy.

>> No.36010979

Second place in an airsoft tournament is like winning a fucking spelling bee.

That being said, if an olympic gold medalist likes to pay pregnant women to throw up on their balls and call them Rainbow Dash, that doesn't mean they're not fucking weird.

And I'll bet you the medalist at least has the decency to leave his pony figures at home, not flaunt them all over the Olympics.

>> No.36011005

Face it, people will be weird all they want and there's nothing you can do but get angry about it instead of ignoring it like a sensible person.

>> No.36011023

>requires players to be mature
>willing to accept rulings
>a competent, fair moderator

It's very nice when all of these things are in place. I've seen it, and it made freeform not only tolerable but also rather pleasant. Characters made mistakes, puzzled things out, cooperated, and I even learned about the concept of "selling" when it comes to acting.

But like you said, rare in the extreme. More often than not, any given freeform community will be a highschool-level clique full of manchildren, actual highschool-aged kids, or a mix of both. It'll be the same ego-stroking pissing contest garbage described in this thread.

>> No.36011046

>There is no reason for a scene to be caused, and there are no grounds for fury.
That's why i would've left.

I'm an adult. Just because something seems dumb to me on a brony-tier level of horribleness doesn't mean I would shit in the mans face, but it does make me uncomfortable and annoy the fuck out of me.

If that guy can do whatever the fuck he wants in public and have people defend his freakish ass, then shouldn't I at least be able to express myself on an anonymous forum without being whined at for being a bully or some shit?

Apparently you'd be more comfortable with me carrying a body pillow around with me than me being disturbed by someone else doing it.

People have a right to like what they like, but I also have a right to think those people are autists.

>> No.36011087

b-but getting angry about meaningless things on the internet lets me channel all of the anger that I feel towards my own life into something that at least makes me feel better because being an adult is frightening and its a lot easier to focus on minor anonymous details so I don't drown in despair for living a life I can't control ;_;

>> No.36011201

Let's face it. That guy is having a whole lot of fun with his hobby, however weird it and he may be. You're the truly pathetic one, doing nothing but throwing an impotent temper tantrum on the internet about someone else's happiness.

>> No.36011205

Not hugely interesting, I'm afraid.

As I said, she had a big problem with blocking scenes (the bit about the tree and the coconut is almost verbatim from a scene she did.), but she was a very chipper person, always willing to chip in, volunteer to try new scenes, etc.

Eventually, one day, we're in rehearsal. If you haven't done improv rehearsal, you basically just play improv games. That's it. Because knowing the game and being confident with it is basically all you need. We were doing an open scene: meaning there was no gimmick, no necessary component, the two guys on stage just had to make a scene together, give it an arc, and make it funny.

They end up doing a Ghost Hunters scene: you know, two dudes, investigating a creepy house. They kind of crossed it with Ghostbusters, in that they had ghost capturing equipment.

Now, as an improviser, hearing that they HAVE ghost capturing equipment means they should use it. Whether it fails, works, or turns out to be fake, it has to be used.

Which led this girl to start playing a ghost.

Sitting off-stage with the rest of us, she starts off with stereotypical "WooOOOooooOOOoo! Who oooo is iinnnnn myyyy hoooussee?"

And that's fine. Not, strictly speaking, needed for the scene, but nothing out of the park.

THEN, she starts demanding things of them "Yooouuuu muuusssttt bbuuurrrnnnn myyy dddiiiiaarrryyyy!" etc. Again, workable, except she then refuses to tell them where the diary is. STALLING THE SCENE.

So, they do the rational thing: They blast her with the equipment. To which she responds "HA! Missed me!" WHich, since she's not actually IN the scene, she can conceivably do FOREVER, stalling the scene again.

We called the scene like, 20 seconds later, but there was a moment where every person in the room WITH the training looked at each other, with a "Are you fucking kidding me?" look in their eyes.

She stopped coming like, 3 months later.

>> No.36011238

That sounds annoying as fuck.

As long as you at least tried talking to her about it first, then good riddance.

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>> No.36011342


I'm sorry, perhaps I didn't word that the best way.

I'm not trying to get you to refrain from expressing your views, but I am trying to get you to earnestly question those views. Something which would not be possible without rational discourse.

