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Where's your filename thread /tg/?

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Bards in D20 are called Personality and are prestige class. Also, this picture is really overused.

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*D20 Modern

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First one I've made and feel really proud of it

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You motherfucker.

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Can I get some help?

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>Players try to leave the railroad

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> chaotic neutral

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Is that from that Overlord light novel?


Chaotic character at family gathering?

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>watching this movie for the first time high on marijuana edibles
>mfw i was never the same

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So...they're eating human limbs. Is that it?

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You missed the brains, ears and fingers.

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Here are Aperture we fire the whole bullet. That's 65% more bullet, per bullet!

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>40% more bullet

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I swear to god. What the fuck.

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why do we constantly need a filename thread?

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Do the skellington get romantically involved with her or someone else, or...?

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What do you think it would be like to run a game DM'd my Miyazaki?

I imagine it's filled with a youthful magic and wonder we have lost as adults.

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Is that Byakugan?

I nearly got a stroke from watching that show

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It's a master servant relationship where the spooky skeleton still can't over the fact that he stopped her from being a slut.

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It's ygo Zexal, crazy shit was standard during the later part of the show.

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But, just to make you feel like a badass, we also put an empty shell casing in after every real bullet. It lowers your clip/magazine size by 50%, but you'll look like such a badass with all those shell casing at your feet.

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that needs to be a 4chan banner.

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I'm not sure I get it. She want his bone but he's like " you don't have to do this just because I'm your master"?

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needs more cross here

Don't you agree?

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Read the LN, I'm terrible at explaining things.

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I'll dump a few, I'm just going to greentext my names because I'm too lazy to actually rename the files.
>Failed Athletics Skill Challenge

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Any ideas?

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>Critical Fumbles table

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>Mount with levels of Frenzied Berserker

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"Fables", a fairly early issue.

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>Successful Stealth check

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No, motherfucker. YOU GET IN THE BAG!

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>Shields are OP

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Oh man, that makes the whole Bag Death idea so much funnier...

Also, contribution to the thread proper.

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Chaotic vs Lawful

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>Failed Handle Animal check

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I have that saved as Random Encounter

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>Druid took levels in Bard

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>Successful Disguise check

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>Animals wielding mouthpick weapons

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>Losing your youthful magic

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>Legs are contagious

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At the end of the scene, there should have been one more guy who comes around the corner behind him and his blasted without Iron Bad even looking.

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God dammit, I can see how I would make a Loss edit out of that picture.

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Do it

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What movie is this?

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Could anyone put the Elf face where the one of the guy with the spear is, please?

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"Freddie Got Fingered", I believe

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I'm too dense right now, give this a name, /tg/.

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Because /tg/ humor threads are the same cultist chan images since board creation, and it's fun.

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I would literally commit murder to be in a game run by Miyazaki.

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Someone explain this please?

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HA. Amazing.

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Read the last line.

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What is this? Final Destination the anime?

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so many times where that has happened.

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>Level 20 monk.

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>Playing 5e

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Funeral dirge for Rip Torn's career?

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>Dies against armed fighters
Yeah, seems legit.

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...Hotline Miami manga?

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Too soon

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>Expecting fun
>Lethality gets in the way
It fits perfectly

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well played sir, well played.

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Would post a pic of Bruce Lee in answer, too lazy.

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>I risk to be damaged if I don't find a weapon!
>Better rip my own arm off and use it to beat this motherfucker

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>Arm survives hitting against blade
Why the fuck did he rip it off in the first place then?

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The arm had already been rendered useless.

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it looks like the zaku blocked with the flat side of the blade as tradition with sword fighting.

you never want to block edge on since it damages the blade.

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Reach, and the arm was rendered dysfunctional beforehand.

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What this guy said

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Isn't that from a jackie chan movie

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so that was the context

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>you never want to block edge on since it damages the blade.
Then how are you supposed to cut through their sword?

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And you should stop getting sword cues from arma and move over to scholagladiatora instead.

While blocking with the flat might be a good idea, edge to edge is still valid and sometimes better

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My man, kindly give source?

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excuse me from posting skallagrim,k but this video is one of the few of his that arent full of shit:


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I really need to catch up with anime these days

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Boku wa Nymphogears

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I'm not seeing a penis anywhere, can someone point it out?

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You're looking for the wrong things.

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That's from the anime about the superhero with semen superpowers isn't it?

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No clue honestly.

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Because he was losing his god damn mind and screaming about love and marriage.

It's Gundam, that's just how it goes.

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God damn symphogear was so cuhrayzee

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God, Crossed was so fucked up.

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>rouge minotaur
I see what you did there.

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Well, you only do that when dealing with inferior western steel barely even folded.

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So many uses, any good ones?

