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What are the best things that have been produced by or out of /tg/, in your opinion?

Like the best storytiem, the best setting, the best 40k chapter, etc.

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Dungeons: the Dragoning and AdEva are both definitely up there.

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Best storytiem goes to the Legend of Edgardo

Best setting is the Outcast Pantheon one.

Best chapter I would say the Conservators.

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>Outcast Pantheon

I hadn't heard about that. What is it about, in a nutshell?

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Are the Carcharadons a /tg/ chapter? Because I vote them

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I'm not gonna line. this is the most brilliant thing

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Deeprot was pretty good.

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Ruby quest
The Orks on the Moon Civ
Irongiant mage

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>Best storytiem goes to the Legend of Edgardo

I think you're heaping a few too many accolades on a largely forgettable green text story, especially if you're calling it the best story /tg/ ever produced.

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Undead baby fetus mounts.

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I like everything on 1d4chan. Especially Tales of the Emperasque.

I also like the quest threads. I'm particularly fond of Ghostbusters Japan.

In terms of impact, Love Can Bloom is semi-canon and there are references to in official fluff.

>best 40k Chapter
Angry Marines obviously.

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Not that anon but, what'd you select as your personal favorite for /tg/'s stories?

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Old Man Henderson and Major Tom will always hold a special place in my heart.

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what is wrong with you. Edgardo's cute and all, but VERY cliche'd, predictable, and unlikely. My vote for best storytime is either Storytiem's Adventure of the Chainshirts or DM Kroft's tale of Saltspit. Those are fucking legendary.

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>best setting
We had an awesome setting going with a bunch of diverged mermaid species at one point.
>best storytiem
Old Man Henderson
>best 40k chapter
That one Ork that claimed to be from the Table of Contents.

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Shadowrun Storytime, Deffwotch, and that Ghosts of Mars story

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>>Best Setting
The Wall or maybe Scholomance

>>Best Storytime
The Elf Murderer's Saga

>>best 40k chapter
That is like asking whether you prefer corn in your shit or not. They are all shit.

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>DM Kroft's tale of Saltspit

Is that the one where the party makes an aboleth fly by skinning t-rexes and crafting a hot-air balloon, the sorcerer gets transformed into a purple gorilla, shoot iron golems from orbit and send elderly people into Heaven to work as meatshields against angels?

Shit was pure, distilled awesome. The barbarian was the best thing ever. The only sorta bad thing about it is how long it is (like short-novel long).

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Meant to quote >>35881225

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>Best Storytime
Shadowrun Story time by 2D

>Best Setting

>Best 40K chapter
Emperors Nightmares

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>That one Ork that claimed to be from the Table of Contents.

I remember that one. Pure genius.

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RubyQuest was definitely one of /tg/'s finest moments.

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If I had to pick a favorite, I'd probably say the Yellow Dragon story.

But as far as best goes, that massive Demi-god story is amazing.

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>not using best color scheme for Teegee
I'm not either

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Don't hit me.

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Please. If you want to get hit, post this.

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I have over 500 images of Cultist Chan.

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Am I the only one who remembers Noh?

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I remember Noh anon.

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That one story about the Wizard Awakaned Tarrasque vs the Wizard Airship.

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Walmart apocalypse or Scholomance(thanks BFQ) for best setting

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I enjoy going back and reading Grendal.

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She's a player on our soccer team, so no.

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John Galt's The Riddle of Steel fecht threads. They're one of my fondest /tg/ memories.

He's back now, you know. Running a thread right now.

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It's gotta be Old Man Henderson. That escaped the bounds of 4chan altogether and got passed around quite a lot. Pure gold.

>40k chapter
Angry Marines.

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Best chapter has to be the Angry Marines.

Chapter Master by Duke is pretty cool.

Engine Heart had it's own KickStarter was actually delivered and in stores.

Stratedgy by drawinganondude I liked as well.

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>Ruby quest
mah niggas

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yep. I think his official name for it was "Tales of an Industrious Rogue," and it was a Pathfinder campaign where around level 4 the party saved some temple from interplanar whatevers, at one point finding a portal to the demiplane of salt and fighting off a salt elemental. when it was banished and piles of salt spilled to the floor, the rogue stored as much of it on his person as he could, going so far as to even fill his boots with it. Once he hit level 7, he took the leadership feat, started a small business enterprise, and went back to start harvesting the portal. Shit went progressively more insane from there.

