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Source please?

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unsure, clearly civil war era, ask /co/ they'd know.

uhm, gonna hazard a guess tho, assuming Thunderbolts.

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What is this from?

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It's Killer Frost from the Batman: Assault on Arkham movie. Pretty dang fun, but really Harley steals the show between Deadshot and Cap. Boomerang having dickwaving contests.

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I'm not the only one who really wants to bang that Loki right now, am I?

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Arkham Assault, but the webm is reversed, the actual scene is her pulling it up.

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check his t-shirt

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It's that little shirt droop

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If you reversed the webm you wouldn't notice it.

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Yes, you are.

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Post more Loki to make me feel better about how much of a faggot I apparently am.

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Careful. They'll start posting fem Loki and/or shota Loki.

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Thank you.

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You say that like you think I care.

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I fuckin love comic Loki.

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Do they get together in the in the comics? Because that's fucking adorable.

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More like Tzeentch

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thats all hand drawn

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not sure if boner

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Good god, for that person's sake I hope those disgusting marks on their face are drawn on.

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C-Can I still be neutral?

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Recobbled edition is a trip and a half. Every moment of Vincent Price's voice acting on top of the art... cartoons should not give me a boner.

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No, you're either a moralfag, or an edgelord.

Or both at the same time, as per pic related.

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>in the name of joker jesus

Gets me every time.

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>joker jesus
What does this even mean?

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It means that Jesus was fond of practical jokes. The church attempted to hide this fact as it may discredit their religion. Ever wonder why the the bible does not talk about what he did between childhood and adulthood? It was because all he did was roam the lands playing annoying pranks on the people until his dad told him to knock it off because he is a man now and it is time to fulfill his destiny as the messiah.

These crusaders know of the young Christ's roguish ways and embrace it, playing practical jokes of their own in hopes that one day God may speak to them too to tell them to knock it off, revealing their true destiny as he does so.

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That person looks like a Jay Naylor character come to life

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I'd tinker her bell, if you know what I mean.

>inb4 it's a guy

This changes nothing.

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is... is that where /pol/ came from?

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m-my-my autism. That webm triggers me

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HAHA! I need to take this to /k/

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>Man of Steel.webm

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Can I get that "1 hp left" image that was a comic of some girl being held together after being bisected, and being able to walk away?

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God I haven't had skittles in forever. I really want some now.

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Can't post it, it's still up in the previous thread. You will have to make do with this.

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it taste a lot better then one would think. Just embrace it's forbidden love

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my penis is yelling at you to tell me what this is from

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where is this from I want to fap

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>Just embrace it's forbidden love
this gives "DM favorite trap.jpg" a whole new meaning.

and I like it

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>H-hero-san... I... I'm actually a...

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Simoun, I think.

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I remember hearing about that. You would think everyone being a lesbian would be the FIRST thing you mention about an anime.

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You again?
No I won't sell you beer. You're still not over eighteen.

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>muh dog years

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They really aren't lesbians, because they will choose their gender when they become adults, so usually one of them will become a male.

Unless they fuck up like these two and end up being the same gender even as adults.

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>Five Nights At Freddy's: After The Shift

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I'm not sure how that's a fuckup. Or why they don't just both remain women.

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It's a japanese thing. Lesbianism is associated with childishness, apparently.

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Wait. Wait. Wait. Are they both women anyways? Or... were they always boys. Is this a trap thing. Or a reverse trap thing. Inverse trap?

Is this Next Level Trapping.

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The post you're quoting sounded pretty clear to me. They all start out female and later, when they become adults, get to choose what gender to be from that point on. Or something like that.

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Are there any other ways Japan manages to be fucking weird and pitiful? Christ.

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That gif made me laugh way harder than it should have.

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What the fuck am I looking at here? Teutons killing pagans isn't news, but...

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That's a strange way of spelling weird and awesome.

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You're on the website that codified weebs and you have to ask?

Anyway, it's not an exclusive perception on homosexuality in Japan; it's this cultural concept of romantic interests/relationships that occur between younger girls, ultimately something they grow out of, etc. I can't for the life of me remember what the fuck it's called though.

