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Do we need to have a constant stream of these? I think we could manage one day without a filename thread.

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I'm not the one making them, but if they're consistently reaching image limit, it only seems fair to continue making them.

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Problem is half the images posted are from the previous thread, or the one before that. And when you're having two a day, it becomes repetitive.

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Rolled 20 (1d20)


Do you hate fun?

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Well then, let's just introduce some new material, shall we?

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The joke is that /tg/ stands for /totallygay/

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>cleric fighter
>not cleric monk

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What are you talking about? Not even one of those characters is a lesbian.

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>implying they aren't the finest dwarven lesbians around.
You need to check your eyesight.

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>Ajani vs Jace.gif

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That made me laugh way more than it should have.

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What do you say /tg/?
New Filename for this?

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This image is funny, but it's been in the past 4 threads with the same name.

At least stagger your posts. If I post an image in a thread I wait at least 3 threads before posting it again.

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I wanna say something along the lines of, "Dad Joined Our Campaign Last Night," but, like, funnier than that.



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This is barely an exaggeration from what happened in the movie

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It's a shit property idk why so many people were crying over the movie

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You got shit taste m8. TLA is the amazing.

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I liked it better wen they called it Pokemon

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>I never saw Avatar so imma compare it to a completely unrelated children's cartoon just to get attention.

2/10 made me respond

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I know it's bait, but I'm also just genuinely confused.

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I... what?

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>I've never seen any shounen anime in my entire life except for avatar and pokemon

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That is one hell of a stretch man.

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Quit posting the same shit in every thread.

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>I'm bragging about wasting my life watching anime

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I've posted these in like one other thread

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I like this one better.

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Only for the first five or so episodes is this true.

After that it goes straight into Samurai Jack territory while also maturely discussing subjects such as Morality, Sacrifice, Hope, and seeking one's personal honor. It also deals with universal problems and themes in a mature manner and each and every character goes through thier own development and never feels like a cardboard cutout since thier continuity and development actually matters, unlike ash who spends 12 years acking like a retarded ponce.

Overall you pic describes the idea of the Bildings Roman Genre in general and if you seek to deny those types of stories then you also have to deny nearly every single disney, pixar, and dreamworks film in existance as well as most cartoons, anime, literature, theater and other forms of fiction.


>Watch as i shift into MAXIMUM SHITPOST

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It's ok, I didn't need those feels anyway

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Because the movie was even more shit. It is offensive even towards shit. It's double shit!

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They both seem accurate to m.

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>OP's file.
>not "kerbalspaceprogram.webm

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>mouse guard
But thats a Guinea Pig.

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Somebody rolled well on their spot check.

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That was slick as shit.

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Okay, this one is legitimately funny!
>"Maaaaaaa!!! Da burss r eating meeeeee!!!"

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>turning your back on the body

How stupid can you get?

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the end, when he does what amounts to a mike-drop with the paper is by far the awesomest part

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Anyone know where this one's from? Looks kinda fun.

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Kill List, near the ending

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>Is the trap
>Does not just play a magical song

Where's the fun without the irony I suppose.

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holy fucking shit

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I don't understand how that wins you the game.

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Really? Because it seems obvious to me.

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Then there is much you have yet to learn about true victory in Magic.

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Does losing with 0 permanents in your hand/graveyard/battlefield make you feel good?

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This is probably my favorite combo.

>A swamp, classic opening move
>A dark ritual, less okay
>Another dark ritual, shit's getting spooky now
>A black lotus too, daaamn i'm fucked
>What, let me read that, wait really, okay...
>Um...wait, what are you--
>Oh, what, why would you, what the fuck?

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And library. Don't forget the library being gone.

And the only response to this play is to concede. They're clearly playing on levels you simply don't understand.

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Can someone explain what this does in a manner that someone who has never touched a Magic card in his life could understand?

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It's a war crime

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Without irony, you basically do a giant, first turn build up and then intentionally lose the game.