The man's behavior is certainly out of the ordinary, but to use a word like "freakish" seems unnecessarily judgmental. As does your use of autist as a pejorative. So I would like you to consider the following:

Why does someone expressing extraordinary love for a work of fiction make you uncomfortable? What is it about his behavior that is so disturbing/annoying? You've already admitted that acting on these negative emotions would be inappropriate. So, if the fruit is sour, then why keep the seeds?

>> No.36011354

That's funny.
Now I'm going to try to find some good improv on youtube

>> No.36011392

I dunno about the guy you are talking to, but for me its the expressed and implied obsession with fictional under aged girls that makes me uncomfortable.

>> No.36011438

May I recommend Ghost Jail? It's a format I've seen done twice by a college team from Vancouver, and it still sticks with me as one of the best performances I've seen.

Other than that, I can recommend UCB and Second City, of course. Dead Parrot's Society is a strong college team. For short-form, I don't know of anyone better than Nuthouse, but most of their videos are pretty old.

We discussed it with her a few times.

It's a problem you can run into in any performance style: tics you're unaware of.
She blocked scenes without thinking about it, because she subconciously assumed conflict was funny.
I have a friend who inhales through his teeth before he talks in scenes. as his brain comes up with the proper response. It makes him sound a little like Snidely Whiplash's dog in Wacky Races.
I spent YEARS unable to make quips or jokes in a scene without looking at the audience, like Jimmy Fallon did on SNL.

Hopefully you push through them.

>> No.36011443

But he's having fun in the wrong way
First of all, airshit is airshit. It couldn't be more tryhard and socially unaware if it tried. In general, it's about flashiness and lacks the authenticity of real challenges, like 3-gun or cowboy action. It's people using fake guns with fake equipment shooting fake plastic bullets at close targets and is not worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as sports that use real firearms in competitions designed to represent reality that build skills applicable to real life. It's the same reason target shooting with .22 and 10000$ rifles is bullshit and wrong.
Secondly, he clearly likes anime, which is the most autistic and socially isolating of all media. Furthermore, he is displaying his shame in public, without any of the required self-awareness or self-loathing. He probably lieks loli too, another sin. He is displaying needlessly sexualized images in an inappropriate public space.
His choice of hobbies shows that he is not a functional adult, and is distanced from the real world to a dangerous degree. The lack of socialization should be apparent and concerning to anybody that sees him, and the unhealthy obsession with childlike activities shows that he's unable to move into adulthood and be a fucntional, productive member of society.

>> No.36011450

Pretty sure the character is of appropriate age of consent there.

That being said it is incredibly weird but I'm not a judger.

>> No.36011455

>But he's having fun in the wrong way
Please go back to /v/

>> No.36011477

Forgot pic

>> No.36011484

Actually a mutual deep appreciation for loli is one of the things that helped me get with my wife and helped us bond. Its not socially isolating and indeed helped us "move forward," like RPGs.

>> No.36011504

>anime, the most autistic and socially isolating of all media.

This is patently false. A wide array of today's youth (teens to late twenties) has seen anime, having been shown films like those of Studio Ghibli reaching mainstream audiences. I know plenty of otherwise mainstream individuals who watch Attack on Titan, or Gurren Lagan, or Fairy Tail, because the stigma is dying off.

Personally, I feel that miniature wargaming holds that title, and I own three 40k armies.

>> No.36011523

I don't know the character; all I know is that she looks like a young girl with exaggerated sexual characteristics.

And frankly the fairly obvious sexual obsession with fiction characters is still creepy.

Now I'm not the most judgmental, but I certainly would not be comfortable around such a person.

>> No.36011546

Actually, wait, while I don't recognize the character I'm vaguely sure that she's wearing a highschool uniform. So yeah, probably underaged.

>> No.36011553

Basically this >>36011392
I find it annoying when people proudly and arrogantly flaunt their deviancy, especially when it's sexual stuff. And even more especially when that sex stuff is about underaged children (Like a lot of anime) and cartoons for little girls (Bronies).

The anime style is heftily based around making women look as young as possible. Once I told a guy that lusting after a 10 year old was disgusting, and his rebuttal was (She's a vampire dude, she's like 1000!). It doesn't matter to me how old the plot says they are, they look like 15 or less most of the time.