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It's a satanist teuton killing pagans

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I'm still fucking pissed that this exists.

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Being male is beneficial if you are planning to go to military or politics in that country, so brown hair chose to become male. Blue hair couldn't tell about her feelings before it came time to choose and also became a male to follow him to military.

Everyone is born looking like female, but considering that they have to make the choice to remain as female instead of becoming females as adults automatically, it's possible that they are lacking in some way as females before making the choice (maybe their genitalia don't go trough puberty before the choice).

Gay romance during the youth is considered kind of training wheels version of real romance in Japan (no pregnancies and both sides know that they will have to become proper heterosexual adults and break up eventually). Or at least used to.

Class S

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I don't think considering someones sexual orientation as childish is very awesome.

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Class S

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I'm just slightly shocked after all this time on the internet I keep discovering ways Japan manages to humiliate and make itself shitty.

I mean nevermind the fucking INTENSE psychosexual obsession with said humiliation, self-loathing, and shame, the endless low-burn misogyny and weird roundabout homophobia and combined focus on gender ambiguity and confusion; it all just makes me wish they'd get over themselves already.

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I knew other would know; thank you. Concept's a bit more dated than I thought though.

I think it's more about romantic orientation. Blatant clam on clam action is lewd, anon.

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I find it hilarious that people still get pissed over that anime.

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I found this after about 30 seconds of Googling. Now I'm laughing my ass off.

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I just found out about it recently. I understand that everything is subject for parody and all that but it just seems like such a slap in the face. It is possible to parody something without completely shitting on what it's parodying. Saint Young Men did that just fine.

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I all hot digs and dunks for Lovecraft shit and I just find it silly. You could take any concept and make it into a lukewarm harem tsundere anime.

You could do it with the planets, with Greek gods, with flavors of ice cream, with Presidents, with... well shit they already did it with countries and the end result is stupid teenagers unironically heiling a god damn synagogue in pseudo-nazi uniform because their country is so handsome uguu~

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Lovecraft wouldn't care, why should you.

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I do suppose they could've done a much better job with it.

I wonder what lovecraft would've thought of it.

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>You could do it with the planets, with Greek gods, with flavors of ice cream, with Presidents
>with Greek gods

Ok 1) I want to see that anime and 2) I'm pretty sure they wouldn't need to change much.

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Considering how lovecraft is the bastard son of /pol/ and /x/ He'd denounce it as degeneracy then fap to it in priviate.

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He cooled the fuck down later on in life and was pretty nice and polite in his letters.

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They'd need to tone it down, honestly. Just holy shit were the Greeks good at being as straight-faced grim about the Magical Realm as anyone fore or hence.

Pretty much every episode would end with "Oh it was Zeus" and some violated woman sobbing in a puddle of various fluids.

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>with Greek gods
It would just be Zeus molesting everything that moved.

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I'd like to think all that writing about the creeping sensation of "oh god death is unstoppable and there is nothing but non-existence and the universe doesn't care" eventually caught up with him enough to make him go "Wait shit I am wasting time and life on being a gross petty asshole and death is basically waving to me from the window, oh, ohhhh shiiiit"

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...the same could be said of basically every country; why are you singling out Japan?

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Obviously Zeus would be the MC that the viewer self inserts as who has a shitty personality but everyone is attracted to anyways. And Hades is a loli, obviously.

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So.... Harem anime with Zeus as the main character?

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He just liked writing that stuff, he wasn't like GRRM who revels in the suffering of his characters.

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>lonely loli Hades entrapping a beautiful older woman Persephone to be her beloved and well-cared for wife

Not now, dammit.

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Does he revel in the suffering of the characters, or the readers?

I thought he just wanted to make so you know people die, there would always be tension when you read it.

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Not quite sure if I got it right, but I still think this one has potential.

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GRRM doesn't revel in anything. He's just keeping it real, bro.

>> No.35745007

Gotta have one of the titans being tsundere for Zeus.

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>Your attacks are useless against a practitioner of Hokuto Shinken

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What is this from?