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You cow your enemy into surrender by abandoning useless trappings like your hand, library, and boardstate. And on top of that, they lose 5 life!

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>Targeting your opponent with Kaervek's Spite
>Not giving them the ultimate finger by targeting yourself.

See me after class young man.

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>Play Swamp, tap for 1 black mana (mana are points that you use to case spells)
>Spend that to cast Dark Ritual for 3 black mana
>Spend one of those to cast a second Dark Ritual for 3 more black mana (5 black mana remaining)
>Play Black Lotus, tap and sac to add 3 black mana to your mana pool (8 black mana remaining)
>Cast Leveler, removing your library from the game (3 black mana remaining)
>Cast Tormod's Crypt, then before that card resolves and becomes a thing in play, cast Kaervek's Spite, which will resolve first, moving all of your permanents (including the Swamp and the Leveler) into your graveyard (the discard pile), and also causes you to put any extra cards you might have in hand into the graveyard, also you lose 5 life (you have no mana remaining)
>Once Kaervek's Spite is done resolving, Tormod's Crypt resolves and enters the battlefield, so you then tap it and sac it, causing it to enter the graveyard, then it's ability removes itself and the rest of the graveyard from play

At this point in the combo, all of your cards are removed from play and you have no mana, and you haven't interacted at all with your opponent. It only requires you to have these 7 cards, and since the starting hand size is 7, it can be resolved on turn one. Also, since you have 20 life at the start of the game, you would not lose from the 5 points of lifeloss from Kaervek's Spite. Unless your opponent can kill you (or himself) first, you would lose the game at the start of your next turn, because you draw a card at the start of each of your turns, and if you can't draw a card you lose the game.

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so, suicide then?

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Yes, although you have to admit the elegance of the play, especially if they manage to do it in one turn. It's like committing suicide by jumping off a bridge and performing a perfectly executed diving maneuver.

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In the classiest way possible. There are so many easier ways to suicide. If you really want you can do it with 2 cards. (Swamp, Demonic Consultation), but that's no fun.

No, this is above and beyond. This isn't simply suicide. Suicide leaves a corpse. With this combo, you erase your existence. You come out of time to die.

This is some It's a Wonderful Life shit.

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So you play it, collect your cards, then just fuck off, leaving your opponent with a win, but a nagging sense of loss at the same time.
I like it.

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So basically it's like getting into a duel with someone and immediately turning the gun on yourself and shooting yourself dead without so much as a facial expression or even hesitation?

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It's like getting into a duel with someone where you get the draw on them first but then spontaneously combust

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It's more like getting into a duel with someone, only to have them turn around to see you walking through a portal into oblivion.

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That is poor play, anon. You must show the opponent that your devotion has *purpose*, that it isn't just suicidal self-destruction.

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Not really, but kind of.
Picture if you would
It's high noon. The man you challenged to the duel is waiting for outside of the tavern. You feel your pistol at your side. You don't know his capabilities. You don't know if you can win this.

You step outside, nodding at the barkeep, perhaps for the last time. He nods back as you leave, then goes back to wiping down the counter.

A man stands waiting for you. He tells you the basic rules. Count 7 paces, then turn and draw. You've heard it before. You know how this goes.

Slowly, you walk out, the tension building with each step. From behind you, you hear your opponent laugh, a gleeful, terrifying laugh.

You here the count 7.
You turn, and reach for your gun, and to your horror, your opponent was faster. Seemingly from nowhere, he's drawn an RPG and it's trained on you before you've even finished turning.

Then he points it at his feet and fires.

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The whole point is that it's suicidal self-destruction. That's the only reason to play this deck.

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Destruction, yes, but the point is to intimidate. Damaging yourself shows weakness, going through great ends to damage them shows power.

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Why would you intimidate them? When you complete the combo, they know that there is nothing you can do without their permission.

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Nah, it's like doing that with a beautiful serene smile on your face.