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I'd really like to play a Symphogear-inspired system. Or just play a bard based off Hibiki, really.

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>FATAL intensifies
>The orphan turned into a dragon
>You enter the bedchambers of the drow priestess
>Top decked the bolt
>Xcom: Long War
>Tomb of horrors
It really does have a lot of uses

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>Chaotic Neutral

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Is chaotic neutral just not caring... intensely?

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It's not caring AGRESSIVELY

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It's more the reaction to someone choosing it.

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"Let me check this table....."

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I refuse to believe that filename

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Of someone scared for /tg/ stories, you'll mean.

I never had a problem with a chaotic neutral. Hell, I never had a problem with a chaotic evil dude.

But I know there are assholes around there using it for stupid shit. Thats no reason for being like that, there are assholes doing stupid shit everywhere.

Specially with alignements.

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>GM when Call of Cthulhu

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Explanation: Overlord Skelly is a japanese salaryman in a super immersive giant mega MMO with bullshit like 700+ races and literally thousands of classes and you mix and match classes every level. He was the life-less (ho) leader of a very powerful guild of working-man player killer monster characters. Then the game died, and all of his buddies abandoned ship, but he stayed to the end shutdown because he was depressed and had no friends or family out of the game and had been playing with the guild for 20+ years and wanted to honor everything they built.

There was a huge guild tomb fort, guarded by powerful NPCs, each of which were custom coded and art designed by a member of the guild, because the game is bullshit awesome. He's dedicated himself to running it, and thus missed a lot of the details and personality stuff, so counting down the minutes by reading their bios.

He discovers that the chief NPC, a giant busty succubus in black knight armor, in charge of the rest, who was the beloved creation of one player, had a line down at the very bottom of a like 20 page description that read, more or less "Also she's a total nymphomaniac." Because players do that shit. (Another NPC is basically a necrophiliac, stacked 14 year old girl vampire, and he spends a bit going "that guy was a total creep", and another is a pair of twin elves, the male of which crossdresses. He does not understand why, but accepts it out of respect for his guildmates)

He, feeling miserable and depressed, gets ready to delete the line because the fuck, but instead replaces it with "Also she loves (my character)" out of pique and OCD (didn't want to leave a line empty. He then feels pathetic about that, but also too depressed to care.

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>> No.35965846

And then the time the game is supposed to shut down at comes and goes, and suddenly all the NPCs are intelligent and he is a fucking real skeleton and the tomb is in a different world. And they all basically worship him as the last creator, who stayed with them at the very end. He then spends the rest of the time feeling really creepy over that last line, and also fairly empty of libido because skeleton. And gets creeped out by vampire little girl, who is aroused by his bones (ho).

Other NPCs include a giant ice bug man who at one point fantasizes about teaching the kids (HOW) of Over-Skelly and whoever, a stylish demon, a classy old fashioned old man butler, and two others, one of whom is HUGE and the other of which is called the "Victim" and the others are warned to stay away from it.

Pic related.

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Well, I can't NOW, but I might sometime in the future

>> No.35965853

That autist actually lives around here.

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Worse than a thousand Hitlers, jesus christ

>> No.35965866

I can see the chaotic, but not the evil.

>> No.35965875

Oh, and busty black knight NPC (chick hanging off Skelly-Over) and the vampire necrophile (purple snooty girl in dress) get in verbal bitch outs all the time.

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>Someone posts a grimer body pillow saying that someone will fap to it

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What if it's just chaotically not caring?

>But really only on Wednesdays.

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Have a picture of Victim while we're at it.

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Intrigue Campaign

>> No.35966081

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Whats this? I didnt really care before but now I must see this.

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>> No.35966164

>Improvised weapon

Because better to have a weapon to defend yourself than allow him to ram a sword through the torso/cockpit.

Fucking loved 08thMS team.

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Won't you be my neighbor?


>> No.35966208

Depending on what kind of sword, the style of combat and the weapon you're defending against, the flat or edge has merits.

In this case, I could see the use of the flat being used to prevent the sword from embedding into the arm.

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>That girl who keeps failing
Pack up, go home, you're through!
How could I make a man out of you?

>> No.35966320

>How people would really react to CN bards

>> No.35966437

>'The water you drank tastes funny.'
>'Make a fort save.'
>'You begin to feel a heat rising up from inside.'

>> No.35966441

thank you, Gropey.

I admit my knowledge with two handed swords comes mostly from Japanese styles where preserving the edge is pretty high priority.

All my one-handed is fencing where I'm more likely to constantly hump my opponent's blade with mine to deflect it and stick the point in them.

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And yet somehow I'm even more confused. Damn you Japan!

>> No.35966529

Player insists he got 8 hours of rest

>> No.35966600

PCs find the Macgruffin?