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It was made by non-white Japanese people, so he would have be horrified to the point of terror.

>> No.35745051

Not even the real middle-ages were that grim-derp.

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>oh no, the nice guy got beheaded by a tyrant king
Mostly, I tell people to get over it.

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Sengoku Youko.
What part of he married a Jewish woman do you not understand?

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I think he's complaining about everyone slaughtering peasants all the time, which, to be fair, I think GRRM took from some of the English campaigns in the Hundred Year War, because the English were cocks who knew they couldn't hold land but wanted to shame the French. Or the Thirty Year war, which was just awful in every way.

Probably the extreme fear based xenophobia.

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Eh. Worse things have happened to the Mythos. Like that Derleth faggot.

>> No.35745117

I just tell myself Lovecraft feared and lusted for the Big Black Cock and then move on with my life, which now includes shoggoths and nuclear hell gods.

>> No.35745126

Japs turned Derleth into a little girl and shipped her with Lovecraft who is a fucking badass.

>> No.35745133

Derleth wasn't that bad, he's probably one of the reasons people still care about the mythos.

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... ... ...

Fine. Fucking fine. I give up. Gold stamp it, ship it, fund the advertising. Make it happen, get it out of my fucking office and just let it happen.

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what is this? where can I find more?

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Holy shit, this is hilarious. Google says it's from some VN called Shokoku no Sharnoth- does it get really lewd? I don't mind a little naughty stuff, but if it's just porn with Lovecraftian names, I don't really want to bother.

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>Delta Green deals with Innsmouth

>> No.35745171

There's no lewd, only conspiracies, feels and dumb childhood friends. Fuck Charlie.

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>and here we have yet further proof that, as you can see from the crystalline glass, indeed, Diamond is the hardest metal known to man
>But what about-
>Dragonforce was recently discovered to be a rare form of naturally occurring plastic.

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Well, that sent me into a minor coughing fit.

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>You will never do anything to warrant being turned into a cute girl in some Japanese persons cartoon novel

why live?

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I really should finish reading this, huh.

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better bardic dance

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>Belt of mortal science


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It's more that they think that some girls have a "very close friendship that they'll eventually grow out off" phase.

The public opinion on lesbian in Japan is really low

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I second this.

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>Tower Girls

>> No.35745531

name it

>> No.35745542

untrained disguise check

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I like how there actually is no way out from the center.

>> No.35745666

Hmm, there was the last time I saw the pic.

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You'll have to explain this one.

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Never seen Part one and two of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure have we?

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Could someone elaborate?

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The round fired by the rifle is still in its casing.
The same casing that sniper then ejects.
It's a matter of perception here, not even knowledge.

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>> No.35745790

Would be more impressive if he was using actual pictures instead of just greenscreening it in post.

Guy is popular on Vine for this kinda shit, does a bunch of magic tricks that are all "throw something, stop video during blurred movement, replace object, resume filming. OH MY GOD AN EGG TURNED INTO A CHICKEN!" shit

>> No.35745799

A cartridge using firearm works via inserting the cartridge(casing, primer, powder, and bullet)it's chamber, then the trigger is pulled, gun magic happens, and the firing pin strikes the primer on the back of the casing, the primer ignites the powder inside the casing, the bullet seperates from the casing, and travels down the barrel, propelled by the burning powder until it exits the muzzle. The round depicted in that webm is what an unfired cartridge looks like, there isn't even a dent in the primer from where the firing pin impacts it.

>> No.35745801

To quote Penn
>Camera tricks are not magic
And I agree

>> No.35745802

Plus the primer is still on the end.

>> No.35745870

They're special effects, though.

>> No.35745889 [SPOILER] 

Huh, did't catch that at all.
Thanks, anons

>> No.35745896

And special effects aren't magic.

>> No.35745936

For future reference that little copper covered part at the end of the cartridge is the only part that goes out the front of the gun. The casing and now spent primer are ejected from the gun when it's action cycles or in the case of manually operated firearms, is cycled, to chamber a new cartridge.

>> No.35745956

An (even) harsher Marshal of the Teutonic Order adressing his troops?
If you want the best Space marine chapter to be based on you you have to do that kind of thing sometimes.