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It is the intimidation that ensures so, and that 5 life is but a taste of the power that your arcane techniques have offered against them. To squander it on oneself is shameful.

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>Did you meant to type "Seeing off"?

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>commits sudoku

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What's this from?

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Dragon's dogma

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>Untrained heal check.webm

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What the hell. What is this from?

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Did you not read the filename? This was a recording of last nights session.

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pretty much.
I play wod so 0 is untrained, but human max is 5, supernatural max is 10

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Ahh. See I've never actually looked into WoD.

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It's not for everyone but it's my preferred game.

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It's the Obi-Wan ploy. You win by losing. There are plenty of extremely powerful things you can do with a perfectly arranged 7-card hand to win a game, but this combo allows you to lose so completely and utterly that your opponent will have no response. You have demonstrated your superiority and your contempt by annihilating any tools you could possibly use to play the game.

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Robert de Niro?

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Is this JoJos Bizarre Adventure?

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Much better.

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Why do people keep posting this? That equation is correct.

>> No.35717820

and yet it's marked wrong

that's the joke

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that filename, damn that is some dark shit.

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I like the face of the woman
>Yes Ivan, we know you like horses, you'll put it next to the first hundred?

>> No.35717848

you guys

4! = 24

or is this bait

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>For the love of god, Meowntressor!

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mu fuckin order of operations m8

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>> No.35717884

! is the factoral symbol
4! = 1x2x3x4 = 24

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Excuse me, Anon. His name is Keanu the Reaver.

I'm not making that up.

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>Yes, for the love of god!

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Seriously? It's obviously targeted a bit younger than our demographic, but ATLA is a top-notch show. The voice acting is great, there is a lot of world-building, not to mention long plot arcs, and actual character development. Seriously, what other kids' show even come close? Even if we include adult shows, ATLA still comes out looking good.

As far as the movie goes, it failed at everything ATLA succeeded at. It didn't have the warmth, good interpersonal dynamic, humor, character-building, acting, pacing, or really anything that the show had. There was really nothing going for it at all.

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I looked up "knight of the inferno" but I couldn't find anything about a movie.

Does anyone know where this is from?

>> No.35718019

Got another one that isn't as dark.

>> No.35718042

It's from Adam Chaplin.

in World of Darkness, the Inferno is what they call hell.

Here's another webm from it, it's a badass movie.

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a little /sp/ for this thread, but I like it.

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>You can own a cougar in Ohio

Fucking what.
I take back everything I said about Ohio.

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>> No.35718150

Mad respect. Give him a few years and that kid'll be knee-deep in poon.

>> No.35718215

That kid
That kid is my hero

>> No.35718218

My face when leaving the Virginia Tech game an hour ago.

>> No.35718276

At least you got to beat the traffic! That's something, isn't it?

>> No.35718299

This is how my party solves everything ever.

>> No.35718314

Who /co/ here?

>> No.35718326

>> No.35718353

Since 2007.

>> No.35718364

I waited still 5 minutes into the 3rd quarter. I missed the traffic.

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>> No.35718419

For context: In Vampire the Masquerade, one of the third generation vampires, Saulot, went east to seek enlightenment. He came back with a third eye, and various mystical abilities.

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>> No.35718508

It took me a second to dig that far back in my memory. Then I lol'd

>> No.35718582

>"I wash mahself with a raaaag on a stick."

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>> No.35718584

This was true until some asshole let loose a house full of exotic animals and the laws changed.

>> No.35718590

Can anyone explain the context?
(please spoiler it for people who prefer it without)

>> No.35718654

It's exactly as it looks. That judge just has really damn low standards. Croc was just as confused.

>> No.35718682

Nice bait-bending

>> No.35718711


The best example of why it is a great show can be summed up in one episode.