Definitely don't want to see that shit in public.

Also, I respect that you're being comporting yourself as amiably and respectfully as possible, but you're causing me to internally start fuming about social justice warriors, liberals, and overly politically correctness.

>> No.36011568

National age o' consent in Nipland is 13.
Of course, all the different prefectures are individually higher, sexualized teenagers is standard fare for Japs.

>> No.36011615

Can we get back to bad filename jokes and ignore the autistic toddler who gets upset about things that don't affect him in the slightest?

>> No.36011640

Maybe I got the wrong Ghost Fail, but that was really unfunny. But this Dead Parrot Society is pretty funny.

>> No.36011645

>> No.36011658

>> No.36011681

>autistic toddler who gets upset about things that don't affect him in the slightest?
Everyone is that conversation was being as respectful as possible, the only one being autistic is you because you had to say that.

That said, I agree about getting back to filename posting.

>> No.36011699

>> No.36011733

>> No.36011768

>> No.36011770

Aye, Captain. Though I used up my good stuff early on.

There may not be any good videos of it, I've never actually checked Youtube for it.

I've found at least one group doing the format, (They'll get like, a book from the audience) but god knows if they're good. I may also be affected by the "insider's perspective." The format is actually an impressively difficult one, since most groups get a lot more suggestions for their set. The idea of doing 30 minutes on one suggestion is daunting as a performer, and the inclusion of the notebook lead to some cool shit.

Shrug. Glad you like Dead Parrots, though!

Is Greg Phelps in the videos you're watching? He ran the group the last like, 2 years. If so, I've done shows with him!

>> No.36011773


Anime is an art style designed to be as utterly vague as possible, especially with anime girls. It isn't accurate to say that all or most are designed to look as young as possible. Kids usually look pretty weird, gangly and/or chubby. No offense to Murika's youngest elected politician, but she looks significantly younger than your typical anime teenage character.

Just off the top of my head since I haven't found much anime I can watch without raging due to SPASTIC NOISE AND MOVEMENT, take PMMM. Physically, she has a C cup and is generally soft and curvy, not gangly and bony like a real girl her age would be. Mentally, she's likewise very level headed and mature for her age.

Contrast this with le nudist vampire Dracula Vampire Bathory Girl with the Samuel Haight bodyguard, who is indeed all weirdly shaped and bony like a real little girl.

You can generally tell which anime chars are designed to look overly young, because they look fucking strange, like real kids.

Not that there's anything wrong with being disgusted by freaks, but honestly that guy is a not cleaner and neater than I am.

>> No.36011788


>> No.36011807

>> No.36011813

But those are all in the regular Monster Manual ;_;

>> No.36011816

Only if my doppel is made of toilet paper and butter.

>> No.36011847

God damn it, anon. You didn't need to remind me.

>> No.36011854

Generally, some factors are used as shorthand to indicate that a character is a child and not an adult. These include large eyes and head compared to the rest of the body and lack of secondary sex characteristics, such as enlargement of breasts and hips, and changing distribution of fat in the body. Anime, in particular, tends to avoid many if not all of these in female characters, making them appear more childlike.

I don't know if I'm agreeing or disagree with you, honestly, because I only read the first paragraph.

>> No.36011859

Shit, meant to respond to >>36011816

>> No.36011860

God I miss my Bard, Zoltar the Magnificent. His summon minor monster spell got me out of so many jams. No guard's willing to bar you entrance once he's covered in 1d3 weasels.

>> No.36011893

Actual Marksman who plays arisoft in his spare time.

The concept of an airsoft marksmanship competition is absolutely asinine. Airsoft guns are terrible for trying to hit a bulls-eye on a standard target. The average one is okay for hitting a person at under 60 meters if you're indoors (there are airsoft arenas this big for certain) or it's not too windy. In order to buy or customize an airsoft gun to the degree that you could use it in a competition, you might as well be using a competition air-rifle or an actual rifle

>> No.36011937



>> No.36011982

Eh, anime's pretty good about separating chars that are supposed to be young women (according to their lax AoC laws) vs genuine children -- just off the top of my head, Rei, Asuka, Nanoha, and Madoka all have definite titties. Contrast this with Vampire Bitch and the infamous manga, Little Red Riding Rapist: Snuff Surprise.