>> No.35745960

It's not even that he's using special effects, it's the sheer laziness of them. It's like if a magician went on stage and proceeded to spend the entire show making different objects disappear over and over again with the same method. The pause, change, resume, camera trick is the quarter behind the ear of cinematic magic.

>> No.35745973

Shouldn't he be selling cobalt?

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>> No.35746392

>> No.35746404

inb4 people don't get the joke

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>> No.35746455

Have fun.

>> No.35746470

But anon, isn't that a wall?

>> No.35746554

Alternate Title:
>How I Became Robust

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>> No.35746580

and an honorable mention, which honestly needs a better name

>> No.35746596

depends on the writer, I don't keep up with Hawkeye much but I honestly should since his more recent stuff is pretty writer.

>> No.35746599

>> No.35746608

oh are we doing SS13 filenames

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>> No.35746639

If you want to, Anon.

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>> No.35746767

wots dis from?

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>not knowing based workaholics


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>> No.35747226

is this the new miyazaki movie?

>> No.35747269

No, that dog is real. Now this kiosk is booming with visitors.

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>> No.35747349

Already a thing, I just can't recall the name.

>> No.35747412

So where does the chess come into play?

>> No.35747439

Tied rolls during the Risk game.

>> No.35747455

What was that red dot really?

>> No.35747461

What about Stuff like magic games with Scheherazade?

>> No.35747603

>> No.35747627

Like the guy at 08:27?

>> No.35747656

Can someone give me a source on this.

>> No.35747678

the thief and the cobbler. Look up the recobbled edition on youtube. Old amazing hand drawn cartoon.

>> No.35747685

The Thief and the Cobbler.

>> No.35747793

>> No.35747804


He's showing that he's secretly a Satanist.

> "In the name of my Cross!"
He's crossing his fingers, as if he's telling a lie.

> "In the name of my Lord!"
He's throwing up the Devil's Horns, to show his true allegiance.

> "In the name of Joker Jesus!"
He's giving Jesus the finger.

>> No.35747842

Thank you.

I will now contribute.

>> No.35747863


Based Japan.

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>> No.35747921


Jesus, you SJWs should just grow up already. Like girls in Japan.

>> No.35747932

Angelium ?

>> No.35747935


>> No.35747942

Ask /k/, but from what I heard it's a sort of anti-armor rocket. Supposedly back in 'nam or Korea they were so slow that sometimes US troops could actually shoot the operators firing 'em before the rockets hit 'em.

>> No.35747960


>> No.35747977

Holy fuck, that is the funniest thing I have seen all week

>> No.35748006

Some sort of guide-by-wire anti-armour munition.

>> No.35748038

he is

>> No.35748083

Nightshift portent
CoC plothook

>> No.35748096

Japan a shit.

>> No.35748138

He'd react like one of his protagonists reacting to fully comprehending Cthulhu.

>> No.35748351


>> No.35748529

>> No.35748560


>> No.35748577

Is this the new Leone movie?

>> No.35748597

>> No.35748637

>> No.35748672

You're just jealous.

>> No.35748712


i seen some shit mane

fucking anime

>> No.35748720

>Golden knuckles
brb Converting Black Templars

>> No.35748771


>> No.35748805

>needs to be introduced to Olympus Overdrive


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>> No.35749249

Careful there, last time someone posted that one, he got banned.
Probably the crutch.

>> No.35749330

Seanbaby for president.

>> No.35749372


>> No.35749388

Tactics Ogre is fun.

>> No.35749425

I'd gladly help but I have no clue honestly.

>> No.35749436


>> No.35749447

>raped to death
Which one of them was this? The one in Balmamusa?

>> No.35749456

The Red one.

>> No.35749478

there is. you have to take the lower left exit

>> No.35749488

Huh, I barely remember her. Although I do think I recruited her, whatever.

>> No.35749515

The sisters are the best non-lich casters in the game, you can only recruit them all on chaos, law gives you Olivya and Sherri who are both good enough to invalidate the rest of the game on their own after you finish all the temples.