During 1 episode they not only maintain a coherent story and plot but they: (in no particular order)

>Teach you how to identify a natural gas leak
>Explain 2/3 of Bernoulli's principle
>Explain how hot air balloons work
>Show that being disabled can't stop you from having a full life
>Show how sky writing works
>Show how technological progress at the cost of history should be avoided
>Explain how rudimentary time keeping started
>Show bio-luminescence in action
>Explain the use of air superiority in combat
>and develop plot lines that have impact throughout the rest of the show

All of that in a single episode, and it only gets better from there.

>> No.35718790

Pfft! Can your science explain why it rains?

>> No.35718829

Shit, you got me there. I've actually been a magic talking turtle the entire time.

>> No.35718861

This explains so much about Gotham city.

>> No.35718870

Persuasion is a skill you use to persuade them to go along with you. 5 is a high score, as high as humanly possible.

In the comic, which is 12 years old, because of something Wonder Woman (as a champion of truth) did that was dishonest to herself, objective truth breaks down. Superman becomes a massive god of might, Batman an urban legend, Riddler can't even figure out his own riddles, and a judge believes what Killer Croc says.

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>> No.35718946

Who does superman punch to fix it?
>(should I change name of pic to "DC plot lines"?)

>> No.35719032

>> No.35719036

>Who does superman punch to fix it?
No one. /tg/ may be full of railroading DMs, That Guys and murderhobos, but DC could tell some great stories at the time.

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>> No.35719095

that guy has george takei levels of smug going on there

>> No.35719112

Anybody has the "for fear of shooting fingers"?

>> No.35719127


>> No.35719219

Yes, the answer of 4! is correct



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>> No.35719479

jeeze those are some chill wasps.

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>> No.35719567

>> No.35719660

>> No.35719672



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>> No.35719764

What a nice game, Stalker, going out of it's way for your atmosphere.

>> No.35719792

>How Jink works in 40K

>> No.35719806

>> No.35719968

Maybe the teacher hadn't gotten to factorials yet and was just calling the student out on being a smartass.

>> No.35720083


This is the fucking edgiest shit I have seen for a long while.

>> No.35720624

What's this from? Looks like Quietley's art.

>> No.35720656

You both turn to fire, but you're faster! You pull the trigger, and...

A great tremor quakes the earth. Your opponent stands dumbfounded as pure darkness belches from the end of your pistol, engulfing not only yourself and your opponent, but even the sun itself. As the world is plunged into blackness, a fissure opens behind you. From it's depths, a host of demons flow. They march upon the Earth, the end times are upon you both. Lucifer himself appears to your side through the ash and brimstone, straightening his tie as he goes. He pats your back nonchalantly, with a quiet smile on his lips.
"Oh, I was wondering when you'd be ready!"
"Of course, just one more thing to take care of, of course."
"Of course, of course! Take your time!"
You stroll up to your opponent, horror writ clearly on his face. The gun hangs limply in his grip at his side.
"Sorry to bother you," you say to him as his eyes dumbly meet yours, "but, well, you see... I'm supposed to, you know, DIE before going to Hell." You point at the gun hanging by his side, then at your forehead; he doesn't seem to hear you.
"Poor fellow--!" you remark, to the Devil himself. "Seems he's taken leave of his senses, hah hah!" Satan gives you a sympathetic shake of his head before you continue.
You reach down, close your fingers over the gun; lift it to your forehead with his arm only half-heartedly supporting it. His eyes finally contact yours, the tattered shreds of his sanity hanging by a thread.
"Go on now, pull the trigger--!"
One last confused tilt of his head, and then:

>> No.35720664

When you lose all your cards, you lose. That's the point of a mill deck.
Do you even into the basics of Magic?

>> No.35720672



Half of your head disappears in a fine red mist. What is left of your head smiles and laughs easily, like a man enjoying a fine spring day. All around you, pitchforks and screaming damned. Fire and brimstone. Sulfur. Hell itself, writ on the face of the Earth.
"Be seeing you... Soon!" you say, with a final wave back before you depart into the fissure with the fallen angel. The Host of Hell follows you in, the maw of the earth closing over the whole debacle.