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>Anything remotely resembling good
Choose one (1)

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> That escaped the bounds of 4chan altogether and got passed around quite a lot.

A lot of stories end up doing that.
I've stumbled upon the Nephem Festiva LARP story everywhere that LARPs are mentioned, from specific LARP forums to the LARP subReddit.

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My vote goes to Shadowrun Storytime
I'm still patiently waiting for the finale.

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the wizard going on a quest was the bees knees IMO

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I really hate how transparently this story is forced.

It's nothing special. Mediocre, even.
But without fail, it gets posted in every 'best of' thread', and eight posts reply about how amazing and life-changing that story is.

Henderson used to be the most overrated story on all of /tg/, but Edgardo has easily toppled that throne by being perhaps a hundred times worse of a story, and a hundred times more exaggeratedly exalted.

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AdEva and VeloCity are pretty swag.
I'd like to say Ruby Quest like the others have, but to be fair it wasn't exactly OUR creation, it was ran by just one guy.
Related to Ruby Quest would be the World Eater storytime Weaver also did.
Second story time would have to be that fucking horror one with the guys trapped inside the underground caverns of mars.
Last of the story times for me would be The Wall.
For settings I'm gonna be a collosal faggot and say the Unified Setting, with all it's yiff-tacular denizens
And that 40k Sector of space I can't remember the first name of, but it was a Crusade sector, with pre-set armies on both sides, all made up of old and new /tg/ OC. It was really cool and had a great feeling of culmination to it.

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>Best Chest

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You see Angry Marines in places that don't even know what /tg/ is, same with AdEva, so probably those. I didn't know Love Can Bloom became that important, though.

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What the fuck is a yellow dragon?

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Back in 1e and 2e, dragons came in a lot more colors.

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it didn't

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We all are, Anon. For me, at least, Shadowrun Storytime is one of those "want to know how it ends, but never want it to end" sorta things

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Hell, our DM had us fight a Mescaline Dragon a few weeks ago when we ate some mushrooms we found in the forest.

Fun times.

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Speaking of Ruby Quest, Weaver is doing a behind the scenes thing about it right now, first part is on his Tumblr http://tgweaver.tumblr.com/post/101463480802/rubyquest-behind-the-scenes-part-1

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>not having read the story

Though to be fair, I didn't know yellow dragons were actually a thing. Thanks, anon.

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I sure do love quest threads and the Winter Ball, nothing but quality and on-topic fun! This is bizarro /tg/ right?

>> No.35890701

I think that's why so many people so far have been mentioning it.

I can't fucking believe the OP of the current Nan Quest thread is dated 2012. He even said it doesn't take him much consented effort to do it. I beg.

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>The Best storytime

P-P-Praise be the E-Emprah

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I nominate Heretical Love for the best read while drunk

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>Best storyriem
A tie between WHM stories and some HFY.
>Best setting
Deep breath.
>40k chapter
errrrrr... I don't play that

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It just got referenced in a couple of Dark Heresy books, effectively canonizing the characters.

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Harem Knights is the best setting.

Dranon's Delight is the best story.

Pretty Marines are the best Marines.

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That was an epic story, someone got a screencap?

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>ctrl+f Drew = 0 results

Not saying he was necessarily the best ever, but I will always think this was awesome and one of my favorite tg things ever.

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Maybe if we'd actually fleshed out the setting more. As it stands, it was a fun few threads.

>Best Setting
The Merlin Township. Good shit right there.

>Best Storytiem
Damn, you know this is making me realize how few of these I have saved. On memory I think I have trouble naming the very best one. For most Iconic, maybe The story of Los Tiburon, the shark of the land. But that's definitely not the best one.

>Best Chapter

>Best System
I love Engine Heart. I've never actually tried AdEva though so I can't say that definitively.

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For shame faggots, where the fuck is lelf?

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>Most tired shit that newfags can't stop forcing

I guess it deserves its own award, I guess.

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The thing's way too long for a screencap, which I think is why you don't hear much about it these days. Some anon counted the words and it was somewhere around 40,000 (a typical short novel is around 90,000, for comparison).