RL 18 y/os are very childlike in appearance and behavior too, remember.

Even this char, for some reason I thought reminded me of a kid, but looking at it again I seem to have missed certain womanly attributes.

>> No.36011985



>> No.36012034

Oh hey, it's Boogie. He was the first guy I ever played magic against.

>> No.36012048

>Childlike in appearance
No, they look young, but most look nothing like true children.

>> No.36012075


It's certainly immature to flaunt one's deviancy like a badge of honor, sexual or otherwise, but it's a relatively benign thing. I assume that he feels Misaka has helped him through the trials of life, and that's a good thing to have; not everyone is so lucky. The road to becoming a better, more complete person is long and difficult, and, ultimately, everyone must go at his or her own pace. The process cannot be rushed, and attempting to force it will only make things worse.

As for SJWs, I think they forget that. I've seen a lot of hypocrisy coming from people who shout about tolerance, but refuse to be in the same room with someone for petty political reasons. No racist/sexist/whateverist is going to change their mind after being berated and ostracized; those are the tools of a cult, not of someone genuinely concerned for their fellow man.

>> No.36012092

I mean, I'm 23 and every 18 year old I've lusted after makes me feel like a pedophile

>> No.36012100

Truth, brother.

>> No.36012104

If you say so?

Anyway, point being, its pretty unusual for anime girls, even ones frequently referred to as lolis (Madoka, Nanoha, etc.) to be drawn 'as young as possible', they usually don't have the weird skinny-chubby proportions of real kids.

Not that there's anything wrong with it either way.

>> No.36012230


I can't really understand that sentiment myself.

A woman is attractive because of her secondary sexual characteristics. So if she has the right figure, it doesn't matter if she's 15 or 51.

Contrast with pedophiles who prefer children precisely because they lack those traits.

>> No.36012237

>world building threads.jpg

>> No.36012259

>> No.36012264

holy cats, what happened?

>> No.36012269

KSP is fucking lunacy.

>> No.36012279

there was a fire

>> No.36012299

>dat scared guy in the bottom

>> No.36012301

Only if designing a moon mission


>> No.36012305


>> No.36012311

Well, if she doesn't have much of a womanly figure, is hyper-spastic and glued to an ipad, I could see why attraction to her would be unnerving.

>> No.36012375

>most of us where there when we were kids
Really? Because I knew that faggot already in middle school and looked down on his retarded gay ass.

>> No.36012383

They aren't allowed real guns in nippon so they have to use airsoft instead.

>> No.36012400


>> No.36012404

intentionally goading your opponent into table flipping

>> No.36012410

>he doesn't like the Corgyn Brae

>> No.36012416

>> No.36012425

>> No.36012429

>epic bard

>> No.36012443


>> No.36012464

>> No.36012471

>> No.36012473

Yes. It is in Japan and since the legal firearms are really rare (the only way to get a new license is after another gun owner dies and even then the list of applicants is REALLY long.) so they use airsoft guns for shooting competitions like that. There are videos on youtube about those contests.

>> No.36012475

>> No.36012488

>> No.36012490

>> No.36012527

>> No.36012532



>> No.36012537

Oh fuck bro. That's the funniest thing I've seen in months.

>> No.36012554

>> No.36012578

Really wish someone posted that info earlier in the thread, might've stopped those Midwestern puritans from starting a shitstorm.

>> No.36012580

>lost sword
>fuck it, SHIELD BASH

>> No.36012604

Fairly sure that guy was mexican.
We don't fight Sharks here in Aus. Sharks are bros.

>> No.36012656

>Trying to tableflip against a spanish player
¡Te giro la mesa!

>> No.36012748

>The south Australian tuna diver

>> No.36012824

Huh, need to read more it seems.
I swear I saw a story about a Mexican killing a shark.

>> No.36013043

the second one is excellent

>> No.36013107

laughed me good

>> No.36013177

That fucking SQUAD BROKEN! post gets me every time.

>> No.36013201

He's Australian but
>We don't fight Sharks here in Aus. Sharks are bros.
Note the (almost) last line.
>"The great pity was that it had to be killed".

>> No.36013747

Perils mane

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