The sun shines. The birds sing. You were never there. His empty gun, the only proof that anything transpired on a grassy knoll that day. That, and a growing sense of madness in that man's mind, as he tries desperately, and fails spectacularly, to parse what he just witnessed.

There is no such thing as a sane explanation for such behavior.

>> No.35720739

Rush City, the art is by Timothy Green II.

>> No.35720793


>> No.35720936

Water spawn blocks, bitch.

>> No.35721243


>> No.35721276

Are you butt hurt your 40k weaponry is insulted?
holy shit you warhammer kids are such cancer.

>> No.35721313

Someone post this to /mlp/ and watch.

>> No.35721704


What the fuck?

The defense force actually being competent for once?

>> No.35722435



I fucking love STALKER.

>> No.35723430

Can you blame him?

>> No.35723656


>> No.35724402

not when he has a bod like that, I be 'mirin.

>> No.35724529

Bone rip saw spreader?

>> No.35724555


Yes, essential tools if you want to enter this dungeon.

>> No.35726598


>> No.35726658

>don't dead
>open inside

>> No.35727200


>> No.35727380



>> No.35727440


>> No.35727952

>> No.35727954

>> No.35728093

England was not kind to Saulot.

>> No.35728097

>Could be worse. You could be a jew.

>> No.35728468

that pic is fucking adorable!

>> No.35728750

Please be real.

>> No.35728805


>> No.35728900

>Colonel, there's a man hip firing a .50 cal!

>> No.35729487

>> No.35729775

sauce ?

>> No.35729882


>> No.35729996

On closer inspection the woman behind him is saying "He kept it."

>> No.35730098

reminds me a lot of Snow Crash

>> No.35730128

I'm not entirely sure what it is, but something in my head tells me that this could have one glorious filename.

>> No.35730208


Is that real?

>> No.35730219

Of course not, anon, it says "Fantasy" right there on the cover.

>> No.35730616

I want to see a 9/11 edit of the ending.

>> No.35730806

What is this from?

>> No.35730990


>> No.35731204

That AR should have made it a slaughter had those people not had magic bullshit protection. but muh drama.

>> No.35732263

the ! mark is simply an exclamation mark dumbass

>> No.35732300

well somebody has blue eyes.....

>> No.35732429

this is why DC's Chicago needs better gun laws and to legally encourage its citizens to shoot motherfuckers.

>> No.35732539


When I tried on google, it only gave me images about communism

>> No.35732752

Holy shit, I can't believe I'm saying this, but the Holocaust deniers were not the most willfully ignorant posters in that that thread.

>> No.35733023

I'm not sure if what they were saying was true or not, but this is the kind of shit they normally say, or shit along these lines, I can understand him not wanting to believe it.

>> No.35733718

I remember that story. Guy had 8 tigers (one albino) 4 - 6 bears, 4 Lions, 2 wolves, 3 Baboons, 2 Heyenas, and maybe some other shit.

SWAT had to go in and kill the animals before they attacked the neighbors, dude had barely fed them - if at all - and committed suicide after releasing all the animals.

>> No.35733787

>> No.35733896

And with that, the image limit has been reached. Anyone got a good one to start Filename Thread III: Even More Shitposts and Bickering?

>> No.35733955


Alpha complex janitorial division?

alternative organic fuel sources?

actually the train doesn't have wheels, it was made by a necromancer and runs on zombie legs that are due for replacement?

>> No.35734280


>> No.35734371


>> No.35734617

I enjoy each and every one of them

>> No.35734719

They and the image dumps are the only reason why I bother coming to /tg/ anymore.

>> No.35734761

The wikipedia article holds up, at least.

>> No.35738516

That's literally 4chan in general.

>> No.35738522


>> No.35738550

which is to say, new thread

>> No.35738970

this is good

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