It was uploaded to 1d4chan in three parts, though. Here's the first:


I'm not ashamed to admit I've stolen some ideas from that story for my own games. I love the parts where he describes how the party has to manage the town they built

>“You can’t just make a city out of nowhere and expect for things to take care of themselves!”

Those letrines, man

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Humanity Fuck Yeah's started here, and they're growing in popularity.

>> No.35898646

I really like that one thread where a samurai's horse, a super awesome horse the emperor had given her, had tripped and fallen while she was pursuing a bandit on a beat up old nag. /tg/ found that the best way for her to retain her honor while also not offending the emperor by blaming it on the horse was to treat it as a samurai and have the horse commit ritual suicide.

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Am I the only one who remembers Pangols?

>> No.35898687

>Humanity Fuck Yeah's started here, and they've never stopped being awful

>> No.35898714

Humanity Fuck Yeah's aren't that bad anymore. They went through a phase of shit, but recently they've upped in quality.

>> No.35898789


I agree. There are some pretty clever ones, like the one about aliens finding a human cook and being bewildered by the strange yet enthralling food he made, or the one about humans being thought as evil masterminds and it all being just an elaborate joke.

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>shilling the shit you wrote

That's kind of sad.

>> No.35898915


But I didn't write any of those.

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HFY doesn't make any sense.

It's not a theme, nor a genre, nor even a loose concept. All you really have is stories about humans, and no one can decide what exactly awesome humans are, so it's just this clusterfuck collection of mish-mashed stories which go between mediocre to just straight-up terrible.

It's not even related to traditional games, and it really doesn't belong here. It's just a few people who think that they can make threads by posting the same tired and terrible screencaps over and over again, and on a rare occasion adding a new, terrible, and ultimately themeless story to join the increasing collection of embarrassingly tasteless word-vomit that is HFY.

>> No.35899163


Isn't the overarching theme of HFY stuff to portrait how cool/powerful/unique/different/particular humans are in the context of other space-faring species?

Not saying it's a literary genre or anything, but there is some kind of thing stringing them together, even if most of the times is just jingoistic "look how cool we are".

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Not the best but honorable mentions for crazy Hassan and the wizard with Alzheimers.

Goodnight, I love you. I'll see you in the morning

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I still miss Lost Future Quest a bit, because it was built on this already-existing setting that had such character.

Seriously, I'd play the SHIT out of an Inn0cence: Lost Future video game.

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I must say that I find the extreme lack of Oinkbane in this thread to be both disappointing and depressing. Will such threads never be seen again on our humble /tg/? Has the spark of humor and imagination truly been extinguished?

Darn you, quest threads and weekend smut threads. Darn you all to heck.

>> No.35899530

Hi! I wrote the first four HFY posts that kicked off the whole thing. (Though my thread wasn't named anything nearly as catchy as "Humanity! Fuck Yeah!")

My main purpose by writing those first 4 shorts was to explore what qualities humans have that could seen as exceptional by aliens. That is the common theme binding it all together. It takes some aspect, positive or negative, of people and asks "What if that's the thing that makes us unique?"

It's meant to move us away from where we currently are, stereotyped as being adaptable and gregarious, and to push people out of the mindset where a human is the standard that everything else is compared to.

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>HFY doesn't make any sense.
>It's not a theme, nor a genre, nor even a loose concept. ...it's just this clusterfuck collection of mish-mashed stories which go between mediocre to just straight-up terrible.
Sounds like humanity to me. Fuck Yeah!

>It's not even related to traditional games, and it really doesn't belong here.
Not true. I find that a number of the stories are decent inspiration to generate ideas about how human cultures affect and might be viewed by other, wildly different cultures.
These ideas can be used to support existing games or generate new content, assuming someone on tg got shit done.

>It's just a few people who think that they can make threads by posting the same tired and terrible screencaps over and over again, and on a rare occasion adding a new, terrible, and ultimately themeless story to join the increasing collection of embarrassingly tasteless word-vomit that is HFY.
Mostly true. But me, I like to pick through the feces looking for the kernels of sweet delicious corn.
Hell, I'm on 4chan, aren't I?

That said, I can't think of a singular HFY thing I'd call Best of tg. But There have been some good reads.

Also this:

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But AdEva is shit.