>> No.35966622

currently have a bard/monk based off Hibiki and Kanade

it's the best

>> No.35966635

Does she rocket punches and shit or an equivalent for your system?

>> No.35966699


you're kidding right?

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>> No.35966778

When 'Befriend' doesn't work, she'll beat them into submission with her fists and spear, and then use 'Befriend' again.

Also, Bladed Dash + Punishing Fist is pretty close to a rocket punch.

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>> No.35966840

Has she ever told someone she'll come back alive, even if she dies?

>> No.35966847

This is no Zaku, boy!

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>> No.35966881

God dammit I hate when that happens

>> No.35966899

Not yet, but I will to make that moment a reality.

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>> No.35966980

The Hero Yoshihiko. http://over-ti.me/releases/the-hero-yoshihiko/

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>> No.35966990

The numbers are completely arbitrary at that point it might as well just have the words "I win" for atk/def

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>> No.35967233

so this is a real thing?

I am horrified and yet enthralled

>> No.35967236

>> No.35967288

el oh fuckin el.

>> No.35967303

>> No.35967344

I raff I roose

>> No.35967368

The Overlord Light Novel, it is actually pretty good.

If only for the hilarity of a very self aware, insecure japanese salaryman suddenly becoming the Undead Overlord of a tomb full of riches and fetish fuel NPCs that make him very uncomfortable.

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>> No.35967398

I like the cut of your penis sir

>> No.35967444

>> No.35967524

> roger_a_muirebe.png

>> No.35967636

>> No.35967657

>> No.35967701


>> No.35967709

>> No.35967726

>> No.35967777

This is no Zaku, boy. No Zaku!

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>> No.35967841 [SPOILER] 

>> No.35967855


>> No.35967883

>> No.35967933

feels like it has potential

>> No.35967940

>> No.35967978


The hell is this from and why is it so well animated.

>> No.35968016


Shiggy Diggy Bahamut. It's a new show that came out. Only 3 episodes or so out.

>> No.35968027

Did they get dunked in liquid nitrogen?

>> No.35968095

I loved when that shit happened in game, but absolutely raged when my 99% hit chance sniper missed from 6 tiles away.

The RNGesus is not a merciful god, but that of trickery.

>> No.35968201

>Seizure Kick!

>> No.35968210

Optionally: Psychics in an Evil Campaign

>> No.35968229



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>> No.35968248

>> No.35968300

>> No.35968312

>> No.35968386

so cute

>> No.35968417

I could see that working (as in having a full firing cycle and everything), but that would require G11 SPESS MAGIC tier clockwork internals.

>type out captcha
>In the time it takes for my mouse cursor to move to the post button, captcha refreshes

>> No.35968444

>> No.35968445


>> No.35968447

Who thought the internals of this would be a good idea

>> No.35968569

I keep seeing this.
And I keep getting more and more confused each time.
Or at least: context?

>> No.35968673

A pair of crooks cornered a few girls in a back alley, and that guy came by to rescue them. By doing that.

>> No.35968690

>> No.35968721

>Dark Heresy Combat.webm

>> No.35968731

Apparently the G11 magazine even retracts back into the gun as a counterweight recoil buffer. I have no idea how it does that AND feed cartridges into the gun. Magic.

>> No.35968732


> Imperial Guard fire Overwatch
> Link Team takes ARO on Combined Army
> Improved Evasion

>> No.35968773


That's a natural 1 on perception.

>> No.35968911

Ya dun Gouf'd

>> No.35968924

>> No.35968928

I don't care if suplexes are impractical, that's the tighest shit there is

that movie had such great fights

>> No.35968958

>> No.35968978

...Oh god you have to tell me what movie that's from.

>> No.35968985


You don't want to block with the edges.

>> No.35969008

Is this thing more comedy or more serious stuff?
I can't take this storyline seriously but it might work for comedy

>> No.35969021

Did you happen to notice which way the bullets were facing?

>> No.35969042

It also apparently could fire 3 bullets before recoiling.

>> No.35969060


>> No.35969086

it's called Plastic Nee-san

I'd recommend it if you have half an hour and no need for your sides

>> No.35969093

Someone should shoop Lelf's face over the masked swordsman

>> No.35969177


On my last game session, I was phoning it in at the time so I just told them it was acid, it wasn't supposed to be trap or anything, it was more like a part of a combat encounter later so I said
>DM: you see what looks like a pool of acid
>PC: What does it smell like?
>DM: Acid
>PC I put my finger on it

I don't know what he expected to happen

>> No.35969191

here's a pair of favorites of mine

>> No.35969211


>> No.35969240

flashpoint (2007 movie)

>> No.35969306

>> No.35969321

Yeah but that's not insurmountable. It could feed from the bottom and up through the grip for instance. I'm not going to think about it too hard.