>> No.35749556

Yeah, I knew that. But law only prevents you from getting Cistina.

>> No.35749594

Didn't get Cistina because fuck dealing with all the bullshit in that fight+babysitting her ass. Still have to do the other two paths. Fuck crafting and getting crafting recipes in general and fuck whoever though that'd be a good idea.

>> No.35749629

>Batman: Assault on Arkham movie

These things are always a guilty pleasure, but as long as Kevin Conroy is the Bat, Mark Hamill the Joker, Hynden Walch is Harley, and David Warner is Ra's Al Ghul, I'm there.

...And this one foots all those bills (save that Troy Baker is doing a passable Hamil, and there's no Ra's.)

...I just caught it, and it's pretty good, if yer into this sorta thing - quite a bit more brutal than most of these. Actually seems to be taking into account the audience is aging, to a degree, without doing the wrap-around and reworking stuff for their kids. There's even almost a sex scene - kinda, sorta.

Deadshot hasn't learned not to stick his dick in crazy. :o


/unsolicited Warner Bros cartoon ad

>> No.35749647

I'll admit that I didn't make it past the first two bits of chapter four. Between getting Hobrym, Ozma, and a bunch of other classes that were at level 1, I stunted myself trying to level them.

Much as I liked the 'all classes share a level' system, fuck all classes sharing a level.

>> No.35749682

Hell I'd vote for him.

>> No.35749696

>fuck all classes sharing a level.
I cheated a bit to grind them, used the 4x exp multiplier to keep my levels low enough while I grind my guys at a reasonable speed. Ninja Hobrym was wonderful as was Ozma with a Ice Sword+the Ice Augment she comes with.

>> No.35749883

Any of those would've been more exciting than the Christian Torture Hillbilly Zombies.

>> No.35749943

So who's Kevin?

>> No.35749983 [SPOILER] 

>> No.35749994

Japan is great because it's against all SJWs stand for.

>> No.35750078

That... Looked like more than 1d4+1.

>> No.35750147

How does it feel being someone who hates "Justice"? Like a 60's Batman Villain?

It's honestly how I see all these neckbeards when they spout anti-SJW shit

>> No.35750190

>Declining to apologies after treading on her foot.

Bitch deserved it.

>> No.35750199

feels good

>> No.35750217

>actually standing for justice


>> No.35750231

Look at him! Look at him and laugh!

>> No.35750247

>Thinking SJW's have anything to do with justice

>> No.35750264

Keep the blinkers over your eyes and go back to posting on r/theredpill if you like, just go away from here.

>> No.35750269


>> No.35750296


>> No.35750313

This is the future you choose

>> No.35750315


How does it feel to be part of a movement that's already gotten what it was after to begin with, but people are still making money and working jobs promoting it so it's turned into a giant self justifying circlejerk inventing wrongs and crying about more and more inane and ultimately harmless things?

>> No.35750325


>> No.35750351

Not him, but here's the conversation as I see it
A: japan sexist and rasist shits
B: I like sexist and racist chits
A: do you twirl your mustache while tying women to train tracks too?

>> No.35750435

>just go away from here.

Said the SJW, unrionically

>> No.35750547

I guess Hitler is the greatest ally of justice then

>> No.35750556


Who's this douchebag?

>> No.35750561

If it'll make you feel any better there's a 2nd wave femanist who claims I'm part of a "manarchist" plot to get transsexuals into women's bathrooms so they can rape girls.
I don't know either.

>> No.35750571


>humiliation, self-loathing, and shame, the endless low-burn misogyny and weird roundabout homophobia and combined focus on gender ambiguity and confusion

What country does that line of slurs not apply to?

>> No.35750583

Is the joke the fact that Germans have more actual self-loathing?

>> No.35750585

It's about as related to social justice as NatSoc is to actual socialism.
Seconding this actually.

>> No.35750603

Former writer for valleywag as of 22 hours ago, self-proclaimed SJW.

>> No.35750610

Hell if I know, but japan is worse about it than usual.
Expecialy their right wing.

>> No.35750611

>"You are evil if you don't agree with my views."