>> No.35901154

No, cute written, but feels made up.

Never heard of it.

No, letting a forgeworld die, thus send several billion humans to death because they fucking needed the shit that world produced? All while saving argiworld no.349475? Exterminate them for obvious geneseed related braindamage.

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I've been enjoying the All Guardsman Party Storytime threads. Hoping there are more of them.

>> No.35901418

I kinda like reading the ones the Storyteller does... The guys who play are pretty cool and the story seems interesting

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>best 40k chapter

Wouldn't we have to make a good one for their to be a best? Angry marines are the only ones that are memorable but they're a one note joke that got old fast.

>> No.35902699


>it's bad because it's newer

Some of the older /tg/ stuff is the worst. Especially the 40k stuff.

>> No.35903200

>Storytiem's Adventure of the Chainshirts

Wow. That's like . . . the Edgelord complete series. Such Edge!

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>> No.35903481

Deep Rot
The Painternet
Arabic Cthulhu

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>> No.35903524

lelf please

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>> No.35903542

Deffwotch for storytime.

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horse anus

>> No.35903726

Best story: Ghost of Mars
Best setting: Not sure on this one
Best Chapter: Star Krakens all the way

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>> No.35903756

Best story:
Rogue Trader Story wi/ Friday Night Partridge. The Emprahesque stories were grand before they sort of got bogged down.

Best Setting:
I'd have to say AdEva even with all the drama and difficulty involved. I've played a game with my friends and it was a blast. I'm the one who did AdEva story time last month if anybody was there for that.

Best 40k Chapter:
Angry Marines are still funny, but I like the Reasonable Marines. One lone chapter trying to keep things under control in their system while the rest of the galaxy gets crazier and crazier. It's just interesting, sort of tragic, and funny.

Chapter Master is the epitome of tg/ getting shit done, though I can't play it on my Mac at the moment and also because I'm not the best with computer stuff anyway. It gets two flaming thumbs up though.

>> No.35903794

Arabic Cthulhu? Please elaborate good sir.

>> No.35903856

I was fond of helping out with the F-zero RPG,

Some of the other quick and dirty systems to pop up from here have been fun too.

>> No.35903893

>Using a mac ever

>> No.35903930

I couldn't find it on moe but it was an adaption of the Mythos to a medieval (?) Arabic setting.

For example, Cthulhu became a giant Lammasu at the heart of a sandy desert were the sunken city of R'leyh lay.

>> No.35903971

and these guys
Not the anon you responded to, but let me explain:
It's not bad because it's new.
It's bad because it's forced AND it shows you're new if you try to force an image into becoming anything more than what it is:
a mildly amusing image that spawned a plethora of others, only a very small fraction of which are funny.

An image unattached to a greater concept lacks the depth necessary to be truly great, and the "lelf" is not nearly the best image tg has produced.

Although, it might end up being the most versatile, regardless of the quality or lack thereof.

>> No.35903981

>No "Cosmic Brownies"

For shame, /tg/, for shame.

>> No.35904023

i heard they were kind of Shit

>> No.35904024

Did he ever get the recipe?

>> No.35904429

I still want the recipe I admit.

>> No.35904451

Thanks /tg/, I now have more lelf than all other images combined. Not even shitting you.

>> No.35904479

Golem 6B was bretty good.

>> No.35904513

I'd have to say it was the Fantasy cuisine Threads Calm Down Maple! and also all of the heartouching stories we share here on /tg/

One that comes to mind is the Grandfather Necromancer.

Regrettably I dont have Grandfather Necromancer, so have this instead

>> No.35904607

You mean this?

>> No.35904665

This one was funny at least. Not so much a story. Let's see what else I've got.

>> No.35905855


Best story has to be about the Industrious Rogue.

Such a great read.


>> No.35905882

The tale of Nid-Anon. I wish I knew how to screencap...


>> No.35905903



>> No.35906799

links for those?

>> No.35907316


>The priest figured out it would be easy to just take control of Vorgok's mind than explain the whole thing, and the barbarian agreed.

>So suddenly, Vorgok sprinted out of the scene, grabbed the Gatecrasher, jumped through the mirror into Celestia, ran across the pumping station, made a grotesquely high Acrobatics roll to dive into the Silver Sea, swam as deep as he could and, once in the bottom, called the name "Athabadak" and smashed the ground, opening a 60-foot wide rift into Avernus, the First Layer of Hell.