>> No.35969452

The pin wouldn't be able to... exist, from there.

you're right, best not to think of it. I'll stick with my M1 Garand like a good /k/omando

>> No.35969545

I remember that thread

>> No.35969681

I thought you /k/ommandos loved slavshit?

>> No.35969812


>> No.35969822

How the hell did he catch the dolphin?

>> No.35969914

If it's from Slavistan and it ain't a nugget, it ain't worth shit

>> No.35969937

>Shitting on the SKS and SVT series
>Shitting on the Tokarev
>Shitting on the Avtomat Kalashnikova

You're no /k/ommando. Reveal yourself, imposter!

>> No.35969967

Well, when I said slavshit I was specifically thinking about the mossy nugget.

>> No.35970041

As a matter of fact I am. My M1 Garand is my only waifu, Ivan!

>> No.35970053

PC Plans

>> No.35970163


just because I don't have bardic performance (distract) doesn't mean i can't get his attention

>> No.35970198


American pigu! Soviet dog!
You stupid fuurs onry use burret which kiru yoah shourda afta one shot to compensate for your terribru aim. Taste our baranced burret 6.5mm, accurate and staburu.

>> No.35970241

>Taking weapons advice from people roughly twenty years behind the rest of the world in weapons technology

Why would you ever do this.

>> No.35970260

>> No.35970266

Didn't you end up switching to a 7.7mm round anyway?

>> No.35970324

Hey, Toji! *PING!*
Sound familiar? HAHAHAHA!

No, Mushu, your "artirrerry" will not "breaku mah wirr!"

>> No.35970398

>Possessed Vehicle

>> No.35970484

best scene in any movie ever

>> No.35970823


>> No.35970884

Some kind of clam or mussel. That internal muscle is how it pushes itself around. It's trying to flee.

>> No.35970897

Looks like a clam of some sort

>> No.35971194

clam penis

>> No.35971297

>Arboc is cobra spelled backwards
>Ekans is snake
>Muk is...

>> No.35971310

get this hothead outta here

>> No.35971371


Just once I want to make a katana using 5160 spring steel, triple twist-core, pattern-welded with a nice blue temper and see just how good that blade design is when you make it out of some proper metal.

Also, image limit. Desafortunadamente.

>> No.35971887

1/1 indestructible deathtouch

>> No.35972051

So, the situation of him failing to be funny should be funny. And it fails. That really is a nat 1

>> No.35972073


>> No.35972116

What in the nine hells is this?

>> No.35972122

Doesn't really answer much or perhaps too much? , but cheers for the explanation.

Sounds interesting, I'll check it out!
Is it just an anime, or does it have manga form?

>> No.35972141

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath. Weird guy on a weird planet has a crossbow that shoots "live ammo" (read: small animals) and uses it to hunt bounties for cash to pay for a medical operation.

>> No.35972168

>Thickly covered with a filthy, vile sludge. It is so toxic, even its footprints contain poison.
>Becomes indistinguishable if it hides in dirt. Touching its sludge-covered body causes horrible poisonings.
>As it moves, a very strong poison leaks from it, making the ground there barren for three years.
>From Muk's body seeps a foul fluid that gives off a nose-bendingly horrible stench. Just one drop of this Pokémon's body fluid can turn a pool stagnant and rancid.
>It is usually undetectable because it blends in with the ground. Touching it can cause terrible poisoning.
>A toxic fluid seeps from its body. The fluid instantly kills plants and trees on contact.
Take your pick.

>> No.35972173


>> No.35972186

Fun game, actually. Too bad it loses the sneaky pacifist side after the first couple of missions.

>> No.35972199

>Failing to appease the machine spirits

>> No.35972215


>> No.35972327

Still, could use more shootas. And kuttas. And maybe some lazers.

Never enuff' dakka.

>> No.35972336

Still shit, unfortunately. The design was a compromise due to bad materials.
The blade would still be too thick, too heavy, and too short.
Look at a talwar, shamshir, or other sabre for how the big boys made their curved swords.
I'd reccomend sabres from around the Napoleonic Wars, for example the 1796 light cavalry sabre, for a version form that was still designed with actual battlefield use in mind.

>> No.35972391

How the NAN won Shadowrun

>> No.35972467

>Shiggy Diggy Bahamut

Why can I not find this?

>> No.35972526

Because it's Shingeki no Bahamut

Shiggy Diggy is, I assume, a stupid joke combining memes and a distaste for the other, more famous Shingeki animu in recent times.

I still laughed, though.

>> No.35972559

fucking Oddworld. My god, I thought that had passed into history.

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