That is your argument and you are wondering why nobody agrees with you. After disagreeing with you, instead of welcoming discussion from dissenters you demand that they disperse and banish themselves. Ignoring your internet-political stance, your argument as presented is rife with logical fallacies, wide sweeping generalizations, and hostility towards everyone who isn't you.

>> No.35750620

Sam Biddle, a writer over a Gawker Media. Grade A SJW douche-nozzle. Involved with the SWAT-ing of that lawyer.

>> No.35750646

they are

>> No.35750648

So is yours.

>> No.35750669

Is this the first time GG's been mentioned on /tg/?

>> No.35750717

Why is that bad? Most people think it is wrong to murder innocent people, and I have no doubt those who disagree would be considered evil.
The shitstorm has come up a few other times. I'm going with my isreal-Palestine stance: both sides are terrible people.

>> No.35750725


The last good thing Cracked had left, before they turned him into another whiny SJW.

>> No.35750729


Nope. There have been a few threads about it, although as far as I can tell they've been more aimed at wondering if the same thing has/will happen to traditional games.

>> No.35750788

Doubtful. If you want to discuss, learn more about, or flame the participants of the movement known as GG, I suggest you go to /pol/, they had a thread up there last night, might still be up or there might be a new one. Trying to discus it here will lead only to a mod-deleted thread, bannings, and butthurt SJWs shitting up the board.

>> No.35750910

Anyone have more of the type of le me me comics?

>> No.35751039

I have to agree with you there

>> No.35751113


>> No.35751121

That's fair. It's not a shitstorm that's necessarily worth wading into.
That sounds pretty interesting. I'll hit up moe.
Oh, I already know about GG, and discussing it with other people seems pretty stupid considering I'm just a guy behind a computer. I just wondered if it'd come up here.
>Pic related

>> No.35751155

Forgot picture...

>> No.35751159

>Involved with the SWAT-ing of that lawyer.
At the risk of causing further derailment, what?

>> No.35751197

People set up a link to swat a pro-GG lawyer. As in, someone who knows the law very well. It went about as well as you'd expect.

>> No.35751258

A link to do it? Really? Put some effort in at least.

>> No.35751261

While I'm here, does Pro-GamerGate mean 'For the gamers' or 'Against the gamers'? Or does it mean something else entirely?

>> No.35751282

SWAT-ing means filing a false police report against someone, claiming that they have hostages, a bomb, or there is some other high-risk situation where a SWAT team will be deployed. This is done in the hopes that the SWAT team goes in guns blazing and kills the person.
Ole Sammy Biddle tried to do it against a lawyer who called him out on twitter. The lawyer noticed it soon enough though and called the police about it. Last I heard the lawyer had called the FBI and is about to legally buttfuck Biddle and some of the people over a Gawker who participated.

>> No.35751287


Depends on who you ask.

In this case, yes. He approves of and/or supports the movement known as gamergate.

>> No.35751292

I think there's gamers on both sides.
>no GG supports gamers and the other side is just those jerks on news sites who hate everyone
# notyourshield

>> No.35751311

video game "journalists" should just be lined up and shot

>> No.35751324

>does Pro-GamerGate mean 'For the gamers' or 'Against the gamers'?
Depends on who you ask. I fear I must repeat my proclimation over here >>35750788
and ask that further discussion go to /pol/. I don't want the hammer to be brought down.

>> No.35751338

I know what SWATting means, I just don't know which side the lawyer was on.
I guess I"ll take a temporary leave to there.

>> No.35751369

GG is a general movement to get normal journalistics practices- such as a lack of relationship between reviewer and product creator- into the games media. If you're pro that, you're pro-GG. However, it's /also/ about getting rid of liberals in the media, which is pretty stupid (because asking someone to not be influenced by their political opinions on their own website is a little presumptuous).
Jeremy Clarkson get out.

>> No.35751526

No, because if you're pro-liberal that makes you anti gamergate apparently.
I just find it funny everyone freaked out over indies corrupting games media instead of say, the people behind the idea of "exclusive" reviews, cuz with AAA games a "journalist" needs to suck developer dick to get to do a review in the first place.