>Behind him, the Silver Sea began pouring into Avernus, like a giantic toilet being flushed, mixing the holy waters from Celestia with the corrupted earth of Baator. Flames erupted from the eye of the ever-enlarging whirlpool, and a shock of blackness began overtaking the waters, rising foul winds and withering everything on it touched.

>Things weren't much better on the other side, as a tidal wave of mercurial water washed away sins in what pretty much was Sin Central, breaking the earth in explosions of white light and causing widespread destruction, pulling petitioners out from their tortures just to drown them in the current afterward or smash them against a rock.

One of my favorite parts of that story. Such magnificent bastards.

>> No.35907695

Deep Rot, and Crazy Hassan. also

Mars Expedition Horror:

>> No.35908455

Campaign Mastercraft Method. System agnostic, useful for players and GMs, hella simple to implement. I lvoe it to bits

>> No.35908553

The usual fare you see reposted. WHM stuff like OMH and Boxcar Joe, Los Tiburon, etc.

I'd say Inn0cense: Lost Future, Gigerverse, On the Backs of Gods, and The Discarded are my favorites.

Scraplootas. There's some older stuff I'm forgetting simply because I wasn't around here at the time.

>Best Race
Too many to pick from. Pangols, Mothfolk, The Chorus, and more.

>Anything coming out of Quests and similar threads
Puruus, and I guess evogame genre in general.

>> No.35909417

Bump. Nobody likes this story-time?

>> No.35909452

Why was that story at all heartwarming? Some idiots found a construct that looked like a little girl and took it with them. It continued to say the one line it was programed to say because it was a construct.

>> No.35909485

Eh. By the end it was just wank wank wank you win at everything wank.

>> No.35912510

I find this hillarious.

>> No.35912592

I read that as "cosmic bronies"

bronies confirmed for shit

>> No.35912851

Best Storytime: Wafflhouse Millionaire's Maid story. Short, and funny as hell.

Best setting: Deathworld or Night Shift.

Best other thing: Planes and Mercs.

>> No.35913717

Where all my shadow quest niggas at?

>> No.35914649

possible secret ingredient?

>> No.35915637

The Island CYOA which started 'em all is still one of the most inspiring.

>> No.35915781

I remain fond of the Scraplootas, even if they don't get talked about much. It's genuinely some of the funniest stuff /tg/ has written. Plus the sheer amount of writefaggotry is quite impressive.

As for storytimes and settings, there are too many to list.

>> No.35915962

Sir Bearington was breety good too.

>> No.35916231

I think that some Dark Heresy stories posted here now have references in the official books?

>> No.35916456


>> No.35916482

Please do not take these items.

>> No.35916607

For the CORGISSAR!!!

>> No.35916763

whats that? no one cares? ok good

>> No.35916850

Found it.

>> No.35916900

>I know of at least 3 space marine chapters lead by ferrets

>> No.35916939

How lewd!

>> No.35916955

Goddamnit I hardly ever get replies to my comments but I don't want it to be YOU. Fuck off.

>> No.35916974

>Bark Heresy


>> No.35916978

Hell yeah! I thought I had it saved but apparently I don't.

>> No.35917000

Then why did you reply to me in the first place?

>> No.35917392

Ere ya go

>> No.35917439



Gotta be Big Boy Blue


There was a setting of minotaurs that made them into philosopher warriors living in giant mazed citadels that was pretty good. Goes for the races too.

>> No.35917510

Some of my favorites are (in no particular order)

Old Man Henderson
Wal-Mart Apocalypse
that one time someone made a Norse folk tale out of Noh
Bard Dad

>> No.35917563

>all these mediocre stories being mentioned, most of them from the last two years

I feel old. Most of the better stories haven't even been mentioned, and that's likely because they're from a few years ago, and the suptg archive is such a mess it's just about impossible to find anything good there.

Add that to the way newer people feel the urge to promote newer content, content they witnessed or had a hand in, and I start to feel sad, sad about all the great content that gets pushed aside to make room for stuff that's just not the same caliber.

>> No.35917679

Post some then. You will contribute much more than by simply complaining.

