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Tau parking lot. Viable in current edition? Pic tangentially related.

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Vehicle spam?

I've heard of imperial guard parking lot, but never heard of tau parking lot. Dare to enlighten me?

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Pretty much same thing as it is with Guard. Vehicles everyfuckingwhere

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Tactical boobs? Kind of a double edged sword. Big boobs give one a kind of concealment pocket. I know stacked girls who favor hiding a folding knife or pocket pistols in their cleavage. I doubt a would be mugger or rapist even thinks about that concern, favoring the deliciousness of their sexy prey over any consideration of how they could really screw them over in a big way.

On the other hand, big boobs means bigger target from the profile side. In a firefight what matters is hitting the bastard. Any hit will do for so long as you hit them you impair them somehow. A bullet through the boobage would definitely hurt and the bigger they are the easier they are to hit.

I'll favor the tactical side over the tactile. Despite being a bit heavy and impairing, any place you can hide yet another weapon is worth that small price. All hail big boobs, both for us guys and for the women who know how useful it can be.

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The tactical applications of DFC are much greater than anything disgustingly oversized boobs could bring to the table.

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I wouldn't call it viable, fun perhaps but not viable

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DFC has tactical applications as well, especially if the girl happens to be quite androgynous (i.e. a reverse trap). Such a girl could easily infiltrate a "male-only" secret society or other such things. It also enables squeezing through narrow alleys and the like and makes acrobatic maneuvers easier.

On the other hand they lose the concealment pocket and the general distracting sexiness (mythbusters even proved big boobs=bigger tips, even with other girls surprisingly). Don't get me wrong I love both huge tracts of land and ironing boards, but the general public loves them some huge tracts of land. Hate reality all ya want but that won't change it.

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Tau units are all pretty good no matter what you're using. There are options that are worse than others, but overall most things are usable.

That said, a back row full of hammerheads and other tau vehicles could do alright. They're less durable compared to most vehicles, and you'd probably want to have plenty markerlights to help improve your shots.

It won't exactly compare to riptide span, but if you build it right you'll have answers to plenty of problems.

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It works OK for me. I have two ionheads and a hammerhead. The rest is just four devilfish with lots of guns and stuffed full of fire warriors. A few fusion piranhas round out my antitank options

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But you can't smite undead with a disgusting flat chest.

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Battlesuits are still king for tau players, especially with advent of farsight enclaves.

But right now the 'best' and most viable vehicle in the tau arsenal is the devilfish.

With jink and a disruption pod, it has become extremely tough. And since its bought for fire wariors, it gains objective secured, making it one of the better objective camping vehicles.

You generally dont upgrade its armament because its going to jink just about every turn, but it provides mobile cover for your fire warriors and holds objectives like a king.

The hammerhead is still pretty much the same, but if you ever jink with it, you can kill that firepower goodbye. They arent seen as much in the competitive scene. Mostly in apocalypse.

Skyray missile defense ships are seen less than hammerheads because their potency has been outshined by so many other things, and with jinking theyre not that effective vehicle killers.

There are other smaller vehicles that exist. Like piranhas are a good way of getting a ton of drones and some fast melta on the table. And Tetras are amazing markerlighters, but that's about it.

So vehicle spam isn't really that viable for tau. Points are better spent on units like crisis, broadsides (missilesides are on of Tau's better heavy support choices) and riptides.

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Parking lot with fish and HH isn't viable but an Eldar style mech list is fairly good using piranhas skyrays and tetras.

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Darkfire Cannons?

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You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders. The most famous of which is "never get in a land war with Asia" but only slightly less well known is this: "Never start a thread with an image more interesting than the text!" Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha...

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>"never get in a land war with Asia"
No you fool! What about the decisive victories at Kohima/Imphal and in Malaya? Britain stronk

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Delicious flat chest

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>being a childfucker
Just admit you're a deviant making excuses.

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It's either too soon or too late for you to be awake, Ozzie. Return to your bed.

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>never get involved in a land war in Asia

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>finding an excuse for your faggotness
>b-but cowtits

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>tactical applications of DFC
>tactical applications of proper tits
Distraction, ability to hold things, and potential modification through the wonders of alchemy to release poison or lasers.

The superior form is clear

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>unwieldy, always overbalancing
>get stuck when trying to infiltrate
>easier to hit thanks to wider target
>back problems later on
>also fucking disgusting

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Correctly sized tits for the girl is always appropriate.

Big girls can have big tits, smaller girls get smaller tits.

I always hate how the two sides talk as if the breast exists in a realm by itself and doesn't take into account the rest of the girl.

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If the girl has cowtits, the rest doesn't matter. She a shit. The correct size is flat, the appropriate size is flat.

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To be fair, both sides never take girls into account in general. In fact, they never take girls at all.

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Yeah, no.

A six foot tall girl with a thicker body type does not look good flat tits. Then she just looks like a man with a funny face.

Also largely true.

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>all this butthurt about not being able to make it with an adult woman

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Small girls with huge tits are adorable

Huge girls with small tits are gross even dfc lolipedo pigdogs wouldn't want them because they aren't frail and waif-like

Even ignoring the zit sized tits, looks are gross because they have no hips or thighs. You pedo scum are psychologically unsound because you lack all of evolutions instilled instincts like attraction to fertile hips and chest and round asses which breasts emulate

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>Then she just looks like a man with a funny face.
You say that like it's a bad thing. What are you, gay?

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Enh, not my thing. I just like my big girls with more appropriately sized parts.

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Why would it be?

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Dumb ass Fire Caste never read the Earth Caste handouts. The human mammary is a tool to attract mates. Notice how the human projects his lust even into his war.

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>Notice how the human projects his lust even into his war.
Indeed. The Imperium has a massive lust for fire and likes to project it all over the battlefield.

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To be fair, fire's pretty sexy.

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Sure is.

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Damn man really does fuck everything. Wish I had that old DnD poster with knocked up 'half-x' of everything

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There's a difference between a C cup and an F cup, anon.

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Muh ANON!!!
Plus let us not forget the tactical applications of Oppaimancy!

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>any place you can hide yet another weapon is worth that small price
Don't forget that larger boobs seem to have an exponentially larger storage compartment.

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