>> No.35751588


>I don't know either.

But I do: you should kill yourself, you deviant freak.

Here, happy? Now your world can be black and white once again.

>> No.35751657

Nah, being liberal doesn't make you anti-GG. Anyway, we should probably get back to filenames before the hammer hits us. Pic related.

>> No.35751696

>mfw I watched Nyaruko
>mfw reading that

>> No.35751698

That, and/or the fact that they have more reason to.
America's had its share of mistakes, but we usually end up fixing them ourselves. Germany was literally Nazis, and got their shit stomped because of it.

>> No.35751713

Ah. That makes more sense.

Also, filenames.

>> No.35751754

>> No.35751759

I'm not even trans.
But yes, no-one likes shades of gray.

>> No.35751783

LawfulNeutral.avi (heavy spoilers for the movie Super).


>> No.35751829


>no-one likes shades of gray.

Are you kidding? They sell like hot cakes! Aren't they even making a movie about them?

>> No.35751851

Yeah. Orange is much better.

>> No.35751909

To be fair, one of the stories involved him accidentally killing a kid by pushing him off the roof, and then bringing him back to life. I think you can kind of see where the church would want to avoid that fact cause murder is a hell of a discreditor even when you say "lol jk, don't be a pussy bro you're fine."

>> No.35751915

>> No.35751995

>thinking chaotic good is lawful neutral

>> No.35752039

>mfw read the whole thing in Mah-ir-o -SAAAAN's voice

>> No.35752092

>vampire hunter
lost it

>> No.35752125

>That pic.
I've lived in America my whole life, people like that don't exists.

if you are under 18 you are not a person.

>> No.35752254

Oi. Some under-18s are fine. I play Song of Swords with my (13 year old) brother.

Yes, I also play games with other, adult people so I don't have to listen to the unending Monty Pythn and dick jokes.

>> No.35752314

My point was that pic only really exists as a way for preteens to rebel against their parents.

>> No.35752380

Oh, there are certainly some adults who act like that.

And...under 18 =! preteen. Although I realise that's just semantics.

Plus, you did kind of say /all/ under-18s. 16 year olds are able to vote in many countries.

>> No.35752423

>Germany was literally Nazis
as opposed to figuratively?
>but we usually end up fixing them ourselves.
nice joke

>feeling guilty for your ancestors

>> No.35752467

Not that anon, but
>As opposed to figuratively
Yes. That was the point. Have you never heard someone comparing another person to the Nazis?

Plus, no-one's saying that feeling guilty for your ancestors is good.

>> No.35753163

That puts him on the side that claims that gamersgate is about journalistic integrity, gawker is on theside that claims gamersgate is about misogyny.

>> No.35753400


anyone remember this? I hope the author finishes it one day.

>> No.35753441

So am I.

>> No.35753455


>When the PCs object to the DM's railroading

>> No.35753633

GamerGate in my opinion is pretty shit. Like, I get not wanting SJWs to be involved in the media, but all SJWs want is attention. Wouldn't it be better to just ignore them and not use those gaming sites, rather than going around generally being obnoxious idiots and declaring anyone against them FOR ANY REASON an SJW?

>> No.35753710

I think the easy thing to do is just don't be part of the movement. I'm against sexism or sexist behaviour and I don't even have a Tumblr account.

>> No.35753726

Before the thread 404s, you're incorrect. SJWs had buried themselves in the industry and were manipulating, not out in the open.

You can't ignore conspirators.

>> No.35753858

You're right, there's an evil conspiracy run by game critics to ruin everything sexualized. That's why dragons crown has an 82 on metacritic.

>> No.35753885

> the sjw illuminati wants to take my games

>> No.35754013

I am pro-GG, and I really hate the conspirators. There isn't a conspiracy. Yes, games journalists are friends with one another and protect each other, yes, they run a giant circle-jerk, but no, they are not trying to rig everything behind the scenes. They just see themselves as helping one of their own. Which is disgusting (you should be truthful, not kind) but not nearly as malicious (or organised) as certain people would have you believe.

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