>> No.35917709


I'd love to read more about content buried under the sands of /tg/.

Which ones would you recommend?

>> No.35917880

I really liked the shit we did with Sergals.
Statted them for multiple D&D editions, gave them consistent fluff, put them in a unifed setting, which was pretty good until two or three guys took it over.
It pains me to see how they went from a badass arabic warrior furry race to porn and fanfiction.
That and the creator's storytelling went downhill so fast it was like he threw it off a mountain.

I still love the Angry Marines, Old Man Henderson, and the random funny quips we made that actually got written into a Codex.

>> No.35917968

Best story?

Best Setting?

>> No.35918024


There's only one thing that has given me feels here. Made me tear up.

>> No.35918181


>> No.35918609

this guy
top lel

>> No.35918674

>There are people who unironically like Angry Marines

>> No.35918938

the one about the golem in the forest and the little girl
Hell if someone could post that and give a thousand people feels I'd much appreciate it

>> No.35919002

it did? oh wow, never knew it was THAT important. Maybe I'll read it again

>> No.35919018


Does anyone have the rest of this?

>> No.35919024

I remember the only really big happening on /tg/ I paid attention to was the scraplootas, and they were pretty cool. So I'd say them

>> No.35919070

Sorry I might be stupid, but who? I know angry marines and sir bearington and all of that stuff but Ive never heard of them.

>> No.35919900

Is there any more of this?

>> No.35920060


Embrace the warp!

Stumbleupon brought this to me, and it brought me to /tg/ and then Roll20 so I actually started gaming again.

Wasteland Warrior ftw

>> No.35920430

>chaos smells like bacon

>> No.35920721

Why are there never any Inn0cence General threads? Even CATastrophy has more generals.

Did the quest make the non-questing segment of /tg/ turn sour on it?

>> No.35920816

As does every other storytiem, idiot.

>> No.35921169

>*Tips vintage plaid trilby*

>the one about the golem in the forest and the little girl
>Hell if someone could post that and give a thousand people feels I'd much appreciate it
You mean this one?

>> No.35921326


>Like the best storytiem, the best setting, the best 40k chapter, etc.

> Bard Dad
> Wildcards
> Blood Jaguars

>> No.35921446

Not gonna lie, Tiburon's Story is pretty epic. But I'm kinda torn because I found out about the story of the crafty wizard and the Lalilulelo and that is PRETTY high up.

>> No.35922518

Everything that died in the 2009 event.

>> No.35923776

Best storytiem is STORYTIEM

>> No.35925225

Off the top of my head:

Lord Quest
Engine Heart
Chapter Quest (much appreciate to coder Duke)
Old Man Henderson
Governor Quest (40K with Elyssia von Braun and the new one)
Blood Quest
The Anon voice acting Waffle House Millionare's story about the monks
2Dee's Shadowrun Storyteim

>> No.35925373

I need to find this.

VeloCity should not go without another mention

>> No.35925909

Maybe because its really just one guy's brainchild rather than a collective project. And that guy mostly just spams drawthreads for free art.

>> No.35927066

The last thread I remember was when o-[||||]-o was asking what people thought on switching systems from nWoD to BRP.

>> No.35927527

She gets my vote, as long as I can slide my vote right between her funbags.

>> No.35928239

Nope, sorry

>> No.35928357


>> No.35928458

>Calling STORYTIEM edgy

What are you on about? His stories have been consistently fun and hilarious.

>> No.35928551

This fucking happened last night and its was funny as hell

>> No.35928636

Including all the reactions just dilutes the joke.

>> No.35928650

>consistently fun and hilarious.

If you define hilarious as "senselessly random", I guess you're right.

And if you use the word fun as "purely subjective concept that only I can understand and quantify", then why bother even using it, let alone say that something happens to be it consistently?

Storytiem stories aren't really that great, and a lot of the praise they get just comes from the fact that he has a name while a lot of the other stories tend to be anonymous.

Whenever I see a Storytiem story, I usually am not disappointed if I expect it to be a somewhat tedious crawl that is formulaicly simple and punctuated by odd turns of phrase that are not really humorous but would be clearly the points where the sitcom's laugh track would roll in.

As far as what I can say that's good about them, he at least takes risks with his writing, even though he probably should polish up his prose first before he tried his hand at making "wacky" phrases.

>> No.35928674

pleb here. i don't get it?

>> No.35928785

Tolkiens fourth age is an age without elves, as at the end of the third age they've all buggered off, as we see at the end of LOTR.

>> No.35928799


>> No.35928823

>What are the best things that have been produced by or out of /tg/, in your opinion?

For me it was hooking me up with the group I played RPGs with for about 5-6 years.

>> No.35928974

Sandwich the dwarven adopted drow
The Bakers daughter
Death carrying a bag and telling people to get the fuck in it

>> No.35929192

You mean this one: >>35904479


>> No.35929239

The Lady, The Maiden herself, of course.

>> No.35929629


Ruby Quest was my favorite time on /tg/. While it was one guy doing it, it was /tg/ ran with all the suggestions. The way it happened, I remember skipping several college classes to just participate in it.

>> No.35929807

>Last of the story times for me would be The Wall.
Never heard of that one, got a screencap of it?

>> No.35932048

I really liked this recent thread:

>> No.35932282

Link to the Wall thread :http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/1034444/

>> No.35932655

Good reads.

>> No.35932716

I like the Pangoll.

>> No.35932788

I need more /tg/ stories with rhyming

>> No.35933274

In /srg/ we're having a rap battle, no clue why.
Also, Kane fugged /best/grrl.

>> No.35936444


Six years ago.

Time flies.

>> No.35937165

And times change.
I miss the /tg/ of old.

>> No.35937890

Mothkin were cooler. Probably not best of /tg/, though.

>> No.35938025

>le funnay teeg maym--


What the fuck was that?

>> No.35938795


It doesn't have to:


It can also jump in a pool of jelly, for instance

>> No.35938818


Can't say I've read Storytiem in detail to agree or disagree but, what would you choose as some of the best stories from /tg/?

>> No.35938867

IIRC the Minotaur setting started out as trying to flesh out background for a cowgirl fetish story.

>> No.35938905


I guess one of /tg/'s mottos should be "Cocks to plowshares" or something

It can make anything out of a fetish. It's like what would happen if /d/ went to college and, after taking courses from various different careers, ultimatelty became that 40-year old guy running game tournaments for other freshmen

>> No.35938967

Ruby Quest
Lego Spaceman Quest
Stranded in Fantasy

>> No.35939005

>IIRC the Minotaur setting started out as trying to flesh out background for a cowgirl fetish story.
...Yes, and?

>I guess one of /tg/'s mottos should be "Cocks to plowshares" or something
>It can make anything out of a fetish.
Indeed, as I've always said, people are usually their most creative when working within their Magical Realm!

>> No.35939252

Best Storytime award goes either to Storytiem or Wafflehouse Millionaire. Step it up, man.

>> No.35939345

More LErwin if anyone is interested!

>> No.35940367

I like it.

>> No.35942245

A helpful list of the best/awesome shit.

Tale of Super Dave
Bard dad
I am Overwatch
Deep Rot
Shadowrun Storytime
Industrious Rogue
Level 0 Peasants vs. Dire Rats
All Barbarian Party
Big Boy Blue
Worst DM in History
What the Fuck is a Yellow Dragon
Ball of Arms Man
Richard Priapus
Hephem LARP
Southern Boys vs. Peacock LARP
Crazy Hassan
008's Trapped in Fantasy World
Acolyte Gendel
Today I must become That Guy
Old Man Henderson
Bro's Magical Dicking adventure
Elf Dumbledore
Mr. Bombardini
Elf Murderer
DJ Phylactery vs. MC Sword and Board

Plus the systems:
AdEva, Dungeons: the Dragoning, Engine Heart, Pokemon Tabletop Adventures

But if I had to choose one piece as the absolute best thing that has come out of /tg/? Hands down, The Doll. It's fucking perfect - short, well written and punchy. It fucking gives me chills every time I read it.


>> No.35944682


>> No.35947642


/tg/ in a nutshell

I dont even know man

>> No.35948314

You fuckers have shit taste for storytiem

This guy's got it right, Shoggy is based as fuck. Best and most entertaining anon on the board

>> No.35948780


>> No.35948798

I was going to post the same thing. I was hyperventilating for a solid hour while that thread developed.

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